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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  December 3, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and help police solve issues murder. tom baker shares the public appeal. right very true. the interview began and ended with officer nash, cheetahs, wife and widows. same plea police only have one clue this white acura sedan. i kindly please ask if anybody was in the area in the oakland community. in the area at the time of this incident happened that that they have cell phone footage that they please, uh, give it to the oakland police departments. we're seeking to find the reasoning behind all of this until his retirement from active police duty. kevin nash's family never really knew much about his daily work life as he was a police officer. he never really talked about the dangers about it. like i guess he just never wanted us to worry what he's putting at risk every time he goes out there. but they knew
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full well what his priorities were family. we're going to see the grandkids, um, our dinners that we have here. deciding what to cook. you know, he loved to cook. so on the helper. he's the cook. you never asked for anything in return. you know, he was always asking what i needed what we needed. um even at you know, however, although we are now you know you just never. you just asked us to you know, be happy work hard in life. and then there is this. the dog misses him very much, so it's really hard to see the dog. very sad as well. so about. ah, i always put her in his blanket so that she can still smell him. officer nishida, even in death still continues his karen concern for others by donating his organs, including his very skin. to a burn victim. he's the breathe protector. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. funeral
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services for former officer casita will take place thursday at noon at the national civic auditorium in san jose. as the city of oakland struggles with crime and a growing number of homicides. the city's mayor has a new plan to make the streets safer. our staffing levels are at a crisis point right now. coming up at 5 30, our investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky breaks down. mayor libby shops newest strategy to combat crime, including her plan to get more officers out of the streets. six. the white house promises more resources are on the way to the bay area to help fight and ongoing retail theft problem. the justice department. the fbi and the federal law enforcement have been in touch in contact with jurisdictions where we have seen this high level of retail theft. the department of justice announced last week that san francisco where a number of high profile retail thefts have happened, we'll get money to hire 50 more police officers through the cops. program that
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the president has championed. that came as part of nearly $150 million in similar grants nationwide. than in the east bay. there is this. the contra costa sheriff's office promises to help crack down on the retail theft issue in walnut creek, the office announcing today, a special detail of sheriff's deputies will provide downtown patrol assistance. 21 that creek police officers throughout the holiday season. the move is being made to prevent another round of thefts . last month, dozens of thieves swarmed nordstrom's at broadway plaza, stealing more than $125,000 worth of merchandise. we're getting a look today at video showing how thieves pulled off one of san jose's most recent smash and grab heists, investigators say four people wanting to east ridge malls. quick service and jewelry design . yesterday the thieves used hammers to smash the display cases and they took off after grabbing several items. if you can help investigators with this case you're asked to call sanders a police and we have this development today. prosecutors have guilty pleas from a group of people accused of running one of the largest
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retail theft rings in california . ktvu crime reporter henry lee shows us how this case comes. as awarding from the state attorney general. those who break the law and peddle stolen goods. they will be held accountable. and today. they are state attorney general rob bonta, announcing the convictions in san mateo county of five members of an organized retail theft ring. the lead defendant, danny drago, is expected to be sentenced in february to six years in state prison. he and members of his crime ring. have pleaded guilty to felony charges, including conspiracy to commit organized retail theft. the law enforcement crackdown was dubbed operation pop for proof of purchase. laptops electronic cameras and other items were stolen in san mateo county, including from cbs pharmacies, investigators learned that a group in san francisco's tenderloin was selling the stolen property. two suspects operating a distribution warehouse in concord detectives identified a hierarchy of criminals who were purchasing and distributing stolen property. consisting mostly of
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retail merchandise, and electronic authorities seized $8 million in stolen property and $85,000 in cash. the guilty pleas come as law enforcement throughout the bay area continued to grapple with large scale thefts smash and grabs. luxury store shakedowns, the pillaging of department stores. the organized retail theft we're seeing throughout the country and in california. it's unacceptable enforcement, including local da's and the california highway patrol are working together to identify these kinds of thieves. this case is a great example of how organized retail theft rings are wreaking havoc across county lines. and how through collaboration. we can really do something to combat these crimes that are plaguing our community . authorities seize $1.8 million from the defendant's bank accounts. the four others in the rain were sentenced to either probation or jail terms ranging from a month to just under a year. henry lee ktvu fox two
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news police in fremont are hoping to reconnect property owners with stolen items. that apartment posted several pictures online and hopes that the rifle owners will recognize the property and come forward. the items recovered include old knives, sports member be leah toy cars, among other things. if you see something that you've been missing, you're asked to contact fremont police elementary school in corner. madeira experience to covid-19 outbreak after officials say. two parents knowingly sent their covid-19 positive child and a sibling to school. it happened last month at neil cummings. elementary school officials say the parents were notified the week of november, 8th at one of their two children tested positive, but they said nothing. the school district did not find out until november, 18th and as a result, the school recorded eight covid cases, 75 individuals had to be quarantined. marines superintendent of schools said the parents should be held accountable for putting the community at risk. the parents of the teenager charged in the michigan school shooting now face charges themselves boxes.
