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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 6, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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witness to the shooting death of a tv news security guard in oakland. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two's starts now. a firsthand account of what happened in this unsolved case. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage in tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener. the witness was wounded by gunfire himself. and tonight he talked exclusively with ktvu s amberleigh. she is live now in oakland with his story, amber. julie the witness tells me it was a terrifying experience any ran for his life. he says he's lucky to survive with minor physical injuries. to be there right next to him when he was shot was traumatic and violent. this east bay man tells me he and his father witnessed a deadly shooting of security guard kevin nishida. the day before thanksgiving, he says they went down to prime 356 after seeing news coverage of the store being burglarized to give the owner a check to show support. i saw that there was a
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tv crew there or a reporter and a. what i thought was a cameraman ended up being kevin sheedy. he was just helping set up the camera. the witness says the reporter and machida were waiting to interview the store owner who wasn't there yet. the reporter asked the man and his father for an interview when she learned that they were planning to help the owner. this thing happens so quickly out of nowhere, it seemed, um. this big guy with the same amount amount of gun was was running up to us and stopping and shooting position. and has had his firearm pointed right in my face from about 10 or 15 ft away and screamed, get down. it was less than a second later, when he shot to get down. he started firing. the witness tells me he heard four or five shots and started running. i heard the bullets whizzing by and. felt what i thought was like a shower of sparks down my side or like a hot poker. he says. he has four small wounds on his right side,
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hit by shrapnel or grazed by bullets, he says. this is a photo of a bullet he later found at the scene. the witness says he returned when the shooting stopped to look for his father immediately started screaming my dad's name. and he popped up. he had had dove down right next to a car in between the gutter. henny also saw the retired police officer kevin nash, ito was was on the ground with a. with a bullet hole right below his chest, he says. people try to save nishida, including doing chest compressions conscious. he was losing consciousness like he was conscious right away, and then he just started deteriorating very fast. police showed up soon after and russian ashida to the hospital before an ambulance arrived after specifically what happened the ones that before thanksgiving with. ah kevin cheetah and myself and my dad. um i just don't feel safe anymore. police
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have not released any suspect information. but the witness describes the gunman as being six ft. 326 ft six weighing over £200 with the muscular build in a deep, booming voice. his face was covered with a ski mask with only his eyes showing. the witness tells me he did not see anyone else with the shooter. he says. the people responsible for this crime should spend the rest of their lives. in jail. julie terrifying and heartbreaking situation, amber. thank you. and the reward for information in the national case now stands at $38,500. police have provided this photo of a suspect vehicles seen leaving the area of the shooting. it is a white 2000 and 4 to 2000 and eight accurate tl with a sunroof and without a front license plate. anyone with information is asked to contact police. members of the oakland community are planning to hold a joint news conference tomorrow to condemn what they described as criminals who've been operating without consequences.
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they say oakland's lack of public safety resources means residents, small businesses and visitors fear becoming the next victim of senseless violence and theft. they're demanding city leaders come up with a plan to protect the people of oakland. tomorrow's news conference will include members of religious organizations, as well as business groups. your next trip to the grocery store in san francisco might look a bit different. safeway has rolled out new automatic gates at the entrance to its castro store. as it tries to cut down on shoplifting. we get more now from ktvu elissa harrington. it's just a whole different field, going grocery shopping and knowing everything is in the lockbox, and you can't just grab what you want to grab. this is what it's like to shop at the safeway on market street near san francisco's castro district , customers walk through automatic gates. there's barriers in the self checkout area. back doors are blocked by display cases. so there's just one way in and one way out.
