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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  November 16, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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election to congress in 2022. it's time for me to come home after nearly 14 years influencing national policies, jackie speier announcing its her political end, i'm sad. i feel that she's done an awful lot for all of us. you won't see another jackie spear ever. i mean, this is this is a person whose life has been defined by tragedy and arise from that tragedy. catherine lorraine, jacqueline spear stepped into the national spotlight before being elected to office. she was part of the u. s fact finding delegation to jonestown with then congressman leo ryan. the 1978 trip was a last ditch attempt to free members of the jim jones peoples temple, former ktvu senior reporter bob mckenzie narrates ryan's assistant jackie spear, interviews the park's family. how do i both understand you say that you both want to leave jonestown shortly thereafter gunfire at the guiana airport. as cope, members shoot and kill
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congressman ryan and for others, spear was hit five times but survived. she came back and decided to run for public office. like what kind of person does that it's a real commitment to public service removed from the san mateo county board of supervisors to the state capital. as our political star rose more tragedy when her first husband was killed in a car crash, spear stayed in public service, ultimately succeeding tom lantos as the 14th congressional district representative. she wins high marks for fighting for, among other things, gender equality, the environment, and the less fortunate. did the president united states ask you to find out the identity of the whistleblower? in an emailed statement, house speaker nancy pelosi rights spears courageous and values based leadership, particularly on behalf of the women survivors and the vulnerable. has made a difference in the lives of countless americans, east bay congresswoman barbara lee says of spear, her voice, passion and
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brilliant leadership will be sorely missed in congress. and cemetery county board of supervisors president david cannabis, says spear endured tragedy after tragedy as a human and never wavered never gave up on herself, her family or the constituents she serves. there are more chapters in my life book, and i plan on writing those chapters with all the people who i know and love. the congresswoman has one more year in office. there's already a lot of speculation about who divide to replace her and how her departure departure. other democrats will shift the balance of power in washington. we're live in san mateo this evening, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you. all right, jesse. thank you. new information coming to light about the search warrants served at the home of former windsor mayor dominic for polio is search of the home was conducted last week and, according to court documents, 10 items were removed from the house, including two laptops. three
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ipads, a camera, cell phone and a recorder. the investigation began back in april after several women accused for polio of sexual misconduct and sexual assault. the police stepped down as mayor in may. he has denied the allegations. more than a dozen children in the east bay mistakenly received a double dose of the pediatric covid-19 vaccine. it happened over the weekend and a vaccine clinic at center health in antioch. ktvu cristina rendon is here now with more on what went wrong, christina? well julie's you could imagine the parents of these two boys that we talked with were among those that receive the incorrect doses. they're upset. they're disappointed. center health says that the safety of their patients as the top priority. they immediately review their processes to ensure this does not happen again. 14 children received double the dose of the pediatric covid-19 vaccine and they were supposed to get it happened at a center health vaccine clinic in any of this weekend, officials confirmed the kids were given 20 micrograms, or two thirds of the dose of what an adult would get instead
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of the recommended one third dose. i said our health spokesperson says in part, as soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advise them of cdc guidance in this situation. but the father of two boys who received more than the recommended dose tells me it was nine hours before they were contacted by hospital officials. his voice stayed home from school with stomach aches. on monday. the kids were back at school tuesday. i know that this is really frustrating for these parents, and i hope that this raises awareness and put more quality checks into place, dr monica gandhi, ucsf infectious disease professor explains that pfizer actually studied giving children in the 5 to 11 age group 20 micrograms during trials. money decided to drop the 20 not because it was really dangerous because they wanted to make the smallest dose possible, so it's not. i think getting 20 micrograms just once is not going to hurt anyone better. health explains that pediatric vaccines in question were made with an incorrect amount of delia went meaning they were not properly diluted after being taken out of the vial and put
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into a syringe. we're told the 14 children may experience more arm soreness, fatigue, headaches or fever, but hospital officials say they should still get the second dose after three weeks, based on cdc guidelines. dr gandhi says it may be better to wait a little longer for the second shot and asks parents not to skip the vaccine altogether. don't let a couple of strength incidents that should not happen again. detroit you from vaccine, ian kid. this is the first report of children in the bay area receiving double the dose of the pediatric vaccine, though there have been reports out of virginia and texas of children receiving the adult doses of the vaccine by accident, julie yes, it's scary as a parent, not knowing you said that there was a problem with dilution when it came to this double dose, and they said they were only 14 kids affected as a parent and you have had your child vaccinated. is there something that you could watch out for? or any sign that potentially that there could be other children that
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this may have happened to? sure i think it all depends on how your child is feeling. whether there are any side effects and the one thing that the doctors have said is if you are apparen. you have absolutely every right to ask your doctor to ensure he, can you tell me how much micrograms are in that dose? as long as it's 10 micrograms you should know for sure. and they should also show you the orange violet comes in. that's the pediatric vaccine. the adult vaccine comes in a purple vial. so you should also be able to ask your pediatrician or pharmacist to make sure that it is the correct. vaccine and the correct dosage and just to put this out there, center health did say it is only the 14 kids that they know of again. they basically kept it to these 14 children. there are no reports at any other hospitals or any other clinics that this has happened. all right. we're all good information to know christina. thank you. new developments today on a promising treatment for covid-1. pfizer is asked fda regulators to authorize its experimental covid-19 pill that reduces deaths and hospitalizations.
