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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 17, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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announcement just made by san francisco's director of health regarding covid-19, working to clear up the confusion, what state officials are doing to help everyone 18 and older avoid some hurdles to get their covid booster shot and class is in session how a strike at u. c. schools across the state was averted today and the celebrations kicking off right now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. i'm molly rasmus. infer mike mibach this afternoon just about 15 minutes ago, you may have felt 4.0 earthquake reported by the usgs reportedly centered in san ramo. so far, no word of damages, but we certainly felt it here in oakland in our newsroom, and we've heard from many of you all across the east bay, saying you felt it too. but again, thank goodness no damage at all. yeah, we have some reports from people as far away as san francisco, feeling it again. that quake was centered around san ramon. not sure exactly which fall. i believe the calvary's fault is the one that runs there. my folks live in san ramon, and they said that felt really strong. so luckily, no reports
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of any serious damage so far. well happening now. san francisco health officials are applauding parents efforts to get their kids backs in ated against covid-19 public health officer dr grant colfax says so far 13,000 children ages 5 to 11 have received their first dose of the covid shot in san francisco. 87% of all residents over the age of five have had at least one dose of the covid vaccine, dr colfax reminded san francisco residents to celebrate the upcoming holidays safely. by making sure all adults have had their covid vaccine and or booster shot. i mean, also asked that during this holiday season we give ourselves and our loved ones. the gift of protection that gift to protect ourselves our loved ones. people most vulnerable to covid-19 in our community. that gift is best given through vaccines, either, as as initial doses going to arms of 5 to 11 year olds or as booster doses. now in californi.
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everyone over the age of 18 is eligible for a booster in san francisco. only 43% of senior citizens have gotten that booster shots so far, colfax says covid cases in san francisco have ticked up since halloween hospitalization rates, however, are still low. fewer than 30. people across the city are her hospitalized right now with the virus, but health officials warned that. hospitalizations tend to lag behind case rates so people need to remain vigilant and get vaccinated and for californians who want to get their booster shot before the holidays, some maybe having some problems using the states might turn online vaccine appointment system. california is one of a handful of states in the us that i've skipped ahead of the cdc guidelines when it comes to covid booster shots. health officials here want all adults to get their covid booster. the problem is that my turn website hasn't been updated yet to allow them to the online system is still using the eligibility rules set by the centers for disease control, which say only
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the following are eligible people 65 older. johnson and johnson recipients anyone with health risks and anyone who works in healthcare or other high risk work settings. california health officials are aware of the my turn problem and say the website will be updated by tomorrow. it's absolutely the right call. from an immunological standpoint, and from a disease control standpoint to get everybody. 18 and over boosted ucsf professor of epidemiology dr george rutherford says federal regulators seem to agree and maybe changing their eligibility rules soon to be more in line with california's. the fda could sign off on a boosters for all policy as soon as tomorrow. the cdc's meets on friday and could give its approval as well. rutherford says there's new evidence and studies that have emerged indicating that boosters could help fight a winter surge in the u. s. people are understanding now that waning immunity as a. is a serious problem and needs to be countered with boosters. in the meantime, here in california, the state has directed pharmacies and other health care providers not to turn away any
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patient who requests a booster over the age of 18. here in the bay area, people have already found ways to get their covid booster vaccine without the my turn website, but once it is updated by tomorrow, should make it even easier for people to find one. meanwhile, some parents say they're angry and disappointed that their children received incorrect dosages of the covid vaccine. 14 children who received their vaccine, etcetera, health and antioch, were given shots that had 20 micrograms of the vaccine dose. that's twice as much as the recommended dose for younger children. doctors warn the higher dosage could mean those children are more likely to have fevers, sore arms at the injection site as well as headaches and fatigue. but ucsf infectious disease specialist dr monica gandhi says that same dosage was used in some of the vaccine trials for children. they decided to drop the 20 not because it's really dangerous because they wanted to make the smallest dose possible, so it's not. i think getting 20 micrograms just once is not going to hurt anyone. dr gandhi
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suggests that parents of the children who received the larger doses wait a little longer than the recommended three weeks before getting the second dose, but she says they should not skip that second dose. thousands of teaching assistants in the university of california system or holding rallies after calling off their plan two day strike. the celebration comes after lecturers at all nine undergraduate campuses had planned to walk off the job at 10 o'clock this morning. the union representing the workers tweeted that the two sides reached a tentative agreement, including what it called groundbreaking improvements in crucial areas, including job stability, workload and compensation. classes are being held as scheduled today. a mother in her young child or hospitalized with life threatening injuries after their car crashed into a restaurant pillar in oakley. the collision happened just before seven o'clock last night at the railey shopping plaza parking lot on main street. the lexus ran into the stone pillar right in front of a taco bell. the driver, a 30 year old woman was airlifted to john your medical center in walnut creek for three year old daughter was airlifted to ucsf benioff children's hospital,
