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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  November 24, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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killing of ahmad are very all three face life sentences boxes . lauren blanchard joins us from brunswick, georgia and lauren. crowds outside the courthouse celebrated the verdict, saying they wanted to see justice, sir. yes, frank heather. it is very quiet now outside the county courthouse, but hours ago when that verdict was read of those 27 counts, majority of which came back guilty. the area. just outside the court steps was erupting in applause, applause and tears and hugs and otherwise just joy and relief from those waiting and watching. the spirit of ahmad defeated the lynch mob . the fates of three white men charged in the killing of 25 year old ahmad arboria have been sealed by a jury of 11 white people and one black person. we, the jury find the defendant, travis mcmichael, guilty. travis mcmichael found guilty of all
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charges, including malice, murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. his father guilty on all charges except one count of malice. murder the jury finding william roddy brian guilty of felony murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. defense attorneys say they will appeal. armories father emotional after the first guilty verdict was read, having to be removed from the courtroom . all three defendants were stoic outside the courthouse, dozens of supporters of the armory family cheered. let us know that all whites are not racist, and all blacks are not worthless. come on. we. together did this we all together black white activists. wednesday's verdict, ending a two week long trial that saw more than 20 witnesses. take the stand armories mother relieved by the jury's decision. i just want to say thank you guys. thank you. thank you, agent everyone of use. much more about this fight
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with us. it's been a long fight . it's been a hard fight. and this is not the end for the mcx , michael's and brian. they are also facing federal hate crimes from the department of justice. they have pled not guilty to those charges. that trial is expected early next year, frankd live for us and georgia lauren. thank you for that. president biden released a statement today on the verdict reading a part where the guilty verdicts reflect our justice system doing its job. that alone is not enough. instead we must recommit ourselves to building a future of unity and shared strength where no one fears violence because. of the color of their skin coming up. we'll have local reaction on today's verdict with an oakland based civil rights attorney that's coming up at 5 25, and we'll have much more if you like. check out more on the verdict. go to our website at ktvu. dot com. we'll let
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security guard working with the local news crew was shot today in downtown oakland. the television crew was working at the intersection of webster and 14th when a car pulled up and there was an altercation. that guard working with the news crew was shot in the abdomen and brush to highland hospital where he underwent surgery. during the attempted robbery. the assigned guard was struck by gunfire. currently the guard is at a local hospital in listed in stable condition. no other injuries have been reported. now, if you live or work in the area police are asking you to check your surveillance video also see if perhaps you captured that shooting, police are offering a 75 $100 a war reward for information leading to an arrest. police say they are increasing the number of officers working this holiday weekend an effort to try to curb violent crime around the city of oakland. well, five of the nine suspects arrested in connection with that mass retail robberies last friday night in san francisco, were in court today to be formally charged. get to
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his christian captain was in the courtroom and joins us now live with more christian. yes, as you said nine suspect arrested five of them appearing in court today. all five of them entering not guilty pleas now. the judge ruled that two of those arrested two women kimberly cherry and france, ill. white, who were arrested with. according to police $28,000 worth of merchandise in their vehicle are eligible for release if they can raise $5000 bail. prosecutors say ivan speed was arrested with $13,000 in stolen merchandise on his person. another 14,000 prosecutors say he dumped nearby the judge ruling that given his extensive criminal background, he is to remain in custody. as for the two men, prosecutors say that we saw in that silver mustang. just see me. callaway is facing firearms charges. investigators say he had a gun with him that night in that car prosecutors say to michael miller was also in that car. he's accused of looting and is also facing burglary charges as well. we spoke to his mother
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before today's hearing. she says. he was there that night. but that the police used excessive force taking him into custody. i don't think that's fair. you know? of course they done wrong. i know they don't wrong that all means but could beat these young men's like that. that. so i feared for my son's life. when he comes in here in my nephew and other people, kids, too, not just mine. all five of those suspects are due back in court next week to face hearings on whether they're going to remain in custody. as for the other four suspects that were arrested, no word at this point on when those suspects will be formally charged in court. we're live in san francisco christians. captain ktvu fox student. okay, christian, do we know anything more about the criminal history of any of these suspects that were arrested? yes, that was one of the things that that the prosecutors pointed out, saying that given the particular for the men who were just named a
