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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 23, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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mass shooting mass looting in san francisco's union square to be held accountable. we'll have the latest on the retail that's happening all across the bay area and the stepped up enforcement promised by the governor, plus gas prices on the rise as millions of americans hit the roadway for the thanksgiving holiday. the order from president biden today in hopes of relieving some of the pain at the pump and the bay area organizations doing what they can to make sure people in need have a hot meal. this coming holiday. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. and good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach gasia mikaelian governor, gavin newsom promising state law enforcement officers will help local agencies combat organized retail theft that's hitting a number of bay area cities. from san francisco to walnut creek, hayward to palo alto. large groups of thieves have been breaking into bay area businesses and stealing whatever they can get their hands on. we have a map here that shows how thieves have targeted at least 15 stores across the bay area in
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just the past four days. this includes the louisville thanh store in san francisco's union square, nordstrom and walnut creek. they also tried to break into the upscale consignment store, the real, real and palo alto sunday night. thieves also hit a small jewelry store in hayward, southland mall and the lululemon store in san jose santana row. we have this new video to share from walnut creek of the smash and grab robberies at nordstrom over the weekend. about 80. people poured out of that story just before closing stolen items in hand. police now say that merchandise value between 102 $100,000 was stolen and that nordstrom employees, three of them were injured. so far, at least three arrests have been made. nordstrom says the store closed early monday night. tonight, though it will be open until its regular closing time of nine pm san francisco district attorney is scheduled to announce the charges for eight people arrested during friday's mass smash and grab union at union square. as ktvu zach sauce reports chasing boudin is ensuring the community that the criminals will be held accountable. let me be clear. i
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am doing everything in my power to keep san francisco safe and to make sure that people who come to our city to commit crimes are held accountable. san francisco de a chaser boudin, speaking to cnn's chris cuomo monday night in the wake of friday's widespread looting at some of the city's marquee stores and union square, the dea announcing his intent to pursue felony charges against eight people arrested. police meanwhile, expecting more arrests to come. the da's comments follow city mayor london breeds call for stiff charges for those involved. people can't just feel that they can do this and get away with it without there being some consequences. that are not comfortable for someone. the mayor touring the district monday, where stores are now open, but a number of them boarded up with plywood, including louis vitton, one of the primary targets of the mass smashing grab friday. breed expressing concern about the effect the crimes are having on local businesses and ultimately
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on the city's bottom line and worried about the safety of people working in and visiting the area. it's not just about how it looks. it's about what harm it can do. we're talking about guns that have been confiscated people who have been threatened and in the process of someone trying to get away whether it's you know, trying to leave this door and knocking down someone who could potentially on the sidewalk or g someone over and they speed out of this city. this is a problem with public safety as a hope in the wake of the crime spree, police beefing up their presence and union square and shutting down traffic in the area from seven pm until six in the morning, but dean promising to take the smashing grab crime spree, which exploded across the bay area this weekend. head on, i'm focused with my investigative resources. undetected disrupting and dismantling organized crime networks that make fencing the stolen goods so profitable. zach sauce, ktvu, fox two news.
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oakland police arrested three people in connection to last month robbery and shooting of retired oakland police captain or c. joyner. this happened october 21st at a west oakland gas station. surveillance video shows joyner, surrounded by several men who grabbed his phone, pulled the chain off his neck and stole a backpack from his vehicle. joyner fired his gun. and one of the suspected roberts died. another was injured. joyner himself was in the hospital several days and was released last week today. president biden order to release oil from the strategic petroleum reserve in an attempt to lower gas prices. triple a reports. the average gas price in our state is $4.71 for a gallon of regular a dollar 50 more than what we were paying this time last year, griff jenkins reports. as tens of millions of americans hit the road for the thanksgiving holiday. they make it into gestion when they go to gas up. but on tuesday, president biden made a move he hopes brings relief ordering the
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release of 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to help boost supply and bring down the price. we're already seeing some price effects. that' because this is a coordinated effort with numerous other countries. japan south korea, china, india, the uk gasoline prices nationwide are averaging about $3.40 a gallon this thanksgiving up from $2.10 just a year ago, according to triple a. and while the white house sees a huge political problem and high gas prices, republicans blame the president's own policies aimed at reducing fossil fuels. senator john barrasso saying, quote begging opec and russia to increase production and now using the strategic petroleum reserve are desperate attempts to address a biden caused disaster. the decision comes a day after president biden nominated republican jerome powell for a second term as federal reserve chairman. i believe j is the right person to
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see us through. and finished that effort. while also addressing the threat of inflation. president biden hopes pal will focus on climate change a top priority for the president in his build back, better social spending plan that has yet to make it through the senate. in washington. griff jenkins, ktvu fox. two news tsh workers are expected to screen some 20 million travelers this week. sfo saw big crowds over the weekend, and things are expected to stay busy. friday saturday. sunday have been the three busiest days at sfo since the pandemic began. so we're certainly bearing encouraged by that definitely on the road to recovery in terms of volume. sfo wants to remind travelers masks are required at all us airports. and when you're boarding a plane and flying free masks, of course, are available at the terminals. alright, let's take a peek at the best and worst times to hit the road. the bay area news group compiled data from triple a, which shows the worst time to set out is between four and six p.m.