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data from studies indicate the pill cuts the risk of severe infection by nearly 90. vizer has also agreed to allow others to manufacture the pill by creating a new licensing agreement allowing generic versions in 95 countries. a brazen robbery at a jewelry store in a busy east bay mall. concord police say nine people were involved are crime reporter henry lee is live now in concor, with the latest on the investigation, henry. julie her, the sun valley mall and conquered hammers with the weapons of choice. this group of these invaded a jewelry store, smash and grab what they could and got out of there. surveillance video shows a group of young men using hammers to smash display cases cleaning out a jewelry store in concord. my god, it happened at iceberg diamonds inside sun valley mall at about 7 30 monday night, an hour and a half before the store closed. the intruders were all wearing mask and gloves and crowded into the store. the sound of breaking glass, let some of them all to report hearing gunshots, but concord police confirmed no shots were
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fired. workers try to stop the robbers, but they were forced back by the men with the hammers. the robber stolen, undisclosed amount of jewelry. after the robbery workers clean up the mess the stores on the upper level of the mall. it offers jewelry rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. concord police released this brief snippet of surveillance video, hoping someone recognizes any of the robbers. you can see one of the men wearing a distinctive black hoodie with yellow gloves. another is wearing black and white gloves. police will be comparing notes with law enforcement across the bay area. let's see this case could be connected to others. shoppers we spoke to were concerned. i just couldn't imagine being the person working in there. and what about all the people that were around watching? and how did they get out of here? how did nobody see what kind of car they got in? how do they get away with that? boat scary? yeah just scare you like that happen. yeah like broad daylight cameras everywhere. matthis robberies under investigation by the concord police departments. financial crimes unit. anyone
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with information is asked to give him a call reporting live in concord, henry lee ktvu fox to need. yeah, the henry that video is just shocking. and you said that this store is the store on the upper level of the mall and that they were able to make their way downstairs out the mall and. there's no description or vehicle description or security video that police are saying could help find these people and their nine of them. right you can see them on the video, but it's unclear what car if any, they got of this is a multilevel mall. but technically when you exit where this jewelry store was, it's not a red robin. you're also on level ground. so again, the search undergoing at this hour. right. had really reporting for us tonight in concord, henry. thank you. in oakland police are asking for your help in locating the missing woman with dementia. 80 year old patricia brown was last seen at nine o'clock this morning on 106th avenue near macarthur boulevard. she was wearing a pink sweatsuit and carrying some clothes. her family says she might have been trying to go to her old address on quigley street near 35th avenue in oakland, police say
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patricia brown is five ft. three inches tall, weighs £158 with black hair and brown eyes. this afternoon, the alameda county board of supervisors appointed wilma chan's chief of staff to fill her seat until the election next year. wilma chan was struck and killed by a car while walking her dog in alameda on november 3rd. the board president said he personally feels that an asian pacific islander woman should take her seat in the interim, but chance family advocated for chance. longtime aide and chief of staff dave brown. percent, spoke with the board this afternoon before the vote. i'm not the first person to point out to you that dave brown is a caucasian male. but looking past his race and gender, he is the most qualified person to fill the vacancy left by my mom's passing. he has the experience and knowledge to represent the district and understanding and compassion to continue the work seamlessly until next year's election. brown can't run for the seat since he doesn't live and vote in the district. so darren chan
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said the appointment will be free of any political agenda. the city of oakland is rolling out a new multimillion dollar rental assistance program details on where that money is coming from. and how it works coming up, and just a day after signing the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, president biden hits the road to show people what it'll pay for, plus the fate of kyle rittenhouse, now in the hands of the jury. talavera in kenosha, wisconsin, with more details on the deliberations coming up. and for parts of the bay area this morning, there was a dense fog advisory. i think we're going to see more dense fog again tomorrow morning, plus that chance for a little bit of a sprinkle. we'll have that when i return after the break.
