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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 8, 2021 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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courtroom. the re sentenced the judge handed down in just the past hour plus hard watching it all. you know, disappear in a matter of minutes in oakland business targeted by thieves twice in a 24 hour period. why the business owner says he's so frustrated by the police response time also big changes coming to our bay area weather when our biggest storm in weeks is expected to move in. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach. we begin with breaking news out of san mateo county. convicted murderer scott peterson has been re sentence for the killing of his pregnant wife, lacey. and their unborn son ktvu is henry lee was monitoring the hearing that wrapped up just about 45 minutes ago. he's live with the latest developments. henry. yeah migrants said of the death penalty. scott peterson will now face they will now be sentenced
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on has been sense to life in prison without the possibility of parole for killing his pregnant wife, lacey. and their unborn son back in 2000 and two now today, her family gave tearful impact statements in a case that transfixed the nation. i see no sorrow or remorse from you at all. i still feel the grief every day after 19 years. those were the tearful words in court of sharon rocha lacey peterson's mother before scott peterson was re sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing lacey and their unborn son in 2000 and two rocha said. lacey's dead scott because he trusted you, she added. your evil, self centered acts ended two beautiful souls. roaches pain was evident as she called her former son in law coward for killing lacey and their unborn son, conner, who would have been 18 now. lacey's sister, amy said. i feel so cheated not having that special relationship . others have because of you. our holidays will never be the same. she would have been the best mom, scott peterson did not speak. he wore a red jump suit and a mask and did not show any visible emotion. petersons
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original death sentence was overturned by the california supreme court on appeal, the justices said the trial judge had wrongly tossed prospective jurors who were against the death penalty assuming they would not follow the law. peterson that lived with his family in modesto. investigators say he killed lacey at their home around christmas eve 2000 and two and dumped her body in san francisco bay from his fishing boat. his trial was moved to redwood city because of publicity. peterson's attorney, pat harris, said the evidence shows that burglars were responsible for the killings. he said his client is innocent. one of the things that really. upsets him is this concept that he did not want to have a child? and he wanted to talk a little bit about that. and the fact that he would never. ever harm lacey and connor. coming up this afternoon at 45 and six we'll hear from janey peterson, who is scott peterson's sister in law. she also spoke out on his behalf . now scott peterson will be back here in redwood city. for a
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week long hearing beginning in february in his bid to get a whole new trial entirely on the basis of juror misconduct reporting live in redwood city, henry lee ktvu fox studios, henry you mentioned that scott peterson did not address the court today. i thought going into this. it was my understanding from his attorney that he wanted to speak. it's something happen during the hearing that maybe the judge refused to let him or how did that all go down? yes the defense sort of pat harris asked . this judge, you know is he prevented from speaking and she apparently said, no, he's not allowed. so we believe he wanted to make his voice known. but that did not happen is to make clear this judge today was not the same as the trial judge who handled the original case he has since daca. and then that the hearing that schedule you said for february that's not a one day thing that's going to be much more extended is going to be possibly a week long to determine whether or not he would be granted a new trial.
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yeah, it's going to be about a week. mike here in redwood city . the judge will listen to evidence and try to rule within 90 days on the defense motion for a whole new trial. on the basis that one of the jurors rachelle nice, who folks have called strawberry shortcake right here at the time, did not disclose that she had filed a restraining order related to a domestic issue, and they defense is that she was biased against scott peterson. so the story continues into next year and we'll be there to cover it. all right, henry lee live there in redwood city, henry. thank you. a marijuana delivery service in oakland is the latest business to be hit by a group of thieves . they struck on back to back nights and clean the place out. ktvu access reports by the business owner is upset for a number of reasons. just in shock, really? that they had the audacity to come back again. lawrence webb, who owns the presto canna cannabis delivery service in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood, down close to $50,000. after back to back burglaries, they parked up. right across the street up here
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and then you can see him all converging on the place over here. three of them have handguns. it happened early monday morning, just after three a.m. in a matter of minutes, the group prying open a gate door with crowbars, killing the power and prying get another door opened a webs business, making off with anywhere from eighth ounces and ah! you know, pre rolls concentrates, wiped out all the fridges and ripping open the door to a safe. the group also grabbing pricey equipment from webb's car detailing business and leaving their crowbars behind definitely was frustrating to know that people called the cops and my alarm was going off and pay for monitoring and all these things and. you know, but unless you get someone to come help you out, doesn't you know holly alarms in the world? don't don't matter. police responding to a priority one violin call at the time, and by the time officers arrived, the thieves were gone. they're frustrated, too. they want to be able to be more places and do more things, but there's just
