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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 21, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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i, where an suv has plowed into a holiday parade hitting more than a dozen people. we have new information just released from police plus season looters again targeted department store this time, though, in the east bay. and there is a concern. it could happen again tonight. this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening to you. i'm andre senior infer frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. we begin tonight with that developing news out of wisconsin more now from wisconsin, where an suv sped into a christmas parade in suburban milwaukee this afternoon, leaving at least 20 people injured. it happened in the town of waukesha, wisconsin, about 20 miles west of milwaukee. a live video feed of the parade from the city showed a red suv breaking through
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barriers and speeding into the roadway where that parade was taking place. police and family members took the injured to area hospitals, but their conditions have not been immediately released. police have recovered the suspect vehicle, but at this time, it remains unclear if the driver is in custody. news locally walnut creek police adding patrols tonight to the downtown shopping district after the nordstrom store was hit by a mob of up to 80 people vandalizing and looting merchandise. it is the latest case of organized theft in the bay area. ktvu is james torres has an update now from police and reaction from people who work nearby. craziness. ah just unbelievable that this is happening nowadays, and it's scary reactions from employees at broadway plaza in walnut creek, most shops around the nordstrom here. the latest victim of an organized retail theft. i'm just shocked. i thought we have now gone past that police say 80 people ran
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into the store and started stealing what they could. a nearby restaurant manager described the chaos he saw. i had to start locking the front door locked the back door because you never know. they're just right there. they could come right in here. it was crazy for a second. all the guests inside. we're getting concerned it was. it was a scary scene for a moment they have, like looting their hands and all. oh, yeah. oh yeah. no people had boxes bags. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. it was crazy scene officers arrested three people dana dawson and joshua underwood of san francisco and rodney robinson of oakland, each face theft and burglary charges. dawson facing gun possession charges after police found her with a gun. it's really sad to me, you know, it really is because most of us are hard workers, and we're just trying to get through and we have enough to worry about right now with covid, and we're just. at our limit, and this kind of just phes you over a little bit, according to police to employees at the store, where assaulted a third employee, pepper sprayed those who work nearby wonder what would happen. if it happened to them. it's
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myself and my stress level, seeing this happen and going through this and walking the streets of walnut creek as safe as it was before. i don't feel comfortable finishing work at night, the remaining suspects took off and get away cars. police now working to identify who they are walnut creek. police say they are now reviewing security camera video to see if they can make more arrests. they are asking anyone with any information. to give them a call. in walnut creek. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. so the mayor of walnut creek released this statement reading in part, the walnut creek police department is actually actively monitoring intelligence that indicates the group of thieves who stole from the broadway plaza nordstrom last night. are also considering similar activity later today. this is not been confirmed, but out of an abundance of caution. we're alerting businesses and residents to be prepared. the police department is calling out additional officers and reserves and some stores may consider closing early or taking other
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precautions, and police in san francisco are expected to start limiting the number of cars now in union square after several high end stores were hit by thieves in similar style robberies. police say they expect to make more arrests in connection with the looting and vandalism that happened on friday night. eight people, all young adults have already been arrested in connection with this series of robberies. cell phone video shows one man with the arms full of merchandise running away from the louis baton store. oakland police say a carjacking suspect shot by officers yesterday has died. police say officers found a car that had been reported stolen at gunpoint in the rock ridge neighborhood about three o'clock yesterday afternoon. they say they follow that car to ocean view avenue near broadway, and that is where they say the suspect began using the stolen car as a weapon against police, prompting officers to open fire. oakland police chief laurent armstrong says he plans to hold a news conference tomorrow to give more details on the shooting. we have new details now on another side
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