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kyle rittenhouse murder tria ne, madeline rivera tells us deliberations began after rittenhouse himself picked the jurors who will determine his guilt or innocence. the fate of kyle rittenhouse, now in the hands of the jury as they decide if he was defending himself or provoking the bloodshed. seven women and five men deliberating the outcome of kyle rittenhouse's double murder trial, determining if he acted in self defense, or if he was the aggressor and the shooting deaths of two men. during the unrest in kenosha, wisconsin, last year. those who will seal his fate randomly selected by the defendant himself, the jury asking the court for extra copies of the self defense portion of the jury instructions. but if they have specific questions about the case, the matter has to be discussed in open court. if you buy self defense, he's he's going to walk. and if you don't buy self defense, he's probably going to be convicted on the most serious counts. the most
5:15 pm
serious charge. the now 18 year old is facing first degree intentional homicide, and if convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. jo jo protesters on both sides mobilizing outside the courthouse. authorities around the city and state bracing for possible violence with hundreds of national guard on standby, but the kenosha sheriff's department releasing a statement saying at this time we have no reason to facilitate road closures and curfews or ask our communities to modify their daily routines. the jury can deliberate as late as nine pm, but will not be sequestered. if they don't reach a verdict. it's impossible for the jury to shield itself from all the public attention if the jury decides that, in house acted in self defense, he will be acquitted. and kenosha, wisconsin, malda rivera fox new. a medical examiner testified today in the trial of three men accused in the death of ahmad are very in georgia. dr edmund donahue performed the autopsy last year. police say are very
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was shot to death while running in brunswick, georgia, greg mcmichael and his son travis, allegedly chased are very in a pickup truck because they thought he had been burglarizing a home. officials say that make michael's neighbor joined the jays and took video that shows one of the men shooting are ver, the medical examiner said that are very died due to two gunshot wounds at close range. and we're talking about the torso. gunshot wound. what was your revised opinion, having now seen the video as to the muzzle to target distance for this particular gunshot wound. 20 inches 23 inches and what was his cause of death? donahue said that either gunshot wound would have killed our berry, and he doubted that immediate medical assistance could have saved his life. a small group of sanders, a state students rallied outside the santa clara county board of supervisors meeting today to stop a plan to build a new jail members of students against mass incarceration are calling on the board to vote against a 500 unit jail that will cost $390 million. rally organizers say
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county administration officials ignored community engagement sessions and surveys that showed people do not want a new jail. instead, the group says money for the new jail should be earmarked for more mental health and other social services for inmates. i think it's important for every community. um i think that every community should provide those services because if you look around, and if you just take a tour, there's still many homeless people on the street, a lot of them suffering with mental illness. a lot of stepping with addiction, and all they do is they lock them up for a little bit. release them and where are they going to go? what are they gonna do? the county does have a re entry center with mental health services, a sobering station and cal fresh food, but protesters say the county can do more to stop the revolving door of repeated incarcerations. walnut creek is looking to possibly create a buffer zone around planned parenthood clinics. the city says the goal here would be to cut down on confrontations. between protesters and patients.
5:18 pm
the walnut creek city council is debating this proposal tonight, according to a city report. police received at least 42 calls for service at the clinic on oakland boulevard since january, 1st of last year. the complaints include verbal and physical harassment of patients, intimidation and blocking sidewalks. thousands of you see lecturers plan to walk off the job nine campuses, including u c. berkeley tomorrow and thursday, more than 6000 lecturers are threatening to strike. they teach nearly half of all u c. undergraduate classes they accuse. you see officials of bad faith bargaining on a range of issues, including paid family leave compensation for online instruction and reasonable workloads. you see, issued a statement calling the plan strike grossly unfair to our students. lecturers at ucsf are not expected to strike pg and e has issued a new warning about scams. the utility says it saw a 65% increase in the number of attempted scams. in september and october, and that number could go up even higher during the holidays. pg and e. says
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scammers have increased their calls their text messages and emails during the pandemic. the company's reminding everybody had never ask customers for private financial information over the phone or in a text message or email. all right. we had a dose of valley fog this morning, especially up in the north bay, where dense fog advisory was issued. also in the central valley. behind me, or now on the screen is how it looked about nine a.m. this morning there's reading fog all the way south to bakersfield. and then you see it spreading into the bay and i watch what happens. we talked about this last night, so that weak front comes through and watch what it does. so what you're doing here is you're breaking up the inversion. right? so i always say is when you have fog, you're not going to really have rain or anything, because it's the inversion is a stable environment. high pressure. that's what's happening here. but a week low pressure comes from the north and watch it watch the fog. kind of go with the inversion getting sucked away. it's all mainly in the north because it's coming from the north. right south areas start to clear as well so that system came in and cleared out the fog. today we had some mild to warm temperatures. there is the system now as it moves
