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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  December 5, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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now detected in more than a dozen states. this comes as international travelers brace for tightened restrictions for anyone flying into the u. s regardless of vaccination status , starting at midnight and the san francisco restaurant having a change of heart after facing backlash for refusing to serve three city police officers. this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening to you. i'm andre senior inter frank somerville. and i'm julie julie haener. the new i macron variant of the coronavirus appears to be gaining a foothold here in the united states, with cases now reported in more than a dozen states. that's fox's jonathan serrie reports. new research indicates it could contain genetic material from another virus. the common cold. the new
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omicron variant of the coronavirus has now been detected in at least 15 states, according to the head of the cdc . we have you know, several dozen cases and we're following them closely, and we are every day hearing about more and more probable cases so that number is likely to rise. scientists are still working to determine just how severe the new mutation is. but new research indicates it could contain genetic material from another virus. the common cold that suggests it could be more contagious, but with milder symptoms. i do think it's a reason for us to not necessarily panic, but just to be more vigilant and to recognize that the precautions that we have been talking about for the last year or so, are all the more important now than ever. health officials are optimistic existing vaccines will still be effective against tom macron. but concrete answers may still be a few weeks away. right now, doctors say delta is still the dominant strain, driving an
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uptick in recent weeks and covid hospitalizations and deaths across the united states. you have about 90 to 100,000 cases a day right now in the united states, and the 99.9% of them are the delta variant. so we have a you know an issue right now in the united states with delta. for now, the white house is focusing on increased testing and encouraging people to get booster shots, the biden administration says. there are currently no plans for new mask mandates or lockdown in atlanta . john siri fox news. 10 people on board, a norwegian cruise ship returning to new orleans this weekend have now tested positive for covid 19. health officials in louisiana have said that norwegian has been following appropriate quarantine protocols while at sea and those who have been infected will go directly home or self isolating accommodations provided by norwegian. 3200 people are on board the ship, which made stops and believes, and honduras and mexico. alright. starting
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tomorrow, all international passengers flying into the united states will be required to show proof of a negative covid-19 tests within 24 hours of their flight. previously travelers could show a negative test from three days prior to the flight. ktvu is. james torres tells us why some experts say this is the right idea to prevent the spread of covid 19 macron variant travel restrictions usually only affect non us citizens and non permanent residents. but this new role will affect all international travelers heading to the us, regardless of vaccination status, and, regardless of citizenship status. the biden administration will now ask airlines to begin enforcing a new travel protocol. anyone on board of flight from outside the country heading to the united states will need a negative covid test. it's definitely a better idea. it really just cuts down on the window period when he would see of false negative tests. infectious disease expert dr peter chin hong says this protocol makes sense. he brought up the case of san francisco resident who tested positive for
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the omicron variant. that individual tested negative before flying, then showed symptoms two days after arriving here in san francisco, dr qian hong would like to see additional testing for passengers when they arrived. no i don't think that will happen. i think right now it's an optional requirement. for some airport. sfo is one of four airports in a pilot program testing about 800 travelers a day as they arrive. the spokesperson for sfo says he doesn't expect the new requirement to affect their day to day operations. what it may do is put a bit more of a strain on the testing capabilities of these foreign airports. but again, this is a requirement that needs to be satisfied before somebody can board a flight into the united states. so really, when it comes to enforcing this is really in the hands of the airlines operating flights into the u. s to make sure that they're not boarding anybody that doesn't meet that new requirements. additional testing is part of president biden's plan to stay on top of covid-19. during the winter
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holidays, dr chin hollings says that will be an important tool to end the pandemic. the big point is all of this testing should be widely available should be free. people should be able to do it multiple times in san francisco. i'm james torrez ktvu. fox two news. dr anthony fauci said today. so far, he's not seeing evidence that the omicron variant is any more severe than other variants. and he emphasized reemphasized the importance of getting vaccinated and booster shots. even with a new variant like macron. if you get boosted, you're going to get your level up, way up, and we feel certain that there will be some degree and maybe a considerable degree. protection against the ah micron variant. if, in fact it starts to take hold in a dominant way in this country. the cdc says the us is seeing more than 6000 new hospital admissions daily for covid patients, and you can stay up to date with the latest
