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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 17, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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opposition in the east bay as the hayward school board debates whether or not to close four schools. going back to school was kind of a sense of being normal again and go in and senior friends and i'll tell him hey, i'm sorry, but your schools closing. it's you know, it's been hard on the kids too difficult decision on the table for the board there in hayward. it's hundreds of families and teachers rallied to save those schools. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. the district says the closures are necessary because of declining enrollment. live coverage now from ktvu. is azenith smith that bowman elementary, one of four schools that could close as in it. well julia small group m braved the t holding a watch party outside bowman elementary school tonight school board meeting is virtual
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and they wanted to be together knowing what's at stake. ahead of tuesday night's special school board meeting of rallying cry at the hayward unified school district office. save our schools. there have been so many people who do not know that bowman is under threat of closure. three elementary schools set to close bowman and strobridge next year glass broke in 2023. along with the koa middle school. the district originally proposed to close eight schools, but after community pushback reduced it to four. hayward unified, like many school districts in the bay area, is facing significant challenges. we cannot responsibly asked our community for $900 million to improve our facilities. when we do not have the number of students to require it among the issues costly repairs to 60 year old schools when enrollment is declining 20% in the last 20 years, gentrification and rising housing prices the district say, are to blame for the parents exodus from the district. our
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current demographer, is continuing to project declines in enrollment. and this is reiterated by the state's own projections over the next 10 years. focusing on l a and the bear area being hardest hit. the district says it began exploring school closures in 2019, but many say they were caught off guard all of the students and all of the teachers and all of the community just feels really lost to have bowman be shut, without any input from the community that would have to be figuring out you know. how are we going to get them to school? this parent has a 1st and 4th grader at bowman elementary. she worries about transportation and traffic. they love their community school. her children helped signs that bowman and now my brother in europe woman and i like a woman. and what would it mean? if they closed it won't be upset. buhman elementary, a small group watched the virtual board meeting together, among them a special education teacher
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who says her students feel like they belong at their school. all their little quirks and. artist accepted. they're just part of the school, and if i go to another school, it will be like starting from scratch. many school family is and as you can see many teachers closely monitoring tonight's vote. a decision is expected tonight. either close schools make revisions or take no action and within the last 15 minutes, deliberations began among the school board members. we will keep you posted. so many districts everywhere dealing with the same issue as a thank you. lecturers with the university of california are celebrating a win tonight at the bargaining table. thousands of teaching assistants were prepared to strike today and tomorrow at all nine. you see undergraduate campuses, but they called it off after reaching an agreement with the u. c system. the groups had been negotiating for 2.5 years. the union representing the workers says the agreement includes
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improvements in areas including job stability, workload and compensation. the tentative agreement must still be voted on by union members. if approved, it will last through march 2026 to 10 homeless people in sausalito or leaving a city approved can't because they say it's contaminated with raw sewage. people living at the city's marine ship parked camps say they started noticing. terrible smell and fluid bubbling up from the ground after last month's big storm, residents claim they had the water tested at the lab and say the results showed high levels of fecal matter. there are room. i'm sure available somewhere that the city can find for us to get off this contaminated soils. they just don't want to spend the money on it. according to the marin i j. the city took its own samples of the soil at the marina park camp last week and are still waiting on the result. san francisco supervisors are considering a proposal to create a safe place for drug users. mayor london breed is proposing spending $6.3 million to buy
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this building at gary and hide streets. supporters say the site will help the city address a record surge in overdose deaths. health officials say 500 people have overdosed from january through september, but some people feel the site won't address the root problems of drug dealing and addiction. you will have lines. down the block trying to get in here because this is a safe spot, and they may or may not wait because they're addicted and they need that fix. supporters of the idea say the city has tried cracking down on drug sales, and it's time to try new approaches. also in san francisco, the district attorney's office says investigators have arrested a thief who is accused of stealing from a target store more than 120 times in just the past year, ktvu jana katsuyama spoke to the d a about the arrest. and also the bigger criminal ring connected to the case. jenna. mike district attorney chase of boudin says target reached out to his office and his investigators worked with san francisco police to stake out the store. yesterday they were