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moment ago, given their what prosecutors say was an extensive criminal history. they shark they are to remain in custody. that's the reasoning that they use for most of those suspects staying in custody and the fact that prosecutors say that they pose a risk to the community if they're released, but no additional details about the types of crimes that they're responsible for. uh not a lot of detail about that going into going into some details, saying that they did have a criminal history for other crimes in the past. alright christian captain reporting fly force there in san francisco. christian. thank you. san jose police today gave an update on the theft of more than $2000 in merchandise from the macy's at the valley fair mall. this happened around 6 30. last night, members of security team spotted two men. who matched the description of those involved in the theft at the sunglass set that happened on sunday, and when police arrived, the man ran out of the mall and were taken into custody. police say they found more than. $2000 in
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kelowna perfume. police also confirmed that two were involved in a perfume theft at the oakridge mall, where they also took more than $2000. merchandise there. they now face grand theft and burglary charges . police department says they are increasing patrols at those malls. this behavior. these activities are not welcome in our city. we will continue to be at the malls. we will continue to be watching and we will respond to any of this type of activity. we don't want it here in san jose, and we're going to do everything we can to suppress and prevent it. police say everyone planning to shop this black friday should be aware of their surroundings. meanwhile police in walnut creek are taking action to deter retail theft barricades. put into place last night in front of the nordstrom on broadway plaza, closing the street cars. on saturday, a group of about 80 people stole as much as $200,000
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worth of merchandise from the store. city officials say they will re evaluate the street closure. next week. the crime wave at stores is having a big impact on the retail industry as they struggle with both employees safety and retention last hour on the floor, we spoke with the president of the california retailers association. about the effect of these thefts. retailers have invested millions of dollars in safety measures to protect their employees. you know, that's why we need district attorneys, and we did law enforcement to also step up. i think this is not just can be placed on retailers. there's a lot of players in this solution, so we want to make sure that our employees are protected, and that's why you continue to see retailers investing whatever they need to make sure their employees are protected when they come to work. rachel michelin also says that retailers should not have to take drastic steps such as stork closures to bring
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attention to rising thefts and the need for attention from local officials for funding to try to stop the thefts. prosecutors all around the bay area, announcing today that they are working together to combat that rash of recent retail burglaries. ktvu evan sernoffsky spoke to several days about how they hope that their efforts will help evan. that's right. we've all seen the viral videos of these roving bands of thieves plundering high end retail stores, officials say they're highly organized. so these dea say it's high time to start working more closely with one another. it's the fistic ated. it's organized and unacceptable for years. these have targeted bay area retail stores. but last weekend things took a more brazen turn. benefiting from strength and numbers. dozens of people streamed into businesses around the bay, grabbing whatever they could carry and dashing out. the new tactics have prompted prosecutors to rethink their strategy. the difference here is we want to
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exchange information. we want to be able to work together. san mateo county d a. steve wagstaffe said. one of the women charged in a recent louisville thanh heist in san francisco. has an open case in his county. he already alerted district attorney chase a boudin and more information we share, the more effective we can be at disrupting, deterring and holding accountable. those who commit these crimes. boudin announced charges against nine defendants in cases like the union square takeover burglary from over the weekend. as we investigate these cases as we learn what's the mechanism for organizing these kind of flash mob burglary sprees, whether it's social media or text messages. we want to try to get ahead of the next one. thieves have hit stores in palo alto, san jose, oakland, hayward, union city conquered and walnut creek to name a few. as the holiday shopping season kicks in. authorities fear the crimes will only increase. santa clara county district attorney jeff
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rosen held a press conference wednesday announcing several recent arrests in retail theft cases. their the prosecutors in my office have already begun charging these cases we will charge them to the fullest extent of the law. now these days tell me that bringing charges against the perpetrators is one step. they also hope to pool their information and go after the fencing operations that are reselling all these stolen items. live in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news, write a new strategy that i'm sure is welcomed by those retailers. all right, evan, thank you coming up tonight at 5 30. new information on a deadly officer involved shooting in san francisco. police held a town hall meeting today, where they showed body camera video and also spoke to the public about what led up to that deadly encounter and whether you're flying or driving the holiday travel rush is on what you need to know to navigate the barrier travel landscape coming up, plus. i live on the street and i used to dig out of the garbage cans for food. hundreds line up for a hot
