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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 28, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the thanksgiving holiday weekend , shoppers are out hitting stores looking for gifts. many people are flying or driving back home to the bay area, and hanukkah begins at sunset. but all these holiday traditions are happening in the shadow of a dangerous new covid variant that is spreading quickly. so far. there are no confirmed omicron cases here in the us, but experts say it's only a matter of time. good evening, everyone. i'm alex savage in tonight for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener. good evening, president. biden met with his covid-19 response team earlier today. and his fox news jonathan series shows us new travel restrictions will be in place starting tomorrow because of this new covid variant macron. health officials are warning of
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another potentially dangerous variant. the world health organization has named it a macron. the very end has been identified in south africa and early studies show it could be even more contagious than delta. this variant is spreading around the world, with two cases so far identified here in the uk here in the us, the cdc says it has not received any reports of confirmed ah macron cases. president biden leaving earlier today from nantucket, received a briefing from his covid-19 response team. this is a clarion call. as far as i'm concerned of saying, let's put aside all of these differences that we have and say if you're not vaccinated , get vaccinated if you're fully vaccinated. get boosted and get the children vaccinated. also the president has made the decision to shut down travel from south africa and seven other countries were told out of an abundance of caution. the restrictions were announced quickly, but they don't take
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effect until monday. i believe it's got to be here in the united states, so the travel advisories are a little bit too little, too late the time when they might actually work his way way at the beginning. other health experts, including dr anthony fauci said they would not be surprised if the strain is already in the u. s. adding that the variant has a number of mutations, meaning it has the potential to evade immune protection. the european union, israel, singapore and the u. k have all imposed travel restrictions on southern african nations. in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. and late today , canada confirmed its first two cases of the covid-19 variant macron. the two people had recently visited nigeria. california's public health officer, issued a statement today on this new variants, saying quote we are doubling down on our vaccination and booster efforts to ensure that all californians have access to safe, effective and free vaccines. that can prevent serious illness and death as
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ktvu is james torres reports. some are now wondering if more restrictions are in our future. for some it sfo it's time for the trip back home after a thanksgiving break, and for some more covid-19 news has been on their minds. have you heard at all about the omicron variant of the couple 18. south african. this man is headed for a trip to europe this week. leaders there say they've detected just a few cases of covid-19 linked to the new omicron variant first detected in south africa a few days ago. now the united states, joining several other nations and imposing travel bans to eight countries, even though the world health organization and at least one ucsf help expert advise against that travel restrictions. don't stop transmissible respiratory virus. there are ways to stop other things to travel restrictions, but not this already two cases in the uk it just goes everywhere. that's what respiratory viruses do. the world health organization is extremely against travel restrictions, and i agree with
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them. the w h o says they don't know much about the omicron variant and are still learning right now. it seems to be more transmissible, but not yet avoiding vaccine effectiveness nor creating a more severe case. covid-19 when asked if more travel restrictions are coming. vice president, kamala harris says that's something the u. s will take one step at a time. travel experts say, brace for that possibility it take a wait and see approach you want to say, super informed? stay aware of the news of the day. be aware if you have reservations in place. keep an eye on them. if you know it's not impossible for airlines to switch the timing os demand waivers up or down. none of the bay area airports, including sfl have any direct flights to parts of southern africa. but many do go to parts of europe, where countries are slowly detecting more cases of covid-19 linked to the new variant. though some frequent fliers say the vaccine and boosters make them feel safe
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enough to go anywhere. we have had our vaccinations. we've had our boosters. we had a negative test. so that'll get us to our destination in san francisco. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. we are now less than a month away from christmas, and a lot of shoppers are looking for deals online and in person this year, ktvu elissa harrington checked out some bay area shopping centers today and joins us now live from the newsroom. did we see big crowds today? alyssa? there was certainly people out. i mean, it was such a beautiful day, but shoppers told me it was not as busy as they expected. the holiday shopping does look a lot different than did last year. people are out stores are open and these weeks around the holidays are critical for retailers. earlier reports that show things are improving, but there's still a long way to go to return to pre pandemic numbers. in walnut creek barriers stop cars from pulling into broadway plaza near nordstrom, where last weekend a large group of about 80 people stole more than $100,000 in merchandise. shoppers say
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there's a noticeable increase in police and security. they say it's important to support businesses both big and small during the holidays, trying to do it early and get it done as quickly as possible and find what we need. i'm buying all this cookware right now, and that's like that's the stuff that all my friends have wanted shoppers we talked to said this weekend they have taken advantage of some extended black friday deals. cyber monday is also right around the corner, but some people we talked to are happy to visit the brick and mortar stores. i like shopping in person a lot more than online. um. and i think it's nice, just being able to actually see what you're getting before. stacey carroll said she is concerned about shipping delays. she plans to shop in person as much as possible. we are finding that things were looking for online. it doesn't seem to be as a readily available so looking around to see what we can find and try to support some of our local shops . small business owners like matt ortega at modern mouse and alameda said these weeks during the holidays are critical, most retail business says especially small businesses make 70% of
