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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 16, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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thank you. next at 11. there's a lot of places there's security cameras, but people still break in, like, maybe it helps you catch who doesn't but it doesn't like truly prevent it doubt in berkeley after the city votes on a new plan to spend more than $1 million to install security cameras around the city. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. another bay area city, creating a plan in an effort to curb break ins. shootings and robberies. hello again. i'm cristina rendon in tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener, the city of berkley says the cameras will likely be installed early next year. new tonight ktvu elissa harrington tells us the cameras are just one part of a larger plan to keep the city safe. holiday shoppers were out on berkeley's festive fourth street. but among those twinkly lights, we saw a police car in front of the apple store and signs to warn people of car break ins. now the city of berkley plans to install
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security cameras in several neighborhoods, including retail districts like this to crack down on crime. well, we do think that one this could be a deterrent and two that this could assist and active investigations. mayor jesse arrogance said they will be focusing on entry and exit points in the city and areas where there has been gun violence like parts of west berkeley. their neighborhoods in our city, where, on a weekly basis they hear gunfire. additionally received other crime occurring throughout the city. um whether it's catalog converter thefts, car thefts, some shoppers we talked to aren't sure just how effective cameras really are. it's also hard, though, because i think with security cameras, you're not always catching the exact person like you're watching it. but if they have coverings and whatnot, it's hard to identify. i'm more for like, restorative and performative over preventative because, like if anything, it's just like keeping that cycle going because it. there's a lot of places there's security cameras, but people
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still break in the city of berkley has already used cameras as a crime fighting tool. back in 2019 17 cameras were placed at san pablo park in response to a string of shootings. there are also cameras at the berkeley marina. the latest plan is part of a larger $5 million safety effort that would include launching a ceasefire program and evaluating traffic safety. these enhancements also come after the city redirected millions of dollars away from the police department while we're having that conversation and reimagining public safety, we can't ignore the immediate issues that we that we are dealing with right now. and so we think that there's room to look at changes to look at improvements. while we are addressing the immediate issues in our community, these cameras will cost the city of berkley $1.3 million. the mayor told me. he understands there could be privacy concerns. these cameras will be used to help in an active investigation but will not be monitored live. in berkeley. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. when the
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developing story now in the east based city of pittsburgh, that is where one person died tonight in an apparent case of carbon monoxide poisoning, police say they were called to the house on vincent street to do a welfare check. inside they found one adult dead. three children were also in the home and taken to the hospital. they are said to be in stable condition. they range in age from 6 to 16. firefighters as well as pg and e crews are on scene investigating the cost. a man accused of making criminal threats against the valley transportation authority is being held on $350,000 bail. 69 year old roland lebrun is charged with making criminal threats that it be to committee meeting. santa clara county superior court judge today ordered him to stay at least 300 yards away from vita facilities. he's also not allowed to have guns or ammunition. lebron was arrested on tuesday for threatening statements involving a gun during a virtual vita meeting. he will be back in court on december 28. some bay area
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school districts are warning parents and students of possible unspecified threats being made at campuses tomorrow as part of that a parent challenge on tiktok school districts in a number of bay area communities, including conquered martinez, rienda livermore, pleasanton and santa clara county also notices to parents warning of the challenge. it calls on students to bring weapons to school and encourages acts of violence. one high school in gilroy canceled classes tomorrow as a result, most of the district said themselves they had not directly received any threats of violence , and they say none of the threats elsewhere are believed to be credible. in a statement posted to twitter, tiktok's said tonight quote we handle even rumored threats with utmost seriousness, which is why we're working with law enforcement to look into warnings about potential violence at schools, even though we have not found evidence of such threats originating or spreading. via tiktok. tonight we are hearing from the family of a tesla employee who was allegedly shot and killed by a coworker earlier this week. he was just a good
