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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 7, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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man shot and killed in san jose . tonight, family and friends gathered to remember macha vera , nine months after his death, pleading for justice. he was a nice guy. he didn't deserve it, and we just want justice for him. it's just broken. it just it's like a part of me is gone.
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today would have been the victims. 37th birthday. good evening. i'm alex savage in tonight for frank somerville. and i'm julie julie haener. he was killed back in march when someone shot him through the window of his car, and police still have not found his killer new at 10 tonight. ktvu is amber lee joins us live from san jose with how he was remembered tonight, amber. julie family and friends held a vigil for him here in downtown san jose. they tell me he loved the holidays and all the decorations, but on this night they're asking for help in finding his killer. peace for the family peace for his two sons. prayer for macha vera, his family and friends gathered at san jose's christmas in the park. they have a tree dedicated to him. sadness amidst the holiday cheer. he loved gathering family gatherings. love christmas. and we're going to have an empty seat. we had an empty seat at thanksgiving, so
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it's very difficult. cathy legg lou is mourning the loss of her nephew. severa was shot and killed march 7th. nine months ago. it's just broken it just it's like a part of me is gone. a friend who was with him on the night he was killed tells me they had just left a fundraiser in san jose. he was sitting in the driver's seat when someone walked up and fired four shots through the window and killed him. no one has been arrested. police are looking for this. 2000 and 2 to 2000 and five blue ford explorer. eddie bauer edition with tan trim. investigators say it was seen leaving the scene of the homicide. we just want them costs and we want justice served, you know, and then put awake. i mean, if they could do something like this, this whole hearted. they don't belong out here. family and friends say they don't know why anyone would want to harm to vera mechanic and single father of two teenage sons. happy birthday, dear madam . on this night, he would have turned 37 this video of him
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celebrating his birthday two years ago, friends described him as a man with a tough demeanor. and a tender heart. he loved the raiders, the sharks and soap operas. that was a cool, dude. a in short, he was just he was just a cool cat. that's it by frenzy. they never imagined that his life would be taken so suddenly and senselessly, if you know anything, please help us friends are raising money for reward fund to help find the person responsible put him behind bars where they belong. and maybe at that time i could ask this person. why. here's another look at the suv police say is involved with this crime . family and friends. tell me they plan to gather once a month to honor his memory. julie. amber lee reporting live for us tonight in the south bay. amber. thank you. also in san jose.
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police say they have arrested a man in connection with the deadly hit and run. police say 55 year old salvador pen. toya was taken into custody after he surrendered at police headquarters three hours after the crash. that crash happened at about 7 30 last night at the intersection of tolley and quimby roads. police say they arrived to find a 51 year old woman. who had been hit. she died at the scene. the victim was allegedly walking outside the crosswalk. this was the 54th deadly crash in san jose this year and the 21st involving a pedestrian. marijuana delivery service in oakland is the latest business to be hit by a group of thieves and it happened not once , but twice. those thieves struck on back to back nights and clean the place out. ktvu zax sax joining us live tonight from oakland after hearing from the business owner, zack. yeah those thieves first struck early monday morning, cleaning out the presto canna cannabis delivery service out of thousands of
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dollars. but they weren't done there. they came back today and it was all caught on camera. just in shock, really? that they had the audacity to come back again. lawrence webb, who owns this marijuana delivery service in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood, down close to $50,000. after back to back burglaries, they parked up. right across the street up here and then you can see him all converging on the place over here. three of them have handguns. it happened early monday morning, just after three a.m. in a matter of minutes, the group prying open a gate door with crowbars, killing the power and prying get another door opened the web's business, making off with anywhere from eighth ounces. and, um. you know , pretty rules concentrates, wiped out all the fridges and ripping open the door to his safe. the group also grabbing pricey equipment from webb's car detailing business and leaving their crowbars behind definitely was frustrating to know that people called the cops and my alarm was going off and pay for
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monitoring and all these things and. you know, but unless you get someone to come help you out that doesn't you know holly alarms in the world don't don't matter. police responding to a priority one violin call at the time, and by the time officers arrived, the thieves were gone. they're frustrated, too. they want to be able to be more places and do more things, but there's just not enough of them arrived monday morning to find his business in shambles, convinced his situation couldn't get any worse. i assume that just with a metal bar and the. barrier that the police put i've known is going to be coming in, but he was wrong, sir. enough at midnight last night. they came back. you know, it's one of the guys you can tell by the way he walks from the first video breaking back in and spending nearly two hours coming and going from the building at one point, the man's mask falling down enough to get a good look at his face, the thief cleaning out what was left of webs remaining valuable product. even taking some of his paintings. it hurts because i, you know, um, put everything we had and buying this building and applying for
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licensing and it took nine months to just build this place out. it's hard watching it all. you know, disappear in a matter of minutes. and websites will be keeping his business club. able to rebuild. he's also offering a $5000 cash reward for any information leading to an arrest. for now we're live in oakland sack sauce. ktvu fox two news. you just feel so bad for that business owner zack. thank you. the oakland city council voted during a special meeting today to add two more police academies to help feel 60 vacancies on the force. the city is also considering offering big bonuses to lower former officers and oakland residents to join the department. council members wanted to move quickly given that many officers are retiring or leaving for other departments at a rate of about 8 to 10 a month the department has shrunk to 676 officers, which is well below the optimal staffing level of over 800 officers. we pay the taxes here and everything else.