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meal as volunteers work to feed as many people as possible ahead of the holiday. got pretty cold last night was probably gonna be colder tonight frosted many inland valley. so get ready for that. we'll talk about your thanksgiving day forecast when i thanksgiving day forecast when i return. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. , and i think it is safe to say that the thanksgiving travel rush is officially underway. this is interstate 80 in emeryville, looking towards berkeley. millions of people up and down the state are hitting the road to get to their holiday destinations. a lot of them right here in the bay area. the roads are expected to be very busy across the bay area until
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at least nine o'clock tonight, boy that is jammed in both directions. alright federal officials say security should run smoothly at the nation's airports, meantime, over the holiday. the t s a now says 93% of its staff has been vaccinated and the agency is ready for the 20 million passengers they are expecting to screen as for the airlines, many carriers are offering overtime incentives and bonuses to avoid sick outs. american airlines is giving flight attendants triple pay if they worked their holiday shifts with perfect attendance. incentives are what's really needed in order to make sure that we can meet the demands over the holiday season. the faa has reported relatively few delays and cancelations so far today, analysts say airport travel is expected to be up about 13% from last year, meaning numbers could be very close to pre pandemic levels. and speaking of airports, three major reports right here in the bay area very busy places today. ktvu izak sauce has a look at
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how they're dealing with the holiday rush. were you worried? terrified lister terrified face along lines at sfo this morning , so he arrived extra early at the airport at five a.m. first thanksgiving holiday flight to new york. fantastic right now, man. it's great. it's awesome. there's nobody here. i got here a couple hours early in anticipation of a very busy trafficking day, but it's san francisco is nice and quiet on wednesday morning before thanksgiving, but the lines starting to gradually grow soon after the psa estimating that when the holiday week is over, they'll have screened some 20 million travelers nationwide in the bay area. air traveler accounts nearing pre pandemic levels. san jose international, expecting 400,000 passengers to pass through the airport over the holiday week. that's compared to just 125,001 year ago at oakland airport, 170,000 expected to fly for thanksgiving nearly twice as many as one year ago. well, i got an email to
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come in early, so i was expecting a lot of people. and it seems like there's a lot of people for the early morning, so i wonder what it's going to be like later on colby freeman, taking this lightly longer lines in stride after being forced to skip thanksgiving with the family last year, his plans just hanging out with family haven't seen in a while, you know, because of covid like it's kind of hard to just travel, you know , i just want to be a little more classes. traffic also expected to be heavy on the roadways. triple a estimating some 6.1 million californians will drive to their thanksgiving destination. yes, i of 19 2006.2 million figure this thanksgiving eve, triple a, says those who are hoping to skip the traffic should wait until after nine pm from the roads to the air where it s fo the airport is seeing up to 50,000 travelers a day right now, they added traffic, almost a welcome taste of normalcy again. this is probably the first holiday and sometime where it really looks and feels like holiday travel once again. and we're really seeing it reflected in the volumes. the last five days here have been the busiest
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day since march of 2020 since the pandemic began, and because of that uptick and travelers, airport officials are urging people to get here early. if you're flying out two hours for domestic three hours for international. in san francisco's exhaust ktvu. box two news. well, the highway patrol will be paying very close attention to drivers this thanksgiving holiday, the chp is kicking off maximum enforcement period. less than an hour from now, officers will be on patrol looking for unsafe driving practices, including steve belt violations, speeding, distracted driving. and signs of folks driving under the influence. we do see an uptick in dy during the holidays. and that's part of the reason why we put so many officers out on the road so that we can stop those people who are making mistakes by getting behind the wheel before they cause injury to themselves or to others. officers say anyone who will be drinking should arrange for a safe ride home maximum enforcement period runs through the weekend ending at midnight
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on sunday, groups offering a hand of people in need, providing thanksgiving meals all over the bay area today, one of those events took place. in downtown san jose, where people experiencing homelessness, homelessness told ktvu is rob roth what they are thankful for. a picture of hunger in downtown san jose. hundreds of people stood in line wednesday for a hot thanksgiving lunch. it's a meal they didn't take for granted. what would you do today ? if it wasn't for this serious ? i probably go steal some food from the stores own because i'm homeless and i need to eat having a in three days i used to live on the street and i used to dig out of the garbage cans for food. this woman now sleeps in a homeless shelter, she says drug addiction helped lander on the street, but that she's been sober for the past year. it's nice to somebody cares. that means a lot. opening doors, the homeless outreach nonprofit that helped organize today's lunch says there are at least 3000 unsheltered people just in the downtown san jose corridor alone
