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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 10, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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we're learning about that latest case as the health department continues to push for people to get their booster shots and eligibility is expanding to two more age groups. plus from gas to groceries. the price of just about everything continues to rise. the new numbers released today surrounding inflation and what they mean for the u. s economy. also preparing for this weekend storm what to expect as a wet weather system get ready to make its way into the bay area. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and i'm mike mibach to bay area getting ready for a big storm to roll in this upcoming weekend as we give you a live look at it. the oakland estuary san francisco and the distance a lot of blue sky out there just a beautiful friday afternoon, but things aren't going to be changing this upcoming weekend. now, the last time we actually saw a significant amount of rain was on november, 9th. and it's not
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just rain we're talking about here in the future, pull out the coats and get ready for some freezing temperatures and then up in the sierra. it's all smiles. they've already been getting some snow, and it's now cold enough where resorts can resume snow making operations. both kirkwood resort and heavenly actually plan to reopen tomorrow. not all the runs, though, will be open. and this next big storm will be a snow event up in tahoe, and we're not talking about inches of snow here but feet of snow by the middle of next week, let's turn it over to meteorologist rosemary oroczo. and this is what we have been waiting for a nice big cold storm. rosemary mike and garcia. hello to you. we are looking at a soaker coming our way for the bay area. and as mike mentioned feet of snow expected for the sierra, we're talking about 1 to 4 ft, all the way down about 5000 ft. and some of those higher elevations could see 4 to 8 ft of snow. meanwhile to break down we have the chilly, dry air in place for today, most of
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tomorrow with the rain expected to develop tomorrow night lasting into tuesday. some of the heaviest rain is expected on monday. and with that we're looking at very gusty conditions as well. so we do expect some minor flooding in those urban areas. better details on the timeline and what we can expect here at home as well as the winter storm watch that goes into effect for this year starting saturday evening, lasting through tuesday evening , with white out conditions possible and very hazardous conditions along those highways , so better details on the timeline and what we can expect with this next storm coming up in just a little bit rosemary oroczo. macron varied in that county. the briefing just wrapped up minutes ago, katie was alley rasmus. live in the newsroom with this update now, ali cassius santa clara county health officer, dr sara cody says the first document documented case of the ah macron variant in her county was in a person who had recently traveled to florida earlier this month. now this person was vaccinated but hadn't yet received a booster shot. she says the
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person was planning to when they started experiencing symptoms. the good news, though, is that this person symptoms are mild, very mild, dr cody emphasized. she said that that should highlight the importance of being vaccinated. and we don't know the person's age gender, but we do know they lived in the northern part is santa clara county, and that's where surveillance of the sewage system that public health officials have been doing also picked up traces of the macron variant as well. they are a resident of santa clara county. they were fully vaccinated, but not boosted, and their illness was mild, and they are the first report. i am confident they are not the first case or the only case, and i anticipate that we will hear of many more macron detections in the very near future. clearly the two dough series is just not enough. so we really want to urge people that they need the booster. it's now
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we want to consider it part of that primary series, and we really need to add that on as a as a necessity. it's not yet required. so the push to get boosters was a big part of this as well. we spoke with dr jake scott, who is an infectious disease physician with stanford health care, he says. we can expect more breakthrough cases with, um rick omicron to become more common, but for people who are vaccinated and especially boosted that should not cause panic. i think that it's really important that we don't characterize these breakthrough infections as failures or or signs that the vaccines aren't working because there's so much more to the immune responses that are stimulated by vaccines than just the ability of antibodies to block infection. no so far, santa clara county's vaccination rate is high. overall more than 80% of the total population there is vaccinated, but that boosts but the booster vaccination rate, according to health officials, is. not as high as they like it
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to be right now, just about 39% of people eligible for a booster have gone out and get and received one in santa clara county. so anyone who is 16 and older who had their original covid shots more than six months ago, is eligible for a vaccine booster and health officials in santa clara county really want people to get them live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu boxter news. all right, ali. thank you . the latest numbers on inflation are out, and they showed the biggest increase in nearly four decades. prices have been increasing on everything from food to use vehicles, electronic to household furnishings. according to the u. s. labor department. that consumer price index rose 8/10 of a percent in november and during last year prices are now up 6.8% that is the highest level since june of 1982. fueling the inflation has been a mix of factors, including supply shortages at factories in the u. s and abroad. and a flood of government stimulus as well as low interest rates. new at noon , hundreds of san francisco school students walked out of school today to protest the district's response regarding
