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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 13, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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need to be listened to the for those noises, snapping trees the following of trees. residents in the santa cruz mountains on high alert tonight and evacuation warning as communities brace for the possibility of mudslides. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. storm tracker to showing widespread rain tonight as an atmospheric rivers soaks the bay area for a second night. hello again. i'm clotting . wang and i'm heather holmes ranking julia roth tonight. residents near areas with burn scars are preparing to leave their homes if necessary. ktvu zambelli begins our live coverage in the santa cruz mountains. she's live in boulder creek, with the precautions now underway. heather people tell me they're concerned because it rained harder than expected. those spokesman for santa cruz county estimated that roughly 3500 homes are under a. evacuation order, and most of
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them are here in boulder creek. the rainfall has been steady and heavy at times in boulder creek , causing flooding and other hazardous conditions concerned with the roads because i work in saratoga teaching west valley. so i have to go over highway nine to get there tomorrow. yeah i'm worried. it's been a bit blustery. i was able to work on and off because the internet has been in and out. the santa cruz county sheriff's office issued evacuation warnings monday evening that included the san lorenzo valley and zz, you burn scar area. the big concern is debris flow. we did actually have a couple debris flows today that we saw neither of those had large impacts on any community or residences. debris flows are fast moving masses of mud rocks , boulders and trees. it can move houses like they're just, you know, little toys can push cars, fire chief mark bingham with the boulder creek fire protection district. urges
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people who live in the burn areas to be extra alert. they need to be listening to the for those noises, snapping of trees , the falling of trees loud rushing, wishing sounds, boulders and rocks clicking together. anything out of the norm would potentially be a debris flow at wild roots market on highway nine. the manager tells me water, firewood and other essentials are popular as people stock up. today we did decide to close just a little bit early because the flash flood warnings and just wanted to make sure that employees could get home safely as well. but we've we've had a nice constant flow today, so we're thankful we could be open for the community. residents tell me they're used to having heavy rains here in the santa cruz mountains. i'm kind of person that rolls with the punches. i'll take it as it comes. the manager at the market tells me depending on the weather, she may close early again tomorrow, a spokes, a supervisor at a
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pizza restaurant here along highway nine, says he's prepared to close tomorrow if and when there is a mandatory evacuation order earlier, i misspoke. i meant to say a warning there under a warning, not an evacuation order at this point. heather alright, amber. i really like that woman's attitude. just roll with it. not much else we can do. except of course, to be prepared, amber. thank you. the rain prompted a rescue in san mateo county. san mateo county consolidated fire department posting this video from a home in hillsboro. firefighters say that they had to rescue one person from inside that home after water just rushed the nearby roads. the latest on where the heaviest rain is right now and how much we've already received. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. and those totals. pretty impressive bill. yes, it's a moving target. the totals we've had anywhere from six inches five inches four inches in last 24 hours to up over 18 inches in some places over the last three days, so it's just been one of
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those atmospheric rivers that continues to produce and again. those numbers keep talking, going up. especially in the south bay communities. now you see the rain up here in northern california up point arena, and it's not as heavy up around healdsburg. not as bad in santa rosa. it is mostly shifted south , and that's where we're seeing the strongest range. that's where we're seeing. we're amberleigh was in boulder creek area. we did have an urban small stream flood advise you for that zone. it has been dropped. we do have all sorts of activity up in the santa cruz area. small mudslide this was just happened. at 9 58 on the right hand side of the road, it flood and aramis , which is a little town if you've ever been up there are out in that area. quarter madeira 8 to 10 inches. of standing water across the lanes at quarter. madeira so lots going on. in terms of rainfall. it's continuing through the night, but it's going to back off as we head into the morning commute. that's the good news. there's a there's a light at the end of this tunnel. fortunately, cause we are definitely hitting a tipping point with rainfall accumulation a lot more would cause real problems. looks like