5:20 pm
. the homeless population doesn't seem to be going down in city leaders say that pandemic hasn't helped. the numbers are getting worse. i mean, the economic situation is rough for people and some people who were close to that point where they where they were at risk. have. more of them have ended up on the streets. councilman cohen says the city is purchased hotels for the homeless and affordable housing projects are in the pipeline. but they take years to build and the need for services is immediate. the thanksgiving meal also included warm clothes. those indeed have food covered for today. the challenges the other 364 days out of the year. what do you thankful for they before my life thank god that we got people like this that are goods. and help out the homeless in san jose rob roth, ktvu fox two new. last night, i talked to some folks up around lake tahoe. they're making snow at the ski resorts step in making much because it's been too warm. but this morning up in truckee, it
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was down 12 13 14 degrees, so it was very, very cold morning and for us to i mean. 33 ruin our park. that's just a degree above freezing. 37 mill valley. we had frost. in a lot of places. we'll see a frost advisory for some again tomorrow and we're going to be dry continued. right through the bay area weakened, so we know that that's off the table. no rain, but the overnight lows will be cold pretty much right through the holiday, and then the fog will show up should start to show up at some point in that central valley. right now, it's not an issue and it won't be much of an issue tomorrow, but i think it'll start stacking up. there's patches of it. it's just not a lot of it. so those were the overnight lows. there's the beautiful. skyline of san francisco. that's stunning if you're not looking at your tv, um i hate to just such a hate to say that, but he's just going to your t v. i mean, that is stunning. look where you live, and there's the east bay. you can look at across towards, uh, berkeley and you can see the. claremont hotel, right? and that the claremont right there? yeah, that's the claremont. beautiful beautiful night. this time of year, right? we're losing a couple minutes of daylight each
5:22 pm
day as we head towards the winter solstice, but just stunning. wow. i would like i always say i would love to have, like a 92 inch screen or what? how big they get and just have that that live picture from the sutro tower just fed through it all the time in the house, okay. frost advisory tomorrow morning. for these areas. let me put a little bit movement on it, and you'll see mostly in the north bay in the east bay valleys that's to be expected and frost advisories. you know what that means to you and me, typically. because melissa's aren't farmers , but for most of us just means getting out there. you got to get there a little early, maybe heat the car up. maybe scrape the windshield, right. i always use a credit card, but i'm sure there's better things to use and that so if you had to scrape a little process morning, you will again tomorrow morning, and then we continue this this route as we go into thursday night into friday morning, so it's going to be cool. and other than that, i mean, you saw that sunset in san francisco. stunning right? i mean, that's how tomorrow is going to look all day. so your thanksgiving day temperatures are going to be in the sixties cold start. mostly sunny, maybe
5:23 pm
a few high clouds and just just a stunning day, lots of rain headed for the pacific northwest up into the british columbia have been talking about that all week. it's missing us massive atmospheric river events. couple of them now going back up towards bc. we'll look at that on the satellite image when i see after a couple breaks, and we look at the five day as well. thank you so much bill. appreciate it. well reminder now that ktvu is annual one warm coat drive is now underway. so if you have a gently warned code , or maybe a jacket that you would like to donate to be area families just take it to any participating. ups store or big o tires, locations. we also have collection barrels right here in oakland's jack london square, santana row in san jose and at the westfield shopping center in san francisco. the drive will continue all the way through sunday. december 5th. we've got more information on our website at ktvu .com. up next reaction tonight, right here in the bay area on the verdict and the armada armory, killing coming
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men charged with killing armand armory while he was jogging near his home in georgia. the jury found travis mcmichael, his father, gregory mcmichael, other neighbor, william brian jr. guilty all three now face life in prison. joining us now is oakland based civil rights attorney dante pointer. thanks for being with us first on the night before a big holiday. we appreciate it. well thanks for having me. thanks for having well, let's start where you surprised by the verdict or was the evidence just overwhelming in the case to convict. you know, i was happy and elated to see the verdict come out the way it should. the evidence was overwhelming. it was clear cut. there really was no other way. in my opinion to see this. however history tells us that
5:27 pm
our justice system oftentimes provides injustice to those who deserve it. so i was very happy to see the verdict come out the right way, although when you're talking about our justice system, nothing is a slam dunk. well the video evidence was to the defense. how important is video now in general to get a conviction because initially, the prosecutors in this case declined to charge the three men until that video came about. well the video is critical, and it's critical in most cases of this type where you have social dynamics around race, justice class, and, uh, you know, the legacy of the united states is that rates as it relates to discrimination. slavery and all of those types of hot but hot button topics in order to overcome that, or even to just blunt that sharp edge you need video video is objective evidence and objective evidence . as we say, as attorneys, it