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oakland. investigators have not publicly said what caused the crash, but one witness who actually pulled the child out of the mangled car says the driver was going to radically before the wreck. drove probably about 50 or 60 miles an hour past the store. um. accelerating no breaks, and then we heard her. i think she went up on the curb. she hit parts. and then we heard the crash over here. no one in the taco bell was hurt because that pillar stopped the car from going into the restaurant. employees close the taco bell after the crash, then later reopened just the drive through part of the restaurant. new at noon. san jose now has new, affordable housing for some south based seniors. a ribbon cutting ceremony was held this morning for the lee avenue senior apartments on southwest expressway. mayor sam liccardo state senator dave courtesy and count county supervisor susan ellenberger attended that ceremony. this development has 63 1 bedroom units. it will also
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provide permanent supportive housing to people who have been formerly homeless and special needs senior citizens. my understanding of the extraordinary need for permanent supportive housing, as well as housing at all below market price points has deepened dramatically. and i say without hyperbole that it is our local existential crisis. the housing development was paid for with money from the 2016 county voter approved $950 million measure a bond. happening today. hayward unified school district is holding a special virtual meeting to vote on a plan to close as many as eight schools. many parents and educators say they were surprised by the plan, and today they'll show their opposition by holding a rally in march. they're meeting at for this afternoon at burchfield park in hayward will march to district headquarters and hold a rally at 4 30 demanding that no schools be shut down. hey what is just one of many school districts statewide, struggling financially because of declining enrollment. the marin
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independent journal, cites figures from the california finance department and says enrollment dropped by almost a quarter million students over the past five years and says this trend will likely only continue for years to come. marine county is down 5% enrollment from last year, santa clara county's projected for the fifth biggest drop in the state. contra costa county is the only bay area county that doesn't expect to see a drop in enrollment in the near future. well. today is a historic day for one south san francisco elementary school for the first time, the state of california is celebrating ruby bridges day as ktvu is amanda quintana shows u. it was a class of fifth grade students at martin elementary who came up with the idea. walk to school, but more of a celebration and walking for ruby is one of the best things that i could do for my school right no. handmade posters thanking ruby bridges for the walks she made to school that were very different from this one in 1960
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at just six years old, ruby was the first black student. to integrate a school in the south, walking past angry mobs yelling racist, hateful things at her. her story is taught in martin elementary's fifth grade class. we were reading about ruby bridges and maddie and our class asked, does ruby have a day? and we looked it up and she did not have a day and the children were so upset about this. they say we're going to go to the president and i said, hold up. there's a process that process took four years. each year. miss carly knows class kept pushing, knowing without ruby. they wouldn't be able to be at school with their friends, so they collected signatures, eventually convincing the school board then the city eyes 37 no. zero the major passes and now the state of california has made november 14th ruby bridges walk to school day. the senator who brought up the resolution walking along with the kids who inspired it. ruby story to me is one of
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courage and bravery and the fact that one act one person can truly make a difference, and that's evidenced by today. those students that initially started this push for ruby bridges day they are now in high school. but students here say the push is not over. they want to see ruby bridges day. go nationwide. we want kids all over this country to start asking their teachers asking their principles if they can walk with ruby as well because they want. all kids to know that they have power to affect positive changes in this world, and this has carried on to a great generation like it was a 10 year old that thought of this day and now and now we're doing it. amanda kitona ktvu fox two news. the search continues today for the people behind a smash and grab robbery and conquered more of this new video that investigators say they hope will help practice case plus. president biden will again try to sell his infrastructure plan in an event today. meanwhile congress
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and get your questions answered. because peace of mind is something you just can't get in a cardboard box. that's healthier made easier. at cvs. earthquake, initially reported by the usgs has a four point oh, in san ramon. it has been adjusted, downgraded to a 3.8 the epicenter in san ramon, but no word of any damages or major
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problems there so far, according to the usgs. there were two smaller aftershocks at 2.6 and three point out that also happened in san ramon in the 15. minutes after that first quake happening today, the interior department will auction oil reserves in the gulf of mexico, where there's an estimated 1.1 billion barrels of crude oil. energy companies can bid on leases across an area twice the size of florida. this auction comes after a federal judge in a lawsuit filed by republican states rejected suspending fossil fuel sales that president biden imposed when he took office. president biden is on the road for a second day in a row to highlight the ways that money and that infrastructure bill will be spent across the country in congress. democrats are talking about the next bill on the table. lauren blanchard has the details from washington. speaker nancy pelosi is full steam ahead on a nearly $2 trillion social spending piece of legislation. it's fabulous. it's great, it's big, but it's a good start while congress is focused on what's ahead,