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able to rest the woman, and he says that she is linked to a larger fencing operation of stolen goods. the district attorney's office in san francisco. police say the thief was targeting the target store at stones town shopping center, and tuesday they caught her. the district attorney says aziza graves was arrested and now faces 128 criminal charges, including eight counts of felony grand theft and 120 counts of misdemeanor petty theft. we believe that the. product she was stealing within being sold and resold throughout the city and the broader bay area district attorney chase a. boudin says his investigators worked with the target loss prevention team, he says in nearly all of the incidents, graves used the self checkout machines scanning items and then putting in just $1, or sometimes even just one cent. investigators say graves then left the checkout with the stolen goods without completing the transaction. most instances she appeared to be operating alone. in this case. we saw a lot of detergent, and that is
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something that is commonly stolen. it's high value. and it can be resold and transported easily, and that is one of the products that she would steal on a regular basis. boudin says graves had stolen more than $40,000 worth of items since october. 2020 the scale of the operation makes it very clear that she's selling her products to offenses and we do have information. and are working on as i said, detecting and disrupting the entire fencing operation, police chief bill scott said in a statement. quote the suspect in this case has been a particularly brazen and prolific retail theft offender. we hope this case like many others on which we partner with our local prosecutors, sends a strong message to would be shoplifters that their lawless conduct. won't be tolerated in san francisco. retail theft has been a growing problem with high profile thefts caught on surveillance and cellphone cameras. the district attorney says his team is working with police to detect and dismantle so called fencing operations that resell stolen goods at flea markets online or ship them
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overseas. we are looking at places as far away as ukraine, vietnam, china. russia and more because we know that demand and many of those places around the world is driving property crime here in san francisco. that suspect aziza graves is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. the district attorney says his office and police are working on at least half dozen more cases tied to fencing operations and they do expect announced more arrests soon. sfpd definitely working to get to the core of this problem here and take down those fencing operations. right, janet. thank you for that. a man who authorities say may have been killed by his cell mate at santa rita jail in dublin has been identified by his mother, christy. miles told ktvu that the man who was found unresponsive in his cell. and later died on monday was her so, 27 year old devon, darrell west. the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating the death as a homicide and another inmate at the jail was also found dead in his cell on monda, authorities say it appears the
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inmate died of natural causes the man's name. has yet to be released. california is defending its ban on private prisons today, state attorney general rob bonta filed a petition to repeal a federal appeals court decision. the court's ruling blocked a law that would have ended the state's use of private for profit prisons. back in 2019 governor newsom signed a law that would phase out private prisons by 2028. the appeals court claimed the law interfered with the federal government's ability to handle immigration policy. the attorney general disagrees. the law and practices that put profits over people. the law recognizes the federal government's own documented concerns about private prisons, including unsafe conditions, a lack of transparency. and accountability that prioritization of profits over rehabilitation and the well being of those in detention. us immigration and customs enforcement has five detention
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centers in the state that are run by private companies. the future of the oakland coliseum complex is starting to look a little bit brighter. as ktvu rob roth reports. the african american sports and entertainment group wants to bring back football and basketball all while adding affordable housing, hotel and shopping. with the raiders and warriors gone from the oakland coliseum in the a's likely leaving here soon to the question is what will take their places. the oakland city council tuesday selected the african american sports entertainment group to figure that out to negotiate deals to redevelop this city's part of the coliseum complex as a person that grew up in east oakland and grew up right near the coliseum. ah it's a it's a pretty overwhelming feeling, because it's there's it's opportunity to actually take part in revitalizing the community. the group features former oakland city manager robert bob as well as developer, business executives in a sports agent. all with oakland roots, the city and the oakland a's
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each own half the property. the ayes have said they need money from developing the coliseum to help fund their proposed waterfront ballpark. if the aids decided to even stay in oakland, the a's have been really singularly focused on howard. terminal. and i don't think that they really focused on the coliseum. but it appears other sports teams may be interested. the group says it has had high level talks with the women's national basketball association about bringing a team to the arena. but we are in discussions with the w n b a, which are going very well. where and they are have been open to bringing a tomb team to oakland, and the group has been speaking with the nfl about a new team goal was to have the first african american majority owned nfl football tea. the project could create thousands of jobs. we want there to be affordable. quality affordable housing. um we want there to be education we want there to be, you know, business districts would like there to be