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sexual assaults and harassment on campus. the students from schools across the city held a brief sit in at school district headquarters, then marched to city hall for this rally. they were joined by san francisco supervisors myrna melgar and hillary ronan. the students say they're upset over what they're calling a climate that often ignore sexual harassment and assault. they say the san francisco unified school district has failed to protect victims. incidents without further traumatizing or triggering the survivors. that's simply not okay. this looks like having trusted adults in conversation validation without physical evidence of the incident. and survivor confidentiality as well as a timely follow up that list action. we understand that physical evidence is required to convict. however, there are measures that must be taken. protects your barber's, regardless. thank you for coming to city hall and fighting and demanding justice. women and girls and transgender women. the
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school district has not yet responded to the protests. but in a letter sent home last month, the district says it believes students when they say they feel harmed, unsafe and unprotected, says it wants all students feel safe, respected and supported when they come to school. the city of alameda is now taking action to help keep pedestrians safe. ktvu james taurus shows us what city planners hoped to accomplish on some of alameda is most dangerous streets. the city says they looked at about 10 years worth of data within that data. they found two problems. drivers are speeding much too fast around the area, and they're not stopping for pedestrians. for years, the city of alameda considered how they would make streets safer for those who walk and bike. they called it the vision zero policy. and just this week city council adopted the vision zero action plan, which sets the goal year for eliminating severe injuries and deaths from traffic crashes as 2035 contains over 50 actions
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aimed at increasing traffic safety safety, a major concern for people who are on these streets often people just raring down the streets incredibly fast with regard for other people's safety. some projects under the action plan expedited following the death of alameda county supervisor wilma chan last month. she was hit by a car while walking her dog near shore line and grand and we were able to bring in some federal funding to a resurfacing project to, um , do more safety improvements on that high injury corridor. some improvements call for restructuring the lanes, extending curbs and making the crosswalks high visibility. what exactly does high visibility means? in our case, we make ones that look kind of like a ladder and federal data shows that this kind of crosswalk can improve, yielding to pedestrians by drivers. so that's kind of like that classic crosswalk that youe of a school or something like
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that. city planners went over part of this plan during a workshop meeting thursday night. they mentioned, adding roundabouts closer to the nearby would middle school. they are seen as reducing fatal and severe injury collisions by like between 80 and 90% so they are quite effective, whil also delays and quite nice aesthetics and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. etcetera construction will start in the spring expected to be done by the end of 2022 the investment. will be worth about $2 million reporting in alameda . i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. the united states supreme court has handed down a rare december ruling in a fast track case involving a texas abortion law. both sides can claim at least a partial victory, and abortion advocates and opponents are looking to determine now, if today's ruling signals how the justices will rule in a landmark mississippi case. later this year, madeline rivera reports. by supreme court standards. it
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was a quick decision. on friday , the court ruled a taxes abortion law can stand while it is being challenged in lower courts. it's good news, while there is a pathway for this to continue to be litigated on the lower courts, it's good news because they allow to remain in effect. as it has for quite some time already saving thousands of lives. it was just a little more than a month ago. november 1st when the supreme court heard three hours of arguments over texas is unique abortion law that bans the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy and empowers private citizens to sue abortion providers for up to $10,000. at texas state judge on thursday ruled that enforcement scheme unconstitutional and said it could open pandora's box while the constitutionality of roe v. wade was not being argued in this case, the lead plaintiff last month said this law is still designed to chip away at abortion rights. unfortunately this law has blocked people's ability to get access to abortion for two months in the
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state of texas, people who live in texas should have that right just as much as people who live in the surrounding states. abortion opponents looking in a head to a landmark decision. and in mississippi case that could come down this spring. that will be the case that will likely to re frame the issue of wreck of reproductive rights. mississippi case does take direct aim at roe v. wade and could be the most significant abortion ruling from the high court in decades. at the supreme court. mala rivera, ktvu, fox two news. still to come at noon to push for help from the government, the efforts from major retailers and when he space city to crack down on retail crimes, plus i'm threatening phone calls. a couple of people want to fight outside. but this is the first direct threat to you know to bodily harm business owners on edge in the north bay. the investigation now underway after threats from someone who's upset with covid restrictions. in washe
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republican senator bob dole. family friends. president biden , vice president harris and former presidents clinton and bush, as well as members of congress attended the service
