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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  November 25, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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on all cylinders wasn't executive. um with the hotel company, and after 26 years, i wanted to do something different . executive chef reynold stewart leads a team of more than two dozen volunteers crafting a traditional turkey meal for the city's on housed residents. it's like the least you can do to help our community. it's thanksgiving. when you help other people, you help yourself. from you know, you never know when you might be the person in need. starting wednesday, this crew cooks 60, turkey's £200 of mashed potatoes, £150 of mixed vegetables. and it slices of pie for dessert they need as much protein as much volume of food as possible because this might be their only meal that today. normally the less fortunate would come inside to eat. but covid safety protocols mean help must go to the masses feed their hungry. you know what christ said. you know like this. it's like you feed my people, you
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know, feed me too. you know, the delivery target is 4 to 500 housed residents in san jose, who are in need every day, but especially on a holiday. doesn't matter what church we go to a doesn't matter for city team first love. whatever organization that is doing it with the right heart. faith is an integral part of the work here at guadalupe park, one of several encampments in the city. it takes one person praying for you. one person reaching out and being willing to give and 11 years later, i've been restored with my family. it's a difference made in one life that volunteers and donors hope can be replicated in others. as the true meaning of the season takes hold one meal at a time. in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox two news after almost two years of pandemic restrictions, many families are gathering for the thanksgiving holiday again together. ktvu is christian captain asked some people in the bay area what they're thankful
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for this year. on a bright day around the bay area, people flocked to san francisco's union square, taking photos and getting into the holiday mood. adriana melvin says she woke up in a thanksgiving mood. we were we were in the hotel room, and i was just asking everybody in the room like what they're thankful for, and mine was, you know, i'm just thankful that i was able to wake up this morning and see my family, so i'm very proud and bliss just really spending time with family on the holidays andm children. also getting into the spirit. appreciative of like the roof over my head, the food i get to eat and like the love that i gave him my family. i'm grateful for god. melissa higgins is from scotland, and she and her daughter miller are new to the thanksgiving holiday , she says taking a day for gratitude is a wonderful tradition. we are very grateful that we have each other. we have a riff overheads. we have our health. we will have food on the
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table this afternoon. and we have been very blessed with such fantastic friends that we have met since we moved to san francisco. rhonda vino says he's thankful that he and his service dog monster man can visit union square and share their joy with others. and i'm gonna just thankful because you know, i've been disabled, you know, and. there are people out there that are really willing to help people with that have problems. you know. kate thompson and the ren say this thanksgiving feel special. after the hardships we've all had to endure for the last year and a half. i think it's made us all take a step back and really assess our lives and what we're what's important to all of us. at least me and my experience has made me really assess what's important to me. i'm very thankful for my family and my friends and my partner like to being very supportive emotionally. financially and she just everything. and that was the common theme this thanksgiving, a sense of gratitude for the small things and getting to spend time with one another in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. well organized thieves
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sadly continued to target retailers all ove in los angeles, suspects made away with about $25,000 worth of merchandise from a nordstrom store there yesterday. fox's christina coleman has more now on the rise in shoplifting and theft. law enforcement beat up patrols in california, but it's not stopping this surgeon organized retail crime the day before thanksgiving, a group of thieves stolen estimated $25,000 worth of merchandise, including seven or eight high end purses during a smash and grab robbery at nordstrom. in an l. a area mall. additional police were already on patrol at the mall when this happens, unfortunately , we did have additional suspects behind that suspect and crab a number of high dollar value versus. and police from this location on wednesday in santa rosa, four suspects stole about $20,000 worth of electronics at an apple store, and in oakland, a security guard
