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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 29, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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unbridled gun violence. early saturday, security guard kevin machida died three days after the retired police officer was shot while protecting a crime for reporter downtown. kevin shida is someone who dedicated his life. to keeping others safe , as well as to supporting a free press is unbelievably tragic to see that he lost his life in the performance of those duties and those ideals. on sunday afternoon, a man was shot and killed while confronting a car burglary suspect near lake merritt. the victim interrupted a auto robbery in progress. um and was shot by the passenger and the suspect vehicle. the violence comes as the number of police officers in oakland has fallen to 677. that's one officer below the minimum required for the city to access funds from a parcel tax. the mayor says she plans to submit a revised police hiring plan to the city council, which could include another police academy. we have to accept that the
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interruption in our hiring processes and the higher rates of attrition are things that we have to plan for now. we can't keep our head in the sand were angered. were troubled by the callousness of the crime, those who are acting with a lack of regard for others lives but you can't just come into our city. and do what you want and get away with it that there are. repercussions for these actions. when you put oakland ear's. in harm's way. oakland police chief iran armstrong will hold a news conference on tuesday morning to address the recent violence. henry lee ktvu fox two news and, as we mentioned earlier, the oakland city council is holding a special meeting on the issue of crime next week. that meeting is set for december 7th and will include the police commission, the community policing advisory board. and violence prevention commission, among others. one employee of the san jose daycare center, is under arrest for several counts of sexual abuse of a child over a period of several years. investigators say
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that 62 year old julio cesar carrasco diaz worked at a licensed facility on mcginnis avenue. they say that the victim recently reported being sexually assaulted there by the suspect. over a period of several years from 2011 to 2019. police believe there could be other victims. if you have any information you're asked to contact san jose police. this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. the same day the u. s implements new travel restrictions because of a new and highly contagious variant of coronavirus. the white house works to calm concerns over the strange spread . while there are no confirmed cases of the omicron variant here in the us yet california is wasting no time in getting ready for it. the department of public health says it's increasing testing at airports that serve travelers. from this suspected origin of that variant, and that will help them track signs of the strain through genetic sequencing. in addition to that the health department is boosting efforts to promote
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vaccines as well as booster shots. the strange suspected origin is the southern end of africa. today's new travel restrictions block arrivals from eight african countries. exceptions will be made for us citizens, permanent residents and some close relatives of those people. fox's steve harrigan breaks down the us government's approach to handling this new health threat. we're throwing everything we can at this virus. president biden is sounding the alarm as the spread of the new ah mccrone covid-19 variant accelerates. it's already been detected in more than a dozen countries. after first emerging in southern africa last week, and it's spreading more quickly than any strain we've seen before. in south africa. the positivity rate went from 2% to 9% in just six days. but most doctors say there is little risk of hospitalization or death for fully vaccinated people. the chances are very high that the vaccine will offer at least some level of protection. the white
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house says its containment strategy is based on making sure people roll up their sleeves for vaccines and boosters. and the travel ban to and from eight south african countries will also stay in place for now, saying it's the best way to stop a crime from spreading in the u. s gives us time to take more actions. to move quicker to make sure people understand you have to get your vaccine. there's also a plan b. moderna and pfizer are already working on vaccines specifically targeting the new strain. some companies are also exploring the possibility of rapid tests specific to our macron. but health officials say for now, the standard testing remains effective. fortunately for us the pcr is that we mostly use would pick up this very unusual. variant president biden says there are no plans for further travel restrictions at this time. in atlanta. steve harrigan, fox news. on wall
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street today. the markets steadied after last week's slide caused by fears over the omicron vary it the dow gained 236 points. the nasdaq was up 291. and the s and p finished the day up 60 points. us health officials say they hope to know in the next week or two. how well the existing covid-19 vaccines protect against the variant. pfizer and moderna say their goal is to have any updated vaccines available in the next 2 to 3 months. the white house also said the u. s has a moral imperative to help other nations with lower vaccination rates to get more people back. sin ated. in the city of los angeles begins enforcing its proof of vaccination mandate for various indoor businesses. the program called safe past l. a launch back on november eight. it requires businesses to verify customers are vaccinated against covid before entering. it applies to restaurants, bars, gyms, hair and nail salons, entertainment and sports venues