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person like a good hearted person. he wore his. you know, he wore his heart on the sleeve. james jim brazier, rather says his brother lee was the tesla workers shot and killed at the fremont plant on monday afternoon. fremont police say a coworker used an ar 15 rifle to kill brazier. authorities have arrested 29 year old anthony salima. they say he made a surprise attack on brazier coming up from behind him and shooting him. at least we have closure that you know the person that did this got caught. he was a fierce father. very loyal. he would give you the shirt off his back. if we call them no matter what time of day or night he would come and be there. the family says they don't know if brazier and the suspect we're arguing that day the victim leaves behind a seven year old daughter. salima will be back in court in january to enter a plea. he is being held without bail. oakland's city council
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next week, is said to consider covid-19 vaccination mandate for certain indoor sites. this comes amid concern nationwide of a winter omicron surge. ktvu jana katsuyama joining us live from the newsroom with those details, jenna. casino oakland city council member dan called says that he's proposing indoor vaccination checks at tuesday's meeting, he says if the plan is approved, people would need to show proof of vaccination at many indoor sites starting next month. as people gather for the holidays, public officials are sounding the alarm that close contact with the highly transmissible omicron variant could lead to a spike in covid 19 cases. so oakland city council member dan called new year's wish. it's for the council to pass an indoor covid-19 vaccination mandate. as we know if your unvaccinated you're more likely to contract the disease and therefore more likely to spread the disease. his proposed emergency ordinance would require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test at indoor sites. including
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dining sights, such as restaurants, bars, coffee shops , tasting rooms and banquet halls. entertainment venues including theaters, concert venues and recreation sites, plus gyms, fitness and yoga centers, as well as senior care sites. dental offices would also be required to check proof of vaccination, as well as public libraries and city hall. and large indoor events of 500 or more attendees called, says he's following the lead of other major cities. san francisco san jose city of berkeley, los angeles, new york city. some oakland restaurant owners and customers say they would support a city wide mandate to create a level playing field for business owners who have been reluctant to make their employees enforced . vaccination checks people who might not be. you know, vaccinated and might get upset and angry, and we just really didn't want people put people in harm's way. it takes the policing of this out of our hands, and i've had it. my wife's parents got killed by covid and you know, so i want. people to take responsibility
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and help each other out near oakland city hall. people were lined up to get covid vaccines and booster shots. i'm getting my booster shot up the new variants seems like it's spreading really fast. we're gonna be traveling for the holidays, you know, getting on planes. seeing families, so it's probably better to be safe. today president biden and vice president kamala harris met with the white house covid response team, cdc officials say right now the omicron variant represents about 3% of covid cases nationwide, and it is rapidly increasing. oakland city council meets at 9 30 tuesday morning and if they pass that indoor vaccination check ordinance, businesses must post notices by january, 15th and enforcement would begin february . 1st jana katsuyama reporting live for us in the newsroom. thank you, jenna. california state health officials are giving tips on how you can stay safe during the holidays, especially for those who are traveling. if you are going to be indoors, and especially if you have people who are at high risk, so elderly people was
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immunocompromised, who may not respond to vaccines as well. try to keep the windows and doors open. if you can't do it outdoors, maybe keep it shorter than usual duration matters. and again if you're traveling, make sure you keep those mouths on and, you know, have that sort of community awareness about having people wear their masks the other tool that we are using more and more and thankfully, is more and more accessible is testing. so for my family before thanksgiving before we were going to have that with my parents and some other. relatives you know, over 65. we made sure we all got tested first to make sure no one was. you know you have these rapid testing. you can tell us the same day and make sure you're not going to then infect anyone you love who might be more susceptible to serious outcomes. doctor erika pen also stressed the importance of getting boosted and wearing masks, especially endorsed. all branches of the u. s. military have begun disciplinary action for troops refusing to get the mandated coronavirus vaccine officials say as many as 20,000 unvaccinated forces are at risk of being removed from service.
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today the marine corps said it has discharged 103 marines so far for refusing the vaccine. the army said it has reprimanded more than 2700 soldiers and will begin discharge proceedings in january. the air force says 27 airmen were discharged, and the navy said it has already fired one sailor for refusing to be tested while pursuing an exemption. we are united to say no to any hostile takeover. oakland teachers say alameda county is trying to take over the school district that dispute over the district's budget up next and a new report that's bringing welcome news from uni and its financial future.
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there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. a full body endorphin rush we'll chase again and again. feel the hydrow high this holiday season.
