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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 13, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. river slams the bay area, bringing heavy downpours and the threat of flooding plus power outages, road closures and also evacuation warnings. it's not unheard of. for us to have a lot of rain here. the new, unique thing is having the potential for debris flows and having a burn scar that we're not used to have him. after a day of
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relentless rain. there are concerns tonight of debris flows and flooding, especially in the santa cruz mountains in the ccu burn scar area. good evening, everyone and heather holmes and i'm clouded. wang frank and julie are off. it is not just the santa cruz mountains. most of the various saw heavy wind and rain today. this is what it looked like today around the region from san francisco to half moon bay, san anselmo and oakland. we saw creeks, rising rainwater covering roadways and people driving through standing water all over the bay area. we have live team coverage of the storm. kate, who's amberleigh is live for us in the santa cruz mountains. were people there have been told to prepare for possible evacuations. but first we want to bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin, with a look at what the conditions are like at this hour. it's kind of been nonstop all day, and you've noticed it coming in waves and pulses through the bay area. heavy rain from this atmospheric river. which was focused yesterday on the north bay mostly or are central north
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central bay to north bay. and then last night, and then early this morning, it shifted its way to the south bay, where they got some significant rainfall. there's the complex right there as we come in close. i want to show you where the rain is and where it isn't orange areas represent the heavy rain. the dark greens. moderate rain, the light green is not so much but we definitely have it throughout the bay area and what we've been noticing these are all in the last hour. the storm reports just what's happening, so dynamic situations that are occurring now so within the last hour. in santa rosa rohnert park roadway flooding at 9 11. i didn't really say where they are and ruin it part but really, it's not that big a place of quarter madeira flooding 8 to 10 inches of standing water across the lanes. um again, not just give me the information where that is in quarter. madeira which lanes? those are, but you get the idea. so as you look at these at these storm reports you go. okay. what's going on out there clearly. we're seeing a little bit of everything. santa cruz mountains, scotts valley tree and wire down and roadway
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admire road and then down by santa cruz roadway flooding at rio del mar. so you get the picture. i mean, it's just really torrential rain at times than consistent rain. we're coming to the end of it. it's winding down. that's kind of a good thing. because we're kind of hitting a tipping point. right now. you can kind of feel it in terms of creeks and streams. but we are winding down . when i come back, i'll show you the back edge of this system when it goes through in the morning and how that does impact your day tomorrow. okay, bill. we'll check in with you in just a few minutes. thank you. now we want to go to katie was amberleigh. she's live for us tonight in boulder creek there in the santa cruz mountains and amber residents there are facing an additional danger because of the burn scar. that's prompted an evacuation warning. that's right, heather this evening and it's been pretty much raining nonstop. there was a little break about 15 minutes ago. but as you can tell, it's raining again. now. a spokesman for santa cruz county tells me roughly 3500 homes are now under an evacuation warning, and most
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of them are here in boulder creek. the rainfall has been steady and heavy at times in boulder creek, causing flooding and other hazardous conditions concerned with the roads because i work in saratoga teaching west valley. so i have to go over highway nine to get there tomorrow. yeah i'm worried. it's been a bit blustery. i was able to work on and off because the internet has been in and out. the santa cruz county sheriff's office issued evacuation warnings monday evening that included the san lorenzo valley and zz, you burn scar area. the big concern is debris flow. we did actually have a couple debris flows today that we saw neither of those had large impacts on any community or residences. debris flows are fast moving masses of mud rocks , boulders and trees. it can move houses like they're just, you know, little toys can push cars, fire chief mark bingham with the boulder creek fire protection district. urges
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people who live in the burn areas to be extra alert. they need to be listening to the for those noises, snapping trees, the falling of trees loud rushing, wishing sounds, boulders and rocks clicking together. anything out of the norm would potentially be a debris flow. wild roots market on highway nine. the manager tells me water, firewood and other essentials are popular as people stock up. today we did decide to close just a little bit early because the flash flood warnings and just wanted to make sure that employees could get home safely as well. but we've we've had a nice constant flow today, so we're thankful we could be open for the community. residents tell me they're used to having heavy rains here in the santa cruz mountains. i'm kind of person that rolls with the punches. i'll take it as it comes. the manager of the market tells me depending on the weather, she may close again early tomorrow, a supervisor at a pizza
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restaurant here along highway nine, says he's prepared to close the restaurant tomorrow if a mandatory evacuation order. comes heather holmes ready there as we know that burn scar area. really increasing the concerns. amber thank you. in san mateo county. firefighters responded today to at least two large down trees. the first happened at pescadero creek road near memorial county park, and, um are you can see that tree was blocking the road, and crews had to use a bulldozer to clear it. and then this evening, a tree fell across the power line, walking highway one. the line remained energized, resulting in a bit of smoke there, but the fire threat was eliminated. once that line was shut off. no one was hurt and either incident i want to show you now. some video from half moon bay were cruise with cal fire's san mateo santa cruz unit helped clean up after flooding there. this is what it looked like it signed the san mateo credit union because the water pooled around desks, chairs and office areas.