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this morning at the washington national cathedral. bob dole died on sunday at the age of 98 after battling stage four lung cancer president biden and dole's daughter robin delivered remarks during the ceremony. and this soldier reminded us and i quote. too many of us that sacrifice too much defending freedom from foreign adversaries to allow our democracy to crumble. in a state under a state of infighting grows more unacceptable day by day. i stand here with a heavy heart. and also as a grateful and proud daughter. i have had an incredible 67 years with my dad. bob dole's remains were also escorted to the world war two memorial at the national mall for another service this afternoon friends of the family
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as well as actor tom hanks spoke , dole's whittle elizabeth laid a wreath at the memorial back here in the bay area, a couple businesses in marin county or keeping an eye out after they received threatening messages about their novaks. no entry rule. ktvu is deborah villalon as this story. in western iran. the paper mill creek saloon is as local as can be, and about 10 . people were here last friday night when a threat came to relax. covid vaccination rules door opens up a guy in a ski mask wearing all black. throws a note on the ground and runs off the manager and customers chased but lost the man in the darkness . saloon policy is novaks. no entry getting some pushback, but not like this. i'm threatening phone calls. a couple of people want to fight outside, but this is the first direct threat to you know to bodily harm, and the bar note at top is almost identical in handwriting and wording to a second one left the next night at a san rafael jim
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20 minutes away. i was shocked. i figured you numbering county. most people are. pretty vaccination friendly like the people in our gym at body kinetics, three marin county locations, nine and 10 members are immunized and can work out inside without a mask. the unvaccinated can exercise but only with a mask. it hasn't been terribly controversial. they enforce it really well, too. so i'm really surprised to hear that somebody would leave a note like that. this time, employees found the threat taped to the front door attached about 11 p.m. saturday night. it's a threat and it's not violence and i feel like. a mandate is a mandate you need to respect and follow. the rules have been struggling. ah with covid. and we want to make sure that our businesses our safety, police and sheriff's detectives are working to identify a suspect who could face charges related to criminal threats, depending on if he has the ability to commit the arsons, based on the note, saying that it giving a time frame you know, we don't we
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don't know what this individual is capable of. we don't know if they have the means or not grazing threat with a one week deadline is the talk of this bar. and loyal patrons are angry . it's insulting to all of us. we won't stand for it are little local bars are love bar. we don't have anybody that has heat here, so that feels like we've been targeted for hate and marin county, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. get outside this new time on a friday, let's get over outdoor things done rosemary before the second half of the weekend. great advice, garcia. hello to you and mike happy friday to all of you. it is a beautiful day out there. but don't let all the sunshine for you. it's still cool. we're looking at temperatures in the mid upper fifties at best for the second part of the afternoon. here's a live look over san francisco. started out in the thirties and forties this morning, and some of our valley locations for freezing. i expect us to be very similar tomorrow morning. so if you are going to be out tomorrow morning. do
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expect another cold start very similar to today. the ridge of high pressure remains in place, although it will begin to break down and by tomorrow night, the system begins to work its way closer to the bay area with for most of us is going to hold off until sunday morning. here's a look at the future cast. here's today mostly clear skies a beautiful one out there. but make sure you have at least a few layers. we do have partly cloudy skies that want to sweep across as we get into the evening hours, maybe a beautiful sunset coming our way. there's a look at tomorrow morning. we start out with partly cloudy skies. the rain is still to the north of us as we get into the late evening hours, it does begin to move in. here is a look at 10 o'clock on saturday. and it's just approaching sonoma county area, perhaps like county , so saturday is going to be a dry day. a partly cloudy day sunday the rain arrives and it is expected to last for tuesday. perhaps wednesday into thursday . we're looking at quite a bit
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is going to be a soaker out there, with a few inches expected in many spots and perhaps 5 to 8 in areas of the north bay and our hills. here's a look at the future cast all the way out to next friday morning and anywhere from 3.5 or so over areas like san jose. to maybe 5.5 for santa rosa. more expected in our hills and as we mentioned at the top of the hour , the sierra is expected to get feet of snow anywhere from 4 to 8 ft. at those higher elevations , and i'll have more on that here in just a little bit. let's talk about today because again you are going to need a jacket getting out. 53 oakland 52 napa 55 half moon bay, and it's a little breezy in some areas. so be prepared for that the second half of our afternoon for today we'll go mid fifties and san francisco upper fifties in oakland, mid fifties livermore in san jose 57 as well as santa rosa. here's a better look at some of the afternoon highs for today. 54 in pacifica 56. expected in napa 54 in antioch and for our south bay 56 over morgan hill. getting into
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saturday. very similar setup. and then the interesting changes come our way with that wet weather on tap and expected to last at least a few days. better details on that plus snow for the sierra in the extended forecast coming up. cnn's second rosemary contra costa county cold case has been solved 25 years later how dna evidence helped identify the suspect in the murder of a woman in crockett. county has finally bee.
