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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  December 17, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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jana katsuyama andre senior, has the night off pittsburgh police discovered a mother dead and four other family members in a confused state last night. after relatives asked for a welfare check at the family's home tonight. police say carbon monoxide poisoning might be to blame for the woman's death. ktvu is rob roth spoke to their relatives. he joins us live now in studio with more rock. christina the husband and three children are recovering in the hospital. the family says. all of them are expected to be okay , but the children's mother did not survive what authorities believe is carbon monoxide poisoning. grief and relief here at this home on vincent street in pittsburgh. relatives had not heard from the family here in about a week and decided to check on them thursday night when we got there and i got out the car. went to scuse me went to the bedroom window at this. see the tv on. but it looked like to me that somebody was in
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the bed, but no one would come to the door. randall williams called police who broke in there they found the body of 52 year old crystal stafford, who lived here with her husband and three children, ages 15 13 and six she was a great mother. she she? her kids was with her all the time. um she devoted her life to her kids. stafford had retired from bard after 30 years and was studying psychology online it loose madonna's college, the family says authorities were able to bring out the husband and three children safely, but they all seem disoriented. particularly the 13 year old girl. she was really out of it. she was really out of it. she didn't know her name. um she was really dizzy. she had a migraine headache. police believe the family was overcome by carbon monoxide, most likely from a heater, but that is still under investigation. the cdc reports that more than 400 people a year are killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in the u. s. it's called the silent killer is it is. really undetectable. you
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can't smell it. you can't see it . you can't taste it. san francisco fire department spokesman jonathan baxter says the best defense against this silent killer is to have a carbon monoxide alarm. every room not having an alarm is going to be one of the biggest issues that leads to injuries and paypal it easy for the family. they are grieving and also are grateful for the lives spared. as for family, we're going to get together. and just like what they do. but right now it is important that the kids to get well. and so far they coming around. it's not clear if there was a working carbon monoxide detector in the house, the family says, if they hadn't gotten there when they did, those relatives could have been killed. rob rock, ktvu fox two news. accidental carbon monoxide poisoning kills more than 400 people in the u. s every year. that's according to the cdc about 50,000 people in the u. s
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visit the emergency room each year due to accidental seo poisoning and people who are sleeping or or who have been drinking alcohol can die from carbon monoxide poisoning before ever having symptoms. the wave of social media posts threatening violence at schools across the country has impacted area school districts today, administrators at one bay area school district decided to close for the day. other school districts have seen police activity and even one arrest ktvu healthcare reporter jesse gary is following the latest developments. san ramon valley high school sees friday dismissal amid an air of concern this after a thursday tiktok post threatening violence. the following day was spread across the bay area and the nation the impact that social media has on all of us and in particularly our students, because it adds a whole nother layer. whether we're talking about threats of violence, whether we're talking about bullying where they were talking about inappropriate behavior. a template approach is
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apparently being used as the original post tailored to each school promises a shooting december 17th, adding. please don't go gilroy unified school district officials closed the gilroy high school due to the threat, a district website message says. we understand canceling classes presents an unintended disruption for staff and students. preparing for final exams. it's incredibly disruptive to students and two teachers often very hard to implement a lesson plan if students aren't feeling safe and comfortable because they're not going to be able to engage and to learn thursday night, san mateo county sheriff's detectives arrested a 16 year old in connection with a similar post threatening violence at a peninsula area high school. that child has been charged with a felony for making criminal threats doesn't really matter what what? what's current or what's training. we take all threat seriously, and they will be thoroughly investigated, experts say. students perpetuating school pranks is akin to a right of passage. usually something will switch very quickly through tiktok's or other social media, and