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. enforcement starts with a warning, followed by fines from 1000 to $5000. a parents group in the west contra costa unified school district is outraged over the districts. student vaccine mandate ktvu is rob ross shows us how they're working to get the policy changed. families in his school district at odds a group of parents along with their children and grandchildren , demonstrated in front of the west contra costa county unified school district headquarters in richmond monday. they are upset about a mandate that's about to take effect under that mandate. students 12 years old and up in the district must be fully vaccinated for covid-19 by january 3rd if they wish to continue in person learning. some parents are uncomfortable with the vaccine. there are breakthrough cases. there is also no long term studies to show that in 2345 years that there aren't going to be any adverse events, some delayed effects that they haven't seen yet as parents and grandparents should be given the choice. to
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abstain from this mandate, the centers for disease control and prevention and all major medical associations have been saying the vaccine is safe, effective and the best way to prevent the spread of co can also spread the virus to others, so the schools need to be a safe environment for everybody and the only way to make sure they're safe environment for the everybody for everybody is to make sure everybody's immunized . u c. berkeley infectious disease specialist dr john schwartzberg also says the vaccine is safe, long term. because complications from any vaccine usually occur within the first 6 to 8 weeks. still some parents remain skeptical. my son has his future ahead of him. why would i want him vaccinated when there's that risk that is unknown. school district officials say the vaccine mandate is the best way to make students, teachers and staff safe. we believe that. any parent or any group has the
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right to, you know, share their voice and they have the right to protest but also our board and myself. we have to look at students overall and the safety of all students. under the plans , students who are not vaccinated can enter the districts distance learning program, the remote learning. that's not really an option. it did not work out. but for us, it's a safety issue. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. i know. at six tonight, police in san leandro arrested a 12 and a 13 year old over the weekend in connection with an armed carjacking. police say that officers spotted that stolen car yesterday. you're the walmart on his sperry in boulevard. officers then established a perimeter around the property and arrested the suspects as soon as they came out of that store. police say the two were among four people who a pizza delivery man on lexington avenue near pontiac street on friday night. scott peterson has new surroundings in san mateo county tonight, coming up why he got
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moved from san quentin's death row. and the u. s. supreme court gets a request from prosecutors involved in bill cosby's sexual assault case. and a beautiful day today. last couple there's been great. it's going to continue that way. warm and dry back into the seventies, coming up with the five day i'll see you back here. hand side shows taking over more streets and some san francisco neighborhoods coming up why neighbors fear they will lead to bigger they will lead to bigger problems.rn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. c 1 of 10 million people that covi comcast has connected. to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting
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throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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ling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. supreme court today to reinstate bill cosby's conviction for sexual assault. cosby had served more than two years of a 10 year sentence after being found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting. a temple university employee more than a decade ago, but the pennsylvania supreme court tossed the conviction in june, saying an agreement between cosby and a former
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prosecutor should have prevented cosby from being criminally charged. a decision on the petition is not expected for several months, also knew it. six former new york governor andrew cuomo, denied sexually harassing women in videotaped interviews with investigators last july. that never happened. that's just. one point has to be a little reality. two. touch a woman's breast. who i hardly know. in the mansion. with 10 staff around with my family in the mansion. to say. i don't care who sees us. you've investigated me for six years, i would have to lose my mind. to do some such a thing. cuomo
