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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 8, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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nespresso vertuo. redifining coffee. with one touch. precision brewing technology. a smooth crema. for an exceptional coffee every day. nespresso vertuo. what coffee is meant to be. in oakland abruptly closes its doors and they say it's due to staffing and vaccine shortages. well i got there and then it was not found as i was asking around like what happened, and then they were like, oh, they moved yesterday. some say they got text messages confirming their
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appointments. but when they arrived at the clinic, they discovered it was closed. good evening. i'm julie julie haener . and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank somerville people looking for vaccines, boosters or coronavirus tests are now being directed to a different clinic. ktvu jana katsuyama joining us live tonight with the details, jenna. well alex and julie the city said they're disappointed because the nonprofit operator named covid clinic was supposed to continue services at least through december. 30th they are saying that the clinic closed. you do shortages of vaccines and staff at the clinic clinic is blaming the city and says it was a business decision that forced them to close the site. waiting baloo and her husband, vishal thought it'd be simple, getting a covid test wednesday for their flight home to toronto earlier today, we booked a test for each of us at the frank gaba plaza. but when she arrived at 2 50 frank ogawa plaza, the lobby was empty. it was a 4 30 appointment . a handwritten note taped to the door told people to go
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across town to a clinic in the fruitvale district, a five mile trek across town during rush hour to the clinic, which was closing soon. those really nervous because it was said that it closed up five. yeah and then we just rushed over here, and luckily i was able to change the uber destination from that place to this place before the uber got hear. other people say they also had to scramble after scheduling vaccinations at the downtown site and getting no notice that the clinic had closed. it was earlier this week , and then they sent text messages and then it got a little confusing, and then we arrived there and they told us it's here. the operator is a nonprofit called covid clinic, based in southern california, which operates testing sites nationwide. the city of oakland said covid clinic signed an agreement in september to provide vaccines and testing for city employees and the public at city sights rent free, the city said in a statement. it is quote extremely disappointed they were unable to fulfill their agreement to extend services through the end of december as previously announced. the city says the clinic had been running short on some vaccine doses, and
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they were informed tuesday the clinic was shutting down due to vaccine and staffing shortages. but a spokeswoman for kobe clinic says they had plenty of staff and supply and it was a bottom line business decision. covid clinics had expected to get more covid testing sites which generate revenue needed to offset costs of free vaccine shots. and they say the city wouldn't commit to letting them stay downtown long term. both sides hope to alert people about the change to avoid more confusion, disgraceful to have it, but it would have been nice to know because i'm sure a lot of people won't be able to make it otherwise. and tonight, the covid clinic at frank ogawa plaza is still listed on the alameda county health vaccine locator website people should go to the fruit voile location or find another provider. alright, jana katsuyama. thank you. kaiser permanente says it's identified omicron cases among its hospital staff here in the bay area. the hospital identified 12 cases of the new variant last week. it says 11 of them are employees at the
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oakland medical center. all of the workers are fully vaccinated and have received booster shots . their exposure to covid-19 happened at a wedding out of state not through their work at the hospital. all of those workers are isolated at home with mild symptoms. no attend. another bay area tech company has delayed its return to work plan, according to bloomberg lift today told employees they can work remotely for the entirety of 2022. employees were previously scheduled to return to the office in february. and facebook's parent company, metta says employees can delay their return by 3 to 5 months, the company will fully reopen its u. s offices on january 31st. even though some staff may not be back right away. the social media company says the office deferral program is meant to give employees flexibility when it comes to returning to the office, recognizing that some staffers are just not ready to come back just yet. spicer says it's covid booster shot appears effective against the new
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omicron variant. in a preliminary study, the company says three doses of its coronavirus vaccine offered significant protection against the fast spreading variant. early results indicate blood samples from people vaccinated with a booster showed 25 times higher levels of neutralizing antibodies against oh macron compared to people with just two doses of the vaccine. visor boosters are approved for adults in the u. s a bay area school district has pushed back the deadline for its student vaccine requirement at 10 45. why they say they're still focusing on outreach and education. bart employees are in mourning tonight after a beloved to manager suddenly died over the weekend. he was thrown from his bike on sunday while riding through oakland shepherd canyon park. ktvu zach sauce joining us now live. with how his colleagues are remembering him, zach. good evening. caring funny and beyond hardworking, just some of the things that are being said tonight about jenna mall, thompson from his former