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tomorrow. you'll likely see the most traffic heading back to the bay area on sunday between one and seven pm now if you can wait triple a says the best time to hit the road ahead of thanksgiving would be after nine p.m. on wednesday and as many families prepare to celebrate thanksgiving with a warm meal. it is not so easy for everyone to get food on the table this year. we are still feeling the effects of the pandemic. food prices continue to rise. creative use of mannequin. tana takes us to san jose, where one high school is lending a helping hand. thanksgiving is still a couple days away. but here presentation high school today is turkey day. it's a day of donation, but also a celebratio. this day is the culmination of our food drive that's led up to this where we've. brought in donations of pop top cans and hygiene items and diapers and formula and so many other thing, so this is like the final like the last two raul the goal is to collect and donate 1000 turkeys.
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this drive has become a tradition that presentation and a competition among grades. but you donate to a class and it goes towards points that are kind of spirit points that goes towards a spirit trophy of but it's really just all in good fu. even parents are getting involved, so they were at walmart. cleaning the shelves of turkey's last night. so it's just fun to help them out. all of the donations go to sacred heart community services directly to families picking up full thanksgiving meals through wednesday, and this year sacred heart is seen even more people in need. the pandemic just exasperates a lot of the challenges that many in our community face right like you talk about displacement. we talked about in our region abou, you know, people making money and the economy being good for some people, but it's definitely not great for a lot of our folks. inflation doesn't help them at all right. because gas prices are more expensive. it's
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more expensive to live here, and these teens stepped up. often using their own allowance money. they've saved to make a difference as people who are lucky enough to go to a school that has food drives to go to a school that gives us these opportunities to serve. i think it's a responsibility to help out as much as we can. amanda king donna ktvu, fox two news. marin county has the highest percentage of children who have received the covid vaccine in the bay area since u. s regulators cleared the fighter vaccine for children 5 to 11 40% of children in that age group in marin county. have received at least one of the two fighters shots. other bay area counties range from 21% in contra costa to 26% in san francisco fighter released the results of long term trials that show it's covid vaccine is 100% effective in protecting 12 to 15 year olds. the tests were done for 10 months when the delta varied began infecting large sectors of the us population. the fighter
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vaccine has been approved for emergency use in that age group. the company plans to use this data for further approval from the fda still to come in noon from covid to crime in the bay area. we go one on one with governor gavin newsom. everybody's got to step things up. we need to see more law enforcement, more deterrence presence. what he told ktvu political reporter greg lee about this weekend steps and freeway shootings plus. the man accused of intentionally killing five people and wounding more at a christmas parade makes his first quarter appearance. i'm mike tobin and walkinshaw details coming up and it was a little bit of a cooler start for much of the bay area's we give you that live picture of downtown san francisco will check in with ktvu. meteorologist mark tamayo. he's going to have your full forecas, including what we can all expect, adding into the thanksgiving holiday.
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waukesha, wisconsin on sunday. reporter mike tobin has the latest on the investigation into how holiday parade turned into a mass casualty incident. we have no information that brooks no. anybody can free police here in waukesha, wisconsin, are still looking for answers. trying to figure out why this man 39 year old daryl brooks drove his suv into a crowded holiday parade on
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sunday, leaving at least five people dead and dozens more wounded. both law enforcement and eyewitnesses say there's little question brooks targeted the crowd on purpose. he just. accelerated ah, through through the kids. you could tell that. this person driving the vehicle had absolutely no desire to stop or slow down. officials say they don't suspect terrorism was emotive. brooks is a career criminal with a long rap sheet, including trying to run over his child's mother with the same car he used on sunday. he was released from prison just last week on what the milwaukee county district attorney called quote inappropriately low bail. but some community leaders say now is not the time for finger pointing often focus on them. perpetrators often we focus on the evil and when we knew that we completely miss all the people that are not folks here in waukesha are still in shock as the community comes to terms with what happened and as funeral plans and memorial services get underway, most are vowing to stay strong in the face of tragedy. we are hurting.