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admitted there were times when female employees sat on his lap and that he on an occasion kiss staffers on the cheeks or the lips. cuomo resigned in august. opening statements have now wrapped up for the day in chicago and the trial of actor jesse smollett. the jury was seated earlier today and they're opening remarks, prosecutors said the former empire tv show star developed a secret plan for a hate crime on himself. the defense said that smell it was the victim of a tremendous rush to judgment that ruined his career and reputation. still it is accused of making false reports to police after hiring two brothers to help him stage a fake, racist and homophobic attack nearly three years ago. that trial is expected to last about a week. san francisco based twitter has a new leader tonight ceo jack dorsey, leaving his job as the head of the social media company, which he co founded 16 years ago. the company's chief technology officer, perak artery wall, will take over as ceo fox news. susan
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lee tells us why dorothy decided to leave his post and what's in store for twitter down the line. a big announcement at a big tech with twitter ceo jack dorsey stepping down dorsey co founding twitter back in 2000 and six serving as ceo until 2000 and eight, then later returning to the role in 2000 and 15. dorsey releasing a statement making it known that the decision was his choice, and he was not being pushed out of the company and email to employees who have dorsey saying that the founder led approach. is limiting twitter and he's worked hard to ensure that this company can break away from its founding and founders taking over the role of ceo will be peerage. agarwal who has been with the company now for more than a decade, serving as chief technology officer, since 2000 and 17. dorsey will remain as ceo of his other companies square financial payments company. he had previously split his duties between the two but concerns were raised recently about his ability to focus on issues facing twitter. dorsey will
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remain on twitter's board until his term expires in 2000 and 22 twitter, saying that the announcement does not affect any, though of the company's previously shared financial outlook for the fourth quarter, full year of 2021, or even 2000 and 23 goals, the news twitter shares to be halted briefly during monday's morning training session, and this is after stocks surge. in pre market trade. pending this announcement in new york. susan lee fox business gas prices taking down across the country as the price of crude oil falls, but there's been little change here in the area. california's average for unleaded is actually up slightly to $4.71 a gallon. gas prices in our state are higher than other places due to taxes and environmental fees. and in the bay area, fuel prices remain higher even than the state average acceptance solano which is right now at 4 71 a gallon, the highest average prices are in san francisco, where unleaded is about 4 90 a gallon. well if
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you missed it the sunset tonight here's another look pretty such a pretty look. a combination of that fog and the sun going down made that golden gate bridge kind of looked like it had a special glow out there. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now within. early look at the forecast, and that is so pretty bill right when we see logrolling in stunning i mean, you just go. that's why we live here. i mean, we didn't get letters on this whole time. i think we live in the most beautiful place in the world. and when you see a picture like that golden gate bridge and. the fog. and you know when things we have great around here is the atmospherics right? because the wind generally blows from west to east across the pacific for thousands of miles, so our air quality in the bay area is stunning compared to almost any other city. well, i'm sure there's other cities in the world on the coast that are. that are equal, but not not many. we have just beautiful air quality and beautiful environment that we live in. we do need rain, though, and that's one of the things with california. you know, california is always attracted people, but it was a harsh climate. that's why people didn't come, you know, dry summers. mediterranean climate dry summers wet winner.
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lot of reasons that it didn't get settled earlier than it. did you know the gold rush kind of push that along, but it was slow movement because of the fact that it's about droughts, right? we go. sometimes we go years without rain. and sometimes we get too much rain. that's a nice we have fires as soon as we have earthquakes. we talked about that earlier. but california are really my whole thing is california history. i read a ton of books on it over the last 30 years, and it's just fascinating , the mindset and just how it did environment dictates who lives here. what lives here. what gets developed here inventions, things like that's fascinating. um okay. 68 degrees in fairfield today 71 in santa rosa 72 in morgan hill. these temperatures. will roll right into tomorrow and then they'll roll right into the next day because this high pressure is basically dominant dominant feature. it's owning the landscape and as it does we stay high and dry. we might even see some record numbers this week. it's not gonna be 80 or anything like that. but it's going to be , you know, seventies and a lot of seventies, quite frankly, especially around the bay and it
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one more look at sort of the idea that everything over the course of a week. that's a this is a week forecast model. not weekly lame, but we like over a week, and it's going to basically just keep everything well to the north. and as i mentioned before chattel western western washington state is having record rainfall for fall and same with british columbia. so we are missing it. it's going to come back. hopefully around december, 9th and 10th were about 200% of rainfall average right now. so it's pretty good. but every day we go without it chisels away at that number. okay, i'll see you back here in a few minutes with a five day. we'll see them, bill. thank you . well california excuse me. drought conditions are expected to have a significant impact up and down our state. ktvu is tom baker looked at where we are and where we might be heading when it comes to our water. was california's what october just to sucker punch to the states. all important reservoirs historically 1976, which was historically dry, started off
