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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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instead of the recommended one third dose. i said our health spokesperson says in part, as soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advise them of cdc guidance in this situation. but the father of two boys who received more than the recommended dose tells me it was nine hours before they were contacted by hospital officials. his voice stayed home from school with stomach aches. on monday. the kids were back at school tuesday. i know that this is really frustrating for these parents, and i hope that this raises awareness and puts more quality checks into place, dr monica gandhi, ucsf infectious disease professor explains that pfizer actually studied giving children in the 5 to 11 age group 20 micrograms during trials. money decided to drop the 20 not because it was really dangerous because they wanted to make the smallest dose possible, so it's not. i think getting 20 micrograms just once is not going to hurt anyone better. health explains that pediatric vaccines in question were made with an incorrect amount of delia went meaning they were not
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properly diluted after being taken out of the vial and put into a syringe. we're told the 14 children may experience more arm soreness, fatigue, headaches or fever, but hospital officials say they should still get the second dose after three weeks, based on cdc guidelines. dr gandhi says it may be better to wait a little longer for the second shot and asks parents not to skip the vaccine altogether. don't let a couple of strength incidents that should not happen again. detroit you from vaccine ian kid. this is the first report of children here in the bay area of receiving double the dose of the pediatric vaccine. there have been reports out of virginia. and texas of children receiving adult doses of the vaccine by accident. cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. across the country, some more states and cities are giving vaccine boosters to all adults who want them. at least four states in new york city are now allowing everyone over the age of 18 to get that booster shot. this goes against. current fda guidelines, which recommends
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boosters only for senior citizens and others at high risk of infection. but others argue that there's really no reason to wait for the fda to give that green light, leading some to suggest the fda is moving too slowly. we need more boosters, by the way, which was still not getting for everyone over the age of 18. they're going like a snail's pace with that. the push for boosters comes as overall vaccination rates are inching u. the united states is averaging about 1.4 million doses a day, and health officials say that bodes well for the upcoming winter season. despite the demand for booster shots, many communities are still battling over vaccine mandates. teachers and staff in los angeles schools are now required to be fully vaccinated or possibly lose their jobs, but some say they won't roll up their sleeves. not about not about this this, you know the science or vaccination. it's about giving people an opportunity of a choice of what i want to put in my body. as for president biden's nationwide mandate that remains on hold following a federal judge's
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ruling last week fighter is now agreeing to allow other companies to manufacture its pill that cuts the risk of severe covid infection by nearly 90. visor isn't waving its intellectual property rights and major sticking point for sharing information on covid treatments instead of created a new licensing agreement allowing generic drug manufacturers in 95 countries to make their own versions of the treatment pill. it means, you know gap from zero access almost two medicines to access to manages, so the demand will be huge. pfizer says the countries involved in the licensing agreement cover about 53% of the world's population. new polls suggest republicans are much less likely to get a flu shot now than they were before the covid 19 pandemic. several national polls say there was not much difference between the number of republicans and democrats getting a flu shot in the years before the coronavirus pandemic. however business insider reports there is now a 20% gap between members of the
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two parties. about two thirds of democrats say they have or plan to get a flu vaccination. while for republicans, that number is less than 50. researchers say that indicates the political battle over the covid vaccine is now affecting flu shots as well. tonight we have new surveillance video of a smash and grab robbery at a jewelry store in concord. that's where as many as nine people used hammers to smash cases before getting away. ktvu crime reporter henry lee reports now from the sun valley mall with the latest. surveillance video shows a group of young men using hammers to smash display cases cleaning out a jewelry store in concord. my god, it happened at iceberg diamonds inside sun valley mall at about 7 30 monday night, an hour and a half before the store closed. the intruders were all wearing mask and gloves and crowded into the store. the sound of breaking glass, let some of them all to report hearing gunshots, but concord police confirmed no shots were fired. workers tried to stop the robbers, but they were forced
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back by the men with the hammers. the robber stolen, undisclosed amount of jewelry. after the robbery workers clean up the mess the stores on the upper level of the mall. it offers jewelry rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. concord police released this brief snippet of surveillance video, hoping someone recognizes any of the robbers. you can see one of the men wearing a distinctive black hoodie with yellow gloves. another is wearing black and white gloves. police will be comparing notes with law enforcement across the bay area. let's see this case could be connected to others. shoppers we spoke to were concerned. i just couldn't imagine being the person working in there. and what about all the people that were around watching? and how did they get out of here? how did nobody see what kind of car they got in? how do they get away with that? boat. scary yea, just scared you like that happens? yeah mike, broad daylight cameras everywhere. this robbery is under investigation by the concert polices financial crimes unit. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. in concord, henry lee ktvu, fox two news.
