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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  December 10, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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crime reporter henry lee is in the newsroom. now with what he's learned, henry. christina this is a double tragedy. the families now struggling with the loss of the father allegedly killed at the hands of a son. 15 year old boy is in custody accused of fatally stabbing his father, oakland police were called to a home on golf links road near grass valley road at about 10 thursday night, officers found the 51 year old father unconscious and not breathing. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the teenager stayed at the home and was arrested on suspicion of murder . the circumstances leading up to the stabbing are under investigation. people at the home did not want to comment. the homicide shocked residents of the normally quiet neighborhood not far from the oakland zoo here. some young man in his life is taken a different turn tragic. i am so sorry to hear that oakland resident dean hunter said the szabo park estates neighborhood has changed . like much of the city. i think a lot of people are under stress , you know, emotionally and yeah
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, that's really hard to hear. the family is weeping and our hearts are grieving with this family. oakland city council member trivia read represents the neighborhood where the crime occurred there. in the midst of morning. trying to figure out how they wrap their arms around the tragic loss of a father while they also embrace a son. the killing of the oakland hills brings the number of homicides investigated by police so far this year to 130. alameda county prosecutors will review the case before deciding whether the teenager will be formally charged. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox to need henry. thank you. and as henry mentioned, this homicide brings the total number this year in oakland to 130 attali not seen in 15 years earlier, we spoke with alameda county public defender brendan woods, who countered the widely held belief that oakland needs more police officers to be a safer city. that policing force is going to end up in low income black and
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brown communities end up being more pleased. violence will end up being more people who are black and brown, who arrested for petty crimes and it will not build the way that we can get to long term solutions, and that's what we need to do. woods went on to say city leaders in oakland need to focus on community based solutions that are going to prevent crime and increased safety long term even something as simple as adding better lighting in high crime areas. what says or clearing vacant lots has been shown to reduce crime and other states. but he says those solutions will require long term funding first . now at five, a developing story, antioch where neighborhood is on lockdown because of a man firing a gun inside of a house. police responded just after one o'clock this afternoon at the home near james donlan boulevard and hummingbird drive. we're told the men barricaded himself inside of the house. several shots were fired inside the home as well as at a police drone and any police swat team responded
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along with brentwood and pittsburgh police officers and the contra costa county sheriff's office. police have asked people in that immediate area to stay inside close and lock windows and doors. we will update you on any developments that we get into our newsroom. turning out to the significant rainfall coming into the bay area. this is a live look near healdsburg. and while it is calm right now, a beautiful sunset over those hills, the northwest expected to get soaked other parts of the bay area or going to see rain, too. we have live team coverage from the preparations underway to the storm itself. we're going to start off with ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo live in oakland tonight with those details. hi, rosemary. yes christina. hello speaking of the calm before the storm, get a load of this sunset over san francisco this evening. what a beautiful sky out there. these high clouds coming in ahead of the storm that is going to again bring us a soaking several inches of rainfall expected. all said and done. here's a look at the system that ridge of high pressure that has been locked
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over the west coast. is finally breaking down and you can see we have a little bit of wet weather over the pacific northwest. this is going to take another 24 hours or so before finally reaches us. we're looking at a dry saturday before the system arrives on sunday. it's going to tap into that atmospheric river that we see come. there are way from time to time, and with that it is expected to bring anywhere from two inches of rainfall to areas over the south bay. 25 inches in the north bay and even more than that, in our hills and our coastal range, perhaps up to 18 inches of rainfall. meanwhile the sierra is going to get some much needed snow. we're talking about 1 to 4 ft. down to about 5000 ft right around blue canyon , and we are likely to seek close to eight ft of new snow. at the higher elevations. now with all this wet weather coming our way, although we're thankful for it is going to be dicey at times and even hazardous in the sierra with the winter storm watch that starts tomorrow night
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and will last all the way into tuesday. better details on the timeline and the specifics of this system and what we can expect here in the bay area in the extended forecast. coming up rosemary oroczo. one of the areas ktvu meteorologists predict could see the most rainfall. south reporters diggory's live in san jose to explain social welfare advocates in pgd are preparing for the worst, jesse. andre pgn officials say they are stockpiling equipment at different locations around the bay area and anticipation and preparation for this weekend's storm. the goal is to make repairs and restore and restore service as fast or faster than the weather changes. friday's sun filled skies are a sight soon fading behind an atmospheric river, forecasters say. by sunday, the entire bay area will see rain. this is the calm before the storm, literally and figuratively. we have a good rain system coming in better
