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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 22, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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shoppers on edge tonight after thieves target businesses large and small three days in a row. scared to death. you know, somebody's going to break in the car smashed the car. who knows what they're going to do? you just don't know anymore. from san francisco to walnut creek to hayward and palo alto. large groups of thieves have been breaking into bay area businesses and taking anything they can. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank. we know of at least 15 stores that have been targeted all around the bay area. they include louisville don in san francisco's union square on friday night. nordstrom and walnut creek on saturday, a small jewelry store in southland mall and lululemon in san jose santana row were targeted just yesterday, and thieves also tried to break into the real real in palo alto last night. live coverage now from katie
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news, amberleigh in downtown palo alto and amber. that luxury consignment store wasn't the only victim here. unfortunately that was not the only incident in this area. not police. tell me. more than two dozen thieves smashed the front door of this luxury consignment store last night, and at this point, police cannot say if they are the same people responsible for others smash and grabs. here in the bay area. crews were boarding up the real real display window and front door in downtown palo stom of an attempted burglary around 11 sunday night. what's going o, you know, in the world in the bay area that they're doing this i mean, it's. it's scary. police tell me up to 15 vehicles pulled up 25 to 30. people got out and smashed the glass door but in alert security guard called 911. police responded before anyone
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got inside the store. amazed shocked, shocked because i'm putting think something like that would happen in this area. the thieves memo appears similar to the smashing grabs that took place at stores in san francisco's union square friday and the north storm in walnut creek saturday. palo alto police describe it as a regional problem. that needs a regional response. they broke the front door with a sledgehammer. then they came in and smashed this case. smash this case. cherry lebron's jewelry store on university avenue was burglarized overnight thursday, the first time in her 31 years of running the business shattered glass everywhere. i don't know why it is. i don't know why it's happening, but it's upsetting. that's scary. she tells me. thieves stole $50,000 worth of jewelry handmade by artists, cleanup and repairs have kept her store closed. she hopes to reopen by friday. the affects all of my staff who work here and care
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about the business deeply. it affects the 60 different. small studio jewelry artist who i represent sharper's. tell me these recent incidents are a reminder to be alert. whenever i go places. i'm always keeping an eye on what's going on around me. things are happening left and right. you know, it shouldn't be happening. i don't know what the police can do to stop it. thank you, robert, come home. that's where the attempted burglary at the real real police say they were able to stop one vehicle and unrest. two people so far, police say they do not believe the same people are responsible for the jewelry store break in a manager at the real real tells me the story is now closing. earlier as a precaution. heather is unfortunate, especially as we head into the busy holiday shopping season. amber thank you. well, we have new information tonight about that brazen theft of merchandise from that north from store in walnut creek on saturday. wanting to take a look now at video showing a mob of roughly 80 people streaming out of that store just
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before closing time, police say thieves got away with between 102 $100,000 worth of merchandise. the city started placing police officers inside the store earlier this year, but none were on site when saturday steps took place. three employees were hurt. police say they managed to arrest three people, but everyone else got away. nordstrom closed early tonight at five, but the store says it will be open until nine o'clock tomorrow night. parts of union square are closed to through traffic tonight in response to brazen burglaries. they're of high end stores. over the weekend, police began restricting cars around seven pm to deter getaway vehicles from entering the area. the traffic closures will remain through six a.m. and will continue every day until further notice. there's a very strong police presence down here. i'm very appreciative. i know that the merchants and the businesses in all the san franciscans and visitors alike are really happy to see our city really taking a strong stance.
