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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  December 2, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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punches in the fight against covid-19 plan that i think should unite us. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. at one day after this country's first omicron case was discovered in san francisco today, several more cases have now been reported in various states across the us welcome everyone to the four i'm alex savage cristina rendon infer heather holmes president biden has announced a new five point plan to address the omicron vary it his plan includes expanding a nationwide campaign to ensure more people get their booster shots. this plan also calls for family vaccination clinics and free at home tests, regardless of health insurance status. the government will increase its surge teams of doctors and nurses and cities with rising covid cases, and the president announced a renewed commitment to vaccinate the rest of the world. biden says there should be no need to shut down businesses in schools and that the country is better positioned to weather this wave of the coronavirus pandemic. we entered
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this winter from a position of strength compared to where america was last winter. last christmas you were the 1% of american adults are fully vaccinated. this christmas. that number will be 70 70 72% including more than 86% of seniors, the most vulnerable population. also starting next week. the u. s will require all incoming international travelers to provide a negative covid test , regardless of their vaccination status within a day of their departure. coming up at 4 30 more details on the biden administration strategy to fight off the omicron variant well with the emergence of the omicron very in san francisco international airport is expanding covid-19 testing of air travelers. this is part of a cdc pilot program that tests international travelers for covid voluntarily once they arrive at sfo airport had been surveillance testing travelers coming in from india for the delta varying for the past month. now it's testing passengers from germany, the uk
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, france and south africa for the omicron variant. for the european countries where we have nonstop flights were talking anywhere from 500 to 700 people a day that could be potentially eligible based on the fact that they're coming from one of those european countries. we don't have nonstop flights from south africa, so we have a very small number of people that are actually coming from south africa, and they would actually have to go through another airport before getting to us. the voluntary testing program is also being done at jfk and the atlanta and newark international airports. sf photo has the highest rate of participation out of those four airports. today the second case of the omicron variant was confirmed here in the u. s that was in minnesota. and this afternoon. we are now getting word of more confirmed cases across the country. now in minnesota, the state's public health laboratory found the variant in a specimen from a minnesota resident who had recently traveled to new york city for more. we're joined now by reporter urbino, who's
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live in minneapolis. with more on this case, and leah, the patient in question here had been fully vaccinated, right? that's true. i fully vaccinated more than six months ago and recently received his booster shot. that was here in henderson county, which is the largest county in our state and includes the city of minneapolis were also learned just a few minutes ago less than 30 minutes ago that new york has confirmed five additional omicron variant cases in new york. and you're about to hear how there's a direct connection. our health officials here in minnesota believe is connected to new york city. here's what we know about minnesota's first case of the omicron variant. it involves an adult hennepin county man who has recovered from his mild covid symptoms. health officials say that maybe in large part. due to the fact that he was fully vaccinated more than six months ago and boosted in early november. that booster shot was shortly before he traveled to new york city for the anime convention, which took place between november 19th and 21st.