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hotels. the city council selected the group over another team led by former a's pitcher dave stewart. they have that experience and the financial capacity. yeah and i believe strongly believe that professional sports would be receptive. what, ultimately to do it? this site has been a lingering question for decades. now perhaps the answer is on the horizon at the oakland coliseum. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. parents push back against the school districts. vaccine mandate at 10 30 how they took over in east bay school board meeting tonight. and we are tracking re formation of some fog tonight, plus that opportunity for some showers or sprinkles on thursday, and we look at the weekend as well. first, though, we go one on one with the police chief of oakland how he's addressing yet another spike in crime around the city. and why, he says it's not just homicides. officers are dealing with out on the streets over 2000 people a day are calling 911 and the question is, is as a
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city do we have enough resources to be able to meet the call in demand o theft in the north bay.e
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marin county sheriff's office posted this surveillance video. it shows two people stealing the car part from a prius in lucas valley. it happened on november
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9th. authorities say it took them just two minutes to arrive. steal that catalytic converter and then leave. if you recognize them or their vehicle, you're asked to call the marin county sheriff's office. oakland police chief laurent armstrong spoke out today about the city's recent surge in violent crime and a staffing shortage that isn't helping ktvu is amber lee joins us live tonight from oakland and amber. the chief told you he needs the community's help here to keep the public safe. mike. the chief says the staffing shortage will get worse next year, but some oakland residents questioned whether public safety will improve with more police officers. oakland as say the recent surge in violence brings caution and situational awareness at night. i take my dog around and i choose a particularly like a lighted are. i always stay alert. no matter what city you go, you're going to have to deal with some stuff. police released audio of gunfire
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recorded on shot spotter from tuesday in east oakland. common occurrence shootings were over 100 rounds are being fired that is impacting our community and causing fear. fortunately no one was injured from the gunfire captured by the shot spotter system. oakland has already surpassed last year's total number of homicides with 120. so far there were 102 for all of last year were not able to do everything we could. in order to impact safety. police chief laurent armstrong says there are 681 sworn officers on the forest. he tells me the rate of solved cases has dropped to 35. down from 50% he's added six investigators to homicide taken from units such as theft investigation. i really think it's so difficult to solve cases when it's just law enforcement. it really does mean that if people see things they should share those things. armstrong says the sturgeon violence is in part due to people from outside oakland as far as sacramento and
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stockton coming to oakland and committing crimes that's unacceptable. chief armstrong paints a bleak picture for staffing, he says, despite a current police academy and another at the start of the new year, the total number of frozen positions will go from 55 to 92 by next july. we can all look for a different response to violent crime. but we have to live in the moment. there was mixed reaction from auckland about police staffing. yeah, we do need more policing. i think the hiring process too has something to do with it more is not necessarily better. or less is necessary better. i think the function and approach and how integrated they are in the community. is more important. police say there these are some of the 1039 firearms. they taken off the streets so far this yea, chief armstrong says officers are responding to calls including those reporting non violent crimes, but with over
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2000 calls to 911 daily. he says there will be delays. mike and his 83 calls an hour. i mean, more officers are not on the streets that is still a very large number, right, amberleigh live tonight there in oakland. amber thank you. now to palo alto. we go where police are searching for five people accused of robbing a man at knifepoint. officers say man flagged them down early thursday morning in the area of fabian way in east meadow drive, saying he had been robbed. the victim says he was laying down in his rv when five strangers knocked on the door. and one forced themselves inside. that man held the victim down at knifepoint and took his cash, his clothes, phone and a generator. police say all five had folding knives and were wearing masks. the victim was not hurt. if you have any information about the case, you're asked to call palo alto police a new lawsuit in the deadly shooting of a movie set alleges that alex baldwin had no reason to fire his gun script supervisor. maybe mitchell filed the lawsuit today says she was standing next to cinematographer
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halina hutchins on the rust film set and was stunned when baldwin fired the gun that killed hutchins. i'll never forget what happened on the set of roast that day. i relive the shooting and the sound of the explosion from the gun over and over agai. i'm depressed and out, feels safe. i feel like at any moment anything could happen to me. into those that i care about that are standing close to me. representatives for baldwin have not yet commented on the suit. this is the second lawsuit against alec baldwin in connection with that deadly shooting. okay checking in on the weather. we've got a little fog. it'll try to form again tonight. we had some this morning, especially in the north bay and the inland valleys. this picture i have up now is from this morning. this was around 10 16, but you see the fog in the valley and there's a little bit out towards the napa valley as well. set up tonight is similar to last night. i think two points are actually a little bit lower. but still i think
