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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 3, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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oakland leaves a transgender woman dead and tonight friends remember her as a sweet and fun loving. no idea who would want to harm er, it's not safe anymore. like you know, it's just really ridiculous. you can barely go outside. the shooting marks oakland's 129th homicides so far this year. good evening. i'm andre scene and i'm christina rendon. the shooting happened around four this morning on 14th and castro streets at this time, police say there is not evidence of a hate crime. live coverage now from creative use amber lead oakland after talking to people who knew the victim, amber. christina friend tells me she's devastated by the loss advocates say discrimination against transgender people often puts their lives at risk. nick i was released. we she was a happy if i'm person, ashley banks tells me she is sad that mckay david of hayward, a friend that she
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considered to be a sister was shot and killed in west oakland early friday morning. i was devastated when i count out. i'm not going to news police say, just after four a.m. officers responded to a shooting on castro street and found acai transgender woman suffering from a gunshot wound. she died at the scene. police say at this point , there is no evidence of a hate crime. i know it was some type of physical altercation. that led to my sister getting shot in her head. banks tells me she has no idea why anyone would want to harm the k general. people are ready to attack transgender people. just because they are transgender. joe hawkins, co founder of oakland l g b t q community center, says transgender homicides are on the rise. human rights campaign, a nonprofit, says 2021 is now the deadliest year on record for transgender homicides nationwide. hawkins tells me
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black and latin next transgender women make up the majority of these victims, he says. discrimination in housing and employment are factors and putting their lives at risk. the people who killed them. ah feel that they're not worthy. they who's gonna care black transgender people deserve and need the support that they have not been getting on. the left is described as fun, loving and considerate someone who went out of her way to help others. the model and aspiring social media. influencer just turned 33 last saturday to the people that harmed her. i hope that. i just hope that justice system served . i did with this that we're going to go out for. banks tells me she last spoke with the chi on her birthday with hopes of having dinner together soon, belated celebration. that will never happen, she says. nick i wanted to open a clothing boutique dream unfulfilled.
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police did not say what the motive is for the killing, and no one's been arrested. christina and burly, reporting live for us tonight, amber. thank you. obey area family is sharing their heartbreak after they have come forward and now pleading with the public to help them find justice security guard and former police officer kevin nishida was shot and killed in oakland right before thanksgiving. it happened while he was serving as a guard protecting a television news crew. his family is now speaking out, pleading for anyone with information to come forward. police only have one clue this white, accurate sedan. and she, his family says he was everyone's brave protector. as he was a police officer. he never really talked about the dangers about it. like i guess he just never wanted us to worry what he's putting at risk. every time he goes out there, the dog misses him very much. so it's really hard to see the dog. very sad as well. so about. ah, i
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always put her in his blanket so that she can still smell him. even in death officer nishida continues to show care and concern for others. he was an organ donor in even donated his skin to help a burn victim. the family is asking anyone with information, cellphone video, even the smallest clue to come forward and help oakland police solved this murder. and funeral services for former officer initiative will take place thursday at noon at the national civic auditorium in san jose. oakland mayor libby chef says she has a plan she hopes will make the streets safer. it calls for hiring more officers to help curb crime as ktvu is evan sernoffsky reports. her proposal is drawing some opposition. our staffing levels are at a crisis point right now . oakland mayor libby schaaf announced to proposal friday to fill dozens of positions on the city's police force. the city council will vote on the plan during a special session tuesday. it includes hiring 60
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officers by adding two more training academies between now and july 2023. it would also unfreeze 20 positions and come at a cost of $5.8 million. we are determined to keep the promise to oakland's voters to maintain adequate. staffing levels of our police. the mayor's announcement comes as the city saw its 129th homicide of the year. the bloody toll is the highest in one year since the 2012 launch of the citywide violence reduction strategy. known as ceasefire. we recognize that people feel very disturbed by all the violence on thursday , oakland city council member xiang tao, who's running for mayor proposed her own plan. it would offer hiring bonuses to lure officers from outside oakland. we are in a public safety emergency right now. schaaf said. house plan isn't in conflict with hers and she doesn't oppose it. the mayor
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said her plan factors in the current high officer attrition rate as well as coming retirements. we value their service. we want them to continue in this incredible sacrifice that they have made. to the public's safety chief laurent armstrong said the city will graduate and academy of 39 trainees next year, he said 35% of them were born raised or have some connection to oakland groups that have been calling for defunding. the police, including activist cat, brooks, jested the mayor's proposal. in a statement, brooke said, quotet in tens of thousands last year to demand the city of oakland reinvest our tax dollars in programs that will actually keep us safe, not over police, black and brown communities. mayor shaft said that the $5.8 million to pay for these additional officers. won't come from cutting existing city services.