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lauren blanchard is more on the tragic case and how the community is still dealing with the loss. friday night vigil remembering the four students killed in the oxford high school shooting in michigan on tuesday, but there were some tense moments, a person fainted. the cries for help caused panic in the hundreds gathered. we're okay. we're oxford strong. meanwhile friday, oakland county prosecutors filed involuntary manslaughter charges against the parents of the 15 year old suspect. james and jennifer crumbly. we're supposed to turn themselves in friday morning but didn't show up, prompting his search by local authorities and u. s marshals. attorneys for the couple say they left the area tuesday night, fearing for their safety, and by friday evening, they were headed back. the facts of this case are so egregious. oakland county prosecutors say the charges come after evidence shows the parents bought the gun for their son and didn't store
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it properly. more evidence suggests the mother knew her son was researching ammunition and that he was showing troubling behavior at school. any individual. who had the opportunity. to stop this tragedy. should have done so the day of the shooting, a teacher reported the teen drawing a picture of a gun, a bloody body and the words help me and called a meeting with the parents. still no one pulled him from class ideas, causing great distress among our whole agency. that this happened and that, um there was an opportunity potentially to prevent him. oxford high school may also face culpability charges prosecutors are weighing whether they missed or ignored warning signs. lauren blanchard fox news earlier today we talked with ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza about how rare it is to charge the accused governments, parents and what those charges against the mean. i've been practicing for
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over 40 years and i've never seen this before. i'm actually really excited about this case, because i think number one is going to be very difficult to prove. for the prosecution, but i liked the message they're sending. and that's out to parents saying, hey, hey, attention to your kids if there are signs that they may be violent, you better pay attention. you better get the proper people in to take care of that. gun laws in michigan are more lax than in other parts of the state, including california . cardoza went on to say they will that will play a big role in how the case is handled. well, the san francisco socialite who meant a lot to the city has passed away. charlotte schultz worked at san francisco's chief of protocol for decades. she died after a battle with cancer. she was 88. she was hosted foreign dignitaries and san francisco over the years, including queen elizabeth and pope john paul, the second among others, she advised several san francisco mirrors on diplomatic matters.
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and served on many boards, including the san francisco opera, symphony and ballet, says husband former secretary of state george shultz died earlier this year at the age of 100. governor newsom issued a statement it reads. in part, charlotte was the quintessential san francisco defined by her eye for the fantastic and the flourish with which she welcomed visiting dignitaries, foreign consoles and san franciscans from all walks of life she helped make the city of san francisco the vibrant international city. it is today. and san francisco mayor london breed called schultz her good friend and released a statement as well in it, she says, we have lost our grand dom. the bright lights of san francisco or forever diminished with the loss of charlotte, but her impact legacy and love will live. with us for generations. to all of what happened on that day leading up to this event was precipitated on one idea, and that is that halina and i had something profound in common.
