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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 18, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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drivers on edge tonight after yet another shooting on a bay area freeway and this one left a 29 year old woman dead. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now the victim was sitting in the passenger's seat when she was shot and killed on interstate 80 just this morning. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. the chp says two young children were sitting in the back seat live coverage. now from ktvu s amberleigh. she's at the bay bridge toll plaza tonight. with more on what she's learned. amber. julie the highway patrol has not released any information about the suspect vehicle or whether there's surveillance video. but a law enforcement source tells me the shooting appears to be deliberate. chp says at about 9 12 thursday morning, a woman was sitting in the passenger seat of a maroon and gray suv when she was shot and killed while traveling on interstate 80 west.
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near west grand avenue. also in the suv, was a man who was the driver and two young children. extremely scary that the roads and freeways are now safe anymore. a law enforcement source has identified the woman as 29 year old amani morris of oakland. the source tells me the suspect vehicle drove up from behind, pulled up alongside the suv and started shooting into the vehicle numerous times. chp has not confirmed the details are given a motive. it appears the driver of the suv was able to pull off to the side of this access road to the toll plaza. imagine being in a car driving and just all of a sudden and get hit by a bullet. it's very traumatizing. this man tells me he works as a driver for food delivery service, he says the frequency of freeway shootings in oakland is alarming. he says he's careful to avoid getting involved in a road rage incident. this could be very mindful. very cautious of your surroundings. um just be very just. more aware of what you're
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doing and how you're going about doing that. this is the second deadly freeway shooting in oakland in less than two weeks on november 6th 23 month old jasper wu was shot and killed while sitting in the white sedan his mother was driving along. i 80 80. investigators say the child was the victim of a stray bullet. the violence it's just it's it makes it feel like it's like dangerous to even go outside your house. i feel so bad for the families and for the personal themselves. um it just as the horrible situation. chp s is the man and two children in the suv were not injured. drivers told me the scary part is there is nothing they can do to protect themselves when there is a shooting on the freeway. mike amberleigh live tonight. there at the bay bridge toll plaza. amber thank you know what 11 number in county superior court judge has ruled that san quentin prison officials violated the constitutional
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rights of inmates during the height of the covid pandemic. 300 petitioner's claim the department of corrections acted with disregard when it transferred 121 inmates from the california institution for men to san quentin. more than 2600. people at san quentin tested positive for covid 29 died. the judge did not award anything to the prisoners, saying the initial emergency has passed rifle fire in a north bay neighborhood ended with the suspect dead after a fierce struggle with police. the man was taste and died after police restrained him. ktvu deborah villalon joins us now she's at the police department tonight. after speaking with witnesses, deborah. well julie. those witnesses shared some surveillance video. it captures some of the altercation that preceded the man's death. gunshots captured on home surveillance, waking people up on santa rosa's peach court just after one am alarmed to see the
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shooter darting around their yards. you know, sign before i recognize him. no 911 calls brought santa rosa police to the cul de sac. hey get on the ground ground. by that time the man had dropped the rifle but had picked up heavy landscape, brick and rock also pulling pathway lights from the ground in agitation. he was yelling. this and you know, just. i'm going to do it. i'm going to do it, and that's all. i heard him do it. that's not true by that time, but the cops were outside. i mean, everyone in the neighborhood was out some point. i think he charged that officer and the officer tasted them. angela ortiz watched from her front window and heard the sound of tasers as the man continued to resist in the street about 445 cops on top of them trying to get him down. he was still yelling even on the floor. so he
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was yelling, screaming moments later, police say, handcuffed and rolled on his side. the man stopped breathing and could not be resuscitated that sealed off peach court for much of the day for the death investigation, there was a long rifle. located which some suspected drug paraphernalia or some drugs at the scene. sonoma county sheriff's detectives will lead the case they will be doing or not topsy and tox report hopefully shed some light on what type of medical emergency he had. casings were recovered, and at least one vehicle took a bullet. no longer drive herbal. but ortiz is just glad it was her car and not one of her neighbors hit and i was really scared, so i just wanted them to get control of him. he couldn't even imagine if it was during the day and little kids were playing outside and he was running around doing that. police will release video from body worn cameras in the days ahead. the man who died has been
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identified as jordan's past age. 40, who lived a few streets away and julie, it appears his first shots were actually fired there before he made his way to peach court. such a scary situation for people who live in that neighborhood, deborah, thank you. cemetery police are looking for a man who groped a woman at a laundry mat. earlier this wee, officials released this photo of that man they say. on monday afternoon, he approached a woman at the kingston coin laundry on north kingston street and touched a woman against her. will officers say the man ran off when they arrived. anyone who recognizes him is asked to call san mateo police police was entered today for a san francisco police sergeant accused of trying to rob a pharmacy in san mateo sergeant david cole. and because he's currently at a detox treatment center. his attorney entered a not guilty plea. coal is accused of trying to steal painkillers from a rite aid store. investigators say he had a loaded gun and also resisted arrest. coal is on unpaid leave from the police department of
