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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 25, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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san jose is humming on all cylinders wasn't executive. uhh with the hotel company, and after 26 years, i wanted to do something different. executive chef reynold stewart leads a team of more than two dozen volunteers crafting a traditional turkey meal for the city's on housed residents. it's like the least you can do to help our community. it's thanksgiving. when you help other people, you help yourself. from you know, you never know when you might be the person in need. starting wednesday, this crew cooks 60, turkey's £200 of mashed potatoes, £150 of mixed vegetables. and it slices of pie for dessert they need as much protein as much volume of food as possible because this might be their only meal that today. normally, the less fortunate would come inside to eat. but covid safety protocols mean help must go to the masses feed their hungry. what christ said. you know, like it's like you feed my
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people, you know, feed me too. you know, the delivery target is 4 to 500 housed residents in san jose, who are in need every day, but especially on a holiday. doesn't matter what church we go to a doesn't matter for city team first love. whatever organization that is doing it with the right heart. faith is an integral part of the work here at guadalupe park, one of several encampments in the city. it takes one person praying for you. one person reaching out and being willing to give and 11 years later, i've been restored with my family. it's a difference made in one life that volunteers and donors hope can be replicated in others. as the true meaning of the season takes hold one meal at a time. in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. well after nearly two years of pandemic restrictions, many families are gathering for the thanksgiving holiday again. ktvu christian captain asked
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people in the bay area what they're thankful for this year. on a bright day around the bay area, people flocked to san francisco's union squared mood.n says she woke up in a thanksgiving mood. we were we were in the hotel room, and i was just asking everybody in the room like. what they're thankful for, and mine was, you know, i'm just thankful that i was able to wake up this morning and see my family, so i'm very proud and bliss just really spending time with family on the holidays andm children. also getting into the spirit. appreciative of like the roof over my head, the food i get to eat and like the love that i gave him my family. i'm grateful for god. melissa higgins is from scotland, and she and her daughter miller are new to the thanksgiving holiday , she says taking a day for gratitude is a wonderful tradition. we are very grateful that we have each other and we have a recover heads. we have
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our health. we help have food on the table this afternoon, and we have been very blessed with such fantastic friends that we have met since we moved to san francisco. rhonda vino says he's thankful that he and his service dog monster man can visit union square and share their joy with others. i'm gonna just thankful because you know, i've been disabled, you know, and. there are people out there that are really willing to help people with that have problems. you know kate thompson and the ren say this thanksgiving feel special. after the hardships we've all had to endure for the last year and a half. i think it's made us all take a step back and really assess our lives and what we're what's important to all of us. at least me and my experience has made me really assess what's important to me. i'm very thankful for my family and my friends and my partner like to being very supportive emotionally. financially and she just everything. and that was the common theme this thanksgiving, a sense of gratitude for the small things and getting to spend time with one another in san francisco. christian caftan, ktvu, fox two news. more thankful, less
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worried, right? that's the way a lot of us feel this year. well, sadly, it has been a deadly holiday out there on bay area roads. already three people were killed in three different crashes just today. they happened in belmont, napa and near brentwood all before sunrise this morning, the chp says a 41 year old san francisco woman died on highway 1 to 1 at ralston avenue in belmont and a four car collision. around three this morning, and napa, a 32 year old man was hit and killed by a car after authorities say for some reason, he walked into traffic on state route to 21 as tree blow drive around five this morning. and about an hour later near brentwood, a driver died in a three car collision on vasko road south of walnut boulevard. dozens of others have been injured in crashes as well. this thanksgiving, and those crashes really highlight the chp s plea for drivers to slow down out there and be safe. the agency kicked off its maximum enforcement period last night.