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security guards wait by the exit . there's cameras in the parking lot and shopping cards with anti theft polls that had the transfer my groceries from one part to another card. you know, because that part didn't go outside. so i was just like, well, why do you guys got these carts with these pose? it looked like a go kart or something, you know? so you know, and people are bumping things. these security measures come as safeway and some other businesses in the city deal with a spike in retail crime. this safeway in particular, has had a history of problems with shoplifting. it's a free for all in there. i mean, it's just a field there. they just go in there. take what they want. i just saw the guy and i all right now, just going through their putting stuff in his pockets. safeway's not alone. you know, target walgreens, cvs, um, even you know, the mom and pop stores are are seeing property crime at levels that they haven't before and that are. pretty terrible. raphael man delman with the san francisco board of supervisor said it's disappointing to see
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businesses hit by shoplifters to the point where some have had to close. others have cut hours. this. safeway used to be open 24 hours and now closes at nine. mandolin said he is working with the city and the district attorney's office to figure out how to best respond to this issue. he has also been in touch with safeway leadership. they didn't want to do this, um, they don't want to make the shopping experience less pleasant for their customers. that's not good business for them. but it's even worse business for them to actually be losing the volume of stuff that they are to theft. i reached out to safeway for comment, but did not hear back last month, they told ktvu in a statement. they did have to make some changes at the market street location because of the amount of theft. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. it's a disappointing site just before the holidays. silk and firefighters believe someone intentionally set the christmas tree and jack london square on fire just days before the annual tree lighting event. ktvu crime
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reporter henry lee spoke with investigators about the clues in the case so far. beloved christmas tree in oakland, damaged by an arsonist just days before the annual tree lighting ceremony, someone torched this 52 ft tree at jack london square in the middle of the night. jack london tree is. iconic you know, and this was we were blown away to walk by and see that at about 1 20 monday morning, oakland firefighters at a nearby station found that giant for in flames, the tree was on fire. approximately 10% of the base was burning. oakland fire department spokesman mike hunt says there's evidence that the fire was deliberately set apparently by someone on a bike . there was a looked to be an aerosol canister. found at the at the base of the tree. so we are making the preliminary assumption that that was directly involved in lighting the fire. the flames came close to electrical equipment, but the tree was not plugged in at the time. many families were at jack lenin square over the weekend to visit santa and gather around
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the tree. anytime you have a place that is jeopardized in such a way. so thoughtlessly. it sends a really negative message. the oakland interfaith gospel choir performed near the tree saturday night. it's just very positive and joyful, andrea poke is part of the choir. i feel so deeply, deeply disturbed and disappointed. it's like there's this sense of like destruction. people wanted destroy things. this is a time of love and giving and sharing so. why somebody feels a need to be so destructive. especially at a time like this do better man with, you know, there's got to be something better that something else better to do with your time, then, uh, then to take away from something that brings so much joy to the community, right? jack lemmon square. officials say they're assessing the condition of the tree, but that for now, the annual tree lighting ceremony set for six p.m. this saturday will go on as planned. organizers say they're doing
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everything they can to salvage this tree and to make sure the grinch doesn't steal christmas in oakland, henry lee ktvu fox two news. we're continuing to follow developing news in the south bay tonight, where police are investigating a deadly hit and run crash involving a pedestrian police in san jose, say a driver took off after hitting someone at the intersection of tully road and quimby road at about 7 30 tonight. the pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. this was the 21st pedestrian death in san jose so far this year, anyone with information should put in a call to san jose police. no backpacks, no mandates. no tax protesters takeover healdsburg city hall. the vaccine mandate at the center of it all, and the councilwoman. they came to support and sweeping vaccination mandates announced in new york city today how this affects private businesses and younger children.
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start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. protesters and had to be moved online as ktvu deborah villalon reports. healdsburg won't let people into its meetings who are not vaccinated and that includes one of his own council members. no mandates. no backs. protesters jammed the lobby of healdsburg city hall, dashing any hope council members would take their seats and tackle their agenda. the clerk told
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everyone the meeting was moved. online public health the mayor, calling the turmoil disturbing, essentially in harms way, and we had to lock our doors to the chamber because of the number of individuals unvaccinated individuals when city rules say proof is required to enter moves make them many had arrived on a chartered bus. we are the powery showing support for the loan council member who says personal doubts keep her from getting vaccinated against covid question major media i questioned the government. i question the pharmaceutical companies and i believe, asking questions relating to personal and public health is important and necessary and while her colleagues made in person. diblasio's participate remotely , often from a conference room elsewhere in city hall, as she did this time, i'm here to support the councilwoman that's blocked out of her meetings because. entry fee is to be
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injected with an experimental jeb. i'm disappointed that she's taken this stance. i supported her salmon town resent that palacios has become a high profile hero for vaccine opponents. i think it's fringe. i think of sudden wise and i don't think it's good for healdsburg. after clamoring outside protesters eventually found an unlocked entrance and flowed in without resistance belatedly after the lights were turned off, healdsburg officers stood guard. diblasio's never came out to meet protesters, some disappointed as they trickled away to fight mandates another day. i think that everybody has the right to make rules, but they do not have the right to make rules that infringe upon people's freedom. in hills berg, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. new york city is expanding its covid-19 vaccine mandate to include private businesses. it's the first of its kind requirement in
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the country. mayor bill de blasio announced the mandate today, which will apply to roughly 184,000 businesses across new york city. he also expanded the indoor proof of vaccination requirement to children. kids between the ages of five and 11. those new rules will take effect december 27th just days before the mayor leaves office. stricter covid travel rules have now gone into effect starting today, anyone flying into the u. s must show proof of a negative covid test within one day of boarding a flight. previously travelers had three days to obtain a negative test. this international travel rule applies to everyone who's two and older. also the white house has extended the mask mandates so people must still wear face coverings on planes, trains and busses through at least march, 18th. the united states will stage a diplomatic boycott of the upper upcoming winter olympics in beijing, white house press secretary jen psaki announced today. athletes
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will continue to compete and we'll have full support, but the white house will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games. the moves demonstrate china's repeated human rights violations. the us hasn't implemented a full boycott since the 1980 games in moscow. oakland's police chief is pushing for more officers to prevent crime. but we'll tell you why. experts say the solution isn't that simple and the land of sunshine just got hit with snow, and now flooding could be on the way the unusual weather hitting the islands of hawaii. then we've got our weather to talk about rain back in our forecast. we'll look at in our forecast. we'll look at the five day when i return. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price.