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with a wet october. so we're not counting our chickens? yes ski conditions. tracker ski central .com says that of the 25 big california resorts attracts only three or open and in a very limited basis. mammoth the most active has 40 runs open, which is only a quarter of its runs. boreal mountain, two runs open 6% of its runs. alpine meadows, two runs open just 2% of its runs. the rest closed for now. ski resorts say december through february, are there big snow months but with modern technology, cold temperatures will do the efficiency of snow making systems, the ability to turn them on on a moment's notice the ability to monitor things electronically. buy it has changed dramatically, and that does help affecting far more people. the reservoir situation looking at the five largest california reservoirs, shasta, the largest is only a
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quarter full. usually on this date, it would be at 46. orville 30% now, 60, historically trinity 29 now 50. normally new malone is 36% full 66 usually don pedro. half full three quarters normally on this date. this is looking like a lot of media. season which means less effective precipitation, which is bad news. california's $50 billion agricultural industry is seriously threatened by drought, global warming and climate change. this year. california's race growers, a huge industry is not planning 108,000 acres, an area slightly less than all of san jose. the new york times reports that by 20, 4500 and 35,000 productive acres of the san joaquin valley, that's more than one in 10 of its formed acres will go unused. california
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trout. environmentalists say we are all in this together with only so much water that needs to be much more efficient across the board. there's some places that do well with that some sectors that do well with that others that don't. we need to invest in water infrastructure and upgrades. some say we can stabilize supplies by importing water expensive as it will be through pipelines, desalination and even mega tanker ships. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. fiji hopes installing new technology will help prevent threats of future wildfires will show you how the system works, plus. holiday music goes hand in hand with the season, but for some people, it's like nails on a chalkboard coming up the psychology behind bad feelings for the music.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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lapse video of flames moving up the mountain top just yesterday , fire started over the weekend and quickly grew out of control . it is now burned more than 500 acres in pilot mountain state park. officials say controlling the flames has been difficult due to the rugged terrain and the dry weather in the area. no one has been hurt that when the fire and no word yet on the cost , california is still facing drought conditions, and that is raising concerns about the potential for more wildfires. south reporter jesse harry shows
6:25 pm
us how pg and e is installing new technology that could mitigate that threat. the beauty of northern and central california mountaintops now offer another eye opener stationed on some telecommunications equipment, the next line of defense against wildfires. p genies expanding its wildfire detection capabilities by installing hundreds of these hd firewatch cameras, spokeswoman deanna contreras says. 487 of these cameras spanned the state but for in the bay area have been outfitted with artificial intelligence software. the uber smart cameras not only detect smoke but can differentiate between different types of smoke that rules out false positives. it rolls out. haze or fog or dust, anything that could be misconstrued as smoke, and it determines that it is smoke beyond safeguarding utilities equipment. such information can raise awareness of potential disasters. contreras says that was the case when cameras detected the river fire in
6:26 pm
august. it's still in its infancy. i've seen a lot of these ai technologies trying to uh, determine smoke and detect it. i haven't seen anything super successful yet. wildfire expert dr craig clemons says existing technology is likely better at catching critical moments before a wildfire cameras and whether radar and fuel reduction efforts can gain more traction. still the sooner that you can get at ignition identified the sooner that you can get resources on it. we want to use every. tooling at our disposal. everything is a technology at our disposal to improve situational awareness and to improve fire detection capabilities. pg and e officials say. the pilot program. partially funded through their safety mitigation plan runs through the end of the year, if successful, would like to expand it to cameras statewide in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. it's kind of the trend of
6:27 pm
lawlessness overall right mass break ins, mass side shows, you know, i think we need some different approaches to address his quality of life issues. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 tonight, people in san francisco neighborhood spent frustration with the growing number of dangerous side shows they see taking over their streets and later in sports that clay thompson injury update marquez his huge step forward in sports. and why the san mateo county jail took on convicted killer scott peterson as an inmate today.