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the hennepin county resident flew back to minnesota and mild symptoms started november 22nd. now new york's mayor, is recommending the roughly 50,000 people who attended anime get tested and take precautions. while this is clearly something to take seriously, all macron's development around the world it is not a reason for panic. as with the other new variants that we have managed, where, at a stage where there is still a lot . we need to learn about all mccrone. there's much more we don't know. health commissioner jan malcolm says one close contact of the local omicron case has tested positive for covid through a rapid test and his isolating as more testing, sequencing and contact tracing is done. this individual has been extremely cooperative and. has isolated and done all of those things that we would ask someone to do from a public health mitigation standpoint, it was inevitable that this would happen. dr louis mansky with the university of minnesota medical
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school reminds. while there's much scientists will likely learn about omicron in the coming weeks, health teams worldwide are much better equipped at this point in the pandemic. this holocron one is a is a little bit more. it's been more concerning because of the large constellation. mutations that are harbored by the virus, particularly in this white protein. currently mgh is more closely examining about 10 covid specimens suspected of omicron. those results expected any day. additional news just underscores the urgency. of paying attention to the fact that covid is very much still with us. now, while it's the delta area that is currently dominating the surge here in minnesota, the mayo clinic again housed here in minnesota says that it will be about 2 to 4 weeks before they can fully are are better understand the omicron variant and know if it will be have the same sort of impacts as the delta variant hats here, but in the meantime, health officials
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far and wide that we've talked to say the best defense is that any of us have our vaccination masks, boosters social distancing all of those things that we've been doing that all of that a good bet. haley before i let you go. can you talk about why. this particular patient in minnesota raised red flags for health officials there. what prompted them to want to send this specimen to the state lab in the first place? well our state lab. they have a lot of specimens, right and partners with other labs that are working to test thousands of people. all the time that are going to these testing sites are going to their doctors to get tested as they have a very aggressive sequencing program and surveillance program. they tout that as one of the strongest in the country and are very proud of that. and in fact, yesterday when we were. on the call before we even knew that minnesota had a new case before they even had that confirmation because of their strong surveillance program. they thought that they
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might be one of the earlier states to have a confirmation just because of the strength of that program. and thus here we are 24 hours. later and their work in the labs proved to be correct. those instincts paid off. alright, reportedly a beano live for us tonight in minneapolis. thank you, leo. we are learning. a third case of the over crime variant was confirmed in colorado today and as we just heard within the last half hour, new york's governor confirmed five cases in their state for more on this. we're joined by dr monica gandhi, infectious disease specialist with u c s f dr gandhi. you know, this is not the first time we have faced a new covid-19 variant, more people are vaccinated than ever before, and i want to start with this person in minnesota the second case here because they did travel to new york recently and up until half an hour ago, new york said they did. don't have any cases. now we know that there are five across new york. doesn't that signal that omicron has been already spreading within the us for some time now. yes it really
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does indicate that it's been spreading in the u. s. which in a way was this has been such a hat week. but thanksgiving, you know was the day that it was first detected from south africa scientists that very soon thereafter. netherlands uk, canada, portugal, italy and israel and now in the us, at least. eight cases, so it's really actually indicating. it's been here for a while. multiple places for a while. it's just that you have to do this genomic surveillance sequencing to look for it, and now we are so hopefully we'll be able to detect all these cases and start having patterns of. you know how people are doing. it really looks like those were vaccinated or having very mild symptoms. which is a very good sign. curious to know why you think it was not detected sooner here. you just mentioned all of those other countries that had first reported cases in the u. s. seems to be kind of on the tail end of what we're seeing. why weren't we looking for that variant sooner or or what was
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the what goes into trying to detect this variant? you know what happens is when south africa told us about it told the world about it. there was a specific pcr tests that that some countries use that you can tell really easily if omar corn was there, because there was something called an estrogen drop out, and that's actually likely how other countries didn't really fast. it does take a while to sequence and we do what's called genomic sequencing where they actually sequence of the virus and. really what ended up happening in the u. s is there were epidemiologic clues like yesterday the person who had come from south africa and a flight that prompted a test for him and then the minnesota person. there was an epidemiologic clue what's happening in new york is that looks like community spread. they've already verified that it's nothing to do with travel. in that case, it was it was just people around here. so that's exactly what happened with delta. the question is, is this