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we're angry. we're sad. where confused. we're thankful. we're all in this together. brooks is now charged with five counts of first degree intentional homicide in waukesha, wisconsin. mike tobin ktvu. fox two news. the fate of three white men charged with the murder of ahmad are very is now in the hands of a journey. that jury began deliberations this morning after the prosecution delivered its closing rebuttal. gregory mcmichael, travis mcmichael and william brian jr are accused of chasing down and killing our very last year while he was. out for a jog. and brunswick, georgia. they claim they thought he had burglarized a home and that he was shot in self defense during a citizens arrest this morning. ahmad are berries, mother said the lead prosecutor did a good job and that there will be quote justice for ahmad. she presented that evidence. again very well. i do think that we will come back with a guilty verdict. and i'm going to leave
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with this. god has brought us this far and it's not going to fill us now. we will get justice from on. if convicted, each defender could face life in prison without the possibility of parole. we can't get outside this gorgeous new time as we. face the sunshine. it's always nice to see you in that backyard mark tamayo. either garcia. yes good to be outside this afternoon. after that cold start this morning. we had a few neighborhoods in the thirties temperatures if you were kind of in the right angle with the sunshine, it actually feels nice to be outside. as we take a look at some of the overnight lows. you can see some areas and lots of areas. in fact, we're showing you some thirties out there for livermore. morgan hill. nevado sand, it's elmo. and even that ken would napa mid thirties 35 degrees and napa today will be a little bit cooler compared to a yesterday as you can see across a good portion of the bay area so chilly start this morning with some patchy, dense fog, partly to mostly sunny this afternoon temperatures will be in the sixties. so yesterday we had the seventies even if you
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low eighties not as warm as yesterday. here's a satellite where you can't see if you high clouds approaching our coastline. in fact, as we are coming closer right now. on the satellite. we actually still have a few patches of fog out toward the central valley so into the afternoon hours, that fog will gradually melt away. looks like we have some dense patches closer to stockton, lodi and a real vista, but we'll probably notice a few high clouds increasing from the pacific. we showed you the overnight lows from this morning but afternoon at least the current numbers 12 o'clock hour, actually fairly comfortable, upper fifties to the sixties. just not as warm as yesterday. here's a live camera looking out towards san france. cisco in the distance the open estuary, and you can also see a few high clouds increasing so we'll continue to track at least partly sunny skies across parts of the bay area, but it's just a minor changes this week system moves in from the north. we once had hoped this would bring us some rate fall here across portions of the region, but that system of that hope is kind of
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faded away quickly so forth today cooler if you high clouds paints a visit, and then this area of high pressure really wants to stick around. it will stick around through thanksgiving and beyond. so it is a dry forecast could be breezy in the very hills with winds gusting over 20 to 30 miles an hour. temperature is this afternoon upper fifties to the sixties. i did see some gusty conditions offshore, so that's where the coastline could have those winds picking up. out of the northwest santa rosa, mid sixties livermore, 64 san jose in the sixties. and here's a look ahead. your five day forecast breezy, especially for the hills for tomorrow, but it's kind of a stretch of a sunny symbols here for thursday on thanksgiving, and that will continue into the weekend. it looks like that rain chance we've been tracking long range because kind of fading away as well. so this dry weather pattern is here to stay. of course, we need the rainfall. but of course, this will help us out for all the traveling across the state as we head towards thanksgiving, mark, thank you still to come and doing something other than heading to the store to buy gifts this holiday season. how you can
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violations the company was cited by the california public utilities commission. it says p genie failed to conduct thorough inspections and repairs on at least three occasions. the first involved the transmission line in marin county. the second involved more than 54,000 distribution poles in wildfire prone areas. and the third involved distribution poll in danville. the utility company has 30 days to pay the fine or file an appeal. governor newsom has named senior energy adviser alice reynolds as the next president of the california public utilities commission and current president announced that she is resigning by the end of the year. reynolds is scheduled to begin her new position on december. 31st a federal judge has ordered all california prison employees to be vaccinated by january 12th, according to the chronicle. the judge also criticized governor newsom and the prison guards union. for trying to postpone his order. nearly 300, california inmates and prison staff have died of covid. the state's lawyers accused the judge of an unprecedented intrusion into state operations