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months after the agency protected massive deficits, revised outlook published by the city comptroller's office says the sfm to won't be running a structural deficit until fiscal year 2025. and they expected shortfall of $123 million by fiscal 2027 will be at quote a more manageable level than previously projected. last year . money was facing a $230 million deficit over the next two years as ridership and revenue plunged during the pandemic. the agency's drastic change in its budget outlook was helped in part by san francisco's budget surplus, which funds a sizable portion of sfm tas budget. the san
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francisco school board voted tonight to continue a lottery system for admission into local high school back in february, the district eliminated mayor basic missions in favor of the lottery system used at other high schools in the city. after a lawsuit, a judge determined the school board failed to give the public adequate notice about the vote, but said that the board could take a new vote this evening. the board extended the lottery system for one more year, saying it is too late in the process now to change back. the oakland teachers, union and community members voiced concern today about the possibility of what they call a hostile takeover of the school district by the alameda county superintendent of schools. but his ktvu is rob roth explains, the superintendent says that is not her intention. the oakland teachers union elected officials and parents thursday gather and accused the alameda county superintendent of schools of trying to eventually run the oakland unified school district . we are united to say no to any hostile takeover teachers union
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president keith brown is concerned about a letter to the district last month from alameda county superintendent lk monroe. the letter says the district needs to cut its budget by an estimated 80 to $90 million over the next three years. the letter also says the school board must show a plan for how to balance its budget by the end of january if the budget does not balance the alameda county superintendent, along with the state's fiscal crisis management assistance team could take over. this type of takeover presents hard to our students. any parents and community county superintendent munro says part of her job is to act as an early warning system for potential financial issues. it is not my goal to take over the district by any means, the only thing that would precipitate that would be if the district is that is at a point of insolvency, and that's not where they are. part of the district's problem is declining enrollment, which means less state money coming in
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. monroe says the district is also using some of the $300 million it received in covid relief funds to pay everyday expenses that is legal but not sustainable, she says, when there are concerns that spending is outpacing revenues. i need to make sure that i am making the district aware and working with them. we stand with our students and community to say no to any proposed cuts. that that is coming from the county to work to make sure that we get more resources to usd to make sure that you all we all can do the job that we need to do refer children right now. the school board is expected to discuss making cuts next month cuts that could include closing schools. in oakland. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. beautiful we've never seen south lake tahoe like this . the storm has cleared in the sierra, allowing skiers and tourists to enjoy the fresh. no. we will take a look coming up
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after the break. and we've got to break today. we get a break tomorrow in the next couple of days, but rain and snow back in the forecast. i'll have the five day next. and a unique christmas display in the east bay. how more than 100 homes are helping a family in need. has taken on ag
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for brentwood neighborhood, ktvu deborah villalon tells us for five years now neighbors have been raising money for children with cancer, and that effort just keeps growing. it's really about the joy that everybody brings on lacosta drivin bread would the sidewalk is part of the show pvc pipe strung with light illuminates a path. the tunnels of joy, but i think it's
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the experience and the people park their car and they walk around and they can talk organizers are that joy makers as this holiday effort has grown to more than 100 homes and thousands of visitors, especially on weekends, with food trucks and entertainment everywhere else they drive through or even if they get out to look at it, it's a get out. look at it for two minutes and you get back in your car. they're here for hours, three year old adrian rodriguez of antioch dashes through the displays. it's a rare outing for him as adrian is fighting leukemia. we came for the first time last year before his diagnosis. and we were in all of it this year, donations are being collected for the family's expenses. as of sunday. we have to go to oakland every day. he has chemo, so we have to go to treatment every day next week. visitors who give $20 or more and are a raffle for thousands of dollars in prizes. there's not really words you can put. out there that explained the amount of effort they're putting into all of this and it's no, we don't know anybody. i don't know
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how to thank all these people. they don't even know us. and. we just really grateful they're they're doing this for handing for us, but the first recipient for the tunnels of joy fundraiser was my sister who's since passed each year, a young cancer patient has been chosen as a fundraising recipient. it began with a neighbor's sister who had breast cancer. this neighborhood becomes takes you in as a family, so. your family is the lacosta family? no. a free holiday display and a chance to help a deserving family. every christmas. the tunnels of joy grow longer and more elaborate, and their eyes are going to sparkle. when they see your house. you want to put more money into it. you want to put more effort into it. it. it's a labor of love for every single person on the street in brentwood, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. alright i hope you had a nice day today temperatures tomorrow gonna be
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quite similar. the weather pattern is going to continue drive for a couple of days and then we're going to get back into some showers as we get into monday and tuesday, so rain back in the bay area forecast and pretty much all next week. i think all next week is. is going to be a wet one and snow in the mountains. so here's the model takes us through the weekend there saturday here sunday, sunday morning, sunday afternoon sunday evening. and then you see right there that system sets up and just pushes on it and stays in through thursday, so that's kind of the timing. it's going to change a lot, but the positioning of the jet stream is what is intriguing and what can tells us lets us know that it's going to be wet. it's called outside right now, 11 degrees cooler in nevada than it was last night, 12 degrees cooler in santa rosa. so you know it's gonna be a cold morning tomorrow . these are the forecast overnight lows where the colder mornings we've seen this season and we're looking at temperatures potentially below freezing in parts of the far north bay frost for many of us tomorrow morning in a bit of fog