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temperatures are going to reach the dew point. we're going to get some very dense areas of coast are not close to that radiation or truly fogged. throughout on the coast. no fog there. winds are going to continue to be offshore tomorrow despite at the surface despite clouds coming in overhead. tomorrow's gonna be one of those days where we see clouds increasing all day. in that event, which is it's kind of a non event, but it's an event. it's going to rain probably early early friday morning like 345 a m something like that. so thursday, this all about getting priming the pump with the clouds. but it's not going to be that it will be in the low sixties temperature wise. partly cloudy. partly sunny and you can see the dew point right here. so send roses three degrees off its two point number. um. napa's two degrees off, so yeah, two and three degrees off, adopted probably hit, but it's not going to be as widespread as we as we have been seeing. so the model i'm just gonna pull it through real quick. here we are. that's tomorrow's show the clouds. and then here we are into tomorrow
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night late and then somewhere around two a.m. that thing tees up 2/10 of an inch of for lucky, maybe more. but right now, it's looking like about 2/10 of an inch to less. i'll see you back here a little bit with the rest of the forecast. all right, bil. thank you. three campgrounds and u 17 national park are closing for repairs and renovations over the next few years. there will be no camping available at tuolumne meadows, brian ovale creek and crane flat during the work while in the meadows will be shuttered for the next 2 to 3 years while roadways and restrooms are upgraded. and an updated water and sewer system is installed. bridal veil creek and crane flat will be closed until the year 2023 while equipment, roads and campsites are all upgraded. coming up in about face from apple, how users could soon repair their own devices, plus more testimony in the trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes, the witness who says the failed blood testing company made her believe she had hiv and the mayor of berkeley holds a state of the city event at 10 45 how he addressed berkeley's goals for housing the pandemic and helping small businesses. going to starto
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it yourself repair kits. these kits will give customers access to apple's genuine parts and tools as well as instructions on how to make repairs right at home. apple plans to start with the iphone, 12 and 13, followed by. max with m one. jeb's self service repair will start next year. the shift reflects a strengthening right to repair movement embraced by president biden and affecting everything from smartphones. detractors. it's a reaction to an industry trend toward making products difficult to repair the trial if theranos founder elizabeth holmes continued in a san jose courtroom today, as ktvu is, evan sernoffsky tells us jurors heard from additional witnesses, including one woman who says there are those tests made her believe she had hiv. erin tompkins testified wednesday that she got a blood test from theranos in 2015 at a walgreens in arizona. it came back showing
10:25 pm
she had hiv antibodies, but three subsequent blood tests from other companies showed that theranos test was wrong. her testimony was just one more example of the startling problems inside theranos the sensational trial against the company's founder, elizabeth holmes, has drawn a mixed bag of observers from day one. gary tidwell flew into the bay area from new york city. he's a senior adviser at yasko, a global organization of securities regulators. smart person. learns from his or her mistakes, but a wise person watches others and learns from their mistakes. he's been closely watching the testimony of san francisco based hedge fund manager brian grossman. who invested $96 million in therano. grossman testified that holmes made numerous false claims about keratosis technology. he spent wednesday under cross examination from defense attorney lance wade, who pointed
10:26 pm
to email after email highlighting risks he was aware of. despite homes alleged claims for tidwell. the lessons of theranos are global in scale. the market is premised upon a level playing field and the end of the market operates best when truth is out there. we've already heard from other deep pocketed investors. legal observers say they may not be sympathetic to jurors. it's my opinion that jurors will think. shut it on your due diligence. that's your fault, in part that you lost that kind of money, but it's ted will points out companies like grossman's hold pension funds and manipulation doesn't just come at a cost to millionaires and billionaires. securities regulation is all about investor protection and market integrity. the trial continues thursday when journalist roger parle off is expected to testify. he wrote a glowing profile if theranos for fortune magazine, but he later had to correct it. at the federal courthouse in san jose
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evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. still to come. vaccine mandate pushback in the east bay, the school district, home to a group of parents who do not want their children to get the shot and a possible hit the president biden biden's vaccine mandate by one government agency it is holding off on enforcing the mandate for large businesse. also ahead. steve bannon enters a plea in his contempt case the jail time he could face if he's convicted, plus the 49ers hope to build off their monday night performance and avoid a letdown against the jaguars. that story a little later in sports. wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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moderna boosters are proof of those 65 enough for those with an underlying health condition or considered high risk. now if the cdc gives approval, we could see booster shots for everyone nationwide as soon as this weekend now this week. white house chief medical advisor, dr anthony fauci said three shot vaccines could become the standard to being considered fully vaccinated. santa clara valley medical center today happily welcome back its longest hospitalized covid-19 patient. as ktvu is. jesse gary tells us that patients spent nine months in the hospital and today returned to the cheers from medical staff that saved his life. wednesday wheelchair bound noah davis receiving a hero's welcome at the place that saved his life. and this is my second home. you know, i feel like this is my family. i feel like i climbed back. same height of people. i've known my whole lif. the 31 year old almost didn't live long enough to see this da.