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everybody will want to participate with it really quickly and they might have a lot of different specific reasons to do so, but threatening violence during what experts say is an uptick in violence on school campuses. could signal something else. it could be a significant cried for help for someone who is reaching out in need of services to address whatever anxiety or feelings they may have school district officials around the bay area and around the country say they'll monitor social media and their campuses in the coming days. the teen arrested in san mateo county will see his case work its way through the juvenile court system. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news this declaration of emergency. is more so about making sure that we are dealing with our public health crisis on the streets. san francisco mayor london breed declared a state of emergency in the tenderloin today she's hoping to more quickly help those on the streets who are battling drug addiction. ktvu crime reporter henry lee joining us now with
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what this means, henry. christina the mayor wants to cut through the red tape because, she says conditions in the tenderloin are rapidly deteriorating. they shouldn't have to look over their shoulders. they shouldn't be punched in the face randomly. they shouldn't have to see someone sticking a needle in various parts of their bodies, laying out on the streets and wondering, what can i do to help them? of emergency in san francisco's tenderloin because of the opioid epidemic, she says the neighborhood is in the middle of a public health crisis . she's calling for an emergency response to drug overdoses. immediate crisis intervention. and expanded treatment and detox services, she says. too many people are dying or strung out on the streets. that's what this emergency declaration is about. addressing those challenges, understanding what people are suffering through. and meeting them where they are. he says the
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goal is to connect those in need to social and health services supervisor matt haney represents the tenderloin. the overdose epidemic is taking the lives of nearly two people a day in our city. most of those people are in the tenderloin of the south of market and mostly from fentanyl. under strategy by the mayor to increase safety. she and police chief bill scott have boosted patrols around union square and embrace the plan for off to the sheriff's deputies to protect stores from thieves. whatever the newsroom henry lee ktvu fox studios, henry thank you. former san francisco department of public works director mohamed nauru has agreed to plead guilty in connection to a corruption case that rocked city hall. according to the u. s attorney's office. a plea agreement was filed today and euro consented to plead guilty to wire fraud. in his plea agreement, nauru admits to public corruption he was accused of participating in a long running scheme involving multiple bribes and kickbacks
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during his tenure as dpw's director. authorities say today's announcement is significant, but it does not end the fbi's investigation into the corruption case. fighter is testing a third dose of their covid-19 vaccine in children between the ages of six months up to five years old testing so far has shown young children's immune response after two small doses was not as high as desired for the 2 to 4 year old children. children younger than five are currently the only age group where vaccines are not yet available. fighter says they do hope to submit an application for use in the first half of 2022 the first case of covid 19 . oh macron vary it has been detected in marin county health officials there say the patient had recently traveled to the east coast. the person was fully vaccinated, but had not yet received a booster shot. the person is now in isolation with mild symptoms. sonoma county is also reporting its first macron case. health officials say that person who traveled recently within the u. s, and was vaccinated. they had received a
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booster shot less than two weeks ago. san francisco was the first in the nation to identify a confirmed case of the omicron variant on december. 1st health officials now believe there are at least 30 cases in the city, and that variant is spreading rapidly. they say public health officials are urging people to get booster shots if they are eligible in san francisco, authorities say only 44% of eligible san francisco residents have received a booster. the numbers are higher for people aged 65 older 68% of that group has gotten a booster. coming up covid once again playing a role in the professional sports landscape still to come. sports director mark ibanez will join us to share details on those different shakeups in several different leagues, plus. these recent acts of retail theft and robberies and mass mob burglaries throughout northern california can no longer be tolerated. local and state
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officials say they're taking on retail robbers and putting up the cash to crack down on the crimes. the plans for new funding coming up. what a difference. a couple of atmospheric rivers can make ski season is in full bloom now. oh yes, it is. and you know, we've all been wanting it, and now that is going to arrive. you're going to be saying wins. oregan stop! we've got the full forecast coming up. it's the news continues right here on
