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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 23, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and he says the store sells hard to find sneakers and clothing and believes that may have been why the shop was targeted. the stores first anniversary is just in a few days and tonight, san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin announced felony charges in connection with the brazen theft and looting in union square on friday night. bodine made that announcement around four o'clock this afternoon. ktvu is christian captain has more now on the charges being filed. san francisco's district attorney, says he and his office are taking the issue of mass retail theft seriously and are leveling a slew of felony charges against the nine people arrested in san francisco friday night. we are announcing charges that my office filed against these nine separate individuals based on incidents from the last couple of days. the charges were filed include everything from looting, grand theft, burglary, possession of stolen property, firearm possession, commercial burglary and more. the district attorney saying he'll be working with other days in the area, saying this is a regional problem. at the same time, san
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francisco leaders made a pitch to encourage people to shop and dine in the city, the mayor and chief of police saying they're cracking down to keep the city safe for shoppers as we enter the holiday shopping season. i know that people feel a certain kind of way because they're a number of stores that are boarded up, but there's still showing up. there's still shopping and we are still there. we have. are police officers in those garages as well. the chief of police, saying his office is working with other law enforcement agencies to crack down on mass retail theft. we're going to look at every angle that we can from a regional approach to make sure that we get a handle on this. you know, as far as strategies and the main thing we want to do is try to prevent these things from occurring, the chief saying changing traffic patterns around san francisco, including shutting down some streets around major retail areas is one way to prevent these from maneuvering their getaway vehicles in and out during a robbery. he also says it's time to revisit the cities policy of not monitoring live cameras, saying those cameras can provide critical information when it counts. if you can put that information out real time because you have a. the ability
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to access the cameras and the information. we are able. to broadcast. you know, this description of a vehicle is going in this direction. here's a license plate number, the mayor in chief, agreeing that there needs to be consequences to breaking the law in this case and consistently to deter criminals. we have an issue wit. people repeatedly doing the same act over and over again. we have to figure that out, and we need to make the arrest. that is that's absolutely a must. um we need to work with all parts of this system to make sure. that people are held accountable, just as the district attorney's news conference was set to get underway. about a dozen protesters showed up calling for the recall of the controversial district attorney. clearly this case has both criminal and political ramifications. the suspects due in court tomorrow in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox two news. the smash and grab crimes are part of a growing national trend
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starting today. los angeles police are increasing overnight patrols at high end retail stores. police arrested three people last night following a break in at a nordstrom store. they're the grove in l. a. according to police. a group of about 20 people used a sledgehammer and an electric bicycle to smash a window to enter the nordstrom store. there. they stole at least $5000 in merchandise and caused $15,000 in damage, and we now know the approximate value of the merchandise stolen at the nordstrom store in walnut creek on saturday night. about 80 people poured out of that store just before it closed carrying stolen items in hand. police now say merchandise valued between 102 $100,000 was stolen. three nordstrom employees were hurt. police arrested three people in this case as well, well, a serial shoplifting suspect in san francisco is now out of jail and on an ankle monitor. aziza grapes is accused of more than 100 thefts from the target stor. it's stones down galleria, the district attorney's office filed
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128 charges, including eight felony counts of grand theft. prosecutors say she stole $40,000 worth of merchandise since last year, a judge just released graves to deal with a separate case in eldorado count. she's due back into san francisco courtroom tomorrow to face that long list of theft charges. well, the holiday spirit is now moving into high gear and volunteers from one agency providing holiday meals are very busy distributing thanksgiving turkey dinners at several locations. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary reports now from one side in san jose. the traditional football and turkey thanksgiving combo getting an early start outside levi stadium tuesday, more than two dozen 49ers players joining second harvest food bank for feast with the niners just to give back get back to the community that comes to watch us and support us each sunday, monday and thursday when whenever that is that we play for two hours, free safety
