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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 21, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haene. and i'm andre senior in tonight for frank somerville. this time the thieves targeted southland mall in hayward after three straight days, the smash and grabs in the bay area. other businesses are now bracing for the possibility possibility they could be next. ktvu zack saw, says the story live in hayward, where the newest heist played out, zach. good evening. well, tonight, smash and grabs or certainly not as large and scale as the ones we've seen in the past two nights. make no make steak about it, the thieves still making off with some expensive items and in the process, leaving a jewelry store here at the southland mall covered and shattered glass. three days street large smash and grabs this time, a jewelry store targeted in the southland. moland hayward cases shattered after police say nine suspects made off with an unknown amount of pricey items just before 5 30 in the afternoon. meanwhile in walnut creek, the broadway plaza nordstrom still cleaning up
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after police say a braze group of 80 thieves made off with piles of merchandise. saturday night high end gift store papaya just down the street yesterday. when it all happened. i was just i was just shocked a statement put out by walnut creek police warning about intelligence they'd received, suggesting the same thieves might strike again sunday, advising stores to consider taking additional security precautions or close. early store manager crystal miramonte is worry. smaller retailers like hers could be the next target. that was honestly one of the first things that i thought about, because usually it's just me here. and so in that instance, there's really not much i could do. besides either protect myself and then exit through the back concerns heightened after thieves struck several luxury stores, including louis vitton on mass friday in san francisco's union square off camera, one private security agencies, saying the crime spree has them fielding it up taking calls from area retailers. in walnut creek labels owner lynn nice wonders if area retailers should band together to share the expense. we could maybe
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collectively have some more security here on the downtown small business side of all that creek. but in the meantime, after last night's large scale, smashing grip, we did decide to lock one of our three enter and exit areas leading to some of the stores. higher ticket items, exactly the type of accessories local security experts say thieves have been targeting the last two days really depends on what they're selling what the street value. is for the product that they have and what location there in crime hitting during a key holiday period, and just as independent retailers say they're getting back on their feet after navigating the pandemic, says manager concerned the news might push some shoppers to buy online but a customer walking in giving her reason to think otherwise. i choose not to be intimidated. i choose to believe that this is my town and i can be wherever i want in my town. and i will be. and walnut creek. police say they have arrested three people
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tied to that smash and grab at nordstrom's last night. meanwhile hayward police say they're still looking for the suspects tied to the jewelry smash and grab here, and they said they fled in two cars for now, alive. and hayward. zach sauce ktvu fox two news. yeah, it's happening way too often, zack. thank you. and we want to let you know that we are just getting word of another. robbery this one happening around 6 30 tonight it happened in san jose at santana row. we've learned that lululemon store there was hit by a group of thieves. no arrests have been made. but we've heard that dozens of people entered the store made off with merchandise and got away again. developing news now involving another robbery, this one at santana row at the lululemon store. we're working to get more information on that. if we do, we will bring it to you right back to the big one. that happened friday night. police in san francisco expected to start limiting the number of cars and union square. after those high end retail stores were hit by these police say they expect to make more arrests in connection with the looting and vandalism. friday night.
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eight people, all young adults have already been taken into custody. cell phone video shows one man with arms full of merchandise running away from the blue baton store. well. several francisco friday night around the same time that those stores in union square where burglarized, and last night several marijuana dispensaries in oakland were also targeted by criminals. authorities confirmed today that the businesses experienced either robbery, attempted robbery or looting. one of the dispensaries is located along the 300 block of pendleton way in east oakland. security guards for the business reportedly exchanged gunfire with looters. and what we out. heard gunfire back and forth back and forth. several. and so i came up to 80 scenes. guys laying on the ground police here. they told me to stand back and wait a little while. ohh they have to go inside investigating make sure it's safe inside. oakland police said that one man was taken into custody. there is no word yet on the conditions of those who were
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shot. opd expected to release more details about the incidents tomorrow. turning down to another developing story. investigators have confirmed five deaths in connection with the fatal crash in a parade parade goers in wisconsin. one person those images give you an idea of just how fast the driver of that red colored suv was going before hitting parade goers in the city of waukesha, in addition to the five people who were killed, dozens more have been injured. tonight investigators took one person into custody. after the crash. they have not offered specifics about that person. walkinshaw schools will be shut down tomorrow as that community tries to come to grips with that devastating news. this is the most important thing is the families. this tragic event. and making sure. that the next of