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co workers, his friends and his family, a man they say was simply taken away from them too soon. we have a hole in our heart for his passing lynn williams, still reeling over the loss of her colleague, bart 41 year old jamal thompson. he was my co worker. he was my personal friend. and you know you're not supposed to have favorites. but he really was. thompson was cycling nearly 5900 block of shepherd canyon road on sunday in oakland's mark claire neighborhood when he was thrown from his bike. police are still investigating the cause of the accident. but the road is known for being both steep and windy. it's tragic that his passions. may have contributed to leaving us so early. but but i think he had he had an awesome ride. thompson known as a cycling enthusiast outside of work, he appreciated fast cars, fast bicycles also described as an
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avid traveler who's soaked up culture, but it was his family that came first he came back to the bay area to be closer to his family. and his nieces family was critical to him in the office. he was beloved, a mentor and friend. to many, he was one of the rarest individuals in his ability. to reach out to people and make them feel at ease. williams hired thompson in 2000 and 17. he joined bart's engineering department and rkisay up the ranks to become a project manager. behind much of the planning and execution of bart system, wide rail and infrastructure upgrades . beauty as a visionary who reimagined how the department functioned one of his legacies, creating. almost like a software to be able to track all of our projects. a man she says, knew how important his work was to the bay area focused on public safety and transparency. his co workers now trying to move forward because they say, that's what he'd want them to do. he's physically not here, but his
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energy and his efforts are are here and for the future, too. and his family asking for privacy at this moment, but it's three brothers sending me a joint statement saying there's simply too many wonderful things to say about their brother reader, and that he puts his family first and that he will be lived on through those he touched in his lives for an hour live in oakland's access. ktvu, fox two news. just a terrible loss for his loved ones, zack. thank you. the late alameda county supervisor wilma chan was remembered today as a woman of integrity, strength and compassion. imagine all the people. family members, friends and colleagues from her 30 year career gathered to honor her at the oakland museum of california this afternoon. chan was described as unpretentious with a passion for public service. she broke barriers as the first asian american state assembly leader in california. but those
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who knew her best said she was much more. and mom, we saw a person who shared her love selectively wholeheartedly and most enjoyed the very simple things like spending time with family long naps, singing. and lots of ice cream kind, compassionate, dedicated, fierce , collaborative, visionary, humble, hardworking, innovative , brilliant, trailblazer, inspirational role model mother. grandmother boss mentor friend $5 billion and she pulled longtime aide dave brown what's appointed to serve the rest of her term on the board after her tragic death last month. surrounded by wilma chan's aids and colleagues. he promised to carry on her legacy as an advocate for families and seniors and to expand access to health care in san mateo county. convicted murderer scott peterson was re sentenced today and the killing of his pregnant wife and their unborn son. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us instead of the death penalty.
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peterson will now spend the rest of his life in prison. i see no sorrow or remorse from you at all. i still feel the grief every day after 19 years. those were the tearful words in court of sharon rocha lacey peterson's mother before scott peterson was re sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing lacey and their unborn son in 2000 and two rocha said lacey's dead scott because he trusted you, she added, your evil, self centered, unforgivable acts ended two beautiful souls. rojas pain was evident as she called her former son in law, a coward for killing lacey and their unborn son, conner, who would have been 18 now wrote to said she imagines connor would have had dark hair and dark eyes like lacey. authorities say he dumped her body from his fishing boat in san francisco bay around christmas eve 2000 and two scott peterson wanted to speak at a sentencing, but the judge would not allow it. peterson did not show any visible emotion. petersons original death sentence was overturned by the california supreme court on appeal. justice has said the
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trial judge had wrongly tossed prospective jurors who were against the death penalty assuming they wouldn't follow the law. peterson's attorney, pat harris, said the evidence shows that burglars were responsible for the killings. the prosecution said peterson had an affair with amber frye, the time of laces disappearance , but the defense attorney said his client was devoted to his wife. he would have never. ever harm lacey and connor. i think he wanted to talk about the fact that they went to great links to have a child. our family is in this for the long haul. jamie peterson says her brother in law was wrongly convicted. there is no forensic evidence. there is no timeline to this crime. scott peterson is innocent. and we are now trying to reverse that. scott peterson will be back in court for weak long hearing in february to determine whether he'll get a whole new trial entirely on the grounds of juror misconduct. the defense says a juror was biased against peterson because she failed, disclosed that she got a restraining order when she
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herself was pregnant in redwood city. henry lee ktvu fox two news. legal analyst michael cardoza told us at four why he thinks the judge did not allow scott peterson to speak at the hearing. it becomes very emotional. it really won't affect the court. but it will affect the public and the judge, i would think knows what they're trying to do is affect the published thinking about this, and i completely understand that but often times when you have situations where you let a defendant speaking court, it becomes way too volatile and bad things happen in the courtroom. you never know what a defendant's going to say. well, they accept responsibility, or they turn to the family and say something emotional and then all things break out in the courtroom, and they're not good. so that's one of the reasons the judge doesn't allow it. cardoza said he expects to see more from the defense on their theory that