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we deserve to have protection. we deserve to live in the community where it is safe for everyone. the hiring of 60. more officers will allow the city to meet the requirements of measures e. a parcel tax approved by voters in 2014, which helps to fund city services such as fire and violence prevention. oakland mayor libby schaaf released a statement about the council's vote to increase police staffing levels, saying in part quote residents spoke up today and their voices were heard. they spoke up for a comprehensive approach to public safety, one that includes prevention, intervention and addressing crimes root causes as well as an adequately staffed police department. and san francisco city leaders are also taking steps to try to address crime coming up tonight at 10 35 more on today's vote that will give business owners more security options to prevent theft. now to the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. there are now 10 confirmed cases of the omicron
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variant here in california. that's according to state epidemiologist dr erica pan. scientists testing wastewater across the state also revealed. that a small concentration of the variant was found in sewage in the sacramento and modesto areas. but they say the results are not an indication that the variant is widely circulating. the chair of the department of medicine at ucsf says the delta variant is still the main concern in a tweet, dr bob wachter said, in part, a reminder that a delta remains the major threat and it's killing more than 1000 in the u s per day. be most of these deaths are preventable and see if macron is somewhat less severe, but far more transmissible that will still be nasty. researchers in south africa say the fighter vaccine appears to offer some protection against the macron variant in a very small study. five out of six people who had received two doses of the vaccine and previously had covid neutralized the variant, the head researcher
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said on twitter. the results were better than expected, but much more testing needs to be done. the omicron variant was not nest not tested against boosters since they're still not available in south africa. contra costa county supervisors are taking action after dozens of businesses have refused to comply with covid-19 requirements. supervisor karen mitch off called for a detailed report by next week on complaints finds and businesses refusing to check customers vaccine records. the board told county health services it wants to see a crackdown on those who are not following the rules. the health department says it has not changed its process but has received 99 complaints about 80 different businesses ignoring mandates in november in san francisco, restaurant owners are worried they'll be forced to tear down their outdoor dining park litz as ktvu christien kafton explains. some owners are receiving fines because they're park. let's are not in compliance with new standards. for many restaurants
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. the outdoor dining platforms are a lifeline. but since they first popped up, the list of requirements for the platforms has gone from seven pages to announce 60 page document. restaurants say they want to make sure the city doesn't start finding businesses that are not yet in compliance with those new standards of the city grants enough time until spring of 2023 for restaurants to make the necessary changes. we can't even do outdoor dining. we were in that deep purple thing, right? so we need to say guys. this is complicated legislation. this has lots of ramifications. there are multiple rules and regs. now can we give the businesses more time? find the money, help, educate and try to do what's right. supervisor aaron peskin represents district three, including north beach, chinatown and fisherman's warf district i represent is ground zero for restaurants and bars, he says. restaurants have called his office to say they're getting notices of fines that aren't even included in the city's dining platform legislation. he says. it all adds up to a headache for restaurant owners.