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firefighters use sandbags to prevent more water from seeping in. cleared the flooding building and then helped to dry electrical equipment. san francisco's department of publix works is asking people to help out during the storm. crews say much of the street flooding that's been happening today can be prevented. if those catch basins are clear of debris, residents are being asked to pitch in. if it's safe to do so and clear the drains in their neighborhoods. if you have a rake or broom, you can go and clear off the leaves and litters . we really want to make sure that the water can run into the storm drains. that's where it should be. as for the city's trees, the department of public works says today's storm is not as strong as the one that hit the bay area in october, they say so far there have only been isolated reports of downed trees and branches. well, this storm has certainly been an early christmas gift. sierra ski resorts want to show you now some new video. from the recently renamed palisades tahoe , and it shows just how much snow has fallen up in higher elevations. there we spoke with the president of ski california
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, which represents 35, ski resorts and california and nevada. he says. this storm is exactly what was needed to help kick off the upcoming holiday break. this storm really will probably looked about as the storm that saved the holidays. it really it really does. i mean, when you have this kind of snow and this amount of snow and cold storm just bringing beautiful conditions it's going to make for just a wonderful holiday season and take us right into january. ski california says ski resorts should be digging out for much of wednesday, with most ready to open for skiers and snowboarders soon after that, and we have much more coverage on the bay area storm tonight. coming up at 10 30 a live report from the north bay. where businesses and homeowners prepared for flooding as well as the possibility of down trees. new information tonight about a homicide investigation investigation underway outside of tesla's fremont factory. fremont police say they got a call about a person who died in the parking
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lot outside the plant. ktvu jana katsuyama. is there live with what she's learned about the investigation? janna. well the police were here for about five hours today, and they just left about an hour ago. they were collecting evidence as you mentioned in the parking lot. this is on the south side of tesla's fremont. factory and i did speak with a police captain who talks about what they found when they got here. fremont police say the call from someone at the tesla fremont factory came in to 911 about 3 26 monday afternoon. our fire department responded out to the tesla facility on a report of a person down in the parking lot. so when they arrived, they found the subject and provided medical aid . that person was later pronounced dead and fire crews alerted fremont police about a suspicious death. they summoned our department officers responded, arrived on scene. and
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then at that point called out or homicide investigators to follow up tesla plant workers arriving for their afternoon shifts say they received no notice about the death and had not heard of the incident. the alameda county coroner's investigators were called to the scene and as it got dark fremont police is mobile command center also arrived, detectives working in pouring rain to collect evidence with the weather as it is right now, our goal is to, you know, try to secure as much evidence as possible, police said. they are still looking for a suspect and obtaining surveillance video from the site. investigators say they do not believe there is a threat to the public or other workers and are asking anyone with information to leave an anonymous tip. we understand that there may be witnesses. out there that could provide valuable information that may be uncomfortable or afraid to come forward. we do ask that. you know if you do have informationy line. i reached out to tesla,
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but so far have not received any response and they also called the alameda county coroner's office. they say that right now police are asking them not to release the name of the person who was found dead here in the tesla parking lot. police tell me that they do expect to have more information than an update tomorrow morning. for now, reporting live in fremont. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news . alright, well, look out for that update. thanks so much, dana. an element. a county judge has dismissed charges against a man linked to the teenage daughter of richmond's police chief. charges of pimping and pandering were dropped against 34 year old ojo mcnair. he had been charged with sex trafficking. the 18 year old daughter of richmond police chief bisa french and her husband, lee french, who is in oakland police sergeant, a restraining order against the french is brought by the daughter remains in effect. both officers remain on administrative leave. a step back for californians. what
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prompted the state to once again implement its indoor mask, mandate and house in bay area businesses are reacting. the mandate again. it's just the yo yo effect. and just it's just hard. and a suspect in last month's nordstrom theft is a no show at court how the judge is responding plus. the recovery process in mayfield, kentucky, is just getting started, with many still processing the aftermath of those deadly tornadoes. i'm mallory vera in mayfield,