5:20 pm
south, the next system. is basically late thursday night into friday morning, and that system pretty much is going to set us up with some light light showers. the planned for wednesday. tomorrow is going to be beautiful, stunning day, and then this guy rolls in. it's like thursday night late into friday morning, most of us won't notice anything will be lucky to get 1/10 of an inch of rain. marin county, though you know which one to say that marin county. it's like 10 inches, but i would say most of us will get anywhere from a chance of an inch of rain to less and marine county. maybe they'll knock down a quarter of an inch, maybe a little bit more. but not a major system. but again. we're very fortunate. you sell important. those rain events are don't you know when you see like now, all of a sudden we went from biblical rainfall totals the last month. two were still doing great, but you see how quickly it can shut off and it can shut off for a long time. i mean, it's not that it's a kind of thing that can keep, you know, can can stay. shut off for a bi. we're in a dry stretch right now. seven days of no rain, it looks like we're gonna go a few more. probably get something on
5:21 pm
thursday, but not much. i looked on the long range models. it's some potential rain events, and there's some stuff right after thanksgiving, which i know is a ways off. but there was 11 of the models through some eggs. some um, pretty impressive rain accumulation possibilities look like some kind of an atmospheric type event, but we'll see it has to. it has to hold up through multiple runs. current temperatures are in the fifties. maybe in some of those sixties and tonight there's the graphic. i hope this makes sense, right temperature drops. it hits the dew point temperature and fog forms. so now i'm going to show you what the dew point temperatures are, plus the current temperature and you can see it's 56 in santa rosa 52 napa. you know it's going to get that cold tonight. so far is back on the table. rain possibility for thursday. tomorrow is going to be gloriou. i'll see you back here a little bit. all right. we'll see them. bill. thank you in the sierra. both heavenly and northstar ski resorts are delaying their openings. they will not open this friday as planned because the weather is too warm. at this point, there's no rescheduled
5:22 pm
opening day, but that may come next week. heavenly still plans to open its gondolas and tamarack lodge on friday as planned. the south bay charity has started handing out free turkeys to those in need still ahead. how volunteers say the pandemic is still having a ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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when you help heal your skin from within you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. the new design features orange and red on the labels, making them more noticeable. during the 2020 presidential election. twitter was criticized for not doing enough to prevent users from spreading misinformation. social media giant says the redesign is meant to make the warnings more effective and less confusing. the governor has been testing the new warning labels since july thanksgiving came early at the samaritan house in san mateo. today the nonprofit began handing out turkeys and plenty of other goods for the upcoming holiday meal. but like many nonprofits in the bay area, the samaritan house says they are still seeing how the pandemic continues to take an economic toll. on the community.
5:25 pm
hundreds of people pulled up in cars. it's samaritan house in san mateo tuesday for free groceries and thanksgiving turkeys done rasmus and came in his wheelchair. but when i need it, i'll come by. rasmussen is one of more than 1000 people in need. samaritan house expects to help feed over the holiday. besides turkey's those who come receive fresh produce and other ingredients for a full blown thanksgiving dinner without that help rasmus and says he probably wouldn't have a thanksgiving it'll be like any every day. i mean, what's special about it unless it's made special. and already has something that turned it special. if we don't then it's just me today, rasmus and now lives in public housing after years of sleeping near a daily city golf course except in the woods. where you can get into there for two different fences and the way you know that was in there, i stated for, like 15 years, samaritan house and non profit organization that works with low income residents in san mateo county, says the
5:26 pm
pandemic is still taking an economic tour and the community. including those with jobs that just aren't paying enough. so the crush at the door of people who need our help, whether it's food, shelter, clothing, you know, financial assistance. all of those things is enormous. it's. somewhere between two and five times normal, depending upon the service, and well, people came to receive food. one woman came to give food she brought about 100 frozen turkeys that are church collected. apparently there's being shortages and so it has been hard. we've had to go to a certain different stores to try to pick up a few. and then, um, today we were able to get a big call. thankfully she says she hopes to be back with more cimarron house will be holding this thanksgiving assistance each day this week through friday, and i'm banking every day. there are actually nice people out here. in san mateo, rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. and reminder. our annual one warm coat drive is now underway. the drive runs until sunday, december. 5th just visit ktvu
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dot com slash one warm coat for more information. a new financial assistance program in oakland looks to help keep low income renters in their houses. how many families are affected and how much money they're going to be getting plus? the fda is expected to allow all adults to get covid-19 booster shots in the coming weeks. but some states aren't willing to wait. i'm jonathan syrian atlanta, i'll have details coming up. and a new poll numbers. our new poll numbers are out on roe versus wade. but the numbers say about that landmark decision as the high court takes on challenges to the restrictive texas abortion law.