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unfortunately the city bureaucracy has made that extremely difficult for restaurant tours, who are still recovering and still hanging on. and frankly, it's been. insulting what they've had to go through. it's adding insult to injury. the city says restaurants will have until at least june of next year to make any modifications to the dining platforms. the mayor attending a pop up shopping experience in san francisco city hall reaffirmed her commitment to getting rid of any red tape in the dining platform process and said she's working to make sure the platforms. are here to stay . we're here to work with the industry. my understanding is about 10% of some of the park. let's have some changes that need to be made. and so we're going to do everything we can to work with them, and i think. unfortunately the alarm has been set off and there's no reason for it. the city has said platforms which block firefighter access or prevent pedestrians from seeing traffic are among those that will need to be modified just to make sure that they're safe. after that, city leaders say they need to
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work with restaurants to make sure that small businesses can adapt to the new regulations and keep those platforms open for dining. in san francisco christian captain ktvu box students. a new survey says many area businesses will keep their employees at home two days a week. we'll tell you why that could make traffic even worse. we got rain back in the bay area forecast. you've kind of been hearing about it. it's gonna be pretty good stuff. as we get towards the end of this week into early next week. i'll have the timeline on what you can expect. and it's been just one day since san mateo county started pairing police with mental health professionals at 10 30. how the team says it's already making a difference. that it can help the community overall because we don't have
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with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. new norm. post pandemic here in the bay area, a bay area council survey found. 40% of employers expect workers to return in person for just three days a week, which could mean more than a million fewer daily commute trips than before. but with bart ridership at 26% of pre pandemic levels and volumes at state owned toll bridges at 86. bay area officials say traffic could be worse than ever before it. commuters do not start taking public transit like they did
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before. headache for many businesses today after amazon's web service provider aws had a major failure. the platform supports 41% of the world's cloud computing business, and his ktvu tom vacar tells us this brought work to a standstill. according to down detector dot com amazon's web services problems which appear to be the root of the overall outage, problem began about 9:30 a.m. eastern. that impacted parts of north america, europe and asia. social media lit up with complaints. the outages are a who's who of major internet players, including pretty much all amazon services. such as shopping music, video voice command systems such as alexa communications and its overarching web services serving many clients. other major amazon clients impacted. xfinity google , disney venmo capital one
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doordash roco, vanguard instacart netflix four dozen in all, a similar problem occurred in july, and it took out many other websites for two hours, and there's only a few big providers and occasionally they make little mistakes. and this seems to be a case of they made a minor mistake. back then we spoke with uc berkley computer researcher nicholas weaver. who told me tuesday that amazon screwed up part of its massive web services computer system. when you do an update, if you do a bad update that takes down a lot of computers example, santa clara university's physics department. caught up in this was unable to allow students just about to take their exams to access is essential study materials, so what we've done is simply reached out via traditional email. and just gone ahead and posted, uh, exams and study guides and things like
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that with the students via via an email attachment. so old school worked, amazon says most of the major repair work has been done. but there are some loose ends that they were cleaning up. when everything is done, then everyone can return back to normal. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. shares of amazon were up nearly 3% today despite the outage on wall street. overall stocks were broadly higher. the dow was up 492 points that's nearly 1.5. the nasdaq surged. 461 points on a big day for tech stocks and the s and p gained 95 points. investors appear to be betting that the new covid variant won't pose a major threat to the economy. more than a million dollars in grants will help the marin county fire department reduced the threat of wildfires in the hills above fare facts and san anselmo. the grants from cal fire were approved by the marin county board of supervisors today. fuel reduction work is scheduled through spring of 2025 in the
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hills above fairfax in and around camp tomorrow, rancho and in the bald hill preserve. that work is expected to begin july 1st of next year. already taken a look at the upcoming forecasts . we talked about a little bit of rain that we had late last night and early this morning. in some places, it was really like 510th of an inch barely 1/10 of an inch far north. the chance of showers comes up again tomorrow night about the same, so it's a non event, except it sets us up for this rain develops on sunday and monday event that thing is going to go off that's going to be straight up atmospheric river. not as potent or not forecasting as potent as the last one but with potential for a half foot of rain in the coastal hills over the course of the next week, i think easily, i think in the mountains, i think, 345 ft of snow not out of the question as we go through monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday friday. of next week, so it's going to be winter. we're going back to winter. we've been away from it for a while, and fortunately we're going to see it return. so