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that's going to end. pretty soon. i'll see you back here with that. all right. thanks, bill, well ski resorts and other businesses in the sierra say the storm came just in time for the upcoming holiday break. new video from the recently renamed palisades tahoe. shows just how much snow has fallen up in those higher elevations. ski resorts and communities around lake tahoe say they are ready to welcome back visitors after what's been a relatively slow couple of months. the snow is nice and heavy that little sierra cement that will provide a nice base for our resorts. and it's great for our local businesses. because now we're going to have visitors coming up, enjoying the outdoors, enjoying the snow and. i'm eating a dining out and spending money in our community, which is much needed after the summer we had with the cows or fire. the president of ski california, which represents 35 ski resorts in cal, say most will be ready to open for skiers and snowboarders later this week and further south. this is what it looked like at mammoth mountain ski resort says it received a foot of new snow
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before the heaviest snow set in tonight. with the possibility of seven ft or more. over the next few days, they say operations could be impacted by the heavy wind and snow expected this week . kenyan lodge is going to remain open this week with limited services and lift operations will depend on the weather. and a reminder to you. you can download the ktvu weather app for the latest updates. there you will find interactive radar and the hourly forecast for the area where you live now to the very latest on the coronavirus pandemic in a big change regarding masks here in our state starting on wednesday, california will once again be requiring everyone. to wear a face covering indoors, regardless of vaccination status . ktvu azenith smith joins us now live and as this local business owners are normally happy with this announcement. yes heather. some people don't say the reasoning behind the mandate would vaccination rates and the barrier so high, especially tough in marin county because that county lifted it's mask mandate last month. with
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high vaccination rates in marin county, maths are optional inside gold rush jewelers in san rafael. some customers chose not to wear one you're wearing a mask is not fun. it's hard, not easy to breathe in. the store owner says most of his staff are vaccinated and boosted plexiglass dividers are added protection. we're all healthy. why do we have to do it? we have all these. of the plastic shields up. it's hard, you know, one size doesn't always fit off. and that's the story with this in this light. on wednesday, the state took a universal approach mandating all counties, regardless of vaccination and hospitalization rates to mask up an indoor public settings thanksgiving so over the past 2.5 weeks, we have seen a 47% increase in case rates across the cross, california, the state's health secretary, cites the uncertainty with the omicron variant and its impact on certain populations like the young and old. in addition to the mask rules, attendees of mega events of 1000 people or
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more that don't require vaccination must show proof of a negative covid test taken within two days. the window before was 72 hours. the state is making a decision and all of us have to come into line with that 100% compliance official covering indoors regardless of what county you live in, and marin county 90% of people who can get the shot have. and out of a population of 265,000. only five people in the county are hospitalized with covid. what i heard is it's going to go from wednesday. this wednesday for a month. i just feel like in three weeks from this wednesday. is going to be a new. mandate some say it's unfair. your moran. we took care of business. we all got vaccinated. we got booster shots were paying a penalty for someone who lives hundreds of miles away. it's tough, but what can anyone do? besides hoping more people in other parts of the state give vaccinated. you can understand both sides of the argument. but at what point is enough enough? this week, new
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york state imposed a similar mask mandate that will remain in effect until january 15th and that is true for california's mandates. heather as you mentioned another big change, and as the. just want to say once again. it's been a real pleasure to work with you here at ktvu and all of us really wish you the very best. thank you so much other really appreciate it. thanks. assassinate. well today was the deadline for all barred workers to be vaccinated against covid-19 or risk losing their jobs. the bar board of directors approved the vaccine mandate two months ago in an effort to protect the health and safety of art workers and riders. according to bart. as of today, 92% of its employees have been fully vaccinated. that leaves roughly 240 workers who were unvaccinated, including 27 train operators. now if they don't submit proof of vaccination by midnight, bart says they will receive a letter tomoromply with the mandate. so far, we've seen
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tremendous progress. just more people going and get vaccinated , specifically trained operators , police officers, janitors, those we really rely on station agents to make sure we're putting out a good quality service. true says bart has agreements with all five labor unions on how to make sure everyone gets their shots and that no one will be terminated tomorrow. coming up cars with reduced emissions saving lives and money. the new study joined the impact of better emissions over the past decade, also a suspicious death that tesla's fremont factory is now fremont factory is now considered a homicide. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st.