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in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news now to the latest in the court of virus pandemic, the alameda county health department says they've identified five cases of the omicron variant with all five of those people mildly symptomatic. the county says the cases are among 12 local covid-19 cases to date that are linked to a november 27th wedding in wisconsin, adding that one person attended that ceremony after returning from international travel. all 12 people were vaccinated and most had received boosters. no one has been hospitalized were in elementary school, reeling from a covid outbreak after family knowingly sent their child to school after testing positive. ktvu deborah villalon is live in corte madera, where the incident has other parents angry and disappointed tonight, deb. yeah andre. it happened here at neil cummins elementary school last month leading up to thanksgiving and at the last minute forced many families to quarantine and cancel their holiday plans. i
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was very furious for a while for about a week, same with my wife , tim rose was shocked to learn his twin daughters in kindergarten and second grade son went to school seven days with two siblings who were not supposed to be there. one was covid positive there, doctor had said. keep both home notify the school. the parents didn't and when found out, said they weren't aware of that protocol. other families are outraged. quite sure what bubble you've been living in for the last couple years. if you don't know that you shouldn't be sending your kid after your positive test, his own kids and dozens of others were segregated and tested, then advised not to travel for thanksgiving, just in case the teachers of kindergarten was seeing their elderly mother and had to cancel and she was very upset. she was mortified. in the end, six students came up positive. three infected at school three. elsewhere they amma to siblings did not have symptoms and everyone returned to school after holiday break, but in a
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county that has embraced vaccination for all age groups and where schools have led the way in covid safety. the county education chief says the incident amounts to child endangerment and should have consequences you want to go to? it's not much trouble. this couldn't happen happen that possibly happen. how could anyone dew point. i put into jeopardy, health and safety of someone else. 99 plus percent of our parents are following our covid. protocols quarter. madeira superintendent says the breach is a reminder to families remain vigilant and act with integrity. in this case, it took time for the health department to ferret out the threat. those calls and messages left where asking what schools the children attend, or the child attends. that was positive. the family did not return those calls when there are these things that slipped through the cracks and threaten all of us. um i think it's something that we have to discuss. elena fancy is another cummins, parent of three and
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testing her boys herself for peace of mind. now we have been so incredibly careful like, you know, one of our kids gets a sniffle and we're like we're keeping them home, she says. the kids wrongly sent to school are blameless, but wants repercussions for the parents. this could be a child. child's life. this could be a family member's life. so i think there should be consequences. now what that is. i just don't know. in a statement. marines health department points to only 46 cases of in school transmission this year. that's out of 40,000 students and adds knowingly sending an infected child to school is a health order violation and that it's being evaluated right now by its enforcement team. andre the parents are described now as remorseful. alright, deborah villalon reporting for us live and derek. deborah. thank you. south african health officials say the omicron variant is this portion of the affecting children under five years. old health department spokesperson said today that the
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county or country rather has seen a sharp rise in hospitalizations and all age groups but particularly. in young children. those under the age of five represent the second highest number of cases behind adults over 60 while data from south africa cases show skyrocketing deaths of skyrocketing there. the actual virus. skyrocketing deaths or not, officials are warning that it could take weeks to know the full scope of the variance impact. the very maybe pushing more people to get their vaccines, according to the white house's covid-19 director. nearly 2.2 million doses were administered across the country over a 24 hour period that ended yesterday. let's see highest number in more than six months. that total includes 670001st shots and 1.4 million boosters. now 75% of americans have at least one shot. gillian has recalled tens of thousands of miles of its coronavirus treatment. the company says it's recalling to lots of its drug remdesivir after receiving a complaint of glass particles in
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the vials, gilead says it confirmed the complaint. the recall. the recall rather involves 55,000 vials or enough to treat 11,000 people hospitalized with coronavirus. gilead says they have not received any reports of adverse events linked to the recall and the ceo says it will likely not impact supply of the drug. our tree for dozens of san francisco children just in time for the holidays coming up at 10. how glide help some kids cross items off their wish lists. what i really like about this is that we actually get to have a christmas spirit. and a bay area group that's been helping the community for years now forced to pay up six figures or move how they're not giving a pope how they're not giving a pope that their mission can continue. if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911,