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tomorrow lot like today are not their little like today. there'll be a little bit of some little bit of cloud, then a cloud sticking up. in tomorrow night. you get this. that's the next chance for some showers and it looks like nothing except was slope this year in nevada's getting hit, so that's a, um fire or not. fire weather watch a. a winter weather watch and they make it 12 inches of snow 12 inches of snow, which is great. and then here comes the real deal sunday night into monday and into tuesday and then even into wednesday, thursday and friday, so we've got a really good plan for you coming up. it's not tomorrow, though. this deal on third wednesday night thursday morning, no big deal. we're really waiting on the main event, which is sunday, monday and all of next week. i'll see you back here with more specific forecast, and we look at the five day okay. see it a bit bill. the american red cross has a historically low blood supply right now, and that means some patients who need a transfusion might not get the blood they need. that's unless more blood donors come forward. blood supplies are low for several reasons, including the
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pandemic, but also because many of the traditional blood drive hosting locations like schools and religious organizations are not open right now. anyone who donates blood will get a free long sleeve red cross t shirt between december 17th and january 2nd. you can head to the web link section at ktvu .com to search for the nearest location to you. coming up. elizabeth holmes takes the stand for the sixth day in the fraud trial against her. also today marks 80 years since the attack on pearl harbor at 10 45, today's remembrances and how one of the remaining survivors is reflecting on this day and up first in two minutes. how a vote today is a saving grace for program. that helps low income families, you know?
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event. the oakland city council unanimously approved saving the program, which serves lower income families. the resolution
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voted on today will fund the program now and in the future to prevent layoffs. it also make sure that if the programs are restructured or reorganized before next june, all staff will be retained. earlier this year, the council voted to spend $1.8 million to save three locations from closing. in san jose elizabeth holmes faced another day of questioning from prosecutors in her fraud trial. ktvu is evan sernoffsky spoke with one legal expert who says having her on the stand is a risky decision by the defense. the three month long trial against elizabeth holmes has come down to this six days of testimony from homes herself. she is betting her case her entire case on her. prosecutor bob leach meticulously confronted homes about the alleged claims she had made to investors about theranos is technology. holmes admitted that many of the facts in a 2000 and 14 fortune cover story were
10:25 pm
incorrect, but she still send the story out to potential. investors also said theranos blood analyzers were never used by the military. she said she didn't think she ever claimed that they were. that's despite earlier testimony from several investors, he said. holmes claimed the company's analyzers were being used on medevac helicopters in the middle east legal analyst michelle hagen said holmes decision to take the stand. is looking riskier every day. she's putting herself in a corner because it's going to be elizabeth holmes versus the 29 witnesses that the government has put on holmes attorneys are expected to call an expert witness to verify her claims of abuse by her partner and former boyfriend, sonny ball, wani. in court records by one. his attorneys have denied he abused her. it's very unusual and a fraud case, especially if federal fraud case to say that there's domestic violence is that you were abused or controlled. by in this case, the
10:26 pm
co conspirator elizabeth holmes will resume her testimony wednesday morning before the defense is expected to call at least one more witness at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. a cemetery. a county judge will re sentenced scott peterson tomorrow for the death of his pregnant wife. peterson is expected to be in the courtroom and sentenced to life in prison without parole. his original death sentence was overturned by the california supreme court on appeal. this comes nearly 17 years since the christmas eve murder of his wife, lacey and their unborn son. it is up to the judge to decide if peterson will get a new trial over alleged juror misconduct. we believe that it will provide one additional spoke in the wheel of justice to deal with what is plaguing our city right now. addressing retail theft in san francisco when we could soon see sheriff's deputies protecting businesses around the city. and
10:27 pm
a new police partnership launched this week in san mateo county. coming up what police are saying they are already making progress using this new program. still ahead, some rough stuff and pretty goals to at the shark tank tonight. sports director mark ibanez is up later with all the highlights and tonight's agreement that could pave the way for the us to avoid defaulting on its debt.