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a burglary at the peterson's home is linked to lacey peterson's disappearance and murder. gender inequality claims in the east bay coming up tonight at 10 30 how a girls' basketball team took matters into their own hands when they discovered the boys team had access to equipment that isn't shared with them. and we've got rain back in the bay area forecast a little bit for tonight and then a bunch more as we head towards the end of the weekend. we'll look into that when i see you next. first covid, then a fire and the drought bay area ski shop has had its fair share of challenges . how the owner is working now to stay in business. it's like being a dry farmers. it doesn't rain. your crops are not coming up the same thing with skiing if up the same thing with skiing if it doesn't snow. ♪ ♪ ♪
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challenges in recent years, including a fire over the summer and a burglary just last week. ktvu is amber lee joins us now live after speaking with him and amber, he says this weekend's forecast for rain and snow is giving him some hope. that's right. julia, the owner, is temporarily. really running his business out of this small building behind me testament, perhaps to his resiliency and determination. this is
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definitely all mountain ski out here for this year as helm of sun valley ski shop in san mateo has been operating out of its storage space after a fire severely damaged its store. put your foot in here. relying on personalized service to retain customer loyalty. you know, we want to treat our customers well and we are known for good boot fitting, and sometimes a lot of people who skiing know that boots can be ski boots can be uncomfortable. i've been coming here since probably 1997. i was a little kid. um i came here when i was a kid to get skis and boots. but owner gary hold tells me he has faced many challenges that drought competition from online sales and that fire in august in the lower left hand corner. flames from a fire the owner says was caused by a faulty lithium battery, the 8000 square foot store and its content heavily damaged. it's
10:17 pm
just incredible how they just melted. whole estimates $600,000 in damage. the drought, he says, is a major concern. but a bit of a reprieve wednesday morning when he heard the weather forecast. steve gets excited with weather from ktvu meteorologist steve paulson. i think a foot of snow looks likely out of this and multiple fetuses. no okay, i better go in early because it's going to get busy whole worked here as a teenager and took over the business almost four decades ago , now temporarily in a much smaller space. with some work, such as cleaning smoke damaged items outside in the parking lot , customers say helm a small independent business is an important part of the community. they would be able to provide me with the advice i cannot get in a big store. the owner tells me . just last week, someone broke into his fire damage store and stole items. just another challenge. just following you do is keep putting one ft in front
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of the other. go as best you can. just like title kid. alrighty checking in on our weather. in fact, we are going to get snow. it's going to work out for our friend, the ski shop owner and as we expect the snow to start falling late tonight, early tomorrow morning, they could see 12 inches of snow up around the lake tahoe area. for us a few 107 inch of rain, not a lot going on. but the big story is we've been shouting from the hilltops is that on sunday and monday and tuesday, it's going to go off like it looks like a really legit pattern with atmospheric river. not completely focused on us, but pretty focused on us. so it looks like maybe 36 hours. it really some significant rainfall . and then, of course in the mountains means that time. so right now we've got this. here's the radar and just shows a little bit of. light rain coming
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down. it's been drizzles been sprinkles the most i've seen is like five hundreds of an inch trace amounts. but really sometimes this stuff is the most dangerous because it's uh, it's the it's. really not enough to make you slow down, i guess. and so there's roser slick, and that glaze can cause problems. so please be careful. and tomorrow morning, there'll be a little bit of that to what weather returns that chance for shower exists tonight. but then rain develops on sunday and monday. big snow in the mountains. winter storm warnings there. i'll see you back here with the complete forecast in a few minutes. okay, we'll see you then. bill. thank you. authorities have arrested a father and son in connection to the massive halldor fire. the el dorado county district attorney's office, says david scott smith and his son, travis , shane smith, are both accused of reckless arson. now their attorney says that charge includes starting a fire by accident, but to such a degree that it was considered reckless . now you'll remember the caldera fire burned more than 221,000 acres. and forced
10:20 pm
widespread evacuations, including evacuations in the city of south lake tahoe. the fire destroyed more than 1000 buildings. both suspects are now being held on $1 million bail, and they're expected to appear in court on friday. the holiday tree and jack london square underwent repairs today after authorities say an arsonist set it on fire earlier this week, fire officials say someone said the 52 ft tall tree on fire early monday morning. today burned branches were cut off debris and burn lights were picked up and the tree was inspected to make sure it's safe . officials say the tree lighting ceremony set for this saturday will go on as planned. fire department spokesperson tells ktvu. there is evidence that fire was deliberately set, apparently by someone on a bike. well tonight. we'd like to thank everyone who contributed this year and supported our annual partnership with one warm coat. thanks to your generosity. some of those new and gently worn coats were distributed earlier today at the greater richmond interfaith program in richmond.