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residents by launching a new program to help cover part of storing rents in the city. ktvu tom baker joins us live tonight to explain how the experimental program works here, tom. well it will be closely monitored and it will be independently analyzed. and if it works, it could be a role model for the entire nation. housing is a human righ. oakland mayor libby schaaf zoomed to reporters in to announce a program with deep importance. shallow subsidies, 200 families will each get ongoing support averaging $750 a month for up to 18 months to reduce their rents by 50. this $3.4 million fund was created by donations from many non profits
5:31 pm
as well as the benny off family of salesforce. this pilot program is aimed at keeping low income people in their homes when rents overwhelmed them every night, thousands of oakland ear's our elders, our children are sleeping on the streets. or are one economic emergency away from losing the housing they have? i don't know what i would have done. you know, i can't pay the rent by myself. i'm only received income up. um so it's a security the human impact in what perhaps is one of the nation's most diverse cities is appalling. the oaklands. african american population is only one in every four oakland ear's african americans represent about three out of four of its homeless folks. families are being displaced. they're being separated from their communities, and we want to keep them here in oakland. uh we're focused on neighborhoods whose ransom increased by upwards to 90% the ultimate goal learned from this experiment and take it from pilot to policy to
5:32 pm
permanence. it's our hope that one day that this pilot will no longer be a pilot, but that it's a way that thousands of other people across the state of california can stay house, frankly, a system. that allows every family to go to bed at night without the fear of losing that most basic human need shelter. america itself was made rich and powerful by its diversity of people, their thoughts and their contribution. oakland is fighting to maintain that treasure trove of human capital right in their own hometown. if they can stay tom vacar ktvu fox two news. hey, tom, when it comes to the timeline, when do we expect to hear you know whether or not this program will actually get expanded? well it's being constantly monitored. that's one thing right now, and they basically have a control group who got the it's kind of like a vaccine and that sense they kind of have the people that got the vaccine and then the next 200 people that would like to get
5:33 pm
into the program. we're going to also be monitored to see what the outcomes are. now this is as much as an 18 month program, so we may not have an answer for a couple of years, but they were going to know literally month to month. what's going on? and that could cause some other programs to take place. even sooner. there you go. tom vacar live tonight in oakland, tom. thank you. people walk through downtown oakland today, with signs calling for an end to deadly violence. the organizer is calling for mayor libby shaft, the city council, community organizations and churches to all sit down and work out a plan of action organizer paster nicholas alexander says the group should discuss racial disparities and other issues young people are facing which could cause them to turn to violence. i'm out here because i want to shootings to stop. i love my city. i love oakland. and with kids didn't shot. it's time to put the guns down. so far this year, there have been 120 homicides in
5:34 pm
oakland. that is the highest number since 2012 when there were 131 san francisco city leaders say they are hoping voters approve of a new office of victim and witness rights. in response to rising crime in the city supervisor catherine stephanie introduced the measure aimed at streamlining services for victims of crime to receive services. the plan also calls for ensuring that victims of violence can also get help navigating the criminal and civil legal system to protect them from further violence. services for victims are divided among several departments, each with their own missions and mandates. this leaves victims with the task of navigating complex city bureaucracy right at the moment when they are least able to do so, and that needs to end now. san francisco voters will get the chance to vote on the victim protection measure on the june ballot. more cities and states are bucking fda guidelines and offering vaccine boosters to all adults, including here in california. fox news. jonathan serrie has the latest now from atlanta. the
5:35 pm
race is on to get booster shots and arms. at least four states in new york city are now allowing everyone over the age of 18 to get a booster, hoping to contain a resurgence of the delta variant that's infecting about 85,000 americans every day. that goes against current fda guidelines, which recommend boosters only for senior citizens and others at high risk of infection. but others say boosters are the best way to contain the spread, and there's no reason to wait for the feds to give the green light, leading some to suggest the fda is moving too slowly. yes we need more boosters, by the way, which was still not getting. for everyone over the age of 18. they're going like a snail's pace with that. the push for boosters comes as overall vaccination rates are taking up. we're averaging about 1.4 million doses every day in the us and health officials say that bodes well for the upcoming holiday season. if you get vaccinated and your family's vaccinated. you can feel good about enjoying a typical thanksgiving christmas with your
5:36 pm
family. meanwhile the battle over vaccine mandates is heading west teachers and staff in los angeles schools are now required to be fully vaccinated or possibly lose their jobs, but many say they won't roll up their sleeves. it's not about not about this. this you know the science or vaccination? it's about giving people an opportunity of a choice of what i want to put my body. and as for president biden's nationwide mandate that remains on hold following a federal judge's ruling last week. in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas testified today before the senate judiciary committee. the secretary says not all of the 1.2 million illegal immigrants with final removal orders should be deported from the united states. he also told the committee that the american immigration system is broken. we must invest in addressing root causes, creating legal pathways and ensuring swift adjudication of asylum claims. the immigration system, though. is fundamentally broken, a fact
