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eligible students to get a booster shot. i really cannot underscore enough. the critical importance of booster shots. the older you get, the more your risk increases and the more urgent it is for you to get a booster shot. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. santa clara county health officer, dr sara cody today urged everyone to protect themselves as omicron cases increase here in the bay area. welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage and i'm heather holmes santa clara county health officials are bracing for what they believe will be a surgeon omicron variant cases. okay to be selfish reporter jesse gary in downtown san jose, with more on this, including why officials are sounding the alarm now, jesse. heather officials believe transmission rates will increase during the upcoming christmas holiday. they believe the only
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way to get out of the teeth of this pandemic is to get three shots of the covid vaccine. when i look around the corner ahead. what i see is a day luge of, um, a crime. santa clara county health officer, dr sara cody, saying the speed and breath of the omicron variants spread in europe is a warning signal here in the states. the south bay had just one omicron case days ago. now it is up to 10. officials say it's likely to go higher rapidly since the variance is present in all four county sewer sheds. officials continue pushing a multi layered approach to stemming the spread. they say 80% of south bay residents have received two covid vaccination shots, but the booster or third shot strengthens effectiveness. vaccinations are most importance and our boosters are most important. but again, there's still the need to use all of the tools in our toolbox. i feel taking back getting vaccinated
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as the best way to get this, so we just started of staying at home. so we want to get out and vaccination is the wind. said you stanford university officials announcing today the first two weeks of the upcoming winter quarter will be conducted online. the actions taken quote to minimize academic disruptions and provide students and instructors with as much predictability as possible. officials can see they have not seen an increase of the omicron variant on campus, but quote uncertainty of its transmissibility this winter remains a concern and poses some logistical challenges for the start of in person classes. close quote. stanford is also requiring. people attending in person classes to get that third booster shot by the end of january, county health officials say before they look to go ahead and get children as young as 12. a booster shot. they want to try and make sure all people who are 50 and above that's about 250,000 residents here in the
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south bay. make sure they get. the third booster shot more on this coming up for you at five o'clock for now live in downtown san jose. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland. all right, jesse. thank you. a major conference scheduled to happen in san francisco's union square is now moving online. and now restaurants and hotels in that area are trying to figure out how to make up for that lost revenue. as we first reported yesterday, the 40th annual jpmorgan chase healthcare conference was set to take place at the western st francis hotel in early january. and many conference attendees were also planning to stay there. the cartwright hotel was also going to host conference attendees. and now they say they have a hole in their bookings to the tune of about $300,000. as heartbreaking really? because wt conference to kind of make up our entire q one. so losing that conference was huge. conference
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organizers say concerns about covid forced them to change course to an all virtual format that called by conference organizers come to the wake of a difficult month for union square where smash and grabs shook area retailers. jpmorgan says it expects to be back in san francisco in 2023. we have new information now on a deadly shooting by san pablo. police officers shot and killed a man yesterday who investigators say what was holding what turned out to be a pellet gun. all crime reporter henry lee, joining us now live from the newsroom with the latest on this investigation, henry. alex the fact that police say this was a pellet gun capable of firing metal ball bearings and not as initially believed in air soft gun, which fires plastic projectiles does change the investigation somewhat, and what the suspect was doing with this pellet gun was caught on video. the whole time we stand. there's kind of cocking it back, pointing it right now. surveillance video shows a man pointing and handling what appears to be a gun. the man was standing outside this toyota
