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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 24, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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suspects arrested five of them appearing in court today, all of those suspects entering not guilty pleas. the judge ruled that two of the women who were arrested kimberly cherry and france will white, who prosecutors say were arrested with $28,000 worth of merchandise in their vehicle are eligible for release if they can raise $5000 bail. prosecutors say ivan speed was arrested with $13,000 in stolen merchandise on his person. and another 14,000. prosecutors say he dumped nearby the judge ruling that given an extensive criminal history background that he is to remain in custody after the two men prosecutors say we saw in that silver mustang calloway is facing firearms charges. investigators say he had a gun with him in that vehicle. prosecutors say tamiko miller was also in that car. he is accused of looting and burglary charges. out his mother spoke with the media there before today's hearing. she says that he was there. but she's also saying that she believes police used excessive force taking him into custody. i don't think that's fair. you know, of course
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they've done wrong. i know they don't wrong that all means but could beat these young men's like that. that could be somebody else's child. so i fear for my son's life when he comes in here in my nephew and other people, kids, too, not just mine . all five of those suspects are due back in court next week. as for the other four suspects, no word at this point on when they are going to be formally charged. and arraigned in court in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu fox two news. thank you, christian. also in san francisco today, police sell the town hall meeting to release some new details about a deadly police shooting involving a man with a knife. they released bodycam footage of the incident last week in the south of market neighborhood. ktvu crime reporter henry lee reports with what? we're learning now about the man that was killed. surveillance video shows 41 year old ajmal amani, charging toward to san francisco police officers inside a residential hotel in the south of market. police say
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he was armed with a knife commander paul yep says officer john quinlan fired four rounds from a service weapon. officer danny de leon garcia fired his less than lethal beanbag weapon as mr monti closed the distance officer one and also to fired their respective weapons striking mr mongrel. mr amani fell to the ground with the night nearby him money died at the hospital. police say they recovered a knife with a six inch blade. the shooting happened friday morning at the cw hotel at fifth and folsom. minutes earlier. police say amani had the knife while threatening to hotel employees. they said he was also yelling and screaming. chief bill scott says he's reserving judgment on the shooting until investigations are completed. i can't express on behalf of all of us in our department, our condolences to mr our money's family, friends and loved ones. for the loss they've suffered. amani was a former afghan interpreter for the us military . he survived being shot several
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times, but suffered from ptsd he worked for years. embedded with united states, special forces and. suffered unbelievable trauma and violence. san francisco deputy public defender scott grant represented amani in 2019 when he was accused of stabbing a park ranger. that case was dismissed through a mental health diversion program is tragic deaths of failure of our systems of government here to support somebody who risked his life to support this country. the shooting is under investigation by sfpd and district attorney chase a. boudin whose office will determine whether the officer's actions were legally justified. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. well. prosecutors around the bay area announced today that they are working together to combat that rash of recent retail burglaries. ktvu evan sernoffsky spoke to several dhs about how they hope that their efforts will help. it's sophisticated. it's organized and unacceptable for years. these have targeted
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bay area retail stores. but last weekend things took a more brazen turn. benefiting from strength and numbers. dozens of people streamed into businesses around the bay, grabbing whatever they could carry and dashing out. the new tactics have prompted prosecutors to rethink their strategy. the difference here is we want to exchange information. we want to be able to work together. san mateo county d a. steve wagstaffe said. one of the women charged in a recent louisville thanh heist in san francisco. has an open case in his county. he already alerted district attorney chase a boudin and more information we share, the more effective we can be at disrupting, deterring and holding accountable those who commit these crimes. boudin announced charges against nine defendants in cases like the union square takeover burglary from over the weekend. as we investigate these cases as we learn what's the mechanism for organizing these kind of flash mob burglary sprees, whether it's social media or text messages. we want to try to get
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ahead of the next one. thieves have hit stores in palo alto, san jose, oakland, hayward, union city conquered and walnut creek to name a few. as the holiday shopping season kicks in. authorities fear the crimes will only increase. santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen held a press conference wednesday announcing several recent arrests in retail theft cases. their the prosecutors in my office have already begun charging these cases we will charge them to the fullest extent of the law. these dhs tell me that going after the perpetrators is just one step. they also hope to pool their information and go after the fencing operations that are reselling these stolen items. in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news this afternoon , san jose police department gave us an update on the theft of more than $2000 in merchandise from the women's macy's department at the valley fair ball. this happened around 6 30 last night. members of the