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than the one in october in preparation for days, not hours of rain. pg and e is stockpiling equipment at strategic locations . this weather system has the potential to cause widespread outage activity. that's why we are preparing, spokeswoman myron estado says. thousands of workers are on call and large cachet of equipment, including power poles, power lines, trucks and transformers are at the ready at sites such as this one in south san jose. the peninsula and north bay could see the most repair activity. we have a storm outage prediction model that helps us determine where we may see the most impact. that's why it's very important for us to do that ahead of time, so that when the storm actually arrives that we have crews in the areas where they need to be another concern , some of the south bay's estimated 9700 and housed residents. the people are not prepared to live in the camps, and they don't know these things are coming. so advocates such as pastor scott wagers say they'll be out over the weekend, delivering necessities to survive the storm, sleeping bags
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, blankets, tarps and reindeer are high on the needs list. people got to survive the storm. and then their stuff gets ruined during the storms. it's a bad situation and we want to try to make it better for them as the weekend moves into focus, this power utility and those looking after the less fortunate hope pre planning pays off. once the weather turns. this is a bigger better. great event. but it's not the kind of thing that we need to worry about in terms of flash flooding everywhere. dr bridger says the bigger concern is securing holiday decorations that are outside and doorways and on front lawns. both the county and the city here in san jose, say they were going to be doing out. have teams out as soon as this evening reach, reach out. or outreach, i should say to the hon housed residents that are going to be affected most by this upcoming storm live in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news. we'll head back to you up and open preparations underway in south bay, jesse. thank you. that risky resort in
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tahoe opened for the season today, but the resort says terrain is limited and beginner areas are not open just yet most of lake tahoe ski resorts or forced to delay their opening days due to a lack of snow and unseasonably warm temperatures. but as we heard, rosemary say earlier that is about to change . a couple of other resorts will open this weekend to kirkwood mountain resort and heavenly will open slopes tomorrow. meanwhile palisades tahoe and north star have not yet released an opening date. you can stay with ktvu for the latest forecast, so in your neighborhood head to the weather section on our website at ktvu .com. hundreds of high school students in san francisco walked out of class today and they were protesting an ongoing problem that they say deals with sexual harassment and worse on campus. ktvu rob roth was at that protest and joins us now with the story, rob. christina many female students say it happens more often than perhaps some people may imagine. they say they are sexually harassed, even sexually assaulted and that not much is being done about it.
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hundreds of san francisco students from a variety of different high schools walked out of class friday, all with the same complaint. they say sexual harassment. even sexual assault by other students is out of control on their campuses with little or no consequences. someone touched me and inappropriate way and i didn't really like it and almost every female student we encountered had a story to tell. one time i was in class, and i was like leaning down to get supplies and a boy like look down my shirt and made comments about my body and i started yelling at him because he done stuff in the past. in my teacher told me it was just a teenage boy things i felt really hurt and dismiss. students marched from city hall several blocks to the school district headquarters, then marched back to city hall for a rally. male students rallied with them to show support if their voices are heard. changes can be made so that we can move
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towards a better world. students have walked out of class before , but this was the first one that was coordinated with the multiple schools both public and private. last month, students from oakland tech high school walked out for the same reasons . students say they are frustrated and angry people reach out to stop at their schools went through emails and through like going in prison, and nothing has ever changed. they don't get any results. the servant, cisco unified school district referred ktvu to a letter superintendent vincent matthews sent out to families, it says, in part quote. over the past few months, some students have shared demands, and we want them to know that we are listening. we applaud our students activism. the district says it does investigate complaints that it is forming a student advisory group on sexual harassment and has implemented training for teachers and staff. the district also says it has no authority over incidents that happened out of school students did not seem satisfied with the district's efforts. there should be actual consequences for the
