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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 16, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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balloons near lake merritt, less than one week after a young woman is shot and killed during a night out with friends. she was trying to get, you know, put her life straightened out and everything and. she's doing everything for her daughter. you know, i'm saying, like. i just hope you know she gets justice. frustration and heartbreak from the friends and family of 22 year old michelle alleman. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. police say the young woman was shot thursday right near lake married and then died from her injuries two days later. new attend. ktvu is amber lee joins us live from oakland after hearing from loved ones, amber. well, they tell me they want her remembered as a loving and devoted mother to her young daughter, family and friends told me they're also concerned that her homicide will be unsolved because they say oakland is dealing with so much
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violent crime. i was like here's like i feel well, i felt safe because people walking no matter what time it is, but it wasn't safe for michelle alleman. she was shot here last thursday and died two days later. family and friends say the 22 year old enjoyed coming to lake merritt drawn by the lights at nightfal, but on this night, those lights are joined by candles lit at a memorial for her. she deserved any of this was a really caring person. police say. alleman was shot thursday around 12:30 a.m. they say they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deadly shooting. a source tells me it may have happened during a robbery, family and friends either suspicious of the three people she was with. that all of them abandoned her at the scene and did not call her family that didn't come to notify her family. she they knew she had a daughter. everybody all her friends knew she had daughter, alamance boyfriend, santos avalos says they had just
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celebrated their five year old daughter's birthday last month and that solomon had recently started a job working for an online grocery delivery service. when she didn't come home that night of low says he went searching for her at area hospitals and didn't learn until much later, she had been shot. she was doing everything for her daughter, you know, i'm saying, like. i just hope you know she gets justice. avalos tells me he took this last photo as he held his girlfriend's hand at the hospital. he's not wearing one of the rings she wore that night were hoping there are signs of her coming back to us. but. the impact was too much, he says. all a man was shot once in the head all their dreams of getting married and having a second child gone. avalos is urging detectives to find whoever is responsible for killing his girlfriend. done at this homicide, you know, just being just another cold case. you know they need to push forward. pablo
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says his ability to council friends who went through difficult times. he says he will tell their daughter her mother was a strong woman who loved her. all of one's family tells me she was an organ donor and that in death, she saved five lives. julie. mike amber, a young mother has gone too early. let's hope those detectives in oakland get the leads. they need to make an arrest. in this case. amberleigh live in oakland. amber thank you. senior citizen in san francisco tonight is recovering after someone attacked him with the bottle. police say the 84 year old man was walking in laurel village yesterday when he was approached by the attacker who demanded his money. victim was in the process of pulling out his cash when the attacker hit him at least twice with the bottle and then walked away. without the money. neighbors managed to take a photo of the man and posted it to social media. the victim was treated at the hospital. so far. no arrests have been made. san francisco is moving ahead with plans for a possible supervised site for drug users to deal with
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a spike in overdose deaths. the mayor's office introduced legislation today to buy a building a geary and hide near the tenderloin for $6.3 million. this comes as the city saw a record 699 overdose deaths in 2020. most of them from the narcotic fentanyl supervisor matt haney told us at seven. there is evidence these sites can help. we know that these sites can save lives here in the tender line. we have public drug use that is unacceptable on our streets and sidewalks. people are dying and neither nearly two people a day. and so we need to get people inside off the streets, uh, save their lives and get them into care and treatment. the city is also moving forward with plans to open a drug sobering center in the south of market area to attend a car crash into a fast food restaurant sent a woman in a child to the hospital with major injuries tonight. this happened in oakley on main street in the railey shopping plaza just before seven o'clock. ktvu is deborah villalon joining us live tonight with what we've learned about the accident, deborah. michael lee. police say
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the car rammed into this taco bell at high speed and the injuries were serious enough. both victims were airlifted. the driver, according to east contra costa fire is a 30 year old woman, the child in her car, a three year old girl and both needed trauma care. the adult put in a helicopter to john, your medical center in walnut creek and the toddler to ucsf betting off children's hospital in oakland. the lexus they were in was totaled. it's front and wrapped around a stone pillar at the front of the taco bell that pillar preventing the car from plowing through windows and all the way into the restaurant where many more people might have been injured. no explanation yet why the car slammed into the fast food, but a witness who pulled the child to safety said there was a radic driving before the crash. she, um. drove probably about 50 or 60 miles an hour past the store.