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new at six. tonight. an elderly san francisco man is recovering after a would be robber, hit him with a bottle and then took off. police say the attacker confronted an 84 year old asian man and demanded his money. the victim was in the process of pulling out his cash when the suspect hit him at least twice with a bottle, then walked away. empty handed. neighbors in the area managed to take a photo of the suspect and posted it to social media. the victim was treated at the hospital. police are still looking for that suspect. san francisco city leaders say they're hoping voters approve of a new office of victim and witness writes all in response to rising crime in the city supervisor catherine stephanie introduced the plan aimed at creating a streamlined means for victims of crime. to receive services. the plan also calls for ensuring that victims of violence can also get help navigating the criminal and civil legal system to protect them from further violence. services for victims are divided among several departments, each with their own missions and mandates. this leaves victims
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with the task of navigating complex city bureaucracy right at the moment when they are least able to do so, and that needs to end now. two. san francisco voters will get a chance to vote on the victim protection measure on the june ballot. authorities have identified a woman shot to death near lake merritt. last week, 22 year old giovani sanchez of oakland was shot early thursday morning. she died at the hospital on saturday. investigators told us she was sitting inside a car with a man when they were confronted by armed robbers on the lakeshore avenue coal to sack near first avenue. another shooting happened just a block away. early tuesday. a man and a woman were wounded in that incident. people walk through downtown oakland today, calling for an end to the deadly violence. the organizer of the march is calling for mayor libby, chef. the city council, community organizations and churches. they all sit down and work out a plan of action. ambassador nicholas alexander says the group should discuss racial disparities and other issues. young people are
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currently facing which could cause them to turn to violence. i'm out here because i want to shootings to stop. i love my city. i love oakland. and with kids didn't shot. it's time to put the guns down. so far this year, there have been 120 homicides in oakland. that is the highest total since 12 1 2131 were recorded new information tonight about the search warrants served at the home of former windsor mayor dominic for poli. a search of the home was conducted just last week and, according to court documents, 10 items were removed from the house, including two laptops. three ipads, a camera, cell phone, and a recorder investigation began back in april after several women accused for polio of sexual misconduct and sexual assault for police stepped down as mayor in may. he has denied the allegations. coming up students in the south bay protesting plans for a new jail will tell you what they want santa clara
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county to do with the money instead, and the alameda county board of supervisors has selected a replacement. for wilma chan, who will be taking her seat. lot of fog this morning a dense fog advisory for parts of the bay area, the central valley that could go up again tonight and early tomorrow morning as well. we'll look into that. also the rain chances for thursday and also what your weekends going to look like back here after the break, plus longtime bay area congresswoman jackie speier, officially announcing her retirement her announcing her retirement her plans once she leaves congress. welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. lots of new introductions. ...4 ounces... so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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but, together, we got this.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. retirement from congress today, spirit says she's been considered in it for a while now and that it's time to pass the torch to the next generation. reaction about her upcoming retirement has been filtering in all day long ktvu is jesse gary. reports. today i'm announcing that i will not be a candidate for re election to congress in 2022. it's time for me to come
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home after nearly 14 years influencing national policies, jackie speier announcing its her political end, i'm sad. i feel that she's done an awful lot for all of us. you won't see another jackie spear ever. i mean, this is this is a person whose life has been defined by tragedy and arise from that tragedy. catherine lorraine, jacqueline spear stepped into the national spotlight before being elected to office. she was part of the u. s fact finding delegation to jonestown with then congressman leo ryan. the 1978 trip was a last ditch attempt to free members of the jim jones peoples temple, former ktvu senior reporter bob mckenzie narrates ryan's assistant, jackie spear interviews the park's family both understand you to say that you both want to jonestown shortly thereafter gunfire at the guiana airport. as cope, members shoot and kill congressman ryan and for others, spear was hit five times but survived. she came back and