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are one warm coat drive ended on sunday. we are still counting up the number of coats collected at the various bay area mall locations so far, though over 14,000 coats have been dropped off at ups stores and big o tires, and we appreciate everyone's generosity. we sure do well coming up a teen arrested for attacking a police officer on the peninsula also ahead. tonight, the defense rests its case in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. the experts who say it could all come down to the former ceos. testimony also a recall debate in san francisco. what those for and against the recall of three school board members had to say tonight.
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investigators say he attacked it officer and made threats to others. this happened just after midnight this morning on monte monte diablo avenue. police say they got a call about a group of
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people threatening residents there. when officers arrived, they found that teen and another suspect. police say an officer went up to the 17 year old in the team, then punched the officer in the face. officers eventually detained both suspects and found a fake gun and a pipe shaped like a baton. after seven days of testimony from elizabeth holmes, the defense rested its case in the federal fraud trial against her, but as ktvu evan sernoffsky tells us closing arguments won't start until next week. elizabeth holmes had one last chance to make an impression with this jury before the defense rested its case. attorneys will now argue about the jury instructions. before closing arguments begin right here next week. it's been more than three months and more than 30. witnesses have taken the stand in the federal fraud trial against elizabeth holmes, but no witness was more important than homes herself. who wrapped up her testimony wednesday morning
10:25 pm
. i suspect the jury is glad to have this over there, the ones who have had to really focus intensely and carefully. the judge scheduled final arguments for december 16th and 17th. meaning the jury will begin its deliberations just days before christmas, having them sit with her testimony in a positive way without the government, putting together the argument. may give some advantage to the defense. in this case, the jury will have to decide whether holmes is guilty of nine counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy related to her failed blood testing company theranos. holmes testified that she never intended to deceive investors who put hundreds of millions of dollars into her company. she admitted theranos was using modified third party equipment to test patients. blood. not the analyzers that were the cornerstone of her company. she said she never told investors or partner walgreens about the manipulations because they were trade secrets in this case. was
10:26 pm
she believable or not believed. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says the entire case is distilled down to what holmes said on the stand. if. any of the jurors believe her for whatever reason. in their minds . they will make excuses for everything she did at theranos. if you don't believe her, there will be no excuses. the defense declined to call an expert witness to bolster homes claims that she was abused by former partners sunny by wani. prosecutors are expected to ask to have that testimony stricken from the record. it's unclear if either side will benefit from having the jury deciding the case just before christmas. the judge said, if necessary, deliberations will go on until next year. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. a bay area girls basketball team went undefeated
10:27 pm
last season, but this year they discovered the boys get to use a piece of equipment. they don't have access to. we played the same game, so seeing that we couldn't use the same equipment that benefits both girls and boys. was just shocking honestly , at first after the break new attend why the school says it does not violate any rules and the investigation now underway, also still ahead. one of the 49ers key players returns to practice market. benitez has that story later tonight in sports. and a transit considers the vaccine mandate for their drivers. tonight's vote coming up later in this show.