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and that enforcing the mandate too soon could lead to a mass exodus of correctional officers. some of the biggest names in the world of business are based here in california. but did you know 99% of the companies in our state? are small businesses such as the ones on fourth street in san rafael. store holiday shoppy did before the pandemic. that's especially true for locally owned specialty stores. it's a very interactive business, so people want to want to be there. look at what you're doing. have a you know a chance to make their own choices. you know all let's try this. it's definitely great to see people coming back in. it's great to have the interaction again instead of just doing it through a website or like curbside. and you know if you really all the business owners we talked with said they've had some supply chain issues, but they they feel fortunate. they're in a position to survive the holiday season without too many problems with the supply chain issues. some people looking for alternative gift ideas. ktvu spam, cook
12:24 pm
reports on avoiding shortages while creating holiday memories in a way that also helps your local community. ain't too proud baby now is the perfect time to give the gift of an experience going to a museum going to a show going to a dance performance going to a concert. whatever it is. that's the biggest thing we need is we want people to come back. jennifer represents bay area arts together a group of more than 100 performing arts venues and museums working together to get people back inside. we do this for the people who live in this community in the bay area at large, and so come back or give the gift of supporting someone to return to our organizations, she says. the value of giving the gift of a museum membership or a night of enjoying a performance goes well beyond the price of the ticket. there's everything from the intrinsic value that we deliver to someone's life of just, um the experience the learning about
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yourself learning about others. there's also the economic impact that we have, because when we're back, we're bringing visitors to our organizations. and then they're going shopping. they're going out to dinner, lunch their pain to park somewhere there. paying for public transportatio. they're hiring a babysitter at home. maybe and you don't have to wait and pay for shipping when giving the gift of tickets. let's stop waiting for those containers to be unloaded. when in our own backyard. we have some incredible things like, for example, this holiday season i personally am. i'm taking. i'm creating experiences. i think this is the year that we buy experiences for family. it's also been a very stressful year. i'm going to the oakland hills going to the claremont hotel and i'm buying. five massage treatments for my friends. i'm also taking my family to the symphony this year and what's really cool about our oakland symphony is our holiday concert is happening in december, but
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i'm actually purchasing future experiences with the symphony. many local cities and malls have gift cards that can be used at independent boutiques, stores, restaurants and coffee shops. hopefully this becomes a tradition with families to say, hey, how am i going to support someone local, our neighbor our neighborhood and keep it vibran. pam cook, ktvu, fox two news. still to come in noon. elizabeth holmes back on the witness stand today what she's testified so far about regarding her contact with big pharmaceutical companies. plus this is unconscionable behavior because its impact. is well beyond just the victim. the business where all victimized governor newsome addresses the past weekend thefts at retail stores across the bay area has promised to step up enforcement. and how he's working to prevent a winter surge of the coronavirus. we learn about covid-19,
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or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto to learn more about cost, enforcement with more resources and that these organized criminal acts have to be dealt with immediately from san francisco to walnut creek, hayward to powell out, oh, large groups of thieves have been breaking into bay area businesses and stealing whatever they can get their hands on just this afternoon. san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin is expected to announce charges in connection with one
12:30 pm
of the city's smash and grab robberies. eight people were arrested friday night after the louisville aton store in union square was l it on display stocs stolen. police say more arrests are likely. police in palo alto are investigating two separate smash and grab burglaries in the downtown area. officers say they arrested two people for the most recent crime but a luxury consignment store late sunday night. police say more than two dozen people got out of his many as 15 cars and smashed the front door and windows of the real real consignment store on university avenue and alert security guard called 911 and police responded before anyone got inside the store. amazed shocked, shocked because i'm putting think something like that would happen in this area. palo alto police say they do not think the same people are responsible for smash and grab early thursday morning at a jewelry store on university investigators say they stole about $50,000 worth of gold and silver merchandise from the de novo jewelry store. so far. no arrests in this case, retail
12:31 pm
experts say thieves usually increase operations before major holidays, and it was no different in the south bay this weekend at valley fair mall in san jose, thieves targeted a sunglass hut around 6 30 sunday night and made off with more than $7000 in sunglasses. just around the same time lululemon store at santana row was targeted. policing expert lisa daddio says the thieves case potential targets beforehand. learning about security patterns merchandise levels. and escape routes. these are definitely organized, brazen thefts that are occurring. there's planning that goes into them. it's not like somebody wakes up today and say, hey, let's get you know 2050 80 people together and let's go hit all these stores and literally walk out with tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise. experts also warned shoppers about buying stolen items online or at pop up sites if expensive items are being sold at extremely low prices. consider. contacting police. widespread retail theft isn't just specific to the bay area.