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mondragon was booked into santa clara county jail, and police are looking for more victims. the san francisco board of supervisors voted 7 to 3 today to allow private businesses to hire sheriff's deputies in an effort to prevent retail theft. city leaders say the businesses will pay for the deputies to work overtime hours to protect their stores. the deputies will be stationed inside certain stores and outside retail areas . we spoke to one deputy today who says he's more than willing to sign up. if you have the opportunity to keep the people in san francisco safe or they're more at risk. i mean, that kind of goes with everything we do is deputy sheriffs. the fact of the matter is the san francisco police department was unable to meet that demand. for what was asked of us and now we have our partners from the san francisco sheriff's department. earlier tonight we spoke with supervisor asha saffet, who authored this legislation about when we could see deputies patrolling those businesses and how the system will work. we're hoping that we
10:31 pm
can get this off the ground before the end of the major holiday season here, um, the process will be negotiated on an overseeing in the next 60 days by the police chief. and his team, but the sheriff is ready to go. they have a good identified group of about 20 to 50 sheriffs to get this off the ground initially in its initial phase, it will be done. through the oversight and through the guidance of the police department. police department has been offering these services for over two decades. overtime work hired by private. entities sheriff paul miyamoto says they are not looking to make a lot of arrest but rather prevent people from committing crimes in the first place just by being there. new attend tonight. sam mateo. police say the county's new pilot program to pair mental health professionals with police officers on 911 calls is already having an impact. the program
10:32 pm
launched yesterday in four of the county's largest cities, ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live from san mateo after speaking with one team about the first days on the job. jonah. and julie. this might only be day two. but sam mateo police tell me that already their mental health specialist has been called out into the field multiple times. this week when san mateo police get 911 calls, there's a new team member ready to respond. i've sat in dispatch i've done right along with the officers, so i kind of know what calls they're getting throughout the day. i have a radio on me all the time when i'm on duty, and so i'm hearing all the calls that are coming in brianna fair , a social worker in mental health specialists joined san mateo police this week as a crisis response clinician by being to some of the schools. i've been to also some houses and just some businesses. san mateo counties. new program pairs mental health specialists with police in the four largest cities san mateo daly city. redwood city and south san
10:33 pm
francisco to help police better respond to people in mental health crises. i think that it can help the community overall because we don't have police officers doing a million different jobs having them take on that role of mental health clinician without years of training just seems unfair, really in san mateo police department spokesperson officer allison gilbert says. police get calls to respond to mental health crisis daily. our officers are not mental health experts. so it is great to have someone who is specifically trained in mental health and behavioral health to be able to help those individuals who are experiencing a crisis who may not necessarily most comfortable with the police officer sam mateo county says about 50% of the people booked into their local jails have a mental health condition nationwide, according to nanny, the national alliance on mental illness. about two million people with mental illness are booked into jails every year. there are over 300. diagnoses under mental illness. carol go show who ends up the nam e san mateo branch says people with schizophrenia,
10:34 pm
bipolar disorder and severe depression in particular, often end up getting arrested instead of getting treated where the difficulty begins, where they may end up with a criminal record, and instead of going to the hospital. they're taken to jail. this pilot project will cost san mateo county about $1.5 million over two years. some residents think it's money well spent. i actually do you think it could be good use of funds, especially if it helps a lot of people and having a specialist there could help deescalate the situation. and there's two year pilot program will be evaluated by a team at stanford university if it is deemed successful than police are hoping that they can get more funding to get more mental health specialists on their team reporting live from san mateo tonight. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. a warning tonight from the u. s surgeon general vivek murthy, he says young people in this country are facing a mental health crisis. ucsf associate
10:35 pm
professor tells us in 2020. there were five times as many children who died from suicide. then died from covid-19. we have a real increase in the number of kids who are suffering from depression and anxiety, and we've had suicide attempts. we saw more than 20% increase in the number of kids who completed suicide. the report cited that in the u. s emergency room visits for suicide attempts rose 51% for adolescent girls in early 2021 compared to the same time period in 2019. symptoms of depression and anxiety have doubled during the pandemic, with 25% of youth experiencing depression symptoms and 20% experiencing anxiety symptoms. and if you or someone you know, needs help, you can call the national suicide prevention lifeline. there are trained crisis workers available to talk 24 hours a day, seven days a week. the number is there on your screen. it's 1 802 73 talk.
