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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 5, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium and the navarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st. things. it seems like it seems like there's a lot of traffic. maybe there is. maybe there isn't it's been so long. traffic near the bay bridge may not be bad right now, but commuters getting back to pre pandemic routines know all too well how bad it can get these days now, a new plan should help. as early as tomorrow. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. and i'm andre senior in for
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frank somerville. tonight the number of drivers passing through the tolls on the bay bridge now approaching pre pandemic levels and traffic managers hope tomorrow's opening up to new commuter parking lots will get some cars off the road . one of those lots will allow drivers to park near buchanan street and interstate 80 in albany. the other one will allow drivers to park underneath interstate 80 at fruitvale avenue in oakland. ktvu zach sauce joins us now live in oakland with a look at how all of this will work, zack. juliette's a parking ride scheme geared towards cutting down on commuter traffic on the bay bridge. it's not a fix all but the hope is that it will least get some drivers to leave their cars in the east bay on their way to work. because of traffic . it's starting to become unreasonable. jeff sacramento logging more and more time on the roads these days during his commute to the city longing for the days when his drive across the bay bridge was a breeze. it would take me 17 minutes to get to my work, which is san francisco general hospital as
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more and more in the bay returned to the office area, roadways are continuing to see a market uptick in traffic from just one year ago. last month, more than 3.5 million drivers passed through the bay bridges tolls. that's nearly 10% increase in bridge traffic from this time last year, and just 300,000 drivers shy of pre pandemic levels in november, 2019. our family has noticed it anecdotally hans ash lock among the many opting to skip all the stops and goes and taking transits transbay bus express. instead when my job switch to the city, i would never have considered driving. ever seen. the traffic was pretty bad before then. now the metropolitan transportation commission is hoping to add to the number of people like ash lock with the opening of two commuter parking lots on monday , the first located below i 80 and albany on buchanan street and a second in oakland. below i 8 88 fruitvale avenue. both will be served by transits transmit express bus route. and the hope
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is that employers will use it as a shuttle bus pick up area to yeah, i would consider that for sure they opened ahead of next month's planned $1 toll hike at seven stayed on bay area bridges, the mtc says rates of both lots will start at $3 a day and 60 for a month. it might be a good idea to get people to take baby steps towards getting out of their cars and taking mass transit when they can. and again, that was zach sauce reporting for us tonight on the traffic situation, hopefully getting better on the bay bridge . well doctors have a better understanding tonight of what they're up against. in the battle in the coronavirus and the democrat variant in front variants. new research. pardon me indicates the strain may contain genetic material from another virus. the common cold. that would suggest a very inches more contagious than other strains. but it also would suggest infections will result in milder symptoms. so far, doctors have detected infections and at least 15, u. s states. the president's chief medical advisor, insisting vaccines are
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the best way to protect yourself. even with a new variant like a macron. if you get boosted, you're going to get your level up, way up, and we feel certain that there will be some degree and maybe a considerable degree. protection against the american variant. if, in fact it starts to take hold in a dominant way in this country. right, so this is what was happening across europe today, protests broke out over new restrictions being put in place. because of the spread of crime. in brussels, protesters clashed with police. some of the new restrictions taking effect in parts of europe include banning unvaccinated people from bars and restaurants. germany has called for a complete ban on unvaccinated people from public spaces except essential stores. and beginning tomorrow, all international travelers flying into the u. s will be required to show proof of a negative covid test within 24 hours of their flight. previously
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travelers had to show a negative test from three days prior to that flight. ktvu james torres has more tonight from an infectious disease doctor and from the spokesperson of the bay area's largest airport. travel restrictions usually only affect non us citizens and non permanent residents. but this new role will affect all international travelers heading to the us, regardless of vaccination status, and, regardless of citizenship status . the biden administration will now ask airlines to begin enforcing a new travel protocol. anyone on board of flight from outside the country heading to the united states will need a negative covid test. it's definitely a better idea. it really just cuts down the window period when he would see of false negative tests. infectious disease expert dr peter chin hong says this protocol makes sense. he brought up the case of san francisco resident who tested positive for the omicron variant. that individual tested negative before flying, then showed symptoms two days after arriving here in san francisco, dr qian hong would like to see additional testing for
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passengers when they arrived. no i don't think that will happen. i think right now it's an optional requirement. for some airport. sfo is one of four airports in a pilot program testing about 800 travelers a day as they arrive. the spokesperson for sfo says he doesn't expect the new requirement to affect their day to day operations. what it may do is put a bit more of a strain on the testing capabilities of these foreign airport. but again , this is a requirement that needs to be satisfied before somebody can board a flight into the united states, so really, when it comes to enforcing thise airlines operating flights into the u. s to make sure that they're not boarding anybody that doesn't meet that new requirements. additional testing is part of president biden's plan to stay on top of covid-19 during the winter holidays. dr chen hong says that will be an important tool to end the pandemic. the big point is all of this testing should be widely available should be free. people