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president biden continues his victory tour on the bipartisan infrastructure bill wednesday he'll stop in detroit to highlight an electric vehicle plant. the recently signed bill includes money for more charging stations and electric vehicles will still have the performance of an internal combustion engine but will cost less will have that team performance will be cleaning update economy. still the president has his sights set on passing the build back better bill. however he doesn't have moderates in his party signed on yet. they want to know from the congressional budget office exactly what the bill will cost and whether it's paid for. let's see what the score is like. their concern along with republicans is that there has been too much pandemic government spending president biden. is already telling us that you can't trust the cbo score. it's not 1.75 trillion. it's closer to four trillion and what that will do to inflation is it's going to make it harder to make ends meet than it already is. for most americans, house progressives want to move forward on a vote without the
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full cbo score, they say waiting was not something they agreed to with moderates. in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu, fox two news. and despite our recent rain, new water numbers show our state is still in the middle of a drought. the water year ending in september was the second driest in california history. our state is also coming up short when it comes to conservation efforts. governor newsom asked for a 15% voluntary cut. californians overall reduce their consumption by 3.9% in september, down from 5.1% cut in august. now the bay area is doing better than the state. overall our region cut usage in september by more than 7.5% and on that note, let's check in with ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo. mark doesn't seem like there's any. major rain storms in the forecast, although maybe a little bit of rain on friday. yes that's that's the only hope for right now, and it looks like just a friday morning we're talking about maybe under 1/10 of an inch, so as far as a significant rainfall we need not showing up. and as far as the sierra snowpack, we talked so
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much about the rainfall locally. they need a lot of snow in the sierra that showing up just yet as well. quick update on the earthquake activity. we're talking about the east bay you can see on the maps right now, as we show you, the initially reported as a four point right now, 3.8 that was at 11 43, the main shock that happened as far or as we'll be back out, the maps were showing you all the fault lines running through the bay area, all those red lines and you can become closer right now, the suspect fault as you can see on this map right around the calvary's fall closer to with the san ramon area, and as far as the eye can actually report on the usgs, the website what you felt, and you can see the reports coming in already over 2000 reports and reports of some light to moderate shaking mainly centred around the east bay and portions of the south. babe. we'll keep an eye on things let you know if you have any more. aftershocks to report throughout the day now why there are some areas of fog this morning sunshine and which call it nice this afternoon so mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the upper fifties to the upper sixties. with maybe a few
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neighborhoods inching closer to 70 degrees satellite showing you mostly clear skies just a few high clouds paints of israel right now, and as we are coming closer, we'll check out some of the actually check out the fog pattern from this morning, so we've been talking so much about the fog, but for almost a week now, but it looks like today one of the senior days to report and we're checking out some of the wind speeds. there is a bit of a breeze looking at oakland hills observation gusting to 32 miles an hour so not extremely strong wind, but it's that it's a dry wind component that's actually clearing us out a bit earlier today. current number of san francisco 63. we have livermore 60 san jose in the mid 60 65 degrees, and we're checking out a beautiful camera this afternoon with mostly clear skies, lots of blue skies. our next system those set to move into the region on friday, so that with that when a bump up the shower chances here in the bay area, maybe as early as late thursday night and into friday morning, but for today, let's fall coverage more sunshine this
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afternoon and then we're tracking that shower chance, especially by friday morning and most areas pick. up under 1/10 of an inch. so here's the forecast model. and for the most part we're looking ok today. definitely some more clouds will be tracking for your thursday by the late afternoon into the evening hours, the chance of a sprinkle or light shower at the main front moves in and just kind of falls apart. first thing friday morning for today, though, lots of sixties out there are lots of sunshine for your wednesday afternoon. we're looking pretty good for today and look ahead. your five day forecast will kind of have the same old story in your thursday just more clouds. into friday. there is that to one cloud and not one rain cloud to reflect those shower chances. the weekend if you want to get outside, we're looking at just, uh, just nice. i know i want to say great, but i know we need the rainfall, so hopefully we could turn the weather pattern around a bit, but it looks dry into the weekend. it looks dry as we head towards thanksgiving mark. thank you. city leaders in san jose are holding a celebration. after they voted to protect coyote valley from development. the city council voted unanimously last night to
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rezone 314 acres of land in south san jose from industrial to agricultural use. more than 1200 acres in coyote valley, now protected for recreation, agriculture and tourism, uses developers for years of proposed turning that land into homes where houses or other uses. a recent count of monarch butterflies in central california shows there are more than 50,000 monarchs this year, compared to fewer than 2000 last year. during last year's winter heatwave, scientists say large populations of monarchs delayed their usual migration. now thousands of butterflies and their eggs have been found across central california. one of the best known viewing spots is the monarch, gross sanctuary and pacific growth. last year. there were no monarchs at that site this year. a preliminary count shows more than 13,000, the famous staples center is getting a new name. next. the company behind the $700 million naming deal and when the los angeles arena will officially start going by a new name.