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um. accelerating no breaks, and then we heard her. i think she went up on the curb. she hit carts. and then we heard the crash over here. i came running out. i didn't know where the car had gone, and they pointed over here, so i just took off running. and i got here. and one space said that there was a baby in the car. i just jumped up on top of the car. and once officer dombrowski gave me the okay. i pulled the baby out and handed him over to her. the taco bell closed for a time after the crash employees obviously shaken up by the huge jolt and the emergency right outside their door. eventually it reopened to drive through customers and the lexus sedan. it's front end mangled was told from the strip mall. now. no word yet on the identities or conditions of the woman or child. but witnesses say the little girl appeared to have facial injuries, possibly a broken jawand, like oakley,
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police want to hear from anyone who saw the driving behavior up to and including this crash. deborah villalon live tonight, there in contra costa county, deborah, thank you for that in the north bay, an electrical fire. in the attic of a pet hospital in santa rosa caused extensive damage, but no animals were inside at the time of the fire. this happened at the lakeside pen hospital about 1 20 this morning. we're told the security guard saw smoke coming from the attic vents and then called 911. firefighters knocked this fire down in just about 15 minutes. no injuries reported damage is estimated at about $100,000 longtime bay area politician jackie spear announced today she will not run for re election. congresswoman spear is served as the peninsula's representative for seven terms. ktvu is jesse gary takes a look back now at her decades long career. today i'm announcing that i will not be a candidate for re election to congress in 2022. it's time for me to come home after nearly 14 years influencing national
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policies, jackie speier announcing its her political en, i'm sad. i feel that she's done an awful lot for all of us. you won't see another jackie spear ever. i mean, this is this is a person whose life has been defined by tragedy and arise from that tragedy. catherine lorraine, jacqueline spear stepped into the national spotlight before being elected to office. she was part of the u. s fact finding delegation to jonestown with then congressman leo ryan. the 1978 trip was a last ditch attempt to free members of the jim jones peoples temple, former ktvu senior reporter bob mckenzie narrates ryan's assistant jackie spear interviews the park's family. do i both understand you to say that you both want to leave jonestown shortly thereafter gunfire at the guiana airport. as cope, members shoot and kill congressman ryan and four other. spear was hit five times but survived. she came back and decided to run for public office. like what kind of person
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does that it's a real commitment to public service removed from the san mateo county board of supervisors to the state capital. as our political star rose more tragedy when her first husband was killed in a car crash, spear stayed in public service, ultimately succeeding tom lantos as the 14th congressional district representative. she wins high marks for fighting for, among other things, gender equality, the environment, and the less fortunate. did the president united states ask you to find out the identity of the whistleblower? there are more chapters in my life book, and i plan on writing those chapters with all the people who i know and love. the congresswoman has one more year in office. there is already speculation over who could vie to replace her and how her departure and the departure of other democrats who are retiring, could shift the balance of power in washington. in san mateo, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. speaker of the house and fellow bay area
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representative nancy pelosi reacted to spears announcement saying in part, congresswoman jackie speier is an extraordinary member of congress and a significant leader in our country. her courageous and values based leadership, particularly on behalf of the women, survivors and the vulnerable have made a difference in the lives of countless americans and has strengthened our nation. this afternoon, the alameda county board of supervisors appointed wilma chan's chief of staff to fill her seat until next year's election. wilma chan was struck and killed by a driver while walking her dog in alameda on november three. jan's family advocated for chan's longtime aide and chief of staff, dave brown, to serve as interim supervisor. brown can't run for the seat since he does not live and vote in the district. her son said the appointment will be free of any political agenda. dave worked with my mom for over 30 years and had been her chief of staff for the past six years. he understands the makeup of the district and build strong relationships with all of you and county staff to continue my
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mom's work. in a statement, brown said he is humbled to serve wilma chance, son says a public memorial to remember his mother will be held sometime next month. new developments on a promising treatment for covid-19. pfizer has asked fda regulators to authorize his experimental covid-19 pill, saying it reduces deaths and hospitalizations. studies show the pill cuts the risk of severe illness by nearly 90. vizer has also agreed to allow others to manufacture the pill by creating a new licensing agreement allowing generic versions in 95 countries outreach efforts to get more people of color vaccinated against covid-19 appears to be working, the alameda county health care services agency. announced today that 81% of hispanic and 74% of black alameda county residents, 12 and older have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. 75% of hispanic is 68% of black residents, 12 and older. are fully vaccinated. the agency credits its outreach efforts targeting communities
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where people of color live work and go to school. we've had some rain, but no big dent in the drought. the new numbers that show californians are struggling to save water. we're tracking little bit of fog formation tonight, plus that opportunity for some rain on thursday back here with that, and a special tribute for a fallen soldier up next. a new at 10. now the senate clearer police department. is honoring one of their explorers who served in afghanistan but who never came home. we knew this could happen, but you just didn't expect it to its
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there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being.