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and that is we both assumed the gun was empty. actor alec baldwin shares what happened before someone was shot to death on his movie set coming up, he opens up about struggling with the tragedy. in the middle of the busy holiday travel season. see how airports across the country prepare for the rollout of new pandemic restrictions. and a barrier weather some stubborn cloud cover all day long and temperatures a bit of a temperature drop forward today weekend, though it could be warming things up a little bit. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. and sunnyvale. police officers make very clear how they planned an and thieves grabbing packages left on doorsteps this holiday season. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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happened and i can't say who that is, but i know it's not me . i mean, i'm honest to god. if i felt that i was responsible, i might have killed myself if i thought i was responsive. i don't say that lightly everyone
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. actor alec baldwin shares details of the movie set tragedy that killed a cinematographer in an exclusive interview with abc news anchor george stephanopoulos. while baldwin says he's struggling with the incident, he wants to make clear he is not a victim. an emotional sit down interview about the shooting on the set of rust, he says cinematographer elena hutchins and director joel sousa are the victims. hutchins died. souza, who's from the bay area, was injured. baldwin insists he's not to blame for the incident. he also says he didn't pull the trigger before the gun fired. so you have this called 45. you just pulled. the hammer as far back as i could, without cocking the actual and you're holding onto the hammer. i'm holding. i'm just showing. how about that? does that work? you see that? do you see that? is that she goes. yeah, that's good. i let go of the hammer banging the gun goes. everyone is horrified. shocked it's loud . they don't have their ear plugs in. no one was the gun was supposed to be empty. i was told i was handed an empty gun. there were cosmetic grounds. nothing
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with a charge at all. flash around nothing. she goes down, i thought to myself. did she faint? the notion that there was a live round in that gun. did not dawn on me to probably 45 minutes to an hour later, 45 minutes to an hour. well, she's laying there and i go. did she get it by wanting? was there a blank? sometimes those blank rounds have a wadding inside. that packs us like like a cloth that packs the gunpowder and sometimes wanting comes out. it can hit people and i could feel like a little bit of a poke. but no one could understand. did she have a heart attack? because you never the idea that someone put a live bullet in the gun was not even in reality. an investigation into the incident is ongoing. and now to covid and the latest on the omicron variant as we mentioned earlier, five people in alameda county now confirmed to be infected with the strain, and those five
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cases are among 12 covid cases that were linked to a wedding in wisconsin last month. one of the people at the wedding recently returned to the u. s after international travel. all the patients were vaccinated. most had received boosters. they're mildly symptomatic. no one has been hospitalized in his foxes. phil keating reports new travel requirements are going into effect next week for international flyers coming into the u. s because of this new strain. just as travel ramps back up, the omicron variant is fueling a wave of new restrictions beginning monday, international travelers must provide a negative covid test within one day of their outgoing departure. into the u. s president biden saying as of now , his administration is not considering any new measures for domestic travel measures that i announced yesterday are we believe are sufficient. to deal with the proper medical precautions to deal with the
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spread of this new barry in the new guidelines come as more than three dozen countries confirm omicron cases here in the us several states have now reported infections, including california, new york and nebraska. the cdc says it's also working to investigate suspected cases of the new stream in other states. many of these early infections have involved mild symptoms. there's every reason to believe. that if you get vaccinated and boosted that you would have at least some degree of cross protection very likely against severe disease, cdc director rochelle walensky says the delta strange still accounts for more than 99% of all infections, but adds regardless of the variant. protection measures should stay the same getting vaccinated if you have not already and getting a booster dose if you are eligible , the biden administration is also extending the mask mandate
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for airplanes, busses and trains. into mid march. at the miami international airport. phil keating, fox news. economists are sharing their reaction to the november jobs report, which revealed the us added 210,000 jobs, but many believe there is still a lot of uncertainty with the ongoing recovery. due to the pandemic and a new variant. on one hand, there's disappointment with the number of jobs added it is far lower than the 550,000 that some analysts had predicted. on the flip side, there's optimism, with the unemployment rate dropping from 4.6% in october to 4.2. today's historic dropping unemployment rate includes dramatic improvements for workers who have often seen higher wages and higher levels of unemployment. excuse me higher levels of unemployment. the biggest games were seen in professional and business services, transportation and warehousing, followed by construction and manufacturing on wall street. today markets ended the week down as traders
