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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. the shooting death of a security guard in oakland during an attempted robbery of a television news crew, police have said little but now a man also wounded in that shooting sat down with ktvu to tell us exactly what happened. which was shocking it was it was terrifying was horrific. this big guy with this amount amount
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of gun was was running up to us and stopping and shooting position. and has had his firearm pointed right in my face from about 10 or 15 ft away and screamed, get down! for the first time. we are hearing from a man who witnessed the shooting of kevin nash cheetah in oakland . good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank somerville. that witness was wounded by the gunfire himself. but tonight he talked exclusively with ktvu s amberleigh. she joins us live from oakland with his account of what happened, amber. alex the witness tells me he came face to face with the gunman who shot and killed kevin machida. he says he's lucky to survive with minor physical injuries. to be there right next to him when he was shot was traumatic and violent. this east bay man tells me he and his father witnessed a deadly shooting of security guard kevin nishida. the day before thanksgiving, he says they went down to prime 356
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after seeing news coverage of the store being burglarized to give the owner a check to show support. i saw that there was a tv crew there or a reporter and a. what i thought was a cameraman ended up being kevin shed. he was just helping set up the camera. the witness says the reporter and machida were waiting to interview the store owner who wasn't there yet. the reporter asked the man and his father for an interview when she learned that they were planning to help the owner. this thing happens so quickly out of nowhere, it seemed, um. this big guy with the same amount amount of gun was was running up to us and stopping and shooting position. and has had his firearm pointed right in my face from about 10 or 15 ft away and screamed, get down. it was less than a second later, when he shot to get down. he started firing. the witness tells me he heard four or five shots and started running. i heard the bullets whizzing by and. felt
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what i thought was like a shower of sparks down my side or like a hot poker. he says. he has four small wounds on his right side, hit by shrapnel or grazed by bullets, he says. this is a photo of a bullet he later found at the scene. the witness says he returned when the shooting stopped to look for his father immediately started screaming my dad's name. and he popped up. he had had dove down right next to a car in between the gutter. henny also saw the retired police officer kevin nash, ito was was on the ground with a. with a bullet hole right below his chest, he says. people try to save nishida, including doing chest compressions conscious. he was losing consciousness like he was conscious right away, and then he just started deteriorating very fast. police showed up soon after and russian ashida to the hospital before an ambulance arrived after specifically what happened the ones that before thanksgiving with. ah kevin cheetah and
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myself and my dad. um i just don't feel safe anymore. police have not released any suspect information. but the witness described the gunman as being sick for 3 to 6 ft. six weighing over £200 with a muscular build and a deep, booming voice. his face was covered with a ski mask with only his eyes showing. the witness tells me he did not see anyone else with the shooter. he says. the people responsible for this crime should spend the rest of their lives in jail. alex amber. up until now. oakland police have not revealed that there was another person injured in the shooting. did you get a sense from this man about why he decided to speak out at this point? well we received the tip. we tracked him down and he told me he was willing to speak with me because he wanted people to be aware that it happened so suddenly was caught off guard. it was absolutely terrifying for him. it had to be. amber lee live tonight in oakland ever thank you. and the reward for
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information in the nishida case says now increased to $38,500 police have provided this photo of a suspect vehicle that was seen leaving the area of the shooting. it's a white 2000 and 4 to 2000 and eight accurate tl with a sunroof and without a front license plate. anyone with any information should put in a call to oakland police tomorrow , the oakland city council is set to vote on a plan to hire more officers in response to the city's spike in homicides. opinions vary on whether more police would mean less violent crime. but one study co authored by a university of oregon economics professor found. that every 10 additional officers stops one homicide. the study also found that more officers led to fewer murders of black civilians than white civilians per capita. that's would suggest on one hand, the black civilians can actually accrued uniquely large benefits from increases in police force. but the same study
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also found, adding more police has profound collateral consequences, most notably arrest for low level offenses in black communities go way up. oakland has been losing roughly 10 officers a month through attrition, and city leaders want to get staffing back to pre pandemic levels. a towering christmas tree in oakland's jack london square has been damaged by an arsonist just days before the annual tree lighting ceremony. authorities say someone set fire to the 52 ft tall tree in the middle of the night and oakland firefighters at a nearby station found that giant for in flames of fire department spokesman says there's evidence this fire was deliberately set, apparently by someone on a bike. there was a what looked to be an aerosol canister found at the at the base of the tree. so we are making the preliminary assumption that that was directly involved in lighting the fire. jack london square. officials say they are now assessing the condition of the tree. but for now, the tree lighting ceremony set for six