5:37 pm
that everyone agrees upon congress must pass legislation to fix it. when asked if anyone should be deported, the secretary said. those who threaten public safety or pose a national security or border security threat should be deported from the u. s. a new poll out today suggests americans support the landmark abortion rights. supreme court decision roe versus wade by a 2 to 1 margin, the washington post abc news poll found. 60 60% of those who responded. said the roe versus wade should be upheld, 27% said. it should be overturned. this poll comes as the high court is now considering the role federal courts can play in evaluating a new texas law that restricts most abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy to wall street stocks closed higher today after a stronger than expected reading on retail sales for october, the dow did at 54 points. the nasdaq was up 120 in the s and p gained 18 points. the commerce department says sales at u. s retail stores, online sellers and restaurants
5:38 pm
rose by 1.7% in october compared to the same time last month. we're going to biden heads to new hampshire to sell his build back. better plan still ahead tonight, the latest polls showing whether he has support and there are new developments in the case of a palo alto woman accused of setting the fawn fire up and shasta county and the prosecution and the elizabeth holmes fraud trial is wrapping up its case coming up one of the final prosecution witnesses delivered another blow against elizabeth holmes defense.
5:39 pm
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and you can get unlimited data for just $30 per line per month when you get four lines or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. calling the last of its witnesses this week. among them is san francisco hedge fund manager who invested in the failed company. ktvu investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky was there for his testimony and as the story from san jose. san francisco based hedge fund manager brian grossman said he peppered
5:41 pm
elizabeth holmes with questions about their own asses technolog. to be sure it was the real deal before he invested. he said she convinced him theranos was on the cusp of radically changing the blood testing industry. with its so called mini lab. he was so gung ho, his company invested $96 million. that testimony tuesday came as another blow against homes as the prosecution winds down this week, grossman described the 2013 meeting with homes and co defendant sunny alwani quote. they were emphatic that this was the entire laboratory shrunk down in a box and it would bring about radical change. like so many other witnesses, grossman described false claims homes made like that there are no series analyzers were being used by the military, he said. he even went on a tour of the company's facilities in newark and in palo alto. he said. everything looked legit. he didn't know the company was using modified third
5:42 pm
party machines to do most of its testing. when the government puts on witness after witness after witness to say she lied to me. we weren't working with the army. none of these machines were being utilized by the army. that that adds up. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza has been following the case, he said, to expect the defense to come out strong when it's their turn to call witnesses. when you hear people say well, money buys a good defense, i tell you what. this type of money, has bought an excellent defense for her. that defense chipped away at grossman's testimony during cross examination, highlighting that with investment. comes risk at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news, the palo alto woman accused of starting the fund fire in september, and shasta county, has been deemed mentally unfit for trial. alexandra sir
5:43 pm
veneva was appointed a public defender and pleaded not guilty to arson charges. she was evaluated by two psychologists who concluded. the 30 year old cannot comprehend core proceedings and is unable to aid attorneys in her defense. the case is now on indefinite hold. if convicted of starting the fire sword geneva could face up to nine years in prison. president biden travels to new hampshire, leaving lawmakers in washington to continue debating his next spending proposals. i'm mike emanuel in washington with the latest on what's at stake coming up, and a store clerk gets the shock of her life when a bear wanders right into her store coming up where in tahoe this happened and how it came to an end. and we are tracking more fog. you probably knew that and a chance of some showers on what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
5:46 pm
but it will help you and your family stay safe of the bipartisan infrastructure belt. this is a bridge has been structurally deficient for year, standing at a new hampshire bridge built in 1939 president biden touted his newly penned infrastructure deal as a necessary investment for the u. s and the economy. what it means you'll be safer to get to where you're going faster and you'll save money. this means jobs jobs for folks making these upgrades. the president's visit part of the administration's push to sell the american public on the need for federal spending, including the next up $2 trillion social spending proposal covering childcare, education, healthcare and climate want to fight inflation. support build back better. the latest abc news washington post poll shows 58% approve of the build back better bill. still, the president's approval rating has taken a hit, slumping recently to 41. republicans
5:47 pm