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preliminary hearing is scheduled for february. 7th. few at 11 tonight. the ntsb released a preliminary report today on the death of a bart passenger at the powell street station in san francisco. 41 year old amy adams was dragged to her death on september 13th after she stepped off of a departing train while still tethered to her dog. adams was dragged down the platform by the moving train while the leashed dog was still on board the train. the ntsb says it will focus its investigation on bart safety procedures and passenger safety awareness. so far, it's inspected equipment and passenger doors, reviewed signal and train control data logs and obtained data from recorders. california attorney general rob bonta is investigating instagram from a purpose for promoting. the platform despite knowing it can't possibly hurt the mental and physical health of children. instagram is owned by meta plant forming formerly known as facebook. bonta is examining the company's conduct and whether
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meta violated any laws or put the public at risk. investigators will look to see if the social media company work to keep users engaged despite knowing the harmful consequence. the probe follows revelations that met his own research revealed that using instagram is associated with increased risk of depression eating disorders. and suicide. the fcc today voted to require that phone companies allow people to text 988 for the national suicide prevention lifeline. currently the hotline uses a 10 digit number, which routes calls to crisis centers. phone companies have until july of next year to implement the 988 number for both calling and texting until 988 is implemented for both call and text americans seeking help. should continue to call 1 802 73 talk for help. holiday traditions return to san francisco. the tree lighting and concert in the city tonight. also still ahead. we hear from a
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organization that's in need of bikes for kids this holiday season received a generous donation of 50 bikes from one person and more donations are coming in as well, but they're working to collect at least 50 more bikes for the kinship, adoptive and foster parent association, which will give those bikes to foster children.
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the bikes can be new or used as long as they are in working condition. more information is available on the good karma bikes website. there was a lot of good vibes at the masonic in san francisco, where glide held its holiday jam benefit concert tonight. supporters gathered for the concert, which featured the glide ensemble as well as grammy winning artist bobby mcferrin and oakland's own fantastic negredo. the money raised will help glide continue to provide. more than 10,000 free meals a week. this year, the event is dedicated to the memory of the glide co founder janice market tani. tonight we're celebrating janet's america. tani who is our co founder and passed away this summer, and so just remember it and reminding people about her legacy and her love for the people of san francisco. glide says that the celebration highlights how glide can continue to adapt and innovate to find solutions to address poverty, homelessness and
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inequality. san francisco officials gathered in union square tonight for the official lighting of the macy's christmas tree. ktvu jana katsuyama was there and tells us the event marks the start of the holid wid countdown, the giant macy's holiday tree lit up union square and nine year old shame. a standard of san francisco was the star and found amazing shame has had the honor of lighting the tree through the make a wish foundation, along with a trip to macy's probably gonna go shopping that see sarah mills, very emotional. it's been a. challenging time for everybody and withheld fears and everything else. we've been particularly isolated, so feels wonderful. the glow of lights brought back familiar feelings. they're very beautiful. i like them because when i walk through them, i feel like i'm in a fairy tale decorations in stores
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reflected a slow return to in person shopping. the staff was very appreciative of the people that were inside there. there were some differences, though. it just seems a little bit quie. still not as vibrant. the pandemic has taken a tollof thes hmm, and some other large retailers, such as unique low and dsw have closed their doors. those stores that remain open our advertising black friday sales early this year, coinciding with the early tree lighting, trying to get an early start on the holidays. in light of some of the delays with deliveries, the police chief and mayor say they are planning extra patrols, along with an ambassador program to increase safety and welcome shoppers back during the holiday season. do. the ambassador program we hired retired san francisco police officers now we have 23. they also are working the area and we are doing everything we can to make sure that this neighborhood that union square is safe and
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along with a holiday tree, union square is also bringing back the lighting of the menorah on november 28th. to celebrate hanukkah reporting from san francisco. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. high school football team in southern california is making history that california school for the deaf in riverside has an 11 record, and it's just one win away now from their division varsity championship game for the first time. in their high schools, history, and all of their winds have been against non signing teams players with the california school. the depth say they have a leg up on those other teams. can communicate not through spoken language but through facial expressions and sign language. now, he said, an advantage he thinks. oh, certainly. i do. yeah i mean, if you think about it, hearing people they need to be able to hear each other's they have to, like, huddle, etcetera. we rely solely on her eyes, not on her ears to communicate. state superintendent tony thurman gave the team a shout out, saying the program is a model of our public
