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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 2, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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safety being paramount. we just decided that we couldn't do the event. concerned over the over kwan variant, with at least one bay area organization, canceling an upcoming event due to the latest cases. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. it's been just one day since the first number crime case was discovered here in the us and already we are seeing the impact. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes. andre, senior in for frank and julie. nine cases of the omicron variants were reported across four different states today. los angeles, colorado, minnesota and hawaii reported having at least one and officials say there are five cases in new york. those cases come a day after one was reported in san francisco. president biden today announcing new actions to tackle the ongoing pandemic. the u. s will now require all incoming international travelers to provide a negative coronavirus test within a week of departure. that policy starts next week.
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however the president said he does not anticipate any new shutdowns. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live tonight from the newsroom with a look at how this new variant is already having an effect on local event organizers. heather and andre. one nonprofit, was planning to have the biggest fundraiser of the year tomorrow, but they decided to put it on hold to do the news of this omicron variant , a very difficult decision that is adding more uncertainty for event organizers. health officials say the minnesota resident who tested positive for the omicron variant had attended a large enemy convention in new york city last week, prompting organizers to post this tweet thursday, urging the 53,000 attendees to get covid tests. the warning comes just as conventions and large gatherings were beginning to return. it's going to happen. steve wyatt organizes and promotes comic con events throughout northern california and says the omicron case was not a surprise. but why it and many others are disappointed. the new variant is dealing another painful blow to
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convention and event organizers . i make 100% of my income. and social gathering. whether i'm selling that a show or putting one on, so we just went almost two years without an income and everybody in our industry dead. we just decided that we couldn't do the event on thursday, elvis ter stanley, president of the boys and girls club of oakland, announced they are canceling their friday town ball fundraiser because of the rising covid cases in alameda county and the discovery of the al macron variant in the bay area. that postponement is a blow to their bottom line. we have gotten as much as 60% of our total revenues in the last six weeks of the year when people are most philanthropic, san francisco, which relies heavily on convention revenue, was seen a rebound for december and 2022 this month in december. we've got three groups and at the moscone convention center that starts next week or 2000 and 22. we're going to be probably 75% higher than 2000 and 21 as i've traveled, ceo joe della sandra
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says. so far there have been no cancelations and convention organizers are waiting for more data on the omicron variant. they are going to be especially cautious in some cases, doing more protocols that even required by the city of the state, so we're pretty confident that we're going to be able to go forward. and alexander says many event planners see the bay area's strict safety protocols in the high vaccination rates as a plus when they're deciding where to hold their events, certainly many companies and non profits right now are hoping to know much more about the variant in the coming weeks so they can decide whether to hold their large gatherings. just another challenge in this ongoing pandemic. jenna thank you. researchers meantime, in south africa, say new data shows the omicron variant is three times more likely to reinfect people than the delta area. health officials say they have seen a jumping cases from just over 310 days. excuse me 310 days ago to more than 11,500 to reuters, researchers say their analysis of the new data shows oh macron
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poses a substantially higher risk of re infection. that would suggest that the new variant can overcome natural immunity to the virus. our coverage of the omicron varying continues on our website. you can find the very latest developments right there on our homepage at ktvu .com. 11 in the report says the vallejo police officer's decision to open fire through the windshield of a police truck killing sean monta rosa was quote. not objection, aly reasonable. the outside investigators says that officer violated department policy. chief shawne williams may now consider disciplining the officer, identified by sources as jarrett tongue, the report says. monta rosa was shot in the back of the head and then officers used poor tactics and failed to use the escalation techniques. the officers mistook . monterroso is hammer for gun as they responded to alluding to alluding alert at a local pharmacy. now the administrative investigation is separate from an ongoing criminal probe by attorney general rob bonta. an
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update down to a story we told you about in october, judge has decided to release a convicted sex offender in east palo alto. despite concerns from community members. lamar johnson was convicted in 1984 and 92 for raping three people between the ages of 15 and 40 years old. the 60 year old is now expected to be placed in an east palo alto home. residents say children live in that neighborhood that it is not an appropriate place working, but there's test offender to live. some frightening moments in san francisco's richmond district when a woman trying to kidnap a 22 month old baby boy people police excuse me were able to arrest her. but they say it was not the first time that this woman has been accused of kidnapping. ktvu zambelli spoke with the boy's father. is that ice cream? james bryant show tells me his 22 month old son shows no sign of trauma despite a kidnapping attempt by a stranger wednesday afternoon in san francisco's richmond neighborhood, it was. it's