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going to supersede delta? right now? we're still struggling with delta in our low vaccination states like michigan, mississippi, we're still in the delta. phase of our epidemic, highly vaccinated places doing well still in this country. okay i'm going to have to leave it there for you. and i'm just wanted to before we do let you go. i just wanted to say that you know, part of the president's plan was to have at home tests and it just curious to know if he's at home tests really quickly. if you could answer whether or not they would detect even this variant, or if it would just give you positive kobe confirmation or not. no. they will detect this right because they are just looking at the virus itself. okay dr gandhi, we appreciate your time. thanks. so much for joining us. inmates. according to the cdc. about two thirds of pregnant women have not been vaccinated against covid-19 and those who do get covid often experience very serious complications. ktvu rob roth is here. now with one mother's story about being pregnant and getting covid at the same time, rob. alex the
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centers for disease control and prevention has been urging expected mothers to get the covid vaccine too anywhere hearing from one mom about her decision not to get vaccinated while she was pregnant. and the difficulties that followed as a result of that decision. these are happy days for sarah matthew in baby naomi heil, but the three of them did get off to a rough start. she's doing wonderfully and we're really grateful. when sarah became pregnant earlier this year, she and her husband made a decision she would not get vaccinated for covid. she had already had two miscarriages and was worried and the vaccine was still new. when you're pregnant, of course, you're a little bit more aware of what's going in your body and what you could be exposing. but in about 30 weeks into the pregnancy, sarah and matthew both got covid matthew had gotten vaccinated in his breakthrough. covid symptoms were mild for unvaccinated sarah. getting covid was like getting hit by a truck. i couldn't walk. and so i had to
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be in a wheelchair. i couldn't talk beyond a whisper at the hospital doctors were concerned about properly treating sarah while she was still pregnant. covid scary because we don't know which moms in which babies are going to suffer more. they decided on a c section. sarah gave birth and was in quarantine in the hospital. it was 10 days before she could see and hold her baby. that was a tough time. um that i would never want another mother to experience. that is where the heil family from northern california and center health are sharing this story to encourage pregnant women to get vaccinated. the cdc reports that only one in three women are vaccinated. doctors say there is no risk to mother or child and most breakthrough cases are not a serious it has a very, very safe. profile in the almost year now that we've had this vaccine, we've given several billion dollars of this
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around the world. so this is not an untested drug. if you're looking at the risk of getting the vaccine versus the risk of getting covid, um getting covid is something that can be very devastating. doctors are also urging pregnant women who have already had covid to still get the vaccine, alex. hopefully other mothers will learn from the lesson that this family is putting out there, rob. thank you. more water restrictions are headed here to the bay area. the region leads the state in water conservation, but more may be needed just ahead why the state is reducing water allotments to zero for something, a area water districts and in the wake of a wave of crime, oakland city leaders grapple with ways to get more officers on the streets. had a burial, whether lots of hazy skies for today and a little bit of a cool down like that cool down will continue. that cool down will continue.
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with xfinity mobile. so you can go all out on gifts for the family - during our best wireless deal of the year... the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. and homicides, even as the force itself is shrinking, and now there's a plan to boost the number of officers at opd. our crime reporter henry lee in life live in studio with the latest on this, henry. christina this is an issue that's been bedeviling oakland police for a while now how to stop crime and properly investigated when officers are continually leaving the department. we are in a public safety emergency right
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now. it feels like every day we experience a new, senseless tragedy. violence on the streets of oakland and council members, xiang tao says the police department desperately needs to speed up its recruiting to fill 60 vacant officer positions are shrinking. police force doesn't have the resources. to adequately adequately served our community well, says she wants to add 1/6 and seventh police academy and offered $20,000 to oakland residents to join opd towel who was running for mayor also wants to hire veteran officers from other departments , especially women, people of color and lgbtq officers. these lateral officers would receive a $50,000. hiring bonus to come to oakland, but those officers would have to pay back a pro rated part of that bonus if they leave oakland before five years and the entire bonus if they leave within 18 months. the goal is to bolster the force and reinvigorate the department ceasefire gun violence intervention program, it will be an added bonus to the city of oakland immediately putting
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people in position to patrol our streets. we have to put out fires. and also fireproof simultaneously. but besides intervention there's also prevention. guillermo suspenders is chief of oakland's department of violence prevention among his goals to reduce retaliatory shootings. because we want to make sure that one homicide doesn't escalated are strategizing even in the wee hours of the morning, um around how to prevent that next homicide from happening, how to cook how to consult his family. in a statement today, police chief laurent armstrong, whose himself in oakland native says he wants to see more incentives given to officers who currently work at the department. he says he prefers to hire people who are not coming to the city solely for monetary benefits and instead want to make a positive difference. reporting live. henry lee ktvu fox student, henry. thank you. even though the bay area leads the state in water conservation. it may not be enough, the state water project has told more than two dozen water agencies serving 27