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was shot while he was protecting a news crew that was reporting on crime. police say a suspect tried to rob that news crew in the middle of the day, the injured security guard as a former police officer. he's expected to survive. critics say california soft on crime approach is leaning to the surgeon organized retail crime, though san francisco's progressive dea says this rampant violence won't be tolerated in los angeles, this high end shopping mall is now installing what they call custom fabricated barriers to prevent the kind of robbery they experienced monday night went around 20 people smashed a window. at the north from store and stole clothing. at this point, law enforcement is looking for dozens of people tied to these robberies, with no sign of the surgeon organized retail crime slowing down here in california in los angeles, christina coleman fox news. tonight police continue to look for those four men wanted in connection with that robbery at
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the apple store in santa rosa at the apple store there at the santa rosa plaza. witnesses say that these were between the ages of 14 and 18, wearing mostly black clothing with masks covering their faces. if you have any information, you're asked to call santa rosa police. we have an update now on a retail store burglary that we told you about earlier this week, police say they have arrested two women in connection to a break in at the real real store in downtown palo alto on sunday night, police say 20 year old kiani marie jones from richmond and 21 year old imani kibana barnes from alejo, where part of a large group that tried to break into the luxury consignment store. authorities say a private security guard called police after 30 to 40 suspects tried to break through the front glass door of the real real store in downtown palo alto . police were able to stop one of the 20 cars that were estimated to be there as they left the scene, and that's when they arrested the two women. police say they found $15,000 worth of stolen property from the real real location. in larks berg in their car. they now face
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felony commercial burglary charges at five tonight. it has already been a deadly holiday on bay area roads. three people were killed in three different crashes today. well, that happened in belmont napa and near brentwood before sunrise this morning, the chp says a 41 year old san francisco woman died on highway 11 at ralston avenue in belmont in a four car collision around three this morning. in napa 32 year old man was hit and killed by a car after authorities say he walked into traffic on state route to 21 st blow drive around five and an hour later near brentwood. a driver died in a three car collision on vasko road, just south of walnut boulevard. dozens of others have already been injured in crashes this thanksgiving. the chp asking everyone out there to take caution as you drive this holiday evening. and the california highway patrol is going to be on the watch, asking everyone to be very cautious and drive safely. over the next few days, the chp kicked off a maximum enforcement period after
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sundown last night, additional officers will be on patrol looking for unsafe driving practices, including seatbelt violations, speeding, distracted driving and signs of anyone driving under the influence. police say if you do plan to drink alcohol plan to arrive, arrange a safe ride home in advance. the maximum enforcement period runs through the weekend and it ends at midnight on sunday. new at five. a 43 year old santa's a man has been arrested for raping a development li disabled woman and holding her against her will . the santa clara county sheriff's office arrested raymond dupont simpson in connection to the attack yesterday in the area of monterey road and center road in san jose. he's being held on charges of raping, developmentally disabled person kidnapping and false imprisonment charges. he remains in jail on $210,000 bail. 24 year old man from rodeo park is now facing several drug and weapons charges after he was arrested in santa rosa 24 year old erik morales bustamante was taken into custody. following a
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traffic stop on highway one. oh one last night. police say they found a loaded on registered semiautomatic handgun. 25 g of cocaine as well as paraphernalia associated with drug sales in the man's vehicle. their suspect is a convicted felon and is not allowed to have guns or ammunition. tonight there are still dozens of cargo ships and tens of thousands of containers sitting off the california coast as the president tries to address the supply chain crisis . william la janice has an update from san pedro. £100 leola roger shot who hired by the boarding time of 12304, los angeles, managing america's supply chain begins here. these guys are all loitering loitering inside the control tower handling ship traffic at the ports of l, a and long beach if they're coming from asia. did normally takes two weeks to cross the ocean at 18 knots. officials hope the logjam here is over. shipping costs and container volume from asia is
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down, but it doesn't mean lower prices or mo the gap. nordstrom nike all say supply chain problems are hurting sales. holiday goods are shipping right now at unprecedented rates again , 20% above what the pre pandemic numbers because of that unprecedented volume, new rules for the c instead of ships racing over from china, only to sit offshore for a month. spewing pollution into the l. a basin going forward. ships must wait 150 miles offshore until a birth is open. they can slow steam from their last port of call and come here and arrived closer to the birth time. that's a benefit for everyone. we have a massive backlog of ships and those ships are emitting pollution into this region, which is already home to some of the worst air quality in the united states. l a long beach is number one for smog changes off the water or helping as well. port officials say the threat of fines reduced the container backlog. 33% but labor is still