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jimmie ward and others handing out groceries and turkeys. 2 750 families struggling to put food on the table. not only is this meeting the needs of our client, they need their groceries. it's also a way to kind of bring a sense of community like we get to live in the community where the niners are earlier in the day, healthy competition at presentation high school but offer a good cause. this turkey day celebration, eyes collecting and donating 1000 turkeys ahead of the holiday, its helping hand that's needed even more since the advent of the covid pandemic pandemic just exasperates a lot of the challenges that many in our community face right like you talk about displacement. we talked about in our region abou, you know, people making money and the economy being good for some people, but it's definitely not great for a lot of our folk. alto noontime care for the community's seasoned citizens. as you get older, it's harder to take care of yourself and it's easier. to keep people healthy than it is to bring them back
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from the brink of unhealthy nou. part of that help is healthy turkey dinners distributed to 150. residents of the stevenson house senior housing site. and anyone else in the community, 60 and older. i'm very grateful. um not only that convenience of just coming down and pick it up, not having to take the bus with the south based team in place and volunteers helping in all capacities. participants say the season of giving is on target to reach its goal. we know this year thanksgiving fictions are going to be about 30% more in cost than they were before, just because of inflation. for that reason, social service agencies like this are asking for donations, particularly monetary donations. and volunteers during the holiday season to make sure the need is met. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. an annual tradition returned to oakland today in an effort to help families they're in need. local legend mister fab, hosted
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his 17th annual turkey giveaway with dope era and team give bac. this year. they plan to give away 500 turkeys at this event on market and 45th streets. we spoke with fab on mornings onto the nine where, he said giveaways aren't only about helping struggling families but about setting a positive example. giving back loving, caring, showing that you can make a difference in your community without indulging your negative acts. and we have to set that example because right now, more than ever, our children need us, especially in the city of oakland, california, so the messages to all the influences to all the big homie saw the guys that are in the neighborhood. let's start sponsoring these children and being being there to be available for some form of guidance. after the giveaway, mister fab and the gift team give back also handed out hot meals, coats, blankets and socks to the homeless. well today barred, unveiled some new improvements to the air filtration system and all of its trains, officials their hope that the upgrade will help passengers. excuse me feel more
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secure about their safety from covid exposure. now, this comes as bar tries to win back riders that it lost during the pandemi. we get more tonight from ktvu is rob ross. from inside parts maintenance garage and hayward tuesday, officials showed off the system's latest tool to help keep passengers safe from getting covid while inside the trains, part is installed. these air filters called merv 14, an upgrade from the previous mourvedre filters. part says they're the highest rated filters in use by any transit system in the us, we need to be communicating with our riders. that it's safe from a covid-19 perspective that you can feel safe getting into a bar car. knowing that the air is clean, it's purified and that there's no threat of transmission. when you're in the bart system for bart covid safety is an important selling point. as it looks to lure back riders. you seem to have abandoned this system in favor of their cars since the pandemic. we know there are people who used to write bart and are driving right now. and so part of it is just
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changing those commute patterns. they got into a new rhythm of driving in and we just need to convince him to come try us once before the pandemic more than 400,000 commuters road part each weekday. now it's less than a third of that at 130,000 daily riders. bart says that ridership appears to be tied to the number of offices that are recording employees to leave home. and appear in person. bart ridership is tracking with office occupancy. those that are coming back. they are taking the train, but we still see a lot of traffic, so there's a lot more work to do and winning back. those writers born expects more businesses to open up in januar, and it projects that it will reach 50% of pre pandemic ridership by next summer. but to us that is a success story, which says a lot about the pandemic. that 50% of pre pandemic by next summer would be a success. we asked bart when it expects to get back to pre covid numbers. the answer. no one knows. at the lake mary part
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station in oakland. rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. coming up. it's time to start thinking about tax season. what you should consider before you filed this year. and yet another lawsuit in the astro world music festival disaster y two security guards say their company failed to provide them with a safe workplace. and we've got this holiday week to talk about thanksgiving just a few days away the weekend the holiday weekend just a few days away, we'll put the five day forecast out there and give you an idea of what you can expect and driving deer holiday destination this year is going to cost a little more than last year, coming up the move by president biden today to help bring down gas prices, and it appears as though the holiday getaway is already underway. giving you a look now at the live conditions along the bay bridge, and as you take a look at this live picture boy you can see traffic is heavy in both directions will be right back.