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. san francisco. they were treated to a holiday surprise. i went downtown store in partnership with the glide foundation. more now from ktvu s jana katsuyama. one of you. you might have thought it was santa's workshop , the bustling busy sounds of tiny hands hard at work. there we go, creating cards and crafts. for people they love. i did. it was making one from my mom. can i offer kumari laying
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1/5 grader made a card for his mom and his teacher, mr. j. he's a good kid. i like him and. he brings me good spirits. he's really nice to me, and he always had my back on the top floor of old navy's flagship store in san francisco. the staff hosted children in glides janice marika tani family and childcare center. the children received $100 each for a shopping spree, choosing things online in advance to pick up at the store . a night of fun. whatever they like about this is that we actually get to have a christmas spirit. a spirit of joy and giving this year was a celebration of resiliency because for past two years we have really have a hard time glide staff say 93% of their centers. families lost income this year because of the pandemic. still the children say what's most important to them being with my family? they're nice. i love them gives me like a nostalgic type of feeling in his heart. luiz sanchez
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understands what this event means. he's a teaching assistant at glide now, but when he was a child. he was one of the kids on this annual shopping spree growing up in a kind of family that where the work double but was patient paycheck not have enough like gifts and stuff like that. it was awesome. that helped, you know, around the christmas time before they left , the children lined up to see santa's helpers. yeah big bag. get some good stuff in their homes. there you are. you got okay, bye. now. clyde says that they were able to help some 90 children this year. get these gift bags and have this experience they hope to help as many or more next year in san francisco, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. denville police have turned one of their patrol vehicles into santa's sleigh to bring some happiness to children in need there, holding up fill the cruiser toys for tots drive. the vehicle parked in front of the costco sort story away. daniel police say they reached
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out to the organizers of the u. s marine corps annual toys for tots program and asked if they could help bring some joy to some children this holiday season. i hope they feel like every every kid on christmas morning. they get to open up something really cool and they have fun with it. they have a toy or a few toys to play with, and they just feel that joy that every kid needs to feel on christmas morning. the police cruiser will be parked there in front of the costco again next friday for people to come by and help fill it with toys, a church and community group that has spent decades helping the redwood city community is now facing eviction views, and ruben tells us about their search to find a new building. for verbal family services. this redwood city building has been the center of everything. it's where they hold church services, conduct counseling and distribute food to those in need. but now they're being forced to move right now. we don't have a place to go with the family service program. that's what we're looking for. for help the pandemic that increased the need in the
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community they serve also made it hard for them to pay rent. verb oh, made of verbal deal with our landlord to pay half but now they've been sent a letter demanding back rent be paid in full, he says. either you pay the $150,000, or we move out and three days the landlord did not respond to our request for comment, but verb oh has since negotiated a few extra weeks, which will allow them to feed families through the holidays. but they need to start packing up. some of them are going to park can move things, but we want to serve the family the most we can do at the last day verbal primarily serves the north fair oaks neighborhood of redwood city, an area with a lot of need. those who get services here aren't sure who would fill the void if they were gone it would sadden me because i think programs like these should never end. but volunteers here aren't giving up hope. they're hunting for a new warehouse. hopefully 12,000 square feet and ideally
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nearby. we've been looking and trying, and i feel like some miracle has to happen. we have to have a christmas miracle. we need something big to happen. and so the hope now is that someone with an available warehouse will come forward and soon since verbal needs to be packed up and out of this facility by the end of january. in redwood city, and ruben ktvu, fox two news. san francisco socialite who meant a lot to the city has passed away. charlotte schultz worked as san francisco's chief of protocol for decades. she died after a battle with cancer. she was 88 shows hosted foreign dignitaries in san francisco over the years, including queen elizabeth and pope john paul, the second among others, she advised several san francisco mayors on diplomatic matters. and served on many boards, including the san francisco opera symphony at the ballet, shultz's husband, former secretary of state george shultz