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not enough of them arrived monday morning to find his business in shambles, convinced his situation couldn't get any worse. i assume that just with a metal bar and the. barrier that the police put i've known is going to be coming in, but he was wrong, sir. enough at midnight last night. they came back. you know, it's one of the guys you can tell by the way he walks from the first video breaking back in and spending nearly two hours coming and going from the building at one point, the man's mask falling down enough to get a good look at his face, the thief cleaning out what was left of webs remaining valuable product. even taking some of his paintings hurts because i, you know, um, put everything we had and buying this building and applying for licensing and it took nine months to just build this place out. it's hard watching it all. you know, disappear in a matter of minutes. zack sauce, ktvu, fox two news. more oakland police officer should be patrolling the streets by 2023. the city council approved a plan to hire 60 more officers by adding two extra police academies and unfreezing
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positions. the oakland police department says it started this year with 723 sworn officers. that number is now down to 676 below the minimum of 678. at the current staffing level. the city says it can't collect voter approved parcel and parking tax revenue that would go towards supporting police and fire services. we pay the taxes here and everything else. we deserve to have protection. we deserve to live in the community where it is safe for everyone. critics of the new plan spoke out during the public comment period, saying the money for the new officers should be spent on community programs rather than more law enforcement. last night , the council tabled a vote on a separate proposal that offered applicants one time bonuses of up to $50,000. oakland mayor libby schaaf released a statement after that council votes, saying quote a resident spoke up and their voices were heard. they spoke up for a comprehensive approach to public safety, one that includes prevention, intervention and
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addressing crimes root causes as well as an adequately staffed police department public memorial will be held this afternoon to pay tribute to the late wilma chan. the former alameda county supervisor was killed when she was hit by a driver while walking her dog. in alameda last month. jan of course, was a political pioneer , both the first asian american state assembly leader and county supervisor in california today on mornings on two we spoke with her former chief of staff, dave brown, he is filling chance see the supervisor and says she'll be remembered as a role model not only to other asian american women but to all elected officials. he was ah, one of the most effective elected officials in the state of california ever to be honest with you, and i think we can just say that aloud that she was that good. and i think for that representation for the community, it was vital , especially the time when there were not a lot of elected officials or asian american and, uh and i think that that's that's going to be, you know her legacy. chan was 72 years old,
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was known as a fierce advocate for vulnerable populations and the underserved. she was also a mother and grandmother. the community celebration in her honor starts at two o'clock today at the oakland museum of california. california lawmakers are being asked to make the state an abortion sanctuary of roe versus wade is overturned today that california future of abortion council released a list of recommendations asking policymakers to pay for things like travel, lodging and child care for patients coming to the state. the report also asks lawmakers to reimburse abortion providers for procedures on those who can't afford them. the report has the support of top legislative leaders as well as governor gavin newsom. knew what new new legal protections coming to california renters, the state attorney general rob bonta, announced legal action this morning to protect tenants. it's a $3.5 million judgment against los angeles county based real estate investment company wedgwood. ponta says the action
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resolves allegations that wedgwood unlawfully evicted tenants from foreclosed properties. the company buys homes at foreclosure sales, fixes them up and flips them back into the market for profit . wedgwood business model relies upon the ability to move their properties off its books as quickly as possible, usually in days or weeks. we allege they use a variety of illegal and harassing tactics in pursuit of this business model and in pursuit of profit. last month, vonda launched a housing strike force within the state department of justice to advance housing, equity access and affordability in california still to come in noon, san francisco city leaders taking steps to address crime what businesses are now able to do in an effort to protect their stores for being targeted by thieves, plus. instagram under the microscope as the head of the social media site heads to capitol hill for a hearing. i'm matthew rivera in washington with a closer look at some of the changes that the platform is implementing, they say. to
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protect younger users. and it's about to get very cold overnight here in the bay area. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking that cold weather, the rain and even the snow headed our way.
