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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 29, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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month in san francisco's financial district faces a setback tonight after thieves break in and host a large party. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now it was a heartbreaking discovery. the owners say the partygoers left behind a huge mass. many of their items were also stolen. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank. plans for their grand opening are now delayed because of all of this. new tonight, or amberleigh spoke to the owners who are no doubt disheartened by what happened. and they put the whole thing up. and cover the top of the windows and front door of ramen. hiroshi a new japanese restaurant on the street in san francisco's financial district, recovered not by the owners, but the thieves who broke in sometime late friday night or early saturday morning. we are frustrated. we are angry, but we more likely, surprisingly disappointed. the two story
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restaurant was set to open for business in less than two weeks . the owners tell me that thieves stole their surveillance camera system and left behind evidence that they held a large underground party here that lasted for hours. the owners found garbage bags filled with empty bottles, cans, cigarette buds and a lingering odor of marijuana. they had a huge drinking and smoking party. and they store stuff that we needed to operate our business. they took two of their tables are among the items the owners say were stolen all the wine we put it in here. the wine storage units were left empty. the owners say it was an organized effort. the thieves put up large banners letting partygoers know where the bathrooms are located. they may even charged people to get in. hey this is a you know, um, free space that come on tonight at nine. and let's do this. the owners say people got sick at the gathering. he threw up right here. it's a huge we
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have been cleaning up the owners tell me they've put in a new alarm system and surveillance cameras. next will be an iron gate. they filed a report with police and say they want to alert other business owners. we don't want other business to happen like us. it's already hard enough for us to open a restaurant these days. the owners tell me. the original grand opening date was scheduled for december 10th, but with so many items they need to replace or repair the estimate. it will take at least a month or two before they'll be able to open for business. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news in san francisco, where london breed tonight addressed recent crime around the city, including those brazen thefts that happened in union square. my hope is that these people are held accountable and that others see this as a lesson, but in the meantime, we have officers that are downtown. we have people
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that are enjoying the downtown area. folks who are taking you need. mayor breathes says, since they have added extra officers to popular shopping areas, and they have not seen any major incidents. i knew it 11 to 9 to bay area charity is asking for help after someone some of its donated items were stolen. food is free. solano says it's storage container was broken into sometime on friday night, the thieves took 60 cases of diapers, along with other hygiene products and baby formula. food is free host food stands to give out items to those in need. the organization now looking for additional donations, so if you would like to help, be sure to visit food is free solano .org. daly city police are looking for a pair of alleged thieves, two officers say targeted a macy's police say these two men still around $3500 worth of merchandise from the macy's at the ceremony center. the theft happened on saturday, the 20th around 5 10 and then
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again at seven pm if you recognize them, you're asked to call daly city police oakland cannabis businesses are asking for help following mass theft, said more than two dozen operations the week before thanksgiving. groups of heavily armed robbers ransacked cannabis businesses and fired shots at the police as well as security guards today, cannabis business owners said they want to be able to write off costs of private security and for the city and state to lower or repeal certain cannabis taxes. they also want the return of a cannabis liaison at the oakland police department. oakland is grappling with more deadly violence over the weekend. on sunday afternoon , a man was shot and killed while confronting a car burglary suspect near lake merritt on saturday. security guard kevin nishida died three days after he was shot while protecting a news reporter downtown. all this comes as the number of police officers in oakland has fallen to 677. that is the lowest level since 2000 and 14. oakland city
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council member and mayoral candidate laurent taylor says the city needs to support its officers. we have to make sure we have the boots on the ground to really get out there. we have to have investigations in order to demonstrate to folks that if you bring harm to oakland in oakland orders that there are repercussions to that. at the same time, we must continue to invest, doubling down on crime prevention. mayor libby schaaf said today that she plans to submit a revised police hiring plan to the city council, which could include another police academy. the california highway patrol says there was an increase in the number of deaths and the wise this holiday weekend. officials say 57 people were killed in crashes across the state. during the chp s 102 hour maximum enforcement period . that is a 14% increase from last year and the chp arrested 1019 people for impaired driving . that is a 17% increase from thanksgiving 2020 concerns