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people who are assaulting, were harassing others. true heaven. it's not happening. now the students are saying that unless the situation changes they expect to stage more protests and more walkouts. andre all right, we'll see what happens. next group. thank you so much. coming up santa clara county, announcing its detected its first case of the omicron period , health officials there are saying with winter holidays right around the corner, inflation surging to the highest levels it's been in nearly four decades. what does this mean for the holiday shopping season and next year plus and new details in the months long investigation into the in custody death of mario gonzalez? the alameda county coroner's office releasing the cause of death. i spoke to the lawyers for the officers involved and for
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great phone deals on every plan, every day, everyone. high as the consumer price index rose 6.8% in november compared to just a year ago. cpi measures are wide range of goods and services from gasoline to groceries and from healthcare to housing costs. it would be self. baker joins us live from an el sereno shopping center with the very real impact of all of this for holiday shopping and beyond, tom. you know the economy is so good that the natural nasty consequence of that is losing some of your purchasing power to inflation. federal stimulus programs and increased government spending has fueled a lot of consumer spending. but with supply chain issues, causing a shortage of consumer goods spending has caused november prices to go higher by 6.8% on average compared to last
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year. it feels like nonsense to me gassed and went up this ridiculous going to the grocery store. doesn't a piece of candy bars. what like $23 right now, and they're just a little small signs. it's ridiculous. what a lot of people do is they go back to walter worked at walmart? i mean, i don't know. what do you do? if you can't walk, i don't know what you do. on thursday, the feds reported that layoffs reached a 52 year low nationwide . former ed director labor attorney michael bernick. she's the low layoffs this way. employers very reluctant to lay off workers positive and also employers. um. holding on to the existing workforce they have. that's the very low number of layoffs over the past week as demand for products and services continues to increase. employers are desperate to find new employees, but only one thing in and of itself something that increases inflation seems to work to get folks to come back to work. the continues to drive
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up wages yourself each month. we've seen wages go up. in fact , there are more than a million open jobs listed in california 11 million nationwide. there are 1.5 jobs per unemployed worker. um the most recent figure that's the highest number the highest number over the past two decades. while the tight labor market is raising lower, lower workers' pay, these modest gains are often being wiped out by that inflation. example next month, social security recipients will get 5.9% more money in their checks. but with 6.8% inflation, the rays gets eaten up and they end up actually losing 1% of their current purchasing power. not a good deal reporting live. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. alright, tom. thank you. well the pandemic feeling it you surgeon small business growth
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chemical at 5 45. we're seeing how the pandemic has turned passions into livelihoods. the element. county coroner's office released the autopsy report today in the death of mario gonzalez, the 26 year old died while being restrained by police in the city of elemental last april, prompting widespread protests. okay to be investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky is here. live with more so, evan, what did that report find? that's right, andre. the coroner's office on found gonzalez died from quote toxic effects of methamphetamine. but the pathologist also found that the physical stress from being restrained by those police officers significantly contributed to his death and ruled it a homicide. now, if you remember gonzalez was approached by police on april 19th and fell unconscious while officers tried to take him into custody. body worn camera footage shows police pinning him on the ground during a struggle to handcuff him. now, attorneys on both sides of this case say the autopsy backs up their side. here's julia
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sherwin, who represents gonzalez, his family. this is a clear cut case of death at the hands of police officers, and we expect that, um, that the district attorney will do a criminal investigation and they should be in criminal charges against the officers. the math did not kill him. methamphetamine toxicity did not kill him. restraint is fixed to at the hands of alameda city police officers is what killed him. now i just spoke to alison barry wilkinson. she's an attorney representing the four officers. in this case, she said, the autopsy proves the officers did nothing wrong. quote it was the toxic level of drugs, not the actions of the officers. there's nothing in the report that any of the techniques used by the officers were unreasonable or excessive. they did a tremendous job under the difficult circumstances. in quote now we reached out to the alameda police department. the chief called the death a tragedy and said the department will complete a thorough investigation. the officers,
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meanwhile, remain on administrative leave while that investigation plays out. reporting live in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. thank you. well after i mostly clear, cool afternoon temperatures are beginning to fall off with another cold night , setting up giving you a live. look here at a beautiful san francisco. we showed you the sunset just a moment ago, and with all that clear sky out there. any warmth that we received today is going to flee right back into the atmosphere, so we do expect temperatures to be just as chile tomorrow morning as we were this morning . we may see some cloud cover come our way ahead of the system , and if so, it will offset some of the chill in the overnight hours, although not expecting a whole lot of change the ridge of high pressure that has been locked over the west coast. for weeks now is finally beginning to break down enough that the system is going to bring us a good amount of rain, and it's going to tap into that atmospheric river and bring us