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p.m. this saturday will go on as planned. no tax. no mandates. no tax protesters invaded healdsburg city hall tonight and forced the city council meeting back to zoom at the center of the storm, a council member who is not allowed to attend in person meetings because she is unvaccinated. we get more now from ktvu deborah villalon. she's live in the north bay tonight, deborah. while julie dozens of people opposed to vaccine mandates gathered to support councilwoman skylar palacios, but their demonstration morphed well beyond that. no mandates. no backs. protesters jammed the lobby of healdsburg city hall, dashing any hope council members would take their seats and tackle their agenda. the clerk told everyone the meeting was moved online public out the mayor, calling the turmoil disturbing, essentially in harms
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way, and we had to lock our doors to the chamber because of the number of individuals unvaccinated individuals when city rules say proof is required to enter moves. many had arrived on a chartered bus power. this build as a freedom rally showing support for the loan council member who says personal doubts keep her from getting vaccinated against covid question major media i questioned the government. i question the pharmaceutical companies and i believe, asking questions relating to personal and public health is important and necessary and while her colleagues made in person. diblasio's participate remotely , often from a conference room elsewhere in city hall, as she did this time, and i'm here to support the councilwoman that's locked out of her meetings because she refused to be injected with an experimental. jeb i'm disappointed that she's taken this stance. i supported
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her salmon town resent that palacios has become a high profile hero for vaccine opponents. i think it's fringe. i think it's wise and i don't think it's good for healdsburg. after clamoring outside protesters eventually found an unlocked entrance and flowed in without resistance belatedly after the lights were turned off, healdsburg officers stood guard. diblasio's never came out to meet protesters, some disappointed as they trickled away to fight mandates another day. i think that everybody has the right to make rules, but they do not have the right to make rules that infringe upon people's freedom. healdsburg leaders gave no sign they'll budge on the vaccine rule for in person meetings, and after tonight's disruption, they stuck to their agenda. talking about park, let's speed limits and road safety, with diblasio occasionally chiming in julie. deborah villalon reporting for
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us live in healdsburg tonight, deb. thanks fans going to tonight's warriors game and chase center in san francisco are seeing a change in covid policy. children ages five through 11 can now enter a game or event, thereby showing their fully vaccinated. previously anyone under 12 entering chase center had to provide proof of a negative covid test. a recent negative test is still an option, but only for children under 12. san francisco's health mandate, says unvaccinated people 12 and older are not allowed to enter venues with 1000 or more people. the s. a p center and san jose is also updating its covid restrictions for kids, officials announced today. children 3 to 11 years old must have either a negative covid test or proof of vaccination to enter the arena. before today, children in that age group could only submit a negative covid test stanford infectious diseases expert dr jake scott says requiring children to either show proof of inoculation or a negative test
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can prevent a fun outing from becoming a super spreader event. i do think that there's you know a possibility of kids under 12. spreading the coronavirus, um and especially in light of the emergence of this new variant, the overgrown variant now that the adults are vaccinated, or a good majority of them are around here. um we are seeing more and more cases that are stemming from kids. the new policy at s. a p center mimics updated safety regulations from the state for indoor events with attendance levels of 1000 guests or more. the new policy takes effect this thursday for the sharks game against minnesota. 113 los angeles city fire fighters are off the job tonight without pay for failing to meet the city's covid-19 vaccination mandate. the policy requires municipal employees to get vaccinated against covid-19 by december, 18th. those who are not
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vaccinated in the meantime, must submit to testing last month the department sent 222 notices to department personnel who had not yet submitted their vaccination status or requested an exemption. those who didn't respond to the notices or show proof of vaccination or testing have now been temporarily suspended firefighters who continue to avoid getting the shots face termination. new york city is going a step further implementing a first of its kind mandate requiring private companies to make sure their employees are vaccinated. the regulation comes as people flying into the u. s are facing new travel restrictions. we get more tonight from fox's brian yetis. beginning december 27th everyone working in new york city will be required to be fully vaccinated. these measures today will make a big difference . the mandate is the first of its kind nationwide imposed on the private sector and will impact more than 184,000. employers in the big apple mayor