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and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. clara police explorer who is deployed to afghanistan but never returned today marks 10 years since 21 year old sean walsh was killed in action while serving in operation enduring freedom. ktvu as as a smith joins us. now she's live at police headquarters with how he's being remembered as net. well julie shawn's mother was here today, she says. every day is tough. today was tough for 1. years later, sean continues to save lives a different way. at santa clara police headquarters. half a dozen police officers are working out their routine 11 wall balls. 16 mountain
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climbers. and 11 kettlebell swings as many rounds as possible for 21 minutes. workouts are difficult, and they're done that way for a reason. this is part of our hero wide program wide being workout of the day the number erupts and the workout duration means something on november 16th 11 2021 year old us army specialist sean walsh. who had been an explorer for santa clara police was killed in afghanistan. he was serving with the 185th military police battalion. um he was killed in a mortar attack. sergeant greg digger who served in the california army national guard the same time as sean remembers him as driven. you can see the trajectory he was setting everything up the military service he was doing very well. so, 10 years, um. it's still hard. i still cried today. sean was cheryl walsh is only child. shawn's goal was to join santa clara police but at the age of 18, he was too young
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to be an officer. so he enlisted in the military paying the ultimate sacrifice. it's devastating, but then. as a parent of a soldier who put himself in harm's way. i'm very proud. shawn's mother started the canine memorial foundation in honor of her son in 2000 and 12 shawn's dream to be a k nine handler nonprofit has helped provide 32 police dogs across the country. santa clara police was its first canine recipients. shawn's mother says had sean lived, he'd be a k nine handler serving one community inspired by his passing. we've been able to provide 32 dogs and help. two dozen communities. now they're paying shawn's dream forward. one k nine at a time, sean indirectly kind of watching over us and helping us and still protecting people and serving to this day. sean was also an explorer for the santa clara county sheriff's department and
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before the pandemic, there was a big workout challenge. the hope is to bring that back next year, julie. so nice to see so many people honoring him as a thank you. santa cruz county firefighters rescued a puppy today. cal fire sees you posted these photos on twitter, they say the nine month old border collie fell off of a cliff near ocean boulevard must speech in san mateo county. firefighters were able to climb down and rescue the puppy. it was not hurt as reminder, firefighters say. always keep your dog on a leash near the cliffs. californians are falling far short of the governor's goal of saving water. governor newsom asked residents to cut their water used by 15% in july. so far, water use is down. just 3.6% the most recent data shows people did slightly better in september. at 3.9. alright we're watching for fog formation dew point through a little lower tonight when we were not going to see it as widespread as we did this morning, and we had dense fog advisories this
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morning here so that footprint looked and this was around almost 10 o'clock this morning, but reading all the way south right to bakersfield, then bleeds into the, uh into the base because it's low lying so the cooler air just wants to make its way to the warmer coast. in fact, that's what's been doing all week. tonight we're expecting that fog to pretty much reform in apache form and places really kind of more hit and miss. instead of just widespread like that, especially in the nooks and crannies of the north and east bay right now do points in santa rosa in the low fifties or upper forties and temperatures in the low fifties. so we're expecting some fog around hills berg, santa rosa, those places also elsewhere in the inland valleys like perhaps clayton and out towards them. antioch so we'll see this system that moved through today. kind of cleared the fog out. that's where the sun came in. that's how we got temperatures back into the mid and upper sixties. tomorrow is the money day. i mean, it's going to be, you know, all the days in the coming days, it's going to be one of the nicer ones with temperatures. into the mid number sixty's minimal fog,
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so i think even even the inland spots like vacaville and fairfield, you guys will see the son. if there is some fog in the morning, it'll burn off pretty quick and then we get this kind of next system, which unfortunately shows up late thursday night and friday, but the unfortunate part is, it just doesn't have a lot of game. you see that big red l is up way up north. that's where that's where the dynamics are. that's where the potential for real wind rain and what have you for us? just a few light showers possible, so when we come back, we'll kind of lay it all out for you. look at the five day forecast as well. i'll see you back here after a couple breaks. all right, we'll see you then, bill. thank you. the east bay city of richmond has named its first youth poet laureate. applicants were asked to submit three original poems to be considered, and sheila mckinney of pinole valley high was awarded the honor. she joins us at seven to talk about her new role in helping the community gain an appreciation of poetry, writing and the creative process and what inspired her to enter the competition. so in 2021, the black lives matter, protests and everything was going on. um i
10:20 pm