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should be able to do it multiple times in san francisco. i'm james torrez ktvu. fox two news 10 people on board and norwegian cruise ship returning to new orleans this weekend have tested positive for covid 19 health officials in louisiana say norwegian has been following appropriate quarantine protocols while at sea, and those who have been infected will go directly home or self isolate. in accommodations provided by norwegian 3200 people are on board the ship, which made stops and believes honduras and mexice departments is protect and to serve. but when three officers in san francisco wanted to be served a meal, they didn't get what they expected. and now a san francisco restaurant has reversed course following a backlash involving interaction with police officers and his ktvu is greg liggins tells us the incident has now sparked conversation about the role of police. policing and help people have different views on the profession. russian hill restaurant hilda and jesse at
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union and powell in san francisco, was busy with brunch sunday morning. despite the controversy it stirred up friday. that's when three uniformed and armed sfpd officers went there to dine but were never served on its instagram page. the restaurant posted a statement saying after the officers were seated. our staff felt uncomfortable with the presence of the multiple weapons. we then politely asked them to leave. one resident supported the move. i think it's nice. that an employee can feel comfortable to say what they think. and they can be supported by their boss. it's kind of a rarity and if it makes people feel more comfortable. both as employees and his customers, then you know? i don't see a problem with it. another passer by didn't agree with the officers being seated, then quickly dismissed. you let them in knowing that they have the weapon. why would just stop them halfway. you know, if you don't feel uncomfortable, you should have stopped them right in the beginning. while many argue a police president should make
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people feel safer. a man who lives nearby disagrees. anytime the police enter our community, it always makes me less comfortable at all at all. times sf police chief bill scott tweeted. in part, the department stands for safety with respect even when it means respecting wishes. that our officers and i find it discouraging and personally disappointing. the restaurant calls itself a safe space, particularly for queer black, indigenous and people of color. it's yelp page had an unusual activity alerts sunday after a flurry of unfavorable comments. restaurant owners declined to speak on camera but updated instagram sunday afternoon changing course, saying, in part, we made a mistake and apologized for the unfortunate incident on friday. we are grateful to all members of the force who work hard to keep us safe. these are stressful times and we handled it badly. the restaurant owners say they hope this will be a teachable moment for them as they repair and continue to build bridges. with the sfpd.
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greg liggins, ktvu fox two news. hard to attend police in santa rosa investigating a shooting that left a man in critical condition. officers found him with several gunshot wounds after nine last night on the 700 block of sebastian pull road near west avenue. the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. witnesses told police that the suspect was a male wearing a dark gray hoodie and with another man, the two left in a silver sedan. a reward of up to $1000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. more charges could be on the way in the investigation into last week's school shooting in oxford, michigan. that's boxes steve harrigan reports tonight. authorities say the parents may have had help evading arrest before they were captured. more charges could be on the way in the aftermath of the michigan school shooting. investigators say the parents of the suspect may have had help evading police hours after they were declared fugitives. their car was spotted parked outside an art studio in detroit. the couple discovered
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inside, not break in. so someone like them into this and present that to our prosecutor for potential charges for either, um aiding and abetting or obstruction of justice. their attorneys say they were not hiding out and had always planned to surrender to police. we called the prosecutor's office throughout the day and never got a call back. we were going to make arrangements to have her clients turn themselves in or they actually going to do it. i don't know. but given that they were hiding in a warehouse in detroit. it certainly raises my eyebrows. james and jennifer crumbly, are both charged with multiple counts of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say they bought the gun used in the shooting as an early christmas present for their son and ignored warnings from school administrators about his behavior, which included searching for ammunition on his phone and drawing violent images in class depicting a shooting these two individuals. could have stopped it. and they had every reason. no he was
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dangerous, and they gave him a rocket. both parents and their son are now in the same county jail in oxford, michigan. steve harrigan fox news. well congestion frustration on a california highway that the governor says is key to our state's economy. later in the newscast, a multimillion dollar plan to ease traffic on this critical thoroughfare plus this find out if there was wind shear if there's a storm cell that severe, maybe hiding out. and no one likes turbulence on the flight will take you inside a cockpit to show you how pilots manage these choppy situations. in valley fog in parts of the bay area again tonight plus a change coming up in the five day change coming up in the five day forecast. looks like we might enjoy the gift of being together.