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tonight over the new oh, macron vary and prompting the cdc to change its booster recommendations. now saying that everyone over 18 should get a booster shot. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live in the newsroom after talking to a doctor about whether current vaccines will protect us from this latest strange. heather the ucsf neurologist says that it will take several weeks before lab tests will have data. but late tonight, moderna's ceo said to the financial times that it appears there will be a quote material drop in the efficacy of current covid vaccines against the omicron variant. meantime spain announced its first confirmed case today and the omicron variant has spread now, too. five continents. genetic sequencing shows the omicron vary. it has 50 mutations, including some known to allow the virus to bind to human cells more tightly and cause high transmission. ucsf urologist nadia ron says that that is the reason for the urgency to collect data. it's theoretically
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concerning because it has a lot of mutations more than delta, for example, and it has a lot of mutations within the spike protein, which is the target of most of our vaccines, and the world health organization sounded a little arm monday, calling the global risk very high. the armor con variant has now been found beyond southern africa in canada, asia, australia and europe. moderna announced monday it is testing existing vaccines, and it could take 2 to 3 months to produce an all macron vaccine booster if it's needed. health officials say that is why it's so important for the 80 million unvaccinated americans to get shots and for people to get covid boosters. my guess is that there probably will be some drop in efficacy of you know the antibody response, for example, but there are other components of the vaccine elicited response that should be, for the most part, maintained, in particular the t cells, which generally are more resistant to our own mutations. i've been receiving a lot of calls. from constituents , san mateo county supervisor
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david canopus says those collars have asked about getting boosters. we're going to try to create more capacity for that. is now because of this variant. you're gonna start to see people wanting the booster more. the comic con cases in south africa have mostly been among unvaccinated people on a continent with the vaccination rate of less than 10% new variants come about when there's a low vaccination rate because the virus is allowed to make many copies of it's something it's just essentially gives more chances to develop these kinds of mutations. and so i think it really highlights that we need to get much more of the world vaccinated. one bit of good news is that professor ron says that covid tests can detect the r macron variant, making it easier to identify and track right. jana katsuyama reporting live for us tonight, janet. thank you . meantime the moderna ceos prediction that current vaccines will be less effective against the overgrown variant. sent stock futures lower late today.
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also the head of the federal reserve said that this new strain of the covid-19 virus could also put the u. s economy at risk. your own pal is expected to testify before a senate committee tomorrow that the new strange could strain could slow progress and employment and worsen supply chain disruptions and prepared remarks. pal said that factors that have led to higher prices could linger. well into next year. the omicron variant comes just as airlines were rebounding from loosened travel restrictions, according to the transportation security administration. the number of passengers over the holiday weekend was more than double that of 2020 levels. passenger volume, however, was still down 14% from 2019, a spokesperson for airlines for america, a lobbyist for major u. s carrier , said today it is critical that international travel restrictions be rooted in science. still ahead tonight, waiving fees for san francisco small businesses the new way they can set up shop this
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holiday season and coming up a little later tonight. how pg and e is using artificial intelligence in an ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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businesses this holiday season. mayor london breed saying today that san francisco will waive permit fees for sidewalk shopping on two weekends in december. that means that small businesses can set up shop outside this coming weekend, december 4th and fifth as well as the following weekend.
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december. 11th and 12th city officials say the need to attract shoppers to local businesses is crucial because of pandemic related economic losses and also because of that spike in online shopping. san jose is also working to give small businesses a much needed boost. ktvu is azenith smith tells us about this new initiative called shop, local sj. that this is handmade look, betty or taken her husband or from guadalajara , mexico, and open artist shania's on story in king roads in east san jose in 2000 and 16 after a decade at the barriers of flea markets, we're bringing our culture. no. his clothing, something that represents every state of our country or south america. how made arts crafts jewelry filled the 1000 square foot space embroidery is their specialty. authentic pieces you can't find anywhere else has, um, different like. statues architecture from different
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parts of mexico. so that's what i kind of like about it. like so many small businesses. they were hit hard by the pandemic, closing for three months in 2000 and 20. we feel bad. because we work a lot. san jose mayor sam liccardo spotlighted this business on social media as part of the shop. local sj campaign at least you know, 10. pretty significant shopping districts in the city. many of these businesses are not out of the woods. the initiative launched last year to help businesses when capacity limits and restrictions were in place. now it's about keeping stores open and that really enhances the streetscape and the vibrancy of the different commercial neighborhoods. that we have in the city, and it allows us also to keep our diversity. small businesses are featured on the silicon valley strong website. the city has also partnered with get virtual, a nonprofit that helps businesses have an online presence. the owners of artists india's save businesses coming back thanks to grants customers, too. the customers. they were