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it may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. get help right away for unexpected bleeding or unusual bruising. don't take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto with video selfies, according to reports. this is part of an effort to remove suspicious fake accounts and accounts that may be run by bots. instagram's parent company. metta says the videos won't be visible on the platform and will be deleted within 30 days. twitter's experimenting with a new design that seemed to better warning users about false or misleading tweets. the new look has orange and red warning labels and identify misinformation or misleading tweets about
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elections and covid. twitter has been criticized for not acting faster and removing misinformation in the 2020 presidential election. facebook's newly named parent company, meta is working on some virtual reality gloves. tech experts say it's one of the company's most ambitious projec. the gloves will serve as a virtual reality controller. they'll produce sensations such as grasping an item or running your hand along the surface. facebook began development seven years ago. no word on when the gloves might be available to the public. miramax is suing director quentin tarantino because he plans to create an auction off a series of n f. t s based on his work on pulp fiction. in the lawsuit, miramax says tarantino's plans violate the copyrights miramax holds on pulp fiction, the film tarantino directed back in 1994. tarantino recently said he plans to sell n fts from pulp fiction, including digital excerpts of his handwritten scripts for the film and audio recordings of behind the scenes secrets happening today, we expect a formal announcement on the renaming of staples center in los angeles.
12:25 pm
beginning christmas day. that arena will go by the name crypto dot com arena. the naming rights deal is reported to exceed $700 million for a 20 year deal. crypto dot com is a singapore based crypto exchange in mobile wallet provider staples center, of course, has long been the home of the los angeles lakers, clippers, sparks and king since 1999. it also hosted countless high profile musicians and shows the oakland city council has approved a deal allowing one group to redevelop the coliseum site last night, the council unanimously voted to move forward with the african american sports and entertainment group. the group now has 12 months to work out a deal to either buy or lease 50% of the city share of the coliseum site. the group says it wants to transform the property into a complex containing housing and sports facilities for black owned nfl team and potentially a w. n b a team. elon musk is hillsborough mansion has finally sold, according to several reports. the 16,000 square foot house sold for $32 million. it has
12:26 pm
seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and sits on 47 acres. musk has sold all of his residential properties since last year. when he tweeted he was selling all of his quote, physical possessions, he says he's now renting a small house in boca chica, texas, where his company spacex is headquartered. governor newsom is promoting new action from the state to help speed up the biden administration's move to increase work at the port of los angeles, where the supply chain backlog is persisting despite a 24 7 effort at the ports, plus. pressure is mounting on the fda to approve boosters for all adults and two new covid fighting pills. i'm jonathan, syrian atlanta, i'll have
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call 833-317-4673, reported by the usgs has a four point oh, it's now been downgraded to a 3.8 popping up this map to show you where it was centered there in san ramon, right along the calla vera's fault, so word so far. no word on any damage. as a result, we definitely felt it here in oakland in our newsroom we've heard from so many of you across the east bay, even in san francisco, saying you felt it too. according to the usgs. there were two smaller aftershocks at 2.6 and three point out was also happened there in san ramon, about 15.