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type inside the seafarers union hall and san pedro. there's not a crewman in sight. i can't say we're short because we got we got manpower, but we're looking for more. local officials are optimistic. things are still tough, but they're getting a lot better in a few months going to be a lot lot better. well that's yet to be seen. west coast dockworkers just rejected a contract extension and if they stop working gridlock, returns and with it, the price spikes and shortages that experts already say will extend well into next year. in san pedro, california, william la jeunesse fox news. well the record inflation that we've been seeing is expected to put a damper on holiday sales. a survey by the professional services company deloitte has found that nearly 12% of americans say they are not planning to buy any gifts this holiday season. the rising price of gas, groceries and other essentials appears to be playing a part in that decision . the survey also shows that
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consumer confidence is now at a 10 year low. however higher income households who were also surveyed say they are planning to spend about five times what lower income households will be shelling out for gifts. households that bring in more than $100,000 a year are expected to spend more than $2600 on holiday gifts. coming up thanksgiving in the dark. how many people are out of power in southern california tonight? and you may not be able to find your favorite holiday spirits in grocery stores this year. power supply chain crisis could lead to a liquor shortage plus wishing the country a safe and healthy thanksgiving. what president biden says he's thankful for this year. and a beautiful, beautiful thanksgiving day. today, temperatures in the sixties even low seventies will look into what you can expect. as we push into friday and the holiday weekend. i'll see you back here.
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holiday just for the chance to be able to celebrate together again, and president biden wishing americans are happy holiday and sending special appreciation to our service members. foxes jackie heinrich has more now on how the president is spending this thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving, everyone. this is always a special time in america . but this year the blessings of thanksgiving especially meaningful, the president and first ladies say they're thankful americans have the chance to celebrate thanksgiving together again after being apart last year, we have a new appreciation. for those little moments we can't plan or replicate. the music of laughter in a warm, full kitchen, the thump of small feet making big sounds, the circle of faces
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crowded around our dining room table. glowing in the candlelight americans traveled this holiday at near pre pandemic levels and crowds lining the streets of new york city for the chance to see the thanksgiving day parade in person. the president, first lady visited the coast guard station in nantucket. acknowledging the sacrifice service members make particularly at holiday time. my back to the floor. joking when i say thank you for these guys. back with them and everybody i mean part of my heart. people wonder what america is. they look and they see them. that's who they see. they don't see us here, dad. the first family resumed their holiday tradition of spending the weekend here in nantucket, something they had to cancel last year. amid the pandemic. tomorrow, they'll attend a christmas tree lighting with friends and family. london tuckett, jackie heinrich fox news. well, thanksgiving wraps up there might be a liquor shortage for the rest of the holiday season. the distilled
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spirits council says that the industry is seeing a shortage in glass pallets, containers and delivery drivers. regulation agencies are saying that there are also issues regarding aging that is required for certain alcohol content in tequila, cognac and champagne. industry insiders are advising consumers to buy early to avoid possible shortages on the shelves. a man accused of starting a deadly house fire in cupertino has now been arrested. jimmy leonard hollings, the fourth now faces homicide and arson charges. in connection to a fire at home on tuscany place. it happened back in september. one person was killed. detectives say that hollings and that victim lived together in the same home as tenants. and that the two had been fighting before the fire started. investigators say they were able to link hollings to evidence of flammable accelerants found at that home. hollings has since been living in san jose, where he was arrested. thousands of people in southern california were without power on this thanksgiving holiday. southern california