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security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. masks again indoors regardless of vaccination status, the state's health secretary, announced the new mandate today amid a rise in cases of the omicron variant. ktvu azenith smith here now, with reaction. azenith smith most very counties are already implementing an indoor mask mandate, with some exceptions for offices and jim's marin county lifted its mask mandate last month, and some people i spoke to tonight are not happy about the new rules. with high vaccination rates in marin county, maths are optional. inside gold rush jewelers in san rafael. some customers chose not to wear one you're wearing a mask is not fun. it's hard, not easy to breathe in. the store
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owner says most of his staff are vaccinated and boosted plexiglass dividers are added protection. we're all healthy. why do we have to do it? we have all these. of the plastic shields up. it's hard, you know, one size doesn't always fit off. and that's the story with this in this light. on wednesday, the state took a universal approach mandating all counties, regardless of vaccination and hospitalization rates to mask up an indoor public settings since thanksgiving, so over the past 2.5 weeks, we have seen a 47% increase in case rates across the cross, california, the state's health secretary, cites the uncertainty with the omicron variant and its impact on certain populations like the young and old. in addition to the mask rules, attendees of mega events of 1000 people or more that don't require vaccination must show proof of a negative covid test taken within two days. the window before was 72 hours. state is making a decision and all of us have to come into line with that 100% compliance official covering
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indoors regardless of what county you live in in marin county, 90% of people who can get the shot have and out of a population of 265,000. only five people in the county are hospitalized with covid. what i heard is it's going to go from wednesday. this wednesday for a month. i just feel like in three weeks from this wednesday. is going to be a new. mandate some say it's unfair. your moran. we took care of business. we all got vaccinated. we got booster shots were paying a penalty for someone who lives hundreds of miles away. it's tough, but what can anyone do? besides hoping more people in other parts of the state give vaccinated. you can understand both sides of the argument. but at what point is enough enough? and new york state just imposed a similar mask mandate that will remain in effect until january 15th and that is true for california's mandates. here we go again. alright sadly, folks, this is
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azenith smith last day with us here at ktvu boy, it has been such a pleasure working with you the last seven years doing such a. great job covering the south bay reporting for us for the 10 o'clock news. we really wish you all the best heather that so much and cloudy and it's so good to see you here. good to see you too. we're going to miss you so much. thank you. i know today is super bittersweet for me because i absolutely love working at ktvu i love the viewers and i just appreciate so much you know, people, welcoming them into our homes and allowing us to tell their stories. it has been truly an honor. and i know that for folks that don't know. i mean, working here at ktvu was sort of something that you aspired to do. yes i had it on my vision board. i'm from elpida's love milpitas and so to be back home was a dream come true. and this is a dream fulfilled. i'm excited about a new opportunity that will allow me to serve my community and be close to home. well, i do. remember that first day you walking in here seven years ago. i can't believe it's. seven
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years, but i remember the smile on your face. and once you're part of the family, always a part of the family. thank you so much. thank you. and best of luck in your new endeavor. we certainly are going to miss you. azenith smith. thanks, heather. thanks. leading. well we're all going to miss out. yeah i know. it's kind of sad seeing you come to studio for the last time, but we'll see you. you've got a new gig where we're going to see a bunch. i know we are you guys get to see her too. you'll see. okay, so as you look outside, we've got clouds. and rain coming down pretty heavy at times. rain showers are heavy, especially in the south bay, and some of these cells are projecting or laying down to half inch an hour. rainfall rates an inch an hour. rainfall rates is really significant stuff. there was an urban small stream flood advisory on the peninsula and south into the santa cruz area that has been dropped just in the last 15 20 minutes or so up in sacramento. we've got some roadway flooding. let's take a peek at what we've got here. sacramento storm report. paso road both directions north gate boulevard beautiful and so, really, i'm
10:19 pm
just cherry picking these things because it really you're looking at the grain going. yeah that's right. but when you look what's going on underneath these yellow areas that's what we were saying . you're seeing a lot of urban small stream flooding. you're seeing trees down and you're seeing roadside flooding along the along the gutters. yeah, i'll see you back here in a little bit. all right. thank you so much bill. well the death toll from those catastrophic tornadoes that hit friday night is now nearing 100. at least 74 of the deaths happened in kentucky. victims range in age from five months to 86 roughly 26,000 people in kentucky are without power tonight and 17,000 are under boil water orders. meantime search and rescue crews continue to look for survivors amid all that rubble and debris as residents begin to pick up the pieces. foxes madeline rivera has the very latest for us now. from mayfield. kentucky cleanup is still in the early stages for communities
10:20 pm