felt like i needed to say something, and i had to say something. and so i wrote this poem about america the land of the free. that was my first poem. and um, it was basically saying how america um things like. object like says that we're free black people are fre. but in actuality, we're not in reality. we're not. mckinney will serve as richmond's youth poet laureate for the 2021 2023 terms, all right, coming up the oakland city council moving forward now, with one group. to redevelop the coliseum site, plus the millions of dollars san francisco is now approved to spend on repairing a popular concert venue and turkey giveaways have started to help pay area families in need at 10 45 how supply chain issues
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got some black olives, we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. call 833-317-4673, allowing one group to redevelop
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the coliseum site. the council unanimously voted to move forward with the african american sports and entertainment group. tonight's vote gives the group 12 months now to work out a deal to either buy or least 50% of the city share of the coliseum site. the group says it wants to transform the property into a complex containing housing and sports facilities for a black owned nfl team and potentially a w. n b a team. in a tweet tonight. a scg says its pledges to place the community at the forefront of everything they do. moving forward. new attend. san francisco has earmarked $4 million for repairs at stern grove following a summertime water main break that caused extensive damage. the board of supervisors approved the resolution at today's meeting. the water main break in august forced organizers to cancel the final concert at stir stern grove and caused flood and mud damage to the area. money will be used to remove trees do slow, prepares and remove debris. field air valve on a water transmission pipeline was
10:24 pm
determined to be the cause of that break. also new at 10, san francisco. recreational park leaders will consider a plan on thursday to create an umbrella organization for three exhibits at golden gate park gardens of golden gate park would include the japanese tea garden, san francisco botanical garden and conservatory of flowers. the exhibits would stay in their current locations and keep their names but would work together on educational programs conservanc. more diverse gardens and upgraded accessibility, among other things, now to the east bay, where the walnut creek city council was set to consider creating a buffer zone around a planned parenthood facility. the item, however, was postponed due to issues including sound with the zoom platform that streams the meeting, the council is looking into the buffer zone manner after advocates on both sides of the abortion issue argued their cases to the council during public comment. at two prior meetings, advocates say a buffer zone would cut down on confrontations between protesters and patients. they
10:25 pm
also point to police report showing 42 calls for service at the planned parenthood. during the past 22 months, a small group of san jose state students rallied outside the santa clara county board of supervisors meeting today to stop a plan to build a new jail. members of students against mass incarceration are calling on the board to vote against a 500 unit jail that will cost $390 million rally organizers say county administration officials. ignored community engagement sessions and surveys that showed people do not want a new jail. instead the group says money for the new jail should be earmarked for more mental health and other social services for inmates. i think it's important for every community. um. i think that every community should provide those services because if you look around, and if you just take a tour, there's still many homeless people on the street, a lot of them suffering with mental illness, a lot of stepping with addiction. and all they do is they lock them up for a little bit. release them. and where are they going to go? what are they gonna do? the county
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does have a re entry center with mental health services, a sobering station and cal fresh food, but protesters say the county can do more to stop the revolving door of repeated incarcerations. the u. c system is bracing for thousands of lectures to walk off the job starting tomorrow, you see, officials say all nine of its undergraduate campuses, including cal are preparing for lecturers to strike tomorrow and thursday. they say they have encouraged academic departments to find ways to keep those classes going, and also encourage students to go to class. more than 6000. lecturers say they're striking because of bad faith bargaining with uc officials on a range of issues, including paid family leave. and compensation for online instruction. you see, says it's disappointed in the decision and that the strike does not move them closer to a contract. no verdict reached in the first day of deliberations and the kyle rittenhouse trial up next, the unusual way the jurors were selected in court today. also ahead, the search for nearly a dozen smash and grab robbers in
10:27 pm
the east bay the surveillance video showing the moment they used hammers that clean out that jewelry store and a good sign for the u. s economy later tonight, the spike in spending. ahead of the holidays. also old teammates square off as stephan curry and the warriors take on kevin durant in the brooklyn nets sports director mark ibanez coming up later, with some. curry shimmy and highlights from the warriors. impressive wins. we love our house, been here for years. yeah. but there's an animal in the attic. (loud drumming) yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!! (animal drumming in distance) (loud drumming) drums! drums! aaaaaahhhh! at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. we save a lot. aaaaaahhhh! ohhh! (loud drumming) animal!