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several inches by the it looks like tuesday wednesday timeframe , so we'll be tracking that. meanwhile there it is right now over areas of washington, oregon. and getting into northern california tonight into tomorrow, so the wet weather returning on sunday it looks late saturday night into sunday morning, and it will be heavy at times monday. moderate to heavy rainfall and windy conditions expected and then all tuesday could even see snow low enough that perhaps in our hills, we may get a dusting and speaking of snow, the sierra is expected to get several feet of snow with this system as well. here's a look at the future cast tonight into tomorrow morning notice the cloud covers rolling through in the overnight hours and then tomorrow morning, we do wake up with mostly clear skies. as we get into the afternoon, more cloud cover ahead of the system . but here we are early are actually say late in the afternoon, and then into the early evening hours it takes until about 10 11 o'clock maybe midnight. before it finally moves into lake county and over areas of the north based so it's going to be a dry saturday and
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it's going to be a cool one. speaking of cool, take a look at the current temperatures. 52 degrees right now in san francisco, 48, napa, 50 and livermore in the north bay. some areas already in the mid upper forties. 46 pen grove, 49, petaluma a better look at the afternoon highs for tomorrow and the details on that storm as well as the timeline of it. coming up in just a little bit. coming up. we are heading to union square in san francisco to see where the salvation army kicked off. it's a red kettle collection campaign today. the u . s national guard is known to respond to disaster zones in an emergency. but here how the guard is now being used to respond to the latest covid-19 variant and tesla once again in legal trouble after a second employee files a suit about what employee files a suit about what happened to her at the fremont
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covered california, this way to health insurance. red kettle collection campaign today with its annual celebrity bell ringing contest. castaneda and frank mallicoat. we're both
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out in front of the macy's at san francisco's union square where bells were ringing, people were donating. and they both tell us how this holiday tradition got started more than 100 years ago. we are out here in union square, the 40th annual celebrity bell ringing and it is a lot of fun. there are a lot of people here, frank, we have a guest we do. its name is major matthew matteson from the salvation army here. tradition continues starting to feel a little bit like christmas, isn't it? it sure is, and it's a welcome feeling. we really need that around here. give us a little history on the on the red kettle because it started right here, didn't it? it sure did. the salvation army when we arrived in town here about 140 years ago. we we had a salvation army officer go down to the ferry docks and say there are a lot of people that are in need that need need a bite to eat. and so he put this crab pot out there and started ringing a bell , and it caught on and worldwide . the salvation army uses this to raise funds at this time of year. it is working, you know, major. a lot of people may not be able to give a lot, but every
5:25 pm
bit counts, doesn't it? it sure does. every penny counts. we do their very best to put it to the best use possible. what is the most unusual thing you've seen in one of the pots over the years? i would say, probably somebody's belly button from their child. that was only oh, you know the stuff. i was taking a gold coin or something like that. but holy in san francisco , and we are having fun, just a reminder that the salvation army does need donations throughout this holiday season, and they will be giving. everything collected to people who need it as much as you can have happy holidays from union square. let's send it back to you. merry christmas. belly button things kind of weird. all right, we'll take a picture of the qr code you see on your screen, it will show you how to donate the cell to the salvation army virtually this year in the note the salvation army always looking for volunteers during the holidays season. glide is asking for more help for their holiday toy drive in san francisco. glide wants to collect enough
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toys to make 800 bags of toys for children across the city. but it is coming up short of that goal. so if you'd like to donate, we've posted a link to their amazon wish list. you can find it on our website. ktvu .com. just click on web links, and we hear ktvu would like to think everyone who contributed and supported our annual partnership with one warm coat with all of the communities support 19,390 coats were collected this year, and since ups stores are still or worse, still accepting donations after that deadline. it is expected more than 20,000 coats will be given to children and adults in the very cool and be sure to join ktvu gasia mikaelian for this weekend's tree lighting and jack london square. it's set to take place tomorrow. from 6 to 8 p.m. there will be live entertainment by the oakland interfaith gospel choir, the mariel christmas carolers and, of course, special parents spy santa claus. santa clara county has its first known case of omicron coming up how it was