devastated by tornadoes that touched down in six states over the weekend. mayfield kentucky, a town of 10,000 took a direct hit. the extent of the damage has many here still in shock. i was so thankful that i made it. uh, you know, we can go just right up the street. and there was there's people up there that didn't make it. they don't even have anything that paid that the house was at home. things are things they can be replaced. we still have a home. because the home is not the house. the home should be in films. tornadoes are rare, but not unheard of this late in the year and are typically not this severe. nearly every street is now littered with debris from homes and businesses leveled by the storm. i don't even recognize when you drive in the street he used like, what was it was there at least eight people died when a candle factory collapsed. autumn kirk's was working the night shift when the tornado struck. they said, take cover
10:21 pm
and about that time everything just got really quiet. and then it was like the building was just picked up and thrown back down on top of us. kirk's boyfriend who was working with her at the time, sadly, didn't make it. um still, i guess processing it. i haven't reallyr me to break yet, and i'm just waiting for it. i know it's coming. fema is on the ground, setting up shelters for those who lost their homes. president biden will be in kentucky on wednesday, and mayfield, kentucky. mala rivera fox news. coming up. mayor. london breed proposes a new ballot measure in san francisco later tonight how it targets the city school board coming up first, though, in two minutes why a judge has issued an arrest warrant for one of the people suspected of participating. in that massive participating. in that massive nordstro
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suspected thieves who stormed the nordstrom store and walnut creek last month after she was a no show at court today. contra costa da's office says that dana dawson failed to show for her court date. this is video from her from her first court appearance. dawson is currently out on bond, but prosecutors say that she should have been taken into custody at this first appearance because she allegedly had a handgun during the nordstrom theft. and that is a violation of her parole and would have made her in eligible for bail. we are learning more about the robberies, suspect shot and killed over the weekend by an off duty police sergeant. authorities say he was trying to hold up the nation's restaurant in san pablo late yesterday morning. as our crime reporter henry lee tells us that suspect has a long criminal past. authorities say emanuel marino robbed an employee of this nation's restaurant in san pablo
10:25 pm
at gunpoint. he probably had no idea that there was an off duty police officer watching his every move from a back table. i've learned that u c. berkeley police sergeant brian sato was having lunch with his wife when he saw the robbery. the cashier told ktvu. the sergeant then challenged the suspect. he yelled at him to drop his weapon by rand hand. i um all of her was a bunch shock. i don't know how many were shot. i just heard one police officers off duty oftentimes carry their service weapon with them or an alternate weapon. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says cases like these should serve as a warning. two would be robbers. so when you walk in somewhere, there just might be an off duty police officer there that is armed and trained and how to use it. in fact, sergeant sato is the lead firearms instructor and range master or shooting range supervisor for the uc berkeley police department. and a served overseas as an army reservist. the suspects served time in federal prison for robbing several east bay banks of $6000 in 2012 and 2013. in the
10:26 pm
sentencing memo, federal prosecutors wrote the defendant's criminal conduct has demonstrated a concerning history of violence that appears to be escalating. in the final bank robberies. the defendant moved from telling the victim tellers that he had a gun to outright threats to shoot them, cardoza said the sergeant appears to be justified in shooting the armed suspect. you are the one with the gun. people don't know what you're going to do with that. they don't know if they give you money if you're gonna shoot them after u c. berkeley. please tell me that sergeant's on administrative leave. the shooting is under investigation by the contra costa county sheriff and the da's office. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. more storm coverage tonight after the break a live report from the north bay where people say they are happy to see the rain, but not the flooding and the wind and the rain, possibly causing scaffolding to collapse on the peninsula. how one driver narrowly escaped serious injury. hands coming up a little later in sports will hear from warriors star steph curry, who is inching closer and closer to that three point record and a
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ whole lot of snow. you're looking at a time lapse video from kirkwood ski resort and if you want, it shows just how much snow has piled up over the past 24 hours. people we heard from in the sierra told us they were not prepared for so much snow. crazy how much? no. there was like how many cars are stuck in everything, but we made it so for happy. there are chain controls in effect along interstates. 80 and 50. chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now for more on the snow and where those snow levels are
10:30 pm
right now, bill yes, snow levels are around 5500 ft. so they're a little just kind of write. it passed level, just a little below it. but you know, this has been a real event for us and you know, snow in the mountains is everything. as we always say, it's our. as i always says, most of us say is, it's you know, it's basically our savings account in terms of snow and rainwater for the season. so when you get these big events in the mountains like a winter storm warning like we're seeing now, and you drop down 5678. maybe 10 ft of snow out about 10 , but it's going to. we're going to see a bunch more snow because the next few days we've got more weather coming up on 80 and 50. they are changing up as you would expect, and there's no levels. like i said around 5500 ft. that's going to continue its going to nuke up there all night tonight into tomorrow morning so they could easily see. in the last 24 hours. 4 to 5 ft of snow , which is really impressive. avalanche concerns definitely up there we come back. we'll look directly at your forecast. okay. thanks so much, bill. well, tonight's rain is really adding up, especially in the north bay . on top of all the rain yesterday and this morning