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, died earlier this year at the age of 100. san francisco mayor london breed released a statement in response to her death, calling her a good friend and she says, we have lost our grand. um the bright lights of san francisco or forever diminished. with the loss of charlotte, but her impact legacy and love will live on with us for generations. governor newsom also issued a statement it reads in part. charlotte was the quintessential san francisco defined by her eye for the fantastic and the flourish with which she welcomed visiting dignitaries, foreign consoles and san franciscans from all walks of life. she helped make the city of san francisco the vibrant international city it is today. still, the company rents going down in san francisco, plus two wanted posters for the parents of the teen accused of opening fire into michigan high school, the reward for their arrests and the chances charges. rather, they are now facing. ended historic retail bust here in the bay area at 10 30 that
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convictions announced today in a multi million dollars theft ring. and later the warriors get their revenge on the sons with one of the best dunks of the season. check it out sports director. everybody will have a ,
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at least for those seeking to get a place to live, according to socket site, the average asking rent for an apartment in the city is $3325. that's a drop by 1% over the past month. but the site says rents typically drop in the fourth quarter because of a holiday market slowdown, the average asking rent in san francisco still 19% lower by the way than pre pandemic levels. add wine to the growing list of things that are costing more because of supply change problems problems, but it is not the groups we're talking about that are the main problem . it is. the bottles fill long owns a winery and livermore and he says at one point, he was
10:25 pm
only paying $1500 for a container of bottles. now it's $12,000 that's close to 1000% jump. it's a massive issue that supply chain even on the national side. we're having a hard problem keeping up with getting the wine in the bottle because we're just not getting the amount of bottles. and consumers can expect prices to go up even more next year. beer and liquor prices are also expected to rise, according to the wine and spirits wholesalers of america, which they say is caused by a shortage of aluminum and those rising shipping costs well, economists are sharing their reaction to the november jobs report, which revealed the us added 210,000 jobs. but many believe there is still a lot of uncertainty with the ongoing recovery due to the pandemic and the new very we've told you about. on one hand, there's disappointment with the number of jobs added it's far lower than the 550,000 at some analysts had predicted. on the flip side, though there's optimism with the unemployment rate dropping from 4.6% in
10:26 pm
october to 4.2% now. today's historic dropping unemployment rate includes dramatic improvements for workers who have often seen higher wages and higher levels of unemployment. excuse me higher levels of unemployment. the biggest gains were seen in professional and business services, transportation and warehousing, followed by construction and manufacturing on wall street. today, markets ended the week down as traders dealt with the mixed november jobs report and updates on the omicron variant. the dow fell 59 points and nasdaq off by 292, the s and p, also down 38 points. 14 people arrested for allegedly carrying out 11 robberies in southern california after the break why they are all already out of custody, plus. michigan prosecutors are charging the parents of a suspected team gunmen. i'm lauren blanchard all have more on where the investigation stands and who
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with a slice of cheddar cheese... and cheddar ranch... all between a cheddar bun. yeah, it's loaded, but you know what they say: the more cheddar, the better. their dog and investigative report released by the mariposa county sheriff's office details string of missteps that led to the august 13th deaths of 31 year old ellen chung. 45 year old jonathan garish their one year old daughter and the family's dog. the report says the family underestimated the dangers of the hike in this year of foothills on a trail that is avoided by locals in the summer. it also states the body of garish the child and dog were found together on a steep part of the trail while chung was found about 13 ft. higher in elevation as we first reported in october, officials say the family did not have enough water with them. and died as a result of hypothermia, extremely hot
10:30 pm
temperatures, rigorous terrain and a lack of shade were all cited as contributing factors. well today, attorney general rob bonta announced at historic retail theft bust. he reveals that five people linked to the retail theft ring have pleaded guilty. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us the group was accused of stealing $8 million in merchandise from stores around the bay area. those who break the law and peddle stolen goods. they will be held accountable. and today. they are state attorney general rob bonta announcing the convictions in san mateo county of five members of an organized retail stepped ring. the lead defendant, danny drago, is expected to be sentenced in february to six years in state prison. he and members of his crime ring. have pleaded guilty to felony charges, including conspiracy to commit organized retail theft. the law enforcement crackdown was dubbed operation pop for proof of purchase. laptops electronic cameras and other
10:31 pm