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additional officers are now out there on patrol looking for unsafe drivers, including seatbelt violations, speeding, distracted driving and any signs of those driving under the influence. the maximum enforcement period by the way ends at midnight on sunday. this week, organized groups of thieves continued to target retailers all over california in los angeles, suspects made away with about $25,000 worth of merchandise from an origin story yesterday. factors christina coleman has more on this increase in shoplifting and theft. law enforcement beat up patrols in california, but it's not stopping this surgeon organized retail crime the day before thanksgiving, a group of thieves stolen estimated $25,000 worth of merchandise, including seven or eight high end purses during a smash and grab robbery at nordstrom. in an l. a area mall. additional police were already on patrol at the mall when this happens, unfortunately , we did have additional suspects behind that suspect and
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crab. a number of high dollar value persists. and police from this location on wednesday in santa rosa, four suspects stole about $20,000 worth of electronics at an apple store, and in oakland, a security guard was shot while he was protecting a news crew that was reporting on crime. police say a suspect tried to rob that news crew in the middle of the day, the injured security guard as a former police officer. he's expected to survive. critics say california soft on crime approach is leaning to the surgeon organized retail crime, though san francisco's progressive dea says this rampant violence won't be tolerated in los angeles, this high end shopping mall is now installing what they call custom fabricated barriers to prevent the kind of robbery they experienced monday night went around 20 people smashed a window. at the north from store and stole clothing. at this point, law enforcement is looking for dozens of people tied to these robberies, with no sign of the surgeon organized
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retail crime slowing down here in california in los angeles, christina coleman fox news. here in the bay area. police say they have made arrests in a burglary we told you about earlier this week. police say they have arrested two women in connection to a break in at the real real store in downtown palo alto on sunday night, police say 20 year old kiani marie jones from richmond and 21 year old imani kibana barnes from filet ho, where part of a large group. that tried to break into the luxury consignment store, authorities say a private security guard called police after 30 to 40 suspects tried to break through the front glass door of the real real store in downtown palo alto. police were able to stop one of the 20 cars as they were leaving the scene, and that is when they arrested those two women. police say they found $15,000 worth of stolen property from the real real location in larks berg inside the car. they now are facing felony commercial burglary charges. 43 year old san jose man has been arrested for raping
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a developmentally disabled woman and then holding her against her will. the santa clara county sheriff's office arrested raymond dupont simpson and connection to yesterday's attack in the area of monterey road and center road there in san jose, is being held on charges of rape of a development to lead, disabled person kidnapping as well as false imprisonment. and he remains in jail on $210,000 bail. coming up here tonight, giving back this holiday. the new way. glide memorial in san francisco is serving those in need. the people are hungry, and people need to be fed. and we are tracking the weather. as we head into this holiday weekend. i'll see you back here with that. man dozens of cargo ships and tens of thousands of containers just sitting off the california coast. the effect of the supply chain crisis and its impact on americans.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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traditional holiday than last year's gatherings. many events that were canceled or curtailed because of the pandemic have returned in some form this weekend, rock says. brian dennis takes a look now from new york. the 95th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade came back this year in full force. it's live and awesome, and there's everything here. it's the whole vibe of the city coming together. last year's parade was only televised and feature no crowds in the parade route was shortened. this year, thousands of spectators and families lined the streets mass required as two dozen floats, 8000 marchers and 10 marching bands led the way for the real stars of the show. the 15 gigantic helium inflated character balloons standing as tall as 62 ft. this year's balloons included new additions like grow guru or baby yoda. from star wars and ate a twist from netflix, as well as classics like snoopy, ronald
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mcdonald and the pillsbury doughboy. the event, culminating , of course with the one and only santa claus. the turkey day parade also made a triumphant return in chicago and runners in dallas and beyond, took part in annual turkey trots for millions of americans. it's the first time in two years that thanksgiving feels like well thanksgiving. sure, there are reminders we've got a way to go . the pandemic supply shortages and inflation. your thanksgiving dinner costs were up 14% this year compared to last year, according to the american farm bureau federation. triple a says it will be more expensive to drive back home. thanksgiving gas prices are at an eight year high. even the liquor industry is facing supply. hiccups. shortages are crazy. and so we're buying as much champagne as we can so that we can continue to fill ourselves still reminders of the true spirit of thanksgiving are priceless, more than 28,000. u. s troops stationed in south korea, away from their families celebrated with their fellow soldiers. so
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this is a family so i'm okay. i still feel the love and the spirit of thanksgiving. and a new york city today, an nypd officer received a hero's walk out as she was released from the hospital last night. she was shot in the arm twice tonight. she's home with her family. happy thanksgiving. in new york city. brian yannis fox news. industry experts say there might be a licorice shortage this holiday season. that distilled spirits council says the industry has seen a shortage of glass pallets, containers and fewer delivery drivers. regulation agencies also are saying that there's also an issue of aging that's required for alcohol content for tequila , cognac and champagne. industry insiders are advising consumers to buy now, if you plan to include some holiday spirits in your gatherings. and tonight there are still dozens of cargo ships and tens of thousands of containers sitting off the california coast despite president biden's efforts to