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but our here, we are just getting started. the whistle over inequality. they say the boys basketball team has access to some
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equipment that is not shared with them. it is since sparked an investigation by the u. s. department of education office for civil rights. new at 10 tonight. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz spoke with some of the athletes who say they just want equal opportunities. brooks that's right, julie. this settlement agreement means changes are coming to james logan high school in union city. specifically it settles the score over equipment and resources between girls and boys sports teams that all started with a few female athletes and one very persistent parent. hard work, teamwork and talent. it's what led to an undefeated season last year for the james logan high school girls basketball team. we work our hardest on the court and off the court to work together. i always love to sports so practice and looking forward to getting better. it's always been something that i've loved. but earlier this year, they noticed something the boys team had that they didn't. this
10:31 pm
is a shooting machine, a tool to improve accuracy, agility and ability. trouble is the female athletes were told they're not allowed to use it. we played the same game, so seeing that we couldn't use the same equipment that benefits both girls and boys. it was just shocking. honestly at first, it bothered team captain annika horn again her teammates and when she told her mom her mom called foul. you're basically telling them that they're not worthy. that they don't matter and. you don't have time for them, rallying parents and writing messages to school administrators concerned it was a violation of title nine, which protects athletes from discrimination based on sex . but the principle later said no violation here, claiming it's outside the scope of equal access. since the boys team fund raised in purchased the shooting machine without the schools held
10:32 pm
, especially knowing the two teams practice at different times, and the shooting machine is locked up. while the girls are training. we know we live in a world where. we don't get the same opportunities and for them to not do anything hurts. the school did repair a broken older shooting machine for the girls' team to use but that still didn't sit well with this mother . she filed a formal complaint with the u. s department of education office of civil rights , which opened an investigation always say it's not just the shooting machine. the shooting machine is in analogy. so what we saw during the n c. a. a. playoffs with the inequality when it came to equipment and training facilities and even food. she's referring to this. i got something to show y'all. so for the ncaa march madness, the biggest tournament and college basketball for women. this is our weight room. let me show you all the men's weight room. i feel like it's always been that way. even as a child. i feel
10:33 pm
like we've always been at like a disadvantaged. but just weeks ago, the office of civil rights finished its investigation expressing concern in backing up the female athletes. the new haven unified school district without admitting guilt, signed a resolution agreement. now a shooting machine schedule has to be posted to reflect equal access. administrators and coaches have to go through professional development training over title nine requirements, and by early next year, the school must evaluate all sports equipment to determine if other disparities exist. it's very similar to a slap on the wrist. however, it's been documented. they were on notice. the district would not speak on camera, but the superintendent issued a statement saying, in part what we found were misunderstandings that could be mischaracterized as a title nine issue. we strive to make all programs academic and athletic, equitable for all students. but these athletes,
10:34 pm
saying they still feels sidelined now, apology you know, saris and nothing and still unable to use the newer shooting machine, they say, but their team has been busy fundraising in hopes of buying a brand new one that any high school athlete can take a shot at we play the same sport. it should be fair we use knowing that if we gotta scream machine, we would share it too. a new shooting machine costs roughly $6500. the girls' basketball team has already raised that money and is buying that machine. they're just waiting for the district to sign off so everyone can start using it. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. alright tonight, those four and against the recall of three members of the san francisco school board went head to head in a public debate. we can't have this current school board, uh, hire a new superintendent who's going to run things for the next 5 to 7 years, and that's going to happen before the november
10:35 pm
election, and the other issue is the budget. the state is coming and threatening. that they're going to take over. board president gabriela lopez, vice president farouk mollica and commissioner allison collins are all facing recall. it s special election that's set for february. 15th. commissioner mulligan was the only one participating in tonight's debate. supporters of the recall accused him and the others of mismanaging school reopenings during the pandemic, mishandling the budget and not hearing parents concerns. since i've been in leadership, the board has been stable, right? we have haven't been passing or introducing resolution. that's been chaotic, right? we've been showing leadership that's respectful to the public. carrying all parents. i'll talk to any parents. commissioner mollica added that this is the most diverse school board in the city's history and that he has introduced several resolutions to improve the district. housing is one of the biggest issues here in california, and it was
10:36 pm
only worsened by the pandemic. today, california attorney general rob bonta announced a legal settlement aimed at giving renters fair access to affordable housing. the $3.5 million settlement is with l. a based westwood llc, a corporate real estate investment company. bonta says westwood buys foreclosed properties, fixes them up and then flips them as fast as possible. during that process, westwood was accused of evicting renters without meeting legal requirements. depriving lawful tenants of their right to continue living on the property under a preexisting lease or for at least 90. days after foreclosure as required by law. a majority of the settlement money goes toward paying restitution to those wrongly harassed or evicted, but a half million dollars is earmarked for programs that will benefit california tenants or help combat homelessness. coming up tonight at 11, a large barn fire and contra costa county kills over a dozen animals, challenges
10:37 pm
firefighters faced and getting this under control. we are tracking raindrops in the bay area right now more rain to come. i'll see you back here with that. first after the break a record number of job openings across the country and that is good news for the economy. i want y'all to hear from me first. if you wanna be fresh, you gotta refresh, like subway®. like the new baja steak & jack with tender, thicker-cut steak and... wait sooo you're not coming out of retirement? i'm just here because subway has so much new, they bought time in this press conference to talk about it.