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and noticeably less itch. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. jose, only to get into another hit and run collision. just minutes later, one of those crashes turned out to be fatal. tonight the woman is facing
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felony hit and run charges and vehicular manslaughter. ktvu is an reuben is live at the scene with the investigation and the city's growing concern about traffic deaths and. the two accidents here happened on center wrote about 1500 ft apart . authorities say the driver managed to pick up speed in between them, making the impact of that second crash much more severe. san jose. police say this woman 71 year old lin win was responsible for two hit and runs in a matter of minutes. one of them proved to be fatal. things just get so much worse if people leave the scene of the crash and this instant. it caused a fatality of an innocent person who was just traveling on our roadways that innocent person 35 year old hillary lopez of fremont, who was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. authorities say nguyen was fleeing the scene of a previous accident. just 1500 ft away when her bmw rear ended lopez's toyota center road near wolf creek. and then the wind took
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off again after the collision. the driver of the vehicle, the suspect, who was later arrested , continue driving northbound until the vehicle became completely inoperable. this was the 58th traffic fatality in san jose this year that's nearing the city's record of 60 fatalities set in 2015 the same year, its vision zero program was created. there's absolutely an acknowledgement that this problem is growing in scale. authorities have been trying to understand the numbers about 70% of these crashes happened in the dark 36% of those who died have been pedestrians and 45% of the fatalities have been on the city's priorities. safety corridors ones they've earmarked fraction so. we know we're still looking at the right set of streets. if we can address safety on those streets will be addressing a big part of the problem. over the last two years, the city council funded a series of quick build projects and problem areas, as well as an aggressive marketing campaign, but officials say it will take time to see the benefit of their work. these are trends they take
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years to build up, they take years to reduce. the suspect in this most recent case win suffered only minor injuries and has been booked into the santa clara county main jail. christina and ruben reporting live for sinus san jose and thank you. a federal wrongful death lawsuit was filed today in the death of mario gonzalez. the suit was filed on behalf of gonzalez is five year old son mario jr. the 26 year old died after being restrained by police in the city of alameda last april. three officers were named in the lawsuit along with the former police chief and the city last week, the corner determined that gonzalez died from the effects of methamphetamine and that the stress from being restrained by police significantly contributed to his death. which was ruled a homicide. the officers are on administrative leave. vita ridership is on the rebound. the agency announced today that weekday passengers reached 47% of pre pandemic levels. most of
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the growth has come on vita bus lines with an overall ridership increase of 52. right now, the agency is operating at 90% pre pandemic levels. a shortage of bus operators has kept the agency from running at full service. today is likely one of the busiest travel days at sfo leading up to christmas. here's a live look at the airport for you this hour. 55,000 people are expected to pass through the airport today. before the pandemic in 19 91,000 people pass through on the same day and today is also the busiest travel day of the month for mineta, san jose international, so if you're heading to either of those airports for the holidays. you're being asked to allow extra time to get through security. oakland international says it expects its busiest day to be next thursday. and if you're planning to hit the roads , take a look at this beautiful time lapse video that we found of lake tahoe. the camera shows the sun setting. you can see the beautiful lake here as these winter like conditions rolled through, and then the lake froze
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. they also have pictures of the sun setting, which and the sun rising was just so beautiful but a lot of people really trying to get up to that. blanket of fresh snow that came with this past storm and the migration up to the sierras underway. ktvu tom vacar spoke to people up there on the mountains, and he has a report on the conditions with a nod to poets everywhere. tis the season to be skiing now that snow has come ski california says it's like heaven a scale of 1 to 10. i think, 11 the powder is deep. it's just what skiers seek only gonna get better next week. the trails now ready for a swish or a jump mother nature's gift, the big dump. called the big dump at all. the cyrus ski shop, folks get skis and ski fashion for one simple reason. we all share the same passion they know time to ski now. thanks to the snow and
