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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 9, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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detectives and contra costa county have finally solved a 25 year old murder case using dna evidence. hello again, everyone . i'm julie julie haener. and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank 21 year old priscilla lewis was killed in 1996 while working at a pizza restaurant in crockett. her killer had never been found until now. ktvu elissa harrington joining us live from the newsroom and alyssa. you spoke with family members who are finally now getting some closure. alex you know, it's really emotional because we actually met at that pizza parlor where their loved one worked. the family and friends tell me that they never stopped looking for priscilla lewis's killer. they even held a vigil just two years ago to renew interest in the case. now, after more than two decades, the case has been solved and loved ones say, although this does not bring lewis back, it does provide some peace. it's been rough. it's a you know, spend a long road times. you know you like quit troy kins. low said
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there were times he thought they would never find the person who murdered his cousin priscilla luis alejo, but 25 years later, the contra costa county sheriff's office solved the case with the use of modern dna technology. when something happens, it's been this long. his closure for me. doesn't bring her back and never bring him back. but for me, it's closure. kins low, shared these pictures of his cousin, he said . they were extremely close. they even lived in the same house import costed during their childhood. lewis was killed at age 21 while working as a waitress at a pizza parlor and crockett. her body was found in a basement bathroom. her cause of death was asphyxia due to drowning. it's a real close community. and everybody around here. there's a lot of people that are still here that we're here. when she was murdered. authorities use advanced dna technology to crack the case. they submitted evidence to a crime lab last year, and this week it matched with 51 year old danny lamont hamilton's.
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hamilton's already serving time at a prison in san diego for sexual assault charges unrelated to this case. i just want something positive come out, yes, and that would be the don't give up. yes if, uh, you know, somebody in your family has been murdered or something. don't give up, especially technology. they got to now. hamilton's being charged with murder and numerous enhancements, including kidnapping and lying in wait. authorities have not revealed a motive. the contra costa county sheriff said that they will continue to investigate other unsolved homicides reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. finally some answers in this case. unless a thank you, thank you. alameda county is beefing up its criminal justice system in an effort to curb violent crimes. the alameda county district attorney's office has a new policy for criminals with guns. we've all
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seen the rising crime but in oakland, particularly the use of firearms. so that today we addressed the issues of bail with the courts and firearms. and so today if you were arrested for either using or possessing a firearm you're not being let out of custody. chief assistant of the da's office, terry wylie tells us they're also doubling the size of their felony trial staff to address serious cases. in addition, the da's office is reassigning attorneys to try to get caught up with the backlog of cases caused by the pandemic. we have new details tonight about the suspects accused of starting the cal door fire in eldorado county earlier this year, according to court documents released today. in addition to arson charges, both travis smith and david smith are also facing felony weapons charges. travis for converting a firearm into a machine gun and david for possessing a silencer. it's still unclear how the weapons charges are related to causing
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the fire, but the two are expected to appear in court tomorrow. a palo alto woman accused of starting the fund fire near reading back in september, has now been ordered to be sent to a state mental hospital. 31 year old alexandra suban eva has pleaded not guilty to arson charges, but two psychologists concluded that she cannot comprehend court proceedings. if she is convicted of starting that fire, she could face up to nine years in prison. the fawn fire burned about 8500 acres and destroyed 185 buildings. nude 11, a popular diner in antiochus has reopened after being shut down for failing to follow covid-19 protocols. contra costa county shut down. lumpy is diner yesterday because staff were spotted working indoors without wearing masks, and they were not checking proof of vaccination or for a negative covid test. the diner is on loan tree way, and it was fine several times. it's one of several restaurants and contra costa county that refused
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to comply with covid-19 mandates . lumpy is reopened this afternoon after agreeing to follow the rules. arson threats against to marin county businesses targeted because of their covid vaccination rules. one of them is a bar, the other a gym, and it appears they've been singled out by the same person. we get more tonight from ktvu deborah villalon, who joins us live from san rafael deb. allies most recent was a note left on this fitness club threatening to torch the place. but the threat the night before , i was even more startling in person. the note said. if your vaccine passport is not lifted by this time next week, this place will burn in west miranda paper mill creek saloon is as local as can be and about 10. people were here last friday night when a threat came to relax covid vaccination rules. door opens up a guy in a ski mask wearing all black. throws a note on the ground and runs off the manager and customers chased