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stash of crude oil into the market to try to lower gas prices by increasing supply, but will it work? ktvu tom vacar reports now from san rafael, after talking with an expert. johnson was singing the tuesday fuel price blues had a navarro gas station. i can't afford it. you know, i'm on disability of work, part time and self car wash. um it's put him real hardship on me. relief is comin. 50 million barrels, the largest ever released from the u. s. strategic petroleum reserve. help provide a supply we need as we recover from this pandemic. in the wake of the arab oil embargo of the early 19 seventies, the u. s department of energy set up the strategic petroleum reserve, the world's largest known emergency stockpile of crude oil. currently 605 million barrels. the 50 million barrels from the
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reserve will take a month to get to the market. according to the white house. it will take time, but before long you should see the price of gas drop where you fill up your tank haas school of business energy economist severin borenstein says. it usually takes about 3 to 5 weeks to lead to lower prices at the pump, but this time the savings should come very quickly. the really good news is that oil prices actually topped out about a month ago and have been coming down since then. and i know that the president is doing everything that they can. it's an international problem. biden announced that china, great britain, india, japan and south korea will also release some of their reserves to have a greater impact on lowering worldwide crude prices. that's the biggest cost and a gallon of gasoline. the total release could be closer to 100 million barrels, so that would be good. it would have a modest, very modest effect. the mere threat of this last week lowered crude oil
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prices about 5% but thanks to us production these days, the extra money for gas is largely staying in the u. s not going to opec. the u. s is almost in balance between the amount of oil we produce in the amount of oil we consume. and so you'll know for every dollar decline in the price of a barrel of oil. the price per gallon of gas at the pump goes down. 2.5 cents. $10 drop in crude saves you 25 cents a gallon tom vacar ktvu fox two news. well it will soon cost you more than a dollar to shop at the dollar tree. the company announced today. it will raise prices on many items to $1.25 starting in the new year. it started testing the idea back in september. the company says the hiking prices will help the company with distribution costs and wage increases. alright i hope you had a nice day. i hope you have the week off. many folks do temperatures today. we're a little bit cooler than they have been, but they're going to warm a little bit tomorrow. we're just sort of in
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this mid sixties. upper sixties low sixties weather pattern that's going to stick around really right through the bay area. weekend little bit of valley fog this morning. not much very little to speak of. it burned off pretty quick tomorro. i don't suspect much fog at all. except in the south valley down by south of fresno, because the little bit of wind we got some wind coming up tonight that will kind of set things in motion, so the fog has a tough time forming. back it up. here's tuesday. there's all over the reins, going all the way up in the pacific northwest. look at that. that's that ridge of high pressure. friday saturday, sunday monday, everything's going up and over the top. atmospheric river, sending a lot of moisture in british columbia. so that's going to be a big story as we get into the end of this week. actually i think they're gonna have some serious hydro problems because it's their second significant atmospheric river in just a few weeks. and for us how long the coast right now there's no coastal fog to speak up plenty of sunshine or clear skies. tonight as well. overnight lows will be a little cool temperatures will be in the mid
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upper thirties and some of the cool spots and then we'll find temperatures around the bay, mostly in the in the low forties and even mid forties. so here is the wind forecast. okay i mentioned the wind look north of acquittal. see that bullseye about 12 o'clock tonight, 40 miles an hour right there about about six a.m. it looks like 67 a m. it's going to peak. those north northeast winds will prohibit the fog. we're fortunate that we're not dealing with, um dry conditions or this would be a red flag warning or fire, weather watch, but it's just gonna be breezy in the hills and what breezy conditions in our hills as well. i'll be back here with the full forecast in just a minute. all right, bill. thank you. well a federal jury says that cvs, walgreens and wal mart did not do enough to stop the flow of opioids into two counties in ohio. this is the first time that the retail segment of the drug industry. has been held accountable and the opioid epidemic and the verdict could set the tone for state and local governments that want to hold pharmacies accountable for the nation's opioid crisis. half million
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americans have died from overdoses over the past two decades. spokespeople for cvs and walgreens save the companies will appeal. the decision to security guards have filed a lawsuit against the security firm that hired them, as well as the producers of the astro world music festival. this is just the latest lawsuit filed after 10 people died and hundreds of others were hurt, while travis scott was performing. the guards say the security company failed to provide them a safe workplace and they didn't receive any training. their lawsuit claims emotional trauma as well as injuries ranging from a broken hand to an injured back. put out probably like 40 to 60 people section i was in before we're trapped inside, even hit the stage. it was even before the conflict started. it was just it was just overwhelming. i was trying to help out as much as i could, and i wind up getting hurt, and they were. they were speaking about shutting it down. but they continued on. the attorney for the security guard,
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says the company should have known people could get hurt if the crowd got out of control because it's happened at other events. it's still not clear why the show was not stopped when the crowd surged toward the stage. holiday windows returned to macy's in san francisco's union square coming up the union square coming up the changes being made this year. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ increased transportation benefits. one more thing you can rely on. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022. scan plans can include low maximum out-of-pocket costs, comprehensive dental coverage, and so much more. for the benefits that matter most to you, call scan at 1-877-212-7226. or ask your agent about scan.