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homicide detectives say that dna evidence identified the person who killed a woman while she was working at a pizza restaurant in crockett, ktvu. elissa harrington spoke with family members about this development. it's been rough. it's a you know, spend a long road times. you know you like quit troy kins. low said there were times he thought they would never find the person who murdered his cousin priscilla luis alejo, but 25 years later, the contra costa county sheriff's office solved the case with the use of modern dna technology. when something happens, it's been this long. his closure for me. doesn't bring her back and never bring her back. but for me, it's closure. kins low, shared these pictures of his cousin, he said . they were extremely close. they even lived in the same house import costed during their childhood. lewis was killed at age 21 while working as a waitress at a pizza parlor and crockett. her body was found in
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a basement bathroom. her cause of death was asphyxia due to drowning. it's a real close community. and everybody around here. there's a lot of people that are still here that were here when she was murdered. authorities use advanced dna technology to crack the case. they submitted evidence to a crime lab last year, and this week it matched with 51 year old danny lamont hambleton. hamilton's already serving time at a prison in san diego for sexual assault charges unrelated to this case. i just want some positive come out, yes, and that would be that don't give up. yes uhh you know, somebody in your family has been murdered or something.ive up, especially with technology they gotno. elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. the entertainment industry has lost another musical talent, monkeys , singer and guitarist michael nesmith has died. he was 78 years old, according to rolling
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stone. he passed away this morning from natural causes. he was at his home and surrounded by family. nesmith wrote. many of the popular songs for the monkeys such as mary mary circle sky and listen to the band. still to come at noon. blood banks struggling with supply will take a look at the reason behind historic shortage and the call for help here at home in the bay area, plus. we have to work on different ways to monitor their activity. cracking down on retail theft the city in the east bay that's now turning to the federal government to help address a growing problem.
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and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. online in a letter to congress companies, including target home depot, and best buy, say criminals are capitalizing out there on the internet. this comes after a rise in organized retail crime. the companies want congress to pass a bill. that would make it more difficult for criminals to quote, hide behind fake screen names and false business information and quote. here in the bay area. law enforcement agencies are trying to crack down on thieves. and as ktvu andre senior reports one he's based city has reached out to at least two federal agencies and the state agency that all specialized in gathering intelligence. california has been in the spotlight lately.
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for all the wrong reasons, these so called flash mob robberies in the latest attempt to fight crooks from making off with high end goods. we've learned that recently minted walnut creek police chief jamie knox has reached out to the department of justice, u. s marshal's office and a state organization called the northern california regional intelligence center. or nick rick to make sure that we are doing all we can to share information and that information that may be gathered by other agencies is shared with those of us that are local level as well groups organizing the surprise robberies are communicating somehow. but there's a misconception that law enforcement can easily monitor these groups, says betsy burkhart, a spokesperson for the city of walnut creek. to be honest, there, not broadcasting this easily as they used to on traditional social media, so we have to work on different ways to monitor their activity. and that's where nick rick comes in potentially providing intelligence that could stop robberies before they happen, or protect targeted businesses.