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address some of this supply chain crisis. william laziness has an update from san pedro. hola roger shot who hired by the boarding time of 12304, los angeles, managing america's supply chain begins here. these guys are all loitering right inside the control tower handling ship traffic at the ports of l, a and long beach if they're coming from asia. did normally takes two weeks to cross the ocean at 18 knots. officials hope the logjam here is over. shipping costs and container volume from asia is down, but it doesn't mean lower prices or more inventory at christmas. the gap. nordstrom nike all say supply chain problems are hurting sales. holiday goods are shipping right now at unprecedented rates again , 20% above what the pre pandemic numbers because of that unprecedented volume, new rules for the c instead of ships racing over from china, only to sit offshore for a month. spewing pollution into the l a
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basin going forward. ships must wait 150 miles offshore until a birth is open. they can slow steam from their last port of call and come here and arrived closer to the birth time. that's a benefit for everyone. we have a massive backlog of ships and those ships are emitting pollution into this region, which is already home to some of the worst air quality in the united states. ah l a long beach is number one for smog changes off the water are helping as well. officials say the threat of fines reduced the container backlog. 33. but labor is still type inside the seafarers union hall in san pedro. there's not a crewman insight. i can't say we're short because we got we got manpower, but we're looking for more. local officials are optimistic. things are still tough, but they're getting a lot better in a few months going to be a lot lot better. well, that's yet to be seen. west coast dockworkers just rejected a contract extension and if they stop working gridlock, returns
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and with it the price spikes and shortages that experts already say will extend well into next year. in san pedro, california, william la jeunesse fox news. okay we're checking on the weather. we had a beautiful day. today it was literally the perfect west coast bay area thanksgiving, whether wise it started off a little chilly, but that was cool, too, and that it just kind of felt right. felt like thanksgiving. and then we had plenty of sunshine. temperatures got back into the sixties. for most of us, some areas a little warmer, some areas a little cooler, but overall, it's stunning day today and tomorrow we'll follow suit. they're so friday and the weekend too few clouds. now this is the long range model i just like to. we're waiting on rain because we need rain, and you're going to see where everything goes to the north. so there's friday. there saturday. see everything's going. we're way down. we're down further south from the clouds right there sunday. there's monday, tuesday wednesday. ouch right, that's that's not optimal, that's for sure. but you know, it looks
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like we got something coming. maybe towards first, if, at the end of the first week in december, so we'll see how that works out. these are the forecast highs overnight lows. pardon me for tomorrow morning and. they're killed. their cool like they were last night, and frost will be a thing in some places you'll find freezing to if you're if you're going to go 33 in santa rosa, you're certainly going to find freezing out there. and some of those inland valleys you know, away from the urban centers. in the low lying areas. so a cool morning cool start. sandra san jose o b in the upper thirties, low forties tomorrow morning, so get ready for that and enjoy the day. it's going to be stunning. i hold like i said earlier. i hope you have relatives in town because. the bay area is as good as it gets right now. and for this time of year when you look at what's going on over the rest of the country in the west coast, cool and cold mornings and then, as i said the. the trend here for the next week. or maybe we can to half maybe a couple weeks is going to be this big ridge of high pressure, which is super hard to break down when it's big and broad like that. so enjoy it. while
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last we're doing okay for rain. we need some. but we're not. we're doing fine. i'll see you back here. it's it with the full forecast in the five day. and it really was such a beautiful afternoon sell. thank you. a new coronavirus variant has been detected in south africa, and scientists are rushing to try to find out more.
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high number of mutations and also the rapid spread among young people. the new variant prompted the u. k to issue a travel ban starting this weekend on travelers from six african countries. here in the us. meantime there is continued resistance by many to covid vaccine mandates. fox news is kevin corke takes a look. with numerous lawsuits pending over vaccine mandates from groups representing teachers, airline workers, law enforcement officers and firefighters. it is certainly arguable that there's a growing resistance to being compelled to take the shot. with thousands of americans now willing to fight and or walk away from their jobs to preserve their bodily autonomy. in fact, texas, louisiana, mississippi, south carolina and utah are among the more than half of all u. s states filing or joining lawsuits in opposition to the federal rule, which would require businesses with more than 100 employees. to enforce vaccine mandates and the recent challenges maybe turning the
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legal tied, citing a recent court ordered by the u. s court of appeals for the fifth circuit that granted a motion to stay the vaccine mandate osha, the occupational safety and health administration has announced it will temporarily stop its enforcement efforts. quote pending future developments in the litigation. there's some federal workers are now also pushing back with the lawsuit filed just this week on behalf of the u. s military member, charging that the government's shot mandate is unlawful and unconstitutional. we're getting ready to start kicking out our service members right now over obvious covid vaccine. does this not make us question? what are the priorities of this administration? is it? nationals security, or is it this won't movement, but the white house insists mandates work, noting that just one day after its deadline for compliance, that some 92% of the 3.5 million federal workers affirmed that they were at least vaccinated, partially let's be clear.