10:31 pm
debris flows, falling trees and flooding our own major concerns more now from ktvu zen deborah villalon, who is live for us in rohnert park right now. good evening death. hi claudine. yet we've been monitoring the conditions and marin and sonoma counties definitely seen some water pooling on the freeway that's worth slowing down for and we found business owners worried about any overnight surprises. and then i have my pile of sandbags right here from last time last time was late october when the sentence homo creek crested just above flood stage, then quickly receded. but business owners are wary, many getting their floodgates ready. so these are my new ones are a little bit taller. the owner of this home goods store will be glued to real time gauges that show the rate of the creeks rise . downtown depth tripled from sunday to monday, talking to my fiancee, and he's prepared to get up in the middle of the night with me and come stand back the store if we have to.
10:32 pm
better safe than sorry. or is it really that necessary and i'm going to have to deal with it and take it all down tomorrow. in other places. the storm has already left its mark. i was changing cat litter. mimi filer can thank that chore for keeping her safe when a towering douglas first sliced through her forrest hill home, she was on a lower level. her neighbors came running and i was really lucky. i could hear all my neighbors going. maybe. are you okay? are you okay? i'm fine. i just can't find my cat. you know, filer and her neighbors worry about the weather, bringing down other distressed trees. the one that fell was a known hazard. it's been slated to be cut. but it's not been cut yet. it's been identified. it just went down faster than anybody you know, could get it cut back in marin county. it is an uneasy night for many. and some businesses have cleared their floors and moved furniture from harm's way . just in case i started paying attention at about 10 ft. that's
10:33 pm
when i might be putting some shoes on the owner of this pet supply store will feel better when the clouds part midweek. we need the rain, so i'm happy to see it rain. i just would prefer it to rain and not flood. so if we can keep that trend going where happy to have some rain. mount tamil pious topping 10 inches of rain is a real boon for the local watershed. as of this afternoon, the seven reservoirs that provide most of marin county's water we're at 58% capacity heather that's still shy of the 69% historical average for this time, but, hey , it's better than before. it certainly is. this storm really will help us out in this drink this drought stricken area in drought stricken time, deb thank you so much. well now we go to san mateo were scaffolding on the side of a building. just collapsed today during our gusty winds as ktvu jesse gary tells us several cars were damaged. in downtown san mateo and extra
10:34 pm
large version of pick up sticks . workers from junction scaffolding, clearing the coton lanes of el camino reality east fourth avenue. this after the metal and wood temporary structure on the outside of a building in the 300 block of el camino real comes crashing down. i bought it, uh, just in late october just spent a month ago plates came in two days ago. herman sings recently purchased 2020 chevy could be headed to the scrap heap around 10 45 monday morning sing was making a left turn from el camino onto fourth. when falling scaffolding hit and damaged his car. all of a sudden, i just felt this just huge pressure. i thought somebody rear ended me but my car didn't move forward. so i looked back and all the glass and everything was gone. a total of three vehicles all in the turning lane were damaged. only one person suffered minor injuries but was not taken to a hospital. normally it's very busy in this area that most times a day, especially. during
10:35 pm
this timeframe. ah this morning and then so, yeah, i mean, we look at as we're very lucky. that could have been some serious injuries. the city's building inspector was on scene for part of the day investigating the collapse, experts say strong winds are capable of downing scaffolding. they're just one of those freaky things i it's you know, you wouldn't think it would happen here in san mateo, but. you know mother nature after sweeping the road for debris, southbound camino real reopened to vehicular traffic monday evening , we reached out to junction scaffolding to ask about the project how long it had been up and if there's been any problems with it, but we did not get. an answer to those questions. we also reached out to building management about the scaffolding , but they declined to give an answer. in san mateo, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. coming up at 11 water. russia's roadways on the peninsula how firefighters were forced to rescue a resident from their home at first contempt charges recommended now
10:36 pm
against former white house chief of staff mark meadows, today's meeting that revealed text messages he received. during the capital riot. and new developments on fridays, police developments on fridays, police standoff and shooting in any of9 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. hey, angie! you forgot your phone! calhhey lou! angie forgete covid-her phone again?port. yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill by switching to xfinity internet and mobile. with nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and lou! on the most reliable network, lou! smart kid, bill. oh oh so true. and now, the moon christmas special. gotta go!