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kin is conducted. and then we're working with the families. that is our priority in this tragedy. sam cramer spoke with witnesses who are in shock tonight. the image that keeps going through my head as a car going through the girls. and the only reason why they didn't break down because i had the other kids around me. then i knew that if i panic, they panicked. we saw another woman talked with her who was right in front of you. she saw this dance team about girls between nine and 15 years old. passing her when that suv barreled into, she estimated 20 of them. she said that immediately there was about a moment of silence to really grasp what had just happened before. everyone jumped into action. there were either screaming, running away or yelling toward those girls and trying to keep others who were along the sidewalk along this route out of harm's way. extremely chaotic. we can tell
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you ever since police have been here. they've been expanding this scene. main street is about two blocks to the south. this way as we see more wisconsin state patrol deputies get on scene here so very fluid situation, but one that you know this town and people that were here along this parade route. are not going to forget for a very long time people who are over four or five blocks starting around here and then the next block and the next block the direction lot about first. i thought we'd get drunk driver. been stopped, but then some of said they definitely di. the deliberate being called to the whole thing is typical. so i don't know. it's still awful. i feel like i'm watching a movie in the stateroom life because. i've never seen anything this bad before. and again, that was sam kramer reporting again. investigators have not offered any details about the person that they have taken into custody in connection with this case, they say they plan to reveal more about what they're learning. tomorrow we have an update to a story we told you
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about last night at 10, oakland police say a carjacking suspect shot by police yesterday has died. police say officers found a car that had been reported stolen at gunpoint in the rock ridge neighborhood about three o'clock yesterday afternoon. police say they followed the car to ocean view avenue near broadway. and that is where they say the suspect began using the stolen car as a weapon against police, prompting officers to open fire. oakland police chief laurent armstrong says he plans to hold a news conference tomorrow to give more details on this shooting. starting at midnight mask will be required indoors once again in santa cruz county. the mandate applies to businesses and private settings with members of different households that includes thanksgiving gatherings. health officials say the decision was based on current numbers. covid hospitalizations are up as well as case rates, which have increased 29% from two weeks ago. health officials say the indoor mask mandate will likely continue through the early part of next year. that's a very of college students won't need to
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pay tuition next semester coming up the bay area college, eliminating the fee for how long and who will pick up the bill instead. i'm not a racist perso. i support the blm movement. i support peacefully demonstratin. then i believe there needs to be changed. and kyle rittenhouse speaks out after his acquittal in a case that sparked protests across the country. and we're tracking the forecast for this tracking the forecast for this week. a lot of folks have it ♪ ♪ tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits.
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♪ ♪ tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits.
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mandatory fees for the spring semester. the free tuition will apply to all students enrolled in more than half a unit and will cover 18 units worth and classes. college. marin says the program is aimed at easing some of the burden that students may be facing during the pandemic. the program is being paid for with federal covid-19 relief funds. those who have already paid for the spring semester will receive a refund check gilroy residents are asked to use the police departments online reporting system for non emergency incidents today as the department upgraded. it's it systems. city officials say the upgrade is designed to ensure a seamless response during power outages or other power related emergencies. police emergency calls were redirected to santa clara county communications for several hours. as the work was underway. justin justin. protesters marched in kenosha, wisconsin, today, two days after
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a jury found kyle rittenhouse not guilty of murder in march, followed the same route rittenhouse took last summer when he shot three people, killing two of them during anti police demonstrations. protesters say they want the justice department to look into further charges in the case. kyle rittenhouse, and his mother spoke exclusively with tucker carlson of fox news today. they talked about the verdict and the challenges that will continue for themselves and the victim's families. more now from fox news, mike tobin. i tell everybody there what happened? i said i had to do it. i was just attacked. i was dizzy. i was vomiting. i couldn't breathe. kyle rittenhouse, opening up for the first time after being acquitted of all charges. telling fox news is tucker carlson, in an exclusive interview about how the verdict brought both relief and vindication. this case has nothing to do with race. it never had anything to do with race. it had to do it the right to self defense, right? um i'm
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not a racist person. i support the blm movement. i support peacefully demonstrating. and i believe there needs to be changed. written house had been on trial for shooting three men, killing two during violent protests last summer in kenosha, wisconsin. the jury ultimately agreeing with the defense's argument that rittenhouse was defending himself after being attacked by protesters. this round of protests thus far has been small and peaceful and portland's demonstrations flared to the point where police called them a riot. mostly what we saw were marches in places like chicago and minneapolis. demonstrators complained that the verdict will encourage vigilante is, um. the family knows not everyone believes justice was served. it's not about winning. you're losing. there was two people that did passed away. and. families have to grieve here in kenosha. citizens and business owners
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