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education can change lives and sustained students. you could soon be charged more if you don't follow water use restrictions, the drought surcharge coming to parts of the south bay up next. and we've got some scattered showers potential for this evening and early into tomorrow morning and then a weekend to talk about icu back here. also ahead, the tahoe ski resort that will not be reopening any of their ski slopes for the rest of this slopes for the rest of this month. if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. we love our house, been here for years. and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out yeah. but there's an animal in the attic. (loud drumming) yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. restrictions as ktvu is azenith smith reports two goals to cut water use by 15% in santa clara county. customers who get water from san jose water company may soon have to pay up
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if they use too much water. so the idea is that we're kind of trying to force people to conserve. it has to happen. we're in just a terrible drough. on wednesday, the california public utilities commission approved a san jose water companies request to tack on a drought surcharge. for those who fail to conserve back in june wholesalers santa clara valley water district told everyone to cut water use by 15% we saw a 7. reduction in water use compared to 2019. now that's good, but we're not there yet. san jose water customers must cut their water by 15% from 2019 levels will be noted on your bill. why 2019? that is the most recent year. california wasn't in a drought if you don't cut by the 15, and you're over your allocation. will be charged $7.13 for every allocation every unit over your allocation customers we spoke to weren't thrilled about the idea. the
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company provides water to one million people in san jose, cupertino, campbell, moscato, saratoga and monte sereno. more people are at home. because of the covid. and so it seems like we can't be comparing a time when we were out of the house versus now when we're in the house way more water officials say the easiest way to cut back is with outdoor irrigation water inventory remains low. recent rain has helped but isn't nearly enough after two very dry years, according to the u. s. drought monitor. much of california remains in extreme drought. our reservoirs are still at only about 11. of total capacity, so we have a long way to go to fill up those reservoirs. this customer doesn't like the surcharge but plans to conserve even more. now that i know money is attached. i will be. way more thoughtful and aware of what we're doing in campbell and azenith smith ktvu, fox two new. a popular tahoe ski resort has some disappointing news for skiers. slopes will not be opening next week as planned in
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a facebook post that recently renamed palisades tahoe said unseasonably warm temperatures are to blame as well as no substantial snowstorms this month. slopes were scheduled to open next wednesday, but the resort is now targeting early next month. maybe tough tonight, considering where we are in the bay area, and the system is making its way here, but you might be able to see. the partial eclipse of the moon happening overnight. the eclipse will cover about 97% of the moon at the peak and the eclipse will last nearly six hours. astronomers say it's the longest partial lunar eclipse and more than 500 years. so far no evidence from this video of an eclipse here on the west coast. the eclipse will peak at about one o'clock this morning. alrighty yes, it's going to be tough to see tonight, but it's you know, we're not that far from one o'clock now. so if you do have a chance you could peek out. you might see get a break in the clouds. i've seen a couple out there this evening. we do have a chance of some scattered showers late tonight and early tomorrow morning. these were the highs from today. probably be about the same
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tomorrow in terms of highs. live picture of oakland, which can't see here is a little bit of coastal fog coming in through the golden gate bridge that fog is basically going to be hanging on for the next 12 hours or so is the system kind of slides through the area might even see some valley fog as well. here's the model and we'll roll it through. and you can see about 11 o'clock right now and then you can see just hangs in the north. but it's got nothing. she's got nothing and it just falls apart about eight a.m. and then we kind of clear out pretty quickly on friday. saturdays money sunday's beautiful day warmer as well warm or higher temperatures. is a little aggressive on the showers, but it looks like we're going to see some sprinkles in the morning on tomorrow morning, certainly, and then it should be over and i mean, i think that's an early morning thing. it's not going to be. you know till 10 it's going to be over at six in the mornin. probably whatever sprinkles. we see. so the model shows rain late tonight, early tomorrow morning done. bye before most of
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us are out. moving around, you can see look real close, and you'll see a few scattered showers just to the north by santa rosa. i think that's hitting the ground by winds are there and that's just sort of the beginning of this system and again. how much rain could we get? chance of an ancient for lucky, 507 inch most likely valley fog will be around again tomorrow morning and again the next few months all weekend. we're gonna be playing around valley fog, and then the forecast size. you saw those. and the five day forecast and it's not much but we are doing well for rainfall so we can jus, you know, enjoy the weekend, i guess and hopefully get something going next week. maybe we'll see something after tuesday next week, and then there's some models are suggesting some. pretty good stuff. potential rain and snow event for around the 27th of november. so long ways out, but still looking for it. i'll see you guys back here on sunday night. ok bill. thank you. with gas prices soaring, the white house is demanding answers. president biden, now asking the federal trade commission to investigate potential illegal conduct that could be driving up
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the cost of gas. president biden addressed the matter in a letter to the ftc chairwoman, asking her to look into mounting evidence of anti consumer behavior by oil and gas companies. this comes as americans get ready to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. gas prices nationwide are near our up brother nearly 50% from last year. coming up the warriors down early down big comeback for one of their most impressive wins of the season sports director market banya is up next with the highlights at first a reminder. we are still collecting jackets for our one warm coat drive. you can take a gently warm coat to any participating ups or big o tires, locations. dr runs until sunday, december 5th just visit ktvu .com slash one warm coat for more information will be right back.