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newly passed infrastructure bill. and guess what? it's gonna be infrastructure decade now, man, the president visited, the kansas city area transportation authority, saying the bill will bring better and newer bridges, public transit and jobs to the area. his team is hoping the extended victory lap will spark support for the president,
10:40 pm
according to monmouth university . the infrastructure bill has a 66% approval rating. while monmouth shows the president has a 40% approval rating. republicans say those numbers will be good for them when the midterms come around. what this poll is telling us is we're going to take back the house and the senate and the american people want to change. that same monmouth poll shows just 23% of people approve of the job that congress is doing job openings in the u. s reached a near record in october, the labor department says employers posted 11 million open positions in october, nearly matching the record high reached in july. experts say it's a sign that companies are confident enough in the economy to expand. 4.2 million people quit their jobs in october. that's down from 4.4 million in september. it's still the third highest number of monthly resignations on record dating back to 2000. on wall street. the major indexes were higher for the third day in a row. the dow rose 35 points
10:41 pm
nasdaq gained 100, the s and p tacked on 14. analysts say traders are feeling more hopeful that omicron will not cause a major disruption to the u. s economic recovery. travel related companies were on the upside today, along with communications and healthcare stocks, california lawmakers are being asked to make the state and abortion sanctuary if roe v. wade is overturned. today. the california future of abortion council released a list of recommendations asking policymakers to pay for things like travel. lodging and child care for patients coming to the state. the report also asked lawmakers to reimburse abortion providers for procedures on those who can't afford them. the report has the support of top legislative leaders and governor newsom earlier today. on the four we spoke with state senator toni atkins about what being an abortion sanctuary will mean for all women. this is if you will taking stock of. what the
10:42 pm
barriers currently are in california, not just for others , but for californians as well to see what we need to do to make sure we have the ability to help our own residents as well as those who will be coming here. from other states to access legal, safe protected abortion. california already pays for abortions for many low income residents through the state's medicaid program, and california is one of six states that require private insurance companies to cover abortions, although many patients still end up paying deductibles and copayments. still to come tonight. a vaccine mandate delayed. we were hoping that it would come down faster than it has. and so we're trying to get the information out there. the east based school district that says it is pushing back its vaccine requirement as 39% of students remain unvaccinated, and it is definitely feeling a lot more like december. now. chief meteorologist bill martin will have a look at your complete five day fo
10:43 pm
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and at genesys, all of its employees in a 5 to 2 vote. under that plan, the board will meet with their three unions to negotiate how to implement the requirement. recent union vaccination rates ranged from 49% to 60. board directors say there has been comprehensive outreach, including a $100 incentive
10:46 pm
vaccine clinics and an online series two mythbusters questions about the vaccines. we're negotiating with the union to about it. for hazard pay or recognition pay, and that's nice . it recognizes the important work their employees are doing. it does absolutely nothing. zero zip. to protect them and their family what we can do to protect them and their families is put on this vaccination mandate. the board has yet to set a date for when the mandate will be enforced. the vaccine deadline has now been extended for students in the oakland unified school district, 39% of students remain unvaccinated. as ktvu rob roth reports because that number is so high students have another month now to get their shots before they face distance learning. the original deadline for oakland unified school district students was january 1st. that's when students 12
10:47 pm
years old and up had to either show proof of the covid vaccine or face distance learning again. but now the district says it won't be enforcing that mandate until january. 31st four weeks later. the feedback we were getting from families was just that they have not even gotten the form in time to make the appointments to get through the process, and so that's why we extended it. there are so maybe a more troubling reason, the district says. as of november, almost 40% of oakland students have not been vaccinated and we were hoping that it would come down faster than it has. and so we're trying to get the information out there. the oakland school board adopted the student vaccine mandate in september, which originally gave parents of full three months before it would take effect. the board said having students vaccinated would make students and staff safer from covid. but district officials and some parents are concerned about unintended consequences from keeping unvaccinated students from campus. a lot of the kids.