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coming up tonight at 11. no those are not sharks will show you the video of the incredible moment of pot of dolphins joined a man on his early morning swim. and we are tracking rain back to the bay area. the five day forecast is next up first, though, after the break tonight . oakland mayor libby shaft travels to washington, d. c to meet with vice president harris. how their conversation could how their conversation could im i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support.
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10:39 pm
for some upgrades at the port of oakland and howard terminal, where the a's are hoping to build their new park. oakland will receive $14.5 million to improve walkways and bus and bike lanes around jack london square. the pork is in line for $260 million for infrastructure upgrades tonight, the house of representatives passed a bill to lift the nation's debt limit and agreement announced today will allow democrats to increase the nation's borrowing authority and avoid a default as soon as december. 15th the bill must still pass the senate, where at least 10 republicans have to join the democrats to approve the measure. the senate is expected to take the first vote on thursday, president biden told russian president vladimir putin that he would face economic consequences if russia moves forward with an invasion of ukraine. video of the two hour virtual meeting was released by russian state media . the recent russian troop build up along the ukrainian border is being seen as a sign of a new invasion to follow the 2014
10:40 pm
takeover of the crimea peninsula. officials did not confirm that the u. s pressure germany to stop development of a new natural gas pipeline from russia, but suggested it is a tool. gas is not currently flowing through the north stream two pipeline if vladimir putin wants to see guests flow through that pipeline, he may not want to take the risk of invading ukraine. on thursday, president biden will speak with ukrainian president zelinsky right now, officials say there is no discussion of sending us troops to ukraine. china is reacting to the united states has diplomatic boycott of the upcoming winter olympics. china says the decision violates the olympic spirit. yesterday the biden administration announced the boycott of the beijing games over human rights concerns. a chinese ministry spokesperson said the us is attempting to interfere with the beijing games out of quote, ideological prejudice and based on lies and rumors. late today, australia
10:41 pm
joined the u. s in its diplomatic boycott in an about face. former white house chief of staff mark meadows said he will no longer cooperate with the house select committee investigating the january 6th. riot meadows attorney sent the letter sent the committee a letter outlining that decision. the letter said meadows believed he would be asked about issues considered to be protected by executive privilege. last week, meadows reportedly shared thousands of documents with the panel and previously agreed to appear for an interview this week. it's been 80 years since the attack on pearl harbor. i think the never forget there. we can't let down our guard after the break tonight, we hear from a 102 year old man from the bay area. how he says he survived the attack. and chief meteorologist bill martin is back with a look at your five back with a look at your five day forecast.
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watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo with cheese 3 ways. harbor near honolulu, hawaii. that decision propelled us involvement in world war. two veterans who survived that attack attended a ceremony this morning at pearl harbor. they came to honor those who died on december 7th 1941 in the nation's capital president biden and first lady dr jill biden went to the world war two memorial this morning. to pay their respects to those killed
10:45 pm
in that attack to observed a moment of silence. the attack on pearl harbor helped define a generation of americans who service and sacrifice is being remembered today. ktvu south reporter jesse gary has the story of a survivor of that fateful day in the pacific. this intimate celebration at a san jose diner also provides a doorway to history. the guest of honor hero from an inflection point in america's past when you wake up on the seventh of december, what do you think? guys usually are remember. the morning i woke up fine. pearl december 7th 1941. a date that is infamous but also a catalyst for heroics and survival. warren upton was a redheaded 22 year old petty officer shaving below decks on board the uss utah. his
10:46 pm
planned trip ashore was stopped by two torpedoes. the japanese attack at pearl harbor was underway and the utah was on her way to capsizing. they were and , uh there was strife against the #### might order the side, then slid down the side of the ship, but she rolled over. upton was able to make it into the water and onto shore, saving a fellow sailor along the way such stories from that fateful day or becoming more rare pearls survivors group in san jose used to have multiple members, not just one random assad's father served on the west virginia and passed away in 2014. he was cool guy. he didn't talk much about it when he was alive, and when i was little. but do you think that if he hadn't jumped overboard, i wouldn't be here. historians say the country and culture will be at a loss when time and fate takes the last of the survivors of the significance of those individuals being able to tell us. why they did what they did,
10:47 pm