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people walking by can now see the 35th annual macy's spc. a holiday window display of all of the cute pets that are up for adoption now for the second year in a row because of the pandemi, there are only videos of pat's instead of actual live cats and dogs. this annual tradition, though, has helped more than 10,000. animals find homes. macy says it hopes to have live pets returned to the window display. next year. the annual macy's day parade through new york city is back in full force this year after being downsized in 2020 by the pandemic. you're looking at some of the performers practicing there on the streets of manhattan, they say they are happy to be back, and there is a lot of excitement surrounding the coming parade. i mean, right now for rehearsal. you can see people lining up at the barricades. i could see them right now. just eager to see that the excitement and the joy that the parade brings, and i think everyone's really, really thrilled. it's great. i mean, the fact that we're able to be out and outside and the parade
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still happening. we didn't even know if it would still be happening. so you know the fact that it's still going on. it's great. but there is one notable difference in the parade this year. children under 12 will not be allowed to participate in the parade itself. instead they will only be allowed to watch as spectators along the 2.5 mile route. well the end of the year is almost here, which means you should also start your tax planning. fox's cj. papa has some recommendations to try to get you ahead of the game. it's that time of the year to get busy with your urine planning, and that includes preparing for tax season whether you're running a business or not, if you are an employer take advantage of the work opportunity tax credit. it's available to small businesses that support americans who have been repeatedly blocked from employment. if you are hiring anybody that's been unemployed for more than six months. you can get a 96 $100 credit, use it to pay a hiring bonus for there's no employees get into the holiday spirit give to charities both personally and
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from your business. there is an extra charitable deduction above the standard deduction this year for individuals and for businesses, you can deduct up to 25% of your income. only this year for giving to a charity, so that's a great deduction. plus, if you're involved in the charity or nonprofit, it's a great way to raise money help employees out with any daunting student loans. we have an entire generation that's buried under student debt and thanks to one of the stimulus bills. we can now pay $5250 towards our employees, student loans and we get a deduction for it, and they don't get taxed for it. and you can bring your kids into the office. you want to put your six year old behind the phones, of course, but somebody of a reasonable age, you can pay them up to $12,550 per year. the standard deduction takes care of that they won't get taxed on it other than payroll taxes. after all, it's your cash. i'm c j. poppa. all right. across the bay area, students have been speaking out against sexual assault and rape culture. the
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students say that more needs to be done to keep them safe. ktvu claudine wang takes a closer look at what these young people have been saying, and she joins us now live with more claudie. well heather, we're seeing more and more of these cries for help coming from across the bay area teenagers who come from different schools, but i'll have the same message. they all say what is happening in their schools is not okay. they say they don't feel safe and say things like groping new pictures and assault are all too common. in some cases, these teenagers have taken to social media telling their stories, which can be graphic and disturbing. every like every instance whether it's cat calling to all the way to the extreme of rape and sexual assault. i have had friends who have been survivors of things like that. and so i knew that was happening, but i think to the extent that that showed was not at all expected. i see it as shedding light on some serious darkness. it's a canary in the coal mine, and that canary is dead and it died a long time ag, and we're kind of sorting through the wreckage. tonight at
6:26 pm
10. we take a deeper look at what these teens are saying. what's happening and what needs to be done. experts say the important conversations about consent may not be happening at all schools, but teenagers say this is a problem they cannot solve alone. that's tonight on the 10 o'clock news really important conversation. all right, claudine. thank you. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. prosecutors file murder charges against two men in the death of their alleged accomplice during the robbery of retired oakland police captain. and then coming up later in sports we're going to hear from clay thompson, who was a full participant at warriors practice boy for the first time in more than two years. now he's recovering from those two serious injuries and an early morning break in at a cannabis dispensary. how that business is dealing with the second robbery this month.