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pretty brazen for this woman to just come out of nowhere and snatch snatch my son. the kidnapping attempt happened around three in the afternoon here on lake street chose as his son was standing near his nanny and her six month old son, who was in a stroller. they were outside this preschool waiting to pick up chose 3.5 year old daughter. a woman came and grabbed my youngest son. and started taking off with him and started running away with him in her arms tells me the nanny chased after the woman caught up with her about a half block away and managed to get chose son back, but the ordeal didn't end there. this woman came and sprinted towards the stroller where our nannies child was. and attempted to yank the child out of the stroller. and try to take take off with the six month old baby chose this. other parents saw what was happening and scared the woman off, he says. one parent followed her as she ran off on foot and help police track her down. she was arrested
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, chose says the woman may be homeless and has mental health issues. he says. police told him this is not the woman's first kidnapping attempt it maybe it's you know, warning to maybe really start. focusing more on helping the mentally ill and homeless in the transients around the neighborhood. parents in the area tell me it's a reminder to be alert holding my child's hand as we. across the street as we're in and out. i think that's just really important. could have you sleep in the worst day of our lives by far, but thankfully you know, nothing terrible happens. police have identified the woman as 42 year old aaron williams of sebastopol. she's being kept at san francisco county jail. she faces kidnapping and child endangerment charges. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news saint as a police are searching for these behind yet another smash and grab robbery. investigators say four masked people entered quick service
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jewelry design it eastridge mall today, they say the group smashed display cases with hammers and took off with several items. they got away before police arrived. also today, the white house press secretary asked, was asked about the recent brazen robberies around the us. so when a huge group of criminals organizes themselves and they want to go loot a store, cbs in nordstrom, a home depot until the shelves are clean. you think that's because of the pandemic? i think a root cause and a lot of communities is the pandemic. yes. apartments. sake also said the president was or has proposed additional funding in his budget plan to support local police departments and says police forces are important to keep communities safe. dozens of students apply for emergency housing at san jose state, but a student group says only one bed was granted after the break. the complaints of the school is not doing enough to help those who need a place to live. and the operation in san francisco that resulted in five felony arrests
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my 2 for $6 double bacon breakfast sandwiches have freshly cracked fried eggs with bacon crumbles cooked right in. and you can get them all day. and night. and day. and night. only at jack in the box. into housing. the owner of two hotels, equality in and tully in told the centers a spotlight that he spoke with city officials about the properties. the city's already applying for state funding to buy four other hotels that will be turned into homes. much of the money is expected to come from the
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project home key program before hotels plus another city owned site would add 548 units for one housed residents. san jose state university and one of its student groups remain at odds over how to best serve students affected by homelessness. as katie was jesse gary reports. some say the school is not doing enough to make sure students have housing. right now is a very stressful time for these populations. having to do with finals on top, figuring out where they can rest for the night can be a huge burden for some. the grass next to the olympic statues is partially covered with symbols. the student homeless alliance says represent an ongoing problem. each paper house in place is for each san jose state student who , at some point experienced homelessness. last year. we have a moral imperative to break this cycle of poverty and here at channel say, state university. they can do that. students and faculty to at a noon rally. student homeless advocates
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decrying university efforts to live up to 2020 agreement to help students in need, they say for the first half of the fall semester. of the 100 students who apply for emergency housing . only one bed was granted. additionally they claim the university wants students to take on debt before being considered for housing help. what this university does is the old school of you have to deserve a bad. the school should be doing the work to provide basic needs, but instead they're trying to get us to do it for them. students are not required to take out loans in order to receive housing assistance. university vice president kathryn voss blackstone point to successes such as consolidation of assistance services in a new sjs you cares office. and the housing of not one, but at least 60 students in emergency housing during the first half of the fall semester, she says state is committed to cutting red tape to make the process easier. we look at the range of student needs.