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bill de blasio also expanding vaccination rules to children kids age 5 to 11 will have to show proof of vaccination for indoor dining and entertainment venues across the city. so look , we're working closely with the state government with the federal government. this is the biggest crisis not only of our time in the history of new york city. meanwhile new data published over the weekend by israeli researchers suggest the oh macron vary. it may be more contagious, but not as deadly as other variants. despite this, experts continued to urge peoplr booster shot and to take precautions, such as wearing mass report after report is that it spreads very widely easily, maybe more than delta but isn't getting people as sick, especially if you're vaccinated . the biden administration is also considering lifting their current travel ban for non citizens entering the united states. from several african countries. we all feel very badly about the hardship that that might have put upon not only south africa, but the other african countries, and for that
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reason in real time, literally. on a daily basis. where reevaluation that we're reevaluating that policy you travel restrictions are now in place requiring all international travelers arriving in the us by plane to provide a negative covid-19 test within 24 hours before boarding. in new york. brian jenness fox news. new barricades inside stores see the extra measures safeway and some other businesses are taking because of rising theft. and we've got a little bit of light rain falling out there more like a drizzle. but there's more to come in a big way. we'll talk about that when i see you next, also man gunned down inside his car and union city after leaving a child's birthday party coming up tonight at 10 30. we'll hear from the victim's family and why they don't think he was the intended target. i'm just gonna miss his smile and his attitude of life and just how much of a loving p tonight, where police in
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jose are investigating a deadly hit and run involving a pedestrian. police say a driver hit someone at an intersection around 7 30 tonight and drove away. the pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. this was the 21st pedestrian death in san jose so far this
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year, the crash happened at the intersection of tully road and quimby road. anyone with information on this crash should put in a call to san jose police. a safeway store in san francisco has now added metal barriers in its latest effort to try to stop shoplifters. it is the safeway on market and church streets near the city's dubose triangle and castro neighborhoods. ktvu is elissa harrington tells us, this isn't the only business stepping up security. it's just a whole different field, going grocery shopping and knowing everything is in the lockbox, and you can't just grab what you want to grab . this is what it's like to shop at the safeway on market street near san francisco's castro district, customers walk through automatic gates. there's barriers in the self checkout area. back doors are blocked by display cases. so there's just one way in and one way out. security guards wait by the exit . there's cameras in the parking lot and shopping carts with anti theft polls. i had to transfer my groceries from one part to
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another card. you know, because that part didn't go outside. so i was just like, but why do you guys got these carts with these pose? that looks like a go kart or something, you know? so you know, and people are bumping things. these security measures come as safeway and some other businesses in the city deal with a spike in retail crime. this safeway in particular, has had a history of problems with shoplifting. it's a free for all in there. i mean, it's just a feel they're they're just go in there. take what they want. i just saw the guy and i all right now, just going through their putting stuff in his pockets. safeway's not alone. you know, target walgreen, cbs. um, even you know, the mom and pop stores are seen property crime at levels that they hadn't before and that are. pretty terrible. rafael mandel, men with the san francisco board of supervisors said it's disappointing to see businesses hit by shoplifters to the point where some have had to close. others have cut hours. the safe way used to be open 24 hours and now closes at nine.
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mandolin said he is working with the city and the district attorney's office to figure out how to best respond to this issue. he has also been in touch with safeway leadership. they didn't want to do this, um, they don't want to make the shopping experience less pleasant for their customers. that's not good business for them. but it's even worse business for them to actually be losing the volume of stuff that they are to theft. i reached out to safeway for comment, but did not hear back last month, they told ktvu in a statement. they did have to make some changes at the market street location because of the amount of theft. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. the woman who was charged for repeatedly stealing from a san francisco target store has been arrested again. 41 year old aziza graves was taken into custody over the weekend at westfield san francisco center for petty theft. three local warrants and one warrant in el dorado county. the arrest comes just a few weeks after aziza was charged with stealing more than
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$40,000 worth of merchandise from the target. store. it stones town galleria. the da's office says he will now seek to detain aziza without bail. san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin pushed back at critics today during a rally. he is facing a recall effort by organizers who say he is soft on criminals. boudin defended his record, saying he came into a broken criminal justice system and is working hard to fix it while holding criminals accountable. he says he's relying on police to bring him strong cases that will ensure consequences. about 98% of criminal cases play out. it is the exceptional case that goes to trial. that's true in san francisco and always has been and always will be. it does not mean there's no consequences. let's be very clear. my conviction rate for murders has gone up. recall organizers say the district attorney has proven ineffective and point to high profile crimes that have plagued the city since he came into office. all right. it was a cool day for everybody. pretty much