critical of the president's push for more spending argue his plans are too costly and the $555 billion allotted to fight climate change does little to help the american people would hurt families badly. it will help china in a big way. democratic holdout senator joe manchin says he's also concerned about the price tag but is waiting to see what the full cost will be. once the congressional budget office releases its score on friday. let's see what the score is. let's see exactly what they're intending to do well, thanksgiving break ahead. house majority leader steny hoyer says he aims to have a vote on the social spending package by the end of the week. in washington. mike emanuel fox news tomorrow the u. s. interior department will auction off vast oil reserves in the gulf of mexico there estimated to hold up to 1.1 billion barrels of crude. it is the first such sale under president joe biden. it's also a signal of the challenges the administration faces to reach
5:48 pm
climate goals that depend on deep cuts and fossil fuel emissions. the sale will invite energy companies to bid on drilling leases across some 136,000 square miles. about twice the area of florida. an american journalist returns home to the united states after being incarcerated for months oversea. danny finster spent nearly six months in burma jail. he is the managing editor of the online magazine frontier myanmar. he was arrested back in may at yangon international airport and convicted last week of multiple charges, including spreading false or inflammatory information. finster had been sentenced to 11 years of hard labor and was set to stand trial on further charges that carried a possible life sentence. you get a little setback, and then you realize well, you don't change your perspective and you're finished. you have to do that every day. burma's military government says fenster was pardoned and then freed on humanitarian grounds. the burma military ousted the country's elected government back in february, and since then more
5:49 pm
than 100, journalists and other media personnel have been detained. the u. n says more than 40 journalists remain in custody in burma. video of a one year old cancer patient is going viral. this is noah. he is jumping for joy down a whole way at u. c l. a seattle children's hospital in los angeles. it's his last day of chemotherapy. he was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer early this year and after several rounds of chemo to lung surgeries and a liver transplan, noah is finally done and heading home to celebrate. the end of his treatment. like seeing that big smile there are no uh, congratulations. well, it's 7 11 store up in tahoe had an interesting visitor. a bear opened the door to the store in olympic valley and one store employee was very vocal. about telling that bear to get out. oh, my goodness. he knows how the office hey, stop! hi hi. get
5:50 pm
out. get out! as the employee continues to yell at the barrett. actually looks around and triggers the hand sanitizer dispenser. the employee then calls 911 emergency services arrived and shot at the bear with rubber bullets getting it to go away forbid. the bear would come back, though later in the morning and then get into the stores. draft gets the loud screams don't seem to, uh, scare that worse because the screen to make loud noises. i'm pretty freaked out by the screaming right there is just chilling like a healthy bare. how do you do that? like that was that was terrifying. that woman screaming more than the bare. that's something you're seeing a lot up there, isn't it and, well, we just had a run in and petaluma with blackberry the other day and. you know, we all been around here a long time. you black bears are not. they're no. they were around here in the 18 hundreds and early 19 hundreds, but they virtually were gone from marin county for years and i took the fifties was the last time and then there was another bear found up in point reyes and then this thing in petaluma.
5:51 pm
just like turkeys. you know, while turkey is used to never see well, turkey's now you see him everywhere and so bears and you're even seeing wolves, which is kind of exciting, right? i mean rules up in the truckee area. there's a wolf down in ventura. they're just they're proliferating, which i think is a good sign. i hope it is because i think it means we're taking care of the planet a little better, at least providing more habitat for these animals. um so. and by the way, bears as you look at these temperatures. there's i bump into bears all the time. they're super. the last thing they wanted usually see their buns running away from you. they don't they want nothing to do with you? they're like crack. couldn't recommend someone to hang out with you either. so okay, so here's the fog for old man, martin, just going off there. there's the fog report for tonight. we're going to see low clouds in the inland valleys. we had a dense fog advisory last night. we're going to see more fog in the next couple of mornings and then thursday. kind of go away in the afternoon as that next system comes in. so here's that next system. this is the computer model and you see, there's the showers it looks defused. the dynamics are going to be up in
5:52 pm
here up north and where they have been up in the pacific northwest. but for us, we're on the south end of it all. so it's a thursday late night into early friday morning. how much could we see? yeah right. it's i mean, heck, it's something but even up in lake shasta to town, seven inch just under 2 10 7 inch. today's highs generally in the fifties and sixties temperatures as we head into the next couple of days are going to stay there and again. we'll look at that. one more time is that system kind of slides through and. that's the main event right there somewhere around friday morning, and there's a beautiful night out there. it looks like we're at sutro tower looking out, and you can see some fog coming in at the coast and inland. there's a very active pacific, which is good. that's why there's been surf along the coast for nonstop word last month and a half. not giant, but surf and this is all just cloud cover coming from systems that are not really well organized. so we're not going to see anything in that system on thursday. we're not going to see much of a. of a bump from that. but there are suggestions late.