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decided to run for public office. like what kind of person does that it's a real commitment to public service spear moved from the san mateo county board of supervisors to the state capital. as our political star rose more tragedy when her first husband was killed in a car crash, spear stayed in public service, ultimately succeeding tom lantos as the 14th congressional district representative. she wins high marks for fighting for, among other things, gender equality, the environment, and the less fortunate. did the president united states ask you to find out the identity of the whistleblower? there are more chapters in my life book, and i plan on writing those chapters with all the people who i know and love. the congresswoman has one more year in office. there is already speculation over who could vie to replace her and how her departure and the departure of other democrats who are retiring, could shift the balance of power in washington. in san mateo, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. this afternoon,
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the alameda county board of supervisors appointed wilma chance chief of staff to fill her seat until the election next year. will mcshann was struck and killed by a car while walking her dog in alameda on november 3rd. the board president said he personally feels that an asian pacific pacific islander woman should take her seat in the interim, but chance family advocated for chance. longtime aide and chief of staff dave brown, her son spoke to the board this afternoon before the vote. i'm not the first person to point out to you that dave brown is a caucasian male. but looking past his race and gender, he is the most qualified person to fill the vacancy left by my mom's passing. he has the experience and knowledge to represent the district and understanding and compassion to continue the work seriously, until next year's election. brown cannot run for the seat since he doesn't live and vote in the district. so darren chan said the appointment will be free of any political agenda more than 6000 university
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of california lecturers plan to walk off the job and u. c berkeley and other campuses tomorrow and thursday. lecturers teach nearly half of all u c. undergraduate classes they accused. you see officials of bad faith bargaining on a range of issues, including paid family leave compensation for online instruction and reasonable workloads. you see, issued a statement calling the plan strike grossly unfair to our students. lecturers at ucsf are not expected to strike. a small group of san jose state students rallied outside the santa clara county board of supervisors meeting today to stop a plan to build a new jail. members of students against mass incarceration are calling on the board to vote against a 500 unit jail that will cost $390 million rally organizers say. county administration officials ignored community engagement sessions and surveys. that showed people do not want a new jail. instead the group says money for the new jail should be earmarked for more mental health and other social services for inmates. i
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think it's important for every community. um. i think that every community should provide those services because if you look around, and if you just take a tour, there's still many homeless people on the street, a lot of them suffering with mental illness, a lot of stepping with addiction. and all they do is they lock them up for a little bit. release them. and where are they going to go? what are they gonna do? the county does have a re entry center with mental health services, a sobering station and call fresh food, but protesters say the county can do more to stop the revolving door of repeated incarcerations. pgd is issuing new warnings about scams. the power company says it saw a 65% increase in reported scams in september and october, and that number make up even higher during the holidays. pg and e says scammers have increased their calls, texts and emails during the pandemic. the company is reminding everyone that pg any never ask customers for private financial information over the phone or in text messages and emails. new at six
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an electrical fire in the attic of a pet hospital in santa rosa early this morning caused extensive damage, but no animals were inside at the time. this video show santa rosa firefighters fighting that fire at the lakeside pet hospital about 1 20. we're told the security guard saw smoke coming from the attic vents and then called 911. firefighters knocked this fire down and just about 15 minutes. no injuries reported damage is estimated at about $100,000, the popular slanted door restaurant in san francisco is very building will soon be a reopening. the vietnamese restaurant has been closed since the start of the pandemic, leading some to wonder if it would ever open its doors again. but according to the san francisco business times, the restaurant has now signed a 10 year lease extension. the restaurant is reportedly planning a renovation and will open next summer. the business times also says the owner is planning to open a location in napa in the spring. all right, and i stay out there today we had temperatures that were definitely on the cool side. but
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the sun came out as opposed to the day before we had a lot of fog last few days. we had a lot of fog this morning, but the difference was this morning, and this afternoon we had a weak system, whether system role fuel and it let the fog kind of go up and mix itself out, and that's good. so we can see it here. you can see the fog this morning around 8 38 50 60 that footprint in the central valley, and it bleeds into the bay, the low lying delta area and out to places like napa in san rafael. watch out system. see it evaporating from the north because you can't see the syste, but you can see it's an impact on the fog, right? and then there it goes. and so as that system rolls through, that cleared it out. but then the fog's going to reform rapidly. tonight so what we get tomorrow is a beautiful day. once it's gonna be one of the nicest days of the week, we'll find temperatures, probably in the mid sixties low sixties upper sixties again in the warmest spots. um and then that system that big, pointy thing that's a cold front. that's how we represent cold fronts and. that just means that a weather system is coming in. but very, very weak the low if you look at that