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edison cut electricity to prevent their equipment from starting wildfires amid warm, dry and windy weather. winds in los angeles toppled some trees overnight that fell on homes, cars and power lines. no one was injured. fortunately forecasters say, though, that wind gusts reached up to 76 mph at arrowhead spring in san bernardino county today. nearly 64,000 customers were without power in los angeles, orange, riverside, san bernardino and ventura counties. area air quality management district is asking people to avoid burning wood tonight. conditions are not bad enough for us where the air alert. but still people are being discouraged. burn wood quality officials are trying to prevent pollution from rising to unhealthy levels. what smoke from fireplaces and stoves is the main source of air pollution in the winter months? it can be especially harmful to children, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions. alrighty happy thanksgiving. a beautiful day out there lots of folks
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enjoying it. it's a lot of folks out walking around a lot of hiking this morning. cool start today with the frost advisory, but just beautiful temperatures in the sixties for most of us and some of those seventies in the warmest spots. so here's the weather headline besides it being thanksgiving day, the weather headline is it's not raining anytime soon. here's the long range model there's friday . see some clouds come in, but it's gonna be a nice day. here's saturday. here's sunday. see everything going north, just everything going. that's a big ridge of high pressure and british columbia nonstop atmospheric rain through tuesday next week through wednesday. and that's as far as i can go, so we're dry that whole time. there are opportunities for some showers as we get into the second 10th of december. something like that. so hopefully that will happen. of course, the sunset stunning. tonight i hope you if you're not watching the looking at the tv, which i know a lot of, folks now they don't watch the t v. they can just listen to it. but if you're just take a glance at that picture and that live camera shot and you can see. the salesforce tower looming in the
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far distance, but just beautiful , beautiful night and you know it's going to be cool to chilly again tonight or tomorrow. i know tomorrow's a big day to get out. i think it's obviously black friday and folks out shopping. it's chilly in the morning. so you're going to definitely want to take a jacket wherever you go. but by the afternoon in some places where back into the low seventies like down by, um down by morgan hill and gil, right, so nice. nice, nice, nice day and kind of smart . i mean, we're good for rate 4% of average rainfall. just because we got so much rain. it would be nice to get some more rain. but it's not happening. so with this embrace what we have, which is this cool overnight lows. 33 in santa rosa 36. fairfield 42. indiana got 37 conquered so chilly morning. some areas can be cool and that santa rosa and you just go into the out in there. outskirts of santa rosa. you'll find yourself some, um ice or freezing conditions and certainly more frost of possibility. big high pressure is staying put. um and it does desperate creates cool nights. it also creates fog with fox. not really. it's kind of dryer out there than it had
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been, so the fog is not really as much a player but the cold mornings are because you take the humidity out of it. and temperatures remember the dew point. the temperatures within temperature couldn't get low. the two points are hired. that temperature can drop because there's so much moisture in the air. well if i had a white board , i could draw it out for you. but just trust me on that. so there's pretty dry atmosphere, so it's going to be pretty drunk. cool tonight, and then you've got the rain staying north really right through this week. in the next week, too, and then after that, something looks like it wants to break loose, but it is interesting how, when it turns on. it's amazing, and then when it turns off, it's off , right? that's calif. i'm doing this a long time, and i always amazed by and that's where we are. now. it's turned off big time when i come back, we'll look at the five day forecast in which you can expect. thanks so much. appreciate it coming up tonight. lawmakers have a lot of work to do. once the thanksgiving holiday wraps up, we'll tell you about the busy weeks ahead for congress.
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washington who may be in for a buche brutal few weeks ahead. that's fox's douglas ada reports from capitol hill after the thanksgiving holiday wraps up congress and the white house will be under intense pressure to address some big policy bills and address funding to avoid a government shutdown. the congressional christmas tree in all its glory, but the spirit of the holidays will have to compete with an unrelenting countdown. the senate has a whole lot of important things to do between now and the end of the year, the senate majority leader, chuck schumer, says. holidays or not. nights and weekends are going to be consumed with a daunting to do list in the weeks ahead. what i anticipated that we won't shut the government down and look at the coming deadlines on december 3rd there is that possibility of a government shutdown if congress doesn't act. on december 15th. the treasury department says the nation could reach its credit limit and risk default by the end of the year.