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security team spotted two men who matched the description of those involved in another theft at a sunglass hut on sunday, when police arrived, the men ran out of the mall and were taken into custody. police say they found more than. $2000 in kelowna perfume. police are also confirming the two were involved in a perfume theft at the oakridge mall, where they also took more than $2000 in merchandise there they now face. grand theft burglary charges. the police department says they are increasing patrols now at the malls. this behavior. these activities are not welcome in our city. we will continue to be at the malls. we will continue to be watching and we will respond to any of this type of activity. we don't want it here in san jose, and we're going to do everything we can to suppress and prevent it. police say everyone planning to shop this black friday should be aware of
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their surroundings and in walnut creek. new video shows how police they are working to try to deter retail theft. they are . arcades were placed overnight in front of the nordstrom there and broadway plaza. closing the street two vehicles. on saturday. a group of about 80 people stole as much as $200,000 worth of merchandise from the nordstrom store. city officials say they will re evaluate the street closure next week. well here in oakland to security guard working with a local news crew was shot today downtown. that crew from cron was working at the intersection of webster and 14th when a car pulled up and there was an altercation. the guard working with the crew was shot in the abdomen and rushed to the highland hospital, where he underwent surgery. during the attempted robbery. the assigned guard was struck by gunfire. currently the guard is at a local hospital and listed in stable condition. no other injuries have been reported. now if you live or work in the area , oakland police are asking you
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to check your surveillance video to see if it captured today's shooting. police are also offering a 75 $100 reward for information leading to an arrest. police say they are increasing the number of officers working this holiday weekend in an effort to try to curb violent crime around oakland. and another oakland man is offering a reward in hopes of getting back thousands of pictures and other keepsake items that were stolen. along with his truck. andre mutton, says his truck was parked in carrington in oakland off of high street when it was stolen yesterday. inside were more than 5000 pictures of former students all involved in safe and educational program for at risk youth, the castle on high school, also in oakland. the photos. are from years of trips the students took to historical sites at colleges all across the country. i'm offering $1000 to have the truck and the items back. no questions asked. i just want the items back and it's
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their prices. they're replaceable, and it means a lot to a lot of other people, not just myself. putin says the photos were in the truck because he was going to meet up with a friend to make a slide show for an event to honor the former students who achieve success from the program and later went on to college. the busy holiday season has arrived at oakland international airport. many travelers were before sunrise to catch flies to see loved ones. the airport says it expects nearly 170,000 passengers during the thanksgiving holiday. that's nearly double from last year. and they say it's about 80% of the number of people who came through in 2019, of course, before the pandemic took hold. shops and restaurants are back open at oakland airport, but passengers must wear a face covering and are encouraged to keep social distance between themselves and others. well today, workers sell the protest at san francisco international. what is one of the busiest travel days of course of the year at the airport about. 200
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workers protested in front of terminal three to demand affordable healthcare benefits. workers are non union and union members, the unite here local to their cashiers, food service employees. and sfo's terminals and also those who prepare food and drinks that are served on airplanes. the workers claim there been denied affordable family health care in the face of increased risk of covid-19 due to exposure to holiday travelers. since the pandemic and our return to work, the employees haven't been able to get the allowed it hours that they need for insurance companies doing a lot of things around scheduling, but not scheduling enough hours for employees qualified to insurance. sfo has not commented on the demands, but says the protests should not prevent travelers from freely moving through the airport. well coming
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up here today is the day that many charities step up to feed those in need. we'll tell you about one event in san jose today. that was about food and a lot more. how about this? gas prices may be coming down ever so slightly. how taping into the tapping rather into the nation's oil reserve could make a big difference coming up. word to the thanksgiving holiday. tomorrow is the big day. i hope you've got a big plan. the weather is going to cooperate. we'll look at thursday tomorrow and the weekend forecast when i return. alright let's take you outside various students taking a stand against rape culture why ? they say their schools are doing enough. okay. now let's head outdoors and see how traffic is moving along or as we should say traffic not moving along tonight, boy, it is just bumper to bumper. on the east shore freeway right now is a lot of people head out of town for the thanksgiving holiday will be right back. bay area schools. sty