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firing of anchor chris cuomo. he was let go yesterday, just days after the network suspended him indefinitely. cuomo was accused of breaching journalistic ethics by trying to help his brother, former new york governor andrew cuomo. beat sexual harassment charges, but cnn fired the anchor a day after prominent washington d c attorney arranged to share materials supporting accusations by former colleague that he had sexually harassed er, the woman said. she was motivated to come forward after chris cuomo's statement, saying he cared deeply and profoundly about issues of sexual misconduct regarding allegations against his brother. flags of the u. s. capitol are flying at
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half staff tonight to honor the life of former kansas senator and presidential candidate bob dole, the former republican presidential nominee, died today at the age of 98 following a battle with lung cancer. fox news. madeline repair has more on his decades of public service and the legacy that he leaves behind. i've never been prouder in my life. than you have been the republican nominee for president of the united states, as in 1996 republican nominee, bob dole came as close as he ever would to winning the presidency. it's a dream. he chased three times he made that concession speech and russell, kansas to the people who had known him since his birth there in 1923 world war two took dole from kansas to italy. just before the end of the war. machine gunfire shattered his upper body and destroyed his right shoulder. there's about 11 months, i think before i could feed myself, i think i could have done it. frankly, that very
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honest about it. probably. that eight months, but the nurses were very attractive after his recovery, dole went from county prosecutor to the house to the senate, dole became the senate majority leader in 1984. he remained in leadership until 1996 resigning his senate seat to run for president, proving the third time's a charm. i accept your nomination to lead our party once again in the presidency that states dole lost to bill clinton but remain in the public eye and more ways than one and he became a voice for veterans rights. visiting the world war two memorial on a regular basis and arranging travel for fellow world war two veterans to do the same. senator dole, who. why is himself a veteran and a wounded veteran at that? just former distinguished senator man who knows washington well, but more importantly, knows the kind of questions they ask. in 2012. dole had one of
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his toughest days on capitol hill, visiting the casket of fellow world war two veteran senator daniel inouye of hawaii . a wheelchair bound dole needed the help of his wife, elizabeth , and his own feet, reportedly because he didn't want his longtime friend. to see him in a wheelchair. it was a similar scene in 2018. dole standing from his wheelchair to salute another fellow soldier from the greatest generation and 41st, president of the united states, george h. w bush. that determination is how senator dole earned respect from both sides of the aisle. that was madeline rivera reporting for us house speaker nancy pelosi p tribute to the late senator in a written statement, she said, in part upon receiving the presidential medal of freedom, senator dole challenged us. not to question american ideals or replace them, but to act worthy of them. her statement goes on
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with senator dole lived up to the challenge is devoting his entire life in service to the country he loved. and to our cherished national values for which he fought. okay pretty nice weekend. we had plenty of valley five to talk about those temperatures that were inland on the cool side. like today, the inland spots like antioxidant 56. degrees 56 fairfield. little warmer at the coast and in morgan hill was 65. it was 60 and, um, redwood city temperatures tomorrow. i'm going to follow suit. we're going to see that valley fog reform fairly rapidly. we're already seeing in parts of the inland valleys. we even have little coastal fog today. we might see a little bit of that. i don't suspect we will. we could see a little bit of it, though, is like we saw this evening. there's obviously the golden gate bridge. no fog on it. now. these are the current temperatures. you can seat 39 in fairfield low forties elsewhere . dew point are going to get reached tonight throughout the bay area, so. that's the right when the temperature the ambient temperature the real temperature hits that dew point temperature
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fog forms, so let's look at the temperature and the dew point side by side, so santa rosa's temperatures 42 dew point 41. so you know what's going to happen? they're saying with napa livermore looks like they're going to be able to produce some fog as well. maybe not in san jose. um probably not at sfo, either. but those inland valleys , so valley fog a thing. i had a dense fog adviser earlier this morning. probably see one again tomorrow morning in some of those inland valleys, and then as we go forward when i come back and look at this long range model, and it shows changes, it shows that big ridge of high pressure. being broken down, and that's going to be an advantage to us in terms of the potential for some rain, even in the five day forecast something this week potentially and beyond that, i'll see you back here in a minute. or it will. tensions are increasing as it looks more and more likely that russia plans to invade ukraine as superpower deploy as the superpower deploys troops along the border between the two countries. president biden is gearing up to speak with russian president vladimir putin sometime this week. fox news david spun has more. right
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now. russia has more than 100,000 troops on the ukrainian border, clear show of force proven by satellite imagery. president biden will speak with russian president vladimir putin on tuesday, and he is expected to tell him. to back off tensions between kiev and moscow . go back years, but no question . now those tensions are boiling . that's why the united states is getting involved. russia is upset that ukraine wants to join nato, and if ukraine officially joins nato, it would put russia at odds with many countries. ukrainian president vladimir zelensky recently alleged that his team uncovered a russian plot that would stage a coup to get him out of office. a spokesman for vladimir putin denied that allegation. meanwhile president biden is getting ready for that talk with putin aware of russia's actions for a long time, and my expectation is you're going to have a long discussion on saturday at the reagan national