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but lost the man in the darkness . saloon policy is novaks. no entry getting some pushback, but not like this. i'm threatening phone calls. a couple of people want to fight outside, but this is the first direct threat to you know to bodily harm, and the bar note at top is almost identical in handwriting and wording to a second one left the next night at a san rafael jim 20 minutes away. i was shocked. i figured, you know marin county. most people are. pretty vaccination friendly like the people in our gym at body kinetics, three marin county locations, nine and 10 members are immunized and can work out inside without a mask. the unvaccinated can exercise but only with a mask. this time employees found the threat taped to the front door attached about 11 p.m. saturday night. it's a threat and it's an act of violence and i feel like. a mandate is a mandate. you need to respect and follow the rules
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. we want to make sure that our businesses are safe. police and sheriff's detectives are working to identify a suspect who could face charges related to criminal threats, depending on if he has the ability to commit the arsons based on the notes, saying that giving a time frame. you know, we don't we don't know what this individual is capable of. we don't know if they have the means or not the brazen threat with a one week deadline is the talk of this bar. and loyal patrons are angry. our little local bars are love bar. we don't have anybody that has hate here. so that feels like we've been targeted for hate. these threats came last friday and saturday nights, and since then the gym has improved its camera system and lighting. investigators are interested in tips from the public, and the saloon is offering a $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. reporting live in san rafael deborah villalon ktvu fox two news the majority of california
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children 12 to 17 years old are now fully vaccinated against covid, according to the state department's to public health more than 62% of that population is fully vaccinated, while another 8% of 12 to 17 year olds are partially vaccinated. that leaves about 30% not yet vaccinated. and today, the fda and cdc expanded the authorization of fighter booster shots for 16 and 17 year olds. with the holiday season upon us. the cdc is telling us that gathering safely depends on many factors. dr rachelle lenski with the cdc says getting vaccinated and getting a booster shot is one way to stay protected. but you should also check with those you're gathering with. do they practice similar prevention measures than you do? can you sort of say hey, for the two weeks before we all come together? let's make sure we're all wearing our masks outside. let's make sure we're not, you know, in in an indoor party without our masks on where we don't know what our exposure might be. the cdc also
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recommends testing negative before arriving to an event and avoiding crowded indoor parties. dozens of rust crew members, including alec baldwin signed a letter addressing that deadly gun accident that killed a cinematographer. how they refute claims the set was dangerous. also ahead. it's been one month since supervisor wilma chan was hit and killed while walking her dog in alameda. coming up next, dog in alameda. coming up next, the changes being d mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word...
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to authorize a strike. this is video from about a year ago when staff rallied at the oakland campus over stalled contract talks. a union representative tells the chronicle that a strike of about 110 staff members could happen early next year. employees say they're frustrated over wage cuts, changes to job duties and failure to reach a contract. tonight, the city of alameda held a community meeting on pedestrian and bike safety improvements along grand street . that meeting focused on a number of improvements around would school to make it safer to drop off and pick up children. city planners also discussed plans to create protected bike lanes and for roundabouts to replace some intersections along central avenue. they are seen as reducing fatal and severe injury collisions by like between 80 and 90% so they are quite effective, while also reducing delays. and quite nice
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aesthetics and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, etcetera as ktvu is, rob roth tells us now the focus on pedestrian safety follows the tragic death of alameda county supervisor wilma chan just over a month ago. of floral memorial sits by a crosswalk on alameda shoreline drive near grand street attribute and reminder of what happened here. a car struck and killed alameda county supervisor wilma chan while she was walking your dog in a crosswalk last month chance death, perhaps put a public face on a plan approved by the city council this week. aimed at making alameda is most dangerous streets and intersections. more safer drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. what it did do is it helped us realize that we needed to accelerate the plan to make it it happened and in even shorter period of time. the plane is called vision zero. it calls for at least 20% of alameda streets to see
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improvements that 20% that have seen the most accidents. we want to encourage people to get out of their cars and use other means. have traveled their feet their bikes, but to do that successfully, we have to show them that our streets are safe. some residents are saying the streets are not safe. people just raring down the streets incredibly fast. with regard for other people's safety. alameda has seen four traffic deaths each of the last two years, double the yearly average. among those deaths is former ktvu news director fred's ender, who was struck and killed by a drunk driver at the intersection of lincoln avenue and walnut street in june. we are looking at these high injury. and death corridors where people go especially fast looking at ways to slow the traffic down on shore line where chen was struck higher visibility. cross works are planned, along with the possibility of removing left turns on grand street. it makes the alignment for the driver heading straight better. so that
