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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 19, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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demonstrators chant and march in oakland tonight after a jury finds kyle rittenhouse not guilty of all charges in the wisconsin case of two killings during a protest. there's clearly a double standard of justice here in this country, and that's why we're here to call to an end white supremacy. anger and disappointment in the bay area over the rittenhouse acquittal. good evening. i'm andre senior cristina rendon. the protesting oakland was just one of several across the country, including kenosha, wisconsin, where that verdict was handed down today. these are
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live images from kenosha county courthouse tonight, where a group of protesters gathered there earlier. at this hour. you can see everyone has gone home, but we will take you to wisconsin for more on that verdict. in a moment our live coverage begins with ktvu deborah villalon with more on the message from protesters here at home, and debbie even watching this protest. how did it look? well, more than 100 people. christina turned out for this a peaceful march to oakland's federal building.
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