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factory in fremont. firefighters were called to the scene just before 3 30. this afternoon when firefighters arrived, they found the victim in the parking lot. and provided medical aid with the person was later pronounced dead. homicide investigators were called to the scene. with the weather as it is right now. our goal is to, you know, try to secure as much evidence as possible. police say they are still looking into a suspect in obtaining surveillance video from the site. investigators say they do not believe there is a threat to the public or other workers and say anyone with information should leave a tip. more now on the bay area storm, fire crews in san mateo county were forced to rescue two people trapped in floodwaters earlier today, coastline fire crews were called out to highway 92 half
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moon bay. they say two people were trapped inside their vehicle in the flooded roadway right in front of the london evia winery. the pair was pulled to safety and not hurt, and in the north, they burn scars, falling trees and flooding. all major concerns. as ktvu is deborah villalon reports, business owners are worried about overnight problems. and then i have my pile of sandbags right here from last time last time was late october. when the sentence homo creek crested just above flood stage, then quickly receded. but business owners are wary. many getting their floodgates ready. so these are my new ones are a little bit taller. the owner of this home goods store will be glued to real time gauges that show the rate of the creeks rise. downtown depth tripled from sunday to monday, talking to my fiancee, and he's prepared to get up in the middle of the night with me and come sandbagged the store if we have to. better safe than sorry. or is it really that necessary and i'm going to have to deal with
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it and take it all down tomorrow . in other places. the storm has already left its mark. i was changing cat litter. mimi filer can thank that shore for keeping her safe when a towering douglas first sliced through her forrest hill home, she was on a lower level. her neighbors came running and i was really lucky. i could hear all my neighbors going. maybe. are you okay? are you okay? and i'm fine. i just can't find my cat. you know, filer and her neighbors worry about the weather, bringing down other distressed trees. the one that fell was a known hazard. it's been slated to be cut. but it's not been cut yet. it's been identified. it just went down faster than anybody you know, could get it cut back in marin county. it is an uneasy night for many. and some businesses have cleared their floors and moved furniture from harm's way . just in case i started paying attention at about 10 ft. that's when i might be putting some shoes on the owner of this pet
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supply store will feel better when the clouds part midweek. we need the rain, so i'm happy to see it rain. i just would prefer it to rain and not flood. so if we can keep that trend going where happy to have some rain. water managers are happy to see it, too, as rivers and watersheds get a much needed drink and marin county deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. alrighty lots of rain continues out there. i'll let you know how that plays out for your tomorrow. back here after the break. also ahead tonight. cleanup continues after this catastrophic tornadoes the investigation now underway after an amazon warehouse collapsed, killing six employees. and in an effort to get young people vaccinated. 70 teams enter contest financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪
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those catastrophic tornadoes that hit both the south and midwest? this as the death toll nears 100 boxes, madeline rivera has the latest for us now from mayfield, kentucky. cleanup is still in the early stages for communities devastated by tornadoes that touched down in six states over the weekend. mayfield kentucky, a town of 10,000 took a direct hit. the extent of the damage has many here still in shock. i was so thankful that i made it. uh huh. you know, we can go just right up the street. and there was there's people up there that didn't make it. they don't even have anything but the pair that the house was at home. things are things they can be replaced. we still have a home. because the home is not the house. the home should be in film. tornadoes are rare, but not unheard of this late in the year and are typically not this severe. nearly every street is
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now littered with debris from homes and businesses leveled by the storm. i don't even recognize when you drive in the street he used like, what was it was there at least eight people died when a candle factory collapsed. autumn kirk's was working the night shift when the tornado struck. they said, take cover and about that time everything just got really quiet. and then it was like the building was just picked up and thrown back down on top of us. kirk's boyfriend, who was working with her at the time, sadly, didn't make it. um still , i guess processing it. i haven't really. it hasn't hit hard enough for me to break yet, and i'm just waiting for it. i know it's coming. fema is on the ground, setting up shelters for those who lost their homes. president biden will be in kentucky on wednesday, and maple kentucky. mala rivera fox news. the occupational safety and health administration, or osha,