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they can see better. the goal of vision zero is to get to zero traffic deaths by the year 2035 . that would be to rob roth ktvu, fox two news. hundreds of people gathered today to remember kevin nishida, the retired police officer, who died last month after being shot while protecting a tv news crew in oakland. the funeral procession for machida made its way through downtown san jose as police officers lined the streets and saluted it then made its way to san jose civic center, where an hours long buddhist themed service was held. machida work for oakland's housing authority, police department and the san jose and coma police departments before retiring and moving on to private security officers and friends described him as caring, professional and selfless. seven will always be remembered. as a kind, enjoyable person. with a large. than life smile and
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helping hand he proved to all of us one last time. how brave he truly was when he protected that news crew on that faithful 24th day of november. the 56 year old was shot just before thanksgiving, and he died days later. police tonight are still searching for his killer. still ahead tonight. why you could soon see more dungeness crab for sale just in time for christmas. we are tracking rain back into the bay area big snow for the mountains as well. the five day forecast is next. also a desperate plea for blood donations, the historic shortage that hospi
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and at genesys, crew members from the film rust about the gun accident on set
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that killed the cinematographer . the letter was posted on baldwin's instagram account. the statement describes the set as of rust as professional and says that morale was high prior to the shooting in new mexico in october. baldwin has said he did not pull the trigger of the gun that killed helena hutchins. the letter says, in part, quote the descriptions of rust as a chaotic, dangerous and exploitative workplace are false and distract from what matters the most. the memory of helena hutchins and the need to find modern alternatives to outdated industry, firearm and safety practices. some good news tonight for dungeness crab lovers. the state department of fish and wildlife announced today that beginning next thursday, commercial fishing will be allowed on the coast. between pigeon point and lopez point in big sur. this comes as commercial fishing remains closed around san francisco to protect dozens of humpback whales recently spotted in the area. commercial crab fishing
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began december 1st north of the sonoma mendocino county line. felt right. enjoy the next couple of dry days because things are going to change rapidly as we get in towards sunday, well saturday night into sunday, monday and tuesday. you heard all about it already. i'm sure the atmospheric river shows up urban areas could see 2 to 5 inches of rain over a couple of days, so that's manageable. in some areas, you know that last atmospheric river we had some of the urban areas got like, eight inches of rain. right so that's that. this is their six inches of rain, so this is reasonable. it's still a lot. coastal hills could see 5 to 7 inches, maybe a foot. you know how that works, right? you get into the santa cruz mountains up around jenner. it doesn't take much to you know the right south facing hillside of 800, ft or so if it's cupped , and it can really funnel the moisture in there, it'll get a lot of rain. windy too. it'll be gusts up to 35 45 50 miles an hour, so it's a storm and it's a good one. it looks like we're going to probably see some hydro
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problems, especially as we get into monday night and tuesday, and that's mostly about just urban and small stream stuff, right. the roadways get the concrete. you know the runoff. it just kind of builds up and that much rainfall over a couple of days you're going to have some standing water on freeways , the usual deal, so just think about that for commutes on monday and tuesday and then the model does this. it just sets up the saturday looks friday looks good. saturday looks good. and then here comes sunday monday tuesday, so like that it sets up to be a pretty wet starting saturday night late the model if you look at this, you're going to see. basically the bullseye being the oranges and the reds, and that's where that atmospheric river is going to do. its most best work is on those west facing slopes is sharon, nevada. that's why quite frankly, we're expecting. ah plus five ft. plus up there could be could be seven. ft could be eight. ft really, just really depends on how things how long it's six around how slow it moves. sometimes these things get stuck in position. tonight's
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going to be called tomorrow is going to be a nice day, overnight lows as cool as they've been in a while, probably this season or at least close to this season. it's 37 right now in fairfield, so you're going to see frosty frost advisory for that fairfield area for vacaville, 14 degrees cooler and fairfield. the forecast for tomorrow. mostly sunny starts off in the morning. clear ends up clear saturday morning. starts out pretty nice ends up partly cloudy. and then here comes sunday and then into monday, so that's the deal and again, it looks like we're going to be pretty much on target for 3 to 5 inches of rain. there's a five day forecast. i'll see you back here on sunday. bill. thank you. bay area blood bank say blood supplies are at an historic low, largely because of the pandemic. ktvu jana katsuyama tells us the red cross is now making an urgent plea for more donations so they can meet demand through the holidays. for me. this will be a little bit of a hard christmas. it's our first christmas. without him. there are many