10:21 pm
defense forum in california, secretary of defense lloyd austin spoke about the situation in ukraine and how the us military is helping ukrainian forces. sure that there. there are a number of things that he'll want to explore with with president putin. i think he knows, uh, president putin. very well, um, again. i think there's a lot of. space here for diplomacy and leadership to work . there are reports president biden will also speak with his ukrainian counterpart away to lower the temperature and avoid a superpower confrontation. at the white house. david spun fox news. at least searching. people are dead after indonesia's tallest volcano erupted. it sent thick smoke down the side of mount meru and toxic smoke. 40,000 ft into the sky about 300 families have been evacuated from the surrounding area. at least 100 people are injured, including many with severe burns
10:22 pm
and rescue teams are searching for more victims now. still ahead. finally lower prices greeted a lot of drivers at gas stations over the weekend. coming up what to expect the next time you need to fill up your tank, the raiders continue to see their playoff hopes slip away as they take on washington and las vegas. details later in sports. i know, right? and we will show you how the bay area got the last day of hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call
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hanukkah with its own menorah. its flame is so easily anguished that we all of us here must be guardians. she's there. dozens of people gathered last night for a lighting ceremony at the corner of tiburon boulevard and
10:25 pm
main street. he stood around a nine ft menorah lit with a real flame celebration also included dancing and live music. organizers say the event fulfilled their goal of bringing the community together. brisbane held a festival of lights in celebration of the holiday season, the community came out for a tree lighting event at community park. tonight organized by the brisbane parks and recreation department, the area around the tree was roped off for safety reasons. organizers say the tree is leaning and will need to be replaced after the celebration is over. sadly our tree is on his last legs. it's not stable, high kids, and so this is its last year. we're giving it a good send off. tonight's festivities also included a vehicle light parade around town . each car was required to display festive decorations and lights to be able to participate . similar event coming up a holiday tradition returns to jack london square next weekend. join ktvu gasia mikaelian for a free holiday tree lighting. it's
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scheduled next saturday from 6 to 8 p.m. there will be live entertainment by the oakland interface gospel choir. the merrie olde christmas carolers and, of course, a special parents by santa. apple air tags can feel like life savers when you lose a digital device, but a warning tonight about the technology coming up by some people worry it compromises your security and gas prices heading in the right direction for consumers, why the cost of fill up his dropping and the possible reasons for this change? and we'll show you what pilots hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word...
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but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier
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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. but our here, we are just getting started. fell to 4.2% that is the lowest rate since before the pandemic, but it's ktvu is, tom baker tells us, california continues to struggle with getting its workforce back on the job. many
10:29 pm
labor economists would say that at 4.2% the nation is essentially in a state of full employment. we're looking at the sharpest one year decline in unemployment ever. simply put america americans back to work. but then there's california. there's something else going on labor lawyer mike burning because the former director and says california's unemployment rate is far higher than the national 4.2% we were 7.3. that along with nevada was the highest rate in the nation, even as hiring has improved a bit. the golden state still had the most layoffs. california has about 12. of the nation's civilian labor force. yesterday we had 22% of the nation's do unemployment plans. california has more than a million jobs available. even with the wage increases. employers are not getting the numbers not able to fill positions and that's across sectors and it's across the
10:30 pm
state, i think reflects the severity. of the lockdowns that we had compared to other states , and they continued restrictions and uncertainty, in fact, the number of people working or looking for work remains below pre pandemic rates. the number of people. who are not either working or looking for work. it's higher in california. um then another states and higher than the national rate. former ed director bernick is right. something is going on. but specifically, what's going on, is still not fully understood. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. 10 or five mile stretch of highway 15 between the nevada border and barstow is being temporarily expanded to ease traffic congestion during peak hours. the stretch of highway is key and connecting the economic and tourism hubs of southern california and las vegas. however you open the gavin newsom sets, congestion, tutors, both tourism and the movement of goods, which is key right now because of the
10:31 pm
bottlenecks in the supply chain , caltrans will use the shoulder as a part time laying during. peak congestion, primarily on sundays, mondays. and we'll be repainting re striping and using that shoulder as a third lane. during peak hours. the project will cost california about $12 million and will be paid for with state highway money. construction is expected to begin by mixed spring with completion anticipated. by the end of next summer, the national average for a gallon of regular gas dropped about two cents this week, and experts say more savings are likely to come the gas tracking app gasbuddy says. we're on track to hit a national average of just below $3. a gallon by christmas. it's the first decline in gas prices in nearly four months. the drop in prices could be due to oil prices plunging due to the macron variant or an opec approved increase in oil supplies scheduled to take effect. in january. negotiators in the u. s. and europe appeared