6:23 pm
vaccination req be another issut divides us every day. we see more businesses implementing vaccination requirements. and the mounting data shows that they work. still critics question the efficacy of so called heavy handed vaccine mandates. they point to states like michigan, which up until june, had a mask mandate that had lasted for several months. and yet now the state leads the entire nation in daily covid cases. that of course, all happening despite the fact that more than 60% of michiganders, or at least partially vaccinated and washington i'm kevin corke fox news. so far about 600 workers at google have reportedly signed a petition opposing a vaccine mandate for employees. it was posted on an internal message board reportedly says the vaccine bandic could embarrass workers by exposing a private choice not to get the shots. google's workforce of about 150,000 is expected to report its
6:24 pm
vaccination status by next friday. well as we all know, thanksgiving day is here, and unlike last year, more families are gathering to celebrate. but with the pandemic still looming many headed to stores to buy at home. covid-19 tests to make sure guests were covid free. but as foxes john monaghan tells us finding test is proving to be a challenge. i live in whitman, no . one. none of the pharmacies there had any available. this woman who didn't want to show her face on camera couldn't find a covert test anywhere near her. whitman home. everywhere i went, people said no, no, no. then i started calling. no, no, no. but 10 miles away at this brave receive es. she heard? yes finally allowing her to secure worry free turkey day and there's no thanksgiving dinner without what i'm told. across town. we ran into this man who had been searching all day. yeah i've been been quite a few places. my in laws live in pawtucket, rhode island, so i've been i went to four stories there and then i came out here.
6:25 pm
but not before buying them online first to secure them. he bought four to put relatives. eddie's there's a few people in our family or immuno compromised, so you know, we want to make sure that we're you know. letting them know that that we care about them, and we're willing to go through some extra measures to show that we did find a cvs on grove street in braintree that had a small stockpile of covert tests, but other locations were running out quickly. this woman, who also declined to appear on camera came to that first location we found. to get a test for her son . we're going on thanksgiving dinner and my sons get like a head cold, so there's going to be babies, so i better safe than sorry. yeah, and she locked out. getting there. just in time. there's only two. we got the last two. i think so. and that was john monaghan reporting for us. while coming up. lawmakers have a lot of work to do once
6:26 pm
the thanksgiving holiday racks up with the busy weeks and the big policy issues that are ahead for congress and ken balboa and lincoln's run as city champs joe fonzi, with all of the football highlights coming up later in sports. plus a thanksgiving tradition will take a look at how the glide foundation served thousands of meals today to those in need.
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enforcement period for the thanksgiving holiday. additional officers now out there on patrol, looking for unsafe driving practices, including seatbelt violations, speeding, distracted driving and signs of those driving under the influence. officers say if you plan to drink plan to arrange a safe ride home, this maximum enforcement period runs through sunday. in san jose city team volunteers delivered meals to hundreds of homeless people this thanksgiving holiday. they had plenty to go around after cooking 60, turkey's £200 of mashed potatoes and £150 of mixed vegetables. normally people who live outside would come to the city team for the holiday meal. but covid safety protocols meant that volunteers this year took food out to them , and many people are finding a lot of reasons to be thankful this holiday, the second during the pandemic. we asked some in san francisco's union square to share what they are grateful for. and many said family, friends, food and shelter. and while things might not be perfect, still, this year does
6:30 pm
feel a lot closer to normal certainly does. and you are watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 glide memorial church in the tenderloin continued their longstanding thanksgiving tradition. the volunteers spent the morning prepping and then serving hundreds of warm cooked meals. to people who have no home. yeah, they always do such great work there. ktvu james torres shows us how organizers though adjusted to the challenges of the ongoing pandemic. normally the thanksgiving activities. what happened inside the building at two different dining rooms? but for the past two thanksgiving celebrations, they've had to take the party outside lot outside the doors of the glide foundation's headquarters. hundreds of people are grateful to get a warm meal today, right down to the floor. it all started this morning from the work of dozens of volunteers. the people are hungry. and people need to be fed. gordon barranco is helping carve turkeys and hands today, his involvement with glide goes back 40 years. giving back to his community, he says, is a family
6:31 pm