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ ling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. proposed ballot measure that would create a new city agency to give more oversight to the school board. breed says the children first initiative will reform how the city delivers services to children. and create accountability measures to ensure the school board focuses on kids and not politics. it will require the school board meets certain goals around strategy, fiscal oversight, community engagement and governance. the initiative would go before voters in june if the
10:39 pm
board of supervisors approves it . now. this move comes as the san francisco school district faces a $125 million budget shortfall for next school year. and as current school board members face a recall. they're accused of mismanaging the budget and also school reopenings during the pandemic aboard president gabriella lopez , vice president bogomil iga and commissioner allison collins all face a recall election in february. the house panel investigating the january 6th insurrection at the us capitol voted today to recommend contempt charges against former president trump's white house chief of staff mark meadows. this is lawmakers revealed a series of frantic tax meadows received as the attack was underway. the texts were provided by meadows before he stopped cooperating with the committee. they revealed that members of congress and even trump's own son were urging meadows to push trump to act quickly to stop the siege by his supporters. congressman bennie thompson, the house select committee chairman. had some
10:40 pm
strong words for those trying to evade congressional oversight. history will be written about these times about the work this committee has undertaken. and history will not look up on any of you as martyrs. history will not look upon you as a victim. history will not dwell on your long list of privileged claims are your legal sleight of hand? the panel voted 9 to 0 to recommend the contempt charges. the house is expected to vote tomorrow to refer the charges to the justice department. it will decide whether to prosecute meadows on the biden administration wants to make it easier for you to renew passports, apply for social security benefits and get aid after natural disasters. but president scuse me, biden signed an executive order today with the goal of putting the public and better. customer service at the center of federal operations . the administration says the ideas to save time energy,
10:41 pm
frustration and potentially money by reducing the current bureaucratic runaround. the old reigns to reduce office visits, long phone calls and mail delays when trying to contact federal agencies while st started the week in the red ahead of a key meeting tomorrow by the fed on the state of the economy. down lost more than 320 points. the nasdaq dropped to 17 and the s and p was down 43 among the biggest sectors affected airlines and cruise line operators. as investors worried the omicron variant could slow travel. a bay area lawmaker addresses the recent spike in crime. plus unfortunately, yes, it's happened to me personally. three different times. san jose has seen more than 1000 catalytic converter theft so far this year, the six month investigation that led to 15 arrests in the south bay and we'll have more coverage of today's storm. our chief meteorologist bill martin, returns after the break with what our
10:42 pm
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. attorney general rob bonta announced today that his office will review the case which left a 55 year old suspect dead. police say swat officers shot and killed the man as he walked out of his home on dove court after he set it on fire. earlier police say he was seen fired at least 30 shots from his home. the california department of
10:45 pm
justice's once the investigation is complete. the case will then go to the special prosecution section. for independent review . homicide detectives in oakland are investigating a man's death overnight. officers say they found that victim just before one o'clock this morning on the sidewalk on 45th street near telegraph avenue. they say he was suffering from head trauma. the victim was taken to the hospital where he died. few details about the victim were released. other than that he was from oakland. this was oakland's 131st homicides so far this year. earlier today we spoke to south bay congressman ro khanna about the role of the federal government has and helping combat the recent uptick in crime. the american rescue plan that the president past will provide resources to cities that hopefully can go in part to meet the needs of law enforcement. you're right that san jose needs to go from 1200 to 1400. fremont needs about 20 to 30 more officers. sunny villa also has
10:46 pm
certain needs. you can have more police to keep us safe and at the same time have police reform. congressman condit says he's had meetings with the police chiefs of the san jose, fremont and sunnyvale departments all about the issue of crime. well investigators in san jose have arrested 15 people after a six month long investigation into catalytic converter thefts as ktvu and ruben tells us authorities confiscated 1500 stolen converters. in an operation called cat scratch fever. it takes thieves just two minutes to take off with your car's catalytic converter. and this quick, lucrative crime has been on the rise. san jose saw just 84 cases in 2019 and more than 1000 already in 2021, so unfortunately, yes, it's happened to me personally. three different times. very very frustrating. and of course, very expensive, too. get these cars