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nine months ago, davis came down with covid 19, and only recently left this hospital and my whole family was, you know, masks and washing hands every time i came home. lifestyle spreading our mail. despite those precautions, the former third party apple tech worker got sick, which worsened his blood oxygen level dropped by one third. he was in severe respiratory distress. and patients like that, as they progress, particularly if they require intensive care unit. treatment have a very high risk of mortality. with davis hovering at death's door, doctors at valley medical center put him in a low grade coma approximately two months later, and the treatment worked. but the cost was high. he lost the ability to walk uses left hand even breathing on his own was a burden, man. i can't believe i take breathing for granted. back then and walking for granted an. sure can't wait to get back to that. noah davis suffers from researchers call long haul covid
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and half of covid patients. it produces symptoms such as fever, fatigue and pain. in 20% of covid patients. there's decreased mobility, davis is now strong enough to do outpatient physical therapy for the first time. and this is a young man who. has really challenges doing even some of the most fundamental things in life. we're all hopeful they will continue to make improvements. it's a long road to recovery for this willow glen resident that now means using a motorized wheelchair. as the effects of covid linger for the holidays and beyond. i never want to go through this again. i wouldn't wish it on anybody. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. americans are dying of drug overdoses at a record breaking rate data from the centers for disease control and prevention shows an estimated 100,000 americans died of drug overdoses. in a 12 month stretch ending in april that is up nearly 30% from the prior year.
10:33 pm
an increase was seen in all but four states, delaware, new jersey, new hampshire and south dakota. health officials say they attribute the spike to the growing prevalence of fentanyl in the illegal drug supply as well as the pandemic, which left many drug users isolated. and then i able to get help. new attend tonight. the mayor of berkeley, jesse evergreen, held a virtual state of the city event tonight. the roundtable discussion focused on a broad range of issues, including the city's response to the pandemic efforts to reimagine public safety and, of course, the city's affordable housing crisis. the mayor is pushing a plan to build 9000 more housing units in the next decade. we get more tonight from ktvu is alex savage, who served as one of the moderators for tonight's conversation. to find a way to make tonight's state of the city conversation began by looking at berkeley's long term plan to build more housing, whether continued focus on affordability and equity and helping people off the streets. i want to not only meet the 9000 unit target
10:34 pm
but exceed that target. mayor jessie diggins said his plan will focus on using city land to build affordable housing complexes. building multistory developments at both the north berkeley and ashby, bart statio, parking lots and reducing regulations to streamline approvals. one of the biggest challenges we face in building housing quick enough is that amount of time it takes to build housing through our entitlement process, and earlier this year, berkeley ended its single family zoning policy, clearing the way for more multi unit buildings across the city. the mayor does expect pushback, though, from some neighbors as the city grows denser, we are going to have to, you know, open our minds and open our hearts to the idea that we need to welcome new people in our neighborhoods. mayor erdogan also touted the city's response to the pandemic with 88% of berkeley's total population now fully vaccinated. and school vaccine clinics delivering doses to younger students. we are
10:35 pm
going to continue to work in partnership the school district to get as many students vaccinated, the mayor acknowledged the toll the pandemic has taken on berkeley's economy, with unemployment up revenue down and struggling small businesses. look at how we can. no work with businesses who have read debt work with their landlords to help them pay off their rental debts so that they can keep keep their businesses open. the conversation also turned to berkeley's continued efforts at police reform. the mayor said. crisis response teams are responding to mental health calls, allowing officers to focus on serious and violent crimes. we needed to find a way to control. the size and amount of our police department budget while also providing effective public safety services to our residents. does the berkeley police department have enough officers right now? and if not, what steps are being taken to address that? we are seeing a shortage and that's due to retirements. um mostly, i'm alex
10:36 pm
savage, ktvu, fox two news governor. newsom was at the port of los angeles today, with members of dividing administration checking on efforts to address the backlog of cargo ships at the ports. last month, president biden announced a deal to operate the port of los angeles around the clock to try to reduce the supply chain bottleneck right now, the port is open about 19 hours a day still short of the president's push for that 24 hour operation, and that's mainly due. to a shortage of truck drivers and caltrans also doing its part to help out with the supply chain bottlenecks. the agency is temporarily increasing truck weight limits for international commerce on state highways. that means drugs will be able to haul more than £80,000 that is currently allowed. caltrans says this will help more goods get from ports to distribution centers. the increased truck weight permits will will apply. permits will apply. to the entire state highway system, including interstate routes between ports and distribution centers in california. coming up on the 11