how they did what they did and why it was important to them at that time. is necessary for us to fully understand. our present circumstances for upton, a love of family, country and service continues to anchor him. i'm happy to be with my family. but he is forever moored to those americans who didn't live to tell the tale of pearl and never forget. we can't let down our guard. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. now, mrs men and women were special people back then, for sure. it's nice. it's um are still around. um we have the rain, coming only mainly for sunday and monday next week. but there will be a little more rain and snow in the mountains on thursday. so that's the main event sunday monday, but what i want to show you was the forecast rainfall that will
10:48 pm
take us kind of through tuesday here and you'll see that those are some significant numbers all the way down to monterey. now again, i think so. let's say san francisco gets two inches of rain like whatever that's a pretty good amount of rain, but in those coastal hills. easily six inches, maybe a foot and up around gender, maybe a foot in the santa cruz mountains, you know, you know the story and there's more rain after this. it isn't just this one and done sunday monday. there's a bunch of pulses. they're going to come through that line. that will keep the mountains going for sure they're going to get significant snow up there. and for us, it just could be a really productive and it will be most likely really productive rain setup of tomorrow we're going to have late night early morning showers into thursday morning. sharon nevada has a winter weather watch that will could turn to winter storm warning on it'll be close. some clouds coming in beautiful shot . let's san francisco sutro tower. yeah is that soldier tower guys? i think that's suit show but we're just in a clouds . purple. yeah, we're looking back. downtown san francisco.
10:49 pm
okay? yeah that beautiful dramatic and can you can see the bottom under lighting from market street. the highs today. generally in the fifties sixties highs tomorrow will look a lot like these hawaii speaking of they got a bunch of rain down there, right. we talked about that last two nights in a row. well, that rain look where it's going goes up over the ridge. and it's gonna drop into this trough and on sunday night monday. that's us so that that major event and ah who and maui and hawaii is going to bring that moisture over the, uh, jet stream to us? so talk connected in it, and then once it leaves us, it's going to move out into the plains and do a whole bunch more so you can see him coming a long way away the temperatures outside right now about where they were last night. leave me a little cooler. we are looking for valley fog to reform late tonight. early tomorrow morning. that makes sense. by tomorrow night, the clouds move in, and there's that chance of a sprinkle. main impacts will be around lake tahoe up in the
10:50 pm
mountains for us. like the last thing we saw, just really not a big deal at all in the forecast highest, which look a lot like today, so smiling because it's almost coming up towards the end of the week here, and we've got some rain to talk about after weeks of not having range of talk about and record warmth and air quality issues and things like that we are in it now. so we look forward to that. in the meantime, tomorrow looks good thursday looks pretty darn good friday looks pretty good, too exciting stuff. thanks, bill. tickets for bottle rock went on sale earlier today. three day general admission passed to the music festival costs $369 and there are still tickets available. the festival will run the weekend of may 27th through the 29th. it's traditionally held over memorial day weekend, but the festival was pushed back to labor day weekend this year because of the pandemic. the performers for next year's festival will be announced at a later date. governor newsom's new children's book about dyslexia was released today. that book is titled ben and emma's big hit, big hit. it
10:51 pm
tells the story of a young boy who uses baseball and support from his friend to cope with his dyslexia. newsom says he learned of his own dyslexia when he was 10 years old and was inspired to write the book after watching some of his four children share the same struggles. newsom will donate all the proceeds to the international dyslexia association. instagram says it is launching several new features aimed at improving the safety of teenagers while using the app. one new feature will allow parents to see and limit just how much time their teens spend on instagram. another will prevent users from tagging or mentioning teens who do not follow them. and another new feature called take a break will give everyone reminders to take more breaks. all right, stephen curry closing in on the all time three point record up next tonight. sports director market bindeez has more on when curry could become the nba's three point king. then on the 11 o'clock news, this year's wealth inequality report is out the
10:52 pm
numbers that show just 2700 people mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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so you can work that budget and get those savings. body is with you. what? i think nobody knew what to expect that the san jose sharks before the season started. we're starting to see some of their personality developed now, and that is an example. tonight they play their best with meetings, some of the best in the nhl happen again. down at the tape. they started home status that a cute kid or what shark for life. they were playing the flames. who came in at 15, 5 and five calgary up quickly. 31 18 hills. who, by the way, it's 40 saves gets the break going with one erik karlsson soon after on a breakaway, he is playing much more aggressive offensive pocket