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red area its way north and its way north like that. that's that's where the dynamics are. the dynamics again will be in british columbia. out in tacoma and washington and oregon and portland. those areas were on the south end. so we get a few sprinkles. that's it. but tomorrow is going to be money. we're gonna have a good day. temperatures will be in the mid sixties and upper sixties, but we start off. with the valley fog again, so you're getting used to it, but that it will be back. so if you in that if it messes with your morning community has messed with it. it will tomorrow morning as well, especially in the big valley. i'll see you back here with the full forecast. all right. we'll see in a little bit, bill. thank you. dave chappelle's high school is now reconsidering its plan to rename a theater after him following the controversy over his latest netflix comedy special. the duke ellington school of arts released a statement describing the comedian as its most distinguished alumni and an important thought leader, but noted that quote moving forward with the event without first addressing questions and concerns from members of the ellington community would be a missed opportunity for a teachable moment. the ceremony
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originally scheduled for november, 23rd has now been pushed back to april 2022. chappelle's latest special drew criticism from some viewers who saw the show as a ridicule of transgender people, though netflix has publicly stood behind chappelle coming up the cdc now advising americans not to visit several european countries due to a rise in covid cases there what you must do, though, if you do have to travel to those areas. also ahead, a south bay charity has started handing out free turkeys to those in need. still ahead tonight how volunteers say the pandemic is still having a huge financial impact on many area residents.
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but, together, we got this. nonprofit began handing out turkeys and plenty of other goods for the upcoming holiday meal. but like many nonprofits here in the bay area, the samaritan house says they are still saying the pandemic. take an economic toll on the community around them. ktvu is rob roth has the story. hundreds of people pulled up in cars. it's samaritan house in san mateo tuesday for free groceries and thanksgiving turkeys done rasmus and came in his wheelchair. but when i need it, i'll come by. rasmus and is one of more than 1000 people in need. samaritan house expects to help feed over the holiday. besides turkey's those who come receive fresh produce and other ingredients for a full blown thanksgiving dinner. without
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that help rasmus and says he probably wouldn't have a thanksgiving. it'll be like an everyday. pain. what's special about it unless it's made special. and already has something that turned it specia. if we don't then it's just another day rasmus and now lives in public housing after years of sleeping near a daily city golf course in the woods. where you can get into there for two different fences and the way you know that was in there, i stated for, like 15 years samaritan house and non profit organization that works with low income residents in san mateo county, says the pandemic is still taking an economic tour and the community. including those with jobs that just aren't paying enough. so the crush at the door of people who need our help, whether it's food, shelte, clothing, you know, financial assistance. all of those things is enormous. it's somewhere between two and five times normal, depending upon the service, and well, people came to receive food. one woman came to give food she brought about 100 frozen turkeys that are church collected. apparently there's being shortages and so
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it has been hard. we've had to go to a certain different stores to try to pick up a few. and then, um, today we were able to get a big hall. thankfully she says she hopes to be back with more cimarron house will be holding this thanksgiving assistance each day this week through friday, and i'm banking every day. there are actually nice people out here. in san mateo, rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. the federal government is now warning americans about traveling to certain areas of europe because of covid-19. the cdc is adding three countries to its list of very high risk. the czech republic, hungary and iceland are now in level four, which is the highest risk category. that means these countries have more than 500 coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents in the past month, americans are advised to avoid traveling to these countries. but if you must go you are being urged to get vaccinated and you may have to test negative in order to come back home their international destinations in
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the very high risk category include belgium. the netherlands, singapore and the u. s. virgin islands. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 san francisco has a new plan to help revive the city's entertainment and music industry. we'll have more on the initiative and the upcoming events planned to launch it and later major league baseball and names its managers of the year sports director. market bindings will tell us if the giants gabe kapler to come the hardware and the city of oakland working right now to launch a new financial program to help residents cover part. of their rising rents out. many families are involved in the program and just how much they may actually get after the break.