10:37 pm
o'clock news disturbing allegations in the east bay. the couple arrested for allegedly sex trafficking, kidnapping and sexually assaulting a minor. and we've got some showers in the forecast, not a big deal, but it's going to impact some folks as we head into the next few days. i'll have that forecast coming up first, though, after the break the bay area politicians who are considering iran at congresswoman jackie speier seat which is up for grabs next year. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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that she has announced she will not run for re election. san mateo county assemblyman kevin mullin says he is seriously considering the campaign. he called spear his mentor. he served as her senate district director and assembly district aid. and cemetery county supervisor david canada tweeted
10:40 pm
the icon congresswoman jackie speier is hanging up the cleats and she needs a replacement on the field. the jury and the kyle rittenhouse murder trial has wrapped up its second day of deliberations. jurors met for about 7.5 hours and requested to review two videos. the request prompted a discussion about how many times the jury would be allowed to watch. britain houses attorney argued the videos should be played once, but prosecutors said they should be able to view them as many times as they want. i believe the jury should be able to watch them as they see fit. i do not see how videotapes of an incident could be overemphasized or looked at too much. it's clearly an open court. i think we all agree on that. it can be played once not rewound. and started and stopped. another video, which the prosecution argues shows rittenhouse pointing a gun at protesters is now the subject of a defense motion for a mistrial. the defense says prosecutors gave them a lower resolution
10:41 pm
version of that video. if convicted, rittenhouse faces life in prison. the house of representatives has voted to censure arizona republican congressman paul gosar now this comes after he posted an animated video last week. that showed him striking new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez with the sword. democrats say the video is a threat to another member's life. the congressman says it was a quote symbolic portrayal of the fight over immigration. he has now lost his seat onto committees today, president trump's former chief strategist steve bannon, pleaded not guilty to contempt charges. bannon was indicted after he failed to show up on capitol hill to testify about the january 6th riots. he was released without bond, but his barred from leaving the country if convicted, he could spend two years in jail. still to come tonight, breaking news out of the east bay. what we're learning about a deadly accident on interstate 6 80 involving a pedestrian details right after the break and cloudy skies on the way, chief meteorologist bill martin is back with your complete forecast after the break.
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the death of a pedestrian on interstate 6 80 near auto mall parkway. 911 callers reported seeing a person walking in the north bong lanes even crossing from one side of the freeway to the other. this was just about 8 40 tonight. so a couple hours ago. responding officers found
10:45 pm
the collision. just a short time later, the alameda county coroner was called to the scene. several lanes were closed due to this incident. but just a short time ago, chp confirmed that all lanes are now back open. vaccine mandates in schools continue to upset people, even as tens of thousands of california kids are getting the shot every day. ktvu deborah villalon live tonight in richmond, where the school board is being urged to ease off its deadlines. deborah. julie west contra costa unified past its vaccine mandate. october 1st for vendors, volunteers, staff and students, and it's still getting some blowback. we do not want our children to be experimented on like labyrinth, parents in person and on zoom dominated the 1st 90 minutes of west contra costa school board meeting. public comment vehemently against requiring covid vaccination to attend school science takes time the emerging understanding is that natural immunity is better, perhaps seen immunity. that
10:46 pm
ted as a one size fits all solution. it doesn't across california community and campus sites are vaccinating young people. 5 to 16 under emergency use authorization. by summer. full approval is expected at a statewide school mandate will kick in. but west contra costa schools with a head of the state with earlier stricter deadlines, and that riles some parents. it's not too much to asking my opinion to have a test out option for people who don't want to get their kids vaccinated until it has full fda approval. west contra costa is a large district. 56 schools across richmond panel torito and hercules unvaccinated students must shift to independent study. critics call that discrimination is happening in real time at el sereno high school to my son, my son's teacher asked him in front of the class. if he wasn't actually and why. we can do
10:47 pm