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million californians. they will be allocated zero water for the month of december. ktvu tom baker joins us now from water pour marin county where mandates are already in effect, tom. for the marin municipal water district is the state's oldest water district. 120 years old, though it won't be directly affected by this until it has to buy water. this zero allocations extraordinary and rear and we're lucky it's occurring at a time when residential and agricultural water loose water use is low. the bay area water agencies that will receive no state water project water include the south bay's valley water, the alameda county water district and the zone, seven water agency. in all, they served 2.6 million bay area customers. professor and engineer jay lund is a renowned watershed expert at u. c davis. most of the agencies, particularly the urban agencies , will have backup plans. they'll have water storage and groundwater and other reservoirs. don't have water
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that they might purchase from farmers that have other sources of water, but some agencies are already setting mandates in marin county, home and business customers face fines for any use of sprinkler or drip systems. as of this week until may. violators will pay a $25 fine for the first defense $250 for each additional offense. the south based valley water has told its distributors that they must get their customers to curtail water use by 15% of their 2019 monthly consumption, and the privately owned san jose water company issued the same mandate. any additional use costs an additional $7.13 for each 748 gallon unit used, which can mount up very quickly. so far, the alameda county water district contra costa water east bay municipal utilities district. mid peninsula and the san francisco puc are asking for
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voluntary conservation for now, but. they can and will impose mandates if necessary, especially for outdoor use, as alameda county's water district is considering our board is going to consider next week. a water shortage emergency ordinance that would provide for additional water use restrictions all designed to provide for additional conservation. but says watershed expert professor lund we're only at the beginning of the rainy season. this. december allocation is usually the lowest allocation that they make, and it's usually usually increases later on in the year, sometimes substantially. those obey area is responding greatly on conservation. we all need to be even more vigilant now until we see really get to see what kind of water year that this is going to be again. we're lucky we're at the beginning, tom vacar. ktvu fox two news. okay, tom. thank you. and i will say as we
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look ahead, especially maybe the ninth to the 14th 15th of december. sometimes in that time frame, we could see a change in the weather pattern that could bring significant rainfall back in the bay area, so it's still very fuzzy, but at least we do have hopes that could pan out. we just have to wait a few days . at least. the latest drought monitor update for today. not good news, severe to extreme to exceptional drought across portions of northern california down towards central california with this dry pattern, and with this kind of a stagnant pattern, we have all the haze developing . this is our live camera looking out toward sfo. and what's happening. that layer of warm air is kind of a lid that traps the haze closer the surface, so air quality is not the greatest. in fact, right now we're showing you a bunch of yellows. indicating moderate air quality. here is the plan, though. with respect to a rain falls, you can see some rain chances finally into next week. don't get too excited about this system is just about the chance of a light shower as we head into monday favoring the north bay. current numbers most areas
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in the sixties as we back out the satellite right now we have some high clouds, in fact, moving in from the east, so it's not completely clear across the region. it has been a dry weather pattern, this area of low pressure approaching southern california. we are expecting the fog to regroup overnight. so we are expecting mostly cloudy skies tomorrow morning and then hazy sunshine. storm track is up to our north. but change is possible next week , we have that slight chance of a shower and your monday forecast and maybe a week from today another chance of some showers. hi sport tomorrow will be in the sixties, so a cloudy start partly sunny skies into the afternoon hours weekend will be dry. it will be breezy on sunday, and there's that slight chance this shower on monday. hopefully more rain clouds showing up in our forecast down the road. a south bay college says it's doing what it can for students struggling with homelessness
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enroll by december 31st at covered california. this way to health insurance. with a pedestrian cost problems during the morning commute, countering says the south bong train struck a person who is trespassing on the tracks just before nine a.m. near the sunnyvale station. the person was taken to the hospital to be treated. their condition is not yet known. no one was on board that was injured. the southbound tracks, though, were blocked for about an hour and reopened by 10 a.m. well, that does it for us here at the on the floor up. next is our coverage of thursday night football, but our news coverage will continue over on
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ktvu plus and coming up at 4 30. it looks like a partial government shutdown that was looming for this weekend has been avoided. we'll have the details on the deal that will fund the federal government through at least february plus one european country considering a nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people. all right now we want to get you to new orleans for thursday night football alive. look here inside of the caesars superdome as we get ready for kick off the dallas cowboys taking on the new orleans saints. our coverage of thursday night football is up next year on ktvu and again more next year on ktvu and again more news coverage over on the plus. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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