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recommended dose of the pediatric covid-19 vaccine this past weekend. it happened at a sutter health vaccine clinic in antioch center says the parents have been notified. we're told the vaccines were not properly diluted after being taken out of the vial and put into a syringe. congresswoman jackie speier announced today she will not seek re election, the seven term san matteo county congresswoman told us on mornings on two she's thought about retirement for a while now, she said she plans to stay active and involved in politics and her community. concord police are searching for those responsible for a smash and grab robbery at the sun valley mall. this happened at iceberg diamonds at about 7 30 last night. valence video does show that. group of masked intruders using those hammers to smash display cases, the roberts
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stole an undisclosed amount of jewelry. you are watching ktvu fox two news here at 6 30, the city of oakland, is launching a new effort to help keep hundreds of people in their homes by helping to cover part of their rent. ktvu tom vacar has more on how this experimental program works. housing is a human right. oakland mayor libby schaaf zoomed to reporters in to announce a program with deep importance. shallow subsidies, 200 families will each get ongoing support averaging $750 a month for up to 18 months to reduce their rents by 50. this $3.4 million fund was created by donations from many non profits as well as the benny off family of salesforce. this pilot program is aimed at keeping low income people in their homes when rents overwhelmed them every night, thousands of oakland ear's our elders, our children are sleeping on the streets. or are one economic
6:31 pm
emergency away from losing the housing they have? i don't know what i would have done. you know, i can't pay the rent by myself. i'm only received income up. um so it's a security, the human impact and what perhaps is one of the nation's most diverse cities is appalling. the oaklands african american populations. only one in every four oakland ear's african americans represent about three out of four of its homeless folks. families are being displaced. they're being separated from their communities, and we want to keep them here in oakland. uh we're focused on neighborhoods whose ransom increased by upwards to 90% the ultimate goal learned from this experiment and take it from pilot to policy to permanence. it's our hope that one day that this pilot will no longer be a pilot, but that it's a way that thousands of other people across the state of california can stay house, frankly, a system. that allows every family to go to bed at night without the fear of losing
6:32 pm
that most basic human need. shelter america itself was made rich and powerful by its diversity of people, thoughts and contributions. oakland is fighting to maintain that treasure trove of human capital tom vacar ktvu fox two news tonight the oakland city council is expected to vote on who's going to get the contract to redevelop the oakland alameda called cm complex. to development groups have presented plans to develop the 100 acre property, which does include the coliseum and the arena into a mixed use development of sports fields, homes, office buildings and business is now whichever group has chosen would have to partner up with the oakland a's as the team does own half the property. mayor lyndon breed has announced that the city of san francisco will spend $2.5 million to help revive the city's entertainment and music industry. the goal is to provide financial help to the many entertainment venues across the city that were forced to shut down during the pandemic. the mayor's sf live initiative
6:33 pm
would also include a series of concerts and live performances at outdoor parks and plazas that will begin next year. the number of homes on the real estate market in san francisco is now declining. after hitting a peak last month, the real estate blog socket site reports inventory levels in the city are now 44% lower than they were at this time last year, and that number is expected to keep dropping through the end of the year. however the number of homes on the market in san francisco is still 20% higher than inventory figure before the pandemic on capitol hill, lawmakers could possibly vote this week on president biden. social spending bill as fox news is mike manual reports. this comes as the president hit the road. to mark the signing of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. this is a bridge has been structurally deficient for years, standing at a new hampshire bridge built in 1939 president biden touted his newly penned infrastructure deal as a necessary investment for the u. s and the economy. what
6:34 pm
it means you'll be safer to get to where you're going faster and you'll save money. this means jobs jobs for folks making these upgrades. the president's visit part of the administration's push to sell the american public on the need for federal spendin, including the next up $2 trillion social spending proposal covering childcare, education, healthcare and climate want to fight inflation. support build back better. the latest abc news washington post poll shows 58% approve the build back better bill. still, the president's approval rating has taken a hit, slumping recently to 41. republicans critical of the president's push for more spending argue his plans are too costly and the $555 billion allotted to fight climate change does little to help the american people that would hurt families badly. it will help china in a big way. democratic holdout senator joe manchin says he's also concerned about the price tag but is waiting to see what
6:35 pm
the full cost will be. once the congressional budget office releases its score on friday. let's see what the score is. let's see exactly what they're intending to do well, thanksgiving break ahead. house majority leader steny hoyer says he aims to have a vote on the social spending package by the end of the week. in washington. mike emanuel fox news. coming u. an american journalist is back home after six months in a burma jailed how many other journalists, though, could still be trapped there, and jurors are now deliberating the fate of kyle rittenhouse, today's drawing to determine exactly who will decide the case.