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from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford, with preventive care at no extra cost. enroll by december 31st. his push comes the day before a
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special city council vote on mayor libby shafts plan committing to new hires. but as ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky tells us experts say more officers may not be the only thing needed. we recognize that people feel very disturbed by all the violence as homicides continue to surge in oakland, many leaders say the city's police forces woefully understaffed. it's a stark change in rhetoric from the calls to defund the police from just a year ago. but as oakland leaders are set to vote on a plan to hire more cops on tuesday, one obvious question stands out. do more police equal , less violent crime. we found that police reduced homicides overall, benjamin hansen says yes, he's an economics professor at the university of oregon, whose research focuses on crime. he co authored a study that looked at the effects of adding more police in a city it found
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that every 10 additional officers stop around one homicide and even as many african american communities have raised questions about over policing. the study found that more cops leads to fewer murders of black civilians than white civilians per capita. so that's what suggest on one hand, the black civilians can actually accrued uniquely large benefits from increases in police force. but the study also found, adding more police has profound collateral consequences. most notably arrests for low level offenses in black communities go way up for capita. those effects were much larger for black civilians than they were for white civilians. the result has been more distrust of police in those same communities were officers can help reduce violence. most. experts say the recent national rise in violence shows that policing can only go so far in keeping the peace making sure that we bring a sense of safety to our community
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is critically important in these additional officers will definitely help. police chief laurent armstrong says oakland already has the tools to reduce the violence at seeing. programs like ceasefire and the department of violence prevention have sought to use police more effectively by engaging the community when you have high trusting community community members share information. they are willing to participate in investigations because we all have this agreement that we have to work together in order to achieve safety and for context here. oakland leaders are not proposing unusual police staffing numbers. they've been losing around 10 cops a month through attrition and want to get back to pre pandemic staffing levels. in the newsroom . evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. some of the state's largest school districts say they're changing how students earn grades districts including oakland, sacramento, los angeles and san diego, are all phasing out grades below a c for high school students. instead
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students who fail a test or don't complete their homework would be able to retake a test there or get more time to turn in assignments. the idea is to encourage students to learn the course material and maintain their chances of getting into the university of california and california state university. a state of emergency has been issued in hawaii due to some serious flooding in the forecast . this is what it looked like at the monarchy a summit on the big island over the weekend, up to eight inches of snow fell below the summit. the area was also hit with wind guests about 80 miles an hour. the unusual weather is part of a strong system moving through that region that forecasters warned could cause catastrophic flooding between 10 and 15. inches of rain are expected across the islands in the next few days. yeah, it looks like the worst of us right now, over the next three hours on a wall, who were there getting heavy rainfall rates up to two and three inches an hour. it's just coming down and it's coming from a side. it's coming from a low
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pressure, so it's hitting the west side of the islands more than the east side of the north side, so they're really just makarska and those areas are just getting torrential, torrential rain and that's going to last through the night in a bit into tomorrow and the next day, but the main event is literally tonight. so these are the highs from today the warmest spots in the bay area. just into the low fifties. although morgan hill hit 62. they got a little sun coming out there, but most of us had fog and clouds all day . as you look at oakland, you can see it's dressed up for the holidays. no fog right now. we've got this week weather system going through. we've talked about it. here it is. it goes through. another one goes through thursday, and another one really hits us on sunday, and that's the main event. but when that weak system goes through tonight, which is doing now it'll kind of mix out. the fog makes a little tougher for it to form. doesn't mean it won't be there in the morning when you wake up not as widespread but all over the place. it won't be just one big block of fog like it was today. by monday night, we looked like we could have up to almost three inches of rain in san francisco