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except down towards morgan hill and gil webber was low sixties but overall, we're talking about temperatures. today. they were just in the low fifties. it was a foggy kind of. okay they overall you know, basically, the whole nine bay area counties had cloud cover fog temperatures like these 52 napa 51. lanny at those temperatures are going to be a little bit warmer. tomorrow we're going to see a little bit less fog, certainly as this weather system. kind of goes through the area. right now. we've got light sprinkles outside to the tune of about 107 inch of rain to 107 inch of rain is very light, and that's kind of how it goes all night. there might maybe somebody will get. i mean, maybe some of the coastal also get 1/10 of an inch, but most of us are going to be under 507 inch. so it's a non event except that it's not been that ridge down is pushing it down. and when it does that it opens the door for something else, which will be coming on later this week, actually, at the end of the beginning of next week. so it's a process right? that ridge of high pressure was, um, seriously a big ridge of high pressure and it's been took weeks. it was there for nearly a
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month, and with record high temperatures, air quality stuff the whole bit. no rain. here we go. here comes his first system comes through. that's right now . then we get a little break and then we get another weak system very similar. that's thursday and then bam! they opened the door for this and this is the main event starts. early next week. i know it's way down the road, but this is what it took to get rid of that ridge. you can take a whole week to scour that bad boy out of here. and when it does, we're going to get into some snow and some rain, significant stuff. i'll see you back here. all right, bill. thank you. it was a decades old crime that galvanized the civil rights movement. today the justice department officially closed its investigation into the lynching of emmett till the conclusion. they came two years after reopening the case. also ahead tonight in northern california congressman is leaving office before his term is up and he'll be working for former president trump. more on his new role coming up.
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ending its investigation into the lynching of the black teenager. back in 1955, the 14 year old was abducted, tortured and shot and killed after witnesses claim he whistled at a white woman in mississippi. the killing electrified the c moveme teenager's mother insisted on having the extent of her son's brutal injuries shown in an open casket. till's family says his death has brought about some important changes. he did not die in vain. we still hear me speaking from the grave, many things have been changed many things that have come about because of his death. whatever we do, we can't bring him back. we can carry on. and let america know we need to know the truth. and that's what it looked for. and we all have a responsibility. two men, who were acquitted by an all white jury died years ago, officials
10:26 pm
reopened an investigation after 2000 and 17 book quoted tells accuser is saying she lied when she claimed till had harassed her. today the nation's largest legal and civil rights organization for asian americans held a virtual bystander intervention training session. the group is called asian americans advancing justice los angeles. the training is focused on ways people can use de escalation and help deescalate a situation to help victims of harassment or violence, which the group says is especially relevant in light of the recent spike in hate crimes against asian americans. this training and working, um, you know, with a lot of the trainers that we have here, just talking about this sharing different ideas throughout the training, and, u, it does make it a little bit more tangible and what you could do. the training focuses on the five ds of de escalation distract delegate document delay
10:27 pm
and direct. the method was made popular by the nonprofit hollaback. san joaquin congressman devin nunes announced today he is leaving office at the end of this year before his term is up to run former president trump's new social media venture, the 10 term republican, was a staunch trump ally and defended the former president in the russia investigation. the trump media organization announced today. nunes has been hired as ceo. political analysts say it is likely nunes would have had a challenge next fall in a reelection bid because of redistricting. a man shot and killed in his car. this is a very old traditional neighborhood. behold, see these kinds of things too often. coming up tonight. we'll hear from the man's cousin and oakland police officer about the answers the family is seeking. and after jesse smollett took the witness stand today in his own criminal trial when he told the jury about the attack that investigators have called a hoax and the warriors stephan curry hits 73 pointers tonight, including this half court shot.
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but wasn't enough to beat the magic joe fonzi will join us later in sports. and the investigation intensifies into the parents of the accused. miss michigan school shooter. the search warrant executed today at search warrant executed today at the couple's home. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another,
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to learn more about cost, shot and killed in his car just 24 hours earlier tonight, family members say the victim was a loving father who couldn't have been the target here. ktvu jana katsuyama joining us live tonight from union city, where she spoke to police and the man's family, jenna. well alex. police tonight said that that victim terrell martin, it appeared that he might have been targeted, but they don't know why. and so that's why tonight.