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to next-gen statistical analysis software. trial. the final panel was selected this morning. one day after closing arguments. fox news alexis mcadams has more. kyle rittenhouse's fate now lies in the hands of a dozen jurors. the 18 year old on trial for shooting three men, killing two during unrest in kenosha, wisconsin last year following the police shooting of jacob blake, members of the jury. it is for you to determine whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty, the core determining the final jury panel by drawing this morning, narrowing it down from the 18 jurors who heard the entire case. ahead of a possible verdict. 500 national guardsmen ready to respond if needed. there's a little bit of nervousness in the air on monday, jurors listen to more than five hours of closing arguments. prosecutors made the case kyle rittenhouse was a quote. want to be soldier who
6:39 pm
instigated this bloodshed by bringing a semi automatic rifle to a protest? assistant district attorney thomas bigger even pointing an ar 15 in court. when the defendant provokes the incident, he loses the right to self defense. you cannot claim self defense against a danger you create defense attorney mark richards, arguing that the then 17 year old feared for his life when he fired those fatal shots. there are no winners in this case. but putting kyle rittenhouse down for something he was privileged to do. will serve no legitimate purpose. jurors now tasked with the ultimate question, gal written house a vigilante, or was he acting in self defense? what's really the difference between the two sides is the interpretation of the law and whether or not he was in fear of imminent death or serious bodily injury. rittenhouse facing life in prison if convicted of the most serious charge against him. in kenosha, wisconsin. alexis mcadams fox news. a medical examiner testified today in the
6:40 pm
trial of three men accused in the death of vermont are very in georgia. dr edmund donahue performed the autopsy police say are very was shot to death while running in brunswick, georgia. greg mcmichael and his son travis chased are very in a pickup truck because they thought he was burglarizing a home. officials say that mcmichael neighbor joined the jays and took video that shows one of the men shooting are very medical examiner said that are very died due to two gunshot wounds at close range. and we're talking about the torso. gunshot wound. what was your revised opinion, having now seen the video as to the muzzle to target distance for this particular gunshot wound. 20 inches 23 inches. donny who said that either gunshot wound would have killed ahmad are very and that he doubted that immediate medical assistance. could have saved his life. okay. gonna be a foggy night again tonight. it will be a little bit nicer tomorrow. i think we'll see sunshine and temperatures a
6:41 pm
little bit warmer, especially around the bay. but then there's that rain chance for thursday night into friday and the weekend. of course, i'll see you back here with that. ktvu is alex savage joins us now with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu. plus juli. thank you. coming up new tonigh. the city of richmond names its first youth poet laureate coming up tonight we will talk live with the teenager. about her big achievement and how she'll help foster appreciation of poetry in the community. plus the nba is heading overseas, where two preseason games are being scheduled next year. in the first, but that part of the world we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu. plus all right. we'll see you then. alex. thank you. but first right here after the break the prosecution in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. is wrapping up its case coming up, legal analysts say one of the final witnesses delivered another blow
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elizabeth holmes is calling the last of his witnesses this week, among them, a san francisco hedge fund manager who invested in that failed company. ktvu investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky was there for his testimony and has the story now from san jose. san francisco based hedge fund manager brian grossman said he peppered elizabeth holmes with questions about their own asses technolog. to be sure it was the real deal before he invested. he said she convinced him theranos was on the cusp of radically changing the blood testing industry. with its so called mini lab. he was so gung ho, his company invested $96 million. that testimony
6:45 pm
tuesday came as another blow against homes as the prosecution winds down this week, grossman described the 2013 meeting with homes and co defendant sunny alwani quote. they were emphatic that this was the entire laboratory shrunk down in a box and it would bring about radical change. like so many other witnesses, grossman described false claims homes made like that there are no series analyzers were being used by the military, he said. he even went on a tour of the company's facilities in newark and in palo alto. he said. everything looked legit. he didn't know the company was using modified third party machines to do most of its testing. but when the government puts on witness after witness after witness to say she lied to me. we weren't working with the army. none of these machines were being utilized by the army that that adds up. ktvu legal
6:46 pm