10:32 pm
to be pessimistic over the status of the iran nuclear talks . yes, foxes alexandria half tells us the latest discussions aimed at getting toronto agree to a nuclear deal have had a promising have had promising outcome. the sentiment from the state department is that iran has not taken this latest round of negotiations seriously. that's making a return to the terms of the 2015 deal unlikely . u s officials and european allies met with iranian leadership in vienna for the seventh time last week. hoping to restore the joint comprehensive plan of action, commonly known as the iran nuclear deal. former president trump withdrew from the agreement, calling it flawed. the biden administration has pushed for washington and tehran to enter back into compliance. but iran pushed back new talks, saying they had to get ready, according to a senior state department official quote what getting ready meant was to come with proposals that walked back anything any of the compromise that iran had floated during the sixth round of talks pocket all of the compromises that others
10:33 pm
in the u. s particularly had made and then ask for more. the state department added that iran only accelerated their nuclear program, adding that even russia and china were taken aback by to ron's new demands and lack of compromise. israel stands out and that it had sided with former president trump's dismissal of iran's good faith. here's prime minister naftali bennett earlier today. human the iranians as expected, are skillful negotiators. they retracted from all previous understandings and expressed a very firm and bullish approach. we've got an example of the nuclear blackmail. i was talking about now, u. s. officials still believe there could be a diplomatic resolution, but perhaps it would look different than the original deal if iran kills that altogether than more sanctions could be on the table. in washington, alexandria off fox news, southern california woman who admitted to entering the u. s capital on january six, has been charged by federal prosecutors now, according to the orange county register.
10:34 pm
deann mcandrew mission viejo was arrested last wednesday and faces charges including entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct. investigators used cell phone tower data to identify mcandrew. as one of hundreds of people who were present at the capitol that day. prosecutors have filed charges against more than 700 people for taking part in the insurrection. be one rotates years coming up. pilots want to give people who are planning flights over the holidays, a rare glimpse inside their cockpits coming up, they show us how they prepare for some unexpected turbulence. and when i come back, we'll look into those rain chances for this week. we'll take a look at the five day as well. also ahead. scientists want to know what makes a meat burger, hold together and feel juicy. the effort to improve fake meat and effort to improve fake meat and why coming up
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conditions can be unsettling. more survey increases can be dangerous, like the one you see right here behind me, stomach turning for nervous flyers. this incident caught on camera 2000 and 19 during a flight to switzerland. you may wonder what happens inside the cockpit when pilots hit on stable air well, foxes jason fraser shows us. rob biddle has been a united airlines pilot for nearly three decades. he's seen a lot of turbulence in his career. we're not scared at all this part of aviation, it's actually natural occurrence. biddle does his safety checks in order to ensure his next flight is smooth. little wants you to know every nine months we go for recurrent training and check rides. throughout those training check rides. we always get opportunities to practice. pilots are well aware of how
10:38 pm
uncomfortable turbulence can make us feel. i think it's the uncertainty. i think it's being in the back of an airplane where you can't really see what's ahead of you. we went to the united flight training center in denver to see how pilots train for turbulence. our first question. what is turbulence? it is just changes in direction of the air and in the speed of the air, moving over the surface of the earth. in the combination of those two things is what causes bumpier or turbulence. even though it may be scary. i learned that turbulence is actually a good thing. it's the planes way of trying to find a balance between its path and the weather outside of the plane. there's four main types of turbulence. there's thermal. there's mechanical. there's mountain wave, and there's clear eric turbulence. pilots rank the type of turbulence based on its intensity. light turbulence barely causes a disturbance like you walking over a pothole, but severe or heavy turbulence can cause the plane to shake violently and may result in injuries. so what kind of
10:39 pm
turbulence is this? this is like turbulence inside one of united's flight simulators. we fly close to a thunderstorm or what many pilots refer to as thermal or convective turbulence, convective. once is where you have uneven heating of the surfaces of the earth. and as. those surfaces heat unevenly . they cause things like thunderstorms as they interact with moisture. first thing we do is turn on the seat belt sign. and if it gets too bumpy, please take your jump seat. united's policy is to avoid flying through any storms unless it's necessary thankfully, as we navigate away from the thunderstorm, the turbulence of signs in our simulation. there's another type of turbulence. pilots can't always see called clear air turbulence that sometimes happens just because you have wind currents that are in the air jet streams that change directions unexpectedly. turbulence has always been a problem. obviously thunderstorms . we can see it. we know it's going to be turbulent. we avoid it. we can sit on our radar. it's the reason why pilots say you should always have your
10:40 pm
seatbelt on. even if the flight is smooth. there's also another type of turbulence that tends to happen near mountains. you find that your airspeed changes your altitude changes unexpectedly. mechanical turbulence can occur if planes are too close to one another. leave a wake behind them. and if you happen to fly through. that way that will give you a little bit of a job. 100 knots be one rotates coming up. as planes move through the air. they can create small vortices that aren't always possible to see with the eye. it's why the faa mandates how closely planes can take off and land. and while turbulence can be scary, max power ahead. with your there's a lot of technology that united airlines has invested in to ensure your next flight is smooth using radar technology. find out if there is wind sheart severe, maybe hiding out, all of united's pilots have an ipad that can often see where the turbulence is. before the plane encounters it. we can find out