10:31 pm
they're asking the public for any help. they might have surveillance, video ring video or any eyewitnesses to contact the police so that they can try and get some answers. for martin's family. at dusk, neighbors brought out candles lagging the spot where 35 year old carol orlando martin lost his life throws a great man, father. no never had his hands in anything. freddie williams is an oakland police officer and said he was shocked to hear his cousin terrell had been gunned down sunday night in union city , he said martin with a man who loved his children and family, i'm going to miss his smile and his attitude of life and. just how much of a loving person he was. williams said his cousin had just returned from a child's birthday party union city police said they got a call about 8 25 pm sunday and when they arrived at the scene on seventh street near h street, they found a car riddled with bullets and martin in the driver's seat bleeding. i just heard a bunch of gunfire
10:32 pm
like rapid fire. ron garcia says he lives nearby and ran outside minutes later and seeing a car parked over there about 35 bullet holes off from the front tire to the back to where you could have hit anybody that lived along this side of the street. jaime patino is a union city council member who lives nearby. he says one house was hit by a bullet. there's a bullet in the window. the family was there at the time, and they were watching tv and we cannot have these people on the loose. they are they are a danger to the whole all communities right now because they recklessly fired. at this guy and couldn't easily killed many other people . union city police say the neighborhood is not a high crime area. this was a little bit surprising even to us for our officers, judging by the number of rounds that hit the vehicle itself as well as the victim. that that was the intended target, williams says. this is the second time his cousin's family has lost. someone is shooting his brother, who was murdered in stockton. in a car
10:33 pm
from a mistaken identity. so my family my grandparents have just lost a lot of children due to gun violence. and there is a go fund me page to raise money for his children, as well as the family to help with expenses. now back to your life at the union city police department, i spoke with one of the sergeants who said that right now they do believe that multiple weapons might have been used in this case. they are hoping to get some tips of that they can try and find the shooter. yes hopefully, people come forward with information. jana katsuyama loving union city. thank you. an afghan refugee who worked as an uber driver was shot and killed while in san francisco, fighting back tears, kamala youssoufi holds onto the memory of her husband, ahmad. speaking through a family friend, she says the 31 year old afghan refugee was shot and killed in the mission district on november 28th. the couple called sacramento home, but common list says her husband
10:34 pm
would sometimes go to the bay area for work. she says he was in his car when someone walked up to him and tried to steal his wallet. and then shot him. he was a caring man he was carrying about his family and. he just sacrificed his life for his family. uber says he was not working during the time he was shot. san francisco police say they are still investigating the killing, but no arrests have been made. former empire actor jesse smollett took the witness stand today in his own criminal trial. as foxes met, finn tells us small ed. denied that he staged an anti gay racist attack on himself and insisted that he was the victim of a hate crime. with his mother at his side. former empire actor jesse smollett arrived in court monday his criminal trial in chicago entering day five amid accusations he staged a hate crime against himself in january 2019 as a ploy to gain publicity. smallest defense team
10:35 pm
, calling the 39 year old to take the witness stand in his own defense. testifying previously did drugs and had a sexual encounter with one of the men. authorities say he hard to attack him. but he maintains there was no hoax and instead was assaulted by them a victim of a racist and homophobic attack. smallest defense attorney says the brothers were motivated to accuse small out of orchestrating the attack because they didn't like him and saw an opportunity to make money still small. it admitted he wrote a check for $3500 to the men, but claims it was for training and nutritional advice. smallest family backing the former actor throughout the trial, maintaining he is not guilty. it has been incredibly painful as his family. to watch someone you love be accused of something they did not do. prosecutors rested their case last week after the same two men small it says attacked him testified it was smaller who plotted the attack and pay them to carry it out. jesse smaller, is charged with six counts of lying to
10:36 pm
police. he faces up to three years in prison, but probation is also an option in chicago. matt finn fox news. authorities in michigan say they executed a search warrant today at the home of the man who helped ethan crumbles parents before they were arrested. the 65 year old man says he let the crumbly into his detroit studio last week but was unaware of the active warrants against them. the crumbles have been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection to the shooting at oxford high school last week. these two individuals were found locked somewhere in a room hiding. these are not people that we can be assured will return to court, um, on their own. the couple is now being held in the same jail as their son ethan, who is accused of killing four people at oxford high school last week . his parents are accused of buying him the gun just days earlier and ignoring warning signs leading up to the attack. we are continuing to follow