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has opened an investigation into the deadly collapse of the amazon warehouse in illinois. six workers were killed, one was hurt. and 45. others were rescued when that tornado tour through the region. osha has not said yet what the focus of this investigation will be, but amazon says osha investigates any time there is a workplace death and says that it plans to fully cooperate with the probe. new at 11. a new study shows that thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars have been saved in the us by recent reductions in vehicle emissions. researchers from harvard university looked at the impact of reduced emissions from cars and other vehicles on deaths caused by air pollution from them, and they found that deaths dropped from roughly 27,000 and 2000 and eight to roughly 20,000 and 2017 and that the economic benefits from emissions reductions total $270 billion. already we're seeing all sorts of activity out there, especially south of san rafael and down in towards san jose and
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the santa cruz mountains. here's the live radar in the middle east tahoe area is getting hammered as well. what we've got going on in some pretty significant rainfall rates around the area. we're seeing all sorts of small streams, flooding and just stuff we can manage, but little trees down, limbs down. power lines down just depends where you are, but we're seeing all sorts of problems that are not huge, but they're they're they're adding up. and so i'm worried about tomorrow morning when you get going. the sun comes up. you know, you may be on the road that hasn't been checked. there might be a branch down. there might be some standing water. so think about that as you drive off tomorrow morning. if you're one of those pre dawn people, there is the. just review shin of rain and you can see the heavy stuff right? the yellow is not as significant as it was. and for a while there. this map was just yellow morgue until you're involved in some significant rain right there. those rainfall rates again. you know why right wing? why why rainfall rates bill? well, it's really tells you so much about what's happening on the ground half inch an hour in that area. just the wipers are flying right
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there we had earlier today we had rainfall rates of over an inch and a half an hour now they didn't necessarily last for an hour, but that for that time when it's got that rate go, and it's pretty. pretty devastating to be driving in that urban sprawl stream. flood advisories been dropped for the santa cruz mountains in the cemetery. county coastline, live picture getting a little bit of a break out there still some heavy showers to go through, but we've got a setup that's going to get a little bit better here as we go into the morning hours, so here's right about now watch what happens into tomorrow morning, so scattered showers. not that wide aerial distribution of rain. the morning commute. like i say, dark is going to be a little sketchy because you don't know what the roads look like. but by the morning 9 10 11 o'clock. it should be pretty good drive from the sky and in the afternoon commute looks good wednesday morning. okay maybe a little valley fog wednesday afternoon and evening back into the rain a little bit into thursday morning , and then it's done for a little while so very productive set of weather systems pulses.
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coming through this next system that they're wednesday. thursday thing i just showed you that's got a whole different personality than this last one. this last atmospheric river little warmer, little higher snow levels. the next system, not colder air coming from the polar regions, not as much rain lower snow levels but still the potential for some potent weather with thunderstorms possible. what have you on wednesday into thursday, so. good stuff. be careful driving around out there. it will be better by tomorrow. around mid morning. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. all right. thanks, bill and update now to santa clara county's vax up video contest aimed at encouraging kids to get vaccinated against covid-19. i did it. now i don't want to be scared of covid. but i will be cautious. this video called timmy and fred get the vax won first place in the 68th grade category. well, cool kids get vaccinated was the winner among ninth and 12th graders. over 70 teams of students competed for prizes of up to $1500 health
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officials in santa clara county , said the hope was to give youth a creative outlet to show what vaccinations mean to them. tonight in sports. the warriors and pacers battle it out in the final seconds. high mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever!