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dealt with the mixed november jobs report and updates on the omicron variant. the down fell 59 points. the nasdaq was down 295 and the s and p finished the day down. 38 points. alright coastal flood advisories have been issued for low lying areas of the san francisco bay shoreline and humbled county because of king types. the national weather service says the coast will experience unusually high tides and possible flooding through the sunday they caught some people off guard today. it was kind of surprising because yesterday we had walked by and i noticed the same area and the water was down about three or four ft. so this is kind of unusual. for the king tides occur in the morning and will be followed by very low tide hours later in the afternoon. national weather service says the peak will be tomorrow. ktvu meteorologist marked mine joins us now with a look at some insight into the king tides and look ahead of the weather conditions you should expect this weekend mark insight as far as the tides all related
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to the moon, and we actually have a new moon for tomorrow, but it's not just the moon that's having an impact on the tides. it's this time of year as we approach the winter solstice , the sun has an impact on the tides as well. the gravitational pull of both this of the moon and the sun setting up extreme tides. so we have really high high tides and really low low tides. and that's what you probably noticed afford today with those king tides, and it looks like the fact that will be the case as we head into the weekend for both saturday and into a sunday so you can see the net effect. we have the coastal flood advisory here for the area this weekend. as you can see it. we'll check out some of the tide tables here for both saturday and sunday. both 7.1. those are pretty beefy high tides. typically we're talking about maybe 5.8 or six point. oh, that's a lot of water. with that extreme high tide, but it will rush on out to an extreme low tide throughout the afternoon hours. temperatures today here in the bay area we really cooled off with all that cloud cover sticking around all day long for most of the region. temperatures most areas in the fifties to the
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lower sixties. this weekend for your saturday some cloud cover tomorrow. partly sunny skies. we should have more sunshine for tomorrow and then on sunday, mostly sunny should be a little bit warmer as well. but the satellite showing you all of the cloud cover throughout the day, you can see the low clouds and a few high clouds paying us a visit. current numbers san jose right now. 54 nevado 55 degrees. so widespread fifties across the entire bay area, as you can see here, we're still tracking the cloud cover for tonight and also into tomorrow morning, we'll talk more about your weekend forecast coming up and maybe some shower chances in the five day we'll have that all coming up. in a few minutes. mark thank you. an amazing sight on the coast. the annual migration of monarch butterflies will give you a look. and plus y two owls are there to help those butterflies survived. we heard from many, many people in here a lot of really heart wrenching stories that they're very fearful of becoming homeless, a rent increase of more than 40%
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for residents of the mobile home park for seniors in the north bank. and now residents they are bank. and now residents they are fighting back.rn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ ♪ when the chapstick goes on. it's on. get yours on at ling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. santa cruz coast as ktvu southbury reporter jesse gary shows us monarch butterflies have returned in greater numbers this fall. grouped together in the cool gray of the central california coast royalty has set
6:25 pm
up its winter crash pad in natural bridges state beach park in santa cruz. it's pretty incredible, actually, it makes me feel nostalgic. looking more like leaves to the naked eye. but a spotter scopes view shows the stars of this natural attraction. especially ideas like today you can really see the detail on the butterflies upwards of 2500 monarch butterflies are resting and bracing for winter as they hang out there trying to just hold their energy and not move as much as they don't have to. because they're just trying to survive the winner. the annual monarch migration from as far as canada and the us rockies to the california coast is traced back to the 19th century. the butterflies move to warmer climates for winter and leave as spring approaches. their annual arrival draws crowds as many as 2000 people when the sun's out fewer when it's chilly and gray . we know they come this time of year we haven't been down and like, maybe five years. so we want to come check them out this
6:26 pm
year. this year marks an end in the decline of the number of migratory monarchs. the numbers are up about 1500 over last year, experts say development. the use of pesticides and herbicides and a warmer climate have all played a role in reducing their numbers this year with our early rains and cooler temperatures in the fall, it was much better for the butterflies. and added benefit of seeking shelter from winter's elements within this grove of trees to protective owls. pair scares off predators, allowing the butterflies several days and nights of good sleep. i think that it's a great sign, and i think it's one of the benefits that we're experiencing from the pandemic that there have been some environmental improvements . the kings and queens of the butterfly world will be here until february. then begins their migration away from this restful retreat. in santa cruz, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we recognize that people feel very disturbed. by all the
6:27 pm
violence all the unprecedented robberies that they have seen in these recent weeks coming up at 6 30 on ktvu, oakland's mayor lays out a new plan designed to boost safety across the city. later in sports. two of the nba's best go at it again for the second time in four days, sports director marquee baniyas will have the sun's versus the warriors preview later. and see how one south p police department plans to trick thieves stealing your deliveries into getting arrested.