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in the central valley from modesto, south. so the pattern is what it has been most of today it's going to continue in a dry form, and then it clouds up on sunday and then monday and into tuesday. we get that opportunity for rain, and not just monday and tuesday, but beyond that, right through the week, it looks like a kind of a wet, unsettled week. these are the forecast highest for tomorrow. you can see mid fifties plenty of sunshine. nice day, great air quality. couldn't ask for a better day. the five day forecast then is you can't really you can kind of pick it up here. so saturday sunday, the knicks next 72 hours dry and then later on sunday into monday range starts. and then last into tuesday, and if i could take you out a bunch more days, we'd walk you right into thursday, friday and saturday with the potential for more rain and certainly snow in the mountains, and this next week looks more typical. no atmospheric river necessarily just kind of pulses coming through the jet stream. so let's see how it goes. in the meantime , enjoy the next couple of days to stay dry. and maybe get those gutters cleaned out if you can,
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because it's going to get within a few inches next week. it looks like all right, bill. thank you. well sierra ski resorts are enjoying more snow from this latest storm, right in time for the holidays. heavenly ski resort says it got 10 inches of snow from about midnight to noon today. and 56 inches over the last week, the montgomery family is visiting south lake tahoe for the first time for a birthday celebration that came from los angeles and washington, d. c. and they say having some fun in the snow is an extra bonus. this is something that is very breathtaking. to me. it's very warm feeling, even though it's cold outside. so i love it. i love the atmosphere. i love the vibes. it's very christmassy, too, so happy holidays. for people who had planned their trips well in advance. the fresh powder was a welcome surprise. some said they were afraid the resorts weren't going to be open during their visit. coming up chiefs and chargers put on quite a show in los angeles tonight, marquee. bonnie is up next with sports, but first in $11 million
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winning super lotto plus ticket has been sold in san jose, but the winner has yet to come forward. it was sold yesterday at the 7 11 on center road. the california lottery sites shows only one winner matched five of the winning numbers plus the mega number here watching the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. we'll be right back.
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from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford, with preventive care at no extra cost. enroll by december 31st. tonight. if you're a sharks fan , you gotta start being a little concerned about the way things are going. they got off to a real nice start, but of late, they're always playing from behind. and they're not catching up in the same story tonight down at the tank. they've got to make some ground while they're at home and. nice family outing there. everybody wearing their
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christmas sweater down to nothing in the first the vancouver erik karlsson shot on goal block, but timo meier. he's got 12 goals already. cut the deficit to 2 to 1 fast forward third period now san jose down 31 lane peterson. long path for andrew gig, liano and he will score it. it's a tweener as you see it between the legs cut giuliano with the goal that cuts the deficit to 32 but connects, add on late and it's a 52 final sharks again. not enough to get it done there. 15 14. and 11 week from tonight. it will be the 49 cars on thursday night football against tennessee going to know a lot about their playoff chances then, but tonight two teams pretty much guaranteed to get into the postseason going at it. it was a good one. pat mahomes and company he hits travis kelsey. it's kind of like their version of george kittle touchdown shorty with the minutes 16 left , and it's 28 all chargers lead
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much of this game. we go to overtime chiefs. they won the toss and they weren't given that ball back. same combo. kelsey was some nice moves right here. stop on a dime to get it going zig and zag a 34 yard walk off. he had 191 yards receiving and my home, so i did interception that cost big still threw for three touchdowns and 410 yards. and the chiefs all of a sudden, have won seven straight to take control of the a f c west. alright let's talk a little college hoops since the warriors are off again until tomorrow when they take on the celtics, stanford. welcoming an ivy league outfit and that is former nba player who also coached college at utah. larry cristo yak watching his son play for dartmouth. they led much of the way against stanford, but big run at the end and watch harrison ingram work it with
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less than a second left in regulation, of course, over time for the cardinal. they scored the last seven of regulation first seven of overtime on the break. brandon angel on the move to slam it, he led the cardinal with 18 89 78 is the final the cardinal are five and oh, on their home court. close it out with some fun stuff. it is that time of the evening where we do need to check. this out. you got to watch this closely. this is a picture. was an interesting delivery and you see it. you got to watch it in the second one. he's throwing it behind his back . watch this bump say, did you see at that time? it's like a little optical illusion fake and he thinks it's a strike anyway. pretty confident in his abilities. i'm going to show it to you third time. watch closely, he's letting it loose. behind his back. i wonder what they would call that if you ever
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made it to the major leagues that is this sporting life for tonight, get it back to you, christina. that alright, mark. christina. that alright, mark. thanks. thanks everybody for champagne, a champagne, champagne with a packet of splenda in it. you know what i call this drink? a waste of champagne? no. a dr. cooper. because... he's also sweet and bubbly. all right. a... a toast to sheldon and amy and the publication of your super-asymmetry paper. we are so proud of you guys. cheers. thanks. yay. boom. ooh! that is phd-licious. so, have you guys gotten any feedback yet? well, there are some comments online, but we haven't read them. we decided we don't care what people say about our work. penny: good for you. people online can be so mean. i posted a picture of myself on instagram, and some jerk said i looked so skinny i might disappear.


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