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coronavirus saying oh macron variant development by visiting our website, ktvu .com/ covid-19. san francisco restaurant has reversed course after it faced backlash following an interaction with police officers. the issue is now sparked a conversation about the role of police policing and how people have different views of the profession. ktvu is greg liggins joins us now with more on what happened, greg. well, julie, as you well know, the motto of many police departments is to protect and to serve, but on friday when three officers wanted to be served a meal, they didn't get what they expected. russian hill restaurant hilda and jesse at union and powell in san francisco, was busy with brunch sunday morning. despite the controversy it stirred up friday. that's when three uniformed and armed sfpd officers went there to dine but were never served on its instagram page. the restaurant posted a statement saying after the officers were seated. our staff felt uncomfortable with
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the presence of the multiple weapons. we then politely asked them to leave. one resident supported the move. i think it's nice. that an employee can feel comfortable to say what they think. and they can be supported by their boss. it's kind of a rarity and if it makes people feel more comfortable. both as employees and customers, then you know? i don't see a problem with it. another passer by didn't agree with the officers being seated, then quickly dismissed. you let them in knowing that they have the weapon. why would just stop them halfway. you know you you don't feel uncomfortable. you should have stopped them right in the beginning. while many argue a police president should make people feel safer. a man who lives nearby disagrees. anytime the police enter our community. it always makes me less comfortable at all at all. times sf police chief bill scott tweeted. in part, the department stands for safety with respect even when it means respecting wishes. that our officers and i find it discouraging and personally disappointing. the
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restaurant calls itself a safe space, particularly for queer black, indigenous and people of color. it's yelp page had an unusual activity alerts sunday after a flurry of unfavorable comments. restaurant owners declined to speak on camera but updated instagram sunday afternoon changing course, saying, in part, we made a mistake and apologized for the unfortunate incident on friday. we are grateful to all members of the force who work hard to keep us safe. these are stressful times and we handled it badly. the restaurant owners say they hope this will be a teachable moment for them as they repair and continue to build bridges with the sfpd. julie all right, greg liggins reporting live tonight. thank you. san francisco chronicle news photographer was robbed at gunpoint in west oakland while on assignment the robbery happened on fifth street around 3 30 friday afternoon. police say multiple people snatched two cameras and left in a vehicle. the photographer not hurt here.
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the robbery comes on the heels of the death of a tv news security guard in oakland. kevin machida was shot late last month while protecting the crown four news reporter. from an attempted armed robbery the safeway store near the castro district in san francisco, has implemented new security measures. the store on market street has now installed automated gates that allow shoppers to enter the store. but prevent would be thieves from leaving with stolen goods store which one san francisco supervisor said has out of control theft. has also installed barriers around itself . check out areas, customers can now only leave the store through one exit. the new security comes as san francisco has faced massive organized crime in recent weeks by mobs of thieves who storm stores and then leave with thousands of dollars in merchandise. are still ahead of stalwart of the senate of former presidential candidate and a military veteran, a look back at the life and legacy of otto and the national jobless rate appears to be improving. but not
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here in california. coming up with experts have to say about the disconnect. and it's coming week of whether will be one. with some changes involved. they can hopefully bring us some rainfall
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the age of 98 following a battle with lung cancer. fox news madeline rivera has more now and his contributions on capitol hill and the legacy he leaves behind. i've never been prouder in my life. than you have been the republican nominee for president of the united states, as in 1996 republican nominee, bob dole came as close as he ever would to winning the presidency. it's a dream. he chased three times he made that concession speech and russell, kansas to the people who had known him since his birth there in 1923 world war two took dole from kansas to italy. just before the end of the war. machine gunfire shattered his upper body and destroyed his right shoulder. it's about 11 months, i think before i could feed myself, i think i could have done it. frankly, that very honest about it. probably. that eight months, but the nurses were very attractive after his
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recovery, dole went from county prosecutor to the house to the senate, dole became the senate majority leader in 1984. he remained in leadership until 1996 resigning his senate seat to run for president, proving the third time's a charm. i accept your nomination to lead our party once again in the presidency that states dole lost to bill clinton but remain in the public eye and more ways than one and he became a voice for veterans rights. visiting the world war two memorial on a regular basis and arranging travel for fellow world war two veterans to do the same. senator dole, who. his himself a veteran and a wounded better and at thar man who knows washington well, but more importantly, knows the kind of questions they ask in 2012. dole had one of his toughest days on capitol hill. visiting the casket of world war two veteran senator daniel