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security guard who was protecting a television news crew on assignment was shot last week and died from his injuries over the weekend. the mayor says she plans to submit revised police hiring plan to the city council, which could include another police academy. president biden is urging americans to get booster shots and to wear a mask as health officials learn more about the spread of the new. omicron covid-19 variant. doctors in south africa say the positivity rate went from 2% to 9% in just six days. it's already been detected in more than a dozen countries are watching ktvu fox two news tonight at 6 30. illegal side shows are moving into some of san francisco's
6:31 pm
quieter neighborhoods, including west portal and the sunset as ktvu christian captain tells us two incidents happened over the weekend, which residents say wasn't the first time. the overnight calm of san francisco's west portal neighborhood was broken early sunday morning by the roar of engines and squeal of tires at the intersection of you lois street in claremont boulevard. why, west portal? it's so random, joined the show. at one point you can see multiple cars , burning rubber and someone standing up out of the moon roof of a car spinning doughnuts, the sideshow starting after midnight and going on for more than 15 minutes before police broke it up. just about the same time. another sideshow is underway at lawton and 30th avenue. just a 10 minute. drive away in that video, you can see a young woman scrambling to avoid being struck by a spinning car. san francisco police released a statement confirming both sides shows and saying officers arrived on both scenes at 12:40:12:50 a.m. and
6:32 pm
dispersed the crowds, police saying quote. we have no arrest or citations to mention at this time, san franciscans say these latest side shows and quiet residential neighborhoods, while shocking aren't necessarily surprising. they say they're happening all over the city more frequently? yeah last week our son had basketball practice of by saint brendan's and during practice about eight o'clock. at night. the smell from the burning tires came into the gym. so it you know, kind of disrupted practice. we closed its doors and things but residents say with recent mass robberies, they fear the side shows are a symptom of greater problems in the city. yeah it's kind of the trend of lawlessness overall right mass break ins, mass side shows, you know, i think we need some different approaches to address. his quality of life issues, police say of san franciscan, see or hear a sideshow. they should call 911 or the police non emergency number right away in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. new at 6 30
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convicted murderer scott peterson was transferred from san quentin to san mateo county jail today in advance of his re sentencing hearing next week. peterson is scheduled to be re sentenced on december 8th after his death sentence was overturned last year due to juror misconduct. peterson was convicted for the 2000 and two murders of his wife, lacey and unborn child. a hearing is set to take place in february to determine if peterson will get a new trial. opening statements were delivered today at the sex trafficking trial of jeffrey epstein's longtime companion, lane maxwell. the trial is beginning more than two years after epstein committed suicide in prison and a year after maxwell was indicted for her alleged role in running an elaborate sex trafficking ring for him. the prosecution says that maxwell recruited and groomed girls as young as 14 to perform sexual acts with epstein and in some cases, even taking part of the abuse. at least four alleged victims are expected to testify. i think the victim's
6:34 pm
testimony here is going to be very compelling. i think it's going to be. i think it's really going to tell him really compelling story about what happened and what they went through, and i think that will likely be enough for the jury. maxwell has pleaded not guilty to all six federal trafficking charges. the trial is expected to last six weeks. if convicted , she faces up to 70 years in prison. back here in the bay area. elizabeth holmes detailed shocking allegations against her former boyfriend and business partner from the witness stand today and that theranos trial home said she suffered years of abuse from sunny ball wani, including alleged sexual and verbal abuse. ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky was in court following the stunning revelations. elizabeth holmes said she met sonny ball wani when she was 18 and he was 38 years old. during a trip to china. later she said she was raped during her freshman year at stanford. and decided to move in with ball wani to focus on theranos full time. elizabeth
6:35 pm
holmes stunned the san jose courtroom with allegations of abuse monday, offering a window into her mind during the time she's accused of defrauding investors in her failed blood testing company theranos. it's very compelling testimony that she's told us that. bomani has been abusive, verbally berating her and controlling her and telling her how to live. her life. legal analyst michelle hagen was in court as home sought to explain some of her actions at the company. she did talk about that she was forced to have sex with them. all of those are red flags when you're involved in those kind of relationships holmes described dropping out of stanford in 2000 and three for the first time revealing she was raped. quote i decided i was going to build a life by building this company, holmes testified. saying she moved in with boudouani because she felt safe with him. things immediately turned dark home said, describing ball one is
6:36 pm
alleged controlling behavior. quote he told me i didn't know what i was doing in business that might convictions were wrong. that if i followe my instincts that i would fail, she said she began devoting her life to business and heating, balinese alleged commands on how to speak, work and even eat. she did testify to a couple incidences where she documented on her iphone. about what happened and how she felt about some certain episodes that took place at home. alwani has not testified in the case, but his attorney responded to the abuse allegations in court documents before trial. the allegations are quote. deeply offensive to mr ball wani, devastating personally to him and highly and unfairly prejudicial to his defense of this case. the prosecution will begin its cross examination on tuesday, when homes will have to answer some tough questions about her time as ceo of theranos at the federal courthouse in san jose. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. and you can use our
6:37 pm
website or app to stay up to date on the testimony. in this case, you'll find a live blog running each day of the trial. deck the halls with pounds of molly ball a lot a lot, right? it seems like you get escape those christmas carols these days coming up why some people would vote. get through the entire holiday season without the music and why you're likely to see more envelopes than boxes underneath christmas trees this year.