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businesses were open today, but many put up plywood on the doors and windows, including louisville thanh, which was hit the hardest. during friday night's chaos. san francisco's mayor toured the area for the second time in three days, checking in with businesses and talking with employees inside the louis baton store. this is a bigger issue. this is impacting our bottom line our economy. no one wants to come to a city where they don't feel safe. and so what we're doing is we want people to feel safe. at least nine people have been arrested, and police say more arrests are likely. well, now we go to the s targeted. but what by what appears to be yet another coordinated burglary? gateways jesse gary has more on that incident, and he also spoke to experts about what could be driving this spike in illegal activity. there was another attempt at valley fair at approximately the same time who suspects made their way into the sunglass hut valley fair where they stole sunglasses in excess of $7000. san jose. police say
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alert security scared off the bulk of the robbery crew around 6 30 sunday evening. still, experts say it's not an accident. stores from the south to the north to the east are being targeted days before a major holiday. these are definitely organized, brazen thefts that are occurring. there's planning that goes into them. it's not like somebody wakes up today and say, hey, let's get you know 2050 80 people together and let's go hit all these stores and literally walk out with tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise policing expert lisa dario says. thieves case potential targets beforehand. learning about security patterns, employees merchandise levels and get away routes before committing the crime. these items can be incredible christmas gifts to people without paying full pric. there's no question that these guys are going to try to sell their goods somewhere, experts say internet sites and pop up sales spots are the most likely destinations to move stolen merchandise. there are barriers
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to try to catch these things before they get online. but that doesn't mean they don't get online platforms have a responsibility to protect not just the customers but also legitimate manufacturers with fewer prosecutions and police resources stretched thin, officials and experts say. the public. maybe the last line of defense against this growing threat. i think it's up to customers to people to watch for prices and seemed artificially low and also to do some research about the seller. the key here if it seems like you're getting an impossibly expensive item for very low price. ask questions and perhaps called police during the holidays. everyone wants to feel like they're getting a lot for a little, but this type of crime ultimately comes back to affect everyone. outside santana row in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news well, the bay area is not alone when it comes to retail theft, and in fact, some other places around the country actually have the bay area beat.
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the national retail federation tracks retail theft nationwide. los angeles takes the top spot on the list of cities most affected by organized retail crime. chicago miami and new york city follow with sag out tp five the organization says these types of crimes cost retailers more than $719,000 per one billion in sales each year when they surveyed stores all across the country, 36% of operators said. they had plans to increase the amount of money they dedicate to try to fight this problem. we're going to get to work collaboratively to address these organized efforts and call them out, and they need to be held to account. this is this is unconscionable behavior because its impact is well beyond just the victim. governor gavin newsom condemning the recent thefts in a one on one interview with our political reporter, greg lee, coming up at 10 30 tonight more on what the
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governor said about crime and the coronavirus new attend a holiday tradition returns to downtown san jose. the opening celebration of the downtown ice rink was held tonight. ktvu is azenith smith joins us now live in san jose with. how city leaders hope this holiday favorite will help revitalize the downtown economy as it. while julie the palm trees are lit up skating just ended at 9 30 tonight. this is an iconic part of the holiday festivities in downtown san jose that was greatly missed. again with performances from snoopy and impressive back flip from figure skater angela weighing on the ice. the holiday downtown ice rink is officially back in downtown centers, a. oh it is so great to be back here and the reopening of downtown ice and yes, it's been two years and i think people are ready to get back outside the iceberg, named after cristiano gucci, now in its 25th year, it's the only ice
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rink in the world surrounded by 32 palm trees, known as the circle of palm's. we are going to have a great time. and you know what? we all deserve a great time because it's been tough for a couple years here right in downtown. the pandemic forced the ice rink to be closed last year christmas in the park, another holiday favorite returns this friday, complete with rides at winter wonderland, saying a bunch of kids skating around this rink just makes everything more beautiful and wonderful in this square. signs of the pandemic linger. the fairmont in downtown is closed after filing for bankruptcy. and a new city audit showed team san jose nonprofit that manages several city owned facilities reported $0 in economic impact for this past fiscal year after the county health mandate made it impossible to do business team san jose convention center theaters everybody took a huge hit, but the great part about it is that we've got, um. we've got events like the van gogh exhibit and we've got all the theaters
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coming back with the holiday performances. the san jose downtown association says restaurants are staffing up, hoping to take advantage of this critical time. we want to have that vibrancy come back, get people out and about enjoying themselves go into the small businesses. going to the restaurants for the angela's family son jordan's donning a san jose sharks jersey they can't wait to make more holiday memories. it's just fun memories
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