10:41 pm
that the rides are better lower. or maybe higher. we do have our own meteorology team that's constantly monitoring for changes in the weather patterns out there. if you're sitting in the back of the plane, you'll feel more bumps. pilots also recommend taking an early morning flight for the smoothest fried ever caused the plane to crash turbulence has not caused an airplane crash. so rest assure the next time you hear the words 5/10 jump seats. you're in good hands, even if the friendly skies. are being so friendly. it's all about communication. we want to make sure that our flight attendants are passages are safe. sit back, relax and enjoy the ride in denver, jason fraser box weathe, you know, used to track other people, and that's a big problem . some cybersecurity experts have a problem with technology designed to make your life easier coming up why they're urging us to rethink whether to use it. and ktvu. fox news chief
10:42 pm
meteorologist bill martin will return with a look at when you return with a look at when you can expe enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. you can test, know, and go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good.
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chase. make more of what's yours. enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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designed to help find personal items, but in some cases they're being used to track people more now from fox news, janice you. it's supposed to be a way to keep track of items like your wallet or your keys. but in the wrong hands, this little device could pose a threat. these air tags are getting, you know, used to track other people, and that's a big problem. brendan celta. formaggio is a cybersecurity professor with georgia tech. he says apple isn't privy to your location data from an air tag, but he says it's troublesome because others can track your whereabouts without your consent . when i download a new app, i have to approve that that app can use my location data. that's how it should always be. and
10:45 pm
these air tags break that trust . there are social media posts, raising concerns from people who were alerted that an air tag that isn't theirs. was moving with them. atlanta police have received several reports from people with similar concerns. in one instance, an officer found an air tag placed near a gas tank of a car. one woman who asked not to be named, says she got an alert on her phone, saying an air attack moved with her from the store back to her house with siblings. we've searched the car, we took everything out. we empty purses . he emptied the car out. we loved underneath behind the license plate in the gas tank, but we couldn't find anything, dr salta, formaggio says apple added two features in the air tag to help people feel safer. but they don't necessarily prevent criminals from stalking someone, but tag knows if it's following someone other than the owner of the tag, and what it
10:46 pm
can do is two things. the tag can either make a noise or if you have a new iphone. it can send a message to your iphone and alert you that the tag is nearby. he points out, it can be hard to hear the noise and those with older iphones or androids won't receive the alerts. now if you're in a crowded area, it's possible you're being alerted to an air attack that just happens to be nearby. but if you do see an air tag moving with you try looking for it and alert law enforcement. and again, that was janice. you reporting if you do find an air tag, that is not yours. you can use your smartphone to find out more information about it and potentially, who owns it. you can also learn how to disable it on the apple website. all right . i hope you had a nice weekend out there. we're getting ready to start the week and we've got that fog to consider for the morning hours again. we had a dense fog advisory this morning. we'll see it again. not for sure. but there's a good chance we'll see it again for parts of
10:47 pm
the north bay tomorrow. okay so this is the model and this is what happens this week and actually next 36 hours. so here we are into monday afternoon, said area offshore monday night . so that's the first kind of tweak that comes through the system that's going to knock that jet stream down a little bit and bring us a chance for a few showers. and then now from here into wednesday thursday, see how much lower everything is so that ridge and you see something here potentially on thursday, maybe some more sprinkles all light stuff. but the takeaway is that the ridges getting pounded down and that opens the door for the following week. i know we'll see a little bit of rain, maybe 1/10 of an inch, a quarter of an inch and for lucky. over the course of a couple of these weather systems . they just pointed out that monday night one and then the thursday one, but more likely, it's very little very not much of a big deal at all, but it will open the door or we'll should open the door for what's to come. that's what i'm hoping. okay so there's the ridge of high pressure. you see, it's kind of looping up into the pacific northwest, where it has been for the last couple of weeks now, showers and rain up
10:48 pm
there and they've been getting plenty of that. we're still. lacking it in very dry. we are seeing temperatures in the inland valleys dropping into the thirties. dew point sar happened to be in the upper thirties as well. so we're going to see valley fog radiation fog. or truly fog. it's all the same thing. essentially it's just different names. nine degrees cooler nevada right now than it was last night's a little cooler, five degrees cooler in oakland. as we look at oakland right now, you can see plenty of lights out. not a lot of cloud cover. we're not expecting coastal far but we are expecting some patchy valley fog. the morning hour we'll see cloudy conditions in san francisco san rafael in oakland. i think tomorrow is partly cloudy to mostly cloudy on and off all day , and that's the way tuesday goes as well. temperatures tomorrow, generally going to be in the fifties and some low sixties like today, so here's the model close up. so here we are. tonight or tomorrow night about midnight or tuesday morning early, and there it is. and then there's about two a.m.