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there's been a massive effort in recent weeks to find a solution to flash mob robberies. governor gavin newsom announced the proposed increase in his 2022 2023 state budget to combat retail theft. he also directed the california how we patrolled to increase their presence there. major retail sites. a similar collaboration underway in walnut creek, the contra costa county sheriff, reportedly providing deputies. to help patrol the downtown area of the city. that's in addition to the city council's recent approval of $2 million to hire five additional officers pay more overtime installed new security cameras and the purchase of a new drone in response to all those retail thefts. i reached out to chp spokesperson tells me that they are in collaboration with local area law enforcement agencies, but they didn't want to give any more details as to not tip off any potential thieves as to what they're doing to combat this type of crime. in the newsroom. i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. san francisco police say their efforts to curb crime or
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paying off since the department increased security and union square, it says there has been a significant reduction in assaults and burglaries. ktvu christian captain reports. san francisco police patrol vehicles continue to ring union square, with officers on patrol and now, police chief bill scott says the data are showing that saturating the area with officers is driving down crime. we've seen a significant drop in crime. overall, i'm talking about fromn into two burglaries. the police department says it has the first set of data comparing crime stats from the 16 days before and after the november 19th. flash mob style mass theft incident at union square. overall they say crime in the area is down by 82% assaults are down by two thirds from three incidents to just one burglaries down by 91% theft down by 82% the union square alliance, saying quote the recent response to public safety, traffic management and a robust presence by the san francisco police
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department are resulting in large crowds coming back downtown to shop skate, eat and enjoy their holiday season in a safe environment. while it seems to be working, the question is. how long can police maintain that presence? we're going to keep this deployment through the holiday season through christmas through new years. then we will have an increase of department from what it used to be. i can't guarantee that it'll be at this level. but we're going to keep this as long as we can. another concern is the possibility that criminals are simply shifting their behavior out of the union square area for the time being. supervisor asha safi from the city's southern neighborhoods, says the police surge around union square was the right move , but that it's not sustainable . other commercial areas also need police. i mean, we've had a small surge in our neighborhood. um near the cannabis industry businesses where people are. breaking into cars and there's robberies happening there that they've now diverted resources over to, so you absolutely have to make sure that you're able to spread out the resources
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throughout the city. the chief says it will take time to gather data to get a better picture of how the surge at union square has impacted the rest of the city. we do have a an entire city do police and we. are we are putting officers in other parts of the city as well because we don't want problems, too. disappear from here and go to another part of the city in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. across the bay. oakland leaders are working to combat a string of mass retail theft and a rise in violent crime there. the city council just this week voted to add police academies and unfreeze 60 positions. the move comes in contrast to vote that partially defunded the police department just this summer. today on mornings onto the nine i spoke with alameda county's public defender brendan woods, who wants the city to take a more holistic approach to the current crisis. he advocates for more community based nonprofit groups reaching out to youth and says even simple measures such as increased lighting can make a big difference. we know that there are. things that we've
12:35 pm
done in the community of worked like in new york. they did a random study. um what is increased street lighting. i mean street lighting and that reduced violent crime at night raid 36% cleaning up vacant lots in philadelphia correspondent to a 29% reduction in violent crime virus introduction programs. credible messengers always reduced violent crime. brennan would also says while there's been a lot of talk about alternative ways to help deter crime, there hasn't been sustained funding to implement the plans and programs necessary for change. a teenager was arrested for stabbing his father to death in oakland, according to the bay area news group. the stabbing happened about 9 30 last night on golf links road above the oakland zoo. police say the teenager in his father got into an argument his father was stabbed multiple times. this marks the 130th homicide in oakland this year this weekend in san francisco. a gun buyback program will be up and running where anyone can exchange guns for cash. no questions asked. the group united players is hosting the event tomorrow at 10 38 howard street. doors open at
12:36 pm
eight o'clock in the morning. now if you turn in handguns, shotguns and rifles, you will get $100 and you'll get $200 for turning in assault weapons. san francisco fire investigators looking into the death of a man write off china beach. firefighters say they received a report around 3 10 yesterday afternoon of the man in the water in distress. at eagles point, cruz, saying nearby swimmer tried to help rescue the man until boats arrived. he was eventually brought to shore and taken to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. tesla is facing its second lawsuit in less than a month, alleging a hostile work environment against women at the carmakers. fremont factory. tesla assembly line worker, erica cloud filed the lawsuit this week accusing her former manager of continuous and pervasive sexual harassment. she alleges that manager hugged and massager while making crude and suggestive remarks and says she is now experiencing retaliation from other managers. last month . another female tesla worker father lawsuit alleging sexual harassment at the factory. very