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gifts people can give during the holidays. alec apec knows the ones that mean the most. her step dad, paul davis got sick suddenly last january, just 54 years old and had to go into the hospital. a lot of bleeding that was happening, and so the platelets actually. gave him a fighting chance to have the surgery that he needed those platelets, and the surgery, she says, helped keep him alive for another two precious weeks. in that moment, when you know my loved one was sick. it really meant a lot. now she's helping others becoming a donor at the red cross blood center in san jose. it's a gift needed now, more than ever. it's the lowest blood supply that we've had in the last decade. cantor in ceo of the american red cross is silicon valley chapter, says the bay area is severely short on blood platelets and plasma. the usual blood drives at schools and workplaces have decreased during the pandemic. that's meant a 48% drop in new blood donors this year in the bay area
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, and the short supplies are coming at the time when they're needed most during the holiday season. we do collect 40% of the nation's blood, so we're the largest blood operation in the country. what supply there is comes from regular donors. heroes like brian hotta, who has been donated his blood and plasma for some 20 years now. and although he never sees the faces of the people who receive his donations, it just makes you feel good that you're able to help somebody who really needs a lot of help. just be thankful that. you know for the people you have in your life, and these you know, thinking about those weren't there with you. people bringing life and hope to others in this season of giving, and the red cross is hoping that other people will make that gift . this year. they've planned a number of blood donation drives throughout the bay area starting on december 17th and hope it will get them through this holiday season in santa's a jana katsuyama ktvu. fox two news. the nation's top ranked
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basketball team was stunned tonight in new jersey market bond is with the wild ending. you don't want to miss next in sports, but first there, california man has claimed a massive lottery jackpot. scott godfrey bought the winning powerball ticket at an albertsons store in morro bay that's on the central coast. he matched all six numbers drawn back in october, and that earned him the $699 million prize. it's the largest jackpot ever won in california lotto history. you're watching
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there's this feeling we chase... chelike someone upped theo see brightness on the entire world. a full body endorphin rush we'll chase again and again. feel the hydrow high this holiday season. from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford, with preventive care at no extra cost. enroll by december 31st. with you. the sharks have been playing real good hockey of late , particularly against teams
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that come in hot. not tonight, although the score five to not really as bad as you thought. that gentleman had a good time. i guarantee it wherever he goes . he has a good time. san jose down to the minnesota wild three. nothing. watch erik karlsson shot on goal. nice redirect by jonathan dahl and you'll see it on the replay here. his eighth of the year. suddenly, the sharks are within 31, and not long after they find themselves on the power play situation dull and again, those times shot is blocked. tomas hertl four goals in his last two games, and suddenly. it's 32. they got a good crack at it under two minutes, though, forced to pull their goalie loose puck. they can't hold it in their own zone race for the puck. defenseman brent jones cannot stop jordan's greenway from scoring and the wild. add another for that 52 final, and like i said the wilder hot they've now won eight straight. best record in all of the west 49ers. we'll hit the road
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tomorrow, headed for cincinnati to try and take on the bengals and get back on the winning track. and in the meantime, thursday night football, this looked like a complete disaster in the first half for the pittsburgh steelers. dalvin cook , one of the main reasons for that he pumps up his team pumped himself up. he's on the loose 29 yard touchdown. he rushed for 205 yards. that's the highest total by an individual on the ground. this year, they built up a 29 lead. here comes ben roethlisberger, with the flip to najee harris of area, of course. suddenly it's 29 7. you're saying that? well at least they won't get shut up. but then they go into the end zone again with harris and suddenly it's down to this 36 28 final play of the game perfect passed by roethlisberger. to pet frying halls, and he cannot hang on the safety heiress tin smith kind of knocked it away. the vikings take the victory. it actually turned out to be a heartbreaker for the steelers. instead of a
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laugher for the vikings, who are right on the heels of the 49ers for a wild card spot. alright as you may have heard the number one team on the college courts this year undefeated. they found a way to lose their first game in a very unusual way, and you must check this out. ation going to work. get it answer. three seconds. no time out. harper for the land. i love that right. wow wow, whose dad was a star. in the nba for many years, he worked for that shot. it wasn't like one of those wild easy, you know, tosses, and there it is, as rutgers upends number one. purdue the boilermakers first loss of the year. 72 68 is the final and produced will not.
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finish the season undefeated. what a way to lose top team there? yeah once in a lifetime moment, for sure. mark thank you if you got it, right. goodnight, everybody. thanks for joining everybody. thanks for joining us. hey, whatcha doing? improving our wedding photos. oh, that's nice. wait, i'm still in them, right? of course. and not only you. i've added some guests who couldn't be there. who's that next to my father? the wright brothers. and why are they at our wedding? orville, because i admire him; wilbur, because he was orville's plus-one. (computer chimes) oh. you got an e-mail from someone named tam. tam? what does he want? uh... looks like he's coming to give his son a tour of caltech. he's hoping you guys can meet up. (scoffs) he would like that, wouldn't he? well, that is the gist of the e-mail. who's tam? he was my best friend in the whole world growing up.


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