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to next-gen statistical analysis software. the head on addressing the supply chain challenges caused by the shipping bottlenecks and inflation. today president biden hosted the heads of several major retailers at the white house to discuss the crisis and tomorrow, labor secretary marty walsh is scheduled to visit the ports of los angeles to see those supply chain disruptions firsthand. we get more tonight from fox's madeline rivera. it's one of the biggest shopping days of the year, with analysts predicting americans could spend up to $11.3 billion on cyber monday despite the challenges that retailers are facing, well , the supply chain issues are real. they've been happening across the industry and certainly. we're preparing for that. but cyber monday is our biggest day of the year and we prepare all year for it. but on monday, the president met with major retailers to address
6:41 pm
shoppers concerns, especially ahead of the holiday season. the white house trying to tamp down concerns over empty shelves and shipment delays. people can be assured they're going to be toys on the shelves. there are going to be food in your grocery stores. some believe there's little the white house can do to ease the shortages and bottlenecks brought on by the pandemic awareness situation that we haven't been before. and 100, plus years with this type of post pandemic environment, and it's going to take time. others, however, argue that supply chain crisis has only exposed the united states. dependence on other countries, especially china for goods. we need to get people back to work bottom line, and it is starting to ease a little bit, but we need more truck drivers. we need people working at the ports unloading these containers. and we need to clearly bring more manufacturing back to america. labor secretary marty walsh is expected to visit the port of los angeles on tuesday as the biden ministrations works to address the supply chain disruptions in washington. mala
6:42 pm
rivera fox news. alrighty checking on the forecast for the rest of this work week, five days coming up after the break. let's go to ktvu claudine wang. now she's in the newsroom with look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus. well, julie, we'll talk about more on the violence in oakland tonight. we're going to talk live with oakland city council member and mayoral candidate lawrence taylor on the violence and how it's being addressed, and some holiday travelers are returning home. how air travel this holiday was almost back to pre pandemic levels. as we gear for more travel in the weeks ahead, those stories and more coming up at seven on ktvu plus com vernon enjoy covered in joy, okay. they hate great singers. but holiday music apparently doesn't go over . well, with everyone coming up after the break. why christmas carols can actually stress you carols can actually stress you out.
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♪ ♪ available in stores and online. does that make you feel when you hear that? does it get you into the holiday spirit? many people say no way. if holiday music stresses you out, you're not alone. a survey from consumer report shows at least 23% of americans dread holiday songs. mental health experts say the music can remind people of bad memories going as far back as childhood. they also say can bring up feelings of holiday related financial pressure, like spending money on gifts. well, i get it. i feel like sometimes those songs do make me feel nostalgic for my childhood. and if you know that wasn't a happy time for you. maybe the songs don't make you feel so happy.