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sonoma crime varied today, officials say the person was vaccinated and began to feel ill november 30th after traveling out of state ktvu san rubin tells us how the variant was detected and the role booster shots could play and keeping it at bay. it's santa clara county's first known on macron case, a person who had just returned from a trip to florida they were fully vaccinated, but not boosted, and their illness was mild. health officials see this as a wake up call that battling this new variant will take boosters right now, just 39% of the eligible population is boosted in santa clara county in the 18 to 49 age group. that number is just 20% having just that primary series. the two doses it's not enough. it's just not enough. some counties like marin are making changes using hospitalization rates instead of daily case rates to determine policy in santa clara county. they're taking a multi pronged approach as we transition to more been home tests, which are
5:31 pm
not reportable to us, it becomes even more important to have other systems to look at. for example, the sewers. interestingly on the same day, health officials received the positive omicron test they also detected are macron in the sewer system near where that person lives. a program called scan in partnership with stanford and emory university's. tests four sewer sheds daily people excrete the virus in their feces, so that can happen actually, even before somebody feels sick even before they experienced their first symptoms, and it also can happen in somebody who's asymptomatic. fill now use this system to see whether this case leads to others. they are the first report. i am confident they are not the first case or the only case, and i anticipate that we will hear of many more macron detections in the very near future, authorities say with the arrival of omicron, it's a good time to rededicate
5:32 pm
ourselves to things like testing , masking and social distancing. in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. the white house is also ramping up the effort to get shot into the arms of the omicron varying spreads into the new states here, president biden says his message is simple. anyone who got their vaccine six months ago should get the booster shot right away. and anyone. unvaccinated has no reason to wait. crown is now being reported in at least 24 states, wisconsin, new york, maine and new hampshire, all calling on the national guard now for help. as hospital capacity remains low. these teams will be dispersed around the state, and we'll add important capacity, especially in intensive care unit. in new york 120 medics and medical technicians were sent to about a dozen long term care facilities and health officials are warning that staffing shortages at care facilities are becoming a nation wide crisis. reminder you can find the latest coronavirus developments on our website just visit ktvu dot com slash
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covid-19, a 25 year old cold case out of contra costa county , it's finally been solved thanks to dna evidence that investigators say. positively identified the men who killed 21 year old priscilla lewis. i just want something positive come out here, and that would be that. don't give up. yeah if you know , somebody in your family has been murdered or something. don't give up especially technology they got now. troy kings low is the victim's cousin , priscilla lewis was working at a pizza restaurant in crockett when she was killed. her body was found in a basement bathroom. her cause of death was asphyxia due to drowning. evidence was submitted to a crime lab last year, and this week it matched with 51 year old danny lamont hambleton hambleton is already serving time at a prison in san diego for sexual assault charges unrelated to this case. tesla is now facing a second lawsuit in less than a month, alleging hostile work
5:34 pm
environment against women at the carmakers. fremont factory tesla assembly line worker erica cloud filed the lawsuit this week, accusing. her former manager of continuous and pervasive sexual harassment, she alleges the manager hugged and massager while making crude and suggestive remarks and says she is now experiencing retaliation from other managers. last month, another female tesla worker filed the lawsuit allegedly alleging sexual harassment at the factory. a divided supreme court weighed in on texas is controversial abortion law, the one the decision wasn't ruling on the merits of the law did pave the way for the courts to decide whether the law is constitutional while giving both sides something to hold onto. fox's alexandria. hop is at the supreme court with more the u. s. supreme court ruling a texas law banning most abortions can remain in place for now. the decision comes nearly three months after texas is controversial law went into effect making abortions illegal after the detection of cardiac activity in an embryo typically around six weeks. it's just a
5:35 pm
great day for life in america, but the ruling also delivered a partial victory for abortion providers and civil rights groups challenging the law, saying clinics can sue over the band folks deserve access to safe medical care. in his majority opinion, justice neil gorsuch wrote arguments at the lower court by providers quote. face serious challenges, but also presents some opportunities. but in a partial dissent, three liberal justices blasted the court for not going further. justice sonia sotomayor writing for the group, the court should have put an end to this madness months ago before sp a went into effect, but as the supreme court steps away from the debate in texas, it's weighing a separate abortion case in mississippi. dobbs versus jackson women's health organization involving a challenge to mississippi law banning most abortions after 15 weeks, and the question for dobbs is not simply whether roe will be reversed, but whether the court is going to dramatically change and reduce the reach of rome. in this goes
5:36 pm