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. asking people to support their neighborhood businesses despite some high profile incidents of theft. mayor london breed says the city is responding with two hours of free parking and some parking lots around union square. she also says there will be an increased police presence. oakland police are investigating yet another smash and grab retail theft surveillance video shows a group of people storming into the prime 3 56 door near 14th and webster streets around 11 20. last night about 40 people broke into that clothing
6:30 pm
store. the owner tells us. this is the second time his store has been hit in just the past month. and people in need are getting a helping hand for the holidays, members of the san francisco 49 ers and joined second harvest food bank to provide groceries to 750 families today. food banks and nonprofits say the pandemic has made for hard times for a lot of people who were already struggling, are watching ktvu fox two news tonight at 6 30, now back to oakland and another early morning break in at a cannabis dispensary. it was captured on video as well. it was among several businesses that were invaded by roving groups of robbers over the weekend, the dispensaries owner told ktvu crime reporter henry lee that. he felt safer when he used to sell marijuana on the street. this is surveillance video showing intruders, lootin, blunts and more cannabis dispensary at 66th and coliseum way and east oakland. they broke into the business just before six sunday morning. kind of like pride up what they could lift it up as far as i can get, and then they. broken in. shop owner
6:31 pm
tuckey blunt says the invaders had the run of the place for several minutes. they didn't seem to care about the cameras. at least one invader apparently got hurt during the break in. i had blood. in that case over there, i cleaned up in cases. it was blood over there. there are fingerprints. nearly a dozen burglars helped themselves to weed products, but some of it was left behind after they were scared away by security. blunt is in oakland native and next felon who's running a business in the same neighborhood where he was once arrested. i was safe for selling weed on the streets of oakland that i am selling illegally, and that's a problem that's crazy to even say, but. that's just the reality. i'm living in right now. he says he wishes he could reach out to the burglars to steer them away from crime. there's a song which other stuff you guys can do. we can teach all how to be in this business legally, instead of you coming to steal from it just to sell it to other thieves. you know what i mean? it just makes no sense. the unrest actually began with a sideshow with cars doing doughnuts right outside the dispensary. it went on for about 45 minutes. and after about 45 minutes, i guess they realized that the police weren't coming. blunt some more is right
6:32 pm
here. let's hop over the gate blunts and more was among several cannabis businesses that were targeted by roving caravans of robbers over the weekend. some fired shots at police and security. police were also kept busy with other side shows across the city because i want to be clear that we're not going to tolerate this type of activity in the city of oakland, we are going to respond. oakland police chief laurent armstrong says officers will be on high alert, especially this saturday and sunday. we will have tactical teams deployed throughout the city. these these individuals that come to the city have been heavily armed from all throughout the bay are. these are not just people from oakland chief. armstrong will have a virtual meeting with pot shop owners on wednesday to discuss safety. in oakland. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. two men face murder and attempted murder charges in connection to last month's robbery and shooting at retired oakland police captain er see joyner, marlon king and command breaking were arraigned in dublin. they did not enter plea. a third man joshua hails, is in
6:33 pm
custody in texas. the robbery happened october 21st at a west oakland gas station. surveillance video shows joiners surrounded by several men who grabbed his phone, pulled a chain off of his neck and stole a backpack from his car. joyner fired his gun, killing one of those suspected robbers. joyner suffered multiple gunshot wounds but was released from the hospital. the defendants are now charged with murder for the death of their alleged accomplice. we're now averaging more than 1000 deaths from covid-19 every day here in the . s. and there are fears of 1/5 nationwide covid wave. as we head into winter. fox news, phil keating has more now for us from miami. health officials say a new nationwide covid surge could be unavoidable. we're now averaging about 95,000 new infections every day. that's up about 20% from last week and the highest number since early october. more than 30 states are now seeing a spike with the northeast midwest and southwest
6:34 pm
getting hit the hardest. officials are now scrambling to get more vaccine shots into arms in new york city, a program offering $100 for anyone getting their shots at a city run vaccine sites has been expanded to all vaccination centers. everyone who comes get vaccinated can get that $100 incentive. and this is going to keep moving us forward. there's also a big new push for vaccine boosters. at least 36 million americans have gotten boosters three million since friday, when the fda and cdc expanded access to all adults. and there's new evidence. the additional doses do not cause the rare heart inflammation that has been reported after the first two shots. the side effects are about the same as the other two shots with one exception. they're not seeing the myocarditis. meanwhile the battle over mandates is heating up again with the white house asking a federal court to reinstate nationwide vaccine requirements for all businesses with more than 100 workers.