6:46 pm
but for me personally, i love it. i love it, too. but it is interesting how music can trigger a lot of memories. but again, i know speaking of music , i need to break out my holiday music. yeah. okay well inflation , shipping delays and bare shelves have shoppers scrambling now to find the right gifts this holiday season. but if you can't find the correct size or color, experts say gift cards may be your best bet this year. and as fox news, lord blanchard explains, gift cards and gift cards are easy and fun, and there are also ways that you can personalize them. if you're not getting ahead of your holiday shopping now, um, you're likely going to find limited options. the closer that we get to christmas from d c across the nation, a whopping 3/4 of people say they have been impacted by the supply chain problems, according to a fox news poll. data shows people maybe opting for giving gift cards instead. this year, gift cards are as easy to send as they are to spend. jelly hunter is a consumer guide for gift cards .com. she points to inflation,
6:47 pm
shipping delays and bare shelves . recipients love gift cards. you get to go by. what you want is really a fantastic experience , which is why it keeps being the most requested gift of the season. according to the blackhawk network shoppers plan to spend 41% of their budget on gift cards 27% more than last year. also, in part because they're easier so you've decided to go with a gift card, but how to make it seem more thoughtful , etiquette expert cindy seeds says. choose a store the recipient has access to and can afford. rabbit nicely and add a note that makes a show that you cared and did some research before you gave him that card and seed says protect the card with gift receipts. especially this year with all of our supply chain issues and so forth. we may be buying batches of gift cards. so in this instance to make sure the store gives you separate receipts for each of those gift cards. make a list of
6:48 pm
them and see it says if you are given a gift card just like anything else, be sure to write a thank you note after the holidays in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. all right, ladies, the only time christmas music freaks me out as if i hear it in july. i don't like that. that messes me up once while you're just something will happen and your musical go batters. everyone's well some of my playlist when i hear it early. it freaks me out or truthfully, if i hear it, like right after halloween or something, i don't like it. when it's in like i needed. it's got to be december thanksgiving. okay are you ready for now? ready? alright okay. that's interesting story. okay so we're going forward here with the weather. we've got high pressure , dominating, dominating. i'm gonna have to say the same thing tomorrow night, too. i mean, this high pressure is just everywhere. and it's staying put . that's how that fog actually formed. today. we had a little bit of a high pressure that allowed that at least well. it's actually a low that formed the fog, but the high allowed it to stick around a little while, but now it's starting to pull away.
6:49 pm
because the winds are starting to go a little more northeast. today we had actual wins that went on shore for a time, which was kind of what allowed the fog to push to the coast. but tomorrow we'll late tonight. somewhere around five in the morning. those winds are gonna start clocking north northeast, which is more what we saw over the thanksgiving holiday weekend . so the fog will be scoured away should be clear day at the beach is. be safe as you head out there. these are the highest from today, and you can see that they are pretty warm like yesterday. and quite frankly, tomorrow's highs are going to be like these and wednesdays, heist and thursdays highest. that ridge of high pressure is just staying put, um very active pacific and that that's a lot going on and again. we're talking about record rainfall from about courtland courtland had record rainfall as well, all the way up in two bc, um and you're getting rained. you know you're getting rained in some of these places where you might be expecting snow, so just a lot of rain coming down lots of hydro problems. and we're missing it. so winter is doing what it does . it's just not doing it here, right and that's kind of our that's that's you know, that's
6:50 pm
the double edged sword for us, right? okay so forecast for tomorrow, about the same overnight lows be about the same. they're far that was at the coast gets pulled back. yellows are seventies. even solo orange, he said. little orange kind of pop up around activity area like we imply low 80. but i'm thinking i think mid seventies to be the best we do. i think most of us are upper sixties and low seventies santa rosa, 73 70 and morgan hill 69 in oakland. so really nice. period coming up. um, i mean, it's really great and again. 200% of average, so i guess we're okay. but we saw lake orville tommy baker was showing us earlier like or feels about 20% or 30% of capacity. so we do need the rain to get in here, and we should see some somewhere around the ninth 10th 11th of december. i know it's a ways off , but that's that's that this ridge is that powerful that we're having to go out a week or two to find a period where it could be broken up. so i'll see you all back here tonight, 10. all that. we'll see them. bill. thank you coming up. one of the 49ers biggest weapons is sidelines. sports director marco
6:51 pm
banderas is here to update the injury status of devo samuels sports is next. also new episodes of 911 and big leap returned to ktvu in primetime tonight. and don't. we'll get started at eight o'clock, followed by the 10 o'clock news followed by the 10 o'clock news tonight. (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday.