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minutes after that first quake, public health officials in san francisco or applauding parents efforts to get their children back sin ated against covid. public health officer, dr grant colfax says so far 13,000 children ages 5 to 11 have received their first dose of the covid vaccine in san francisco. 87% of all residents over the age of five have had at least one dose of the covid vaccine. dr colfax remind san francisco residents to celebrate the upcoming holiday safely by making sure that all adults have had their covid booster shots and that all eligible eligible children are getting vaccinated. a mother and her young child or in the hospital now after their car crashed into a pillar in front of an oakley restaurant. it happened last night just before seven o'clock at the taco bell in the parking lot of the railey shopping plaza on main street. unidentified 30 year old woman rammed into the stone pillar outside the top of l. a driver was flown to john your medical center in walnut creek heard three year old daughter was flown to ucsf benioff children's hospital, oakland. they both have life threatening
12:31 pm
injuries. a witness who pulled the child out of the wreckage says the driver was driving erratically and speeding right before the crash. no one inside the talk about was hurt that stone pillar outside, stop the car from getting into the restaurant. this point. police are still investigating what led to the crash. with the push for booster shots continues across the country, as several states are reporting a rise in cases and hospitalizations from covid-19 jonathan siri has the latest from atlanta. covid cases are on the rise once again, 28 states now seeing a big spike, the midwest, particularly hard hit cases are up more than 50% in wisconsin and 60% in illinoi. we're also seeing major surges in the southwest and southern california, with deaths and hospitalizations increasing significantly, and officials say those trends are expected to continue as the weather gets colder. despite. the low case rates and positivity rates we are anticipating. nonetheless more stress as we enter into the
12:32 pm
fall, health officials are now making a big push to get folks to roll up their sleeves for booster shots. at least four states in new york city of expanded access to all adults and in some other areas, officials are urging anyone who feels they are at risk to get a booster live in high transmission area. there is ris. if you personally feel that ris. you should be getting a booster shot. now i want to be crystal clear on that the focus on boosters is putting added pressure on the fda to change. it's guidelines right now they're only recommending additional shots for senior citizens and others at high ris. but federal health officials are acknowledging those guidelines are likely to change in the coming weeks. we look back on this. we will see that boost is a likely very critical part of the immunization regimen and not a bonus or a luxury. there's also no word on when the fda will give the green light to new anti covid pills by pfizer and merck in atlanta. jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news. and
12:33 pm
while state health leaders are encouraging everyone, 18 and older to get a covid-19 booster shot that the states my turn online vaccination site hasn't been updated right now. it only allows people who meet certain requirements to book appointments. the california department of public health says the my turn website will be updated by tomorrow. to reflect new recommendations and make it easier to book. alameda county's health care services agency says it's making progress reaching out to people of color to get vaccinated, the agency says 81% of latino and 74% of black residents, 12 years and up have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. 75% of latino and 68% of black residents ily r newsom is at the port of los angeles this noontime with members of the biden administration. they're checking on efforts to address the backlog of cargo ships at that port last month, you'll remember president biden announced a deal to operate the port of los angeles around the clock to try to reduce the backlog, which was
12:34 pm
causing supply chain disruptions across the country. right now, the port is open about 19 hours a day still short of the president's 27. 24 7 push. that's mainly due to a shortage of truck drivers. one of the profound challenges we face continue to face is enough truck drivers. we announced that the dmv will be extending hours of operation on saturdays at 15 sites. disproportionate number here and southern california, montebello, fullerton and other sites and effect allowing us to double from 5000. commercial tests a month. to 9700 commercial tests a month. there are now about 80 container ships waiting offshore to unload the ports of los angeles and long beach. that's down from the more than 100 ships recently waiting to dock. police are using surveillance video in their investigation of a smash and grab robbery that happened at a jewelry store in concord. as
12:35 pm
many as nine robbers used hammers to smash glass jewelry cases before. taking some of the property and flicking ktvu crime reporter henry lee has the details. surveillance video shows a group of young men using hammers to smash display cases cleaning out a jewelry store in concord. my god, it happened at iceberg diamonds inside sun valley mall at about 7 30 monday night, an hour and a half before the store closed. the intruders were all wearing mask and gloves and crowded into the store. the sound of breaking glass, let some of them all to report hearing gunshots, but concord police confirmed no shots were fired. workers try to stop the robbers, but they were forced back by the men with the hammers. the robber stolen, undisclosed amount of jewelry. after the robbery workers clean up the mess. the store is on the upper level of the mall. it offers jewelry rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. concord police released this brief snippet of surveillance video, hoping someone recognizes any of the robbers. you can see one of the men wearing a distinctive black hoodie with yellow gloves.
12:36 pm
another is wearing black and white gloves. police will be comparing notes with law enforcement across the bay area. let's see this case could be connected to others. shoppers we spoke to were concerned. i just couldn't imagine being the person working in there. and what about all the people that were around watching? and how did they get out of here? how did nobody see what kind of car they got in? how do they get away with that? oh, it's scary. yeah just scared you like that happens. yeah like broad daylight cameras everywhere. this robbery is under investigation by the conference polices financial crimes unit. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. in concord, henry lee ktvu fox studios. palo alto woman accused of starting the fawn fire near reading in september has been deemed mentally unfit for trial. 30 year old alexandra supernova has pleaded not guilty to arson charges. two psychologists evaluated her and concluded that she cannot comprehend court proceedings. so now this case is on indefinite hold. if convicted of starting the fire, supernova could get up to nine years in prison. the fawn fire burned
