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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 19, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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dangerous to even go outside your house. new information to bring you on a fatal shooting at the bay bridge toll plaza. what we're learning about the young mother who died as police continue to search for the gunman. also a verdict this morning in the kyle rittenhouse case, the decision just handed down and the preparations underway for potential protests, then packing up and heading out of town for the thanksgiving holiday. why sfo says today is expected to be its busiest travel day. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoo. i'm gasia mikaelian himself. castaneda infer mike mibach. we begin with breaking news. police are bracing for protests after a jury reached a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial in kenosha, wisconsin. the jury find the defendant, kyle rittenhouse, not guilty. as to the second count of the information, richard mcginnis we, the jury by the defendant,
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kyle age rittenhouse, not guilty. as to the third kind of the information unknown male we, the jury find the defendant, kyle rittenhouse, not guilty. as to the fourth count of the information. anthony huber. we, the jury find the defendant, kyle rittenhouse, not guilty. as to the fifth count of the information gauge grosskreutz w, the jury find the defendant, kyle kyle rittenhouse, not guilty. the jury cleared rittenhouse of all charges in the fatal shooting of two men and the wounding of a third during a civil rights protest last year in kenosha. the jury came back with a decision after about 3.5 days of deliberation. written the house has been charged with homicide had been charged with homicide, attempted homicide and reckless endangering. prosecutors say he was a vigilante, but his defense lawyers say he acted in self defense. a small group has started to gather outside the courthouse here at home. we're also following breaking news in
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san francisco. this is where authorities are investigating an incident that led officers to shoot a person in the south of market neighborhood this morning. that man has since died. ktvu christian captain live at the scene here. he's got briefed by investigators. what have you learned? yes the whole incident unfolded here near the intersection of fifth and folsom at the cw hotel. if you take a look, you can see that there's still a pretty significant police presence here. police say it started with a report of a man armed with a knife and ended with that man dead after at least one responding officer opened fire. investigators say the incident began this morning shortly after eight when officers were called to the scene after a 911 call of a man with a knife. officers aren't releasing that man's identity at this time, but do say he was known to police. they say the responding officers entered the building and make contact with the man and they say he was armed with a knife. during this contact officers had and. an officer involved shooting officers immediately rendered
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aid and summon medics to the scene for the suspect he was injured. suspect was transported to zuckerberg general hospital where he later died from his injuries. we are hearing at the officers involved were wearing body worn cameras and no word on if those cameras picked up the events leading up to and or the actual shooting now. that shooting is currently under investigation by a series of agencies, including the san francisco district attorney's office. serves the services. excuse me, department of investigative services. division sfpd internal affairs, various investigations all underway at this time looking into that officer involved shooting and there will be a town house town. open house for people to learn more about this incident in 10 days, but again san francisco police confirming that they were called to this location following a report of a man
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armed with a knife. officers are saying that those responding officers interacted with that man or that man was shot and killed during that interaction. we are live in san francisco christian captain ktvu. fox two news, christian. thank you. we're also following breaking news in vallejo were a pickup truck has crashed into a house. it happened in the area of frisbee street and santa clara street. this is a live look. you can see the truck went through the front all the way to the back of the home. three people sustained moderate injuries. police are investigating whether the brakes went out on the vehicle will continue to follow this story and bring you more information as it becomes available. oakland is marking another death due to gun violence on the freeway. 29 year old amani morris of oakland is the latest person to die. she was shot and killed yesterday morning on interstate 80 westbound right here. debate bridge toll plaza ktvu mannequin tana live in the newsroom here in amanda. you spoke with morris's mother just this morning. yes i did. a monte morris was a mother of two young boys herself who were in that
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car when she was shot and killed. her mom tells me that she was in the passenger seat, and her fiance was driving her to a job interview when that shooting happened. she was just a bright light. um she come into a room and like any room up with her smile from georgia. elisa butler, amani morris's mother described her daughter as a creative soul and loving mom. her blazed. background funds were her world. there was nothing she wouldn't do for those boys. those boys, ages three and five, were in the back seat when someone fired multiple shots into the suv. her fiance was driving hitting morris in the passenger seat. they were o. i 80 near the bay bridge. butler tells me morris was on her way to a final job interview at a childcare service center. she was televisa. the day before mommy. she told me it was all but mine. i just had to talk to
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her boss. we were all on the phone laughing and talking, and she said, i'll call you when it's over. except for that was the last time i talked to her, the coroner told butler. a bullet went through a cell phone and then into morse's head. her fiance and sons were not hurt. i'm grateful that they didn't get hit, and i'm grateful that she didn't suffer. those are the only two things that i have right now to hold on to chp hasn't named a suspect or given a motive, but police say the shooting appears to have been deliberate. butler doesn't think anyone would target her daughte, saying they were all in the fiancee's car. targeted or not. she has a message for the shooter. pray god. did you just find it in your heart to turn yourself in? because this could have been your mom. your sister. your daughter. you took something. for me that i could
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never replaced. he took my baby. just turn yourself in, please. her mom tells me amani was so excited about starting a new chapter with a new job. she also wanted to be an entrepreneur trademarking a lip gloss brand that she was ready to launch and on top of all of that she was planning to get married next year. live in the newsroom. amanda quintana ktvu fox two news, amanda thank you. funeral services were held this morning for a little boy killed by a stray bullet as his family was driving on an oakland freeway earlier this month. homicide investigators say jasper, who was in the car with his mother on 8 80 in oakland, when their car was hit by gunfire, jasper was hit and killed about 100 people, including law enforcement, gathered this morning at the mountain view cemetery in oakland. to pay their respects. like this and unprovoked, unnecessary act of violence. it impacts our entire region, the entire country.