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of blood. banks say that blood supplies are at historic low levels largely due to the pandemic. ktvu jana katsuyama tells us the red cross is now making an urgent plea for more donations so it can meet demand through the holidays. for me. this will be a little bit of a hard christmas. it's our first christmas. without him. there are many gifts people can give during the holidays. ali capek knows the ones that mean the most. her step down. paul davis scott sick suddenly last january , just 54 years old and had to go into the hospital. a lot of bleeding that was happening, and so the platelets actually. gave him a fighting chance to have the surgery that he needed. those platelets, and the surgery , she says, helped keep him alive for another two precious weeks. in that moment, when you know my loved one was sick. it really meant a lot. now she's helping others becoming a donor at the red cross blood center in san jose. it's a gift needed now , more than ever. it's the lowest blood supply that we've
12:38 pm
had in the last decade. cantor in ceo of the american red cross is silicon valley chapter, says the bay area is severely short on blood platelets and plasma. the usual blood drives at schools and workplaces have decreased during the pandemic. that's meant a 48% drop in new blood donors this year in the bay area, and the short supplies are coming at the time when they're needed most during the holiday season. we do collect 40% of the nation's blood, so we're the largest blood operation in the country. what supply there is comes from regular donors. heroes like brian hotta, who has been donated his blood and plasma for some 20 years now. and although he never sees the faces of the people who receive his donations , it just makes you feel good that you're able to help somebody who really needs a lot of help. just be thankful that. you know for the people you have in your life and these, you know, thinking about those weren't there with you. people bringing life and hope to others
12:39 pm
in this season of giving, and the red cross is hoping that other people will make that gift . this year. they've planned a number of blood donation drives throughout the bay area starting on december 17th and hope it will get them through this holiday season. in santa's a. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. the recreational dungeness crab season opened today in part of the bay area, the state department official wildlife announced. recreational fishing will be allowed from pigeon point to lopez point in big sur today. the commercial dungeness crab season in the same area opens thursday. however both commercial and recreational crab fishing still not allowed in the waters around san francisco. that move is meant to protect dozens of humpback whales recently spotted in the area. we are two weeks away from christmas eve up next with the cdc is saying about holiday gatherings in the questions you should be thinking about leading up to the celebrations. we have a wet, windy forecast for you better details on when this storm is expected to arrive coming up. festival tragedy. raps
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scott said that he didn't know fans died at his concert until after his performance ended. it's just been a lot of thoughts . you know a lot of feelings. a lot of grieving, um. and just, you know, trying to get you wrap my head around it, you know? i really just really want to be
12:43 pm
there. scott says he is 1000% sure he did everything he could to help fans that night. he says he would have stopped the show at the astro world music festival if he'd known people were in danger. the crowd surged left 10 people dead during the festival, november 5th in an interview with radio personality charlotte made the god scott said he couldn't tell what was going on while he was performing. thing is like, you know, people pass out. you know, people, you know things happen at concerts, but something like that. it's just like. people said they collectively. they collectively heard folks screaming help every time you stop the song to get your attention, did you? did you hear any of those screams? no man, and you know it's so crazy because i'm not. i'm not artist to like, you know, any time you can hear something like that you want to stop the show? you want to make sure you know fans. get the proper attention they need, you know, and any time i could see anything like that, i did, you know? more than 140 lawsuits
12:44 pm
have been filed after that tragedy in houston, vaccines are making air travel make a comeback, but the pandemic is causing more people to kind of reconsider where they actually go. kevin corke has more on the state of the travel industry. we're actually headed to, uh to jamaica. good morning, um, going for cousin's wedding, and they're off the number of americans taking to the skies continues rebounding close to pre pandemic levels. it was packed planes were full. still many airlines are struggling to hire back much of their workforce. lost during the height of the pandemic, with the labor department reporting more than 9% dip in airline employment numbers from where they were just before the onset of covid. but staffing shortages aren't stopping airlines from trying to fill seats on planes and while more people are flying again, experts say the pandemic
12:45 pm
is causing major shifts and travel trends. with new variants coming in all the time. people are anxious and there. they concerned about making those plans, particularly international travel. as a result, domestic travel is seeing a bump with the rate of positive covid-19 cases ticking back up across the country, outdoor destinations looking more favorable, incredible increase in the number of people visiting national parks throughout the pandemic, travel experts say. communities learneg one another and recommend applying some of those lessons when you embark on your next journey, as travelers were guests in a community and respecting our hosts. is a really important thing. experts also suggests staying up to date with the latest covid-19 testing policies while planning a trip. i'm kevin corke fox news. and with the holiday season upon us , the cdc's says that gathering