12:32 pm
other cities nationwide are dealing with an increase in such crimes as well. the national retail federation tracks retail theft across the country. los angeles takes the top spot on a list of cities impacted most by organized retail crime. chicago miami and new york city. follow san francisco rounds out the top five. the organization says these types of crimes cost retailers more than $719,000 per one billion in sales every year when they surveyed stores across the country. 36% of store operators said they had plans to increase the amount of money they dedicate to efforts to fight theft. the oakland based dispensary shop blunts and more shared video of their stargate store getting robbed. the surveillance video shows a break in that happened early sunday morning, nearly a dozen burglars smashed display cases before taking off with armfuls of goods. the owner of the shop tells ktvu crime reporter henry lee quote. i'm tired of people in the community being put in danger by people from the community and quote the oakland chief of police says he plans to
12:33 pm
meet with cannabis businesses tomorrow to discuss steps that they can take to improve security. the violent weekend in the city of oakland did include a homicide, a deadly shooting by police and mayhem by roving groups of these as ktvu crime reporter henry lee reports, the police chief called the crimes the gunfire, all of it unacceptable. this is surveillance video sped up, showing a group of robbers invading wellspring pharmacy on piedmont avenue in oakland stealing medication and happened saturday night during a busy and violent weekend, this city had to deal with overwhelming violence in this community over the weekend, and it's unacceptable. it's one of numerous calls involving carloads of thieves that had oakland police officers going from call to call to call roving caravans. of vehicles targeting cannabis operations, retail shops, pharmacies throughout the city of oakland. there were shots fired between the robbers and security guards at a number of those dispensaries, at least two dozen businesses were impacted predominantly cannabis operations were burglarized attempted burglaries and armed
12:34 pm
individuals who were shooting. as they were trying to enter these businesses when they ever they were confronted by either security or people at the business. the latest incident happened at about three monday morning when robbers fired shots at oakland police car during a party girl robbery near 80 seconds macarthur in east oakland. the two officers inside the car were not hurt. as police investigated those incidents. they also had a deal with side shows with cars spinning doughnuts that activity until the late morning. police also dealt with the carjacking in east oakland that led to shots fired at police in a two hour chase that ended near ocean of you and broadway in the normally quiet rockridge neighborhood. that's where police say the suspect tried to ram officers. the suspect exited the vehicle armed with a firearm officers gave the suspect commands to drop the gun. opd officers then discharged their duty firearms. the suspect died at the hospital. oakland city council member lauren taylor says the community needs to work together with police to put an end to the violence. we need to do more of investing. in our law enforcement. capabilities are
12:35 pm
staffing as well as the investments into prevention, deterrence, those things that collectively work together to keep us safe, and in another case, a 17 year old boy was shot and killed near 39th and carrington in the fruitvale neighborhood. no rest have been made. they have now been 100 and 24 homicides in oakland so far this year, henry lee ktvu fox studios. governor gavin newsom addressed the weekend theft and rising crime in the bay area. our political reporter regularly sat down with the governor, they discussed several topics, including how the governor is working to prevent a covid surge as we head into the holidays. clearly frustrated with the rash of crime over the weekend, governor, newsom said the state has to do more and do better to support local law enforcement also top of mind for him, preventing a winter covid surge as millions of californians travel for the holiday. during a stop in san francisco to promote vaccines and covid booster shot. governor gavin newsom spoke with me one on one when you look at
12:36 pm
last winter like you brought up and you look at a state like colorado. that is seeing a huge surge. how concerned are you about this winter? this thing can go fast, and that's why we have to deal with waning immunity. get the boosters get those that have not gotten that first dose that's still the most powerful dose that first dose of vaccine. to get that vaccine and continue to be vigilant. so we get through this winter if we can get through this winter. i think we're going to be in a completely different place. i feel much more optimistic than i ever have throughout this pandemic at this pop up vaccine clinic in the mission, several children got their covid shots, newsom said. partnerships with communities, particularly communities of color are key in getting more young people inoculated. there's no substitute for getting in the schools. getting a school nurse to express that message, not politicians. no substitute for getting your own doctor. your pediatrician that's taking care of your kids to express that and share that message. last week, the governor extended parts of his emergency powers through march, citing covid threats. the order that began in march 2020
12:37 pm
sparked criticism. and some of your critics, as you well know, have said. it dismantles. our separation of powers would be your response to that. and are there metrics for ending that state of emergency? we, by the way, we have states emergency that open for about a decade. very familiar campfire, the state of emergency after emergency state emergencies exists and persists for years and years and years and years. as it relates to what i just extended. it was very limited, very targeted to staffing, flexibility, contract staffing and waivers for staffing for hospitals, in particular, and for allowing more mobile vaccine clinics just like you just saw. to not do that and to put at risk federal funding. would be to me malpractice. the governor's visit comes after a rash of bay area crime, including deadly freeway shootings in a series of smash and grab retail thefts. he called the burglaries unacceptable and said the state's retail task forces working with local law enforcement in addition to increasing chp presence in the