better than this, and we should. the superintendent defended the mandate when it was adopted, but declines to talk now about implementation or possible adjustments. understand people's frustration, both students and parents. like this district may have just not, um, minutes transparent with parents specifically the student rep on the board high school senior supports vaccination and has noticed among reluctant friends mandates work. okay well, i want to eat in restaurants. i want to go to school. i want to feel safe. why not? all my friends are vaccinated. i'll do it and they don't regret it in the end. 15,000 students are affected by the district mandate. and west contra costa isn't alone. oakland hayward and piedmont among those that also adopted mandates ahead of the state julie. deborah villalon reporting live tonight in richmond, deborah. thank you. osha is suspending enforcement of the covid vaccine mandate for large businesses while the issue is tied up in court. the
10:48 pm
employer vaccine mandate calls for businesses with more than 100 workers to require employees to be vaccinated by january 4th or be tested weekly. more than two dozen states and several businesses are challenging the biden administration's authority to implement and enforce the mandate. but the white house has insisted the mandate is legal. okay next system in here on friday for all intensive purposes late thursday into friday morning, tomorrow is going to be a day of increasing clouds. it's gonna be an okay day. there'll be a little valley fog in the morning. partly cloudy, partly sunny as this system approaches the thursday not a bad day evening. chance of showers friday. still not a bad day, because it's just thing comes through. it's kind of a nine events in the 10th of an inch 2/10 of an inch is how it looks even in the north bay. so friday by friday afternoon, i think it's just kind of. kind of it'll be mild and will be partly
10:49 pm
sunny, but i think for the most part, it will turn out to be a pretty good day, both thursday tomorrow and friday with the main event of showers occurring in the overnight hours into the early morning friday, so presents of average there they are right. that's it's so fun to look at. i mean, but if you're pinning attention, santa rosa was over 500. last week, and so you see how quickly those numbers go away. if you're not getting rain in there, especially this time of year when the numbers are so smaller, tend to be so small. so outside no coastal fog, beautiful shot of san francisco prettiest city in the world. and last couple nights has really been showing off just beautiful sunsets again with no coastal fog, my friends on the avenues and the sunset district, seeing the sunset in the inland valleys. fog was around. it came back this morning, especially in the davis area and up towards sacramento. checking the dew point and the temperature. you're pretty savvy to this now, right? so when i threw up the temperature on the left dew point on the right and when that temperature drops to the dew point dew point temperature doesn't move. it's not a moving target. so it's
10:50 pm
pretty stable. that's 44 degrees in santa rosa. that's what the dew point is so the temperature only has to drop two degrees for an opportunity for fog to form. so you know that are most likely happened. so as we look at tomorrow, you'll see the clouds increase. and then you get into. friday and saturday so quickly that went through so saturday looks like a pretty nice day as well. so it's a really just a real quick mover. very light showers. the main energy from this system is still continuing to the pacific northwest. we're up in british columbia. they've been just getting you probably seen the stories. i mean the flooding up there has been a meant in historic. just like their atmospheric river, and they keep getting it they had not assured like we did a few weeks ago, and then they got more rain. on top of that. which is not is what we didn't and this was happening now be nice to get more rain. the current temperatures. tomorrow's forecast lows tomorrow morning, and that will include some valley fog. so be careful around there'd be a lot like it was today in terms of where the fog is and where it is not. the
10:51 pm
higher clouds will be increasing on and off all day. partly cloudy mostly cloudy, partly sunny but it's going to be a little bit of everything tomorrow and then overnight friday into early saturday morning or your scattered showers. at least that is the plan. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. looks like a nice day. partly sunny. mostly cloudy. partly cloudy. and there is the five day forecast and you can see that we've got plenty of dry weather to come. no rain really. although i passed monday, it looks like there's an opportunity for some showers and around the 27th of think of november. it looks pretty pretty potent like we have got a good weather system coming our way. so i'll see you back here at 11. down the road and sounds good bill. thank you. in san francisco today, a group called north beach citizens handed out groceries to low income people and the homeless for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday. each person was given a bag of groceries with healthy food. as well as some sweet treats. the group founded 20 years ago by film director francis ford coppola helps people out all year round and it does provide £88,000 of food annually to
10:52 pm
those in need. coming up. one of the big questions for the giants this offseason. will brandon belt ebags sports director market, banias has the answer and much more coming up in sports, then on the 11 o'clock news, helping foster kids in the south bay ahead of the holidays, the local shop that's making sure dozens of kids received bikes and how you can help too. y