5:28 pm
doesn't lose its memory. it's not corrupted by bias or perceptions. and so i think that video evidence was critical. just as we see in many police cases in other cases of this sort without the video evidence , it turns into a credibility contest, and unfortunately, uh. african americans and minorities often come out on the short end of the stick. the jury made up of 11 white jurors, and just one black juror. was that a strategy for either side do you think. well yeah. unfortunately this is a strategy or one might say, a result of a process that plays out in courtrooms across the united states every day as a person who is a trial attorney and i've tried cases in criminal court in civil court and state court and federal court. i'm always disappointed when i see what supposed to be a jury of our peers come into the courtroom, and very few faces look like my very few. faces or the backgrounds of the jurors relate to my clients. so you
5:29 pm
know to me when i saw that it was, uh 11 white jurors and one african american juror. it was not a surprise, given the way in which the laws of the rules and procedures playoff record every day. the trigger man, travis mcmichael was convicted of malice murder. the other two defendants were convicted of felony murder. can you explain what the differences. sure you know, malice murder. essentially they had, uh, vindictiveness. they had malice, a forethought they essentially had ill will ill intent around the killing. felony murder. we see play out when someone who did not pull the trigger who may not have participated in the actual. physical act of killing someone but participated in the events that resulted in someone's death. you know, we've seen that here play out in the bay area recently with, uh captain joiner joiner, who was shot during a botched robbery. you know, three young men were involved in that
5:30 pm
and those young men were charged with their accomplices, murder or death. so that's not something that's uncommon. where someone who's on the who isn't didn't have a direct hand in the death is actually held accountable for another person's death. lots to uncover here. but civil rights attorney a dante pointer thank you so much for your insights on this wednesday night. well happy holidays to you and everyone else and gobble gobble. okay, right back at you. thank you, sir. still ahead tonight. details in the deadly shooting evolving san francisco police and a man with a knife. what we're learning from a town hall meeting today. and a truck full of photos and irreplaceable memories stolen coming up the reward now being offered in that case. and details on the protest today by workers at san francisco airport upset over their working conditions.
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5:34 pm
police officers inside a residential hotel in the south of market. police say he was armed with a knife commander paul yep says officer john quinlan fired four rounds from a service weapon. officer danny de leon garcia fired his less than lethal beanbag weapon as mr monti closed the distance officer one and also to fired their respective weapons striking, mr martin. mr amani fell to the ground with a knife nearby him. monty died at the hospital. police say they recovered a knife with a six inch blade. the shooting happened friday morning at the cw hotel at fifth and folsom. minutes earlier. police say a money had the knife while threatening to hotel employees. they said he was also yelling and screaming. chief bill scott says he's reserving judgment on the shooting until investigations are completed. i can't express on behalf of all of us in our department, our condolences to mr our money's family, friends and loved ones. for the loss they've suffered.
5:35 pm
amani was a former afghan interpreter for the us military . he survived being shot several times, but suffered from ptsd he worked for years. embedded with united states special forces and suffered unbelievable trauma and violence. san francisco deputy public defender scott grant represented amani in 2019 when he was accused of stabbing a park ranger. that case was dismissed through a mental health diversion program is tragic death and failure of our systems of government here to support somebody who risked his life. to support this country. the shooting is still under investigation by sfpd as well as district attorney chase of boudin, whose office will determine whether the officer's actions were legally justified. heather alright henry, the man had a history of mental illness, as that district attorney said, do we know if he had completed the mental health diversion and treatment from that previous case? yes, that public defender told me that he did successfully complete that and have been living at that residential hotel since then. all right. henry lee
5:36 pm
reporting live for us tonight, henry. thank you. san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting near city hall last night. police say a man between 25 35 years of age was found shot to death in the area of golden gate avenue. and larkin street just after 11 o'clock. so far, the man has not been identified. anyone that has information is asked to call the san francisco police. while the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits dropped again last week nationwide at the lowest level in more than a century. labor department says 199,000 people filed for claims last week down 71,000 from the week before since topping 900,000 and early january. the applications have fallen steadily towards and now fallen below their pre pandemic level of around 220,000 week, and some people have received unemployment aid from the ddg will have to prove their work history or risk having to pay some of that money back.