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the weather. we stayed till eight o'clock last night. getting stuff together. the yeager's are going to shoot in the sun. i love all the fresh powder. the snow. she's fun with all of this weather and oodles of snow, every leaf and now we can go. don't overdo it or be too resistant. you know you have gravity as your assistant for those whose being is caught up in skiing there already caught in the spell. but it's open to all both big or quite small. hopefully a bunch of you folks as well. so snowboarder skis, it's yours to choose. tom vacar reporting. channel two news. and i certainly don't want to keep anybody waiting because you want to know what the conditions are. if you're heading to the high sierra well after a very cold start this morning and the greater lake tahoe area bottoming out at one below zero. they've rebounded right now to 19 degrees. it's 41 degrees and
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clear skies and blue canyon and truckee checking in at 23 degrees. the forecast over the weekend will be very similar to today with a fair skies lots of sunshine saturday with increasing cloud cover on sunday by monday, definitely clouding up leading to snow developing on tuesday, and once it starts snowing in the high sierra on tuesday night. it's going to snow all the way through christmas eve. it's going to be a white christmas and the greater lake tahoe area. how fun is that? this is our live weather camera looking out towards the golden gate bridge. the span stands 746 ft. tall not a cloud in the sky. we have great visibility over 10 miles at this hour for the evening commute. temperatures after dropping down to 37 degrees early this morning, and livermore it is now 46 degrees pretty much throughout most of the tribe valley. san francisco at 51. you know, when you look at these temperatures today, we checked in only into the low fifties were good 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. now right now. other
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notable numbers, 49 degrees and napa backing through sonoma 51 degrees at sfo with no airport delays at this hour, in fact, oakland international airport and i also checked in with manetta. no delays, which is just fabulous for this holiday season. calm winds anywhere north of the golden gate bridge , and the winds are pretty much under 10 mph mostly out of the north and will remain under 10 for this evening as well. so whether headlines this is pretty much what you need to know for. tonight all the way through the weekend. we will see some areas that patchy fog developing pretty much away from the bay overnight. then the frosty, frosty, patchy areas of frost will develop anywhere between let's say 11 pm and one am so keep that in mind for any time you're traveling, traveling out and about you could see some black ice forming as well over the weekend. stellar no problems at all increasing clouds by sunday. this is interesting. it's our future cats. it does indicate that we do have a front . this is the frontal boundary banking up against the pacific
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northwest and also the northwestern section of the state of california. no rain for us all the way through the weekend. your morning commute. monday will be dry. i'll be at cloudy, and the brain arrives on tuesday, and when it starts raining, it's not going to stop all the way through friday tonight, clear skies dropping down below freezing in santa rosa otherwise into the forties . bayside willow, glen, san jose gilroy. morgan hill, 32 to 36 degrees, and it will be freezing and throughout the tri valley pleasant in dublin, danville, bundle up tonight and also bring your pets in wrap up those pipes and his men cover up some of those sensitive plants. the five day forecast is called for increasing cloud cover. on sunday, we begin to see increasing winds and increasing cloud cover on monday. some cold showers moving on tuesday. by the time the rain does begin to taper off on friday. we should see 2 to 5 inches of rain throughout most locations here in the bay area. even san francisco seen a couple of
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inches of rain and now our computer models are even suggesting we have a next impulse, a small wave of rain moving back into the area. on christmas day. don't say bahama bug, christina. not at all. we need the rain. that's right. you're right. all right, roberta. thank you. okay kevin up next. the next hurdle and keeping the a's in oakland was completed. so what the final environmental impact report means for the next step. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ following up on new leads generated by dna evidence collected after a woman disappeared more than two decades ago. jamie june co. was last seen on april 29th 1997 when she returned to her petaluma home after a job interview. she was reported missing after she failed to pick up her children at the home of a family member. police say new dna evidence was discovered in
