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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 22, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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very important thing, which is downtown is back. holiday tradition returns to san jose tonight hopes for an economic comeback in the city's downtown. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. downtown san jose, still recovering from the pandemic, but city leaders hope the return of a holiday favorite will help turn things around. hello again, everyone and heather holmes in tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener downtown businesses are preparing for the anticipated crowds new tonight. ktvu s azenith smith joins us live in san jose with tonight's big opening, as in it. yes it was a big opening night with help from an olympic champion. the opening of the ice rink is something people look forward to every year here in downtown san jose and marks the start of the holiday season. and city leaguers. city city leaders were eager to welcome visitors back again with performances from
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snoopy and impressive back flip from figure skater angela wang on the ice. the holiday downtown ice rink is officially backed in downtown san jose. ah it is so great to be back here and of doe ice rink named after cristiano gucci, now in its 25th year, it's the only ice rink in the world surrounded by 32 palm trees, known as the circle of palm's. we are going to have a great time. and you know what? we all deserve a great time because it's been tough for a couple years here right in downtown. the pandemic forced the ice rink to be closed last year christmas in the park, another holiday favorite returns this friday, complete with rides at winter wonderland, saying a bunch of kids skating around this rink just makes everything more beautiful and wonderful in this square. signs of the pandemic linger. the fairmont in downtown is closed after filing for bankruptcy. and a new city audit showed team, said jose nonprofit that manages several
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city owned facilities, reported $0 in economic impact for this past fiscal year after the county health mandate made it impossible to do business team san jose convention center theaters everybody took a huge hit, but the great part about it is that we've got, um. we've got events like the van gogh exhibit and we've got all the theaters coming back with a holiday performances. the san jose downtown association says restaurants are staffing up, hoping to take advantage of this critical time. we want to have that vibrancy come back, get people out and about for the angela's family son jordan's donning a san jose sharks jersey. they can't wait to make more holiday memories. he's learning how to play hockey. and so he's super excited. i love skating. i've been doing it since i was really young, and it's just something i love to do. you can only buy tickets online and proof of vaccination is required. the ice rink is open until january. 9th julie,
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it's great to see it out, people out and about as nothing. q. parts of san francisco's union square are closed tonight to through traffic in response to the brazen burglaries of high end stores. over the weekend, police began restricting cars at around seven tonight. could deter getaway vehicles from entering the area. traffic closures will remain through six a.m. and will continue every day until further notice. businesses were open today, but many put up plywood on the doors and window, including louisville thanh, which was the hardest hit during friday night's chaos. at least nine people have been arrested, and police say more arrests are likely to businesses in allah beta were also the victims of organized retail theft. police say overnight thieves targeted the consignment shop heirloom deluxe and still see a cannabis dispensary. police say the thieves were unsuccessful at one of those locations due to security measures that were put in place that thieves were then interrupted at the second location by officers who arrived at the scene. police are
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encouraging retailers to put shatterproof film on the windows and to remove high valuable items from the store floor and we've learned to businesses in downtown palo alto were also struck by smash and grab thieves over the weekend. as ktvu is amberleigh reports, more than two dozen people smashed the front door of a luxury consignment store. crews were boarding up the real reels display window and front door in downtown palo alto monday evening. the luxury consignment store is the victim of an attempted burglary around 11 sunday night. what's going on, you know, in the world in the bay area that they're doing this i mean, it's scary. police tell
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