12:38 pm
area. what do you tell people that say, i. i feel unsafe. everybody's going to step things up. we need to see more law enforcement seem more deterrence presence. we're going to see more you've seen more, but we're going to see even more chp officers out on the roads. we didn't wait. till today to do that. we did that saturday and sunday. you're seeing it on 6 80. you're seeing it on s r four. you're going to see it in and around large shopping malls and centers and we're going to continue to work collaboratively to address these organized efforts and call them out, and they need to be held to account. this is unconscionable behavior because its impact is well beyond just the victim. the business where all victimized because there's a level of distrust. lack of confidence in public safety. that is inherent in what's happening, and that's why that needs to. we need to be more aggressive as the state continues its economic recovery, the legislative analyst's office predicts. a $31 billion surplus for the 2022 budget. newsom told
12:39 pm
me to expect investments to address quality of life issues with the caveat of holding city leaders accountable to delivering. we've been writing hundreds of millions of dollars in checks across the spectrum of issues homelessness. issues around housing. billions of dollars. we need to see accountability in terms of the application of those dollars and we need to see results and the issues of quality of life are real in this state, as many californians prepare to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. i asked the governor what he's thankful for. well, i'm thankful to 40 million californians strong, their resilience, their faith and devotion, the fact that they haven't given up on themselves or each other. governor newsom is among those traveling for thanksgiving. shortly after our interview, his office announced he will be in mexico with his family for the next week. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. it's the third day on the witness stand for theranos founder elizabeth holmes in her federal fraud trial in san jose. so far, she's testified about her contract contact with big pharmaceutical companies back in 2000 and eight and 2000 and nine
12:40 pm
she says she understood that there are notes was hitting design goals and that its blood testing device showed excellent performance. prosecutors allege homes lied to investors about our company's blood analyzers, saying they were supported by big pharma companies where crews spent hours clearing a crash involving an amtrak train in richmond and a truck carrying new vehicles crash happened shortly after eight o'clock last night near market avenue and soto street. firefighters say the truck somehow gets stuck on the tracks and could not move. 30 people were on board the train at the time of the crash. only the train engineer needed to be treated for minor injuries. everything worked out really well, one minor injury. this could have been a disaster out here with 30. people on the transition would have overturned it could have been a major incident. amtrak trains were still able to get past the crash scene without any major delays. holiday tradition returns to santa's a why city leaders are hoping the return of the ice rink will bring in more foot traffic to local businesses.
12:41 pm
then it's a cool but gorgeous day for most of us here in the bay area, look at the oakland estuary, san francisco and the back there, ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has your full forecast and we get to see mark again coming up. the security fid
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
them, as well as show producers of the astral world music festival. this is just the
12:44 pm
latest lawsuit filed after 10 people died and hundreds of others were hurt. while travis scott was performing in houston. the guards say the security company failed to provide them a safe workplace and that they did not receive any training. their lawsuit claims emotional trauma as well as injuries ranging from a broken hand to an injured back. put out probably like 40 to 60 people session i was in before we're trapped inside, even hit the stage. it was even before the conflict started. it was just it was just overwhelming. i was trying to help out as much as i could, and i wind up getting hurt, and thet shutting it down. but they continued on. the attorney representing the security guard, says the company should have known that people could get hurt at the crowd got out of control because it's happened at other events. it's still not clear why the show was not stopped when the crowd surged toward the stage. former las vegas raiders wide receiver henry ruggs will be allowed to stay under house arrest. despite missing an earlier mandatory alcohol test rugs appeared in the nevada
12:45 pm
courtroom to find out if you'd be sent to jail until his trial. instead he'll be required to wear a continuous alcohol monitor on one ankle gps on the other. rugs faces felony charges of driving under the influence. the case centers on a fatal crash earlier this month when police say drugs was speeding and hit another car. the driver of that other car and her dog died in the crash. amanda was photographed on january 6th carrying a podium from house speaker nancy pelosi's office during the capital right, has pleaded guilty in court. adam johnson of florida was charged in federal court with entering or remaining inside a restricted building. federal prosecutors agreed that they won't ask the judge to order johnson to serve prison time, but the final decision will be made at johnson's hearing set for next february. the congressional committee investigating the january 6th insurrection issued five more subpoenas. one of them is for roger stone, a longtime political adviser to former president donald trump. another is for alex jones, conspiracy theorist. both have said they don't want to testify before the