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some of the evidence that had been collected during the initial investigation. the discovery has led to new witness contacts and investigative leads. in dublin today, governor newsom introduced a plan to combat retail theft. the budget proposal would put more than $300 million towards stopping and prosecuting those crimes are political reporter greg lee is here now to break down those numbers and the response to the plan, greg. cristina good evening, the governor called this. a preview of the budget will present next month. today he touted the work of a chp retail theft task force and announced these next steps to address public safety concerns. we also have to recognize this moment we're in and we have to recognize people's fears and anxieties in response to a series of large scale retail thefts in the bay area and around the state. governor, newsom said the state needs to do more, flanked by attorney general rob bonta and other lawmakers at the chp headquarters in dublin, the governor rolled out a public safety budget proposal. these
5:26 pm
recent acts of retail theft and robberies and mass. mob burglaries throughout northern california can no longer be tolerated. the plan includes $255 million in grants for law enforcement to combat retail theft, 30 million for local da's to prosecute the crimes full time retail theft task force within the eggs office. 20 million for small businesses that are victims of crime and 25 million for gun buyback programs . you break a window, you smash and grab you take other people's property. that's wrong period full stop. the california retailers association cheered the move riding, there is no simple solution for reversing this trend. but the governor's retail theft budget package is a big first step. toward eliminating organized retail crime. newsome and bonta both defended voter approved prop 47 , which reduced certain theft and non violent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. some critics have pointed to it and no bail policies for recent crimes. state senate republican leader scott wilk wrote. it is
5:27 pm
no surprise criminals feel empowered here. time will tell if today's announcement. is about meaningful action or just some political grandstanding. i'm just sick and tired of this either or debate, which i think is rather lazy and unfortunate. and as long as i'm here. i'm going to try to drive to improve public safety. on the flip side. criminal reform advocates are concerned the tough on crime rhetoric may impede progress. we're not walking back on our commitment in the state to advance. comprehensive reforms were not walking back in this state to right the wrongs of the past. we're not walking back. as it relates to the rules and regulations established by the voters. here's something important to keep in mind. this proposal will go to the legislature next month. if approved, the new spending won't go into effect until july at the earliest. in the newsroom. gregory ktvu, fox two news. alright, greg. thank you. the
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fate of elizabeth holmes now rests with the jury how both sides wrapped up closing arguments and why our legal analysts believes the defense may have left an impression they were making excuses. and why cannabis companies say the state's legal taught industry is on the verge of collapse. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. providing alcohol to minors will spend the holidays behind bars. shannon o. connor did not enter
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a plea today on dozens of criminal charges. the 47 year old said nothing during her brief hearing. o connor is accused of hosting drunken sex parties for her son and his teenage friends. she's been in jail since her arrest in october . her lawyer says he'll file a motion for bail next month. the jury will begin deciding the fate of elizabeth holmes after both sides wrapped up closing arguments today. it marked the end of a month long trial that has drawn international attention. ktvu evan sernoffsky has been in the courtroom covering every day of the thoroughness case has the latest now from san a day. the fate of elizabeth holmes now rests in the hands of the eight men and four women on the jury in the federal fraud case against her attorneys wrapped up two days of closing arguments friday. bringing a close to the three month trial. the case spurred widespread attention putting homes in the eye of a media hurricane she helped cultivate while ceo of her failed blood
5:32 pm
testing company theranos, the defense has brought up many areas in which the jurors couldn't conclude reasonable doubt. defense attorney kevin downey concluded his case first. he poked holes in all of the prosecution's arguments. he stressed that holmes never intended to defraud investors, and she certainly had no motive . case in point. she never sold a penny of her stock in the company. down he said. quote you know, at the first sign of trouble, crooks cash out, criminals cover up and rats flee a sinking ship. she did none of that. he said. holmes went down with the ship that was her failed company. proof, he said of her innocence. legal analyst michelle hagen said too many explanations by the defense could risk sounding like excuses. they have a. and wired to walk. and basically, in this case, i mean, the defense may be presenting too many excuses. prosecutor jon bostic gave the final rebuttal for the u. s
5:33 pm