tradition. my son's 31. he's been coming here for 24 years to volunteer. our daughter. not here. just had a baby. she came from over 30 years and my wife is here and so. it's a family thing, man. it's a family thing. slice it up. preparations took hours in the early morning before sunrise. organizers here say this is what kicks off their holiday season. hosting hundreds of people for a holiday breakfast and lunch in the restaurant industry for 40 years and i decided i wanted to give back change. change my perspective on things and i joined glide and it's just. it's good to serve a community, especially a community like this in san francisco that needs as much as we can give him mayor london breed alongside fire chief janine nicholson helped pack to go meals, they say. it's nice to spend thanksgiving together after a year of covid-19 protocols, families and people all over the city people stopping people coming from other countries. it's the city
6:32 pm
is coming alive again. tables set for a thanksgiving lunch full of turkey centerpieces. and peanuts art. people here say this is what thanksgiving and the holiday season is all about . this is the first traditional event that we have to participate in this wonderful we get more out of it, probably then a lot of other people in san francisco. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. some bay area grocery stores were bustling with people getting ready for their holiday dinners. last night, we found some people doing last minute shopping at star grocery in berkeley. that's because that store and many others were closed today or closed early to allow workers to spend time with their family and friends. many dinner staples flew off the shelves from turkey's two sides and desserts. had a shipment of like, how many was it like 60 pies yesterday and this is all we have left now . four yeah, down before and then you can see on our bread shelf. it's completely empty because. we sold out at like by
6:33 pm
, like two p.m. it was all gone close early today, so we're down to pretty much the last pickings of stuff. many people said they didn't notice that prices are a little higher this year, the american farm bureau says a typical thanksgiving meal for 10 people will be about 14% higher than last year, in part due to higher costs of labor and transportation, and members of congress faced some important deadlines when they returned from the thanksgiving break, foxes douglas a two reports now from capitol hill. on the key pieces of legislation that lawmakers will be considering. the congressional christmas tree in all its glory, but the spirit of the holidays will have to compete with an unrelenting countdown. the senate has a whole lot of important things to do between now and the end of the year, the senate majority leader, chuck schumer, says. holidays or not. nights and weekends are going to be consumed with a daunting to do list in the weeks ahead. what i anticipated that we won't shut the government down and look at the coming deadlines on december 3rd there is that possibility of
6:34 pm
a government shutdown if congress doesn't act. on december 15th. the treasury department says the nation could reach its credit limit and risk default by the end of the year. congress needs to pass the defense authorization bill. and at the same time the president's falling approval numbers have democrats deeply concerned about their prospects in next year's midterm elections. leon panetta , a democratic political veteran , does not hold back. the administration is in trouble. period presidents got, uh, you know, low low rankings in terms of the polls by the administration has got some problems. democrats in general have some problems and problems that the white house hopes to solve by pushing the president's huge build back better social spending plan through the senate next month after the house passed it last week. this bill is going to be the biggest cost cutting bill for working class in american families in decades
6:35 pm
in this country, but there are increasing concerns, even among some democrats about the potential inflationary fallout from that bill at the very least, the center is expected to make some big changes before it would ever reach the president's desk. in washington. douglass ader fox news. tonight russian officials say 11 people are dead and more than 40. others were injured after a fire in the siberian coal mine. authorities say more than 230 miners were evacuated from the mind, but 46 other miners remain trapped inside. rescue efforts were stopped a short time ago. russian media reports that the search team was ordered to leave the mind because of the possibility of an explosion. officials say the fire was likely started by cold us that ignited and then smoke quickly filled the mine shaft. and somalia. the terrorist group al shabaab is claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed eight people . the blast happened outside of school in the capital city of mogadishu. 17 other people were hurt, and officials say some of
6:36 pm
the people who died were students. no other information about the victims is being released to al qaeda. now, shabaab says that they had intended to strike a united nations security convoy that was passing near the school. while it might be tempting to gather the family around the fireplace this thanksgiving, people in the bay area are being discouraged from burning wood. and food banks are facing higher demand for food, the thanksgiving as well as higher food prices. how they're trying to make do with fewer donations at a time when they need them. the most.