10:37 pm
developing news from the south bay tonight. that's where a pedestrian was killed in a hit and run collision and coming up tonight at 11. we'll tell you what police have revealed so far. and there's some really, really light sprinkles out there now, but that's going to make way as we go down the road here in the five day for some real rain, some real snow, i'll see you back here. also had a big endorsement from peninsula congresswoman jackie speier, who she would like to see take her she would like to see take her seat when she retires next year. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. use of a pesticide that's toxic to honeybees, the chronicle reports. the state department of pesticide regulation lifted california's ban on self fox, a fleur. and approved limited use of the chemical in the spring of last year. at the time, the
10:40 pm
department said the pesticide would be beneficial to crops and dismissed predictions about damage to bees as speculative. but in alameda county superior court judge now says there is substantial scientific evidence that the pesticide can harm bees. mountain view is planning to use the $30,000 grant from google to create a new habitat for monarch butterflies. city officials say. three pollinator habitats will be developed are nearly eight acres in shoreline park. the areas will be planted with milkweed and other native flora aimed at restoring the monarch butterfly population. the google grant will also go towards community outreach and soliciting volunteers. the project is scheduled to be completed next year. today congresswoman jackie speier formally endorse state assembly speaker pro tem kevin mullin to replace her in congress. mullen announced he was running for the open seat shortly after spear announced her retirement last month. spear says mullin has the qualities needed to make a
10:41 pm
difference in washington. kevin mullin is a great listener. he is compassionate. he is intellectually honest. he is genuine. he has a great work ethic. and he's humble. all qualities that are not in full display in the congress of the united states. from time to time , i will continue to deliver for the district to use a basketball term. i'm going to box out. and make sure that sam mateo county and this district gets its fair share of resources you can count on that has been super effective . mullen is a former aide and district director for spear. he was first elected to the state assembly in 2012, and has served as assembly speaker pro tem since 2014. two other lawmakers have also thrown their hats into the ring. sam mateo county supervisor david canada and burlingame city council member emily beach, former u. s. senator bob dole will lie in
10:42 pm
state at the u. s. capitol rotunda this thursday. dole died yesterday morning following a long battle with lung cancer. he was 98 years old. don't survived a major battle wound in italy during world war two. he later became u. s. senate majority leader and a republican nominee for president. he lost to democrat bill clinton in 1996 due to the pandemic. thursday ceremony will not be open to the public. complaints against dozens of restaurants in contra costa county, accused of not following covid restrictions coming up why a lot of them are getting off without a fine. also chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the return of wet weather will show us where the showers are right now.
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they bought time in this press conference to talk about it. now, like i was saying, the new baja steak also has pepper jack cheese, the new baja chipotle sauce... now he can't stop talking. got some black olives, couple pepperoncini's, and some jalapenos...
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got some black olives, covid compliance complaints last month, but most were not find ktvu is rob roth tells us most of those complaints involved the restaurants failing to check their customers covid-19 vaccination status. before allowing them to dine indoors. your vaccine. please happening up jack's restaurant in pleasant hill monday, the staff was checking each customer's covid-19 vaccine status and their identification before sitting them inside in short there following the contra costa county health order, this
10:46 pm
customer didn't seem to mind. i respect that we should, you know , should all be vaccinated if we're in a public area, but more than 54 residents in the county received complaints in november that they were not complying with the order. yet health officials did not find any of them about following the rules. fines can range from 252 $750. it's their guideline. it's their rule. they should be, you know, stepping up and doing what they can to help the restaurants in some way and force it so it's not left up to a 17 year old host troubled by it, uh and, uh and unhappy with with that because. if there were fines that deserve to be issued, they should be issued county health officer dr chris foreign itano says the approach has been to educate first rather than penalize more carrot than stick . well, we will still level penalties as needed when there is repeated and persistent lack of compliance in september,
10:47 pm