attorney's office. he attacked all of the defence's claims throughout the case. pointing out evidence that theranos is analyzers were plagued with problems from the beginning, and holmes knew about it of homes, he said. quote we see a ceo of a company who was so desperate for the company to succeed. and so afraid of failure that she was willing to do anything to keep it from failing. the jury will begin its first full day of deliberation right here on monday. if necessary, they'll take a break over christmas eve. and get right back to it going into the new year. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. the final environmental impact report for the oakland a's proposed ballpark at how we're terminal has been released . it outlined some of the issues that will need to be resolved in order to build the new ballpark. the 3500 page report details how the development will manage issues such as rail safety,
5:34 pm
parking pollution and increased traffic. oakland mayor libby schaaf says the completion of the e i r. keeps the city on track to bring the project up for a final vote with the city council in 2020 to the u. s energy secretary was in northern california today, where she talked about ways to meet the administration's goals on climate change. jennifer granholm toward the energy storage facility at the sacramento municipal utility district this morning, she said its efforts to go carbon free by 2030 should be a model for the country. the utility is also training union workers to build the clean energy grid grant home said the u. s will push for new battery technologies to greatly reduce the cost of energy storage. we want to get them down to being very inexpensive because we don't want citizens to have to pay for the storage. we want this. we want the sun, which is free and the wind which is free to be able to be stored at minimal cost, and have people be able to benefit. from that clean power. the biden
5:35 pm
administration has set a goal of producing 100% clean electricity by the year 2035. california cannabis companies say the state's legal pot industry is on the verge of collapse in a letter signed by more than two dozen industry leaders, they told governor gavin newsom that taxes and regulations have created conditions where legal operations are unable to compete with the illegal pot economy. the legal growers want the governor to put in immediate end to the cultivation tax placed on growers. they also want a three year reprieve from the excise tax and an expansion of retail shops throughout the state. the company has asked to governor newsom to include their proposals in his upcoming budget proposal, which will be released early next year. it's been a week since tornado swept through western kentucky, destroying homes and killing at least 77 people today, several kentucky politicians toward the damage, pledging that more help is on the way. fox's madeline rivera explains the support from the federal government. yes. we're
5:36 pm
down. yes, we are hurting. but we are not defeated and we are not broken. kentucky's governor , andy beshear, marking one week since western kentucky was struck by deadly tornadoes, rolling up his sleeves to donate blood olso rolling up their sleeves offering help from the federal government. kentucky senators rand paul and mitch mcconnell, touring the damage on friday federal government's role in this. is massive in the beginning begins to fade down. and we'll run into challenges down the road, and i want to assure judge you and all community that will stay with you. all the way through the process. their visits come two days after president biden traveled to the area. he also pledged federal aid to help with the cleanup efforts and tend to do whatever it takes as long as it takes, but it's unclear how long it will take to recover with the devastation so widespread. communities leveled and buildings reduced to piles of rubble. i put all my blood,
5:37 pm
sweat and tears into this business and. and now it's like everything i worked for. you just walk up on it and see it all power. big old mess, while some say they intend to rebuild . others say they won't just i plan on leaving. i mean, it ain't none towards the people of the town. what's left of the town of mayfield, but i just plan on moving on and trying to put this behind on friday, the death toll climbed even higher, breaking the record for kentucky's now deadliest tornado in washington. matter of era fox news. coming up. stars of the matrix sequel are helping to show off the latest iteration of the game development software that inspired the movie. special suds for the holiday season coming up next, we're hopping into anchor steams christmas sale what we did there holiday se
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deadlines are approaching to wrap up your online shopping. if you want to get the gifts in by christmas, many big stores say next week is critical. walmart announced the choppers have until this coming monday to place an order. macy's customers must place orders by wednesday, and amazon members can order gifts up until thursday. other stores such as target say gifts can make it in time. if you use express shipping, but that will cost you extra. a christmas tradition brewed in san francisco is now ready just in time for the holiday season. it's anchor brewing's christmas ale. the brewery made history by being one of the first to release a holiday beer after prohibition, and has continued the tradition ever since. so who better to explain this more than ktvu south castaneda? christmas tradition brewed in san francisco is now ready just in time for the holiday season. its anchor brewing's christmas sale