to that pre viability questions . so this is just a reiteration of how much a reinforcement i should say of how important it is to codify row. a decision on the mississippi case is expected this summer at the supreme court . alexandria hoff, ktvu, fox two news. transgender people say they are being denied jobs with uber according to s. f k uber is blocking job applications from transgender drivers because of their state identification. many applicants have older drivers license photos that do not match their profile photos showing their current gender or appearance. uber treats those documents as fraudulent and they were spokesman says that matching profile photos to government ieds is a fraud prevention measure, and the company undertakes that the company undertakes rather as part of its safety protocols. former minnesota police officer testified today on day three of the kim porter trial. michael johnson was on the scene when potter shot and killed dante right following a traffic stop in april. johnson says he was holding rights right arm with
5:37 pm
both hands in the moments before he was shot. today jurors got a firsthand look at body cam video showing the sobbing potter as she repeatedly says, oh, my god . after the shooting, potter's lawyers say she made a mistake, grabbing her hand gun instead of her taser while right, struggled with other officers of father and son pleaded not guilty today to arson and other charges stemming from the calgary fire in el dorado county, near lake tahoe. 66 year old david smith and his son, 32 year old travis smith, appeared remotely in eldorado county superior court. these two men are facing reckless arson for the fire in august. the counter fire burned 221,000 acres and took more than two months to contain. it also destroyed at least 650 homes, including most of the town of grizzly flats. authorities have not said how the two allegedly started the fire. they are being held in lieu of $1 million spot. california regulators voting to go green when it comes to lawn maintenance. we have details on the new rules and why some businesses are not happy about
5:38 pm
it. concerns over people being able to play video games while driving have surfaced for a second car manufacturers. mercedes benz is doing that tesla did not. the thieves are using a $29 piece of technology to steal cars, and we want to remind you of the annual gun buyback program in san francisco this weekend. anyone can turn in guns for cash tomorrow from eight am to noon. at united players on howard street, $100 for a handgu
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allows drivers to play video games on dashboard touch screens while vehicles are in motion. mercedes benz says it's recall was triggered by a similar issue . it allows people to watch videos while the car is in motion. the german automaker says the issue has been fixed by
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updating and internal computer server. hi tech scams targeting your personal property, including your car, and thieves are using technology, including apple's air tags. foxes occurred, the cyber guy could knutson has more. yeah i introduced in the spring apples , tiny air tag tracker that sells for just $29. it's capable of tracking just about anything . that's why police are saying it's the latest tool being used to steal cars. here's how the air tag car theft scam works. car crooks see a desirable car out and about at places like the mall, a restaurant. simply parked at a local store. they didn't attach one of these tiny trackers to your car by placing it near the gas cap on trailer hitches inside the trailer lights of an f 1 50. they've seen it or by taping it under our bumper. car. crooks followed the car home on their screens to see where you live, then steal the car. now if you've got an apple iphone, you may get tipped off in time to do something about it. air tags often send a
5:42 pm
warning to iphones that they're being tracked. if you see one of these alert messages while driving safely pull over into a populated yet quiet area follow the onscreen instructions to make the air tag beat by selecting play sound. hopefully you can find it. apple, then shows you how to disable the air tag. tips to keep from falling victim to this new high tech car rip off scheme park and a garage . impossible if you can't block one car with another car and then use good surveillance cams. you can get them for less than 40 bucks at this point. and believe it or not, using old fashioned steering wheel lock like the club. that's visible and they may move on from there and believe it or not, you two for $29 use two of these air tags on your own. use one as a decoy, like put it in your glove box and the other one deeply hidden well inside your car. and then you might be able to track the thieves stole the car. i'll show you how at this cyber guy blog cyber com. the cyber guy for fox news major retailers.
5:43 pm
they're calling on the government to crack down on the sale of stolen goods online. in a letter to congress companies, including target home depot, invest by say criminals are capitalizing on the anonymity of the internet. this comes after a rise in organized retail theft. the companies want congress to pass a bill that would make it harder for criminals to quote hide behind fake screen names and false business information. governor newsom said it is not clear whether the rise at retail theft has any link to the passage of a ballot measure in 2014 that reduced penalties for certain offenses, including some theft charges from felonies to misdemeanors. if that's the case, then i asked, was it responsible for property, crime and shoplifting, property, crime and violent crime dropping in 2000 and 15 and 16 and 17, 18 and 19? and i believe that it's difficult to assess either at this point, and we are experiencing something that's not unique. i mean minnesota, not just in chicago but also in other parts of the country. and
5:44 pm
so we have to get under the hood, but i think it's too easy to scapegoat those losses. the governor has pledged to include money in the state budget to go after retail theft rings. but workers who quit their jobs or were laid off because of the pandemic, finding new ways now to get into the business game by becoming their own bosses were diving into the world of pandemic entrepreneurs. plus if you are looking at some holiday fun in the east bay this weekend, we'll show you here. what just opened up. it's a dry , chilly start to the weekend with
5:45 pm
when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control