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
is with you tonight. well it's figures to be a pretty provocative off season for the san francisco giants. i mean, already, buster posey has retired. that was a big blow. but. at least the captain will be back. self appointed as he i, brandon belt has decided to accept the qualifying offer by the team today. one year $18.4
10:55 pm
million best year home run, wise 29 of them. back to hit more home runs and fewer at bats than any player in the major leagues ever. 11.2 at bat, he was hitting one out kind of interesting to note that of the 14 players offered qualifying offers in this offseason so far in the major leagues belt is the only one who decided no, i'm not going to test the free agent market. i'm happy where i am. giant fans probably pretty happy brandon belt will be back as well in the major leagues. it's big daddy award tub tomorrow. it's the mvps today, the cy young award winners and a proud day for st mary's. why, because corbyn birds who happens to be a gales alum is the national league cy young award winner. he was 11 5 with a 2.43 e r a. but here's the stat. how about this 167 innings pitched? he struck out 234 about 12 per nine
10:56 pm
innings. that's not bad. zack wheeler. the phillies finished second. max scherzer, the dodgers third, and here's new baseball for you julio areas of the dodgers wins 20 not even close. he was number eight in the balloting, robby ray. of the jays over the american league is the cy young award winner there. sharp feels good feeling good again for the san francisco 49 ers cheese. what a fresh breath of air if you win a ball game, especially over the rams monday night football national television now one of the problems for the 49 years has been the lack of force turnovers on defense. they took care of that problem early against the rams. two interceptions in the first half. jimmie ward taking care of both of them, in fact, in their prior games this season before two interceptions. the second one for ward right here. pick six. against the rams set the tone
10:57 pm
and the ramp was on jacksonville up next for san francisco. now they have a two and seven recor. 49ers playing the early game back east. on the road. certainly no easing up from jimmie ward. fall into that trap. but if you take each game seriously like i do, and i know my teammates do you think we can feed off this momentum, especially this win? that was a big win for us division game. so i think of this week going on the road. it's going to be a bi, big challenge, but i feel like we can overcome it. warriors with the night off. they play in cleveland tomorrow night last night, people still talking about that in brooklyn. you think the nets and kevin durant have a little something to worry about when their fans in brooklyn are cheering steph curry and chanting m v p m v p while he's playing against their team, have a listen. certainly
10:58 pm
looking like it is the warriors are 12 and two step at 37 last night hit nine threes. coach. kerr was asked today how the offense so far has been clicking so well. steph curry. not kidding. there's never been anybody like it cares about the game, loves his teammates plays an energy, you know, so that's what you get. you know, any night every night as a player like that i planted also mvp hall of fame level. nice to hear kd center the love showcase game in the nba tonight, lakers. still no lebron versus the bucks and a whole lot of yannis campo as you'll see inside and out doing it all. how about 47 points? 18 23 milwaukee 19102 winners the lakers fall and are only eight and eight. so
10:59 pm
far. we have a little extra tim, so why not check this out? this is dayton, ohio tonight halftime of the college basketball game fan with a full court putt. like talk about a hard and fast green fast. great yes. got it. and what does he get for that magnificent putt about a brand new car? i wonder if six i tid right is great fun was right on the money. right on the money like it, and nine can only put like that. martin if only see it. another 25 minutes. sounds good. all right, coming up next at 11. our goal is to detect. editor and dismantle these operations. a serial shoplifter is arrested in san francisco, accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise from target over the past year. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. authorities arrest a suspect accused of stealing from a
11:00 pm
target store more than 120 time. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. the target store. it stones down in san francisco was the one that was getting hit, and the suspect now faces a long list of charges. ktvu is jana katsuyama spoke to the d a about the arrest and the bigger criminal ring connected to this case. she joins us live in the newsroom with the story, jenna. mike and julie, the district attorney. chase of boudin says target contacted his office and they work together with police to stake out that store and then make the arrest. boudin says it wasn't one of those grabbing go thefts, but a woman using the self checkout machines and the dea and police say they aren't just going after her, but also the criminal fencing network that was buying up the stolen goods. the district attorney's office in san francisco. police say the thief was targeting the target store at stones town shopping center, and tuesday they caught her, the district attorney says aziza graves was arrested and now faces 128 criminal charges, including eight counts of felony grand theft and 120


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