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a lot of different ways. you can win a basketball game, but the warriors preference at least so far. give the ball to steph curry, right. pretty good idea, and it works again tonight. in cleveland, where there's a whole lot of memories. that's not a good 1, 2000 and 16, but no lebron few warrior fans in there and the warriors get down quick, 10. nothing but staff begins to light it up. he had nine first quarter points. they're still down to, but they fight back 17 run to start the fourth quarter. 40 points for step 20 in the fourth quarter, lighted up one after another. he had nine threes tonight, and the warriors just blister. the poor calves in the fourth quarter. one was kind of anderson. shows they can do something else be a sons and three and the warriors definitely in control. but why
11:27 pm
not another one? oh, 4 89 is the final the warriors are 13 to and get this. they outscored the cavs 36 to 8 in the fourth quarter. that's the way to get it done. detroit city tomorrow night back to backers for the warriors, not a good night in st louis. they didn't have the blues, the sharks wrapping up a road trip, glad to be coming home, and this is a little tip office to how their night was going to go logan contour in the open ice in from the left to score it. and the sharks out to one. nothing lead except the blues asked for a review, and it shows that just by a hair what are the sharks was offsides, disallow it wave it up less than two minutes later, the blues will take command of this hockey game. brandon son, let's get that wide. open net that he takes full advantage of four wins. the final sharks are 871 and they finished this road e two wins and three losses coming
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home. saturday night. major league baseball. i don't know about the voting for the nationals, bryce harper my opinion, one of the most overrated players in baseball, he's the mvp in the national league. brandon crawford finished fourth. no doubt about it, shohei otani. definitely deserved the mvp in the american league. great pitcher. great hitter. let's move on. let's talk about thursday night football in. the atlanta falcon. backyard embarrassed mac jones fifth quarterback taken looking the best of them so far, he gets it to nelson agholor score 19 yards. and suddenly the patriots five straight wins. there's seven and four polish up the falcons, 25 to nothing. college hoops around the bay. first of all u s f up on the hilltop. they took care of nevada. there are now five and oh, and the cow bears needed a little overtime
11:29 pm
to get things done. against southern utah grant at the savage will hit a clutch shot to get them into a second overtime as they trailed and he took ove, as did the bears looking for their second win of the year. and to savage this time of three and the bears pulled away to win it. 75 68 cal, now even up to and two on the season, we've come up to that point of the night. where we must check this out. this is a name you might remember joshua baraza. he's from phoenix. he's eight years old. he's breaking defenders ankles right there. look at that fake goes down. yeah years old, and like i say, maybe a guy in the world cup future. to keep an eye on very impressive. thanks to discuss some skills. the futures here now for that kid, it is most definitely mark. thank you for supporting life.
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and thanks everybody for joining us tonight. goodnight. us tonight. goodnight. goodnight. space is the mirror of the soul. are we looking beyond, or are we looking within? (exhales deeply] i'm looking at my shoes. this is making me a little motion sick. when we gaze out at the immensities of space, we understand them because there are immensities within us as well. i'm dr. rajesh koothrappali, and thank you for taking a walk with me... through the stars. that pause gets longer every show. i believe... you're right. hey. can i get a picture with you? absolutely. and if you post it on social media, i suggest the hashtag "koothra-poet." (laughs) thank you. the show was great. well, i can't take all the credit. i have pretty good co-stars.


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