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police are still searching for the gunman, in this case as wel. today is expected to be the busiest travel day south for the thanksgiving holiday at san francisco international airport, the busiest since the start of the pandemic. in fact, 50,000 passengers estimated to go through the security checkpoints at sfo today. this compared to the 88,000 on the same day back in 2019, officials with the airport are still suggesting that trappers arrived for their flights with plenty of time. we recommend two hours prior to an international. excuse me. we recommend two hours prior for domestic flight three hours prior for an international flight. if you're getting a covid test to comply with your destination. make an appointment for that and provide extra time for that, as well. and then remember, facemasks are required at all us airports. we know there's a lot of walks of life where you might not need a mask anymore, but just still do for air travel. extra masks are also being provided at all. sfo terminals in case travelers forget there's president biden's
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latest federal spending proposal is gaining steam on capitol hill. four days after signing his infrastructure bill into law, the president's nearly two trailing dollars social spending bill came up for a vote on the house floor. caroline shively has more on where the bill stands. the yays are 220. the nays are 213. the bill that better bill is pass. house lawmakers voted to pass president biden's climate and social spending bill friday, sending the nearly $2 trillion package to the senate. this bill is monumental. it's historic. it's transformative. it's bigger than anything we've ever done. the vote split along party lines with no republicans on board followed kevin mccarthy's overnight speech on the house floor, the house minority leade, spending more than eight hours blasting to build back better bill, delaying the process over criticism. the measure cost too much. this is the single most reckless and irresponsible
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spending bill. in our nation's history. the vote was originally scheduled for thursday night after the congressional budget office released its cost estimate, saying the legislation would add almost $400 billion to the nation's debt over 10 years. but democrats dispute that given the bill also brings in more than a trillion dollars in new revenue by most estimates. this bill reduces the deficit while the cbo score convinced some moderate holdouts to vote for the bill, senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema remain unconvinced their votes necessary for democrats to pass in the divided senate. senate majority leader chuck schumer said he'd like to vote before christmas. senators are expected to make changes to the house bill. which means the house would then need to vote on the amended version in washington, carolina, lively ktvu, fox two news. and we spoke with south by democratic congressman ro khann. shortly after this morning's vote, the progressive caucus members said. the framework that passed the house whatever big
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impact on his constituents. it's a historic without for working families and middle class families. it's going to mean for the next year, every working class middle class family with kids is going to get $300 a month per child. now preschool is going to be free for every three year old and four year old in this country. that is an enormous change and no family will be paying more than 7% for child care if their income. congressman khanna said he's confident the president will be able to get the framework passed the senate without many more changes still to comment noon. booster shots are already being offered for all adults here in california, but a big decision on those boosters nationwide will have the latest on the push to get people vaccinated. ahead of the holidays, plus kaiser workers continue to hold strikes across the bay area. why unions say kaiser isn't doing enough to protect its staff and patients.