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to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto to learn more about cost, year old edwin emma's kua was taken into custody thursday after he was identified as the gunman in an august 30th shooting in san jose. during the arrest two men who were also with the suspect. were taken into custody. police say 19 year old synod in perez azevedo was
10:30 pm
in possession of a controlled substance for sale and 18 year old brian perez macias was in possession of a concealed firearm that had been converted into a machine gun. all three were booked into the santa clara county jail. now to the east bay were conquered. police are investigating a smash and grab robbery at a jewelry store. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us police are now asking for help in finding those nine men who got away with all the jewelry. surveillance video shows a group of young men using hammers to smash display cases cleaning out a jewelry store in concord. my god, it happened at iceberg diamonds inside sun valley mall at about 7 30 monday night, an hour and a half before the store closed. the intruders were all wearing mask and gloves and crowded into the store. the sound of breaking glass, let some of them all to report hearing gunshots, but concord police confirmed no shots were fired. workers try to stop the robbers, but they were forced back by the men with the hammers. the robber stolen, undisclosed amount of jewelry.
10:31 pm
after the robbery workers clean up the mess the stores on the upper level of the mall. it offers jewelry rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. concord police released this brief snippet of surveillance video, hoping someone recognizes any of the robbers. you can see one of the men wearing a distinctive black hoodie with yellow gloves. another is wearing black and white gloves. police will be comparing notes with law enforcement across the bay area. let's see this case could be connected to others. shoppers we spoke to were concerned. i just couldn't imagine being the person working in there. and what about all the people that were around watching? and how did they get out of here? how did nobody see what kind of car they got in? how do they get away with that? boat scary? yeah just scared you like that happens? yeah mike, broad daylight cameras everywhere. this robbery is under investigation by the conference polices financial crimes unit. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. in concord, henry lee ktvu fox studios. we're learning more about the search conducted at the home of former windsor mayor dominic for police officers served the search warrant last week.
10:32 pm
according to court documents. 10 items were removed from the house, including two laptops, three ipads it camera, a cellphone and a recorder. the investigation began back in april after several women accused of poli of sexual misconduct and sexual assault for police stepped down as mayor back in may and attorney for the poli has denied the allegations. the prosecution in the federal fraud trial against their nose founder elizabeth holmes is calling its final witness to the stand this week. ktvu is evan sernoffsky was in court today and tells us about the testimony from a hedge fund manager who invested in the failed company. san francisco based hedge fund manager brian grossman said he peppered elizabeth holmes with questions about their own asses technolog. to be sure it was the real deal before he invested. he said she convinced him theranos was on the cusp of radically changing the blood testing industry. with its so called mini lab. he was so gung ho, his company invested
10:33 pm
$96 million. that testimony tuesday came as another blow against homes as the prosecution winds down this week, grossman described in 2013 meeting with homes and co defendant sunny alwani quote. they were emphatic that this was the entire laboratory shrunk down in a box and it would bring about radical change. like so many other witnesses, grossman described false claims homes made like that there are no series analyzers were being used by the military, he said. he even went on a tour of the company's facilities in newark and in palo alto. he said. everything looked legit. he didn't know the company was using modified third party machines to do most of its testing. but when the government puts on witness after witness after witness to say she liked to me. we weren't working with the army. none of these machines were being utilized by the army. that that adds up. ktvu legal
10:34 pm
analyst michael cardoza has been following the case, he said, to expect the defense to come out strong when it's their turn to call witnesses. when you hear people say well, money buys a good defense, i tell you what. this type of money, has bought an excellent defense for her. that defense chipped away at grossman's testimony during cross examination, highlighting that with investment comes risk at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news jurors in the kyle rittenhouse trial spent the day deliberating without reaching a verdict. the final 12 person jury was selected this morning. in an unusual move, the judge allowed written house to select the people who will decide if he is criminally responsible for killing two people. now he pulled numbers assigned to the 18 perspective. jurors who heard all the testimony for the last two weeks the sixth numbers written how selected they're the ones who became the alternates. the task is usually performed by
10:35 pm