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♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ with shooting and killing a man in april, the attorney for former officer kim potter told
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jurors all dante right had to do was surrendered to police that day. he also said potter made a mistake when she shot right with a hand gun instead of a taser after he tried to drive away from a traffic stop. while she and other officers were trying to arrest him, the attorney said, it was an accident and that had to do what she had to do to prevent the death of a fellow officer. potter has told the court she will testify at her trial late this morning in santa clara county, elizabeth holmes's defense team rested its case in the former entrepreneurs fraud trial yesterday, prosecutors question holmes about the alleged claims that she made to investors about thee admitted that many of the facts contained in a 2014 fortune magazine cover story where incorrect, but she's still sent that story out to potential investors. she's putting herself in a corner because it's going to be elizabeth holmes versus the 29 witnesses that the government has put on. the judge has tentatively scheduled closing arguments for december and 16th and 17th. the case
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could go to the jury by december . 20th the head of instagram is on capitol hill to testify about that social media sites impact on young children. just tuesday , the site announced some new changes to help protect vulnerable teenagers. madeline rivera has more from washington. instagram and its parent company , meta platforms inc. formerly facebook, have been under fire over allegations that the photo sharing app harms teens. internal documents leaked by facebook whistleblower francis haugen earlier this year showed the company knew the platform cause body image and mental health issues, especially among teenage girls. we've seen escalating rates of suicide and depression amongst teenagers. now, instagram ceo is on the hot seat, taking questions from the senate subcommittee wednesday about its practices. one day ahead of the hearing, instagram announced several measures aimed , the company says, and increasing safety steps that include a take a break reminder of users have been scrolling for a certain amount of time. parental controls to be launched
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in march and features to stop people from tagging or mentioning teens that don't follow them. we think it's important that you feel good about the time that you spend, and this is one way of making sure that's the case. some are still skeptical. we do it right before senate hearings pretty obvious what they're trying to do here. the social media giant drawing bipartisan criticism. not only did facebook and instagram. promote these self image problems, but they also profited from the new and they did nothing. this is having adverse mental health. in fact, it affects on our children. congressional lawmakers say they're working on bipartisan legislation that would regulate big tech companies and perhaps even hold them liable for the material that users post. in washington. mala rivera, ktvu fox two news. all right. time to check in with meteorologist mark mild temperatures about to dip here in the bay area. yes, a bit of a cool down member of mike and gossip. just a week ago, we
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had seventies and eighties and record heat, but not the case this week, finally feeling like december out there today you might be dodging a few sprinkles or even a light showers. we're tracking all the cloud cover is moving into northern california , so we're heading into a somewhat of an active period off and on. you can see this forecast model, bringing in a few showers, possibly throughout the day today. probably the best chance tonight into early tomorrow morning. but look at the sierra. the snowfall blossoming there. this is thursday morning. four o'clock. there is the possibility we could have some snow and the hills up above 2500 ft, especially up in lake county and mendocino county. and then as you can see, he's still tracking that sierra snow for your thursday. so here's the plan a chance of a shower for today, especially tonight into early tomorrow morning. rainfall develops in his sunday and then by monday, we are tracking a real store and with some heavy rain and some big time series snowfall. we gonna have some winter storm warnings go into effect for that for that timeframe for today, though, a nice welcome change in the mountains. we actually have a winter weather advisory
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beginning four o'clock this afternoon until four o'clock on thursday, possibly over a foot of snow. so the winter weather advisory in place up above 5000 ft. so if you have been getting nervous and counting on maybe a white christmas in the sierra, this is a great start. we have a lot more snow on the way. in early next week and a lot more rain on the way as well to show you some of the projections with the rainfall totals. you can see this is through sunday. he's amounts aren't major. but look what happens in the early next week. those rainfall numbers really going up, especially into monday to pick up the bulk of the rainfall as we start things off next week showing you right now the satellite lots of cloud cover in place, mostly cloudy skies. and while we don't have the green to report on the radar will have some green on the temperature map, but we do have still some spotty drizzle or light shower in the fourth. cast for today with the possibility. here's our live camera looking out toward sfo this afternoon. lots of cloud cover here, so we have the lower clouds. the mid level clouds in the higher clouds as well. all in advance of this guy, this little front
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that wants to move in. so we have the drizzle for today. mostly cloudy skies. this system will generate a lot of snowfall in the sierra. we talked about that winter weather advisory and also some showers to the south. we're to keep things a little bit unsettled for today and tonight. here we are five o'clock five o'clock. even if you don't have the rainfall, you could still have that mistress. some drizzle. this is thursday morning, one o'clock and then throughout the day on thursday, clearing skies by the afternoon hours and the same story for your friday for today those temperatures in the fifties to right around 60 degrees, so that cool down is here to stay and take a look at these overnight lows pretty cold, especially as we head into friday morning. and saturday morning, the weekend starts off dry but to finally we're welcoming that big rain cloud by sunday and a lot more rain on the way as we head into early next week. the big change coming. thank you. mark. chef traveled to washington, d. c to meet with vice president kamala harris heather conversation turned to talks about the howard terminal ballpark project.