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and cloudy with scattered showers across the bay area today, ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo will have your full forecast. that's straight ahead. centers today, unions are
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accusing kaiser of not doing enough for its staff and patients. the hospital says the strikes are just a bargaining
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tactic. ktvu james taurus shows us what workers are saying from san francisco. the people behind me are here for two different reasons. one standing in solidarity for hospital engineers who have been in negotiations with kaiser for more than two months and second demand better resources for mental health care from the kaiser permanente medical center in san francisco concert. hard to see a group of upset medical workers. demand change. you kno, a lot of my patients even you know, told me that they support me because they want more care. they want to be taken care of. most of these workers are in the mental health field. during labor union negotiations. these people say kaiser permanente is rejecting proposals to enhance patient care. we are lacking enough staff to allow patients to have frequent enough
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appointments so that the treatment will be effective. many patients have to wait eight weeks between their therapy appointments. there is no school of therapy that is effective at eight week intervals when you wait three months and you're severely depressed. what are you going to say about that person is likely to find a solution to their suffering in ways that are very dangerous and unsafe. um that might look like suicide or substance use talks don't seem to be in a place to end soon. a spokesperson for the medical center put out a statement this morning responding to the group of mental health care workers. saying the strike has nothing to do with patients. but with money quote this strike is a bargaining tactic this union has used every time it is bargaining for a new contract with kaiser permanente over the past 11 years of its existence. it is especially disappointing that they are asking are dedicated and compassionate employees to walk away from their patients
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when they need us. most workers here say kaiser is putting profit over patients and has the power to end any plan strikes immediately. you know, it makes me angry. because i feel like every single day they abdicate their responsibility to their patients. um and so i think they have a lot of nerve to suggest that it's a short term sacrific, but we believe that the long term goal is morally and ethically worth it, a labor group representing hospital engineers. has been negotiating for about nine weeks. kaiser says they've gone nowhere despite long talks, saying the group is asking for too much. we're in bargaining with some unions and have proposed no takeaways, an annual increases, which will keep our valued staff among the highest paid in the country. people here say they are striking for those workers to we think it's really important that kaiser pay its people what they're worth so that they can stay and work at kaiser in san francisco. i'm james torres. ktvu fox two news.
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new at noon. fighter and moderna are a step closer to offering covid-19 booster shots for all adults. the fda this morning authorized a third dose of both vaccines. this sets the stage for final cdc approval. its panel of experts are meeting right now. the move expands the government's effort to get ahead of rising coronavirus cases that experts say could lead to a winter search. the fda addressed concerns about the safety of boosters. trying to making its decision. it really fueled a vigorous discussion in the prior fda expert meeting around boosters and at the cdc expert meeting around boosters. the cdc's decision is expected soon here in california and nine other states covid booster shots already available to adults who have been vaccinated for the past six months. will turn out the weather here. it's a mix of a little tiny bit of sun and a whole lot of clouds today, even some scattered showers for you here in the bay area. a live look at the gorgeous oakland
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estuary. the temperatures are mild, and there's a lot of gray up there. ktvu meteorologist. rosemary oroczo has a look at our forecast now, including what to expect for our weekend. happy friday to you and mostly cloudy one out there at this hour. we started out in the fifties and at this hour some of us still in the fifties that in the addition to the possibility of a few scattered showers, giving you a live look here at some of the numbers upper fifties to low sixties reported around the bay area started out with a little bit of fog with visibility. okay for those that. have to be on the roadways this afternoon storm tracker to here showing you that we have just a little bit of residual moisture hanging on up over the sierra, a little bit of high level snow reported earlier this morning, but no advisories for winter travel. so if you are headed to the sierra this weekend. drying out later today and then going to remain dry for the weekend. meanwhile, for us, we will have the possibility of just a few scattered showers out there see along the coastline are higher elevations getting a little bit
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of drizzle. but for most of us, it's a mostly cloudy, dry day. here's a look at the future cast model when it comes to what we can expect for the afternoon. notice late in the afternoon, likely to see a little bit of sunshine before the sun sets the sun will set just before five o'clock this afternoon, still holding on to just a little bit of moisture. but for most of us going to be a dry afternoon a partly cloudy afternoon maybe a few sprinkles, especially over the higher elevations, and the future cast model on this graphic shows you we may just squeeze out a little bit more in the way of accumulation. 1 107 inch closer to san francisco, the coastline. and that's about it. meanwhile, temperatures for the afternoon today going to be below average 62 per santa rosa will go low sixties and san francisco low sixties in oakland livermore mid sixties expected over san jose. a better look at some of the afternoon highs for you here. 59 degrees in pacific. 60 degrees expected a napa low sixties and conquered. mid sixties for san jose, and for
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morgan hill into the extended forecast to look at your baby area weakened here. upper sixties expected for saturday, even a little bit warmer on sunday, but notice those overnight lows so with the drying conditions in the partly cloudy conditions to start tomorrow morning. likely to have a little bit of a low lying fog, as well as temperatures falling off quite a bit back into the thirties. far inland communities saturday sunday not much change moving into monday and tuesday. we may get an opportunity of a little bit of wet weather come tuesday. better look at that coming up in just a little bit. all right. thank you. still to come at noon, where a week away from black friday shopping, but the items you want this year might be more expensive and harder to find next week. you can expect while doing your holiday shopping. as a supply chain crisis grinds on.