a court clerk. that's been the practice in this court for i'm going to say 20 years at least. i've been doing that, uh, that the defendant in a criminal case is the one who makes the selections from the tumbler. seven women and five men are on the jury. they will decide if they agree with the defense who argued written house acted in self defense or the prosecution has said he provoked the violence. the jury continues. deliberations tomorrow, a medical examiner testified today in the trial of three men accused in the death of ahmad barbarian, georgia, police say are very was shot to death while out for a jog in brunswick, georgia last year. greg mcmichael and his son, travis, allegedly chased armory in a pickup truck because they thought he had been burglarizing a home as a neighbor took video, the medical examiner said are very died from two gunshot wounds at close range. and we're talking about the torso. gunshot wound. what was your revised
10:36 pm
opinion, having now seen the video as to the muzzle to target distance for this particular gunshot wound. 20 inches to three inches. and what was his cause? we could find out tomorrow whether any of the three defendants will take the stand. coming up at 11. police arrest a man driving a stolen vehicle loaded with weapons. how modern technology healthy officers make this bust. we are tracking a chance of fog tonight and that chance of rain on thursday plus the weekend in the five day we'll see you back here at first after the break a decline in illegal border crossings. the new numbers that show unauthorized migration is wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account
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officials say mexican authorities stepped up their enforcement efforts following pressure from the u. s as a result, federal authorities say the number of haitians attempting to cross into the u. s after they enter mexico from guatemala dropped by more than 90. in october, the u. s border patrol intercepted more than 164,000 people along the border with mexico, a 14% decrease from the month before president biden is $1.2 trillion infrastructure. bill is now law and democrats now want to get their build back better legislation across that finish line. the $2 trillion social spending proposal would cover childcare, education and health care. house leaders are aiming to have a vote on the bill by the end of this week, and then a vote in the senate by christmas. on a visit to new hampshire today, president biden said the measure will help ease the supply chain crunch as well as make investments to fight climate change.nd it's going to reduce inflation. and to meet the moment of climate change as well. the leadership of this delegation, i'm i'm confident
10:40 pm
that the house is going to pass this bill. and when it passes, it will go to the senate. i think we'll get it passed within a week. republicans have expressed concerns about moving forward with the bill at all as inflation lingers at high level. president biden's infrastructure tour continues tomorrow in detroit. holiday retail sales are off to a strong start. the commerce department reported today that retail sales rose 1.7% in october, beating economists expectations. online shopping marked the biggest gain for the month rising 4% from the previous month. and 10% from a year ago. the strong report comes even as the price of goods is rising at historic levels, experts say today's numbers show consumers are getting an early start. on their holiday shopping the strong consumer spending figures since stocks higher on wall street today the dow was up 54 points. nasdaq gained 120, the s and p. added 18. big retailers and tech stocks led the shares. on the plus side. uber is bringing back its shared rights to companies suspended
10:41 pm
its carpooling feature during the pandemic, but now those rides are coming back. it allows people to book an uber like normal and then share the vehicle with one other stranger going the same direction and in turn, the right becomes less expensive. the feature was originally called uber pool, but the company has renamed it to uber x share. it relaunched in miami today, but it's unclear when it will expand. uber competitor lift brought back shared rides in july. making everybody there are actually nice people out here. hundreds lined up to receive free turkeys in san mateo county have a area nonprofits are working to keep up with demand as they face new challenges, and a little rain could actually be about. 48 hours out from us here in the bay area. chief meteorologist bill martin has your complete five day forecast right after the break.
10:42 pm
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
10:44 pm
chain issues and rising food prices. the san francisco marin food banks says. from the beginning of the year, egg prices have increased 65% the cost of produce. a pound is up. 16% in the price of chicken has doubled. the food bank has secured enough food for the upcoming holiday months, but says it will face challenges beyond that. the pandemic related increase in food
10:45 pm
insecure people in the bay area has not slowed down. a recent survey shows 81% of san francisco marin food bank participants say they have yet to recover. the samaritan house in san mateo also says it is still seeing the pandemic take a toll on the community. as ktvu rob roth reports, the nonprofit spent the day handing out hundreds of turkeys and other goods. for the upcoming holiday. hundreds of people pulled up in cars. it's samaritan house in san mateo tuesday for free groceries and thanksgiving turkeys done rasmus and came in his wheelchair. but when i need it, i'll come by. rasmussen is one of more than 1000 people in need. samaritan house expects to help feed over the holiday. besides turkey's those who come receive fresh produce and other ingredients for a full blown thanksgiving dinner without that help rasmus and says he probably wouldn't have a thanksgiving it'll be like an everyday. i mean, what's special about it unless it's made special.