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and sometimes a student may indicate to us that they have needs around housing, and we find that it is a complex that it's connected to many other types of issues. students say any progress made over the past 12 months is minimal and that this institution can do better. it is not enough to make claims of future implementations when deadlines have passed, and students remain on housed and their greatest times of me. university president dr mary papazian is set to leave in the coming weeks. students are hopeful that progress and dialogue shared with her will carry over to the interim president. on the s. j s u campus in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox two news students at santa clara university rally today, pushing for school officials to expand mental health care. our mental health matters are mental health matters. students say they are frustrated and grieving. over the last month, three of their classmates have died, two of them by suicide. a group that gathered today, says university
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simply isn't doing enough to help them cope. after the protest school said it was it was it will commit significant financial resources to expanding mental health services and the director of san francisco's office of transgender initiatives is stepping down clear folly. farley has served four years in the role. the city says she helped launch the nation's first housing and rental subsidy program for transgender adults and was able to secure funding for the first guaranteed income program. for low income transgender people. in a statement, farley called the said leading the department was the honor of a lifetime. porter is returned to the side of the ghost ship warehouse fire five years later tonight remembrances to pay tribute to the 36 lives that were lost. and we are tracking that forecast. as we move closer to the weekend. the five day forecast is next. also ahead. video from the top monica showing snowfall in hawaii. music, five felony ard
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the seizure of guns and evidence, all linking those suspects to at least six car break ins. the arrest took place last friday. black friday during a citywide auto burglary and armed robbery abatement operation. now the first arrests were of a 15 year old boy from the lazio and san francisco man who police said were casing cars in the area. fulton alliance streets, police recovered two ghost guns and personal items from car burglary victims. the second set of arrest included men who were in the area of bay in currently streets after officers spotted those suspects, casing cars as well. well today marks five years since 36 people were killed in oakland's ghost ship warehouse fire ktvu
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deborah villalon shows us how people marked the somber anniversary. it's a grief forever. situation doesn't go well. emily ground chomps lost her son, alex ghassan, in the inferno of the ghost ship warehouse. he and 35. others enjoying music on the second floor when fire made it impossible for them to escape. your children were burnt alive and. suffocated and at times your memory. your imagination goes there wondering what your child felt like. it was a tragedy that moved thousands of people to attend vigils in the days afterward. one year later, people flocked to the charge shell of the warehouse determined that no one forget. at this five year mark, just a handful gathered on the sidewalk . emily grand chance one of them. i never got to see my son's body. um so in some way it's this is his grave. gaston
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was 35, a filmmaker who had moved from new jersey to oakland to be near his four year old twin daughters. many who died that night were like him creative, talented artists and musicians with so much to offer their loved ones don't refer to them as victims, but stars each child from every family. they were the glue. they were the special ones grand chances. the families became close during a few years of tumultuous court proceedings. as they fought for justice, and they remain in touch, creating their own zoom link. and on youtube tonight, virtual tribute included performances, photography and visual arts from some of those lost, accompanied by the voices of silicon valley choir. since
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the fire, emily ground chops followed her son's path moving from the east coast to west trying to heal. gaston's fiance , designer hannah rubrics died with him in the warehouse. they were happy. they came here to have fun. they didn't know. this would be the last day of their lives in oakland. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. already taking a look at the highs from today. no records today, but we did have records the two prior days. 68 nanny arc today. 17 morgen hill high's tomorrow are generally going to be about the same a little bit cooler, mostly mid sixties. to upper sixties with probably i don't think we'll see any really low seventies. we've got fog, a lot of fog around the bay area right now. we've got a lot of valley fog. we've got some coastal fog as well. so tomorrow morning when you get going, i suspect. if you typically had this time of year on clear nights if you have a fog.
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potential commute. you know where you live like out some of those inland valleys up i reservist and what have you, davis woodland. it's gonna be foggy. it really is, and some of those spots will be pretty hard , low visibilities in the early morning hours, even out by walnut creek. it's getting foggy conquered. here's the model range north rain north till saturday sunday night into monday. see that drop down, so that's the beginning of the potential for a change, and that change will come. starts on monday. kind of the morning and the afternoon where we might see some drizzle a little bit of onshore wind a lot of clouds, but the real story with that is it's going to sort of crack that rain window open a little bit. so that days that follow could bring us some some real rates, so we'll wait until things sort of settle in. and we'll see how that plans out. these are the forecast lows for tomorrow morning about where they were this morning. there's that massive atmospheric river right miles. we figured it last night was like. it's past the dateline. so it's you know. 3000 miles, and that's representing