5:37 pm
according to the sacramento bee . some three million people received extra assistance through a federally funded program last year, but the federal government did require the deed to verify the employment history of those who claim the benefits. if those people didn't request more than the minimum amount. about a million people are affected, and they will need to prove they had a prior work history or face 30% surcharge. it wasn't just travelers at sfo today. coming up the protests by workers upset over their working conditions. at 33 years. that's how long residents of one town have before their homes are completely uninhabitable. coming up how climate change is playing a big role. and at historical look back at the assassination of robert kennedy as the man convicted of killing the senator and presidential candidate is now up for parole.
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back in 1968 could soon be a free man. parole has been recommended first, sirhan sirhan , and now he's waiting. final decision from governor newsome. now much of the evidence from robert kennedy's assassination has been kept in a collection. held by state officials in sacramento reporter phil shuman was granted access to those items and brings us this report. yeah 10 historical treasure filling parts of six floors inside the secretary of state's office building in sacramento. it's the state of california archives. established way back in 18 50. it's now run by tomorrow. martin i think it's my dream job. it's an amazing experience. i feel very fortunate to come here every day , and i think just being able to experience history and really providing public access to it. fox 11 got special access to what has to be the most unusual
5:41 pm
items stored here. donated by the lapd. in 1987. it's what's called the robert f. kennedy assassination investigation collection. so this is sirhan's gun. as it's called, was presented into evidence. inside a plain cardboard box on padding the actual eight shot. iver johnson 55 a cadet revolver sirhan sirhan used to kill robert f. kennedy. we could look but not touch. it looks so tiny , very small. assistant archivist beth benham showed us the items. the gun the bullet fragments stored in baggies one tiny one in a test tube. paul taken from kennedy's body and five others wounded that night. yes these came out of people's bodies. we saw the eight small spent casings discolored by age from sirhan's gun. and through it all, an armed chp officer
5:42 pm
watching why it's required by the rules since there was a firearm in the exhibit. in fact , the entire assassination collection is kept apart from most of the other 350 million items inside what's called the high security vault while we were allowed broad access to the entire collection, our camera was not allowed here. this video provided by the state. it's standard protocol for the priceless items. what's the reaction when people see that kennedy collection typically. think. typically there's a lot of surprise and shock shock and surprise over over just the materials being here and also just to the graphic nature of some of the items contained within the collection. kennedy hospital sheet like the sheets from rfk's hospital, deathbed folded, sealed in plastic. but you can still see the sweat stains on the. when the caller the actual clothing that convicted killer wore that night
5:43 pm
also wrapped up mug shots. photo booth snapshots of sirhan as a young man in the san gabriel valley. and booking photos from the night of his arrest. 55 £120.24 years old, even examples of sirhan's own writing found in his house presented at trial. so this is an actual page from his notebook. it's a it's a photograph of it. yes take a look at the line, robert f. kennedy must be assassinated. we now switch live to the kennedy headquarters in the ambassador hotel. whether senator is expected to make a statement, katie tv covered the senator that terrible night june 4th 1968 victory speech at ella's ambassador hotel after winning the california primary. thanks to all of you, and now it's on to chicago and let's win there. seconds later, kennedy lay dying on the floor of the hotels pantry. sirhan later convicted of firing the three shots that hit him with that revolver his brother actually purchased from
5:44 pm
a neighbor. for $25. there is, of course, renewed interest in the case now that sirhan 77 was granted parole by two commissioners back in august after 15 previous denials, yes, all the pain the memories. governor newsom spoke of something similar when he told me of the messages he received since the parole board's decision. the stories that the emails and text messages i've gotten from people. people aren't just giving an opinion about yes or no. they're they're expressing their memories of that time. memories preserved forever here in sacramento. meantime the key question remains. will sarhan ever actually get out? that's a fair question. his parole is still under legal review. if approved , then a decision for the governor said robert kennedy was a hero of his so draw your own inference. the process has done fault has to come to me formally. can i get in the
5:45 pm
middle of process with just two people recommending full board and a cat could put that entire process at risk. that was phil shuman reporting to of robert kennedy's children, by the way, have come out in support of granted parole to sirhan sirhan . six of them say they oppose that parole. coming up. next. hundreds of workers protest in front of sfo on one of the busiest travel days of the year . when we come back, white workers say they're being treated unfairly and hear why many residents in one coastal british village. are now preparing for their town to vanish in the next few decades. and a thanksgiving day forecast is coming up right after the break. hopes of getting back thos