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your doctor gives you a prescription. let's get you on some antibiotics right away. you could have it brought right to your door, with 1-to-2 day delivery from your local cvs. or same day if you need it sooner. but at a time like this, aren't you glad you can also just swing by to pick it up? and get your questions answered. because peace of mind is something you just can't get in a cardboard box. that's healthier made easier. at cvs.
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but the supply chain crisis is already having a big impact in which items stores will discount and whether some hot holiday gift will even be available. reporter lauren blanchard has a look at what to expect when you go shopping this holiday season. black friday is a tradition deeply rooted in american culture, with millions participating in the ritual of waiting outside a store after thanksgiving to grab heavily discounted items, but kinks in the supply chain may cause stores to not have ample inventory ahead of november.
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26th shipping delays will resul. in empty shelves, and the problem is generating some unique solutions from creative shoppers who are starting to buy more gifts. you can't get out of store, they will buy things like experiences. for example, mediator. purchasing a getaway on airbnb for a family member. meanwhile experts say supply chain issues may have permanently altered black friday as we know it, we began seeing holiday season goods move through this sport in the latter part of june. as compared to traditionally august and september deliveries with holiday products available earlier in the year in tyson consumers to get a head start on their shopping retailers have caught wind of this and so. they are rebranding early shopping as early black friday and advertising the people and pushing them to get out early, but this can create some negative effects for customers. by the time the real black friday shows up, maybe to discounts will not be as deep
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this time around because the retailers have taken advantage of the demand earlier in the season, if you still can't find a certain gift in store or online, experts say, gift cards are a great way for people to still receive a gift while letting them wait to get it until the product comes back in stock. lauren blanchard, fox news. stanford host count tomorrow night in the big game. this will be the first game for cal since positive covid-19 tests forced the team to postpone its game against the usc. most of those players returned to practice this week for stanford. it's a chance to beat their barrier rivals at home. the big game is tomorrow at four pm still to come at me, and we're learning more about the investigation into the death of a bart passenger how the ntsb is now focusing on bart's safety procedures. and more companies push back their return to work plans when apple says it will ask its staff to come back to the office.
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come aboard a medallionclass cruise with princess plus. district attorney's office is investigating an incident in which a police officer shot and killed a man. this happened on folsom street around eight o'clock this morning. the police department says officers made contact with a man armed with a knife inside the building, and that police then opened fire.
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the department isn't saying what caused officers to shoot. the man was taken to the hospital where he later died. funeral services were held this morning for a toddler killed by a stray bullet as his family was driving on an oakland freeway. earlier this month about 100 people gathered this morning at the mountain view cemetery in oakland for a private service for jasper woo. homicide investigators say that well was in the car with his mother on 8 80 in oakland when the car was hit by gunfire. jasper was shot and killed. police are still searching for the shooter. and a jury reached a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial in kenosha, wisconsin. today the jury cleared written house of all charges in the fatal shootings of two men and the wounding of a third during a civil rights protest last year in kenosha. the jury came back with the decision after 3.5 days of deliberations written house had been charged with homicide, attempted homicide and reckless endangering. prosecutors say he was a vigilante. his defense lawyers say he acted in self defense. new at noon, the
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prosecution and the federal fraud trial against theranos founder elizabeth holmes rested its case and dropped one fraud count. the defense is now calling witnesses to testify. the first is a paralegal for holmes attorneys. earlier prosecutors dropped one count after the judge barda theranos patient from testifying because the prosecution didn't include his blood test in a pretrial list of tests. home still faces nine counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy. we're just getting word that cdc advisors have voted to expand fighter and moderna covid-19 boosters to all adults in the united states. this follows the fda is authorization this morning for third dose of both vaccines. the movie expands the government's effort to get ahead of rising coronavirus cases that experts say could lead to a winter surge. boosters are already available here in california to adults who have been vaccinated for the past six months. the ntsb released a preliminary