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its represent the top edge of our our ridge. by the way, our ridge is basically extending all the way out into the ohio valley , the mississippi valley in some senses, so it's just a very, very big ridge has been hard to break down. but this thing on monday i think we'll get we'll do a pretty good job of starting to would let away. current temperatures dew point sit right there. so we're seeing fog. that's the morning you'll see a little bit of valley fog a little bit of a lot of coastal fog based on this model and highs, generally in green, which are sixties, so there you go. there's the forecast size. and in the five day forecast, which is basically a dry one till we get to monday, and that could begin be the beginning of significant changes for us and our december so let's hope fingers crossed. i'll see you back here sunday night. okay thanks so much. bill live, got some new video to show you something that we would all like to see here in california. it's an unusual sight in hawaii, though. snow. this is a time lapse video taken from the top. monica yesterday and you can see
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the clouds and blustery conditions there. the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch through december 5th for high elevations on the big island. there's also a flood watch for the island of oahu through monday. and heavy rain is expected to hit y not really wanting those extreme conditions, but obviously we'd like a little bit of precipitation here. absolutely. we can take it all right, well, no other home in the bay area has a holiday light display quite like it. man in livermore is back with his holiday decor extravaganza after the pandemic put the tradition on hold last year. the spot is known as deacon dave's christmas light display, and it's been wowing visitors for the past 38 years. what started as a small elf village with 2000 lights has now grown to more than 700,000 lights. dave says he's been asked to join light show competitions. not interested, though he says this is for the community. i want to see smiles and twinkly eyes not only in the children, but the adults and the our senior citizens. well this
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year's theme is america celebrates our heroes and includes a 25 ft. tall ferris wheel dedicated to the military . the display is located at 3 52 hillcrest avenue in livermore. it opens tomorrow night. it is free open to the public through the holiday season. that's a lot of life. it's really nice. alright, coming up and nba blowout never seen before. speaking of a lot, talking about a lot of points s ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at this way to health insurance. action on the bay area sporting scene for the last couple of years, sharks are back and apparently with vengeance as they're out on the road and taking care of their business in new york the next couple of nights. aisles this evening and
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the rangers tomorrow it's one nothing. aisles lead jonathan dahlen between the legs of the defender. watch this right now. the net and nick bonino makes his efforts pay off with the goal that tied at 11. so we go to overtime. just 30. seconds in two on one break sharks on the move. erik karlsson, logan couture back. to carlson, the defenseman, scoring the game decider to one sharks win it three straight victories out of the road. there are 13 9 and one alright, this is pathetic. have you heard about this game in the nba tonight? the memphis grizzlies laid on and historic beat down on oklahoma city thunder struck to say the least when you see the final score, but first check out the dunk, thereby shake melt. then you'll see some more coming up. by brandon clarke the okay, see thunder right here, not interested at all in playing
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defense, and it shows they lose by 73 points to memphis 1 50 to 79 biggest point spread in the history of the nba. let's go to the college chords. where the saint mary's gales in tough up in logan, utah, raucous crowd, but they handled it put it outside for j. but mullins who pops the three and it's all tied at 46, now tied again. two minutes left alex duke and with the left hand to gail snatched the victory out on the road, 62 58, but watch. after the game. randy bennett, one of the class acts in college basketball, will not shake the opposing coaches. hand apparently didn't like a couple of hard fouls, late crowd kind of gets on him, and randy bennett knows how to deal with that plays into the theatrics. and he doesn't care. his gales are eight and. one and out on the road. mark fox and the cow bears the pac 12 opener against
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oregon state. they just ride the hot hand of jordan's shepherd from the outer limits. he popped the three bears by one at halftime. and it could just continue to go to that hot hand shepherd again from outside will take the opportunity shoddy at 25 to lead everybody bears smoked jobs 73 61. they are four and four, and with the time we have left. let us check this out . now i know you sense disaster right here with this little nine year old kid getting up on the motorcycle, nine years old. ah he is much smaller than that place. go watch. oh, my goodness makes me nervous. he's from austin, texas, heather and wheelies wouldn't be. i wouldn't do that. and we wouldn't adult. we wouldn't show you the video. it had an unhappy and. that is
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the sporting life all worth checking out. get it back to you guys. appreciate it. right thank you for joining us tonight, everyone. our news will continue with mornings on two at four. a.m. have a great night. we'll a.m. have a great night. we'll see you what-what are you doing? the light is red, so i came to a stop. you're in a stolen cop car with a dead hooker in the trunk. you don't have to obey traffic laws. i know i don't have to. the fun is choosing to. hey. missed you guys at the faculty mixer. ah, you should have been there; dessert was bananas. sorry, that was misleading. the dessert was pie, but the pie was bananas. actually, the pie was cherry, but the taste of the pie was... bananas. those mixers are such a waste of university money. if they spent less money on frivolous nonsense and more money on science, we'd all be better off. you're a theoretical physicist. what more do you need than an office and a whiteboard?


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