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
of pictures and other keepsake items that were all stolen along with this truck is alex savages in the newsroom now with more on this case, alex heather andre
5:48 pm
moodin says his truck was parked on carrington in oakland, right off of high street when it was stolen yesterday. more important , though, than his truck, he says, where the items inside it more than 5000 pictures of former students involved in safe that's an education program for at risk youth castleman high school in oakland. those photos are from years of trips the students took to historical sites and colleges across the us andre moodin says the photos were in his truck because he was going to meet up with a friend to make a slide show for an event to honor the former students who achieve success from the program and later went on to college. i'm offering $1000 to have the truck and the items back. uh no questions asked. i just want the items back and it's their prices. they're replaceable, and it means a lot to a lot of other people, not just myself. an event to honor the students and contributors to the program is coming up in january. those
5:49 pm
pictures were inside of a black suitcase and inside four other boxes that were in the backseat of that truck. putin says also inside the truck, where awards and plaques from the program and even some of his own family photos and, of course, heather holmes to get them back . let's hope he at least gets those items back. have not the items and his truck. all right, alex. thank you. well workers today held a protest at san francisco international airport on what is one of the busiest travel days of the year. at the airport about 200 workers walked the picket line in front of terminal three. to demand affordable healthcare benefits. the workers are both non union and union members of unite here local to their cashiers and food service employees and sfo's terminals. and also those who prepare food and drinks that are then served on airplanes. the workers claim they're being denied affordable family health care in the face of increased risk of covid-19 due to exposure to holiday travelers. since the pandemic and i'll return to work
5:50 pm
to the employees haven't been able to get the allowed it hours that they need for insurance companies doing a lot of things around scheduling, but not scheduling enough hours for employees to qualify for insurance. now the airport has not yet commented on the demands , but says the protests should not prevent travelers from freely moving through the airport. some new numbers out today from the commerce department shows sales of new single family homes actually ticked up. in october, new home sales rose nearly. half a percent at 745,000 sales up from 742,000 back in september. new data shows home prices rising due to a limited inventory, the medium price of a new home nationwide rose. to record of nearly $408,000 last month. that's an increase of nearly 18% from last year. the medium price here in california is nearly $815,000. new york city police
5:51 pm
ramping up security ahead of macy's thanksgiving day parade tomorrow barricades, security checkpoints are being put into place in and around the parade route. new york city mayor bill de blasio says security will be very tight following last weekend's horrific incident at christmas parade in lakisha, wisconsin. diblasio went on to reiterate that there are no credible threats at this time in new york. the parade. will be back in full force after last year's event was scaled back because of the pandemic. already looking at the satellite map. you see the big high pressure that means dry for us. typically the high is going to stick around since everybody to the north in terms of whether it gives us some very cold overnight lows. that means. frost advisory for the north and east bay valleys tonight. we had frost advisories last night, too. it's kind of frosty in the morning with temperatures just above freezing in some places,
5:52 pm
and then the big picture, of course, is that ridge of high pressure just sending everything to the north again british columbia on their way to getting to more atmospheric rivers, which you know what one atmospheric river did to us. we're talking about a high latitude environment getting a ton of tropical moisture introduced into it, which is going to be to say the least, is going to be an issue right? because you just can't. that's a lot of water. they can handle water up there. but this time here right along that stuff, typically frozen or that it comes in the form of snow, but these rain accumulations. you know, inch and our two inches now are kind of rain rain rates is going to cause all sorts of hydro issues up there already has in these next two are going to continue. in that vein, there's san francisco. beautiful city across you can see the salesforce tower. clear skies cool. even in san francisco, overnight lows are going to be down into the upper thirties and parts of san francisco valley tends to get real cold. you know the microclimates within the city, but that frost advisory
5:53 pm