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they want change when it comes to what they claim is rape culture in their schools. and now they're speaking out on social media and on campuses across the bay area, demanding action. ktvu claudine wang gives us a deeper look at what students say is happening and why they say they don't feel safe. students across the bay area are speaking out against rape culture in high school, and they are turning to social media to share their stories. every like every instance whether it's cat calling to all the way to the extreme of rape and sexual assault. i have had friends who have been survivors and things like that. and so i knew that was happening, but i think to the extent that that showed was not at all expected at bishop o'dowd, the instagram page called o'dowd protectors continues to grow one post saying i'm a sophomore, and i was assaulted by a guy right
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before my freshman year. we were in the bathroom and i didn't want to do anything. and i told him to stop. another writing about guides who were saying how they thought it was stupid. how girls let themselves get raped and we're saying it was all the girls fault and yet another describing a rape with the author writing about her alleged attacker. saying no one talks about it anymore because he's extremely popular, and he's excused from it. the stories are graphic disturbing and there are a lot of them. it's anonymous, so it's student run, but, um. it isn't honest. there was, uh, the same type of his account for a lot of high schools. berkeley high started it. they had the first instagram account. students say it started at berkeley high but has launched similar protests at bishop o'dowd and, most recently oakland tech. it's happening in every high school and i think that. it's insane to think about . it's called rape culture associate logical term that
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describes how society trivializes and normalizes sexual violence. experts say it starts with jokes shaming and pictures. you think parents have any idea how many nude pictures of teens are being passed around? definitely not. but, yeah, people don't realize it's like. a weekly thing. i mean, in terms of unsolicited, uh. picture hearts. yeah yeah, that's mainly on snapchat. why would they do it? i guess is the question. i mean, i think it's definitely first of all such a norm that it's almost like. people don't even think about it as something that's a big deal to them until they've done it and from assault. we're talking about anything from just grabbing and groping and all the way. up. the chain in terms of. it's all just anything physical , physical violation, and is it at school, or is it at these parties? i think it's everywhere . i mean, i would say. especially with alcoholic
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parties. it does happen at school, though, and like on the account, you can see that there are things that have happened at school and school bathrooms, which is absolutely disgusting. author and educator julia feldman has been teaching sex education for more than 15 years. she says. it's critical to listen to what these teens are saying as shedding light on some serious darkness. it's a canary in the coal mine, and that canary is dead and it died a long time ago. and we're kind of sorting through the wreckage and the conversation she says, needs to start with comprehensive sex education. absolutely teaching about consent and healthy relationships and establishing a culture in a school that values consent from teachers all the way down to students has a huge impact on whether students feel safe in school, but also whether they feel safe in relationships . and we see a lot of compelling data that supports that. what is the bare minimum that schools are required to do? there is a minimum, right? yeah well, so the bare minimum increased dramatically in 2016 when the california healthy youth act went into effect. and matt mandated comprehensive sex education, starting in middle
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through high school and a lot of content that historically was not necessarily included. things like healthy relationships can sent healthy decision making. she applauds districts like san francisco and oakland for implementing progressive, inclusive curriculum. but it is not universal and really, it has to do with a community holding itself accountable because there's no teeth. there's no one actually going through district by district, checking to see what's being implemented and who's teaching it. that is where students have taken the lead. what started as an instagram page at bishop o'dowd has led to the formation of a gender justice group. yeah so i think that was a big reason that we did a walk out and also why i think his account came to be is that there was kind of just a history of these complaints not being taken seriously enough, and not enough punishment meant actually being made. bishop o. dowd responded with a number of new policies, telling ktvu in part. this fruitful partnership between no doubt, leaders and students has resulted in updates to the school's policies and disciplinary actions, which are
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now reflected in o dowd student and family handbook. the partnership also aided in the rollout of a new digital reporting tool for all students, but i think a lot of it is. we're all students, so we don't have all the power were all 17 and younger. um so there needs to be action from administrators to do. the heavy work to get down and like, do that. action because it's work together. exactly it's not gonna exactly and do it on your own. it's not . they can't do it on their own, and we can't do it on our own. it needs to be some sort of collaboration collaboration that starts with listening to what these teenagers are saying. young people are telling us we don't feel safe. this violence is happening, and it's a cry for help. it's saying please do something they're pleading in oakland clotting. wong ktvu fox two news. such an important conversation that all parents really should be having with their kids. we have much more on the student walkouts and the demonstrations on our website just head on over to ktvu .com.
