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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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seen on 6 80 s r four increased highway patrol. presence you will see substantially more. starting today. in and around areas that are highly traffic coming into the holiday season. black friday. ah and shopping malls. so the state is supplementing those efforts and we are going to be more aggressive. still. now, as we mentioned, changes are coming to san francisco's union square due to an increase in the thefts. ktvu christian captain shows us how drivers will face some new restrictions. the aftermath of friday night's mass theft from louisville on another stores is clear businesses around union square, putting and windows, ing louis vitton, which is once again welcoming shoppers inside those businesses trying to protect their stores just in case so make sure you come down and support the businesses down here you might see some businesses boarded up. but that
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is just a precautionary measure. right now. we just want to make sure folks are safe. our employees are safe and everyone feels good. coming down here. also evident is a heavy police presence, with officers setting up a mobile command center in patrolling the square and surrounding neighborhood. there's a very strong police presence down here. i am very appreciative. i know that the merchants and the businesses in all the san franciscans and visitors alike are really happy to see our city really taking. a strong stance was here all day saturday, san francisco's mayor toured the area for the second time in three days, checking in with businesses and talking with employees inside the louisville thanh store, she said the robberies are having ripple effects throughout the city. and need to stop. this is a bigger issue. this is impacting our bottom line our economy. no one wants to come to a city where they don't feel safe. and so what we're doing is we want people to feel safe. police say so far they've arrested at least nine people in connection with friday nights, robberies and burglaries, six from san francisco to from the east bay
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and one from georgia. police say more arrests are likely the district attorney's office offering a brief statement saying charges will be announced tomorrow tuesday. we're receiving the case from sfpd already had a conversation with the dea about how important it is. on prosecution because people can't just feel that they can do this and get away with it without there being some consequences. union square officials also confirming that there is going to be changes to traffic in the area as well. streets around union square will be closed to through traffic from seven pm until six am in the overnight hours to deter getaway vehicles from entering and loitering in the area in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. well it may seem like we haven't heard much about widespread retail theft in other cities, but actually other places around the country have the bay area beat the national retail federation tracks retail theft across the country s
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angeles takes the top spot on the list of cities most impacted by organized retail crime. chicago, miami and new york city. follow. san francisco rounds out the top five, and the organization cost retailers more than $719,000 per one billion in sales each year. when they surveyed stores all across the country. 36% of operators said they had plans to increase the amount of money that they dedicate to try to fight this problem. many retail experts say thieves increase their operations before major holidays. get yourself a reporter. jessica picks up our team coverage of this problem tonight from san jose were thieves also targeted a lululemon store over the weekend. there was another attempt at valley fair at approximately the same time who suspects made their way into the sunglass hut valley fair where they stole sunglasses and excess of $7000. san jose. police say alert security scared off the
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bulk of the robbery crew around 6 30 sunday evening. still, experts say it's not an accident. stores from the south to the north to the east are being targeted days before major holiday. these are definitely organized, brazen thefts that are occurring. there's planning that goes into them. it's not like somebody wakes up today and say, hey, let's get you know 2050 80 people together and let's go hit all these s dollarf merchandise policing, expert lisa daddio says. thieves case potential targets beforehand. learning about security pattern, employees merchandise levels and get away routes before committing the crime. these items can be incredible christmas gifts to people without paying full price. there's no question that these guys are going to try to sell their goods somewhere, experts say. internet sites and pop up sales spots are the most likely destinations to move stolen merchandise. there are barriers to try to catch these things
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before they get online. but that doesn't mean they don't get online platforms have a responsibility to protect not just the customers but also legitimate manufacturers, with fewer prosecutions and police resources stretched thin, officials and experts say. the public. maybe the last line of defense against this growing threat. i think it's up artificw and also to do some research about the seller. the key here if it seems like you're getting an impossibly expensive item for very low price. ask questions and perhaps called police during the holidays. everyone wants to feel like they're getting a lot for a little, but this type of crime ultimately comes back to affect everyone. outside santana row in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. an attempted robbery at a cannabis dispensary in san leandro early this morning, was among a number of similar crimes around the east bay over the weekend. officers