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experienced a covid-19 outbreak after officials say to parents knowingly sent their covid-19 positive child and a sibling to school. it happened last month at neil cummins. middle elementary school officials say the parents were notified the week of november eight that one of their two children tested positive. the school district did not find out until november 18th and as a result, the school recorded eight covid cases, 75 people had to be quarantined. california's attorney general, issuing a warning to retail rings. beware this after busting one of the biggest theft schemes in state history. five members of an organized retail theft ring. the car, retail and commercial break ins happen in san mateo county, but officials say the tentacles of this ring extended to the tenderloin and contra costa county, a bay area family sharing their heartbreak and pleading with the public for help. security guard and former
6:31 pm
police officer kevin nishida was shot and killed in oakland right before thanksgiving. it happened while he was servicing, serving rather as a guard protecting a television news crew. his family is now speaking out, pleading for anyone with information to come forward. you're watching. ktvu fox two news at 6 30. oakland mayor libby chef has a new plan to hire more police officers. it's the latest push to get more officers on the street as a city struggles with crime. this morning, the city saw its 129th homicide of the year. that number goes far beyond 2020. total number of 102 homicides. ktvu evan sernoffsky breaks down the mayor's newest strategy to combat crime. our staffing levels are at a crisis point right now. oakland mayor libby schaaf announced to proposal friday to fill dozens of positions on the city's police force. the city council will vote on the plan during a special session tuesday. it includes hiring 60 officers by adding two more training academies between now and july
6:32 pm
2023. it would also unfreeze 20 positions and come at a cost of $5.8 million. we are determined to keep the promise to oakland's voters to maintain adequate. staffing levels of our police. the mayor's announcement comes as the city saw its 129th homicide of the year. a woman was shot dead at castro and 14th street's around four a.m. friday. the bloody toll is the highest in one year since the 2012 launch of the citywide violence reduction strategy known as ceasefire. we recognize that people feel very. disturbed by all the violence. on thursday , oakland city council members xiang tao, who's running for mayor proposed her own plan, it would offer hiring bonuses to lure officers from outside oakland. we are in a public safety emergency right now. schaaf said. house plan isn't in
6:33 pm
conflict with hers and she doesn't oppose it. the mayor said her plan factors in the current high officer attrition rate as well as coming retirements. we value their service. we want them to continue in this incredible sacrifice that they have made. to the public's safety chief laurent armstrong said the city will graduate and academy of 39 trainees next year, he said 35% of them were born raised or have some connection to oakland groups that have been calling for defunding. the police, including activist cat, brooks, jested the mayor's proposal. in a statement, brooke said, quotet in tens of thousands last year to demand the city of oakland reinvest our tax dollars in programs that will actually keep us safe, not over police, black and brown communities. mayor shaft said that the $5.8 million to pay for these additional officers. won't come from
6:34 pm
cutting existing city services. in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. the city of napa has filed or agreed to settle a wrongful death lawsuit by parents of a man shot and killed by police officer during a domestic violence confrontation. napa will pay the family of david molina $1.3 million. an opposition shot and killed him back in 2018 after he grabbed and fired. the officers are 15 rifle during a chaotic struggle. no charges were filed against the officer, and he was cleared of any wrong doing. mew at 6 30 thieves beware the sunnyvale department of public safety, having some fun with a serious problem. they put out this message on twitter warning porch pirates about stealing. the department says they put out decoy packages at doorsteps around sunnyvale, and they end their message with his quote says, steal a package and you may end up with more than what you wanted free rides to jail offered daily. residents of one mobile home park for seniors in the north. they are facing a rent increase of more than 40%
6:35 pm
beginning in march. many say they would not be able to afford the higher rent and worry about becoming homeless. but its ktvu is rob roth pound the residents there. they're fighting back. i lived down to the penny, donna rose brady and the other 100 or so seniors who live here recently got a notice from the new owners of the park that the rent is going up about $300 a month. that's a more than 40% increase that doesn't include garbage or utilities. people here are mostly on fixed incomes . for brady. her social security check wouldn't cover the new rent. how many people turning cans and bottles on an electric car that you go downtown and you have to charge it. every time you go downtown. you have to go to nissan. they see me they're everyday charging the car just to turn in cans and bottles to get $5. and then i go to the dollar started by toilet paper. that's my life. nobody would live like me. the owners, three pillar communities did not return our messages, but the notice the residents received, said quote. the requested rate increase is necessary to assure