contra costa san francisco and berkeley were the only places in the bay area to begin mandating that restaurants, bars and gyms check each cost. summers. proof of vaccine. or a recent covid test before allowing them inside . many restaurants say it's not been easy. sometimes customers yell at staff. we walked out a couple of times intervened and said, hey, you know, the 17 year old girl out of high school didn't make this rule the county did crack down on in and out burger in pleasant hill for openly refusing to check that restaurant currently does not have indoor dining. the public needs to be protected, especially with the new omicron variant. we need to be serious about this country. costed county board of supervisors is scheduled to meet tuesday, and supervisors say they plan to ask health officials about this apparent. lack of enforcement in pleasant hill, rob rock, ktvu fox two news. already pretty cold and gloomy day today in the bay area will be a little better
10:48 pm
not as much valley fog. i think this week system is going to mix a lot of that out, but there will be some fog in the morning might see a dense fog advice for you again tomorrow morning. cause me partly cloudy to mostly cloudy and temperatures warmer than these. these were the highest from today, which were extremely low. it's like overnight lows from a few weeks ago. i mean, that's we had 49 was the high the daytime high in , um sonoma today, which is ridiculous, right? that's an overnight low again. so tomorrow a little bit warmer. mid 6 12 low sixties, maybe a couple mid sixties down towards gilroy. er morgen hill. there you are looking at oakland beautiful night, lit up for the holidays as his san francisco and san jose. this is the system that's going through right now. it's week. we've had 207 inch of rain at the most that goes through. then we get another weak one thursday and then it opens the door for this. bad boy we set up on sunday. it's kind of to some extent going to linger. all of the following week, at least fingers crossed. that would be a big deal and it looks. the models are all kind of trending that way. so that would be great
10:49 pm
. so this these rainfall accumulations take you through sunday, the sunday event, so it has nothing to do with next week, but still, you know, two and 32.3 inches of rain. that's going to be the sunday events going to drop most of that maybe an ancient sent san francisco but as you get in through monday , tuesday and wednesday, actually pardon me that didn't include monday, but you're going to see these numbers start to climb. tuesday wednesday thursday and big snow in the mountains as well snow levels. 6 58 100 ft. something like that. here goes the back end of this system. um it's weak. but again, it's doing its job. the whole thing without this first system is just pound the ridge down that ridge was huge record record highs. day after day, not just here. but in montana and wyoming, all across the western president states and then that next weather system comes through knocks the ridge down complete. that's on thursday, does something like it's doing today? just kind of drizzly nuisance showers. and then bang . we get into sunday and it's game on, so we should be good. so here's how it looks tomorrow. low clouds some comfort on fog.
10:50 pm
maybe a little bit of sunshine comes out. and then we'll see partly sunny conditions late in the day. so temperatures in san francisco around 60 degrees. other places could see temperatures in the mid sixties south of here. there's the forecast for midnight. and then you see it kind of goes. it's just a non event. but like i say , what's behind this non event is a real event, so it takes a little soon as it takes the teamwork of this whole deal to these systems that kind of punch away at that. that stubborn ridge, which really was massive , just massive send all the atmospheric rivers in the pacific northwest. so there is our five day forecast, so looking forward to it, drive safe and be a little slick on the roads tomorrow morning. bill. thank you. in san francisco volunteers that glide memorial church were busy today , preparing thousands of holiday grocery bags to give to those in need. it was a flurry of activity this morning as crews put together more than 5000 bags. they were filled with ingredients for a traditional holiday meal, including chickens or turkeys, potatoes, stuffing, fruits and vegetables and, of
10:51 pm
course, dessert. today is kind of a loading day. the big days on wednesday and like i said, um , 5500 grocery bags going out to 19 different partners in the community and we're very excited about it. glide says they have a lot of volunteers to help out and enough food donations, but they say they can always use monetary donations. santa rosa's wildlife park safari west now has a new name for its new baby giraffe. debo emerged as the winning name voted by the public last month. the name is in honor of san francisco 49 ers wide receiver deebo samuel debo, the giraffe weighed in at £117 when he was born on october 62 mother, nikki and father, cuba. debose feet are now the size of dinner plates, and his legs are six ft. long about as tall as deebo, samuel. coming up tonight in sports. we'll hear from the
10:52 pm
warriors as they look to bounce back from their saturday lost to the san antonio spurs. the highlights up next then on the 11 o'clock news, new information about the shooting death of a security guard who was protecting a television news crew. for the first time. we are hearing from a witness to that shooting, who was also hit by gunfire. (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen.