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inouye of hawaii, a wheelchair bound dole needed the help of his wife, elizabeth, and an aide to take the steps on his own feet, reportedly because he didn't want his longtime friend. to see him in a wheelchair. it was a similar scene in 2018. dole standing from his wheelchair to salute another fellow soldier from the greatest generation and 41st, president of the united states, george h. w bush. that determination is how senator dole earned respect. from both sides of the aisle. and again that was madeline rivera reporting, president biden released a statement calling dole quote a war hero and among the greatest of the greatest generation and to me he was also a friend whom i could look to for trusted guidance or humorous line at just the right moment to settle frayed nerves. i will miss my friend, but i am grateful for the times we sharei paid tribute to the late senator
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saying in part upon receiving the presidential medal of freedom, senator dole challenged us not to question american ideals or replace them, but to act more worthy of them. senator dole lived up to this challenge , devoting his entire life in service to the country he loved and to our cherished national values for which he fought. learning more about the parents of the 15 year old student charged in a deadly shooting at a michigan high school last week . the detroit area artists who studio where james and jennifer crumbly were found by police is said to be cooperating with authorities. through his lawyer, andres sikora, said he was unaware of the charges against the couple and didn't know they had stayed overnight at a studio. the crumble. lee's face involuntary manslaughter counts , including for failing to intervene on the day of the shooting, which killed four students at oxford high school. their son, ethan, crumbly, has been charged as an adult for murder. terrorism and other crimes. all four people onboard a single engine plane killed
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this weekend minutes after taking off in your fresno in heavy fog. the tulare county sheriff's office says the plane took off from visalia municipal airport before 6 30 pm yesterday. and crashed in a field just west of the airport. a few minutes later, four people on board were not immediately identified. the crash is being investigated by the faa and the ntsb. the average u. s price of regular grade gasoline fell two cents over the past 22 weeks to 3 46 a gallon. it is the first decline in gas prices in nearly four months. the price drop is partly because of a crash in crude oil costs. still, the average price at the pump is a dollar 24 higher than it was a year ago. nationwide the highest average price for regular grade gas is right here in the bay area at 4 80 per gallon, the lowest average prices in houston , texas, at 2 91 a gallon. the jobless numbers released last week show the unemployment rate nationally fell to 4.2% that is the lowest rate since before the
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pandemic, but it's ktvu is tom baker reports. now california continues to struggle with getting its workforce back on the job. many labor economists would say that at 4.2% the nation is essentially in a state of full employment. we're looking at the sharpest one year decline in unemployment ever. simply put america americans back to work. but then there's california. there's something else going on labor lawyer mike burning because the former director and says california's unemployment rate is far higher than the national 4.2% we were 7.3. that along with nevada was the highest rate in the nation, even as hiring has improved a bit. the golden state still had the most layoffs. california has about 12. of the nation's civilian labor force. yesterday we had 22% of the nation's do unemployment plans. california has more than a million jobs available. even with the wage
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increases. employers are not getting the numbers are not able to fill positions and that's across sectors. and it's crossed the state reflects the severity. of the lockdowns that we had compared to other states, and they continued restrictions and uncertainty, in fact, the number of people working or looking for work remains below pre pandemic rates. the number of people. or not, either working or looking for work is higher in california . um then another states and higher than the national rate. former ed director. bernick is right. something is going on. but specifically, what's going on, is still not fully understood. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. all right. kind of an interesting weekend for sure. if you're in the central value experienced lots of fog and temperatures that were just in the fifties. some coastal sections got into the low sixties and some coastal fog return. we've seen a little bit of everything from coastal fogs and inland fog. dense fog
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advisory earlier this morning up around davis area. these were the highs from today. 56 fairfield 56 in anti ox. those are down a few degrees from where we were last week. 16 redwood city, 65 morgen hill, so that was the warm spot and there's san francisco. there was some fog coming out over market street just a few minutes ago, but that has. dispersed i suspect we're going to see more fog tomorrow morning, especially in the inland valleys. i wouldn't be surprised to see a dense fog advisory, which has been kind of par for the course literally. the last couple at least the last four or five days in the inland valleys. here's the long range model. here we go into tonight are part of tomorrow afternoon and then into tomorrow night and you see those blue areas off our coast? that's the opportunity for some drizzle. but what it really is. is an opportunity for that jet stream on tuesday, wednesday and thursday, much further south. it is again that thursday things nothing really, but what i'm noticing in what i'm seeing is that opportunity for the jet stream to drop south. it's not
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very granular this model, so it's sort of just all over the map. but the story this week is that high pressure ridge and not just you know a typical high pressure ridge. but this high pressure ridge that was extraordinary in terms of its size in terms of its record. heat that was developing out in the plains and out in the ohio mississippi valley that is going to break down and when that breaks down over the next few days are opportunities for showers increase. we might see a sprinkle or something this week, but i think the real opportunity still comes. later on towards the end of the beginning of next week. there's the ridge you can see it. remember, it was kind of and if you can remember this, but it was more kind of out this way more now it's dropping in a little bit, so it's going to be able to cut through and work its way in our area. you can see the ridge is shifting east. and there's a lot of dry and warm. and the dakotas, colorado, kansas, nebraska, so things are changing. i guess that's the that's the weather take away. it was a nice weekend. it will be okay, day tomorrow. tomorrow's gonna look a lot like today. i think the fog. is definitely