6:36 pm
the park earns the constitutionally minimum fair return. it's an outrageous fee, but longtime resident mary rub in thal and her neighbors are fighting back. they will be challenging the increase in an upcoming arbitration hearing set for next month. we heard from many, many people in here a lot of really heart wrenching stories that. they were very fearful of becoming homeless. under the city ordinance. rent increases are tied to the consumer price index and are capped at 6% and increases high as the one being proposed here must go to arbitration if either sata rejects the arbitration result. they do have the option of trying to settle all this. in court were just seniors. you were just trying to live a nice, quiet retirement life without having a lot of harassment, and this feels like harassment in petaluma, rob rock, ktvu fox two news. san francisco police now confirm a woman suspected of grabbing a child has a prior
6:37 pm
criminal history. she is now under arrest, charged with kidnapping kidnapping attempt was averted thanks to quick thinking, nanny. police say 42 year old aaron williams of sebastopol snatched the 22 month old boy from the nanny on wednesday on lake street in the inner richmond neighborhood. williams ran off with the boy in her arms, and, according to the child's father, the nanny chased the woman and caught her about a half block away and managed to get that child back. he says he was shocked by what happened, but grateful his son is safe. this is something that was done by. someone that was not well and something that's been on the streets for sometimes someone that isn't getting the care that they need. so i just really hope that the city you know our services can provide something for her completely. unprecedented right for us to imagine that our kids would be the subject of this type of crime. while the woman is believed to be homeless and suffering from mental illness. the child's father also says police told him that this was
6:38 pm
not her first kidnapping attempt. coming up a group that's sending its times spending rather now spending time helping others now needs help. excuse me coming up. why that church in the nonprofit it runs is being forced to move out of its building. and you think you're struggling with inflation coming up? some caterers complained it's forcing a shutdown of their operations.
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become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq. community and now verbose church and family services needs some help of its own as ktvu sand, rubin explains. the organization is being a evicted from its building and is desperately trying to find a new one close by. for verbal family services. this redwood city building has been the center of everything. it's where they hold church services, conduct counseling and distribute food to those in need. but now they're being forced to move right now. we don't have a place to go with the family service program. that's what we're looking for. for help the pandemic that increased the need in the community they serve also made it hard for them to pay rent. verb oh, made of verbal deal with their landlord to pay half but now they've been sent a letter demanding back rent be paid in full, he says. either you pay the $150,000, or we move out and three days the landlord did not respond to our request for comment, but verb oh has since negotiated a few extra weeks, which will allow them to feed families through the holidays. but they need to start
6:42 pm
packing up. some of them are going to park can move things, but we want to serve the family the most we can do at the last day verbal primarily serves the north fair oaks neighborhood of redwood city, an area with a lot of need. those who get services here aren't sure who would fill the void if they were gone. that example. it would sadden me because i think programs like these should never end. but volunteers here aren't giving up hope. they're hunting for a new warehouse. hopefully 12,000 square feet and ideally nearby. we've been looking and trying, and i feel like some miracle has to happen. we have to have a christmas miracle. we need something big to happen. and so the hope now is that someone with an available warehouse will come forward and soon since verb oh, needs to be packed up and out of this facility by the end of january. in redwood city, and
6:43 pm
ruben ktvu, fox two news. blueberry weather. lots of cloud cover today a bit of a drop off from those numbers a little bit of a warm up this weekend, and eventually we could be talking about some shower chances more in your forecast coming up. is that their homes now to look at some of the stores working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu, plus andre new tonight, scammers looking to cash in on your hunt for a new path this holiday. we're going to talk live with the better business bureau about ways to avoid becoming a victim yourself. also the san francisco about san francisco ballet is bringing back live nutcracker performances next week. we're going to talk live with two of the reformers on the holiday shows. return to the stage. i can't wait those stories and a lot more coming up. live at seven over on ktvu plus. heather thank you. but first caterers had a tough time last year. no parties, no get together for the holidays. and now this year, another problem hitting their bottom line big time details after the break.