analyst michael cardoza has been following the case. he said, to expect the defense to come out strong when it's their turn to call witnesses. when you hear people say well, money buys a good defense, i'll tell you what. this type of money, has bought an excellent defense for her. that defense chipped away at grossman's testimony during cross examination, highlighting that with investment. comes risk at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. today american journalist danny finster arrived back in the united states after spending nearly six months in a burma jail. finster serves as the managing editor of an online magazine. it was arrested back in may and convicted last week on multiple charges, including spreading false or inflammatory information. burma's military government says fenster was pardon and then freed on humanitarian grounds. former u. s diplomat bill richardson says
6:47 pm
he negotiated the release and face to face meetings with the army general and power. you get a little setback, and then you realize well, you don't change your perspective and you're finished. you have to do that every day. finster had been sentenced to 11 years of hard labor and was set to stand trial on further charges that carried a possible life sentence. in february, the burma military ousted the country's elected government, and since then, more than 100, journalists and other media personnel have been detained. the u. n says more than 40 journalists remain in custody in burma. new at six tonight. san francisco is now moving forward with plans for a possible supervised drug use site. the mayor's office introduced legislation today to purchase a building at gary and hide near the tenderloin for $6.3 million. the plan is to use the site for various behavioral health needs, including potentially the supervised consumption of drugs. such sites are currently illegal. under federal law, the city saw a record 699 overdose deaths in
6:48 pm
2020, most of them from the narcotic fentanyl. the city is also moving forward with plans to open a drug sobering center in the south of market area. okay, as we head into your wednesday, we're looking at some more fog in the morning hours. certainly behind me. we have or in front of you. now we have the forecast dew point temperatures which are going to be in santa rosa at 54 so well, santa rosa right now, santa rosa is 58, but well, santa rosa reached 54 degrees tonight and fog from yes and we'll napa reached 51 degrees. yes and liver more so. when that two points everything when you get into these winter months, certainly for fog formation, so, yeah, we're going to see fog. we had dense fog advisories this morning throughout much of the bay area in the north bay and then in the central valley, and i think. dense fog advisories are funny because they don't they don't they pop up last minute, right? so it's sort of valley fogs are real. um it's kind of dodgy and the way it works, and sometimes it does form like that. it's pressure system that went through today was just enough to
6:49 pm
drill it out. but so what i'm saying is, even though it's not there now, in a robust manner, it. could easily be there in your neighborhood in petaluma out in sacramento by tomorrow morning or late tonight. there is fraud. thursday night, friday morning. back that up. i didn't want to. we don't want to see nothing there. okay, there's kind of right there. about eight a.m. on. friday so i backed it up. there's thursday night something that one a.m. and i mean, it's very little somethin. it's not a lot of something. it's a little bit, so that's our event. that's thursday's rain. or front. well, let's call it friday morning because i think that's really the best opportunity for anything measurable, and we're talking measurable 10th of an inch. but that could mean in santa, not in santa rosa. but in marin county that could be in a quarter of an inch or so. so anything is good. but you know that eureka number i'd be when i get when we get storms in here to really maintain a healthy winter rainfall total. you want to see the this time of year. you want to see storms at a quarter inch to a half inch to an inch. quarter inch would be san jose.
6:50 pm
half inch might be san francisco and then oakland hills might be an inch marine county watershed an inch. forecasts or apartment these real highs from to look at fairfield, right, so they start off foggy as heck but when that system went through, mixed out the fog, they got up to 71 degrees. there is the most beautiful city in the world. certainly um, i know i don't have that documented, but i do think it is. i think when you see it from that project perspective, it's absolutely stunning. you see all the clouds on the pacific. it's really not well organized stuff. so when it's not well organized. you know, at our latitude, it doesn't produce much in the way a rain hence thursday, sort of drive by kind of hit and miss showers overnight lows about where they have been fog reforms. there's your tomorrow forecast. yellows are seventies. a few clouds here and there beautiful day, um, low sixties and the cool and then, as we look at the future cast in forecast for tomorrow you can see back into the sixties upper sixties, maybe some low seventies. and in the five day
6:51 pm
forecast, so it's a good forecast. i mean, it would be nice to have this this thursday. friday thing was a straight up indurain and we're back on trac, and we're doing fine. but you just you know, it's something once a week is kind of how it needs to go here for the next few months. i'll see you back here at 10 11. all right, bill. thank you up next saturday sports hall of fame inducts for new members march up next to tell us who was honored tonight in the south bank.