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without talking to your doctor. right alongside police officers as ktvu jana katsuyama reports, the program is already playing a big role. this week when san mateo police get 911 calls, there's a new team member ready to respond. i've been to some of the schools i've been to also some houses and just some businesses. brianna fair, a social worker in mental health specialists joined san mateo police this week as a crisis
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response, clinician. i've sat in dispatch, i've done ride alongs with the officers, so i kind of know what calls they're getting throughout the day. san mateo counties. new program pairs mental health specialists with police in the four largest cities san mateo, daly city, redwood city and south san francisco to help police better respond to people in mental health crises. i think that it can help the community overall because we don't have. police officers doing a million different jobs having them take on that role of mental health clinician without years of training just seems unfair, really. an officer alison gilmore says. police get calls to respond to mental health crisis daily. our officers are not mental health experts, so it is great to have someone who is specifically trained in mental health and behavioral health. to be able to help those individuals who are experiencing a crisis who may not necessarily feel as comfortable with the police officer sam mateo county says about 50% of the people booked into their local jails have a mental health condition nationwide, according to nanny, the national alliance on mental illness. about two million
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people with mental illness are booked into jails every year. there are over 300. diagnoses under mantle illness. carol go show who ends up the nam e san mateo branch says people with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and severe depression in particular, often end up getting arrested instead of getting treated as to where the difficulty begins, where they may end up with a criminal record, and instead of going to the hospital. they're taken to jail. this pilot project will cost san mateo county about $1.5 million over two years. this two year pilot program will be evaluated by a team at stanford university. and if it's deemed successful then police are hoping that they can get more funding to get more mental health specialists on their team. reporting from san mateo, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. president biden will speak tomorrow with ukraine's leader on the crisis with russia. the president held a two hour virtual meeting with russian president vladimir putin, white house sources say. president biden warned the kremlin of severe economic penalties if
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moscow invades ukraine, the national security adviser, suggesting the us halt operations on a gas pipeline between germany and russia as a bargaining chip. gas is not currently flowing through the north stream two pipeline if vladimir putin wants to see guests flow through that pipeline, he may not want to take the risk of invading ukraine. satellite images show russian troop build up near the ukrainian border. u. s intelligence says moscow could launch an offensive in months, president biden told reporters today he will not send american troops but that putin received his warning of dire consequences if there is an invasion. canada will join the united states, united kingdom and australia in a diplomatic boycott of the beijing winter games. the boycott is to protest human rights concerns. china has vowed to react with firm countermeasures. the diplomatic moves by canada, u s. britain and australia do not affect their athletes ability to compete in the games. oakland mayor libby schaaf had a sit down meeting with the vice president of the united states, one topic of discussion. the
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proposed waterfront ballpark for the oakland a's mayor. shaft shared a picture on twitter yesterday every meeting with vice president kamala harris, who grew up in the east bay, the mayor says they discussed infrastructure improvements around what she calls the future waterfront ballpark district. money from the president's build back. better act would pay for $14 million in upgrades around howard terminal report is also in line for $260 million in federal funding for infrastructure upgrades still to come at noon, disturbing report out of berkeley what police there are saying about a man said to be following high school girls pretending to be an officer. and the questions he's asking them. then they became a way for restaurants to stay in business during the pandemic. now that the city has decided that dining park let's can stay open. we'll take a look at why businesses are asking for more time to put necessary changes time to put necessary changes into place. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. sentenced peterson for the death of his pregnant wife, lacey and their unborn child cemetery. county judge sentenced peterson to life in prison without the possibility of parole for killing his wife nearly two decades ago. she also sentenced him to 15 years to life for the death of their unborn son, conner. peterson was originally sentenced to die nearly 17 years ago, but the california supreme
12:30 pm
court ruled a year ago, the judge improperly screened the jury for bias against the death penalty. peterson was in the courtroom today was shackled for the hearing before the sentences were handed down. members of lacey peterson's family spoke, including her mother, sharon rocha. she called peterson selfish, evil and a coward. his attorney says that peterson had prepared a statement, but the judge did not allow him to speak during the hearing. he wanted to talk about the fact that he did one of the things that really. upsets him is this concept that he did not want to have a child? and he wanted to talk a little bit about that. and the fact that he would never. ever harm lacey and connor. the judge, also set to decide next year of peterson should get a new trial after claims that a juror falsely answered questions in 2017 during the jury selection process. now to vallejo, where the police chief is seeking to fire an officer who shot and killed an unarmed man last year at a protest against the police