10:48 pm
who are presumably they're going to be excluded from school and have to transition potentially to the you know, virtual academy are some of the same kids who suffered the most from being out of school for a you know, all or most of last year, school officials are hoping one more month of education and outreach plus news of the omicron vary. it may persuade hesitant families to get backs in ated. some principles have really made it a priority. to reach out to the unvaccinated students, and that's what we wanted to extend the deadline to make sure that those that outreach could bear fruition in oakland, rob rock, ktvu fox two news. okay looking at some of the rain or light sprinkles falling around the bay area. we're seeing a little bit heavier activities that little darker green up there north of richmond. but the totals i've seen are still the most i've seen is up around mill valley and mount tam and those have been 0.5 so 507 inch the rest of us. have been looking at about a trace amount or 0.1. so we're
10:49 pm
getting that pattern change that we wanted couple systems went through. one went through a couple days ago. and this system is going through now tonight, this system going through now we'll deliver a few more sprinkles and maybe a little bit of sprinkle activity very early tomorrow morning, and that's it. and then it's just kind of breezy, cool. sun comes out a little bit. it's gonna be kind of nice stay just like that warm and then the main story, as you know is this system leaves there goes right and then, by the way in the mountains, they may get a foot of snow. but as it goes out and just opens the door for this whole activity sunday into monday and into tuesday, so that's kind of that's the weather headline is we've got a nice looking atmospheric river coming our way, and it looks like it's going to. it's going to deliver at least as of today. in the models. they all look pretty. bullish on this thing coming through. so there is the bay bridge. obviously some traffic on the bay bridge, as you might expect. always looks like a little bit more just because you got those bright lights coming at you, but overall, a good weather pattern
10:50 pm
force. it's going to be good stuff. san francisco lit up as his oakland and san jose for the holidays with the embarcadero is behind me here. beautiful night temperatures tonight are going to be in a point where we see dew point reach, so there's a temperature the real temperature ambient. and then there's the dew point temperature, which is on the right and the dew point temperature is going to get hit tonight, right and 52 degrees. in napa and the dew point temperatures 50 so two degrees more. two degrees less than napa . you've got fought so and we've had. we've been living with fox. we're going to see some more, but you can see how close the temperatures are, too dew point. so that's why i want you to seec river. it's looks pretty good. a lot of this moisture streaming over from the islands or the dateline. so very warm, moist of tropical also got a little cold there with it, and so that colder air is going to allow for the snow levels to be just a little bit lower, so snow levels will be down in the mountains will be a significant. snow event not just because it snows will be a little lower than an
10:51 pm
atmospheric river typically would be but because once this river goes through, or this first impulse goes or pulse, the main pulse goes through sunday and monday. there's secondary waves that go through and they kind of just go buy us with a few sprinkles, but in the mountains, it will deliver interests of snow because it gets caught up there on that west slope, and it just sticks you'll see. you know like you wednesday, thursday there'll be there'll be snow continuing to fall. even we're starting to dry out a little bit. so there's san francisco at lunchtime tomorrow . there's san francisco at the end of the day, and you're just in the upper fifties. not bad. forecast for tomorrow. then the model does. this clears it out pretty quick by seven a.m. that's tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon. plenty of sunshine. a little bit of fog lingering and then friday looks great. probably one of the better days we're going to see you know, but once we get into the weekend, and then here comes saturday and sunday, coming down the pipe. shell looks like good stuff again. we're still this is a ways out. so in terms of how is this going to impact you tomorrow? it's not really going
10:52 pm
back impact too much tomorrow at all. but in terms of the big picture that water year and the whole bit yeah, it's going to pack your salat, especially that sunday, monday and tuesday. i'll see you back here. i love it. we'll see them. they'll thank you coming up. steph curry has the three point record in his sights would tonight be the night sports director mark avancez is up next with sports coming up tonight on the 11 o'clock news how to businesses in one bay area county, where threatened o mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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so you can work that budget and get those savings. is with you tonight. hey, it was a long shot, right? get it long shot. steph curry history did not happen tonight, but it will . it's just a matter of time. but the warriors. this is how good they are. they were not
10:55 pm