12:32 pm
report yesterday on the death of a bart passenger at the palace street station in san francisco. 41 year old amy adams was dragged to her death on september 13th after she stepped off a departing train while still tethered to her dog, which was on board the train. the nps b says it will focus its investigation on march safety procedures and passenger safety awareness. so far, it's inspected equipment and passing your doors reviewed signal and train control data logs and obtained data from recorders. we're hearing from the family of a man who died at santa rita jail. he was arrested over the summer and earlier this week he was found unresponsive in his cell. as ktvu is cristina rendon reports. this family says he should not have been in jail and when i give it was not given proper care while in custody. elvira and tiffany monk of oakland, say the system failed their brother maurice monk, it all started because he wouldn't wear his mask on the bus, and he was arguing with the bus driver, so he went to jail. monk was
12:33 pm
arrested on making a criminal threat to the bus driver in jun. the charge was later reduced to a misdemeanor. he was arrested and taken to john george psychiatric hospital. his sisters say he suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. but after monk missed a court date, a warrant was issued for his arrest. and he ended up at santa rita jail in october. the 45 year old was found dead in his cell at santa rita on monday. if you 45% of natural causes. what path will be killed. somebody at a young guys are 45. you didn't give him his medicine. this is the document. i was trying to get over. alvira says she tried emailing and calling the jail about her brother's medicine for weeks. on the same day she was going to fax over the information she was notified by authorities. monk had died. he went up in their healthy i go to the doctor with him. i went with him to get the holiday all shot on october 26. his next shot was due november. 26 i tried to get paperwork, court records obtained by ktvu show monks. public defender argued to have him released from jail a day
12:34 pm
before he was due for his next scheduled prescribed shot for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. but a judge denied the request and his family couldn't afford to pay bail. there's absolutely no reason i mean. no reason that i can think of in regards to why. the court would keep mr monk essentially locked in a cage when he's suffering from mental health issues. promising quote alameda county public defender brendan wood says monks should not have been in jail to begin with and sees no legitimate reason why he was held. the system continues to fail black and brown people. the system continues to fail. poor people to system continues to feel people with mental illness. the sheriff's office says. there are no signs of foul play or criminal activity and that he was in the cell alone. part of a statement reads. we are saddened when anyone passes away in our custody. we go to great lengths to make sure all people in our custody receive exceptional healthcare and other services. we work with the population of
12:35 pm
people who struggle with poverty and a lack of access to proper healthcare, education programs and services. the women say their brother should still be alive. he had a life to live. he had two kids. he was a happy person. we want to find out what happened to our brother. he was healthy. there is an investigation into mark's death. cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. santa rosa police say they'll soon released body camera video of a confrontation with an armed suspect that turned deadly about one a.m. yesterday, neighbors on peach court called 911 after hearing gunshots. when police got to the cul de sac they found 40 year old jordan's past. they say at that point, he had dropped the rifle he had been firing. but it picked up a landscaping, brick and rocks. police say he charged an officer and was then taste. he was yelling this and you kno, just i'm going to do it. i'm going to do it, and that's all. i heard him do it. yeah not sure by that time, but the cops were
12:36 pm
outside. i mean, everyone in the neighborhood was out some point. i think. he charged that the officer and the officer tasted them. police say past still resisted arrest while on the ground and that drugs were found nearby. moments later, officers say while he was handcuffed and rolled onto his side pass stopped breathing, it could not be resuscitated. an autopsy will be performed to determine the specific cause of death. a marine county superior court judge ruled that san quentin state prison violated the constitutional rights of inmates during the height of the covid pandemic. 300 petitioners claimed the department of corrections acted with disregard when it transferred 121 inmates from the california institution for men to send quentin. more than 2600. people at saint quentin tested positive for covid 29 of them died. the judge did not award anything to the prisoners, saying the initial emergency had passed. cvs pharmacy plans to shut down 900 of its stores over the next three years. ktvu is tom baker