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responded at about 1:30 a.m. to a dispensary at 1915 fairway drive. a security guard called police and said multiple vehicles pulled up at the dispensary. san leandro police say there were shots fired, but it's not clear yet whether the suspects or the security guard opened fire. no one was injured and the suspects fled the scene before getting into that dispensary. oakland police are investigating violence that left a teenager dead and a number of businesses ransacked by armed burglars over the weekend. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us, the city's police chief called it unacceptable. this is surveillance video sped up, showing a group of robbers invading wellspring pharmacy on piedmont avenue in oakland stealing medication and happened saturday night during a busy and violent weekend, this city had to deal with overwhelming violence in this community over the weekend, and it's unacceptable. it's one of numerous calls involving carloads of thieves that had oakland police officers going from call to call to call roving caravans. a vehicle's targeting
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cannabis operations, retail shops, pharmacies throughout the city of oakland. there were shots fired between the robbers and security guards. at a number of those dispensaries, at least two dozen businesses were impacted predominantly cannabis operations were burglarized attempted burglaries and armed individuals who were shooting. as they were trying to enter th people at the business. the latest incident happened at about three monday morning when robbers fired shots at oakland police car during a party girl robbery near 80 seconds macarthur in east oakland. the two officers inside the car were not hurt. as police investigated those incidents. they also had a deal with side shows with cars spinning doughnuts that activity continue until the late morning. police also dealt with the carjacking in east oakland that led to shots fired at police in a two hour chase that ended near ocean of you and broadway in the normally quiet rockridge neighborhood. that's where police say the suspect tried to ram officers. the suspect exited
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the vehicle armed with a firearm officers gave the suspect commands to drop the gun. opd officers then discharged their duty firearms. the suspect died at the hospital. oakland city council member lauren taylor says the community needs to work together with police to put an end to the violence. we need to do more of investing. in our law enforcement capabilities are staffing as well as the investments into prevention, deterrence, those things that collectively work together to keep us safe. and in another case, a 17 year old boy was shot and killed near 39th and carrington in the fruitvale neighborhood. no arrests have been made. there have now been 100 and 24 homicides in oakland so far this year. henry lee ktvu fox studios. police say the suv driver who plowed into a christmas parade in suburban milwaukee, killing at least five people and injuring 48. others was leaving the scene of a domestic dispute. police say that that suspect darryl brooks jr acted alone and that there is no evidence that he knew anyone
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in that parade. fox news mandolin. rivera is in waukesha, wisconsin, with more on that suspect. authorities continuing to investigate the deadly wisconsin christmas parade incident as we learn more about the man behind the wheel. last night, our wonderful walk short parade became the scene of a horrific tragedy. last night lives were lost during the middle of what should have been a celebration. waukesha questioning daryl brooks, who was behind the wheel during the rampage at this time. the workshop. police department is referring five counts of first degree intentional homicide. with additional charges based on the investigation. brooks has a long criminal history that includes numerous violent felonies, with two cases currently open in the state and was released from jail on november 19th. the 39 year old taken into custody after an officer opened fire to try to stop the vehicle didn't stop at all. just kept going running over people the entire time. the 59th annual parade with a theme
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comfort and joy turned into terror and tragedy as a red suv sped through a barricade and plowed into the crowd, killing a handful of people and injuring dozens of others, including 18 kids who were taken to children's hospital of wisconsin ranging from ages 3 to 16 years of age. which include three sets of siblings, a number of children remain critical and among the dead members of the milwaukee dancing grannies, the organizations saying, in part, quote, those who died were extremely passionate grannies. they were the glue held us together. the attorney currently representing daryl brooks, and several other cases, telling fox he will not be representing brooks in this case, and waukesha, wisconsin. mala rivera fox news. jurors in another high profile shooting trial, prepared to deliberate attorneys layout, the final strategies, see how they're handling the case of three white men involved in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. coast guard crews show off more than half a billion dollars worth of illegal drugs plus. it's the holiday
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week ahead. we've got some nice weather to talk about. we'll get into that when i see you next. today marks the federal employee vaccination deadline and that could have an impact on your holiday travel plans. i'm madison all earth in newark, new jersey, more o once again requirn
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santa cruz county. the mandate applie to businesses and private settings with members of different households, and that includes thanksgiving gathering. health officials say that decision is based on the current data. covid hospitalizations and infections are both up. health officials say the indoor mask mandate will likely continue through the early part of next year. closing arguments took place today in the trial of three men accused of killing ahmad our very last year in georgia prosecutor told jurors the men charged in the shooting had no cause to chase arboreal when they saw him in their neighborhood. but as fox news charles watson tells us the defense refuted that claim.