items were stolen in san mateo county, including from cbs pharmacies, investigators learned that a group in san francisco's tenderloin was selling the stolen property. two suspects operating a distribution warehouse in concord detectives identified a hierarchy of criminals who were purchasing and distributing stolen property. consisting mostly of retail merchandise, and electronic authorities seized $8 million in stolen property and $85,000 in cash. the guilty pleas come as law enforcement throughout the bay area continued to grapple with large scale thefts smash and grabs. luxury store shakedowns, the pillaging of department stores. the organized retail theft we're seeing throughout the country and in california. it's unacceptable enforcement, including local da's and the california highway patrol are working together to identify these kinds of thieves. this case is a great example of how organized retail theft rings are wreaking havoc across county lines. and how through collaboration. we can really do
10:32 pm
something to combat these crimes that are plaguing our community . authorities seize $1.8 million from the defendant's bank accounts. the four others in the ring were sentenced to either probation or jail terms ranging from a month to just under a year. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. the contra costa county sheriff's office says it will support walnut creek police officers efforts to the ter organized retail thefts, the office announced today it will conduct high visibility patrols in downtown one creek alongside police officers throughout the holiday season. the announcement comes two weeks after dozens of thieves swarmed north shrimps and broadway plaza. see here stealing more than $125,000 in merchandise through people have been arrested so far. new video tonight of a smash and grab robbery. we first told you about yesterday. it's just surveillance video from quick service jewelry design eastridge mall in san jose for people in masks stormed the store yesterday. you can see here there used hammers to shatter all of the glass display cases in the store. the thieves ran
10:33 pm
off before police arrived on scene. no word on how much jewelry they got away with new attend. police in los angeles have announced more than a dozen arrests in connection with 11 robberies, but because of eli's no and low bail policies, all 14 suspects have already been released. police say the thefts all happened between november 18th and sunday, and they include a robbery at the groves , nordstrom authorities say $338,000 worth of merchandise was stolen across the 11 robberies, which also caused $40,000 worth of property damage. the bail policy was put into place during the pandemic to reduce overcrowding at jails and out of this tonight more trouble for the parents of the teen accused of carrying out a school shooting earlier today, they were charged with involuntary manslaughter, and now they have vanished. u. s marshals in fact, releasing wanted posters for james and jennifer crumbly and announcing a $10,000 reward for information that leads to their capture. as foxes. lauren blanchard tells us it comes as a community continues to mourn the passing
10:34 pm
of the students. who lost their lives. friday night vigil remembering the four students killed in the oxford high school shooting in michigan on tuesday , but there were some tense moments, a person fainted. the cries for help caused panic in the hundreds gathered. we're okay. we're oxford strong. meanwhile friday, oakland county prosecutors filed involuntary manslaughter charges against the parents of the 15 year old suspect. james and jennifer crumbly. we're supposed to turn themselves in friday morning but didn't show up, prompting his search by local authorities and u. s marshals. attorneys for the couple say they left the area tuesday night, fearing for their safety. the facts of this case are so egregious. oakland county prosecutors say the charges come after evidence shows the parents bought the gun for their son and didn't store it properly. more evidence suggests the mother knew her son was researching
10:35 pm
ammunition and that he was showing troubling behavior at school. any individual. who had the opportunity. to stop this tragedy. should have done so the day of the shooting, a teacher reported the teen drawing a picture of a gun, a bloody body and the words help me and called a meeting with the parents. still no one pulled him from class ideas, causing great distress among our whole agency. that this happened and that, um there was an opportunity potentially to prevent him. oxford high school may also face culpability charges prosecutors are weighing whether they missed or ignored warning signs. lauren blanchard, fox news. the man accused of killing 10. people inside a colorado supermarket earlier this year has been found incompetent to stand trial. the boulder district attorney reporting for different doctors evaluated suspected shooter a model lisa. all four determined
10:36 pm
that the 22 year old was not fit for trial. instead elisa will be sent to a state mental hospital . the district attorney says he is confident elisa will be clear to face criminal charges after he completes treatment. she goes down, i thought to myself. did she faint? the idea that someone put a live bullet in the gun was not even in reality, and alec baldwin had plenty more to say since the shooting on a movie set that left a cinematographer dead, you'll hear it. coming up at 11. at a barrier whether stubborn fog all day long and a bit of a cool down for today, we might build a warm things up a little bit this weekend. well, the forecast update coming up. up first right after the break, not the best site during a drought. we'll show you the video of a sheared fire hydrant video of a sheared fire hydrant in the east bank. enjoy the gift of being together.