6:52 pm
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with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. with you tonight. the vinyl room major league baseball awards week. managers of the year handed out today and, uh, you know, today's the day they give it but haven't we really known who the national league manager? the year's going to be since maybe june or july? to make it official, though a guy who knows a little something about managing a ball club bruce bochy. this man he led his team to a franchise record. 107 wins. uh the winner is gabe kapler. oh, there you have it. no doubt about it. gabe kapler, those 107 wins and the national league western division title. by the way, those 107 wins most ever by
6:55 pm
a manager of the year winner. and i don't really think giant fans have any gripes. obviously they would like to have won the world series, but i don't hear a lot of second guessing about gabe kapler, who reacts to the award today. it certainly feels good to be recognized for good work. and um, i thought was really interesting. boetsch mentioning how important his veteran players work to him and not 1990 sixties and. i can certainly say the same from brandon crawford to buster posey to brandon belt to evan longoria to kevin gausman, and the list goes on and on. they made my job a whole lot easier. you know what i hope for the second straight year, the overachieving tampa bay rays at the ale, manager of the year kevin cash first manager to go back to back with the honor since the great bobby cox with the atlanta braves. for my money. the voters blue, this one dusty baker, he took over a complete mess in houston and took them to the
6:56 pm
world series this year slam dun. dusty baker should have been your american league manager of the year. meanwhile big night in san jose at the s a p center, the class of 2021. san jose and the south bay sports hall of fame. some major names for new inductees going in tonight, including george seper, two time super bowl winning coach with the 49 ers, they'll get a bronze plaque mark purdy. just a heavily decorated brilliant journalist of with the merc for many years summer sanders in 1992, olympics swim gold medalist for usa. and from the nfl wide receiver went to san jose state played with the packers and the raiders of the nfl. james jones ecstatic about getting it. man this is this is humbling, man, you know, come from where i come from and being a homeless kid man and going through all my ups and downs and
6:57 pm
lives on in my career to be standing right here to have a plaque that's about to be in the sap center man. and you know, in the saddles, they all the same, and it's a blessing. good guy right there. a team usa when we're talking the world cup qualifying still doing things right a little more than halfway through the qualified process. team usa looking good, despite the fact they didn't come out victorious down in kingston, jamaica, in the 11th minute, timothy way good individual effort for team usa with the left foot one mil. however team usa i'm sure not happy with this. they never scored again and then 11 minutes later team jamaica gets up on the board to equalize things. michael antonio with a nice move, and then after that, basically the 22nd minute, no more scoring. it ends. 11 team usa still tied with mexico in the concacaf standings. a top thing, so they're looking pretty
6:58 pm
good with the time we have left. let us check this out monday night football. you know, you have the option of listening to the manning brothers. well they had a special guest to you're probably familiar with last night during the 40 niners trampling of the ramps. check this out. how would you talk smack to peyton? but uh, tell peyton he got as as great as you supposed to be the coach, cut you. thank you. thank you. i love it. i love it. this show. i love this. that's great insult the host draymond green, of course, and, of course, manning was released in 2012 by the courts because they didn't want to have to pay him. $28 million. so raymond's right, but there was a reason for it. that's the sporty life guys. hi, mark. thank you. thanks for joining thank you. thanks for joining us, everybody. good night.
6:59 pm
hey, can you do me a favor? can we try to avoid talking to our friends tonight about our wedding plans? i'll do you one better. i'll avoid talking to our friends entirely and play on my phone. it's just, i haven't picked a maid of honor yet, and i'm having trouble deciding between penny and bernadette. ah, understandable. they are quite similar-- both blonde former waitresses who married beneath them. penny is my best friend, but i was bernadette's maid of honor, and i think she kind of expects it. so if anyone brings it up tonight, just maybe you can help me change the subject. how about this? i dominate the conversation so hard, no one has a chance to get a word in edgewise. i don't know. they might see that coming. what if we have a code word? ooh, now you're speaking my catamaran. that's my code word for "language." okay, fine, catamaran. that's our code word. no, that's my code word. get your own.
7:00 pm
okay. uh, pretzels. you hear me say pretzels, you change the subject. rhinos are my least favorite animals at the zoo. what? oh, i'm sorry. i thought we started. hey, just-just hold the gate still while i screw it in. you know, i don't know how i feel about all this baby-proofing. if halley can't teach herself to walk down the stairs, then maybe that's nature's way of saying the wolowitz line ends here. that's funny. i always thought howard was nature's way of saying the wolowitz line ends here. me, too, but life does find a way! hey, halley can't reach the liquor cabinet. why did you baby-proof it? how did you know we did? fair point. bernadette still going stir-crazy? oh, a little. two months of bed rest-- it's kind of rough.


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