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always calling us. they reports are instagram. they don't spend money on marketing, just word of mouth and social media. i think it's better than other years because the people this community is a real community. so everybody helped. they hope to stay in san jose for a long time. this is not restored. this is the people started in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. and tomorrow is giving tuesday a banner day for nonprofit organizations here in the bay area and across the court world on giving tuesday. people are encouraged to donate to a favorite charity or cause it also gives nonprofits away to funnel their fundraising into one big day. last year, the event raised almost $2.5 billion in the us following black friday and cyber monday. well, giving tuesday pushes back on consumerism. instead of spending all your money on buying things
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. how about if you expressed some generosity by giving to those in need, so that's exactly how it got started. we were very fortunate and giving tuesday doesn't have to be about just donating money. many nonprofits are welcoming volunteers once again so many people will spend tomorrow, giving their time and their kindness to others. if you have a you do have a few more days by the way to contribute to our one warm coat drive. if you have a gently worn code or jacket that you would like to donate to bay area families just take into any participating ups store or big o tires. we are accepting donations until december. 5th there are also some drop off locations right there on your screen. and if you would like additional information, just go to ktvu .com/ one warm coat. still ahead tonight, an effort to detect wildfires before they cause mass devastation coming up after the break the new technology from pg and e and how experts are responding. all right after the break. we'll have one last look at whether before you head to bed. i'll see you back here just a few minutes. also safari west
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everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st. dropped sharply last month compared to the same time last year. port officials say total volume was down 20% in october, cargo coming into oakland dropped 14% cargo going out was down 27. 43% fewer ships stopped at the poured in october. compared to 2020 report says it's not due to the congestion problem in oakland, but because shipping lines decided to bypass oakland altogether because of delays at southern california ports pg and e is installing new technology that it hopes will bidding gate the threat of wildfires. jesse gary got to look at the new network of cameras. pg and e says will help
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them detect fires faster. the beauty of northern and central california mountaintops now offer another eye opener stationed on some telecommunications equipment, the next line of defense against wildfires, pigeon is expanding its wildfire detection capabilities by installing hundreds of these hd firewatch cameras, spokeswoman deanna contreras says. 487 of these cameras spanned the state but for in the bay area have been outfitted with artificial intelligence software. the uber smart cameras not only detect smoke but can differentiate between different types of smoke that rules out false positives. it rolls out. haze or fog or dust, anything that could be misconstrued as smoke, and it determines that it is smoke beyond safeguarding utilities equipment. such information can raise awareness of potential disasters. contreras says that was the case when cameras detected the river fire in august. it's still in its
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infancy. i've seen a lot of these ai technologies trying to the, uh, determine smoke and detect it. i haven't seen anything super successful yet. wildfire expert dr craig clemons says existing technology is likely better at catching critical moments. before a wildfire cameras and whether radar and fuel reduction efforts can gain more traction. still the sooner that you can get it, ignition identified the sooner that you can get resources on it . we want to use every tool at our disposal everything. he's a technology at our disposal to improve situational awareness and to improve. fire detection capabilities, pg and e officials say the pilot program partially funded through their safety mitigation plan runs through the end of the year, if successful, would like to expand it to cameras statewide. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. already taking a look at the temperatures from today it was another warm day. i mean, we've
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had a heck of a couple weeks here, and it's going to continue this entire week is going to be very warm above average temperatures sixties and seventies like we had today. so with that we're not anticipating your rain. obviously we do have some fog trying to show up in the inland bay valleys some valley fall. we have coastal fog right now as well. um temperature and sacramento. i think it's about 50 degrees. i think dew point about 50 degrees right now. so returns he's fog shop around neither air force base um, vacaville, fairfield areas like that. so look for valley fog and the big valley as you travel around, but this big dome of high pressure. sets us up with dry, dry dry as you look at oakland skyline beautiful night. um no fog there. the fox kind of stuck at the coast and then we had the valley fog, too. so we got both the fog's working, which is not the typical to see. this is the massive dump by pressure. i'm just gonna draw it in. and then it kind of this is the jet stream right? essentially troughs out over here. but look at the length of that thing. i mean, this is. i don't know when
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the last time i saw trough our ridge that was you know something like 2500 miles wide. that's why it's so hard to break down. it's just a giant mound when you get a ridge like additional quick, but when you get a ridge like this, and well, i just messed it up. can't do it. okay, here we go. you get a ridge like this? it's easy to break it. but when you get a ridge like this big mound like that, it's hard to break it down , and you can see as evidenced by cell that weather going to the north. that's trying to whittle that high down, but it can't. i mean, typically that would bust through and drop rain for us. that would be a rain event for us a big rain event for us. instead the pacific northwest has left with record historic rainfall for autumn in british columbia as well and we are under that dome that really flattened dome so that sticks around through december december 9th or so december 10th. hopefully that moves after that i've seen, you know, they get stuck like that. they can stay that way for weeks and weeks. we've seen it before. the dew point are pretty high. so like anti ox 49 degrees, you're going to get your dew point in the next hour if you haven't already 47 degrees and livermore