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hydrant in the east bay. alameda county firefighters posted this video. they say it happened right before dusk in dublin. you can see just a ton of water came out of that fire hydrant in the falun gateway shopping center. no word on how much water spilled out or what costs the incident. an annual migration brings visitors to the santa cruz coast to get a glimpse of monarch butterflies upwards of 2500 monarch butterflies are in the area right now resting embracing for the winter. there are more than last year, the experts say the early rain and cooler temperatures and the faller much better for the butterflies. their annual arrival draws crowds. we know they come this time of year. we haven't been down in like, maybe five years, so we wanted to come check them out this year. adding to the benefits of sheltering with this grove of trees are too
10:40 pm
protective hours. they keep away other birds who eat the monarchs away owls, by the way, do not after the rest here for a bit of time, they continue their migration south to warmer climates. coastal flood advisories have been issued for low lying areas of the san francisco bay shore line and humboldt bay because of king tides. the national weather service says the coast will experience unusually high tides and possible flooding through sunday. they got some people off guard today. it was kind of surprising because yesterday we had walked by and i noticed the same area and the water was down about three or four ft. so this is kind of unusual. the king tides occur in the morning and will be followed by very low tide two hours later in the afternoon, the national weather service says the peak will be tomorrow. so let's take it over now to meteorologist mark tamayo for more on what we can expect this weekend. highmark hi there, christina a little bit of some warming temperatures across portions of the bay area, especially as we head into sunday. but yeah, the coastal flood advisory is out because we
10:41 pm
do have this extreme tides, both an extreme high tide and extreme low tide into the weekend. you probably noticed that change today. if you notice they have the inflated water levels. throughout the day. so we take a look at the thai tables here with the graphics. we are showing you the coastal flood advisory this weekend. these are the times for a while. san francisco's you can't see coming up for tomorrow morning 10 30, then once again into a sunday, right around 11 15. once we see that high tide peak, it goes down rapidly throughout the afternoon hours, so somebody pretty dramatic currents with that water going out of the golden gate. into the afternoon hours. temperatures for today you probably noticed the cool down member is just two days ago , we had seventies and eighties with record heat today. stubborn cloud cover all day long temperatures only in the fifties to the lower sixties. tomorrow should be a little bit warmer. lots of cloud cover tomorrow morning, partly sunny skies into the afternoon hours. and then on sunday, we should have some warming temperatures a little bit of a minor warming trend. here's the satellite storm track . it's kind of been the constant
10:42 pm
is up here as a way up here up in the pacific northwest. presto we have been tracking lots of fog all day long and low clouds making a comeback right now, especially out towards the delta , so heads up out toward fairfield toward concord. even we could have some areas of dense fog, but the fog will be kind of floating everywhere. first thing tomorrow morning that could impact visibilities. here's a live camera looking out toward oakland, where we still have mostly cloudy skies and the historic track. the jet stream is still focused way up. here is this big area of high pressure has been keeping us dry. once again. we're watching the formation the fog overnight. that could be a factor first thing tomorrow morning. and then into the afternoon hours for the weekend. it will be just a touch . warmer storm track is up here . some changes next week. no major rainfall just yet, but we do bring in a slight chance by monday and then another chance into the next week, especially maybe later in the day thursday and into friday. it's all just the largest miner chances, but beyond that time frame we could be talking about eventually some more significant rainfall as we
10:43 pm
do approach mid december. we could definitely use that rain highest forward tomorrow. once again, take it easy tomorrow morning with some dense fog out there and then partly cloudy skies into the afternoon. forecast highs will be in the upper fifties to the sixties after the cloud coverage tomorrow morning. more sunshine , especially by sunday. there's that slight chance of the shower by monday, and this chance might be fading away quickly. then it tuesday wednesday partly cloudy skies we'll see if we can add another shower chance later in the day, thursday and friday and then eventually we could be welcoming some big rain clouds here in the bay area will be watching out for that change as we approach mid december. about time. do you some of that rain market needed thanks. are coming up on the 11 o'clock news. he was supposed to watch over criminals in his custody. but now a corrections officer has been charged with criminal acts himself what he's accused of doing an all female facility that landed him in handcuffs. and stay. warriors were back to looking a lot like themselves again. and by that, i mean the most entertaining team in all of
10:44 pm
the nba. they break the sons. win streak in statically. we've got some great highlights to show you and the women of santa clara looking to repeat as the ncaa soccer chips. it couldn't have gone to a more thrilling conclusion. gmc sports weekend coming up and extended version coming up and extended version right after this. [ding dong] what are you doing? what? just reminding him i serve my breakfast sandwiches all day and all night. ...with freshly cracked eggs! try my 2 for $6 double bacon breakfast sandwiches. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium and the navarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price.
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