12:37 pm
some 8500 acres and destroyed 185 buildings before it was fully contained just last month. in wisconsin. jurors are back for another day of deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse trial. protesters are also gathering outside that courthouse as the city of kenosha, wisconsin braces for any unrest. reporter alexis mcadams has the latest. jurors in the trial right now it's trial returned for a second day after failing to quickly reach a verdict. the panel of seven women and five men deliberating the 18 year old state for roughly seven hours yesterday. rittenhouse on trial for shooting three men killing two during the unrest in kenosha last summer jurors now deciding whether he instigated his bloodshed or acted in self defense. he was carrying a weapon to defend himself if he needed it. and uh, that was a legal weapon, and now the judge has thrown back up. that particular charge out. the jury was handed the case on tuesday and, in a shocking twist to some people, the judge allowing
12:38 pm
written house to pull juror numbers from a raffle drum from a pool of 18 people who heard that entire case the other six became alternates. typically you have the clerk of courts or some other court official. being the one who determines the alternates through drawing out of a hat or some other process outside of the courthouse protesters gathering during deliberations, some of them for cal rittenhouse and some of them against the team. the city of kenosha has been bracing for unrest. following this verdict. protesters urging people to keep things peaceful. it's kind of like, what are you here for a solution or you just here to make a mess, not need individuals. that are going to bring a spirit of violence and conflict at a time when we're seeking justice and peace right now, 500 national guardsmen on standby just in case. in connection. wisconsin um alexis mcadams fox news. now to georgia, where the man who shot and killed ahmad armory is on the witness stand in his own defense. travis mcmichael
12:39 pm
contends that he shot are very in self defense. he's one of three men charged with murder and our bree's death and was the first witness called as the defense began its case. mcmichael and his father, greg mcmichael, allegedly chased are very with their pickup truck because they thought he burglarized a home early in the testimony, but michael spoke about, he said, was a rising level of crime and then georgia neighborhood where he lived with his parents. it was staying frequent, but yeah, there was more stuff like that. that was around the time that the purse was stolen. i heard that. they won't say i heard a trailer was stolen or boat or something stolen at the point. um. you know, mom's tell me more frequently, you know, she's hearing of more things being being taken stolen and. for suspicious persons lurking around. about our berries. family has said he was out for a job when he was shot and killed. the prosecution wrapped up its
12:40 pm
case yesterday. if convicted, each defendant could face life in prison without the possibility of parole. you could stay up to date on this case as well as the kyle rittenhouse trial by going to our website ktvu .com or downloading our free ktvu news app. the family of a 22 year old oakland woman killed last week is mourning her death and honoring her memory, family and friends of michelle alleman brought candles, flowers and balloons to the area near lake merritt, where she was shot in the head on thursday. she died on saturday. she survived by her five year old daughter. friends worried that she'll be forgotten because there's been so much violence in oakland lately. police have no suspects, but her boyfriend suspects that the three people she was with that night are somehow involved. because they ran from the scene and never contacted her family. an automated license plate reader is being credited with helping police catch an alleged car thief who is in possession of nearly a dozen firearms. but he should. police say they were alerted to a stolen car out of fairfield around 8 40 monday night. officers spotted the car
12:41 pm
at east fifth street and pulled the driver over inside. they say they found 11 firearms as well as burglary tools. the driver was arrested and booked into solano county jail. the car was returned to its owner. san mateo county supervisors have approved funding for gun buyback events. the board approved spending up to $208,000 for five buyback events starting next month, running through 2023. people can give guns to law enforcement. no questions asked, will receive $100 per handgun shotgun, a rifle $200 per assault weapon. the county held three similar events back in 2018 and 19 and collected more than 1200 weapons. i did the crash involving a tesla on autopilot mode in the south bank. it raised questions about the car's safety up next with a federal investigation has ultimately concluded about that crash. theil
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
tesla crash that happened last year in saratoga. the national transportation safety board says it will not take any action. the board says the driver was operating his 2019 model three with tesla's autopilot system engaged but was also pressing the accelerator that caused the car to go into override mode. and speed up from 68 miles an hour to 72 when it hit a miniva. the investigation revealed that the tesla was going 110 when it slammed into that other vehicle. the tesla caught fire, killing the driver and his wife. a bay area police department is
12:45 pm
honoring a former police explorer who was killed in action in afghanistan. ktvu azenith smith tells us about the challenge inspired by 21 year old sean walsh. who was killed 10 years ago. at santa clara police headquarters. half a dozen police officers are working out their routine. 11 wall balls. 16 mountain climbers. and 11 kettlebell swings as many rounds as possible for 21 minutes. workouts are difficult, and they're done that way for a reason. this is part of our hero wide program while being workout of the day the number of erupts and the workout duration means something on november 16th 11 2021 year old us army specialist sean walsh. who had been an explorer for santa clara police was killed in afghanistan. he was serving with the 185th military police battalion. um he was killed in a mortar attack. sergeant greg digger who served in the california army national
12:46 pm