10:47 pm
repaired. authorities were frustrated, too. and so sandals a police in santa clara county da's office launched operation cat scratch fever, a six month long investigation that resulted in the arrest of 15 people ages 22 all the way up to 81 years old. it also shut down three recycling an auto parts businesses. six months. not only targeting the thieves are actually taking the catalytic converters but as well as targeting the businesses and fencing operations that were buying the stolen illicit converters. confiscated where everything from tools and cash to weapons and armor piercing ammunition. and then there were the catalytic converters themselves, 1500 of them worth upwards of $3 million the value in part due to the precious metals found inside so. people are familiar with gold gold is worth maybe $1500 an ounce, one of the precious metals that's in the catalytic converters is called rhodium rhodium is worth
10:48 pm
more than $25,000. per ounce. the cost of the victims is high. two catalytic converters can cost thousands of dollars to replace. in the meantime, the suspects are winding their way through the court system of the 15 charged. only two are still in custody. the da's office calls that disappointing but says there will be justice. the example that we're setting here is. they will be punished. they will be held accountable. they'll go to jail suspects have been charged with crimes ranging from grand theft and receiving stolen property to assault with a deadly weapon, and authorities say this is just the tip of the iceberg. they plan on continuing to crack down on this type of crime in the new year. in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. okay checking on the weather. it's been an active weather a couple of days around here and i'm smiling because it's exactly what we need. we're managing the water. well, we've had a lot of dry then we got a lot of wet and now we're going to get a break here in about eight hours, 12 hours. the jetstream basically is working
10:49 pm
its way up this way, and then you got this big trough. that's where it's all coming from, and it's all the dynamics are right in here. we're right in that part of the trough. that is most impressive in terms of what you can get from rain totals out of it. we are seeing lots of roadside flooding. you see all those storm reports popping up the yellow areas representing the heaviest rainfall and the heaviest rainfall. i checked it earlier. we checked it during the earlier newscast. we had a couple of 1.2 inches now or there's a half inch an hour. cameron park about a half inch an hour over here near american canyon. you're at about 4 14 10th of an inch an hour. so nothing really crazy, which is good, but we have had some significant rain in rainfall rates, and it's continuing and it's going to continue pretty much throughout the evening and then in kind of cia back edge here, right, so i'll open it up. and i'll put the loop on it and you can see kind of the north. right. uk i up there get a little bit of a break this thing slipping very slowly to the south. and as it does, we'll get
10:50 pm
our break. and that's tomorrow. probably mid morning 9 10 o'clock in the morning. we should start to dry out pretty quickly. here's the system through the evening hours. you see it slipping south. this is the model. and then as you get into tomorrow afternoon, look at that kind of dry period time to dry out there. and then here comes. the next wave comes in wednesday evening. afternoon pardon me and into wednesday evening and then moves through thursday. we get a break, and then maybe something down the road next week, so we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel , and that's what you want. i mean, truthfully, you know if you had what the last 48 hours. if that repeated itself, which is not out of the question in this storm, it's out of question but would not be out of the question in terms of an atmospheric river. we'd be having all sorts of problems. we're right at that tipping point now we're right there. you can feel it. we did have a very small stream flood advisory along the cemetery area that has been dropped here we are tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow. a good day. wet railways, maybe a few sprinkles from the sky. six a.m. there you go. and then six
10:51 pm
pm tomorrow on wednesday, and then thursday morning and then thursday afternoon, so we're kind of there's a lot at the end of the tunnel in the mountains, though these pulses will keep going through and they'll keep tweaking up on the west slope of the sierra nevada and i gotta tell you, they're going to keep getting snow, probably through thursday. for a time we'll see how that works out. i'll see you back here at 10. all right. thank you for calling him a clown genius, visionary and showman, among other things. time magazine named tesla founder and ceo elon musk, its person of the year. the magazine says that musk is different from any other ceo constantly interacting with twitter users while also running one of the most valuable companies in the world. time also recognized musk's other ventures that are reshaping our planet and beyond , like spacex and its goal to land a person on mars. a credits musk with helping turn electric cars from product to the future of driving. musk is also
10:52 pm
estimated to be the richest person in the world with a net worth of around. $300 billion. well coming up in sports. the warriors and pacers battle it out in the final seconds. highlights with sports director mark ibanez and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news today was the deadline for bart workers to be vaccinated. the