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tacoma pickup truck in the parking lot of evergreen market in san pablo, and about two wednesday afternoon. he was walking with it in his hand. he would kind of, uh, remove the clip. put it back in. um he would caucus several times he was drunk. he was going through several motions. um the guy didn't look like he was all their workers at the market called police. the man drove off, but officers caught up with him a few blocks away in north richmond and pulled him over. police say the man got out of the truck holding what appeared to be a gun and refused to drop it. the gun looked like in actual firearm. san pablo police captain brian buh bar says the man's actions also suggested the gun was real. he was holding it and he manipulated by mimicking pulling the slide back. and fourth as if he was preparing the gun to be ready to fire. police say the man then turned toward the officers, four officers opened fire. the man died on the way to the hospital. police realized later that his
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gun wasn't real. investigators thought at first there was an air soft gun, but a closer look revealed that wasn't the case. it was determined to be a bb gun or a pellet gun that is capable of discharging. metal metal pellets. the state considers a pellet gun, a potential deadly weapon and that changes the scope of the investigation. the california department of justice has stepped away from the investigation. a witness told police of a possible motive. he was going to force officers to kill him. he was in the process of saying goodbye to his family members. investigators returned to the scene thursday to conduct more interviews and gather more evidence. all four officers are on paid administrative leave and their names and the name of the man that killed have not been released. the shooting remains under investigation by san pablo police, the contra costa county sheriff and the da's office. now local prosecutors, and not the egged will determine whether the officers will face any criminal charges. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox do need henry. thank you for the update. we're learning more now about
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the shooting death of a tesla worker in fremont today, the alameda county d. a charged tesla worker, anthony salima with murder, saying he used an ar 15 rifle to shoot and kill his coworker. 42 year old li braise er. fraser was shot in the parking lot on monday after he finished his shift. prosecutors also filed a special circumstance of murder while lying in wait and possession of an assault weapon. investigators say the two men had argued earlier in the day, so lima is now being held without bail, california attorney general rob bonta announced a plea agreement today for a leak that sent tens of thousands of gallons of gasoline into a canal and walnut creek last year. that deal includes a $2.5 million fine to be paid for by kinder morgan's subsidiary. sf ppe. investigators say pipeline operators noticed a loss of pressure in that pipe. that carries fuel from concord to san jose on november 20th 2020, but it was more than two weeks until the spill was fully reported to
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the state. the pipe released more than 63 gallon 1000 gallons of gasoline. i hope the terms of the sentence are. a wake up call for kinder morgan and all corporate polluters polluting our environment will not be tolerated. it is not business as usual. under the terms of the agreement, the pipeline operators must install leak detection systems and train their employees to immediately notify agencies about potential spills. today, san francisco leaders took the first steps towards splitting up the department of public works and creating a new department of sanitation and streets. this move comes after corruption charges rocked the department of public works last year. this plan would split dpw next fall and would set new commissions to oversee the departments. opponents still worried the plan will add millions in new administrative costs without more resources for cleaning. however supporters say the move will allow for greater accountability and oversight.
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grammy award winning band metallica is staging what it calls a san francisco take over a series of concerts and events all to celebrate its 40th anniversary. the san francisco based band announced the takeover today along with mayor london breed at chase center where metallica is performing tomorrow night. other concerts and events will be held at smaller venues in various neighborhoods around the city over the next four days, the band says it wants to give back to the city it calls home. we're so proud of our. connection to everything that san francisco represents and to all the wonderful people to obviously the great physical and geographical elements here and the history and the cable cars and the giants and the warriors, and the list goes on. but i just want to say how on behalf of the band how proud i am for that connection. mayor breed also issued a proclamation today officially declaring today metallica day in san francisco.
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that should be fine days. yep. well, coming up here on the floor. retailers are very concerned about getting gift returns. this year, we'll tell you how inflation is impacting the cost of restocking items a second time. and recent cold weather in the bay area turns deadly the work being done to prevent more deaths due to exposure. and a burial weather. last night's front has moved out of town. so of course, yesterday we had the strong winds and heavy rainfall today, clearing skies and now we could be talking about some very cold temperatures will have more on your forecast coming up.