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. that's the beginning of the atmospheric river sunday into monday looks real wet tuesday, wednesday look good as well and even a little beyond that, so keep our fingers crossed. it's taken a whole week to get this ridge of high pressure out of here, right? i mean, not when we the whole week. it's take. it's been here three weeks, but it's taking this is going to take this entirety this week, plus these two week weather systems to push it down. and bring our wet weather back to the to the region. so as you look at the current temperatures, you can see it's upper forties. mid forty's. that's where the dew point are, too. so fog will form as soon as this system leaves here. we are at one in the morning and you see it. it's just not. it's a non event. in terms of accumulation, and so is thursday and non event and in terms of accumulation, but in terms of doing its job and knocking that high down and setting us up for a big event on sunday, monday and beyond is doing really, really well. so that's the plan next few days kind of cloudy temperatures on the mild side. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. we'll see you then. bill. thank you coming
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merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. so you can work that budget and get those savings. best record in the nba, coming off for rare stretch in which they lost two out of three. the orlando magic in san francisco tonight where stephan the guys were taking on a team they were supposed to be. williams started slowly trailing the magic by 10 early curry. there's something about that with the long three. then why not knock down another after rolling around the screen from cavan loony final seconds of the first quarter, it's curry again this time. to beat the buzz of the warriors up five after one. curry had 31 points. he was seven of 13 from beyond the arc. don't know if he called glass, but it doesn't matter. the warriors took over in the
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second quarter. jordan's pool where the baseline drive, then look at the spin move under the hoop pool had 12 points, the warriors took a 21 point lead to the locker room. paul leaves wendell carter grabbing air we know curry can shoot the three, but andrew wiggins could get hot to wiggins from the corner with 13 pointer. similar spot. wiggins hits another, earning the approval of the guy who is about to set the all time record for threes and wants more for wiggins on his step back. wiggins had 28 points on eight of 10 shooting from three point range lots to smile about as the warriors win. 1 26 95, the warriors improved to 20 and four it's a wealth of riches for steve kerr, who's taken a shine to the guy who was never really appreciated in minnesota. i don't think it's possible to not like andrew wiggins. you know, he's just he's such a nice human being. i mean, he's just out really pleasant person to be around. i think he's really
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enjoying himself here. i think he's found a nice niche with this group of guys and they appreciate everything that he does. it's just been a good fit, and he's playing at a really high level. when you play football game this time of year , there are parts of the country where it can be quite an ordeal like buffalo the side of this week's monday night game where, when does eyes 50 miles an hour was blowing snow flurries, and it actually knocked the monday night crew out of their seats, the pills hosting new england and an important game, damien harris takes a pitch for the patriots. he's gone. that's the 64 yard, scoring eight lead after the patriots made it two point conversion rather than trying to kick the patriots attempted just three passes the entire game. the bills trying for winning drive in the fourth quarter. 4th and 14 josh allen has his past knocked down by miles bryant without the play by bryan allain just might have had a receiver at the goal line. patriots win 14 10 to england again in a familiar spot, first place in the division with a nine and four record, buffalo is
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seven and five. the four finalists were announced today for this year's heisman trophy. three of the four are quarterbacks. they are alabama quarterback bryce young ohio state quarterback cj stroud. pittsburgh quarterback kenny pickett in michigan defensive end aidan hutchinson young, probably the front runner, leading alabama to 12 and one record in the top seed in the national championship tournament . only one defensive player charles woodson, from michigan. has ever won the heisman. had time to check some things out on this monday night, just like the semifinal game that edged out santa clara the women's soccer championship tonight came down to penalty kicks usually is out that little two step then booted in the game winner to give florida state championship 4 to 3 kicks over brigham young was being y you that one by that same method over the defending champion broncos on friday. there are those who say that that's a tough way to decide a national championship. but that's how they do it and socks . so is that part of her strategy to do that little, which kind of shuffle stuff like that, or just kind of pacing
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herself. you kind of geeked out the goalie there by doing that, so, yeah, whatever. you can try the work. whatever works that's absolutely. all right, joe. thank you. thanks (cameron) o. we got the prius that can make dinner reservations, buy movie tickets, tell us the weather. i just want one that opens. (alert chirps) maybe we should have gotten that one. (chirps) (chuckles) mitchell? oh--oh, my god, teddy. cam, this is teddy. (chuckles) teddy? teddy teddy? doc--doctor teddy! teddy was mitch's one significant boyfriend before me. uh, mitch had recently just come out. and as he put it, it was hard to love someone else if he couldn't love himself. i actually said those words? ugh. it's kind of hard to love myself right now. you were the one who said, "i need some time. i'll call you when i heal more." ten years later... ohh! i never said that. time to heal more! that's so sweet and sensitive. why did you kill that part of yourself? you know, i'm hosting a fund-raiser for the hospital this weekend at that roller rink on south main. any chance you guys can come? yeah. absolutely, we'll be there. possibly. okay.


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