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, you'll probably see some valley fog tonight. there's that coastal fog getting pushed away from the coast because the winds are going to switch. two more northeasterly later on tonight. it's not there yet. the winds, but the winds will by later on tonight shift, probably about three in the morning. i'm going to go from the north west to the north northeast. there's a five day forecast. it's dry, but it's nice and we are still 200% of rainfall average and we have a good shot at some rain coming early december i'll see you back here tomorrow. all right. we'll see you then. bill thank you. well, santa rosa's wildlife park safari west is asking for the public's help in naming their baby giraffe. he is the son of mother nikki and father dubois and was born on october 6th. staff members have come up with six possible names for the baby . they are debo buster geography , jimmy g. curry and matt aveeno . people can cast their vote on the safari west website. the winning name will be announced just in time for the babies. first christmas. coming up one of the 49 years. biggest weapons
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is sidelines. sports director marco bindings is here to update the injury status of deebo. samuel sports is next miriam webster, by the way, has chosen vaccine as its word of the year. the editor in chief says it was one of the highest search words in 2021. last year, the company chose pandemic as its word of the year. you're watching the 11 o'clock ne
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with you in the vital room tonight, 49 years and such better shape than they were just three weeks ago. but still can they just get through a game without an injury? it happens again as they take care of the vikings basically. tough fun game. but you know you always felt like they were in control, but then late in the game, deebo
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samuel, who's been there, dual threat running back receiver, you name it. you can tell right away and as it turns out, it's a groin strain. coach shanahan says they'll probably miss 1 to 2 weeks. also fred warner linebacker has it hamstring strain. he, too, will probably miss a week or two. let's talk monday night football. little sneak preview with something next for the 49ers, russell wilson and seattle 247 yards passing for him still doesn't look 100% however, with that finger problem, 99 ball game is seattle punished. by washington's ground game j. d. mckissick scores from 10 yards out. washington seeks it out 17 15, thanks in part to a missed two point conversion by seattle . the hawks are now three and eight. still, the 49ers cannot. overlooked them next sunday in seattle. big test for the golden state warriors. of course, they're off to a great start 18 to but in their rear view mirror and not far behind the phoenix
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suns 1 16 in a row. they're going to play the sun's a couple of times this year and the warriors, of course, looking forward to the return of clay thompson. little update from him is down in santa cruz doing some five on five stuff. but he definitely will not play in any games down there. just heightening is workout process. let us go to morocco to st mary's coming off their first loss of the year hosting. u c riverside second half very strong for them nice out of bounds play augustus marshall onus to dan 02, which is fortuitous because he hits the nice shot there and the son of sharon ist. we'll do it again to go to after class for 2 67 50 strong second half for the gills who are now seven and one just absolutely staggering amounts of money being thrown around by major league owners on the eve of what is apparently going to be a lockout in a labor problem
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. you wouldn't know it from some of these salaries. how about max scherzer? he's going to be a new york met 37 years old. they are going to pay him. 130 million over three years, making him the highest paid player annually in the big leagues. 43.3 mil. how about this one? the rangers trying to step it up, they just signed markus semi it to $175 million deal this afternoon. the ink corey seager, formerly of the dodgers, 10 years. 325. million it's just 27 years old and the giants pretty quiet right now on the free agent front. and we'll just see how it goes. trusted farhan zaidi. that's all i can message to giant fans right now it seems to be making the right decisions. that's the sporty life. mark. thank you. and thanks everybody for joining us have a good night. if you could always find a clinic, ktvu .com, as well as
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the kgb news app. modern family is coming up next, everyone, we'll see you back here tomorrow we'll see you back here tomorrow night. one. haley, hurry up! you don't have much time, and i made chocolate chip pancakes. mom, i'm not 12. dibs on hers. honey, you excited about your first day? you know what? i really am. there's something about going to work that makes you feel like you're... i don't know, worth something. no offense, mom. listen... (clears throat) i wanna give you some advice. do it fast. she's gonna be late. work hard. uh-huh. keep your eye on the ball. (cell phone alert chimes) stay focused. never... (laughs) check it out! cam in overalls! (claire) ohh! (gasps) mitchell sent me the same text! why "look what you've done"? oh, because cam is helping me out with that baseball field, and mitchell hates it when he gets all farmed up. his turn-offs are farm, fizbo, and, worst of all, farmbo. hey! howdy, life pardner! (guffaws) well, i gotta go. don't wanna be late for my first-- oh, my god! why didn't you guys tell me the time?!


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