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week's rainy and cold weather and homeless advocates in san jose are outraged as ktvu sand, rubin explains, while advocates are demanding answers about what went wrong, city officials are scrambling now to open warming centers before the next storm arrives. dropping temperatures and an atmospheric river took their toll on san jose's homeless population. city officials confirm at least five people have died this week. homeless advocates believe 1/6 passed away overnight or dying from exposure. they're dying because they're out in the cold . they're out in the rain, and your body can only take so much . this weather was no surprise, and advocates say they had begged authorities to take action to open warming centers before it arrived. the response they got crickets. they should
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have listened to the advocates because we knew that this was going to happen, san jose officials say they've been doing the best they can with the resources they have. they sent outreach teams to encampments before the storm, but they admit after a week like this they do. look at what else could have been done and we are always reevaluating and considering new opportunities, new responses. so it's really an ongoing process, and they are making some changes . authorities already had plans to open two overnight warming locations are owls this month there now opening one of them sooner. we moved up the open date. for the evergreen branch library owl to this friday because we're anticipating more cold and wet weather this weekend, so we wanted to get a jump on that, while homeless advocates say they're glad for the change, they wish it had come before the storm. for the sake of the people who died on the streets. how do you explain that? how do you justify that? how do you say oh, sorry. my bad. and now they're going to be opening warming centers. but that's just too late. one warming location at the leonard
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, your community center opens december 20th, another at the evergreen branch library opens tomorrow. both will be open each night through the end of april. in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. well this afternoon, the sun is shining up in the sierra. but several storms recently have brought a lot of snow to that area. reporter brian hickey is along interstate 80 with a look at the conditions there. we're here. blue canyon. this is around 5000 ft in the sierra along interstate anywhere at this elevation of the last two storm cycles you can see here well over two ft of snow at this elevation up over the top of the sierra. more than five ft of snow. great news for the resorts and all the skiers is so borders that are heading up interstate 80 this morning. to go up and take advantage of it with a lot of the resorts either opening yesterday or preparing to open by this weekend with all of the snow that we got, but of course, if you're heading up into the sierra, you'll need that four wheel drive with snow tires or chains. the best advice is if you have changed in your
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car, make sure they actually fit your car. a lot of people change your tires makes a lot of vacations. those chains may not fit any longer, so it's best to practice them down in the valley. make sure they fit before you head up into the sierra. the chain installers are out here and they can't help you install those as well. but otherwise beautiful scene up here. what a difference two storms have made and more on the way coming first part of next week, so great news. for the snowpack for the water situation in this ongoing drought. hopefully we can break it because it is starting to look and fill a lot like winter here in the sierra, and we needed that. that is the situation here . beautiful scene at blue canyon. i'm brian hickey back to you. yes that's right. how did the sierra has been transforming quickly over the past few days? remember we started off december we had record heat, and we're trying to find a drop of rain and some snow in the mountains. with kind of a bleak start to the month, but things improving rapidly just for comparison to show you this picture from homewood earlier in the month. this was actually just over a
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week ago, december 8th and you can see just a few patches. awesome snow showing up here near this near this lift. look what's happened over the past few days. this was the scene today from tahoe's west shore here, beautiful looking out toward the lake, and some of those snowfall accumulations over the past week have been very impressive because he sugar ball 67 inches. homewood 65 heavenly 56 inches, so right now we have no chains could not change them required on 80. but 50. still we have chain controls up heading to south lake tahoe this afternoon. now we do have some more rain. the forecast. we also have a break as well. here is the forecast models who put this into motion and these numbers have been changing around quite a bit. the forecast models still trying to figure out what's going to happen next week. but we can tell you we will have some more rain back in the forecast, especially by tuesday, wednesday and possibly into thursday. right now, our radar remember yesterday we had all that activity and, of course, all the strong winds. things are very quiet right now. remember the north bay had some heavy rainfall, but not the case . for today, we actually have
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clearing skies, with partly cloudy conditions expected overnight. the satellite their radar still showing you the clouds moving out to the east and also to the south of the bay area, so right now looking pretty good, but with this pattern in place temperatures, not warming up too much, and it will be a cold night overnight. current numbers. most neighborhoods in the low to mid fifties so kind of everybody within the same camp from 52 to 55 degrees. temperatures at least with the afternoon high is not a big story. here's a live camera, looking out toward the golden gate bridge and the marin headlands here still a few clouds and a little bit of some haze up above. but we're gonna start off tomorrow morning, a few spots, possibly in the upper twenties. up in the north based twenties, thirties and lower forties, patchy fog, especially out towards the inland valleys. that could impact your visibility. so here's the setup . this cold air mass remains in place for your friday but clearing skies hazy sunshine. end of the weekend. for the most part, it should be dry. we do bring the chance of some rain on monday, but probably a better bet by tuesday and wednesday of