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tell your doctor if you have a bleeding condition or take blood thinners as risk of bleeding or bruising at the treatment site is increased. talk to a urologist about what your manhood could look like. find a xiaflex-trained urologist at mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. back with you figures to be a very memorable day for the warriors tomorrow and all their fans steps probably going to break the record but get this mechanical problems in indy tonight, causing the team to have to stay overnight and then they'll fly out tomorrow morning for new york are going to be a tired group of guys on national tv. everybody pulled for that guy to break the record by ray allen. early on, the warriors
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had their difficulties stuff, not thinking outside, but it didn't get that game. working nicely. as usual. he doesn't get the caller's bonus racks him up pretty good. second quarter. those patients out of 15 4 spur turnover to the problem. domantas sabonis and 30 tonight whereas couldn't stop him inside . they were up 8.5 whereas down, but buckling down in the fourth quarter. draymond had a nose for the bucket tonight. season high 15 under a minute and a half left curry. this time we'll nail the three point shot. he has one shy of the record, but the warriors are still trailing in the game. next possession curry again this time will come through straight to the bucket. he goes again. he gets pushed no foul belay and ties it, though. at 100 all now under 20. seconds left. nice draymond screen. freeze curry for a quick look. no but loony grabs. the offensive board throws it right back up. he had 13 with 13
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seconds left. the warriors have their first lead of the second half. 12 to 100 last gasp for the pacers. and it is paris. laverty defended beautifully by gary payton. the second young glove helps the turnover creation right there and the warriors hang on 12 to 100 stuff at 26 on five of 15 shooting from three tomorrow. as i mentioned madison square garden they fly out of, indeed, tonight or tomorrow morning to get there for tomorrow night's game. alright let's talk about monday night football and it was a good one top two teams. in the nfc west. rams with matt stafford and chasing kyler murray around early on this thing of beauty, matt stafford the fake and flings it perfection. van jefferson 52 yards and it's 20 to 13 l. a. they were tied 13 at halftime cardinal down 27. 13 james connor out of the wildcat
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formation bulls his way into the end zone. we still got a ballgame after that eight yard touchdown. now it's 32 23 cardinals onside kick in the final moments. matt prater perfectly done. two rams touched it and the cardinals zaven collins recovered it, so there's still alive, but with no timeouts left. murray didn't clock the ball and aaron donald saxon, one of his three had on the 9 30 to 23 rands. now only a game back to the cardinals in the nfc west. let us with our time remaining, check this out for you, daredevils. this is in austria, and it's a snowboarder by the name of clemens miller. it's called reverse snowboarding . he gets a tow rope and a helicopter ride very quickly. yeah speeds up to 50 miles an hour. that's amazing. we always like to show you a little
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daredevil step here to check out that is the sporting life right now. tomorrow night. big one for the warriors certainly is. i'll check it out because i won't be doing it, but it's very cool to look at. thanks, mark. eose our? dad, you were married to mom for 30 years. what's another couple nights on a couch? i'm gonna call for the cot, and i'm gonna try to squeeze them on that $9.95 wi-fi fee. they're selling air. closetcon is the premier north american trade show for the closet industry. i stopped going years ago 'cause it's a trade show for the closet industry. thank you. [ gasps ] this schedule is incredible. [ door closes ] dad, there's a 10:45 session on sustainable materials. we have got to hit that. mm, but it overlaps with the 11:00 a.m. panel on paneling. [ gasps ] and a breakout session on shoe storage. little advice -- the convention floor is for suckers. all work is done at the bar -- unless tony g. and layla are singing standards, in which case, no work -- prepare to be entertained. dad, i came here to learn, not sit at the bar and drink. you do what you want. i'm getting a scotch.


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