12:46 pm
safely depends on many factors, cdc director dr rochelle walensky says getting vaccinated and getting a booster shot is one way to stay protected. but you should also check with those who you are gathering with. do they practice similar prevention measures than you do? can you sort of say hey, for the two weeks before we all come together? let's make sure we're all wearing our masks outside. let's make sure we're not, you know, in in an indoor party without our masks on where we don't know what our exposure might be. cdc is also recommending testing negative before arriving to an event and also avoiding crowded indoor parties. let's see if we can't get outside this gorgeous friday afternoon sun rosemary oroczo. we have to soak it in now because. changes are coming. yeah if you're getting out this afternoon, you're going to need the sunglasses. it's so bright out there. we have a lot of blue sky. plenty of sunshine. it's a cool window. don't forget the tack it at least a few layers. here's a look over san francisco in the fifties. this afternoon
12:47 pm
temperatures are going to be even a tad below average in some spots, and the cool weather is going to stick around. so you will want to go for the thicker jacket and eventually it's going to be the waterproof jacket. we do have a ridge of high pressure still hanging on over areas of the west coast, but eventually breaking down and we are looking at some wet weather coming our way, and it's going to last for a few days. here's a look at tomorrow morning. we are going to have dry conditions in store for your bay area saturday. so tomorrow a lot like today with the chilly start and the cool conditions into the afternoon all the way into saturday evening and notices just now approaching the bay area, so saturday, expected to be a dry day. they have a few scattered showers, a pop up over lake county and the north edge of the north bay as we get into the evening hours, but really, for most of us is going to be a sunday event, and it looks like it wants to come early enough. to agree to us sunday morning sunday, looks to be a wet day monday looks to be wet and windy tuesday. right now looks like
12:48 pm
it's going to be a fairly wet day, and some of the models are suggesting we may have some wet weather in store for wednesday and thursday as well. but let's talk about the short term the sunday between tuesday we're looking at anywhere from a couple of inches of rainfall over areas of the south bay. 25 inches over the north bay and close to eight inches expected for our hill, so tapping into that atmospheric river once again and bringing us heavy rain at times strong winds at times, no advisories in place at this point. but we can definitely expect a little bit of localized flooding, urban flooding and for the sierra a winter storm watch that starts saturday evening and goes all the way till tuesday evening. some of those higher elevations could get up to eight ft of snow with this next system , so we know we need a desperately. it's going to be messy, though, as we get through those that timeframe if you are thinking about heading up to the sierra. it's going to be hazardous for driving conditions . meanwhile outsider doors at this time with the dry, mostly sunny conditions 54 in san francisco 55 in nevada, 52 napa
12:49 pm
as well as livermore and then getting into the afternoon. not much better. we're going to see just a few degrees of warming for the second part of the day. into your extended forecast. now come tomorrow. a near repeat up today. tomorrow night into sunday, the rain begins to move in. and then we are looking at some. wet cool weather in the forecast, perhaps even some snow in our local hills eventually down the road, but we know we need it. it's just it's going to be sort of a doozy. so to speak back to you active five day indeed. all right, rosemary. thank you. palo alto woman accused of starting the bonfire near reading will be transferred to a state mental hospital based on recommendations from the conditional release program. 31 year old alexandra server niva will be placed in a mental hospital to start competency training. she pleaded not guilty to arson charges. if she is convicted of starting the fund fires. you could be sentenced to nine years in prison. the bonfire destroyed 185 buildings
12:50 pm
and burn 8500 acres back in september. walnut creek police are investigating after reports that men connected to an anti vaccine group confronted the president of the medical board of california. christina lawson says she was leaving for work monday when she saw a drone fly over her home and a white ford expedition parked outside. later in the day, she pulled into a parking garage near her law office downtown and says four men jumped out of the suv and confronted her with cameras. says the men claimed to be with america's frontline doctors, a group that's under federal investigation accused of spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. in a statement , christina lawson called the scare tactics reprehensible, she added, quote as a mother, i felt deeply violated and scared for my kids in our own home, and i feared for my own personal safety as a woman being surrounded by strange men. in a dark parking garage still to come here at noon. he is a college athlete who is beating the odds, and now he's leading his team to a state championship title. he had obstacles that other players didn't have any overcame every single one of them and became a leader in so
12:51 pm