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killing of george floyd. the chief says that detective jarrett thanh violated the department's de escalation and deadly use of force policies. he fatally shot 22 year old sean monta rosa in a walgreens parking lot where there has been looting and break ins during the george floyd protests. police had originally said they believe monte rosa had a handgun, but it turned out to be a hammer. tom is the first folio officer and at least 20 years to face termination for an on duty killing the city of san francisco will pay $2.5 million to settle a civil rights lawsuit tied to the killing of an arm on unarmed man by a police officer in the settlement comes four years after officer chris samayoa. shot and killed 42 year old keita o'neil from the passenger seat of his patrol vehicle. o'neill's mother filed a lawsuit against the city alleging excessive force. the board of supervisors approve this settlement yesterday. the officer is still facing a charge of manslaughter in san jose. a vigil was held nine months after match of era was shot and killed. it would have been his
12:32 pm
37th birthday. as ktvu zambelli reports his family wants justice as the search for the killer continues. peace for the family peace for his two sons. prayer for macha vera, his family and friends gathered at san jose's christmas in the park. they have a tree dedicated to him. sadness amidst the holiday cheer. he loved gathering family gatherings. love christmas. and we're going to have an empty seat. cathy legg lou is mourning the loss of her nephew. severa was shot and killed march 7th nine months ago. it's just broken it just it's. like a part of me is gone. a friend who was with him on the night he was killed tells me they had just left a fundraiser in east san jose. he was sitting in the driver's seat when someone walked up and fired four shots through the window and killed him. no one has been arrested. police are looking for this. 2000 and 2 to 2000 and five blue ford explorer. eddie bauer
12:33 pm
edition with tan trim. investigators say it was seen leaving the scene of the homicide. if they could do something like this, this cold hearted. they don't belong out here. family and friends say they don't know why anyone would want to harm to vera mechanic and single father of two teenage sons. happy birthday, dear madam . on this night, he would have turned 37 this video of him celebrating his birthday two years ago, friends described him as a man with a tough demeanor. and a tender heart. he loved the raiders, the sharks and soap operas. say bye. that's it by family and friends say they never imagined that his life would be taken so suddenly and senselessly put him behind bars where they belong. and maybe at that time i could ask this person why here's another look at the suv police say is involved with this crime. family and friends. tell me they plan
12:34 pm
to hold a gathering once a month to honor his memory in san jose amberleigh ktvu fox news. san francisco is now allowing stores to hire off duty sheriff's deputies to protect their businesses. the board of supervisors voted 73 on this proposal. the police union had originally opposed the plan, but ultimately supported the proposal. if you have the opportunity to keep the people in san francisco safe where they're more at risk. i mean, that kind of goes with everything we do is deputy sheriffs. the fact of the matter is the san francisco police department was unable to meet that demand. for what was asked of us and now we have our partners from the. san francisco sheriff's department. sponsors of this change say it won't completely solve all the problems but should deter some criminals. the police and sheriff's department still have to work out some details before the program gets underway. we're hoping that we can get this off the ground before the end of the
12:35 pm
major holiday season here, um, the process will be negotiated on an overseeing in the next 60 days by the police chief. and his team, but the sheriff is ready to go. they have a good identified group of about 20 to 50 sheriff's and get this off the ground. the police department will indeed oversee the first phase of this plan, since they have been offering this type of extra security for more than two decades. police in berkeley say they've received another report of a man pretending to be a police officer following high school girls. officers say that an unidentified man cornered one girl near channing way and mcgee avenue monday. she told police he claimed to be an officer and wanted her to give him a hug. she says he also threatened her with a knife before driving away in a red mustang. police say that this is the second time since such behavior has been reported the first time happened near fourth and gilman back in october. officers say that man made similar demands and threats to another teenage girl. across the bay. now we're restaurants across san francisco. we're trying to protect their dining
12:36 pm
park. let's fearing the red tape that comes with them could soon force some of them to be torn down. sparkles have become a part of the restaurant scene now , since the pandemic force more people to eat outside many restaurants want them to stay. ktvu christian captain tells us about the new challenges businesses are facing. for many restaurants. the outdoor dining platforms are a lifeline, but since they first popped up, the list of requirements for the platforms has gone from seven pages to announce 60 page document. restaurants say they want to make sure the city doesn't start finding businesses that are not yet in compliance with those new standards at the city grants enough time until spring of 2023 for restaurants to make the necessary changes. we can't even do outdoor dining . we were in that deep purple thing, right? so we need to say guys. this is complicated legislation. this has lots of ramifications. there are multiple rules and regs. now can we give the businesses more time ? find the money, help, educate and try to do what's right. supervisor aaron peskin
12:37 pm
represents district three, including north beach, chinatown and fisherman's warf district i represent is ground zero for restaurants and bars, he says. restaurants have called his office to say they're getting notices of fines. that aren't even included in the city's dining platform legislation, he says. it all adds up to a headache for restaurant owners. and fortunately, the city bureaucracy has made that extremely difficult for restaurant tours, who are still recovering and still hanging on. and frankly, it's been. insulting what they've had to go through. it's adding insult to injury. the city says restaurants will have until at least june of next year to make any modifications to the dining platforms. the mayor attending a pop up shopping experience in san francisco city hall reaffirmed her commitment to getting rid of any red tape in the dining platform process and said she's working to make sure the platforms are here to stay. we're here to work with the industry. my understanding is about 10% of some of the park.