6:37 pm
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effect of rising food prices, and now that's really starting to hit home, not just for those in need, but also for the groups that serve them charities to our dealing with the higher food costs as well as higher demand and as foxes, madeline rivera tells us donations are also down. just when these organizations need them, the most. bread for the city is a lifeline for so many in washington. d c. have a good day, sir barbara meadows. just one of them didn't get in the free groceries for a while now, but she expects she'll be getting more bags than usual. because her food stamps are in stretching as far as they used to. i went to walmart. ah the safeway. the prices have went up a little bit during the pandemic bread for the city saw a spike in need giving out 700 to 1000
6:40 pm
grocery bags a day. now they're giving up more than 1000 bags a day, in part, they say, because of inflation. the higher prices affecting their budget to we usually spend $100,000 on grocery on our produce, and that's gone up to 120 125,000 month inflation now at 6.2% is rising at its fastest pace since 1990. but for the city feeling the pension donations to the donations that we get from private. from our private community members are not coming in like they usually would. so far, the organization says. they've been able to meet the need, but they worry they might have to make some changes if prices continue to go up. their worst case scenario. i mean, we start giving less food, we start rationing it more. regardless, meadows says she'll be grateful. because something is better than nothing at all appreciative of everything that i did, and washington mala rivera fox news.
6:41 pm
well, there's good news for foodies. the great highway could soon be the next hot spot for food trucks. san francisco's recreation and park department is launching a new food truck pilot program for the pedestrian and bike only days at the great highway. starting this weekend, people will have a range of food and drink choices, including plant plant based burgers and organic coffee from. viva vegan , vegan and california. the department will accept proposals to expand this project on a rolling basis. the great highway is closed to cars from noon on fridays until six a.m. on mondays. and we are tracking the holiday weekend, which is coming up. i'll have the details of what you can expect. thanks so much bill and coming up a holiday tradition returning to san jose this week. stay with us. we'll give you a peek at the mile long white show.
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returning this week. it sold out every night during last year's run, and it is sure to dazzle residents once again. kate who's azenith smith tells us the illuminated display. is shining through the pandemic. this light a drive through his back by popular demand, some families treated to a sneak peek wednesday of blinky is illuminated holiday publicized as a mile of smiles and magical it has put on by the nonprofit christmas in the park, named after their mascot, blinky. we're in a new location this year, we're cunningham park in front of raging waters. so we had to create basically a new experience. the nonprofits executive director promises of vastly different show from last year when it was held at history . parkinson jose. this year's display is all custom made. there are 12 different areas. in
6:45 pm
our drive through that have over a total of over 140,000 lights. each light is capable of 14 million different colors. the show has to light tunnels, arches and snowflakes. best part. the lights are synchronized to music. you can listen to it on your car radio. the nonprofit is also bringing back its traditional free walk through experience with santa at plaza de cesar chavez in downtown san jose. so why have both? we are nonprofit. so basically the drive thru becomes a fundraiser for us to keep it downtown event. three keep it going displays stunning. clearly, they've invested a lot . um they have these like flashing walls and flashing tunnels and the candy canes more works nearby, impressed with how the lights flicker with the music. the whole experience is about 15 minutes long. car with your family and you know, not necessarily be exposed to the other people that are bumping
6:46 pm
into you. perfect everitt, part candy cane lean if she had to choose between the drive through or walk through. you know if you have the holiday spirit, and you want to see all the lights and enjoy the feeling, i think both you have to kind of walk around downtown and get some hot cocoa and watch the ice skaters and also drive in here and check out the park and be with your family and friends. this drive thru event opens this friday and runs until january. 9th tickets are $30 per car. and only available online in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. well the air bay area air quality management district is asking people to avoid burning wood. today the situation is not quite bad enough for a spare the air alert, but air quality officials are urging people to refrain from fires to levels do not rise to unhealthy levels would smoke from fireplaces and stoves. the main source of air pollution in the winter months. it can be especially harmful to children, the elderly and people with respiratory conditions.