12:46 pm
committee 150. other people, including some former aides to president trump have already been interviewed by that committee back to meteorologist mark tamayo we go and just a phenomenal fall day outside mar. yes it is beautiful bike and gaussian. we very chilly start this morning, but once you kind of get in the sunshine, it actually feels nice to be outside. so we're locked in this dry weather pattern not only for today tomorrow and also as we approach thanksgiving, so let's take a look at this beautiful table setting for you if you can't see right now, and we're showing you the forecast as we peek out the window outside and we are expecting some dry conditions on thursday, another cold start that's going to be the constant each and every morning but partly sunny skies temperatures from around 62. it is 70 degrees, maybe even approach them. maybe 72 by thursday afternoon, so that's the set up on our way as we head towards thanksgiving. the forecast models show you some rainfall. just not here in the bay area. it's all heading up to our north. it's kind of been the familiar story each and every day with the persistent rainfall
12:47 pm
up and portland's seattle so we are locked in this dry weather pattern this week in the next week, we'll see maybe about a week from saturday. we could be talking about a change, but hopefully that rain chance will not fade away. for today, though, as you can see, we have lots of clear skies a few high clouds approaching the bay area this afternoon and we still have a patrick to some fog out toward the valley locations. so just a heads up if you're out toward approaching real vista towards stockton and lodi, some reduced visibilities right now, with that stubborn patch has some fog lingering into the afternoon hours. current number is conquered. 58 san jose 65, san franci, 60 and nevada right now, checking in 64. here's our live camera looking out towards san francisco and you get the idea that we do have some of those high clouds out there in the distance, so it's not going to be 100% sunshine, but still partly to mostly sunny skies this afternoon and not as warm as yesterday, all because this area of low pressure is moving
12:48 pm
in from the north. so with that today, it's still nice. just not as warm as monday, little a bit of a drop off in the numbers and as we've kind of been illustrating that area of high pressure wants to stick around, so does it. dry weather pattern? right on through the weekend. some gusty winds in the hills, north bay hills, east bay hills, we could have winds maybe 20 to 30 miles an hour over the next few days. current number of san francisco she forecast ties san francisco 60 san jose approaching the mid sixties and lots of sixties on this map for today, just not as warm as yesterday. we could have a few spots getting closer to the 70 degree mark here is look ahead, your five day forecast and still some breezy conditions in the hills for tomorrow, but mike and gaussian can't see it. stretch of sunny symbols that continue into the weekend. and it will not feel like fall or as we approach winter time, with temperatures approaching the lower seventies this weekend, so the mild weather pattern out to the chilly start, then wild weather powder wants to stick around mark tamayo. thank you. holiday tradition returns to downtown san jose ktvu azenith smith spoke with city
12:49 pm
leaders during the opening celebration of the downtown ice rink and how they'll they are hoping that it will help revitalize the downtown economy. again. with performances from snoopy and impressive back flip from figure skater angela weighing on the ice. the holiday downtown ice rink is officially back in downtown san jose. ah, it is so great to be back here and the reopening of downtown ice and yes, it's been two years and i think people are ready to get back outside the iceberg, named after cristiano gucci, now in its 25th year, it's the only ice rink in the world surrounded by 32 palm trees, known as the circle of palm's. we are going to have a great time. and you know what? we all deserve a great time because it's been tough for a couple years here right in downtown. the pandemic forced the ice rink to be closed last year christmas in the park, another holiday favorite returns this friday, complete with rides
12:50 pm
at winter wonderland, saying a bunch of kids skating around this rink just makes everything more beautiful and wonderful in this square. signs of the pandemic linger. the fairmont in downtown is closed after filing for bankruptcy. and a new city audit showed team san jose nonprofit that manages several city owned facilities reported $0 in economic impact for this past fiscal year after the county health mandate made it impossible to do business team san jose convention center theaters everybody took a huge hit, but the great part about it is that we've got, um. we've got events like the van gogh exhibit and we've got all the theaters coming back with a holiday performances. the center is a downtown association says restaurants are staffing up, hoping to take advantage of this critical time. we want to have that vibrancy. come back, get people out and about enjoying themselves go into the small businesses. going to the restaurants for the angela's family son jordan's donning a san jose sharks jersey they can't wait to make more holiday
12:51 pm
memories. it's just fun memories for us. particularly this year. he just learned how to he's learning how to play hockey. and so he's super excited. i love skating. i've been doing it since i was really young, and it's just something i love to do. azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. still to come at noon, people go to san francisco's union square to see them every holiday up next. we're going to take a closer look at the return of the s p c. a holiday windows and the changes compared to and the changes compared to previous years. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. or guests?! but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults
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are going up, the company announced today it will raise prices to $1.25 starting next year, started testing the idea back in september. the company says the hiking price will help the company with distribution costs and wage increases. final
12:55 pm
preparations continue for macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city reporter dana arson says the big holiday event this thursday will look very much like it did before the pandemic. with you. chill breeze in the air to not keeping these performers from rehearsing for the 95th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. claire mason stars as glinda in broadway's wicked even right now for rehearsal, you can see people lining up at the barricades. i could see them right now. just eager to see that the excitement and the joy that parade brings and i think everyone's really, really thrilled. the parade with its creative floats and iconic character balloons will be back in full force this year after a downsized significantly last year due to covid, the only difference than years past, children under 12 won't be allowed to participate in the parade itself, but they will be allowed to watch as spectators along the 2.5 mile route. adding
12:56 pm
some extra layers of precaution just to ensure that we can have a safe and healthy parade and make sure that everyone who comes out can enjoy macy's is requiring that everyone participating in the parade be s who will line the streets in droves along the west side, there will be 28 floats, 15 balloons. 10 marching bands and a number of other musical performances. lisa nogueira came from texas to support her daughter who's dancing in the parade. it's great. i mean, the fact that we're able to be out and outside and the parade still happening. we didn't even know if it would still be happening. so you know the fact that it's still going on. it's great. this is just the start. of all the excitement on wednesday the balloons will be inflated throughout the day. and then, of course, the big parade on thursday and herald square. dana arson, fox news holiday traditions returned to the windows at macy's in san francisco's union square in a
12:57 pm
new way. people walking bike and see the 35th annual macy's spc. a holiday window display of pets up for adoption for the second year in a row, though, because of the pandemic, we will see videos of pets instead of actual cats and dogs. this annual tradition has helped more than 10,000 animals. find a home. macy says it hopes to have live pets returned to the window displays next year. an annual tradition is back in oakland today in an effort to help families in need, well known oaklanb is hosting his 17th annl turkey giveaway with dope beira and team give back this year. their goal is to donate 500 turkeys at the event that. market in 45th streets in oakland. i spoke to mr fab on mornings onto the nine today where, he said the giveaways aren't only about helping struggling families but about setting a positive example. giving back loving, caring, showing that you can make a difference in your community without indulging your negative acts. and we have to set that example because right now, more than ever, our children need us, especially in the city of
12:58 pm
oakland, california, so the messages to all the influences to all the big comey saw the guys that are in the neighborhood. let's start sponsoring these children and being being there to be available for some form of guidance. after the giveaway, mister fab and the team get back are also handing out hot meals, coats, blankets and socks to the homeless centers. a sharks have had some trouble putting the puck in the net, but they got two big ones. last night, san jose hosted the 14th win hurricanes. out of the shark tank in the second period of game. carolina's toni d'angelo scored the first goal kevin leblanc, who is back with the team after one game suspension, even at all up in the third period, this one would go to overtime. the sharks would get the game winner and that 21 victory. and that was actually only the second loss for the hurricanes this season. los angeles lakers superstar lebron james is being suspended a game for the first time in his 19 year nba career. james will miss tonight's game against the knicks for what the league called reckless behavior during sunday's lakers detroit pistons game it started when lebron
12:59 pm
james in detroit. isaiah stewart. we're positioning there for a rebound after the free throw, james swung his elbow back, hitting stewart in the face and leaving him bloodied stewart repeatedly as you can see here, trying to go after james and was suspended for two games without pay for escalating the situation. retired catchers giants catcher buster posey has received one last honor to round out his incredible career for the second time, has been named the national league's comeback player of the year there. 34 year old left the game earlier this month after coming off one of his best seasons, posey hit three or four with 18 home runs helped the giants to a franchise record. 107 regular season wins the national league west division title. he won three world series championships with the giants. how could we forget mike in 2010, 2012 and 2014 never never phenomenal career future hall of famer and my eye. so may argue that but his last home run as a giant, thank you. we'll tuck that away here at the ballpark with my son's memory will always have sweet. thanks
1:00 pm
for watching everybody have a great rest of your afternoon. our next newscast. of course, coming up at four. enjoy this coming up at four. enjoy this dr. oz: next "oz" -- >> jelani doesn't go without talking to me. jelani calls me. dr. oz: what happened to aspiring doctor jelani day, found dead two weeks after he was reported miss, his death ruled a drowning despite being an avid swimmer. his devastated mom's search for justice. >> somebody took him from me and i want them to pay for what they did. ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. it's a case that


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