12:38 pm
let's have some changes that need to be made. and so we're going to do everything we can to work with them, and i think, unfortunately, the alarm has been set off and there's no reason for it. the city has said platforms which block firefighter access or prevent. pedestrians from seeing traffic are among those that will need to be modified just to make sure that they're safe after that. city leaders say they need to work with restaurants to make sure that small businesses can adapt to the new regulations. and keep those platforms open for dining. in san francisco. christian captain ktvu box to nunes. and small businesses in santa clara county will soon be eligible for $20 million in pandemic relief grants. ktvu is an rubin tells us about the newly approved proposal to help shops, meat supply and demand. small businesses like california wet burrito say there's still feeling the strain of the pandemic. for months, few students and office workers in downtown san jose meant few customers for lunch meetings is staying afloat, surviving, you
12:39 pm
know, maintain yourselves paying your employees, but thanks to santa clara county help is on the way. supervisors just unanimously approved a new grant program that will funnel $20 million in federal rescue act funds out to small businesses. the goal from my perspective is to move as quickly as we can to get the money. into the community into circulation into stabilizing stabilizing families and children. the county has given out grants before using $700,000 collected from covid fines. but the need for exceeded the cash. they had to hand out. we will be giving out about 300 grants but over 4200 applied and that's just that's now. that's not a year ago, the details of who will be eligible for the new grants and what the process will look like it's still being decided. but local leaders say more money will be more small businesses saved grants, hopefully, the effective grants are the bridges that's going to allow them to hold on a little
12:40 pm
bit longer to keep that hope to keep working not to give up at california, wet burrito. they're feeling hopeful not just for themselves, but for neighboring businesses to like, very important for us, and it means like so much for us over the next 45 days. details of the grant program will be worked out. the supervisors hope to get the money back into the community soon after that, in santa clara county, and ruben ktvu fox two news, the board of supervisors and contra costa county wants more accountability from the health department about how it's enforcing covid-19 restrictions. supervisor karen mithoff called for a detailed report by next week on complaints finds and businesses refusing to check customers vaccine records earlier this week, the health department says it did not issue any finds last month for 80 businesses that were reported as ignoring proof of vaccination checks. marin county now has the highest covid infection rate in the bay area. according to the chronicle, marin county, also one of the counties with the highest vaccination rates, and therefore
12:41 pm
marine is not seeing an increase in hospitalizations or deaths. marin county says it is focusing on hospitalization rate is a sign of how well the county is doing in its covid response. the county health officer says that mask mandates would be reimposed if 13 people are hospitalized with covid on any given day. right now. marin county has one covid patient in a hospital tonight there will be a public debate about the recall effort against three members of the san francisco school board. supporters of the recall include parents angry that the board focused on renaming more than 40 schools. instead of safely reopening schools that were closed by the pandemic recall, opponents say this is the most diverse school board in city history, and that it represents all communities. the zoom meeting starts at seven o'clock tonight. we're going to have a link for you to that meeting registration on our website at ktvu .com. under the web links tab. still to come at noon, cutting san francisco's carbon emissions by the year 2040. we'll take a look at the new climate action plan just released by the san francisco mayor. london brief also get ready for even colder and wet
12:42 pm
weather is coming back. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is up next. he has your full forecast and he'll tell us when the next big storm is coming. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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climb from an average of nearly 95,000 day on november 22nd 12 most 119,000 day this week, meantime, the number of americans fully vaccinated against covid reached 200
12:45 pm
million. today reporter griff jenkins has more on what fighter is saying about the new strain and its vaccine. fighter is pushing back against claims it's covid vaccine might not be effective against the omicron variant, the company releasing new data on wednesday, showing the vaccine almost completely neutralized the new strain, while two doses significantly reduced hospitalizations and deaths, but ceo albert bourla says he's working to stay ahead of the outbreak by developing doses specifically targeting oh macron, which could be available as early as march. we tested some other actions that we have in our toolbox. they have been there, um, constructed just in case. the announcement comes a day after a south african lab released an independent study. finding omicron can partially evade protection from two doses of the fighter vaccine. my escape some of the immunity that pfizer vaccine causes. that's the main findings. there are now
12:46 pm