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congress needs to pass the defense authorization bill. and at the same time the president's falling approval numbers have democrats deeply concerned about their prospects in next year's midterm elections. leon panetta, a democratic political veteran, does not hold back. the administration is in trouble. period presidents got, uh, you know, low low rankings in terms of the polls, but the administration has got some problems. democrats in general have some problems and problems that the white house hopes to solve by pushing the president's huge build back better social spending plan through the senate next month after the house passed it last week. this bill is going to be the biggest cost cutting bill for working class in american families in decades in this country, but there are increasing concerns, even among some democrats about the potential inflationary fallout from that bill. at the very least, the senate is expected to make some big changes before it would ever reach. the
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president's desk. in washington . douglass ader fox news tonight, russian officials say 52 people are dead after an explosion in a siberian coal mine hours after a methane gas explosion and fire filled the mind with toxic fumes. rescuers found 14 bodies but were forced to halt the search because of the build up of gas. they found the other 38 bodies just a few hours ago. another 239 people were able to be rescued, but six rescuers also died while searching for others. trapped in a remote section of that mind. it is the deadliest mine accident in russia since 2010 when two methane explosions and a fire killed 91 people. in somalia. the terrorist group al shabaab is now claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed eight people. the blast happened right outside of the school in the capital city of mogadishu. 17 other people were hurt, and officials say some of the people
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who died were students. no other information about the victims is being released right now. al shabaab is linked to al qaeda in the group says that it intended to strike united nations security convoy passing near that school. coming up, thankful to be reunited after years apart how group of men celebrated their decades long friendship this week. and charities all across the country, struggling with higher higher food prices, how they continue, though, with their missions despite inflation. and adjusting an annual thanksgiving tradition in the tenderloin the changes that were made this year at glide memorial church is neil giveaway. tenderloin neighborhood
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volunteers spent their morning prepping and serving hundreds of warm cooked meals to the homeless. ktvu james torres shows us how organizers adjusted to the challenges. of the covid found 19 pandemic. normally the thanksgiving activities. what happened inside the building at two different dining rooms? but for the past two thanksgiving celebrations, they've had to take the party outside lot outside the doors of the glide foundation's headquarters. hundreds of people are grateful to get a warm meal today, right down to the floor. it all started this morning from the work of dozens of volunteers. the people are hungry. and people need to be fed. gordon barranco is helping carve turkeys and hams. today his
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involvement with glide goes back 40 years. giving back to his community, he says, is a family tradition. my son's 31. he's been coming here for 24 years to volunteer. our daughter. not here. just had a baby. she she came for over 30 years and my wife is here and so. it's a family thing, man. it's a family thing. slice it up. preparations took hours in the early morning before sunrise. organizers here say this is what kicks off their holiday season hosting hundreds of people for a holiday breakfast and lunch. in the restaurant industry for 40 years , and i decided i wanted to give back change. change my perspective on things and i joined glide and it's just. it's good to serve a community, especially a community like this in san francisco that needs as much as we can give him mayor london breed alongside fire chief janine nicholson helped pack to go meals, they say. it's nice to spend thanksgiving together after a year of covid-19 protocols, families and
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people all over the city people stopping people coming from other countries. it's just the city is coming alive again. tables set for a thanksgiving lunch full of turkey centerpieces. and peanuts art people here say this is what thanksgiving and the holiday season is all about. this is the first traditional event that we have to participate in this wonderful. we get more out of it probably done a lot of other people in san francisco. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. yeah it really is wonderful. what glide does and saint anthony's just around the corner did the same thing moving all of its meal preparation and serving outdoors as well. i was happy to join a number of volunteers there once again. another organization doing amazing work here in the bay area? well anyone who's been at a grocery store lately has certainly felt the pinch of rising food prices. and now that's starting to really hit home, not just for those in need. but also for the groups that serve them this thanksgiving charities to or