10:46 pm
already has something that turned it special. if we don't then it's just me today. rasmus and now lives in public housing after years of sleeping near a daily city golf course except in the woods. where you can get into there for two different fences and the way you know that was in there, i stated for, like 15 years, samaritan house and non profit organization that works with low income residents in san mateo county, says the pandemic is still taking an economic tour and the community. including those with jobs that just aren't paying enough. so the crush at the door of people who need our help, whether it's food, shelter, clothing, you know, financial assistance. all of those things is enormous. it's. somewhere between two and five times normal, depending upon the service, and well, people came to receive food. one woman came to give food she brought about 100 frozen turkeys that are church collected. apparently there's being shortages and so it has been hard. we've had to go to a certain different stores to try to pick up a few. and then, um, today we were able to get a big call. thankfully she says she
10:47 pm
hopes to be back with more cimarron house will be holding this thanksgiving assistance each day this week through friday, and i'm banking every day. there are actually nice people out here in san matteo, rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. the nationwide hunger crisis is taking a toll on military families, the nonprofit feeding america says as many as 160,000 active duty service members are struggling to put food on the table. the group estimates that 29% of the lowest ranking troops faced food insecurity last year alone. officials say it has been a problem for years, but the pandemic only made things worse. due to free them military life in the unique attributes of it. unfortunately they often find themselves for some period of time, either by choice or by circumstance, living off of a single income, and it's just very difficult to make that happen. in response, several charitable organizations, including the armed services, y m. c a and blue star families
10:48 pm
have developed a network of food banks near major bases here in the u. s. all right. we had a pretty nice day out there today. our temperature's warmed up more or because we had fog burn off earlier today, even for the inland bay valleys of fairfield, which was barely into the sixties, mostly in the upper fifties yesterday, and the day before. got the 71 degrees today when the sun came out, 65 anya. tomorrow's temperatures will be won't be 71 in fairfield to be a little bit cooler, but it'll it'll be generally in the mid sixties upper sixties and the warmest spots there will be some patchy fog would dew point are running a little lower than they have been, so i think it's going to be real patchy fog gets out there. that system went through and that that amount if you were here earlier, but i showed a kind of a weak front going through. produced similar dry air in the drier air, actually, you know, drops that dew point temperature dry. it's just dryer air. so in other words, what we're saying we're going to look for basically the potential for some real patchy fog, especially towards santa rosa healdsburg. in those areas been dry for a while now since november 9th
10:49 pm
seven dry days in a row, see, we're going to see a little something here as we head into thursday and you'll see it right there, and that's that's it. you know, and i mean, it's a little something. it's that's it's a little something again. strongest dynamics are up here in the pacific northwest up around canada in washington state. 2 10 7 inch 10th of an inch san jose 507 inch something like that. that's how it looks right now. well, this is what the model does. i'm this is just gives you that you can see where the distribution of rain is. bu. san francisco at 1/10 0.13 in santa rosa. it gives you an idea. i don't think i think i think san francisco probably be a little less than 1/10. i think marin county will be up around a quarter to maybe even a little more. no forget the coast right now. beautiful golden gate bridge we are looking for like i say some patchy fog again tomorrow morning, but not as you know, thick and robust memory o, uh, fog layers we've been seeing here are the high clouds coming in. these are the current temperatures and you can see
10:50 pm
it's cooler than it was last night, this time by a few degrees, right, so that's drier air right? because with dryer, it's easier to get a colder temperatures minus seven napa minus fear field. that's because that weak system went through. so forecast overnight lows in the low forties mid forties. mid forties and fairfield. that's about where the dew point is, too. it's right there, so i think there will be a little bit of patchy fog. but again, i don't think we're going to see that massive blanket like this morning. this is the forecast for tomorrow, the forecast high. greens sixties yellow seventies bunches of sixties tomorrow's wednesday thursday we got the mostly cloudy day the rain possible potential for thursday is really all about overnight thursday. into friday morning, so it's really in this slot, and if it's going to be wet, coming from the sky, it's going to be friday morning at 23 am something like that. but thursday's a cloudy day. friday's a showery day in the morning within clears out pretty quick weekend looks pretty good. i'll see you back here at 11. all right, bill. thank you. elon
10:51 pm
musk, hillsborough, manchin. finally as a buyer barons reports that the home went. into contract this past weekend. the home first went on the market back in may of last year and was listed at $35 million. it was taken off the market last november and has been relisted twice since then. imagine is 16,000 square feet with seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and sits on 47 acres. musk has sold all of his residential properties since last year when he tweeted he was selling all of his quote. physical possessions and quote. it is unclear how much the state is now under contract for the first time, the nba is scheduled to play in the arabian gulf. the two preseason games are scheduled for abu dhabi in october of next year. the exact dates have not yet been announced. in recent years, the nba has been working to expand its global reach point line coming up. we will hear from giants gabe kapler on winning the manager of the year award, plus steph curry lights up the nets in brooklyn marks up next with sports and then on the