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and at genesys, vinyl room tonight. you know the deal and professional sports number one. it's all about winning. but right behind that, get away clean. no injuries of 49ers managed the former. against the talented and stubborn minnesota vikings yesterday, but not the latter. now you could make a case the guy most responsible as far as an individual goes with the success. the resurgence. the three game win streak of late is deebo. samuel and the 49ers are now going to have to do without him for a while, rather late in the game, he sustained a groin strain. he's been a double threat. i mean, receiver running back, you name it, and you see him come off the field yesterday against the vikings, looking slightly mad himself and also linebacker fred warner sustained a hamstring injury. here's kyle
6:55 pm
shanahan with an injury update late this afternoon. and he's been a big part of our offense, but i think we're in a spot right now that we can overcome that got. bill came in yesterday and made a huge play on my stepping it up each week doing better sichuan coming along to give travis benjamin more opportunities anyways, having a speed out there and. skittles getting healthier and better each week and run against been doing well, too. made about what a season for the golden state warriors, 18 and two and what a week it's going to be, as they have to take on twice the phoenix suns nearly unbeatable sons who have won 16 in a row. meanwhile down in santa cruz, clay thompson continues to edge closer to being back on the court with his teammates after nearly two years of being out. it's kind of like, you know that christmas present. you can't wait to interrupt, but it just got to wait and we don't know
6:56 pm
exactly when it will be. but it can come know soon enough for the golden state warriors. they just can't wait along with the fans and pretty much everyone else. i watched the scrimmage that clay was in. james was not in the scrimmage and clay look good, and it was good, really good day for him. any chance to play would get into one of those games down there this weekend. or is that still always away? no, no, no chance of them, you know? all right. the free agent free fall and major league baseball. unbelievable realize this just in the past few days, more than a billion dollars has been promised to less than 15 players alone so far, anyway, the san francisco giants of basically been quiet, although reportedly, they are working on a deal kind of putting the finishing touches. on a two year contract to bring left hander alex would back into the starting rotation neighborhood
6:57 pm
of about $21 million for the two years if he passes his physical battle pretty much finalized at the big splash new york meds on the other hand land. another huge name. max scherzer got to call him the ultimate millionaire mercenary. just pay me the most, and i'll go pretty much anywhere. i don't care if you're going to win or not. new york mets give him an outlandish three year $130 million contract for a 37 year old. picture that will be the highest annual salary ever 43.3 million a year . good luck to the new york mets with max scherzer. meanwhile the texas rangers they already signed markus semi into $175 million deal late this afternoon shortstop corey seager. it's almost laughable 10 years. 325. million he's a good player. i don't know if he's a superstar 27 years old injured latell is
6:58 pm
fast season with the dodgers had 3 16 with 16 home runs and the american league's iranian cy young award winner left hander robby ray. pitched with the toronto blue jays, but no more as he's agreed to a deal with the seattle mariners. and that's five years and a mirror $115 million. meanwhile tony kemp and chad pinder have agreed to one year deals worth about $2 million each with the oakland a's hey, let us check. this out . this is the red bull skydiving team meeting with the red bull sweet team in austria. and i don't even know where to begin looks very dare devilish. every picture tells a story and the best thing about this story. it had a happy ending. everybody lived to tell about it, so it's very cool part. that's very cool part. that's beautiful. wait, cool.
6:59 pm
wolowitz: what are you doing? pigeon check for sheldon. north side's all clear! great. let's look at some planets! hey, why'd you lug your telescope all the way over here? leonard has one in our apartment. yeah, i'm gonna use leonard's. might as well hold my hand up like this and squint. i don't know. it seemed pretty good. you know, once when the cable went out, i watched an entire episode of the bachelor on a tv across the street. this one's more of a professional model. so was the girl he picked! this baby's got a ten-inch diameter with f10 acf optics. wolowitz: and tonight mercury is at its highest elongation. it makes far-away things seem close, and mercury is a planet. i know mercury is a planet. but the-the other thing was helpful. oh. look at that. neil gaiman tweeted about my store! what did he say?
7:00 pm
uh, "next time you're in pasadena, "check out the comic center. "great vibe, old school, the owner really knows his stuff." isn't that amazing? well, uh, it's no sandman, but i guess we can't expect everything he writes to be a masterpiece. when was he in your store? i have no idea. i think i would remember that. obviously, vibranium is the most powerful metal in comics. what, more powerful than adamantium? he's right. wolverine's claws, ultron's outer shell. need i go on? you don't need to, but you probably will. what about wonder woman's bracelets? good point. strong as a metal and fierce as a fashion choice. gaiman: you know, thor's hammer's pretty powerful, and in the comics, it's made out of enchanted uru. uh, yeah, i think it's the enchantment that's powerful, not the uru, but, uh, thanks for playing. oh, man, i can't believe neil gaiman came in, and we weren't even there.


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