10:49 pm
they're six a.m. right? maybe a little wet in the morning comm 507 inch 10th of an inch of her really lucky, but the big picture that i want you to take away is that it's opening the door and that's something that we that ridge was just bomb proof and it sat there for weeks and we had multiple records. not only around here, but in the plain states in the midwest and the ohio valley from that ridge . that's how big it was. here's a five day forecast a few morning sprinkles on tuesday or late monday night. little something maybe on thursday. and then saturday and sunday night at not much going on there. but after that things start to open up around the 13th 14th of december. bill. thank you wearing disposable masks has become the norm since the covid 19 pandemic. but while the mass are protecting our health, they're hurting the environment and you study by swansea university shows disposable masks contain toxins that are dumped into the environment. lead copper and i dont moment antimony have been found in these masks. scientists say
10:50 pm
submerging the best in water could release those toxins hidden in there. it's believed more than a billion mass by the way, are dumped into our oceans. in 2020. with vegan and vegetarian meals growing in popularity, the plant based protein industry is more in demand than ever. a new research by the university of queensland in australia is helping to make plant based food enjoyable, even buy meat lovers in queensland chickpea farmers are banking on the boom of meat free products to increase the price of their crops. this is, scientists are using their knowledge to create plant based products that mimic real meat. we need to know the fundamental science to know. what is it that makes a meat burger hold together and feel at juicy and elastic in the mouth. and can we mimic that in plant proteins? researchers say the increased interest in plant based products could lead to new crops and new agricultural targets. transit resumed full service on some of its lines.
10:51 pm
today the transit agency says ridership has increased to 85% of pre pandemic levels. and it's time to deliver more service. trans based service on the fs line will be restored to twice a day service will also be extended on routes that serviceable college, the south hayward, bart station, uc berkeley and four point in richmond. all riders are still required to wear a face coverins rivalry bragging rights playoff implications of 49 years and seahawks packing plenty of importance. it all came down to the final play. joe fonzi runs through the highlights after the break. then on the 11 o'clock news, you probably don't think of the bay area as hurricane country, but we'll show you how work underway in alameda will help s
10:52 pm
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happening tonight in sports when they lost five of six games, the 49ers pointed to obvious mistakes that cost them wins. they won't have to search hard to find the ones that cost them. today's game in seattle. anytime you enter the snake pit, that is the stadium in seattle, you know you can't afford mistakes. kyle shanahan knows that as well as anyone. the 40 niners absolutely stuffed the socks on their first series fourth and six from their own 27. the seahawks take a big chance that pays off travis homer takes the ball and a direct snap. nobody's home around the right side of the 49ers defense homer goes 73 hours of the end zone. seven seattle, the 49 are offense, largely effective in the first half. jimmy garoppolo with time to spot george kittle in the back of the end zone that after the 49ers had recovered to seattle fumble, it was 77. 17 14 late in the first half garoppolo to kittle once again. this is one of the best runs after the catch and kittles career, he tightropes this sideline on the way to a 48 yard score, but the seahawks scored before the half. 23 21 san francisco at halftime
10:55 pm
, the 49ers didn't score again. seattle took the lead in the third quarter on this perfectly thrown ball. by russell wilson and tyler lockett in front. 30 23. it came down to this with the 49ers. fourth and goal from the three garoppolo is past batted at the line of scrimmage . once again, the 49ers are frustrated in seattle. there aren't even six and six after losing 30 to 23 right now, san francisco is still in the last wild card spot in the nfc. the raiders like the 49ers in the mode, where every game is crucial to their playoff hopes, the raiders hosting washington and a game that had impact on both theirs and the 49ers postseason standing. scoreless game in the first quarter when taylor hi nicky throws to the end zone. logan thomas goes high to make the catch the raiders in the seven hold this one worth, another look at thomas goes high to snag the ball with one hand, then control it. washington had just kept the field goal for two point lead when derek carr went for it all with less than 30 seconds to play his past as a jones is incomplete, the officials letting them play here. pure raider fan. you want
10:56 pm