guard the same time as sean remembers him as driven. you can see the trajectory he was setting everything up the military service he was doing very well. so, 10 years, um. it's still hard. i still cried today. sean was cheryl walsh is only child. shawn's goal was to join santa clara police but at the age of 18, he was too young to be an officer. so he enlisted in the military paying the ultimate sacrifice. it's devastating, but then. as a parent of a soldier who put himself in harm's way. i'm very proud. shawn's mother started the canine memorial foundation in honor of her son in 2000 and 12 shawn's dream to be a k nine handler. the nonprofit has helped provide 32 police dogs across the country. santa clara police was its first canine recipients. shawn's mother says had sean lived, he'd be a k nine handler serving one community inspired by his passing. we've been able to provide 32 dogs and help. two dozen communities. now
12:47 pm
they're paying shawn's dream forward. one k nine at a time, sean indirectly kind of watching over us and helping us and still protecting people and serving. to this day in santa clara. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. new at noon, santa clara valley medical center happily welcomed back its longest hospitalized covid-19 patient, 31 year old noah davis of san jose, returned this morning to begin outpatient treatment at the hospital. it was his first time back there since he was discharged after a nine month stay. this morning, a team of caregivers and support staff who treated him while he was hospitalized surprised him when he arrived. i feel like this is my family. no staying here as long as i did, and you know, going from almost dying, too. getting back to normal. through rehab services here. you know, it's you get close to a lot of these people, so i mean, i feel like i'm coming back saying hi to people i've known my whole life. since leaving the hospita,
12:48 pm
noah has been recovering at hom. he says the road ahead for him is long. but he is quote optimistic that the future will be bright. excellent to see. all right, let's get you outside this new time. let's of sunshine out there something we haven't seen too much of the past couple days here, mark. that's right. gaussian was good to be outside. that's a stubborn fog kind of lifting already across a good portion of the bay area, so as result it feels warmer, and in fact, it is a nice afternoon across most of the area. as you know, we talk about each and every day we need the rainfall we had, of course, the quick burst of excessive rainfall in october, but we are settling into a bit of a dry stretch. the last rainfall we had around here was as a backup at in november. 9th sort of eight to dry days. as you can see, we're probably attack on another one for tomorrow and then into friday, things that could be changing a little bit as a weak system kind of falls apart over the over the over northern california in the bay area, so check it out. the rainfall projections were not expecting much here but possibly upwards of 1/10 of an inch up in
12:49 pm
the north bay. a few 100 possible down in the south bay down towards san jose, so he can't see as far as a real significant rate producer. really not showing up in our forecast. here's the satellite where you can't see just a few high clouds moving across the region. that's just about it. so for this afternoon partly to mostly sunny. we had some areas of dense fog this morning, not nearly as widespread as yesterday morning but already clearing things out out toward the central values. so more sunshine for today, a bit of a breeze, especially the hills. look at the oakland hillside, you can see a current wind gusts of up to 32. miles an hour. so that is the dryer wind direction that typically tries to a clear out some of the fog current numbers right now san francisco 63 fremont in the upper sixties san jose 65 degrees and looking out toward the oakland oakland alameda estuary here. lots of blue sky up above tomorrow. we will definitely change change things up a bit as some cloud cover moves in from the pacific in advance of our next system. and that will be on friday. so
12:50 pm
for today, let's fog coverage that dry wind and place mostly sunny skies. this front kind of falls apart over the bay area on friday. that is our shower chance, and that's just about it because the weekend we are expecting dry conditions and looking long range. it looks dry in the next week as we approach thanksgiving. here's the forecast for today. look at okay. and then for your as we put this into motion for your thursday, definitely some more clouds. there is a slight chance of a sprinkle by late thursday afternoon into thursday night, but the main action moves in friday morning as a kind of spreads across the bay area, possibly lingering into the early portion of the afternoon on friday temperatures for today mostly in the sixties, mostly sunny skies for the this afternoon. so it's pretty quiet weather pattern as you can see over the next few days for thursday, just more cloud cover friday. there's that rank loud showing up and then into the weekend. if you're making outdoor plans, it looks like the weather should be on your side. if you want to get outside and want the dry conditions were looking pretty good for saturda, sunday and into next week, mark.
12:51 pm
thank you. the city of oakland is a new way to help keep hundreds of people in their homes by paying part of their rent. the program is called shallow subsidies. it will give 200 families an average of $750 a month for up to 18 months meant to reduce their rent by 50. the goal is to keep low income people in their homes and to reduce homelessness. every night. thousands of oakland ear's our elders. our children are sleeping on the streets or are one economic emergency away from losing the housing they have. i don't know what i would have done. you know, i can't pay the rent by myself. i'm only received income up. only social security. the $3.4 million program is paid for by donations from several nonprofits, as well as the family of marc benioff, ceo of salesforce, san francisco supervisors introduced a measure to build more affordable housing and provide building assistance to homeowners. last night, supervisor gordon mar introduced the resolution, saying the city
12:52 pm
has over built luxury housing but has not built enough workforce housing. the proposed ordinance would provide a density bonus for builders or developers, allowing up to four units to be built in residential housing zones. new research shines a light on just how damaging it can be to be bombarded with cell phone notifications all day long. next with the data show about how distracting notifications are our annual one warm coat drive is now under way. if you have a gently worn coat or jacket you'd like to donate to bay area families. just take it to any participating ups store or big o tires. we also have collection barrels in oakland's jacqueline and square. santana row in san jose and westfield san francisco center. the drive runs until sunday. december 5th visit ktvu .com slash one warm coat for more information.