for these two spots for the north bay and east bay valleys. pardon me, so it's gonna be chilly as you head around tomorrow morning. i don't think fog's an issue, but i think it's frosty. so just get over the script, the windshield warm the car up that kind of a thing. some more overnight lows. 42 in january 36 in fairfield, 33 in santa rosa and. if it's 33 in santa rosa, you know if you go up the geyserville or over to greenville or forest, so you're going to find yourself a 32, and you're certainly going to find frost in those areas. san francisco down to 40 degrees. tomorrow morning offshore winds. that's the santa ana condition. we call them diablo winds are offshore winds. right that's are we called diablo, and that's a regional name. santa ana conditions a regional name, too, for the same thing that we get when we get our offshore winds are high fire danger. there there in the red flag warning environment until friday afternoon friday evening, so they're going to get some probably the strongest offshore wednesday have seen this season , which is says a lot. there's all the activity going to the north. there's a bunch of cloud cover bunch of activity in the pacific. it's missing us. i mean
5:54 pm
, it's really going off up there. you can tell, right. i mean, the only difference is between this kind of remember that what we had is it's latitude. if that thing was pointed at us, we'd have hydro problems for sure. so we're just kind of end up position here where we're on the lower end. we're gonna have a beautiful thanksgiving can make you feel guilty for not having rain because that's not cool, but we're going to be beautiful thanksgiving day we're going to see temperatures that are generally going to be warmer than they were today by a couple of degrees. i'm clicking through graphics because i got ahead of myself here, the forecast highs. 64 fairfield 66 in santa rosa 68 . morgan hill, 60 almost 65 in san francisco, and there is the five day forecast and upper sixties low seventies. beautiful don't feel good because we don't have brain. we're doing good, but i just. mm. all worked up when i see that much rain going the wrong way. i will see you guys back here at six. 33 years . that's how long residents of one town have before their homes are completely uninhabitable.
5:55 pm
i'm marianne rafferty with more on why climate c ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
5:56 pm
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sea levels all due to climate change threatened to wipe out entire cities, parks says. marianne rafferty shows us how the residents of one town in the united kingdom are coming to terms with news that they only have 33 years left. before their homes vanish. what you have here is a human catastrophe. imagine your neighborhood being completely swallowed by the sea for residents in the welsh town of fairborn. that nightmare is their new reality, with uk officials saying the village will no longer be inhabitable by 2054. due to severe flooding and
5:58 pm
storms, the result of climate change for the people of the village of fairborn. everything i bought, they're going to watch it, demise in money and end up being worthless because fair borns elevation lies below sea level. environmental experts say it was already a magnet for floodwaters and over time the government has funded projects to defend fair born from the ocean. but as the planet warms, sea levels are rising and storms are getting more powerful, and the problem is costing too much to combat. with the climate change happening, sea levels rising. storms increasing in severity. it means that we would need to add an extra level of protection continuously in order to maintain the level at the level of risk as it is at the moment. as time goes forward that becomes much more expensive , local officials say they're focuses on relocating villagers , but many residents say they're not budging if they want to help
5:59 pm
2054. then they got to have the accommodation to put until water actually comes in there. we're physically can't work will carry on rising sea levels due to climate change are also posing serious future risk for cities here in the u. s including new york city, miami, new orleans' and more. marianne rafferty, fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. officials promised swift action and today a group of suspects arrested in connection with those mass retail robberies in san francisco's union square appeared in court. the thefts on friday were part of a number of retail store break ins all across the bay area. good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm heather holmes. good evening, everyone. i'm frank malik o'franken julie are both off tonight. five of the nine suspects appeared in court to be formally charged today and at least one of them will remain behind bars. given the extensive criminal history ktvu christian captain has the latest now from the courtroom. it. all nine
6:00 pm
suspects arrested five of them appearing in court today, all of those suspects entering not guilty pleas. the judge ruled that two of the women who were arrested kimberly cherry and france will white, who prosecutors say were arrested with $28,000 worth of merchandise in their vehicle are eligible for release if they can raise $5000 bail. prosecutors say ivan speed was arrested with $13,000 in stolen merchandise on his person. and another 14,000. prosecutors say he dumped nearby the judge ruling that given an extensive criminal history background that he is to remain in custody after the two men prosecutors say we saw in that silver mustang calloway is facing firearms charges. investigators say he had a gun with him in that vehicle. prosecutors say tamiko miller was also in that car. he is accused of looting and burglary charges. out his mother spoke with the media there before today's hearing. she says that he was there. but she's also saying that she believes police used excessive force taking him into custody. i don't think that's fair.


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