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their income during the holiday season, which keeps them running throughout the rest of the year. otherwise just supporting small businesses in general makes the biggest difference in your local community at modern mouse, people can find unique handmade gifts many made by local artists. a wall street journal report found shopper started earlier this year. traffic is up 47.5% compared to last year, but still it's 28% lower than back in 2019 pre pandemic. tomorrow is cyber monday so people will certainly be looking for more deals online. live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news to see a lot of online shopping tomorrow. alyssa. thank you. thank you. well for those who do not want to brave the crowds and the traffic tomorrow is your big day, as alyssa mentioned it is cyber monday. fox news, alexandria half shows us what you can expect tomorrow. black friday isn't the king that used to be for retailers. it's not even really just a day anymore, with sales starting in store and online weeks earlier, while
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black friday foot traffic was down, compared with pre pandemic levels, it was up from last year, perhaps signaling some brick and mortar nostalgia after nearly two years of shopping online. online sales actually fell for the first time friday, according to adobe analytics. retailers racked up $8.9 billion in cyber sales this year, compared with nine billion on the same day in 2020. people were worried about supplies in the last two months. we saw it big jump in retail sales that came earlier than a lot of people expected. a major test comes tomorrow in order to break this cyber monday record set in 2019. consumers will have to spend over $9.4 billion. the national retail federation expects holiday sales from november to december to rise 8.5 to 10.5% over $843 billion. that too, would set a record for year over year growth. but fox news contributor jonathan hoenig has some doubts. inflation they always say that it's a silent text, but people exactly are feeling it because as their wages are growing up, inflation is going up. even faster supply chain issues have also given
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retailers a lot to make up for tomorrow as many large chains have been forced to spend more to meet demand while dealing with loss of sales due to low inventory. and labor shortages to boot. consumers may also be eyeing up markdowns that aren't as deep as they used to be, especially when factoring in that sale prices are falling on top of items that are already or expensive. in washington, alexandria off fox news. and we have you covered when it comes to holiday shopping, both online and out in the real world. just go to ktvu dot com alameda is celebrating the start of hanukkah today with a mineral lighting the fifth annual event hosted by habad of alameda, is being held at britain's park. the festivities included music, food and activities for all ages as well as a nine ft tall menorah made entirely of lego bricks. the eight night holiday commemorates the rededication of the second jewish temple in jerusalem. tonight we celebrate . we continue to celebrate the miracle of hanukkah. miracle of the victory of right over might
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of light over darkness, freedom over oppression and we're really very. ah happy and pleased to be celebrating here in america tonight in a public way. organizers say this year's menorah lighting is done with the recognition of the importance of community as many are still experiencing the hardships of the pandemic. support is pouring in for the family of the security guard killed while protecting a bay area news crew coming up the latest on the investigation, including new information on the car, police say the suspect took off in. at a pet stolen at gunpoint still to come tonight. the search for merlin french bulldog taken into oakland this weekend. yeah, the holiday weekend winding down now beautiful outside. we had a great weekend temperatures on the warm side. how does it work out for the next f
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near lake merritt. earlier today . a man was reportedly shot in the chest in the area of lake shore avenue and ellen barker dero at about 3 30 this afternoon. police say the victim of an auto burglary interrupted another auto burglary that was in progress. the suspect, then shot the victim and ran from the scene. police say the victim was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. a $10,000
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reward is now being offered for any information that leads to an arrest in this case, and if you have information on this shooting, you should put in a call to oakland police. today's shooting comes as the oakland police department says staffing extra officers this weekend to address the city's increase in violent crime. the department said several tactical teams were brought into support patrol officers who have been responding to armed caravans, illegal side jobs and other violent crimes. the tactical teams are said to be highly skilled in deescalating incidents using less lethal options alongside the department emergency rescue vehicles. a trust fund has now been established for the family of an oakland security guard who died in the line of duty. kevin ishida died saturday after being shot in the stomach on wednesday while protecting a television news crew on assignment in downtown oakland. donations to the kevin machida trust can be made at any metropolitan bank and will help support his wife and children. so far, no arrests
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have been made, but police have identified the car in connection with the deadly shooting. it is this one, a white 2000 and 4 to 2000 and eight accurate tl with a sunroof and without a front license plate. there is a reward. now, in this case and more than $32,000 for tips, leading to an arrest. they were nose founder elizabeth holmes is set to return to the witness stand for the fourth time when her trial resumes tomorrow in san jose. in testimony last week, homes admitted to using fighters logo on a technical report. that their nose later showed to walgreens. holmes insisted she did nothing wrong, saying she was trying to convey her partnership with pfizer. she also defended theranos practice of using blood testing devices from competing companies. again the trial resumes tomorrow morning in federal court in san jose. top european officials have been meeting to discuss the migrant smuggling crisis. it's a situation that's growing more and more dire as migrants lose their lives in a desperate bid to enter european countries.