12:37 pm
reports on another sign that major changes are coming to retail. cvs says in closing some 10% of its stores, it's shifting to a more online digital strategy and evolving from just supplying prescriptions and sundries to having more direct healthcare personnel for patients in their stores. many of the current locations may not be particularly helpful or be the right kind of locations for that new kind of service. professor kurth ecology on, um. director of santa clara universities. retail management institute says some retailers risk becoming irrelevant. many of these retailers have been a little tooth flow to close stores and refurbish the stores. they've been dragging their feet on. it example, california's very last kmart in grass valley. closes december 19th. leaving only 21 stores left. however macy's announced that it plans to close 10 stores in january
12:38 pm
but delayed 60 plan disclosures because it found out that online sales are actually stronger in markets where it has stores, often for these retailers, e commerce is a left profitable business and your business closing doors takes away his stores enormous effect of being a free living billboard, your advertising expenses can double if you shut down your physical store. because that billboard effect is so strong because us brick and mortar stores, strip malls and outlet malls grew from 90,000 and 2000 to 115,000 and 2020. we probably had way too many places to shop. that's why financial giant you bs projects. that if online shopping grows from 18% of retail sales today to 27% and five years it also projects that some 80,000 retail stores will close. but. others may arise. consumer behavior is moving faster than retailers
12:39 pm
ability to respond to that consumer behavior. even mighty amazon set up stores for that billboard effect. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. a judge is voided. the san francisco school boards controversial change to the admissions policy at lowell high school, the school board decided back in february to change law from a merit based admissions process to a lottery when it's similar to what's used in other schools. a superior court judge ruled yesterday the board violated the state's open meeting law. the ruling does not directly reinstate the old admissions policy. the school district is reviewing the ruling. the university of california's officially removing standardized test scores from the criteria for admissions. the l a times reports. uc provost michael brown declared the end of testing for admissions decisions at a board of regents meeting yesterday. brown says faculty could not find another exam that would avoid the bias results that led leaders to do away with the s, a, t and the last year. well started
12:40 pm
reviewing the impact of possible biases of the test back in 2018. apple has once again pushed back its return to the office and internal email says the company will now ask staff to come back in february, will be asked to come in 1 to 2 days a week for the first month, and in march, apple will implement its hybrid work plan. apple originally planned to bring step back in september. but after some backlash and the rise of the delta variant, that date was moved to the new year, new data show that california is facing a third year of severe drought. we'll take a look at the new restrictions in the south bay and the surcharge customers should expect if they don't cut back on their water use. also just a few scattered showers across the bay area, and then it clears for our weekend. ktvu meteorologist. rosemary oroczo is back and she has your full forecast. the city of san jose st
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
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in a lawsuit that's tied to one of the worst natural disasters in the city's history. san jose just approved the $750,000 settlement with nearly 250 renters and property owners whose homes were badly damaged in the devastating 2017. coyote creek floods. the settlement comes after they sued the city of san jose, santa clara county and the santa clara valley water district. the suit claimed those agencies failed to prepare for
12:44 pm
or properly respond to the disastrous flooding. we know that we've got a lot more work to do to protect our community against. natural disasters after four years of litigation, we are satisfied with the settlement as to the city of san jose, and at this time we are continuing to prepare our case for trial as to the water district. the case against the santa clara valley water district is still active and has a trail date set for may of next year, said that clara county at earlier been dismissed from the lawsuit. new data show california is facing a third year of severe drought conditions. a report from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration shows conditions will stay in almost all of the state throughout february. earlier forecasts suggested that northern california might see more rain this winter. but the latest predictions show on nina system will bring heavy rain to oregon and washington state will have drier than normal conditions here in california.