6:47 pm
alright looking at the bay or the golden gate bridge. i want to mess those two are beautiful night. a lot of folks already where they're going, so you're not seeing a lot of traffic on the bridge is our cars there, but it's not too bad, beautiful day stunning. like i said earlier. i really hope you had relatives in town because. for my money. where we live is the most beautiful place in the world. not that i've been everywhere in the world. but i've seen a lot of pictures and i gotta tell you fairy is stunning right? and so when folks are in town and this kind of weather parent we're not going to have rain, which we can. we're not getting so we might as well enjoy. this beautiful weather. so today was one of those days tomorrow will be one of those days. some hot tips. anything coastal right now is pretty great. i mean san mateo county coastline, santa cruz county coastline sonoma county coastline. there's no fog right and it's warmer. it tends not warmer, but it's mid sixties coast side right now, so if you got relatives you want to go do something cool. just you know, maybe do a drive up the coast up towards the bodega bay or something. go spend a little money locally for the friends up there. okay so again, golden
6:48 pm
gate bridge. beautiful night. cool night overnight lows. tired going to be chilly. we had frosted or freeze it. freeze advisories last two nights in a row. there'll be frost and in many areas around the bay, and but it's not a freezer virus of frost advisor. there's big difference. it's a frost advisory last two nights tonight, we will see more frost. current temperatures they're running about where they were maybe a little coordinate where they were last night. san francisco tomorrow morning. looks like this. so does oakland sort of san rafael. so does palo alto. right? so as richmond, you guys all look like this. mostly sunny, partly say there'll be a few clouds just like we had today. friday is going to be sick. you're going to love it. it's gonna be really great day. um and again here we are. you look at the rest of the country but is bundled up. you watch the thanksgiving day parades. people are wearing hoodies and puffy's and they were running around t shirts and flip flops. and it's just barea perfect weather to get out and about forecast highs tomorrow, greens or sixties we see a lot of those. and if these claws are a little aggressive looking, it's not going to be quite that aggressive, but it's gonna be nice. so. here is the
6:49 pm
model for the day tomorrow. so there's friday morning, and then there's friday evening. here's saturday morning. and then saturday evening. it's all the same. right so, yeah, so we're looking basically at a forecast . it's more of the same weather. i know you're gonna enjoy. just be safe. if you do go out to the coast of bbc because there are some high interval. swells they're not giant, but they're intervals, which means they just take a long time for him to get to the coast, maybe flat. and then all of a sudden something shows up that sizable, maybe 678 ft. something like that. so just be safe going to the coast, but enjoy and be. be happy out there and smile a lot when you see people, especially out of towners who are visiting our beautiful city, because it is a beautiful week to be here, i will see you guys actually, heather and i won't be here back here until sunday night. okay well, you in general, if you have a wonderful thanksgiving happy thanksgiving built. you too happy thanksgiving. you guys. thank you. all right. well, if you are feeling like you are in a giving mood, please consider our one warm coat
6:50 pm
drive. it's now underway if you have a gently warned code, or maybe a jacket that you would like to donate to bay area families. you can take it to any participating ups or or big o tires. location we also have collection barrels here in oakland's jack london square in san jose. there is santana row and at the westfield shopping center in san francisco. our dr continues until sunday, december 5th you can go to vacate ktvu dot com slash one warm coat for additional information. and of course, what would thanksgiving be without football? joe fonzi has a wrap of all today's highlights coming up next in sports.
6:51 pm
i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too. yeah? yep. one for you and one for me. i love it! oh! actually, that was.. i love it! i like red. current eligible gmc owners get over 25 hundred purchase allowance on 2021 gmc sierra light duty crew cab models when you finance through gm financial. we are professional grade. gmc
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when you finance through gm financial. what's happening tonight in sports. two of the nfl's high profile franchises met on this thanksgiving day. two teams that don't play each other that often . dallas hosting the raiders. what interim head coach rich messages team desperate to end losing streak that had reached three games on their very first possession. the raiders struck on a big play. derek carr feels his way around the pocket and spots and open to sean jackson jackson tightropes the sideline and goes 56 yards of the end zone. seven. nothing raiders. and the raiders had taken a 24
6:54 pm
to 13 lead midway through the third quarter. the cowboys tony pollard took the kick off the goal line. pollard has a laying down the sideline. then he just turns on the speed of the end zone. no one catches him on a 100 yard return. was back to a one possession game. the game went to overtime tied at 33. after three penalties. daniel carlson was finally dallin miller with a 29 yard field goal. the raiders had ended the losing streak in a game that featured 28 penalties. 14 by each team, the raiders win 36 33 . they're back above 565. dallas is seven and four. detroit hosting the traditional thanksgiving morning game, where andy dalton started quarterback for chicago and places the injured justin fields that lie and still looking for their first win of the year at a 73 lead in the third quarter. till dalton through the jimmy graham at the goal line for 17 yards in the score. 10 7 chicago, the bears took up 13 7 lead in the locker room, but the lions made a bid for that first win jared goff with the third quarter touchdown pass to tj hockenson.