6:35 pm
claiming it is the best way to stop the spread. the requirement will avoid disruptions in our view in our labor force, because vaccinations help avoid covid the deadline for federal employees and contractors to get vaccinated was monday and the white house says about 95% of those people. got their shots. in miami. phil keating, fox new. marin county now has the highest percentage of children who have received the covid vaccine in the bay area since u. s regulators cleared the fighter vaccine for children 5 to 11 years old 40% of children in that age group in marin county have received at least one of the two fighters shots. other barry counties ranged from 21% in contra costa. to 26% in san francisco. adviser released the results of long term trials that show it's covid-19 vaccine is 100% effective in protecting 12 to 15 year olds. the tests were conducted for 10 months when the delta varia began infecting large sectors of the us population. the pfizer vaccine
6:36 pm
has been approved for emergency use in this age group. the company plans to use this data for further approval from the fda. san francisco state university has awarded 10 full ride scholarships to young people who received a covid-19 vaccine. the winters, who were chosen through a drawing will have four years of undergraduate tuition to the university. paid for by sfs you by san francisco state. some of the winners include seventh graders from everitt and herbert hoover middle schools 1/10 grader from phillip and sala burton academic high school and 1/12 grader from mission high school. students between the ages of 12 and 17, who had their covid shot at participating sites were eligible to win the drawing. coming up brian laundries. autopsy results are now in how the medical examiner says he died and what's next in the murder case of gabby petito and a doorbell camera captures the moment police arrested the driver in that deadly wisconsin
6:37 pm
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investigating a double shooting. it happened around 2 30 this afternoon at a liquor store at a strip mall on story road. police say two men were shot. both were taken to the hospital, one with life threatening injuries. we could see a shattered window at
6:40 pm
the store and several evidence markers in the parking lot, possibly showing where shell casings landed. there's no word right now of any arrests, suspect information or a motive for those shootings of the deadly christmas parade attack in wisconsin is now raising new questions about bail reform. with many questioning how someone with such a violent past could walk out of jail after posting just $1000 bail foxes battler rivera is in waukesha, wisconsin, with new video showing that suspect as he was taken into custody. as the driver in the deadly christmas rampage in wisconsin heads to court new video capturing the moment he was arrested by polic. you're charged in count one with first degree intentional homicide. that's a class a felony, and that has a maximum possible penalty of being sentenced to imprisonment for life. this doorbell camera, capturing daryl brooks showing up at a stranger's home less than a mile from where police say. minutes earlier, he drove a
6:41 pm
red suv through a barricade and plowed into the crowd. i'll call over and i'll be waiting for it over here, but i don't know when it's coming and you call it please. i'm homeless. the unsuspecting neighbor elect brooks inside and made him a sandwich. and when he noticed police driving around his stree, he asked brooks to leave police arresting the 39 year old booking him on five counts of first degree intentional homicide with additional charges pending at the time of the attack, brooks was fleeing from a domestic disturbance incident. he has a long rap sheet charged 16 times since 1999, including numerous violent felonies. and was freedom $1000 bail just two days before the deadly attack, an amount milwaukee county prosecutors say was inappropriately low. there was no way um. that he should have ever been out on the street. he kept getting let go and. able to repeat lots of crimes. not only this one because of brooks
6:42 pm
extensive criminal history, the waukesha d, a saying she'll set his bill so high he won't be able to get out of jail before trial. and waukesha, wisconsin. mala rivera fox news. tonight autopsy results indicate brian laundry died from a self inflicted gunshot wound. that's, according to the medical examiner in sarasota, florida laundries body was found last month at a florida environmental park. a lawyer for the laundry family says the family is still mourning the death of their son and hope the findings bring closure to both families. meantime the family of gabby petito says they've been asked not to comment and to let the fbi investigate. the u. s attorney's office will soon determine whether anyone will be charged in the case. we are tracking the holiday forecast. all have what you can expect as we head into thanksgiving and the holiday weekend. alright let's go now to ktvu cristina rendon with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news coming up over on ktvu, plus whether if you planned on hitting the slopes for the thanksgiving weekend, you might
6:43 pm
want to think again see how dry conditions of ski resorts are pushing back their opening dates due to a lack of snow. and you're able also noticed a big difference in your grocery bill. lately we'll have a new numbers showing just how much the cost of food has increased in recent months, those stories and much more coming up at seven over on ktvu plus alright, thanks, christina first after the break, elizabeth holmes spent a third day on the witness stand and her criminal fraud trial in san jose. how legal experts say this is affecting her case.