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with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. called pandemic entrepreneurs, workers who quit their jobs or were laid off because of covid now striking out on their own and record numbers. fox's stephen golan joins us live from cleveland, ohio with more stephen. hi good evening to you were talking about half a million people who became their own bosses and a pretty unforgiving covid economy,
5:47 pm
turning their passion into profit in places like this. trays of doughnuts topped with brownies and cereal and hot chocolate made to order. it's an over the top menu that could only come from the mind of a 14 year old i like to create. that's one thing i'm good at is i can turn nothing into something cherish homes is co owner of cocoa gourmet chocolate shop inspired by her obsession with tv cooking shows. others share the love of sweets. and you know me or her both was thinking about mm. that looks good. let's try to recreate that and do it better love for food that became a livelihood when holmes mother are delia, who worked in the wedding industry couldn't find clients because of covid. i really, you know, just took the gamble and bet big on a small business as part of a growing trend in entrepreneurship. amid the pandemic, the number of people self employed increasing to more than 9.4 million, the highest total since 2000 and eight so there was both the opportunity
5:48 pm
and the necessity on the part of millions of americans, workers who wanted flexibility, better hours or more family time now going to work for themselves as there would be employers facing ongoing labor shortage and new competition, even if it's a sole proprietorship, or even if it's a business that only you know, goes on to create 345 additional jobs. those are all important. this new business important to a mother and daughter, who found an unexpected sweet side. when life got hard. we can't sit back and be victims or be sad for ourselves literally. one decision can take you somewhere you never thought would go. now it'll take years to find out how many of these new businesses will actually last or how many jobs they'll create. for now, it's simply a matter of survival for so many entrepreneurs back to you. that's amazing to hear these stories. we've heard about the great resignation, and i'm just curious to know as people start doing their own businesses. how is social media playing a role in helping their business survived. so many of
5:49 pm
these businesses are using social media to connect with customers that mother daughter duo that i spoke to their using social media to publicize their business, but on tiktok, facebook and instagram, they're also sharing tips for other small business owners to get into the game as well. so business owners are using these tools that kind of connect with each other. and help everyone out. and stephen, you're in a shopping mall right now. we're used to seeing those big name stores there, but apparently they're also turning the shopping malls to for their business. they are right beside those big name stores. you'll find these kind of empty spaces as well. but we're speaking to people here at this mall, saying there are six month lease is one month places people are buying up. day after day week after week, so they are coming into places like this kind of launch their businesses right next to those big name stores. that's part of the trend as well. reporting first live in cleveland, ohio. steven, thank you so much. state regulators
5:50 pm
voted to ban the sale of gas powered leaf blowers and lawnmowers that starts in 2024. the new rules will also phase out gas powered generators by 2028. some landscaping businesses have opposed the law, saying electric equipment is too expensive. lawmakers hope that battery powered equipment will become more available before the next regulation takes effect. recreational dungeness crab season opened today and part of the bay area. the state department of fish and wildlife announced recreational craft fishing will be allowed from pigeon point south, the low place point in big sur the commercial dungeness crab season in that same area will open on thursday. both commercial and recreational craft fishing are still not allowed in the waters around san francisco to protect dozens of humpback whales recently spotted in the area. alright to ice skating is back in walnut creek. today the outdoor ice rink opened in the downtown area. skaters of all ages and levels are welcome. the rink will be open seven days a week through january, 9th. you
5:51 pm
can buy tickets online or on site there last year. there was no ice skating in the downtown because of the pandemic, so organizers say they're really happy to be back since for many this has become a family holiday tradition. we are very excited post pandemic to be back. and posting this beautiful brink for the community and for all ages to come and enjoy the holiday season skating on want to pick on ice. the organizers say kobe restrictions will be in place. skaters will also need to provide proof that they have been vaccinated. if you are going to be out and about make sure you have a jacket, it is chilly out there. the winds are generally lip in any kind of breeze. it's going to cut right through you temperatures already in some areas in the forties, giving you a look over san francisco beautiful day when it comes to sunshine and blue skies , but wow, temperatures struggled this afternoon, mid upper fifties pretty much. for most, and now into the low fifties in areas like santa rosa
5:52 pm