5:53 pm
thanks late after thanksgiving, the jet stream is going to reposition itself and we could be in a good in a good position to get significant rainfall. fingers crossed, but you do see the value of those early storms, right? i mean, it's a good thing to be 500% of average 400% of average right now, because we have seen all of november and all of december dry just as you have, so we just aren't the deal in california is when you get it. take it. and hope you can store and handle it on the form of snow or reservoirs or even groundwater. the forecast highs tomorrow. those 66 low seventies upper sixties mid sixties. going to be a little more patchy fog than we saw today. there was a bunch of it today, but it went away tomorrow. i think it's going to hang on in that central valley throughout the day, as it had been, and it will be cooler inland warm along the coast. good forecasts. glad we're not talking about fire danger. at least we got a shot at rain on friday. i will see you back here at six. all right, bill. thank you. u s coast guard rescued six adults and four children, including a baby from flooding in northwest washington state.
5:54 pm
this is video of yesterday's dramatic rescue near forks. that's in washington's olympic peninsula. recent every rains led to extreme flooding and landslides in that area. thousands of people remain without power tonight. many were also forced to evacuate their homes due to rising waters. the governor has declared a severe weather emergency in several counties. the supply chain. delays are expected to throw a wrench into holiday shopping this year. coming up what experts are saying you can do to avoid over paying for those items on your shopping list and coming up at six. san francisco has a plan to bring its entertainment and music industry back to pre pandemic levels. out. that initiative will play out and san francisco mayor london breed is pushing for a safe consumption site in the tenderloin neighborhood. why the city says it would help address city says it would help address the the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge.
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it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself.
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experts say limited supplies could actually cause buyers to make some costly decisions. fox news kevin corke spoke with some experts on ways to save money and avoid scammers. buyer beware ongoing kinks in the supply chain could cause some consumers to make risky holiday purchases. supply becomes. more scarce and more sporadic. they may be motivated to go outside of the typical well known vendors and venture to make a purchase with an unknown vendor and end up potentially with a counterfeit product. but you don't need to be a cybersecurity expert to avoid being scammed, online, officials say. there's several things to look out for to ensure you're on a credible site, including a lock icon, next to the u. r. l and you are ill that starts with https looking for
5:58 pm
misspelled company or domain names. meanwhile in store purchases are still going strong, and this year the pandemic is. fueling the luxury market. there are people that really want to get dressed up again. they're excited to buy something that has that logo on it, and with thanksgiving right around the corner, experts say, before you hit up the black friday sales, it's important to be grateful for what you already have, especially as the world continues mending from the effects of the pandemic. acknowledge that we are here that we are together acknowledge those that we have lost and acknowledge that we may be emotionally spent after a difficult year, and it turns out showing thanks can actually help keep you healthy. scientists say expressing gratitude can actually boost your immune system and even wait for it. help you sleep better. i'm kevin corke fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. now it's six
5:59 pm
more than a dozen children in the east bay accidentally received a double dose of the pediatric covid-19 vaccine. i know that this is really frustrating for these parents, and i hope that this raises awareness and put more quality checks into place because we as health care providers are supposed to have a stories of quality checks. it happened this weekend at a vaccine clinic at center health in antioch. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville, the parents of two boys who received the incorrect oh say they are upset and that they are disappointed. ktvu is cristina rendon tells us that our health says the safety of patients is their top priority, and they immediately reviewed their operations to make sure this doesn't happen again. 14 children received double the dose of the pediatric covid-19 vaccine and they were supposed to get it happened at a center health vaccine clinic in any of this weekend, officials confirmed the kids were given 20 micrograms, or two thirds of the
6:00 pm
dose of what an adult would get instead of the recommended one third dose. i said our health spokesperson says in part, as soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advise them of cdc guidance in this situation. but the father of two boys who received more than the recommended dose tells me it was nine hours before they were contacted by hospital officials. his voice stayed home from school with stomach aches. on monday. the kids were back at school tuesday. i know that this is really frustrating for these parents, and i hope that this raises awareness and puts more quality checks into place, dr monica gandhi, ucsf infectious disease professor explains that pfizer actually studied giving children in the 5 to 11 age group 20 micrograms during trials. money decided to drop the 20 not because it was really dangerous because they wanted to make the smallest dose possible, so it's not. i think getting 20 micrograms just once is not going to hurt anyone better. health explains that pediatric vaccines in question were made with an incorrect amount of delia went meaning they were


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