at least 21 states with confirmed omicron cases in a big part of the containment strategy is getting shots in arms. but on tuesday, a federal judge put a hold on the vaccine mandate for all federal workers in contractors. the white house is planning to appeal that ruling, claiming the law is on their side. the reason that we proposed these requirements is that we know they work. and we are confident in our ability legally to make this happen across the country if the mandate is reinstated, federal workers and contractors would be facing a january 4th deadline to get vaccinated. or possibly face losing their jobs. at the white house. griff jenkins, ktvu, fox two news. do at noon, kaiser permanente says it has identified oh macron cases among its hospital staff here in the bay area hospital announced it identified 12 cases of the new variant last week. and now it
12:47 pm
says 11 of those cases have been confirmed to be kaiser permanent staff members at the oakland medical center. all of the workers are fully vaccinated and received booster shots. their exposure to covid-19 happened at a wedding out of state not through their work at the hospital of the workers are isolated at home with mild symptoms today. san francisco mayor london breed released a detailed climate action plan to eliminate the city's remaining carbon emissions. by the year. 2040 city officials described the net zero emissions plan as data driven community informed and people focused, they say, will also build a more equitable future for all san franciscans. measures include using all renewable electricity by 2025 phasing out all other fossil fuels. the plan also adds denser housing right near mass transit to encourage people to give up gas fueled vehicles. let's get outside today because my goodness mark tamayo some pretty big changes are coming our way and we're excited about that. yes we definitely the rain and
12:48 pm
the sierra snowpack. and that'll be a nice welcome change not really so much as weak. but as we head into next week, some big time changes headed our way. so the record heat the stretch of dry days. that's kind of in our in our rear view mirror. right now we're tracking more clouds and eventually some more rain showers. now, today we have the cloud cover and place and still the possibility of a light shower. i did see santa rosa reporting some light rain for this 12 o'clock our our next real organized system that comes in on sunday, but the real strong one that's going to move in on monday that will produce some heavy rain and a lot of sierra snow. now that one system today. will generate some words . snowfall in the mountains as you can't see enough that we finally have a winter weather advisory to talk about from four p.m. this afternoon until four pm thursday. snowfall potentially could be over a foot . so that's a nice welcome to start and there's a lot more on the way. in the next week. here's the forecast models showing you bunch of zeros now today, the possibility of some drizzle or a sprinkle or maybe a light shower. this is the
12:49 pm
forecasted amounts through the weekend, and then things really go up into early next week by monday and into a tuesday specially on monday, so i'm starting to think ahead for the monday morning commute. that could be a bit of a challenge, and that's a few quite a few days away. but at least for right now, it looks like we are talking about some heavy rain for that morning commute and some strong, gusty winds. as well. here's the satellite showing you all the cloud cover from today and right now underneath the clouds were showing you some cool numbers out there most areas in the fifties. the warm spots this afternoon will be approaching the lower sixties. later on today, here's a live camera looking out towards san francisco. there's the bridge and we have some low clouds and some higher clouds. so essentially a big blanket of overcast over the bay area this afternoon, all in advance of this guy this front which will move in primarily late tonight into early tomorrow morning, but there could be enough moisture and advance of this guy to generate maybe some drizzle. or if you sprinkles and then this is the plan into a thursday, possibly some showers early,
12:50 pm
most likely before sunrise, and then we'll gradually clear things out as you can see the sierra talking about some more welcome snowfall. so here's the plan today. the cloud cover and place we will be seeing some showers redeveloping later on tonight in the early thursday morning and then throughout the day on thursday, decreasing clouds, especially by the afternoon hours, and then on friday. it should be a sunny day and then we're going to be tracking or least trying. to preview that next system coming onboard by sunday highs this afternoon will be in the fifties to the lower sixties. lots of cloud cover out there the chance of a sprinkle or light shower. best chance of a shower will be tomorrow morning and then get tickled was overnight lows pretty cold friday and into saturday morning. cool spots will be the lower thirties and looks like we're tracking those big rain clouds by sunday and into monday, so i don't want to get too excited about this pattern change, but it looks like it will be happening in the early next week. i'm looking forward to it right mark. thank you. it could be the final stop for me and his oldest light rail line, uni says it's j church
12:51 pm
train will roll through the market street subway next year. but transit officials are also reviewing a proposal that would eventually convert the j line into a route that only goes. above ground by historic streetcars that jalen has been operating now for more than a century. uni is currently working on plans to resume 85% of its overall service before the pandemic three days a week at the office is expected to be the new norm here in the bay area. bay area council survey finds 40% of employers expect workers to return in person. for three days a week and to work from home, the other two still, bay area traffic officials say that traffic could get worse than it was before the pandemic. if more commuters don't start taking public transit. bart ridership is at 26% of pre pandemic levels and traffic across toll bridges has almost returned to 100% it could be a very exciting game at the chase center tonight as the warriors take on the trailblazers how fans could be part of history when it comes to step in curry. raining threes. delivery delibere