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next week. watch out for some of the fog tomorrow morning, hazy sunshine into the afternoon hours. same story into your saturday some morning fog and then possibly the same story as sunday. we could be talking about some showers to the north of the bay area for the second half of the weekend highs for tomorrow. we'll be in the fifties after that chili starts and the fog out there hazy sunshine into the afternoon hours. and the look ahead of cold start saturday morning will thicken up the clouds on sunday with a slight chance of a sprinkle and then the chance of a shower in a monday, but probably a better bet by monday night and tuesday, so we get a break, but more rain eventually headed our way. okay but those brakes obviously very important, thanks so much mark bags of holiday groceries and gifts were handed out today to people in need in san francisco's north beach, the nonprofit group north beach citizens held its give away this morning. at its facility. they are in kearny street. lower income residents and the homeless received the items. the group says the need for food assistance has grown during the pandemic, and especially over the last month. this time of year is especially
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important because we have. um individuals that are living on the streets or even in our local single room occupancy hotels that, um. really need a sense of place. a center. family sense of hope around the holidays, and that's what we're offering. francis ford coppola founded the organization, north beach citizens back in 2000 and one it distributes £88,000 of food to those in navy cheer and says, since the beginning of november , is seen a 38% increase. jobless claims are on the rise. the weekly jobless claims number increased 206,000 from last week , but the total number of americans collecting unemployment benefits fell to just under two million. that's a pandemic low. the latest data from the bureau of labor statistics shows job openings currently are sitting at a record 11 million, while the number of americans quitting their jobs fell slightly in
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october to 4.2 million. but retailers are concerned about the rising costs of holiday gift returns this season. it's estimated that more than $66 billion worth of online sales will be returned, and researchers say when they calculate the cost of labor, transportation and warehousing goods, all of which have increased due to inflation. two thirds of the sales price is gone. that's according to a study from touro, a company that specializes in return technologies that cut costs and waste. the average consumer doesn't see all the different number of truck trips or plane trips it takes to get returned to item from the original location to the warehouse, the first the second, the third warehouse into its final location. and they don't see all the different hands that all the different times that changes hands and all the different processing step needs to go to. electronic such as mobile devices and computers cost retailers even more to return if
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the customer has added any personal data, which must be wiped clean before refurbishing and resale. a lack of discounts is discouraging many shoppers this holiday season. on the whole, consumers are saving more and spending less this year. that's according to strategic research group. this news comes after the commerce department revealed this week that sales for the holiday season barely increased in november because of higher inflation. we're coming up. activists protest in the rain this morning against the legal agreement that's aimed to provide mental health care at santa rita jail where they want that money to be spent instead.
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rain today in front of a san francisco law firm. they want that firm to reject a legal agreement aimed at providing mental healthcare at santa rita jail, ella baker center and the anti terror police anti police terror project. say this agreement will actually put more money into the jail. instead they say the county should spend money on community care and mental health services, not jail expansion. all it does is massively increased the jail and shares resources of funding. jeff bernstein and attorney who filed the lawsuit, said that he agrees that putting people in cages is terrible. but he said the entire criminal justice system is broken, which is
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outside the scope of his class action lawsuit. a judge is expected to approve that settlement next month. the protest comes a day after a man was found dead in his jail cell at santa rita, the seventh in custody death this year in the 54th since 2014. an analysis of death records by ktvu shows. at $11 million winning super lotto plus ticket was sold at the 7 11 store on center road in san jose yesterday. the winner, though, has yet to come forward. man. he got my ticket. now we've got bliss. happy for him. whoever got it, that's awesome. and i mean like. it could have been me. it could be him. that's a blessing. the california lottery site shows that only one winner matched five of the winning numbers. plus that mega number. an employee at the 7 11 was unaware of any winners at the location, but said he has been selling super lotto tickets. all week. congratulations to whoever won that big prize. alright up
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next for us here on ktvu is our coverage of thursday night football, but our news continues over on ktvu plus. and coming up, one on one interview with state epidemiologist dr eric upon her take on the new indoor mask mandate and the spread of the over cranberry. yep and that's going to do it for us. everyone thursday night football is coming up next more on the push for booster shots over on the plus. thursday night football takes the field on fox two fox two news continues at 4 35 6 and seven p.m. on ktvu plus find ktvu plus over the air on direct addition on channel 36 or xfinity channel +706. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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