, san francisco, oakland, livermore and san jose against some areas in the north bay, already reporting mid to upper forties, here's a look at the leading edge of the system that will eventually lead to some rain. not for your bay area saturday. tomorrow is going to be very similar to today. we will have some added cloud cover ahead of the system. so will be partly cloudy for tomorrow that ridge of high pressure finally breaking down. you can see areas over washington, oregon getting in on some of that action already northern california we'll see it next, but for us, it's going to take most of the day, if not the entire day. here's a look at tomorrow morning. the rain line is still well to the north. as we get into the afternoon, we will see additional cloud cover. and there is tomorrow night 11 o'clock and we are still waiting on the rain. perhaps a few scattered showers over the north . they may be like county. but for most of us is going to be a dry saturday with cool conditions in place more on those temperatures in just a moment. here's a look at sunday morning. so while we sleep saturday into sunday, it does begin to move in, and it looks
5:53 pm
like we're joined by the wet weather for sunday. monday and into tuesday monday looks like heavy rain at times as well as strong winds. no advisories for wind, but it's definitely going to be breezy, and we are looking at a good amount of rainfall. here's a look all the way into the rest of the week because. not only sunday, monday tuesday , but some of the models are projecting will continue with the chance of rain for thursday , wednesday thursday, maybe into friday and we could see anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rainfall over urban areas, even more than that in our hills, and the sierra is going to get a whole lot of snow winter storm warning starts tomorrow night we'll go until tuesday. 1 to 4 ft. all the way down to about 5000 ft. right about blue canyon higher up we could see 4 to 8 ft of snow. so this is all great news , but again going to be very hazardous up over the sierra saturday night through tuesday. tomorrow morning, we wake up with chilly conditions. low thirties too low forties around the bay area and then into the afternoon mid to upper fifties expected once again. with partly
5:54 pm
cloudy conditions and perhaps the breeze turning on as well. there should look at your extended for a cast even a little bit cooler on sunday. it's going to be soggy sunday monday into tuesday, even dropping a little bit more with the temperatures a chance for rain on wednesday. get the rain gear. ready, guys. okay thank you. for the thank you for the warning rosemary will protesters gathered outside of the nbc sports studios today is here. francisco calling on nbc not to broadcast at 2022 beijing winter olympics. bands. demonstrators held signs reading free tibet and free hong kong. among other things. the demonstration comes on human rights day and the same week as the us the uk. canada and australia announced diplomatic boycotts of the upcoming games. china has dismissed the diplomatic boycott, calling it a farce. warriors head coach steve kerr is getting another big honor. he's been selected as the next head coach of team usa, according to espn. kerr will
5:55 pm
replace gregg popovich and lead the team into the 2023 world cup in 2024 paris olympics. kurt was an assistant on popovich's gold medal winning team in the tokyo olympics. a formal announcement is expected soon. from president biden. tom hanks. today the nation honoring the life of a long time senator bob dole. coming up at six. we're following a neighborhood lockdown in any of the situation led led to a police drone getting shot down. and both big and small businesses are reconsidering sending workers
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
legacy was honored at another service this afternoon at the world war two memorial. fox news is chad pegram has more. bob dole was one of the greatest. of the greatest generation friends and close colleagues paying tribute to senator bob dole, who passed away on sunday at the age of 98. his funeral taking place friday at washington's national cathedral. the courage the grit. the goodness. and the grace dole served for nearly 36 years in congress president biden remembering him as a man who valued compromise and always put country first. he understood that we're all part of something much bigger than ourselves. and it really did. i felt he really understood it. and the compromise. isn't a dirty word. the cornerstone of democracy. those casket later traveling to the world war two memorial for a military tribute ceremony. it's
5:59 pm
a sight he helped bring into existence after leaving office. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general mark milley, an actor tom hanks, delivering tributes to appreciate the life in the accomplishments of bob dole. simply look around. and where we have gathered today at this national memorial. dole received two purple hearts for his service during world war two where he was hurt, helping a fellow soldier. the injury left him unable to use his right hand and pushed him to help the disabled. we're honoring a man of. deep character and tremendous accomplishment along and impressive record of selfless service services for the late senator continued this weekend in his home state of kansas. in washington chad program, fox news. this is ktvu fox. two news at six right off the top of night, a widespread winter storm heading towards the bay area starting saturday night, bringing cold
6:00 pm
temperatures and strong winds. energy officials already preparing for possible power outages. we're also looking at activating our local emergency centers to support restoration efforts. we have stockpiled power poles, power lines, transformers and other electrical equipment to help with this work. utility crews will also be tracking debris flow and burn areas. monitoring any issues that could come up. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm cristina rendon. we've got more coming up in just a moment on how pg and e is going to get ready for this weekend. we know that it's not just going to be a part of the bay area but really rainfall all across that area. we want to take a look at the forecast now. so we're going to bring in meteorologist mark tamayo with what we can expect high mark. hi there, christina. yes we are talking about this. the storm moving in kind of two parts this weekend, starting off your saturday with some very cold temperatures, twenties and thirties and some areas of frost out there and then, in a sunday the rainfall picks up now, remember, we hav


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