12:52 pm
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12:55 pm
trial of actor jesse smollett small it is on trial for charges he staged a racist, anti gay attack on himself, the former star of the television show empire is charged with six counts of lying to police. if convicted, he could. get up to three years in prison. the glide foundation is holding its annual grocery bag giveaway to help people in need this holiday season. all this week, volunteers were so busy working in shifts to pack 5500 bags with food enough to feed a family of four. this morning, volunteers were loading up trucks to get those meals to families. organizers are once again bringing the bags to the community due to the pandemic and say they are still seeing it. increased need for such help. the pandemic is just hit people very hard, obviously
12:56 pm
widened the widened the gap for those that have and those that don't have. so you know, the need is greater, especially for families. trucks loaded with those bags will go to 14 centers throughout san francisco today, and the food will be distributed to people in those communities. the glide foundation says it is gratefully accepting contributions still, as more holiday donation events are planned throughout this month. governor. gavin newsom children's book is now in stores. the book is called ben and emma's big hit. it tells the story of a young boy who uses baseball and support from his friend to cope with his dyslexia . governor newsom learned that he suffered from dyslexia when he was 10 years old and says he was inspired to write the book after seeing some of his children deal with the same issues. the governor will donate all proceeds from the book to the international dyslexia association, 10 months after he was injured in a car crash, tiger woods announced that he is returning to competition next week at the pnc championship is going to be playing. with his 12 year old son, charlie, and a tweet today would sand although it's been a long and challenging year. i'm very excited to close it out by competing in the pnc
12:57 pm
championship with my son, charlie. that's 36 hole event begins december 18th and his for a major champion and a family member, the king of the three point shot. we'll try to claim his throne in front of the home crowd tonight. it's warriors and blazers out at the chase center . stephan curry needs 15 3 pointers to tie hall of famer ray allen. for the all time nba career record three point record and he'll need 16 3 pointers to beat it now 15 and one game that would be an nba record in and of itself, but as ktvu joe fonzi reports when it comes to staff anything is possible. look at this movie outfit. is he from the moment 21 year old steph curry, first worrell warrior uniform in 2000 and nine he's exhibited what could only be described as a boyish joy for the game. 12 years later and now at the age of 33 curry is defying what athletes his age are supposed to do. he's still getting better. here's one explanation for curries,
12:58 pm
confidence to achieve anybody that knows what work that goes into it behind the scenes and summers and year after year after year. that's where it comes from. with that confidence does come, you know, creativity and ability to go out and search imagination for what's possible out there, and honestly, i just love what i do says always, you know, always joy that comes with it. curry needs 15 3 pointers to become basketball's all time leader and even in visiting arenas, the fans chance m v p. you know, i was actually talking during my another day, and it's not very often in life that you get to be around greatness. regardless what is steph? in a lot of ways is like michael jordan's in that, um, there are so many moments that they all sort of bleed into each other, and then they don't even stand out because that's just what you expect and. maybe that's the true sign of greatness, like, always tell people like going to see step is the best best selling artist right now. if he does, there's another record,
12:59 pm
he'll reach the single game mark of 14. currently held by klay thompson. that's funny, because i know what that means, if clay's record and all that, too, so we will see if history tells us anything. never count steph curry out. joe fonzi ktvu fox two. bay area native and sarah high school grad tom brady has been named sports illustrated's sports person of the year. the award is given to the athlete, coach or team that best represents the spirit of sportsmanship, character and performance. the owner came after brady led the buccaneers to a super bowl championship in his first year with the bugs. of course, that's after 20 years with the new england patriots, where he won five titles. this is the 44 year old second time winning this award. he was first honored back in 2000 and five after his third super bowl win, and i emphasize 44 years old. incredible still. swinging it in the nfl. no no, it's impressive
1:00 pm
and a little intimidating. thanks for joining us. our next newscast is on the floor. of course, you can find news course, you can find news >> next "oz." >> i could not pronounce the word "tradition." i was so mortified. >> patricia heaton on the moment that made her rethink her relationship with alcohol. and how to tell the difference between cold, flu and covid. >> these recipes are going to do the most. >> the dish has big batch recipes to cook now and eat later. >> so easy and so delicious. ♪ dr. oz: she's one of the most iconic sitcom moms, known for her roles on "everybody everybos raymond" but there was a real-life mom moment h


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