6:44 pm
[crowd cheering] i'm not a coach, but i invested in invesco qqq. which gives me access to next-gen statistical analysis software. become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq.
6:45 pm
involving her former company, theranos. she took the witness stand for the third day in the trial against her ktvu
6:46 pm
investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky was in court for her testimony and has the latest now from san jose. elizabeth holmes spent more than six hours on the witness stand. she got to tell her side of the story and explain the ugly accusations against her. so you're going to anticipate a witness at this level. is going to be prepared for the first time since she was charged with multiple counts of fraud. elizabeth holmes addressed some of the most allegations against her. they involve alleged lies, she told investors in her failed blood testing company theranos. it comes down in the jury's evaluating who they believe. former prosecutor michelle hagen was in court watching the testimony. she said holmes was sharp and focused on the stand. she's getting to explain to the jury what she did, and she's taking responsibility for certain things and other things that she's saying. other people were responsible for homes faced up to putting logos for fighter and shearing plow on studies
6:47 pm
theranos gave to investors. she said she never intended for people to think the pharmaceutical companies prepared the documents. i wish i had done it differently, she said. on the stand homes also addressed modifying third party analyzers to do blood tests collected at walgreens. she sai. the manipulations were inventions so theranos could process a larger number of samples. she admitted she never told walgreens about it. her reason was that involved trade secrets. all bats are off. this case is now about elizabeth holmes and how she is going to do on the stand. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza said holmes biggest test will come when the prosecution begins cross examination. i guarantee you they had mock cross examined her and quite a number of attorneys. homes will continue her testimony when the trial resumes after the thanksgiving holiday. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two
6:48 pm
news. now we go to georgia, where the jury in the trial over ahmad are berries. death deliberated for about six hours today without a verdict. gregory mcmichael, his sons travel his son, travis and william brian jr are all charged with felony murder in our berries death in brunswick, georgia. they claimed they were trying to make a citizen's arrest because they believe that are very was a burglar. today the prosecution argued that the michaels and ryan were the ones who pursued the 25 year old as he was out running in their neighborhood and that there was no evidence of a theft. and they made their decision to attack ahmad armory in their driveways. because he was a black man. running down the street if you are the initial unjustified aggressor. you don't get claim self defense. the jury will resume deliberations in the morning. after three years in court families of the victims from the parkland shooting reached a settlement against the justice
6:49 pm
department. the lawsuit was brought after the fbi said the agency had received tips about the gunman, nicholas cruz, but had not investigated those tips in accordance with their protocols. last month, cruise pleaded guilty to 17 counts of murder. and 17 counts of attempted murder. the documents filed by the families and the u. s department of justice did not disclose a settlement amount. okay pretty nice day out there today. another nice day. it was slightly cooler today. a couple degrees a little bit of fog this morning that went away quickly, and we are back into another cool night tonight. no rain in the forecast, as you know. golden gate bridge. no fog on that. we've got temperatures tonight. they're going to get down into the mid thirties and the cold spots navy. we'll see frost and some locations. there's enough wind coming up tonight. i don't suspect we're gonna have an issue with valley fog, especially in the north ba. i don't think value focusing too much of a thing at all. as the winds come in again, this would be a fire weather. concern if it wasn't that we were so wet
6:50 pm
earlier this month and last month, so here we go. there's the back of l right in the middle there. and then these contours give an idea where the bulls are. so is that high builds in it's really going to tweak the vacaville area wind gauges up to 39 40 miles an hour so that sea level funneling up high when you get around mount st helene her we're about diablo. you're going to find stronger winds. well and here we go. not diablos now gusting to near 40 miles an hour, and if you notice that wind direction that's a due north wind. mount st helene is at 24 miles an hour. but you can see so i would suspect we'll see gusts on the higher peaks tonight. up to 50 miles now, what does that mean? for us? you'll notice breezy conditions out towards vacaville and fairfield, this high pressure setting it up and it's going to stick around. pretty much for the weekend. so that's how it goes. no rain. that's why we're not going to have rain. there's atmospheric river and it's going everywhere but here straight to the pacific northwest and british columbia for us, we've got no fog at the coast right now. we've got temperatures that will be cool tonight that are right now. on
6:51 pm
the mild to cool site already running four degrees cooler were napa four degrees cooler and conquered. forecast overnight lows. you've seen him once you see him again. 37 in fairfield. forecast highs tomorrow. yellows are 70. so you are going to see a couple of low seventies popping up around the bay area, so pretty nice temperature wise tomorrow. 70 and market morgan hill 66 in vallejo, 67 or 68 in a place i conquered and you will be a little bit cooler because the valley will tend to be a hold of the cool air in there a little longer. there's five day forecast could be really nice holiday week for many, so just drive safe and watch out for that fog on when thursday and friday looks good, bill. thank you coming up. we are going to hear from nick bosa of the resurgent 49ers, who has been so dominant that he says he's actually playing mind games with s
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
happening tonight in sports. the warriors sporting the best record in the nba are back at it tomorrow night when the philadelphia 76 years come to san francisco, this was a welcome sight at warrior practice today for the first time since tearing his a c l in game six of the 2019 finals.