6:55 pm
detroit back in front by a 0.14 13, but it's been the kind of season in which the lines find a way to lose the bears one on an 18 play 8.5 minute drive, they're lined up for a 28 yard field goal. in the game's final play in cairo, santos was down the middle. the lines experienced the feeling they felt nine previous times this season there, oh, 10 and one after falling 16 to 14 chicago is for and seven well, it's been a san francisco tradition since 1924 and it continued today as lincoln met balboa keys are stadium in the turkey bowl, the annual san francisco high school football section championship. a perfect day for football and a perfect day for a little trickery on a lincoln punt. balboa's or in jail, carraway fields the ball and pitches it to his teammate. dave andre black black gets away from a tackle, then has a laying down the sideline. 54 yards. seven
6:56 pm
balboa that was the score at the half. third quarter now and on fourth and goal play from the 27 benda. rory gets the ball to care away breaks tackles on the way to the end zone. the buccaneers made it two point conversion for 15 lead. lincoln never got on the scoreboard. balboa's albert stein with the interception and nice return here. the buccaneers went 21. nothing there first turkey bowl championship since 1985 head coach fred velasquez will get the gatorade treatment and a moment to reflect. great game beautiful weather for the city of san francisco. great changes drinks now it's about bull instead of lincoln at the repeat of the repeat after repeat they believed came out with the w. jake connor and fresno state at spartan stadium today and an important mountain west game for both teams that was julie haener and the bulldogs, who completely
6:57 pm
dominated julie haener with lots of time to find a wide open. jordan's mam's for 45 yards underscore the spartans trailed 23 9 at halftime, julie haener was on the way to a huge day. the bulldogs pull one out of the playbook here, it's a reverse flea flicker back to julie haener, who swings went out to jail and cropper. and nothing but blockers and open space out there for cropper on the way to a 29 yard score. julie haener makes his ktvu mother proud with a 343 yard, four touchdown game. fresno state rolls to a 42 9 wins. the bulldogs are now nine and three. san jose state finishes five and seven overall, three and five in the mountain west. the stanford women's basketball team continues to take on the best in the country and was a winner today, cameron break had 21 points and 22 rebounds as the seventh rank. cardinal knocked off fourth ranked indiana in the get ready for this name of this tournament. baja mar hoops pink flamingo championship tournament. that is appropriately in the bahamas. that's the first loss of the year for the hoosiers. both teams four and one stanford
6:58 pm
tomorrow we'll play 18th ranked south florida. and football teams don't get a thanksgiving break. they either play or practice on this day, but the players certainly remember their thanksgiving traditions and some of the 49ers shared there's this week. all the family always came together and 11 place and everybody brought their best dishes. so that was your your one time of the year to try out. everybody's everybody's best thanksgiving traditions being around family friends, um in the food, obviously. pretty traditional tradition wise, not really, just kind of go over one of the guys houses. i'm having my family over this time for thanksgiving, so that's all set up. and our thanksgiving tradition, of course, is to be here. i think i'd like to go to that pink flamingo tournament in the bahamas. that's really good to be just really quickly. though. back to jake connor, he not only makes his mom julie, really, probably really all of us here in the bay area. i mean, he is just on fire this season. he is just on fire this season. we've
6:59 pm
why are you wearing a band-aid? halley bit me. (laughs) you got beaten up by a girl. hey, that's sexist. you're right. (laughs) you got beaten up by a baby. hi. -hey. -hey. -what you got there? -oh, i grabbed a sandwich at the food truck out front. wait, n-now, hold on. tonight is friday, and i believe you know what that means. that my fun, young life took a drastic turn somewhere? no. but yeah. no, that means it's chinese food night. yeah, and you have chinese food. so eat it. but i can smell your pastrami. and we can all hear your complaining, so no one's happy. -it does smell good. -oh, it is. i had one the other day. (stammers) what is happening? everybody's supposed to be eating chinese food. well, actually, i believe the chinese may have invented the sandwich. their dish "rou jia mo" literally means "meat between bread." so, it looks like all of us, including penny, are eating chinese food.
7:00 pm
except for you, sheldon. you're eating crow. i'm sorry, i think you're forgetting that the sandwich was invented by john montagu, the earl of sandwich. oh. the truck's called "pearl of sandwich." now i get it. all right, that smells too good. i got to get one of those. and i think you're forgetting that there are written documents of meat between bread being eaten in china during the tang dynasty. you know what, i'll go with you. and then maybe we just go home. i think you're defining bread very loosely. if we go down that road, where does it end? well, i would say when we go to bed, but you talk in your sleep. i don't want to get into this with you right now. we'll talk about this when i'm asleep. i don't want to talk about it when you're asleep. how come we can't talk about it now? well, because i'm eating now. fine. how's your moo shu? you know what? it's great. wait, look at that. hmm. well, maybe the chinese did invent the sandwich.


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