12:45 pm
san jose water customers could soon be charged if they don't follow drop restrictions. as ktvu zathras smith reports. the goal is to cut water use by 15% in santa clara county. customers who get water from san jose water company may soon have to pay up if they use too much water. so the idea is that we're kind of trying to force people to conserve. it has to happen. we're in just a terrible drough. on wednesday, the california public utilities commission approved a san jose water companies request to tack on a drought surcharge. for those who fail to conserve back in june wholesalers santa clara valley water district told everyone to cut water use by 15% we saw a 7. reduction in water use compared to 2019. now that's good, but we're not there yet. san jose water customers must cut their water by 15% from 2019 levels will be noted on your bill. why 2019? that is the most recent
12:46 pm
year. california wasn't in a drought if you don't cut by the 15, and you're over your allocation. will be charged $7.13 for every allocation every unit over your allocation customers we spoke to weren't thrilled about the idea. the company provides water to one million people in san jose, cupertino, campbell, moscato, saratoga and monte sereno. more people are at home. because of the covid. and so it seems like we can't be comparing a time when we were out of the house versus now when we're in the house way more water officials say the easiest way to cut back is with outdoor irrigation water inventory remains low. recent rain has helped but isn't nearly enough after two very dry years, according to the u. s. drought monitor. much of california remains in extreme drought. our reservoirs are still at only about 11. of total capacity, so we have a long way to go to fill up those reservoirs. this customer doesn't like the surcharge but plans to conserve even more. now that i know money
12:47 pm
is attached. i will be. way more thoughtful and aware of what we're doing in campbell and azenith smith ktvu, fox two new. that swing back to this friday. whether you can see it's cool and gray at the gorgeous golden gate bridge, not a bit of sunshine to be seen here between san francisco and marin county's maybe in your neighborhood. let's turn to ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo for a look at the forecast, including what to expect for the weekend. t g. i asked to you. we do have a nice forecast for you. as we go into the weekend, we're going to see a little bit more clearing, getting into the second half of the day. not necessarily the case at this hour, still stuck under mostly cloudy skies started out with a little bit of drizzle. and we may have just a few scattered showers left as a weak storm moves through california temperatures this morning starting in the fifties and still struggling for some in the upper fifties to low sixties. 57 in areas over santa rosa at this hour 59 in san francisco low sixties oakland,
12:48 pm
livermore and san jose windsor. generally light around the bay area a little bit of a breeze in our hills, but not too bad. here's a look at storm tracker to where areas over northern california saw a little bit of rain this morning, the sierra picked up a little bit of rain and some high elevation snow, but the snow is tapering off, and it is above the past level, with no advisory to worry about four year travel if you're heading in that direction for the weekend. meanwhile for us here at home, it's still mostly cloudy one out there and we will continue with just a possibilit. maybe a few sprinkles you can see here from the accumulation not expecting much of any at all. earlier this morning, we picked up trace amounts in some spots areas like san jose santa rosa 1 107 inches well as sfo and moving forward. we don't really expect to have much more than that. thankfully we're still in good shape for the season. i know it's very early on, but take a look at these numbers areas over san jose 180% of average and santa rosa almost 400% of average. thanks to those
12:49 pm
two nice size, strong storms that moved in late october and earlier this month. here's a look at the future cast partly cloudy as we get into the evening hours, sun will set just about five o'clock and then as we roll through your afternoon and evening, we will continue to see the clearing as we get into sunday. notice all that clear sky notice how far north that storm track is so that ridge is going to build in and it's going to push it to the north. it doesn't last, though it drops back the ridge of high pressure begins to weaken as we get into monday, tuesday, and right now it looks like we may actually get a little bit of wet weather come tuesday will be watching this. it doesn't really look like a big deal. we'd like to see more rainfall, of course, and more serious. no. but again, that's something we can look forward to, as we get into the tuesday timeframe right now, the big holiday travel day on wednesday looks mainly dry, low sixties in the forecast for your afternoon below average for this time of year, and your extended forecast here shows you slightly warmer for tomorrow, even nicer on sunday, but temperatures
12:50 pm
holding in the upper sixties monday and tuesday back to you. all right, rosemary. thank you. the cdc is investigating a flu outbreak at the university of michigan. there have been more than 500 cases of the flu on campus in just the last few weeks more than 77% of students who contracted the flu did not receive their flu shots. the cdc says it wants to understand why there's been an outbreak and whether it could happen at other college campuses. i think we're working together with the cdc and using this as an opportunity to really understand how the flu vaccines working and what we have to expect over the next couple of months nationwide for the flu. nationwide flu cases remain low, but the cdc says it has seen an uptick in cases among college aged adults. it's beginning to look a lot more like the holidays in san francisco next, the changes happening in union square and what's being done there to improve safety for shoppers.