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going to be something to contend with in those inland valleys in the morning and then plenty of clouds tomorrow in the next couple of days, or about mostly cloudy to partly cloudy. maybe a sprinkle or something on tuesday morning. it's not nothing that's not that's not the big headline. the big headline is that giant ridge that has kept us extremely dry is going to break down and it looks like towards the weekend and early next week. i know it's way down the road. but there will be an opportunity for something significant to get in here, which is what we need. so these are the forecast highs from moral quite similar to what we have today, and here is the five day forecast, so maybe a little sprinkle in here. maybe a little sprinkle over on thursday . nothing will organize. but late into the weekend early next week, we have an opportunity for things to change around, so we'll keep our fingers crossed for that. i'll see you back here. at 10 11. that would be good. all right, bill. thank you. a new effort to reduce the number of cars on the bay bridge begins tomorrow to new parking lots are set to open in the east bay that can be used for carpooling or taking mass
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transit. one lot is on buchanan street in albany. the other is beneath the 8 80 freeway on fruitvale avenue in oakland. both transit busses and private commuter shuttles will stop at these two lots. parking will be free for the next two months, but commuters will be charged at $3 daily fee starting in february. next in sports rivalry bragging rights playoff implications of 49ers and seahawks game had plenty of importance and it all came down to the final place. joe fonzi next with the highlights and coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news, see what pilots go through when they hit turbulence on your flights will take you inside the cockpit for look at how they manage these bumpy rides. and a reminder of holiday tradition is returning to jack london square joined ktvu gasia mikaelian for the holiday tree lining saturday night. from 6 to 8. there will be live entertainment featuring a laser show. music from the oakland interfaith gospel choir, the mariel christmas carolers and, of course, an appearance from santa himself will be right
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happening tonight in sports when they lost five of six games that 49ers pointed to obvious
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mistakes that cost them winds, they won't have to search hard to find the ones that cost them today's game in seattle. any time you enter the snake pit. that is the stadium in seattle. you know you can't afford mistakes. kyle shanahan knows that as well as anyone. 49ers absolutely stuffed the seahawks on their first series, 4th and 6th of their own 27. the seahawks take a big chance that pays off travis homer takes the ball in a direct snap. nobody's home around the right side of the 49ers defense homer only had to beat one guy that was set up perfectly 73 yard run. it's seven seattle 49ers offense, largely effective in the first half. jimmy garoppolo. time to spot george kittle in the back of the end zone that after the 49ers had recovered to seattle fumble 49ers 17 14 late in the first half garoppolo to kill once again. this is one of the best runs after the catch and kittles career, he tightropes the sideline and the way to a 48 yard score. that was the seahawks they score before the half 23 21, san francisco, but the 49ers didn't score again. seattle took the lead in the
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third quarter on that perfectly thrown ball by russell wilson to tyler lockett was 30 23. both teams had all kinds of chances in the fourth quarter. but it came down to this with the 49ers fourth and goal from the three garoppolo is past batted at the line of scrimmage. once again, the 49ers are frustrated in seattle there, and even six and six after losing 30 to 23 right now san francisco was in the last wild card spot in the nfc. the raiders hosting washington in the game that had impact on both theirs and the 49 playoff standing scoreless game in the first quarter when taylor hi nicky throws to the end zone, logan thomas goes high to make the catch. and the raiders are in the seven. hold that one worth. another look at. thomas goes high to snagged the ball with one hand and then control it. washington had just kept the field goal for a two point lead when derek carr went for it all with less than 30 seconds to play. his past is a jones is incomplete. the officials letting them play here. if you're a raider fan, you want interference. the thing that
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saves bobby mccain is the fact that his head is turned around as the ball gets there, despite the jersey grab. with just two seconds left. the raiders had one more chance car can only throw to the end zone and hope. the ball is batted down. washington survives with the 17 15 win. both of those teams are six and six for washington. that would be good enough right now to be in the playoffs for the raiders. it would not. and the answer today announced the four teams that will be playing for this year's national championship. alabama gets the one seed and will face undefeated cincinnati it'll be michigan against georgia and the other semifinal game. georgia gets in, despite its loss to alabama and yesterday's sec title game one loss notre dame will be in the fiesta bowl against oklahoma state, ohio state. will be in the rose bowl against utah. all the other bowls announced today as well. all right, good time, joe. thank you. thanks so much for joining us. everyone will be back tonight for the 10 o'clock news and 11 o'clock news right here. i'm ktvu fox two the benefit
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