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[ sfx: ding ding ding ] [ phone buzzing ] [ sfx: bing bing bing ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state, with real california dairy. christie um, a gucci holiday ice
12:56 pm
rink at city centre bishop ranc. the opening celebration will feature an appearance by olympic skating legend cristiano gucci, along with performances and activities for families. it starts at 5 30 in the evening. in 2000 and 41, manager of the year and this man, he let it steam to franchise record. 107 wins. uh the winner is gabe kapler. good to see former giants manager bruce bochy announcing a new honor for gabe kapler, who, of course, led the giants to the best record in baseball. with those 107 wins, many experts predicted the giants would finish outside the playoff race. but the second year manager help to get the best out of the second oldest roster in baseball. it certainly feels good to be recognized for good work. and um, i thought was really interesting, boetsch mentioning how important his veteran players work to him and not 1990 sixties and. i can certainly say the same from brandon crawford to buster posey to brandon belt to evan longoria
12:57 pm
to kevin gausman, and the list goes on and on. last week, the giants extended capitalist contract with the team through 2024. the golden state warriors play tomorrow night in cleveland against the cavaliers last nigh, they defeated kevin durant and the brooklyn nets 117 to 99. the warriors used a big third quarter to build a commanding lead. stephan curry led the way with 37 points in just 29 minutes. the warriors have the best record in basketball and the nba will play two preseason games in the united arab emirates. the games are scheduled to be held in october next year. the exact dates have not been announced. in recent years, the nba has been working to expand its global reach with games in china, mexico and indi. it was a good night for the santas, a shark's on minnesota ice. saturday scored first with logan couture back handing a pass to mario ferraro. the veteran players have not been producing up to expectations, stepped up and scored three more times, allowing just one goal. santa's a 14 to 1. this was the shark second victory in their last six games that are
12:58 pm
struggling with several players affected by covid recently. tomorrow the sharks will play the blues in st louis, r u. c. irvine, study suggests those notifications but yet on our smartphones, maybe stressing us out. researchers examined the effects of notifications for texts, emails and activity on social media and the study foun. on average people check their phones and then frequently go to other apps and features switching screens more than 550 times a day. researchers estimated can take more than 25 minutes for a person to return to their original task after being distracted by a notification or email companies are urged to encourage workers to turn off notifications at certain times of the day. to help reduce stress and improve their mood. all right, harry potter fans are in for a special treat this holiday season. mysterious thing time. when in doubt, i find retracing my steps to be a wide place too big. stars daniel radcliffe, rupert grint and emma watson are reuniting for a harry potter special, the hbo max show. we'll
12:59 pm
talk to the stars of the film series about the milestone anniversary of the franchise's first film, harry potter and the sorcerer's stone. it will feature other cast members and look into the movie magic that went into making all eight films it premieres new year's day on hbo, max. a new study shows uncertainties this holiday season will greatly affect our spending over the next month, according to the nationwide survey by the business consulting firm deloitte. 11.5% of americans aren't planning to buy any gifts or services during the holidays. that's more than double from last year and four times more than in 2019. some factors include lack of income supply chain and inflation concerns. but the projections aren't all a lump of coal in stockings. online shopping remains strong and consumers are returning to brick and mortar stores for that. traditional holiday experience shopping experience that many missed last year. heard my first christmas song on the radio yesterday, waiting to pick up my little voice from middle school. so we put up our christmas lights already. is it too soon? olly racz is getting in the spirit. no i love it. i love it. look,
1:00 pm
whatever makes us happy, right? we need that this year. thanks for joining us. have a great afternoon. meet us back here for next newscast on the fourth. i'g one-on-one c.d.c. directorh. i'g rochelle walensky and breaking down everything you need to know about kids and the covid vaccine. then -- >> here's barbara. dr. oz: "shark tank's" bash bash is -- to save you money on your home. the top five money traps to avoid whether you own or rent. plus -- >> we are pumping up your pumpkin pie. dr. oz: the dish on "oz" is bringing you new twists on classic thanksgiving desserts. ♪ dr. oz: around a million kids aged 5-11 have gotten the covid vaccine so far. some parents are clamoring for appointments. while others still have questions. so today we're bringing you answers going straight to the top to the person


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