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fox's tray. yanks has the story france held talks today with european ministers over their own developing migrant crisis. the aim of the meeting was reportedly to improve operational coordination to stop human smuggling. french president emmanuel macron is calling on the united kingdom to get serious over the developing situation as the british were not included in these conversations. last wednesday, 27 people died as they attempted to cross the english channel from france to the uk five people were arrested following the tragedy, and one actually had a car that was registered in germany, highlighting the cross border connection to migration. french authorities have set up a patrol group thermal cameras and barbed wire to try and stop people from crossing near the entrance of the channel. despite the attempts at curbing the flow of people towards the uk. thousands are expected to continue trying to make the journey. the refugee council is calling on european governments to find a solution under the idea of shared humanitarian values people recognize and
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understand and see a common sense of humanity with those experienced trauma and war and persecution, and they want to offer a hand of help and support but at the same time, understandably, they're worried and anxious when they see images of people coming across the channel. humanitarian organizations have noted that the strategies for deterrence simply aren't working right now people in their home country or deciding they are willing to risk everything to get to a better life. in jerusalem tray angst, fox news. outstanding whether this weekend i don't have to tell you that we have beautiful sunsets as well. you can see one behind me here from a couple nights ago. the temperatures today got back up to the upper sixties and seventies. it was more gun hill . it's 73 degrees today. areas south. they were in the mid seventies down 72 county. pacific at 70 degrees san mateo, 70 degrees and roses. seven degrees. you know what happens tomorrow? same thing. i think temperatures will be right about where they were today, maybe a little warmer in some of those inland spots. so nice looking forecast a drive forecast and
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what we have. is the long range models showing everything on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday friday, everything's going north. right so i did the same thing last weeks. that's a long range model, and it just goes. look, this is where the jet stream is going to be in the jet stream is going to be is where the rain is going to be in the jet stream is nowhere near us. so rain is nowhere near us, and we're gonna be all right. i mean, just be nice to get some rain in here and the next chance for rain looks like it's somewhere around. the ninth of december. maybe the 10th or something like that if we're fortunate, so this big high pressure is clearly the dominant feature. it has been for the last week or so, and it's going to continue. for the next week, and what that means is more cool nights. maybe some valley fog and certainly very mild days temperatures, not in the fifties, where you might expect them, but in the mid upper sixties, so really very pleasant pattern. but where's the range? nice to get some be nice. it's always nice. you know, it's nice to have some cute up. so when you look at the five day and i go somewhere down on friday, all
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here comes something right. but we don't even have that we don't even have a something teed up and ready to go, which is always a little concerning to me. so as you look at the santa rosa forecast for tomorrow morning, 44 47 napa. so these numbers are a little bit off the bottom. they're more they're not in the low thirties as they have, and that's because few clouds drift in. things will be a little bit milder. we talked about the national map. i just like to look at this because it's always interesting to me to see wolf. first of all, look at the broad that ridge is selling elongated it is and the horizontal so that's that's thousands of miles of ridge ng. and so that's hard to break down, and then it goes into a trough over here and then you see the inclement weather in the floor area, but that's the national map, and i just like to, it's like the holidays because people are all over the place. but. that ridge. i didn't really think about that ridge with that ridge shows so big and so broad that that's why we're stuck with it for the entirety of this week, and hopefully that will be it can't promise that but hopefully that will be it. forecast highs tomorrow will be about where they were today.
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live camera shot. san francisco tomorrow morning. probably 48. degrees out. no e valley lunchtime san francisco 61 degrees and then upper sixties mid sixties. at the end of the day, so little bit of coastal fog. i think the model puts it in there. i'm still looking for the mechanism for that. i'm not sure that's a thing. but the model likes it. so maybe there's gonna be a little patchy coastal fog along the beaches. temperatures yellows or seventies so beautiful day monday, and i was kind of drag going back to work after having some days off, and i don't like the kids. you guys had the whole week off, right? so. nice week to go back. certainly, but you've got to kind of get back in your reenter face. you know, back to school. you know how kids are right. so there's five day forecast. he popped the weekend in here, too. you can see it right there, so they're more and more and more of the same next chance of rain is like ninth or 10th of december of her lucky all right, bill. thank you . french bulldog just out for a walk stolen at gunpoint and now merlin's owner is frantic to get him back. marlins owner was out
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of town at the time, and her friend was taking care of her dog. the two of them were out for a walk this weekend when the thieves pulled out a gun, took the dog and took off. ktvu. zach sauce has more tonight on the search for merlin. i'm not sure why people do this. it's been more than 24 hours since hannah nelson first learned the terrifying details of how our
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