bringing their a game, and they still handle portland's down a couple of guys themselves. steph needing 16 threes to take care of ray allen's record, he missed his four shots. and then the step back, and it all begins to shine for him sloppy second quarter, but it's steph with four threes in the first half. to get it going here he is, and this is a trend that just continues. he gets hammered. no foul, but he hit the shot. he lets the ref no. before halftime. come on, man. he was four of 12 from three. step in the second half, firing away blazers without dame lillard and c. j mccullum. so they were in trouble anyway. from the get go, they hang in there, but the game never endowed. steph was six threes on the night 22 points. that was his last of the night and minor electricity in the building tonight. they just had it handled and it's auto porter jr. on autopilot as he hit four of six from three. wind up with
10:56 pm
15 points. steps like it it one of 4 90 40 z 10 point win. warriors are 21 4. they hit the road saturday night in philadelphia. steph might do it. with his brother seth. on head we will see on the college courts tonight. could it be the glory days? a return to the hilltop for the usf dons they are off to their best start. and 45 years. can you say bill cartwright era down seven at halftime? here comes jamari bowyer with a big time three himself. he wound up with 27 to lead the dodds and once they catch fire against fresno state, it's over. patrick top will score it here high percentage shot, you might say. 71 63 the dons are 10. and so as i say best started 45 years taking to berkeley, the bears of cal hosting idaho state. you can see an accidental collision here. andre kelly and very cool.
10:57 pm
what's your brown? he goes. if you guys are just going to leave the ball there. i'll take it and handle it. he goes to the bucket. he's fell that counts. cal up 7.5 time. everybody was okay by the way bears busted out in the second half shooter's touch here. i don't know if you've ever seen this look at this role by large caiman right there. and look at it again. it just kind of rolls around. it hangs on the back to drop down. 72 46, cal and the bears even their record at five. and five dancing out there in berkeley. it's a long nfl season. you're going to lose some games, but some just kind of sticking your crop more than others. that was the case for the 40 niners against the seahawks game. they to a man felt they should have one frustrating for fans to watch. but. you've got to have the short term memory, shake it off and some good news in the offing deebo samuel, who didn't play against the seahawks, looking pretty spry. he did
10:58 pm
practice completely, but they say it's a possibility he'll go at it sunday against the bengals , and also they were without fred warner. great linebacker who did practice and evidently for sure will play against the bengals. he's been teaming up with his fellow linebacker aziz al shayr, who's just having a breakout season. in fact, he had 15 tackles against the seahawks, 10 of them on assisted believe me, his buddy fred warner's definitely noticed him. it's hard to kind of see when you're in the game, and you're playing off of them, but like walking from the sideline this past weekend. that dude is making some money. i'll say that, but he's balling. he's bawling out his mind right now, and we need it. we need a big time for this defense with his team. um. he's playing insane. he's got to keep it going. keep doing better. meanwhile the semi comeback of tiger woods continues, he said on television last week, he'll never play full time on the pga tour again after that horrific
10:59 pm
accident last february, but certainly doesn't mean we have seen the last of them as today. he announces that he will be playing as soon as next week at the p n c event, and this is a pga event. you can have a family member join you. it'll be his 12 year old son, charlie. remember. last year, charlie hit an eagle and they wound up tied for seventh place. and by the way, tiger woods for this tournament will be allowed to use a golf. cart and that's fair enough and they do anything to get to see him play. no matter what, you know you name it, he'll play. that's the sporting life right now, guys after going through what he went through, it's good to see him back. mark. thank you. next at 11. he was one of the rarest individuals in his ability. to reach out to people and make them feel at ease. but beloved bart manager is being remembered tonight by his
11:00 pm
colleagues after he was killed in a bicycle crash in oakland. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. bart employees are in shock after a well respected manager suddenly died . hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage in tonight for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener jamal thompson was killed over the weekend when he was thrown from his bike while riding through oakland shepherd canyon park. ktvu zach sauce joins us now with how his colleagues are remembering him. zach. good evening. caring funny and beyond hardworking. those are just some of the ways jamal thompson is being described tonight by his family, friends and former coworkers that bart, a man they say was simply taken away from them too soon. we have a hole in our heart for his passing lynn williams, still reeling over the loss of her colleague, bart 41 year old jamal thompson. he was my co worker. he was my personal friend.


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