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attorneys in the trial of the model barbarous killing made their final pitch to jurors monday. greg mcmichael, his son, travis, and neighbor william bryan are accused of chasing and killing aubrey. the three men say they were trying to conduct a citizen's arrest. made assumptions about what was going on that day, and they made their decision to attack ahmad artery in their driveways. because he was. a black man running down the street, the state, arguing the defendant's actions were not a lawful citizens arrest because they weren't present when a crime was committed. prosecutor linda dennis kaskey also asking jurors to reject travis mcmichael testimony that he shot aubrey in self defense. if you are the initial unjustified aggressor. you don't get claim. self defense. defense attorneys argue the shooting occurred only after aubrey tried to grab travis's shotgun. you are allowed to use force. that is likely. to cause death or
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serious bodily injury. if you believe it's necessary. they also say the defendant's believed aubrey had committed burglary after surveillance video captured him at a home under construction. defense attorney jason sheffield asking jurors to set aside their feelings during deliberations. it's going to take courage to set aside what you think and feel. what may be trying to penetrate you from other sources that you have tried to do your best to avoid. and to focus on the bare facts of this case. the three defendants also face federal heat crime charges in the killing of amado berry. in brunswick, georgia, charles watson. fox news. president biden announced today that he is nominating drone pal for a second four year term as federal reserve chair if confirmed by the senate power will remain one of the most powerful economic officials in the world. the second term is set to begin in february. one of the biggest
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challenges is balancing interest rates with the threat of rising inflation on wall street today, stocks rose immediately after the announcement of pals renomination. but late afternoon slump pushed the markets mostly lower. the dell held onto a 17 point game. the nasdaq lost 202 points and the s and p was down by 15. doordash is set to pay a $5.3 million settlement for violating to san francisco labor laws tied to health care benefits and paid sick leave. the settlement was announced by san francisco city attorney david chiu, supervisor aaron peskin and the san francisco office of labor standards enforcement. the majority of the settlement will go to doordash workers who made deliveries in san francisco between 2000 and 16 and 2020 about $187,000 will go to the san francisco office of labor standards enforcement for future enforcement efforts. already we had a pretty nice day today. temperatures got into the upper sixties low seventies and some spots slightly cooler
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tomorrow and then mild and warm right through the bay area holiday week. temperatures are going to be in the sixties to maybe some low seventies right through the week. so here's the long range model. here's the deal for the cooling tomorrow. watch it come through. that's tomorrow. it's late tonight, early tomorrow morning, but you can kind of see little weather system. no big deal, but it's enough to cool us down. and so now i'm gonna take this bad boy all the way through next week, and you can see everything. tuesday wednesday rides to the north thursday friday. to the north british columbia. heavy rain, historic flooding for those guys, not for us, we're looking at dry conditions through sunday and beyond that, to some extent, there is an opportunity for some rain. now it looks like the first week of december, which is hard to hear, you know, but we're doing fine in terms of rainfall per cents of average. fortunately, we've had that, you know, had that big event but, boy, i'll tell you, you know, it just shows you when it turns off, and i mean, i've been doing this a lot of lot of years. whens of, it can do that. and this ridge is
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dominant and it's big. it's wid. it's a tough one to break down even even though. there's so much activity on the pacific. usually that will whittle it down, but it's not. it's broad. it's hard to break down so that there's this can all change. but right now you're next week. plenty dry, plenty warm. not even that much valley fog except in the central valley. there was valley fog in a dense fog advisory this morning, down towards bakersfield, south of modesto, down by fresno. i think that will continue again tomorrow. these are the highs from today. pretty nice highs tomorrow drop about four degree, so lots of low sixties to mid sixties. certainly nice day i'll see you back here with the full forecast just few minutes. all right, bill. thank you. t s a agents across the country face a deadline today to show proof that they are vaccinated against the coronavirus. the deadline comes just days before some of the busiest travel days of the year. sfl reports it expects to see 65% of pre pandemic traffic between now and the new year. and those who are traveling for the thanksgiving holiday are being advised to pack. some patients. long lines are
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expected at airports across the nation. reporter madison alworth has more now on what air travelers can expect. we're very confident this is going to be a very smooth operation over the next several days. monday marks the deadline for all federal employees to receive their code vaccination that includes tens of thousands of employees who risk losing their jobs. if they eventually don't get the shot. there is the potential if you. do not have an improved exemption and you are not vaccinated that you will lose your job. that possibility, worrying some travelers as we enter one of the busiest travel weeks of the year ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. there's going to be a lot of people traveling, and i just think that there's going to be longer line, but he s a insists they are prepared, and they're viewing the deadline as more of a learning opportunity. saying in a statement to fox business that they are working towards reaching 100% vaccination status and that agents will remain employed and working through the busy travel season. yes, a spokesperson saying today that 93% of the employees are in
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compliance with today's deadline and that manpower will be needed this week. as the t s a estimates will be screening approximately 20 million travelers. that number near pre pandemic levels. i have seen no indication the vaccine requirements are going to impact travel in any way, certainly in terms of our ability as a federal administration to provide the services that are needed. with long lines expected t s a is recommending that you arrived two hours before your flight at newark liberty international airport. i'm madison alworth, fox business. andrew reports more than 90% of the people planning to travel during the thanksgiving holiday will be hitting the road and paying a lot more for gas than this time last year. triple a reports. the average price in california is now $4.71 a gallon for regular. that's about a dollar 50 above what we were paying just last thanksgiving. the bay area has the highest gas prices in the state in san francisco, the averages 4 88 a gallon. oakland's average is 4
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79 and san jose. it's a penny higher at 4 80. it has been a struggle for most businesses during the pandemic, but small business operators have been hit especially hard coming up. we'll check in with a few small businesses around the bay area for a look at how they're doing in the run up to the holiday shopping season, and forces of nature collide in our next half hour. new video from the. canary islands as lava meets the sea more than two months after
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