10:52 pm
11 o'clock news vaccine booster clarity for those. over 18 and older. the major change coming to california's vaccine appointment website that the and there you have it-
10:53 pm
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but you know what they say: the vital room? no definitely not just another game on the warriors scheduled. they've had this thing red lines since the schedules came out, and they wanted to prove yes, there is life after kevin durant back in brooklyn to make that message perfectly clear, and they set the tone from the outset. by the way, kd after all, the pleasantries were exchanged. held to just 19 this night belonged to steph curry. here's a kevin durant turnover right here. drama knows who to work it with gary payton the second up
10:55 pm
top young glove can basically fly, as the announcer said he just continues to contribute six off the bench tonight. the momentum still early, very close game. and you'll see the warriors quickly get it into the four chord that's about as much room as steph needs right there. pull up and bomb from about 30 ft. shimmy time. it was what james harden this time. the beard is swatted by young jonathan come, inga, starting to earn some meaningful moments almost into the rotation and right before the half watch andrew wiggins, get it and hit it at the buzzer. he comes through again. 19 points. warriors go into the locker room with plenty of momentum. watch how they end the third again. on a buzzer beater. this time it's andre iguodala, and they take a 22 point lead into the fourth quarter. everybody pumped up about that stuff will have more
10:56 pm
to say about it. he hit nine threes tonight. outer limits right the nine of 14 from 3 37 points, lots of long faces on the brooklyn bench and blow out 1 17 99 final word best record. in the nba is they are now 12 and two. they go on to cleveland back to back playing the cavs tomorrow on the college courts tonight a couple of games worth mentioning stanford women, they bounced back. haley jones had a triple double, first for a cardinal in 19 years as they take care of portland. on the men's side, santa clara. routine winner over nevada. so that takes care of that. let's move it up to minnesota. we had another bay area team out on the road. the shocks continue to play solid hockey against the wild end up one. nothing in the first watch team homeyer hanging out in the right spot right around the net, and he'll flip it into the shark's ads will one. nothing lead up to nothing? come the second period. they
10:57 pm
lead it 2 to 1 and defenseman erik karlsson kind of tears up the slapshot, and it will find its mark that put them up. 32141 is the final like a city sharks plan. solid hockey. there are 86 and one major league baseball announces its managers of the year officially today. didn't we know around here about that june or july that gabe kapler was the man in the national league? no question about it, but it is official. as of now, 107 wins gets it for him, and it's the largest total of victories ever by a national league manager to win manager of the years the giants win the west for the first time since 2012. here's caps, reaction to the honor. it certainly feels good to be recognized for good work. and u, i thought was really interestin. boetsch mentioning how important his veteran players work to him
10:58 pm
and not 1996 season. i can certainly say the same from brandon crawford to buster posey to brandon belt to evan longoria to kevin gausman, and the list goes on and on. they made my job a whole lot easier. kevin cash is your american league manager of the year with the tampa ray's should have been dusty baker picked up a messy situation, and houston led him to the world series. voters got that one. definitely wrong. hey things continue to look good for team . s a in the world cup down in jamaica, kingston is the place into the 11th minute. team usa. look at this effort from timothy way with the left foot. cook it into the net one nil. the problem here is team usa could not score again. and 11. minutes later, team jamaica will even it up. good effort here. michael and ponyo beautiful. no more scoring by either team and ends 11. the good news. the tie for
10:59 pm
team usa continues to keep them even with mexico atop the concacaf standings. so looking pretty good at this point as far as them qualified for the world cup. we have arrived at that point of the night. where we must check this out. you start making your football fans real early, particularly in pittsburgh. if you love the steelers, check this out. oh i think that little tyke no into a team he like silly even bring out a terrible towel. i think they call that convinced bergdahl er fans. that kid can't be more than what. 23 years old early, all right, got to do it. that's the sporting life. we'll get it back to you guys at the desk back in 25 minutes or so.
11:00 pm
mike and julie, we'll see you then. mark. thank you. and next at 11 and one space said that there was a baby in the car. i just jumped up on top of the ca. and once officer dombrowski gave me the okay. i pulled the baby out. witness jumps in to help after a car crashes right into a fast food restaurant with a woman and child inside. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now the woman and her daughter suffered major injurie. good evening again on mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener. that crash happened just before seven tonight in oakley at the rarely shopping plaza on main street. ktvu deborah villalon is there with what police and witnesses are revealing about the crash, deborah. while julie the bollards in front of this taco bell are designed to protect the building, and that's what they did. but the crash impact sent a woman and her daughter to intensive care. the driver, according to east contra costa fire is a 30 year old woman,


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