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already checking in on the weather. it was called this morning we had frost advisories for parts of the bay area frost advisories for the north and east bay valleys again tonight. if you had frost last night, you get it again tomorrow morning. these are the temperatures that we had this morning and you can see runner parks. just 2 to 1 degree off freezing. mill valley 37 degrees sebastian, pull 39, but you could easily find yourself some mid and low thirties if you go out away from the cities and the lower lying areas, so tomorrow morning will be another chilly start to your thanksgiving day. a lot of folks wolf almost everybody has it off . i guess, to some extent a lot. a lot of folks working too, i guess, but the weather is going to be stunning, beautiful weather. it's going to be great for morning high could be a little chilly. if you do go for a hike in the morning afternoon hike as well, whether or the daytime high so make it into the mid sixties. the plan here is for this high pressure just. stay put. that's the plan. there's no there's no rain are coming our way. so that gets us cold overnight lows. essentially
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we did have some breezy conditions last night and even a little bit this morning. those breezy conditions are dying down . now there's still some wind up on diablo 2 30. but there's a big ridge of high pressure. that's this time of year. that's what you don't want to see. is that that bad boy? all set up like that? i mean, that is a big ridge of high pressure right now. we're not looking at rain chances until like seventh of december, 1st second week in december. and the up note. it's cold enough. they're making snow in the mountains. so if you're interested in skiing, that's a good thing. eventually they'll get enough on the ground that you could keep. but as of now, we're still waiting on the rain. i'll be back in a little bit with the five day forecast. already bill. thank you coming up next dane safe while you cook your holiday dinner. why? thanksgiving is now the most accident prone holiday. more neck coming up. also went outcome in the amman are very murder trial that inspires thankfulness. as his family react to today's guilty verdicts.
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the deadly shooting of amman are very dozens of demonstrators outside the courthouse celebrated as that verdict was read. fox news is laura blanchard now has more. the family and supporters of amada are very say justice has been served for a black man in the deep south. the spirit of ahmad yes, defeated the lynch ma fates of three white men charged in
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the killing of 25 year old ahmad arboria have been sealed by a jury of 11 white people and one black person. we, the jury find the defendant, travis mcmichael. guilty travis mcmichael found guilty of all charges, including malice, murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. his father guilty on all charges except one count of malice. murder the jury finding william roddy brian guilty of felony murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. defense attorneys say they will appeal. our berries, father emotional after the first guilty verdict was read, having to be removed from the courtroom. all three defendants were stoic outside the courthouse, dozens of supporters of the armory family cheered. let us know that all whites are not racist, and all blacks are not worthless summer. we. together did this we all together black white activists. wednesday's verdict, ending a
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two week long trial that saw more than 20 witnesses. take the stand armories mother relieved by the jury's decision. i just want to say thank you guys. thank you. thank you, agent. everyone of you. about this fight with us. it's been a long fight. it's been a hard fight they make. michael's and brian are also facing federal hate crime charges. they have pled not guilty in brunswick, georgia. lauren blanchard, fox news. and the president, issuing a statement on the verdict and reads him part while the guilty verdicts reflect our justice system doing his job that alone is not enough. instead it must recommit ourselves to build a future of unity and shared strength. where no one fears violence because of the color of their skin. much more on today's verdict at our website, check it out and ktvu .com. we're coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 tonight , a reminder to drive safely over the thanksgiving holiday. the stepped up enforcement that
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starts tonight and still ahead. st mary's tries to stay undefeated and when the maui invitational so how the gaels do today, that story coming up a little bit later, also helping out those in need this thanksgiving. how many meals how many meals one nonprofit provided for the homeless today? in san jose.
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