10:55 pm
this year. that's his seventh goal, and now we will pick it up, 33 told my hurdle. kind of a tough angle here of the rebound . he'll get it to go. he had goals number 10, 11 and 12 for him on the year that hat trick and the sharks with their first lead, 43 real cheap shot here by malin lukic of the flames, 63 to 30 just hammers lane peterson headfirst into the boards. no penalty. just that sheep shot in a little skirmish breaks out. sharks don't care in the end because their man peterson is okay and they win it with an empty net or 253. there 14 11 and one and as a matter of fact , they're the first team to beat calgary this year. the flames beat him twice. so far. alright good reason to feel good. if you're a golden state warrior fit. not only is the team playing fantastically and they've got cleared thompson scheduled to come back one of the best shooters. on the planet before the year is over, and
10:56 pm
steph curry nearing yet another huge milestone in his career, going to break the three point all time record, and here's joe fonzi a little more on that particular mark. look at this one as far as he from the moment 21 year old steph curry first war, a warrior uniform in 2000 and nine exhibited what could only be described as a boyish joy for the game. 12 years later and now at the age of 33 curry is defying what athletes his age are supposed to do. he's still getting better. here's one explanation for curries, confidence to achieve anybody that knows what work that goes into it behind the scenes and summers and year after year after year. that's where it comes from. with that confidence does come, you know, creativity and ability to go out and search imagination for what's possible out there, and honestly, i just love what i do says always know , always joy that comes with it . curry needs 15 3 pointers to
10:57 pm
become basketball's all time leader and even in visiting arenas with the fans chance mvp. you know, i was actually talking during my another day, and it's not very often in life that you get to be around greatness. regardless what is steph? in a lot of ways is like michael jordan's in that, um, there are so many moments that they all sort of bleed into each other, and then they don't even stand out because that's just what you expect. and maybe that's the true sign of greatness, like, always tell people like going to see step is the best best selling artist right now, it's unlikely curry will hit 15 threes in tomorrow night's game against portland. if he does, there's another record. he'll reach the single game mark of 14 , currently held by clay thompson. that's funny, because i know what that means, if clay's record and all that, too, so we will see if history tells us anything, never count steph curry out joe fonzi ktvu. fox two. yeah. do not put it past
10:58 pm
him. all right. one of the bears great holiday traditions with little bit of a sporting twist takes place tonight at oracle park, san francisco, home with the san francisco giants. hence lucille was there for the window weiss foundation for children holiday heroes event. in fact, it's the 27th year, gabe kapler, their manager, the giants on hand. also, shawn estes was there. former 49 degree patrick willis, bringing joy to at risk children and families with a magical party and they've been doing it for a long time. just a great event bid to it a few times. 49ers could use some positive news after at this heartening lost at seattle, and it comes in an individual honor for the outstanding defensive lineman eric armstead. nominated as the 49ers representative for the walter payton nfl men of the year award, one of the league's most prestigious awards, goes to outstanding community service,
10:59 pm
and you've got to be great on the field as well. all right, we have got a little time. so why not use it to check this out to your hockey highlight of the night? not counting the sharks. ducks versus sabers. trevor zai crisp flings it over the net. sonny milano will score it for the ducks. who win to nothing. when do you ever see that kind of like hockey's version of an alley oop, and it works just fine in a victory. check this out. this is the band they call the broccoli dude in seattle. he brings broccoli to the games ang vegetables, eating well, kindness and what he calls sparkling masculinity all done with the help of your broccoli. absolutely love it. we love it. alright. appreciate it next at 11. hurts because i, you know, um, put it than we had and
11:00 pm
buying this building and applying for licensing and it took nine months to just build this place out. thieves target and oakland business not once but twice and it was all caught on camera. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. a marijuana delivery service says a group of thieves cleaned out their inventory first yesterday and then again today. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank and new tonight. ktvu zach sauce is joining us live from oakland. exact a business owner here, says he's frustrated with the police response time to these break ins. and understandably frustrated because, he says, when those thieves first struck early monday morning, his alarms went off his neighbors called police, but by the time the officers arrived, it was too late. the thieves were gone. just in shock, really? that they had the audacity to come back again. lawrence webb, who owns the presto canna cannabis delive


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