12:51 pm
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city is set to receive more than $6 million in federal stimulus funds. city staff have proposed using half a million dollars to close escrow on buying the theater, which could ultimately sell for three million. the theater's been closed since 2000 and five. the city wants to reopen it in 2023 is the centerpiece of a revitalized downtown district council members will discuss the issue at monday night city council meeting. the golden state warriors. east coast road trip continues tonight with a game against the detroit pistons. they were just in cleveland last night playing the cavaliers. the cavs led for much of the game until the warriors had possibly their best quarter. of the season in the fourth, they scored 36 points and allowed just eight. steph curry led the way with 20 points in the quarter and the warriors beat the cavaliers won 4 to 89. tonight's game against the pistons starts at four. high school football team in southern california is making history. the california school for the death in riverside has an 11 and
12:55 pm
a record and it's just one win away from the division parsi championship game for the first time. in their high schools history. all of their winds have been against hearing teams, the players say signing with a translator gives them an advantage. you communicate not through spoken language, but through facial expressions and sign language now, he said, an advantage he thinks. oh, certainly. i do. yeah i mean, if you think about it, hearing people they need to be able to hear each other's they have to, like, huddle, etcetera. we relies solely on her eyes, not on her ears to communicate. state superintendent tony thurman gave the team a shout out, saying the program is a model of how public education can change lives and sustained students. it's a holiday tradition at san francisco's union square, macy's department store held its tree lighting ceremony are jana katsuyama explains the changes holiday shoppers might see in union square. this holiday season.
12:56 pm
with the ground countdown they giant macy's holiday tree lit up union square and nine year old shame. a standard of san francisco was the star and found amazing. shamus had the honor of lighting the tree through the make a wish foundation, along with a trip to macy's probably going to go shopping that see sarah mills. very emotional. it's been a. challenging time for everybody and withheld fears and everything else. we've been particularly isolated, so feels wonderful. the glow of lights brought back familiar feelings. they're very beautiful. i like them because when i walk through them, i feel like i'm in a fairy tale decorations in stores reflected a slow return to in person shopping. the staff was very appreciative of the people that were inside there. there were some differences, though. it just seems a little bit quie. still not as vibrant. the pandemic has taken a toll least, signs line many of the blocks as
12:57 pm
hmm. and some other large retailers, such as you, nick lowe and dsw have closed their doors. those stores that remain open our advertising black friday sales early this year, coinciding with the early tree lighting, trying to get an early start on ome of the delays with different deliveries, the police chief and mayor say they are planning extra patrols, along with an ambassador program to increase safety and welcome shoppers back during the holiday season. do the ambassador program. we hired retired san francisco police officers. now we have 23. they also are working the area and we are doing everything we can to make sure that this neighborhood. that union square is safe, and along with the holiday tree union square is also bringing back the lighting of the menorah on november 28th to celebrate hanukkah. reporting from san francisco. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. san francisco's glide memorial church has held
12:58 pm
its official first event of the holiday season. large crowd gathered at the masonic in san francisco last night for glides annual holiday jam benefit. it featured the glide ensemble as well as grammy winning artist bobby mcferrin in oakland zone. fantastic. negredo's. this year's concert was dedicated to the memorial of glide co founder janice marika tani. she died earlier this year after battling cancer. we're celebrating janet's america. tani who is our co founder and passed away this summer, and so just remember it and reminding people about her legacy and her love for the people of san francisco. america tani played a critical role in a number of programs that clyde, including one that now provides more than 10,000 free meals every week to those in need. in san francisco. the money raised from last night's concert is going to that program. well, the u. s capitol christmas tree has arrived in washington d. c this year's tree is an eight not 800. but close 84 ft. tall white bird from the six rivers national forest in northern california.
12:59 pm
the tree will be decorated with thousands of ornaments made throughout our beautiful state. the tree is nickname sugar bear, the u. s capitol christmas tree lighting ceremony will be held in december and keeping with holiday tradition here just a few minutes ago, president biden pardon two turkeys in a ceremony at the white house was the power vested in me as president, knighted states. i pardon you. i pardon you this thanksgiving. four and six. the turkeys named peanut butter and jelly were raised in jasper, indiana. each weighs about £40 now that they've been spared this thanksgiving, peanut butter and jelly will live out the rest of their lives back in indiana had a research and education farm at purdue university, one of the fun, easy, bright spots of being president. right you know what i look forward to it every year. no matter who's president. it's a nice light moment that they're really doesn't have much to do with politics, thankfully. yeah, we need more of those. right. thank you so much for joining good to have you up here, by the
1:00 pm
way, thank you. long day for yo. and napa is in order for sal castaneda. you get to meet us back here at four. thanks for watching. oz -- >> are you bloated, crampy for no sentence how do you know if fibroids are the cause of your symptoms? >> listen to your body. my body was telling me. dr. oz: planning to travel for the holidays? what you need to know to protect your familiarfully germs. there are can be a happy ending. dr. oz: amy rorbach on the art of the blended family. ♪ dr. oz: are you feeling bloated, crampy or constipated for no reason? it could be because of one of these in your uterus. they're called fibroids. millions of women have them growing inside


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