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a full body endorphin rush we'll chase again and again. feel the hydrow high this holiday season. sports the warriors with the best record in the nba, coming off a rare stretch in which they lost two out of three. the orlando magic in san francisco tonight where stephan the guys were taking on a team they were supposed to be where you started slowly. trying the magic by 10 early. curry does something about that with the long three and then why not knock down another after rolling around the screen from cuban loony? away with the final seconds of the
10:55 pm
first quarter. curry again this time to beat the buzz of the words up five after one, curry had 31 points, who was seven and 13 from beyond the arc. don't know if he called glass, but it doesn't matter. warriors took over in the second quarter, jordan's pool with the baseline drive and then look at the spin move under the hoop pool had 12 points, the warriors took a 21 point lead in the locker room pool leaves wendell carter grabbing air. that handle. we know curry can shoot the three but andrew wiggins can get hot to wiggins from the corner with 13 pointer. similar spots. wiggins hits another, earning the approval of the guy who is about to set the all time record for threes and wants more for wiggins on a step back. wiggins had 28 points on eight of 10 shooting from three point range . lots to smile about is the warriors went 1 26 95. the worries improved 20 and four it's a wealth of riches for steve kerr, who's taken a shine to the guy who was never really appreciated in minnesota. i
10:56 pm
don't think it's possible to not like andrew wiggins. you know, he's just he's such a nice human being. i mean, he's just really pleasant person to be around. i think he's really enjoying himself here. i think he's found a nice niche with this group of guys and they appreciate everything that he does. it's just been a good fit, and he's playing at a really high level. a little news today about when the reinforcements will come and the person of the two warriors who have been rehabbing from surgery, clay thompson has been taking part in full practices and scrimmages, but the warriors said today he won't be on the road with them when they're five city trip begins on saturday in philadelphia, that means the earliest we could see thompson back on the court in the game would be the 20th. of this month . the team will also continue to monitor the progress of james wiseman, who continues his rehab from knee surgery. unlike thompson, wiseman isn't yet taking part in full scrimmages state first said today. it's
10:57 pm
unlikely we'll see wiseman in game action. until the new year . i want to play a football game this time of year, there were parts of the country where it can be quite an ordeal like buffalo, the side of this week's monday night game where wind as high as 50 miles an hour was blowing snow flurries. and it actually knocked the money that crew out of their seats, the bills hosting new england and an important nfc east game, damien harris takes a pitch for the patriots, and he's gone. that's his 64 yard. score eight. nothing lead after the patriots made her two point conversion rather than track kicks, patriots attempted just three passes the entire game. the bills trying for our winning drive in the fourth quarter on 4th and 14, josh allen has his past knocked down by miles bryant. without the play by bryan allain just might have had a receiver at the goal line. patriots win 14 10, new england again in a familiar spot, first place in the division with a nine and four record, buffalo is seven and five. the 49 are still smarting from their loss yesterday in seattle that was largely decided by 3 49
10:58 pm
turnovers and crucial penalties . it all came down to four cracks at the end zone from inside the 10. the 49ers had a good case that interference should have been called on this third down past the trend. sure, field. jimmy garoppolo is fourth down pass was tipped and the seahawks had themselves at 32 23 win that even the 49ers record at six and six. effectively running the ball was a key to the 49ers three straight wins, and they were held the only 71 yards by the seahawks. an important factor acknowledged today by kyle shanahan, in his conference, called. i mean, i think the wrong game is very important or offense. yes you know, i think they go hand in hand. i think us running the ball. that many times even though you're not getting the yards per carry, i think that also has to do with. know why we had our most explosive passing performance of the year. but if you sit there and you throw it too much always risk and the risk of turning the ball over which we did do a couple times. and time to check some things out on this monday night like the semifinal game that just as santa clare was edged, the
10:59 pm
women's ncaa soccer championship tonight came down to penalty kicks you is out, did a little two step. then booted in the game winner to give florida state the championship. 4 to 3 in kicks over brigham young was byu that one by that same method over the defending champion broncos on friday, and this is the time of year when families sometimes going outings to pick out. just the right christmas tree. you can see on this trip down the highway that several people this weekend had that idea. there is the family tree. then there's the family that over achieves, i don't know is that the griswald from sure? looks like it. national lampoon christmas and then how do you get it in the front? yes so how do you get through the front door? yes the overachievers. it's going to be one little bit beautiful tree. alright, joe. thank you. next at 11. i heard the bullets whizzing by and. felt what i thought was like a shower of sparks down my side like a hot poker. ambushed on in oakland street tonight for the
11:00 pm
first time we hear from a witness to the shooting death of a tv news security guard in oakland. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two's starts now. a firsthand account of what happened in this unsolved case. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage in tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener. the witness was wounded by gunfire himself. and tonight he talked exclusively with ktvu s amberleigh. she is live now in oakland with his story, amber. julie the witness tells me it was a terrifying experience any ran for his life. he says he's lucky to survive with minor physical injuries. to be there right next to him when he was shot was traumatic and violent. this east bay man tells me he and his father witnessed a deadly shooting of security guard kevin nishida. the day before thanksgiving, he says they went down to prime 356 after seeing news coverage of the store being burglarized to give the owner a check to show supp


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