10:53 pm
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osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d with you in the vital room tonight to answer your first and biggest question. no steph curry did not break the record tonight . but more importantly, the second question. yes the warriors did manage to pull out a victory seemed like they trailed the entire night seemed like they weren't as focused on anything else. but steps record , but it all turns out right if
10:55 pm
your wife fence step getting ready. and forgets the outside shot for the moment up and under. as usual, he gets a little physical contact and no foul called, but they persist. second quarter pacers on 15 4th spurred turnovers were the problem. and it lands in the humongous hands of monta sabonis , who had 30 and 11 rebounds. pacers up 8.5 and fourth quarter time to buckle down draymond green nose to the bucket tonight at 15, and under a minute and a half left curry will drill three here. one shy of the record. warriors still trail the next position. that is until curry comes through this time. the lay in it is 100 all nicely done to the bucket again. no foul now under 20 seconds. nice draymond screen corey and get a quick look. no but of all people have on looney just kind of throws it
10:56 pm
up there. he always seems to be in the right place. right time she had 14 and the warriors will eke it out one of 2 to 100 last gasp! as down to caress lover defended beautifully just hounded by gary payton the second they turnover results warriors able to manage a one oh, 2 to 100 win no record tonight, steph had 26 on five of 15 shooting from three madison square garden tomorrow step. one to tie to for the record. they got the job done. now you're you're not gonna doorstep. it's pretty surreal, but it's also. china. just let it let it happen. one thing i learned in his last three games and playing basketball. take a shot. you didn't go macon enjoy the experience of it because on something. could be an interesting night tomorrow. madison square garden as the
10:57 pm
warriors playing had mechanical difficulties they're having to spend the night in indianapolis , so they're flying out tomorrow. for new york city will be a tired bunch of guys. we'll see how it turns out. hey, let's talk about the 49ers. all's well that ends well, i guess you have to say after blowing a 20 to 6 lead in the fourth quarter, missed the field goal in regulation that would have wanted. all that's erased. jimmy garoppolo, perfectly executed drive, culminating when brandon aiyuk sensational effort just gets him across the end zone line with a stretch and he's into the end zone. and out of cars. shanahan's doghouse francisco for him in a better every time he plays football, whether it's practice or whether it's games. very smart guy. i think he's. he's grown up a lot in these last few months. just communicated with the quarterbacks better with the coaches and really fun to coach here on washington house have some success doing it and me, and the whole team is
10:58 pm
appreciated it. others might have been the best monday night game we've had yet rams and cardinals that stuff and company chasing kyle murray first place team in the nfc west, the cardinals. and man thing of football beauty here, matt stafford, faking and flailing and perfectly putting it in the hands of band jefferson 52 yard touchdown. later cardinals down 27 13 james connor, just bulls his way out of the wildcat formation into the end zone eight yards. they're still in it now. 32 23 rams. cardinals onside kick matt prater perfectly done. two rams missed the ball. zaven collins recovers , they are still alive and arizona but with no timeouts, murray doesn't clock the ball for some reason drilled by aaron donald with three socks sacks 30 to 23 rams, not only one back in the nfc west behind arizona. all
10:59 pm
right. we've got a little time, so why not check this out? al michaels last night called it the perfect definition of a doctor. there's two of them have to agree with them there. i mean , look at the error rogers look alike in the stance. mm that's pretty amazing. right there, right? pretty close. and either that or he has a twin brother we don't know about. let's check this out as we move on whatever happened to st mary's star matthew dellavedova. he's now with melbourne. order. united in the australian league posterized by mitch creek of southern melbourne of phoenix, his teammates mason bradley didn't take kindly to the slam he's injected and we have a little scuffle going on down under. but the st mary's product della padova posterized, that's the sporting life more for you in about 25 minutes, guys, but not all right. thanks so much mark coming up next here at 11. they
11:00 pm
need to be listened to the for those noises, snapping trees the following of trees. residents in the santa cruz mountains on high alert tonight and evacuation warning as communities brace for the possibility of mudslides. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. storm tracker to showing widespread rain tonight as an atmospheric rivers soaks the bay area for a second night. hello again. i'm clotting . wang and i'm heather holmes ranking julia roth tonight. residents near areas with burn scars are preparing to leave their homes if necessary. ktvu zambelli begins our live coverage in the santa cruz mountains. she's live in boulder creek, with the precautions now underway. heather people tell me they're concerned because it rained harder than expected. those spokesman for santa cruz county estimated that roughly 3500 homes are under a. evacuation


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