interference? the thing that saves bobby mccain is the fact that his head is turned around as the ball gets there, despite the jersey grab. there's two seconds left. the raiders have one more chance car can only throw to the end zone and hope he does. the ball will be batted down in washington survives with the 17 15 went. both teams are six and six for washington. that would be good enough right now to be in the playoffs for the raiders. it would not. the sharks were in columbus today, trying to make a good road trip a great one, san jose three and one on the trip that included stops in chicago and the new york metro area. no shortage of scoring and this one is erik karlsson muscles in his shot just 21 seconds into the second period that gives san jose 2 to 1 lead again. launching a bomb. 322 santas, a still in the second when the blue jackets get a perfect two on one going, corey sillinger keeps the puck himself and beats a downhill was 3 to 3. and that was the score
10:57 pm
headed to the second intermission as the puck goes right through hills wickets. blue jackets, one ahead for good less than two minutes into the third. jack ross levitt slipped all the way around the santas, a defense columbus gets three goals in the period goes on to win 64. the sharks go three and two on the five game trip. they are 13 11 and one that's number seven right now. in the west, mark fox and the cow bears in salt lake city this afternoon to play utah. the bears right with the utes in the first half, mchale foreman knocks down a three to give the bears a six point lead with less than two minutes left in the half. threes huge stowe was some nice ball movement here just before the break lazar stepanovich to both gac for the jam got lead utah with 19. but cal took that six point lead to the break. but the huge took command within 10. nothing run to start the second life. nice pass here by david jenkins too hot fiona. utah wins 66 58, the bears four and five.
10:58 pm
overall, both teams one and one in the pac 12 and the ncaa today announced the four teams that will be playing for this year'sp . alabama gets the one seed and will face undefeated cincinnati it'll be michigan against georgia. in the other semifinal game. georgia gets in despite its loss to alabama and yesterday's sec title game one loss, notre dame will be in the fiesta bowl against oklahoma state. ohio state will be in the rose bowl against utah. and six new plaques will be in baseball's hall of fame this summer after vote announced today by a pair of veterans committees. one of them is buck o'neil, who played mostly for the kansas city monarchs in the negro leagues before baseball was integrated. neil spent eight decades on and off the field as a player, coach and ambassador. also going into the hall is minnie minoso, born in havana, cuba and the first black player , but the chicago white sox in 1961. minoso was a three time gold glove winner and. batted over 308 times with chicago in cleveland and gil hodges joins
10:59 pm
us brooklyn dodger teammates jackie robinson, duke snider, roy campanella and pee wee reese in cooperstown. hodges was the manager of the mets in 1972 when he suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 47 also go into the hall this summer will be former minnesota twin teammates tony oliva. and jim cot. that's it for now. jason appelbaum and i have a lot more for you. 11 30 on sports wrap joe just going back for a second to the 49 ers. it was a tough loss today, but there's a lot of football left to play, and they are still in potential potential. run for the playoffs , right? no, you're absolutely right. five games still left to play 17 games scheduled for the first time this year. they go to cincinnati next week and. if the playoffs were held today, they would be a playoff team in the number seven spot. it looks like if they are a wild card. they will, in all likelihood go to either green bay, tampa or dallas in the first round of the playoffs. if they go in as a wild card, all right, joe, thank you so much. appreciate it next at 11. most of us have been. they're stuck in traffic on or
11:00 pm
near the bay bridge. tonight, there is a new plan to offer drivers some relief as early as tomorrow. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm andre senior infer frank somerville, the number of drivers passing through the tolls on the bay bridge now approaching pre pandemic levels. traffic managers hope tomorrow's opening of two new commuter parking lots will ease some of that traffic. one of those lots will allow drivers to park near buchanan street and interstate 80 in albany. the other one will allow drivers coming from the other direction to park underneath interstate 80 at fruitvale avenue in oakland. ktvu zach sauce joins us now he is in oakland with a look at how all of this will work. evening at the park and ride scheme geared towards cutting down on some of that commuter traffic on the bay bridge. and while it's not a fix all the hope is that release encourage some drivers to leave their cars in the east bay on their way to work. because


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