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dealing with the higher cost of food on top of higher demand and fewer donations. foxes madeline rivera explains how these organizations are getting by. bread for the city is a lifeline for so many in washington. d c. have a good day, sir barbara meadows. just one of them didn't get into free groceries for a while now, but she expects she'll be getting more bags than usual. because her food stamps are in stretching as far as they used to. i went to walmart. ah the safeway. the prices have went up a little bit during the pandemic bread for the city saw a spike in need giving out 700 to 1000 grocery bags a day. now they're giving up more than 1000 bags a day, in part, they say, because of inflation. the higher prices affecting their budget to we usually spend $100,000 on grocery on our produce, and that's gone up to 121 125,000 month inflation now at 6.2% is rising at its fastest pace since 1990. but for the city feeling
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the pension donations to the donations that we get from private. from our private community members are not coming in like they usually would. so far, the organization says. they've been able to meet the need, but they worry they might have to make some changes if prices continue to go up. their worst case scenario. i mean, we start giving less food, we start rationing it more. regardless meadows says she'll be grateful because something is better than nothing at all appreciative of everything that i did, and washington mallory vera fox news. well, for many people the night before thanksgiving is a time for reunions. ktvu is amberleigh attended an annual gathering at an alameda park that was canceled last year due to the pandemic. attendees move the gathering outdoors this year and told amber they are so thankful they can get together after nearly two years apart. at sunset in alameda. thanksgiving
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tradition reunite 40 childhood friends at cruzi park. so how are you guys doing from boys to men now in their fifties and sixties and annual get together spanning four decades feel good about the fact that we can see each other? we all grew up within a mile of this park. we all grew up playing here. his kids. this event was replaced by a zoom call last year due to covid concerns. this meant a lot to lot of people to finally come in. catch up. you know what they say there's a lot of history between a lot of people here instead of an indoor sit down dinner inside a hall as in past years of rec center with an option for people to gather outdoors. but most say the covid vaccines have boosted their confidence in attending gatherings. my biggest fear was before the vaccination being around people and masking up but now i feel very comfortable. one man tells me his comfort level includes air travel, he flew in from san diego were fully vaccinated booster shots. all that so. good time to get
5:36 pm
together for holidays at mcgee's sports bar, the co owner tells me thanksgiving eve was one of the busiest nights of the year before covid. on this night, still a popular gathering place . a lot of people are in town now to see their families and they want to get out reunite with old friends. one customer tells me she's looking forward to spending thanksgiving with friends. i'm going to be hanging out with like around 7 to 10 people still small and then i'm going to travel to hawaii to see family 34 years ago, probably back at krusee park, the style jah and joy at seeing old friends. we stepped forward to the wednesday night before thanksgiving. and then getting up early thanksgiving morning to watch them play football motion . this is video of the last football game played on thanksgiving before the pandemic , traditional thanksgiving morning football game. won't be taking place, organizers say. with covid still here, there's
5:37 pm
just not ready for that yet perhaps next thanksgiving in alameda, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. looks like a lot of fun there alright today in new york city, the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade returned in full force after scaling back last year due to the pandemic. there was no shortage of those giant balloons, a lot of floats , marching bands and musical acts, including carrie underwood , kelly rowland, foreigner and rob thomas. this year parade participants were required to be fully vaccinated. so there were no kids under 12 in the parade, just watching there on the sidelines. a spokesman for the braid said there were more than 6500 people marching dancing in singing in the parade. this year. so nice to see. up san francisco police really need your help with their annual toy drive, where you can drop up donations for kids in need. and public health experts are advising most americans against getting a covid-19 antibody test
5:38 pm
instead of a covid vaccine by, they say getting a booster shot is a better option. plus businesses in waukesha, wisconsin, now working ther to try to help those affected by that deadly parade attack how some are actually using the fundraiser to heal themselves.
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