many ways. the obstacle he had to overcome that makes his story to overcome that makes his story even more unique. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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so you can work that budget and get those savings. of collapse. large numbers of food workers, teachers, doctors , other essential workers have quit their jobs because many haven't been paid since august, when the taliban took over control of the country. the u. n estimates some 22 million afghans are about half the country will face food shortages this winter. it wants other countries to step in and provide more economic relief. here in the united states. a new report ranks san francisco as the seventh least affordable city for homeowners, followed by oakland and number eight this, according to the real estate website. realty hop number one in the country is new york,
12:55 pm
followed by miami and los angeles. san francisco still has the most expensive homes in the united states, but the site looked at the average percent of income used toward homeownership. the report found that in san francisco, 64% of household income is used towards mortgages and property taxes compared to the least affordable city, new york, where 84% of income is used on homeownership . the staff at the california college of the arts has voted to authorize a strike staff have rallied. at the oakland campus over stalled contract talks before this is video of a past rally. union representative tells the chronicle that a strike of about 110 staff members could happen early next year. employees say they are frustrated over wage cuts, changes the job duties and failure to reach a contract diner in antioch has reopened after being shut down for failing to follow covid-19 protocols. contra costa county ordered lump ease diner to close on wednesday. after staff were seen working indoors without wearing mass and also failing to
12:56 pm
check for diners, proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. the diner, located on lone tree way, has been fined several times and is among several restaurants in contra costa county that refused to comply with covid-19 mandates. lumpy is reopened yesterday afternoon after agreeing to following the rules tomorrow. city college of san francisco will play for its first state football championship since 2015 ktvu is greg lee introduces us to one key player who has had a lifelong challenge and is proving he is beating the odds. good setup and we got a good return the first time kal el alicia erin, bullish, scored a touchdown for the san francisco city college rams. he took a kickoff return 92 yards. this is how it sounded for his team and fans watching online. this is what well heard. hello my name is alone, able with the answer where their back and city college programs. caldwell was
12:57 pm
born with congenital deafness. he's the rams first deaf player. but for him, he's just playing the sport he loves. when i'm on the field. there's like a calming that i experience you know, i like the competition among my teammates with other teams. that feeling is just medical. to me. it's a wonderful feeling. we spoke to him joined by an american sign language interpreter. the running backs, hard work, determination and perseverance, earning him the respect of his team and coaches . he had obstacles that other players didn't have any overcame every single one of them. and became. a leader in so many ways , and that's why we are the team . we are right now city college of san francisco rams. we'll get back to the state championship. the team on the verge of a perfect season undefeated and headed to the state championship this weekend. colossal suffered a shoulder injury several games ago that cut his season short.
12:58 pm
and even though he's recovering from surgery, he says he's all in for his rams as his team makes final preparations on the practice field well, and his coaches say communication has never been an issue. khalil wears a cochlear implant interpreters stand on the sidelines and coaches have developed their own hand signals for the offense. he made it clear. he does not see his deafness as an obstacle. it's not so much about overcoming something. it's really that i hope that i'm a good example that you know you can set a goal and you can just do everything you can to get to that goal. and it doesn't matter if you're deaf for whatever you know. just go for it. go for what you want and for sure. don't let other people hold you back, colwell said. his goals are to earn a division one scholarship in someday play in the nfl. he wanted to leave this message for his team. go rams. gregory ktvu, fox two news. glides holiday toy drive in san
12:59 pm
francisco needs your help. glide says it wants to collect enough toys to make 800 bags for children across the city. but it's coming short of that goal. so if you'd like to donate, we posted a link to i love this amazon wish list for glide ktvu conflict on web links you will see it there and we here at ktvu want to give a great big thank you to everyone who contributed , and supported our annual partnership with one warm coat. with all your community support . 19,390 coats were collected this year. those codes will be distributed to children and adults in need right here in the bay, and a holiday tradition is coming back to jack london square this weekend do join me for the free holiday tree lighting festival is from 6 to 8. tomorrow night. there's going to be live entertainment by the oakland interfaith gospel choir. the mariel christmas carolers. of course, st. nick will be there and mike mibach. i'm going to bundle up because given what we have right now, at noon tomorrow night, it's going to be colder and then sunday night, even colder, and that's when the rain starts making its way here and then monday when we start next week. watch out. we got a lot of rain headed our way. lot of snow up in the sierra. thanks
1:00 pm
for joining us. our next news gasses coming up at four o'clock. everyone enjoy the rest of this beautiful friday afternoon. oz -- >> whether it's aappointments or people's names, do you have a hard time remembering things? you might be wondering -- dr. oz: is it normal aging? >> we have a memory test that will help i tell the difference. dr. oz: yes! >> and three things we can do ruin to start improving our memory. >> then, it's a brady bunch reunion you don't want to miss. dr. oz: who is the biggest diva? ♪ dr. oz: do you have a hard time remembering aappointments? do you forget where you marked your car or people's names? i bet you think, do i have


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