6:55 pm
against toronto, clay thompson today participated in a full team practice and, of course, wasn't just the knee that thompson's had to rehab in the last two years. he also injured his achilles requiring surgery before last season started. there is not yet a specific date in which thompson will return to game action. but, man, is he ready? i want to win 1/4 ring and be able compete again. i just feel like i mean, for the last two years, i feel like i have a lot of pent up energy to go out there. improve not to anybody else to myself. still one of the best so we have a finals m v p two times v p. d p o y champions. we got the core. we've got the youth. i just really want to win a championship again. i want to just no, that's it. d p. o y, by the way, defensive player of the year the saint mary's gales are acting like they just might be a very good basketball team this year after their first round win last night over notre dame, the
6:56 pm
gaels taking on oregon this evening in the semifinals of the maui classic being played in las vegas, the gaels limited the ducks just 15 points in the first half. they go in front by eight. here is dan photo gets tough to inside with a little more than a minute to play. st mary's, adding to the lead in the second half tommy cuzzi through traffic and reversing the gaels in front, 31 17. then it was alex ducasse hitting a three pointer from the top of the keys. 38 24 st mary's another three there have been back to back and now logan johnson anticipates an oregon passed. he'll take it to the hoop. the gaels win 62 to 50 there now six and they'll play the winner of tonight's u. c. l. a gonzaga game for the tournament championship. in a period of six days. the 49ers went from a team that people were starting to say should plan for next year to one. that's right in the middle of the playoff race. two straight wins will do that, along with the defense that was suddenly playing like it was 2000 and 19.
6:57 pm
and you can't talk about the defense of that season without mentioning the guy who was that year's defensive rookie of the year. nick bosa had two sacks sunday against jacksonville. he has 10 on the year, one more than the career high established in his rookie season. both says back from a year of rehab, how on his own after surgery on his knee. feel like i'm moving better than i ever have. um coming off an injury is great to be able to get to this point. and i think i'm starting to get the hang of how to really get sex. get numbers. um just playing mind games that the guys you're going against. well it's well known by now that there's big money to be had in pro sports. the tampa bay rays are about to shatter the record of what a player will make with less than one full year of service. tampa shortstop wander franco. should be full of energ. he's reportedly about to sign a 12 year $225 million deal.
6:58 pm
franco was called up to the raise in june made an immediate impact on a team that won the al east. franco actually has incentives that could make his contract worth even more money with the rays of obviously decided that guy who will turn 21 in march is the future of their franchise. and as we like to end things something to check out on this tuesday night when we show you big place in soccer, we're usually talking about goals. here's a big play that prevented one that's 37 year old chelsea defender thiago silva going bicycle to make a save. after his goal. he left the net. incredible that save wasn't crucial, but it was certainly spectacular chelsea. was four winner over who vent us. yeah that was nice. that was in fact. yeah you don't see many of them like that. all right. we see the big goals. there's a big prevention of a goal. nice. alright joe. thank you. and thanks everybody for joining us. the news continues at seven over on ktvu class, and we'll see you on ktvu class, and we'll see you back here tonight at 10 and 11.
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