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. bounce back after a year of non events boxes medicine, alworth has more from new york. events and weddings are back after everything was canceled in 2020 , and they are in high demand. this is cause for celebration for those in the event planning space, but what should be a golden opportunity for these vendors is creating some problems because inflation is taking the party out of the party planning process. bartle bee in stages a massive catering company busy with contracts, many from 2020 weddings that have been pushed once or twice because of the pandemic are finally happening now, but
6:47 pm
unfortunately for them the prices from 2020 that they locked in orange covering their new exploding costs. take a look at how much the cost of meat and seafood has changed in one year . meat is up on average over 24% and seafood is up over 11. the vendors that we have talked to are saying that many of them are breaking, even even operating at a loss on old contracts following a crippling 2020 year , which saw their businesses shuttered for months on end and unpredictable industry just got even more unpredictable as these companies are forced to make some tough decisions, the best analogy i can come up with this. my car was stalled at zero miles an hour. and now my car is going 1000 miles an hour and i'm so afraid i'm going to lose control of the car. that's been really challenging because i find that people that used to be in the industry don't want to be in such a stressful industry any longer. leslie is lucky that most of her main staff has come back, and that's good because they have a lot of work, not just the contracts that were
6:48 pm
pushed from 2020, but new weddings and events to in fact, it's projected that there will be 2.5. million weddings in 2022 . that is the most we have seen in almost 40 years, so if they can make it through the old contracts, there are plenty of new clients that are ready to celebrate in brooklyn, new york, i'm madison alworth fox business. well the area whether it has been a bit of a cool down today, we haven't tracking that cool down stubborn low clouds and fog and temperatures as a result, most areas only in the fifties. of course, we're locked in a dry weather pattern. we are waiting for the rainfall last rain about two weeks ago i was november 19th, so we have to 14 dry days. we're going to tack on a few more through the weekend and possibly into early next week. here is the forecast model and you can't see the main rain . it's kind of been the same old story is up to our north up in the pacific northwest, you'll see that kind of happening once again. with the forecast model. here we are into monday and monday, there is a slight chance of a shower or maybe some mysteries. some drizzle. the
6:49 pm
best chance would be up in the north bay. that's a weak system just kind of falls apart. and then maybe another chance a week from today, but it looks like as we do kind of approach the 10th of the 15th of december. it's still very fuzzy, but we could be talking about an eventual pattern shift. that will bring us more significant rainfall and boy we really we really needed. here's the plan this weekend will be drivers start out tomorrow, with some cloud cover skies becoming partly sunny and then sunday, the warmest day we're expecting lots of sunshine for the second half. of the weekend. here's a satellite as you can see that the main storm track is still up here, and we still have a few high clouds drifting in from the east. but of course, the big story today stubborn low clouds and fog low visibilities this morning and we still have a solid overcast out there right now, so we're not going to clear things out tonight. would have overcast in some areas of fog. first thing tomorrow morning current numbers most areas in the fifties santa rosa right now. 53 livermore, 54 san jose checking in in the mid fifties. here's a live camera, looking out toward the ocean
6:50 pm
estuary. and just by looking at this, you get the idea. you get the sense that we still have some overcast out there, so a big blanket of low clouds across the region for tonight. and that'll be the case first thing tomorrow morning. overnight lows will be in the forties to right around 50 degrees, so we're gonna have mostly cloudy skies to start things off. still a dry weather pattern. the main storm track is up here. but once again the fog regrouping overnight not only for the valley locations but also out towards the coast and right around the bay storm tracked as we talked about is up here. we'll have some cloud cover this weekend and then warming temperatures. not a major warm up. we're not talking about records, but by sunday, the warmest locations could be approaching the upper sixties. and they were watching out for those changes next week. no major storms just yet, but at least we're talking about more clouds. cooler temperatures and just the chance of a few showers . that'll be by monday, a slight chance and then maybe a week from today, so partly sunny for tomorrow and then into your sunday lots of sunshine out there. fact it could be breezy in the bay area hills with winds
6:51 pm
gusting over 30 miles an hour for the north bay hills and the east bay hills highs forward tomorrow will be in the sixties . partly cloudy, hazy and cool. here's your weekend. lots of sunshine on sunday that slight chance of a shower on monday and then a son thought mixed by tuesday and wednesday up next. mark. thank you. well, you have until the end of this weekend to join our effort to help bay area families are one warm coat drive ends sunday. if you have a gently worn coder jacket you'd like to donate. take it to any participating ups store or big o tires. you can also take it to the collection barrels by the way set up in oakland, jack london square, santana row in san jose and the westfield san francisco center. you can also go to ktvu .com/ one warm coat. for more information about this. up next in sports sharks trying to win two in a row on the road to win two in a row on the road today, sports ♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪ ♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪
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it's on. get yours on at the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year - up to $1,000 in savings - for a limited time only. on the most reliable network nationwide, plus nationwide 5g. act now and save up to $1,000 with xfinity mobile. so you can go all out on gifts for the family - during our best wireless deal of the year... the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. friday night, mark, your body is with you. usually when you mess something up, you've got to wait a while to get revenge or do over as it were, where you said just a couple of nights ago, sloppy lost to the phoenix suns 22 turnovers. they don't have to wait. they are back at it in san francisco tonight. spotlight
6:55 pm
game again national tv suits at the network because the ratings and the undeniable intensity between these two teams on tuesday night said. we need a little more of that. we need sons and warriors again, and they knocked the lakers and clippers flex them right off the telecast, and they go with the sun's warriors again. the rematch in the city at chase, but coach kerr not putting too much weight on this one game. there's a lot of season left even after this rival game. you don't worry about anything down the line. you know, you just figure out a way to try to win this game, and, um. with full awareness that both teams would probably look different. you know, obviously booker's out for them, and who knows when clay's coming back, whether it's uh. you know, later on in the year or whatever. but claire, make us look different. who will andres who will, james? so um, you
6:56 pm
don't worry too much about any of that stuff. we just try to win the game. i don't care what sport you're playing. it always seems like one team has your number. of course for the 49ers . they always seem to get the best of the rams, whether in their anaheim st louis or los angeles days, but conversely, over the years, it seems like the seattle seahawks have it going on. they own the 49ers. it seems like especially up in seattle, where they'll be playing this sunday. russell wilson quarterback had to it with the problem there. he's 15 and four in his great career versus the 40 niners. but seattle. and they seem about as vulnerable as the 49ers have ever caught up with him in recent years, though, three and eight so far they've had injury problems, particularly with wilson. missing three games. the 49 years, of course, have won three straight. certainly not cocky, though, right now. nothing our guys are pretty humble. um you know, we're not
6:57 pm
sitting here, you know, one game over 500. they don't need me to tell them that, you know. look at as we just arrived. we look at as we've done right? um, three weeks in a row. so what it is three weeks in role. yes coach. it is three in a row, looking to make it for and continue to sweeten up their spot for a wildcard shot. alright sharks great story particularly of late after missing the playoffs couple years in a row, even in the feet, they looked plenty sturdy out on the road, a second of a back to back up against the rangers. they took care of the islanders last night. little rougher go of it against the rangers first period power play ryan straume outfront slapshot. we'll find pay dirt for the home team, and it's one nothing but in the third period, while the sharks have probably their best shot at it right here, fred burns, it's one of his lasers. fires away, got a skirmish in front, but the rangers goalie holds tight. igor fish stir kin
6:58 pm
. be careful when you say that name she sturcken holds tight wraps up the puck and the shut up for the rangers. san jose losing one. nothing that's a tough one. there are 13 10 and 13 game roads trip. ends tonight as far as the victory street back at it against columbus on saturday night. alright i would call it dog lovers tonight friday night at the videos. nothing better than a spa day for your pooch. right here. doggie daycare salon. i think they like that tool. right? maybe to me, you know that that almost looks like a hot tub right there. they're loving it. yeah, the problem is, how do you get them out of it? that's true . yeah that's the sporting life . guys such as it is. all right, mark. thank you. big bang theory is next on ktvu live music is next on ktvu live music continues at seven on ktvu p
6:59 pm
recently, 12 new moons were discovered orbiting jupiter, bringing the total up to 79. as a middle child myself, i'd like to extend my sympathies to moons two through 78. your grandpa will never learn your name. i'd like to thank you for joining me on this journey (laughs) through the stars. if you enjoyed this lecture, please come back thursday for the exact same one. do i look like i just woke up? no. great. i'm gonna go say hey to raj. what were you guys giggling about? they were passing notes to each other. oh-ho, love notes? if you love math. and we do. it's for our super-asymmetry theory. yeah, amy and i have been having so much fun collaborating together. well, you know what they say, you never collaborate as much as your first year of marriage.
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