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brewery made history by being one of the first to release a holiday beer after prohibition and has continued the tradition ever since. this is r 47th edition. of anchor christmas sale. and every year it has had a different recipe. it is a secret. but it's an offering to our loyal fans and as a special hand drawn label every year. also the christmas sale process starts in spring. it starts pretty early, um. march or so we start making very small batches to test out the. the new ingredients that we're going to use. we want to try to get a feel for how they're going to impact the beer. this year. the beer has notes of bittersweet chocolate hints of raspberry and light mulling spices. brewing beer in san francisco has a long history just like the city itself. the company's main product anchor, steam beer is still made using many of the techniques developed during the california gold rush. one of the
5:42 pm
things i can't show you on tv is all the wonderful smells. this room has a smell. there are different spots in the brewery that all smell different and amazing. brewmaster tom riley took me through the legendary beermakers process. here's one of the beginning steps boiling the milled ingredients. later it's time to add hops. then here in this room, they go back to letting the beer cool and adding yeast in much the same way they did when the brewery began 125 years ago because of the cool, moderate climate in san francisco. part of the brewing process is always boiling. um from that point, you need to get the beer cool enough to introduce the yeast or you'll kill the east and it won't grow won't do its thing, but what they would do is they would put this very hot liquid into very shallow pans called cool ships, and they might put them on the roof. or they might put them in rooms where the cool night air would. flow over them, and by morning the beer would be cool enough. to put the yeast in and
5:43 pm
then it would become active after the beer is made. it's bottled and canned right here in this organized chaos of the bottling plant. right now we're done brewing christmas sale. we're just waiting for everybody to pick it up. and if you pick up anchors christmas sale, the company is donating a portion of sales. to one tree planted a nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation in san francisco. sal castaneda ktvu fox two news . good alright, well, santa's is historic burbank theater sold at auction this week for close to $2 million the 72 year old art deco building went up for auction on monday with a starting bid of just $200,000. it ended up selling wednesday for 1.6 million. the two story building on baskin avenue was built in 1949, and it has remained mostly empty for the last two decades. local preservationists and neighborhood residents are hoping that the new owner will preserve the building's original
5:44 pm
architecture and iconic sign. coming up. the sports landscape is adjusting after covid-19 hits professional sports teams hard this week sports director market baniyas will join us next on the shakeup in several different leagues. and hollywood comes to san francisco. the big movie premiere planned for this weekend in the castro. it's a gorgeous evening across the bay area, but things are going to change in the rain is moving in , track the approaching system together and tell you how much rain to expect as the news rain to expect as the news continues. right here on ktvu. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. postponed changes to the nhl. even the warriors are being affected. our sports director marco banias is joining us live now, with all of these changes, it's on the field, the eyes and the court mark. yes i guess if you are one of those people who
5:47 pm
think that we've turned a corner with regard to fighting covid, maybe we turned the corner but we have apparently runs right smack dab into a brick wall as it is hit hard, particularly in the world of professional sports. in the last couple of weeks, let's start with the nfl were more than 100 players now are out and on the covid list, prompting the league to postpone three games and rescheduled for monday and tuesday. so you used to be just see one game on monday, not this week. the browns and raiders, who were sent to play saturday moved to monday. so it'll be a double header there. and then tuesday, the seahawks and the rams will play instead of monday, and the washington football team will take on the philadelphia eagles , so we'll have pro football three days in a row, now focusing on the cleveland browns. man at last report they had 24 players on the covid list, including 12 starters and
5:48 pm
the raiders, who are set to play them in cleveland. very upset about the reschedule because you remember before the season started, the commissioner and the league said games were going to be forfeited. that's a lot different than a postponement. if you couldn't feel the team or you have major problems you had to give up the game and the raiders badly in need of a win. they will take it anyway. so they're kind of squawking about that. moved. monday alright, and the latest wave has now hit the golden state warriors. they're playing in boston as we speak, and they're playing real well as a matter of fact, one of their top scores is out, though jordan's pool. is on the covid list. now, remember, that doesn't necessarily mean that he has tested positive. not sure yet as to how much time he will miss now to the national hockey league. also dealing with major major issues, all games involving three teams. calgary florida's panthers and colorado abs will be postponed. they
5:49 pm
won't play any games at all. until after christmas. calgary has a whopping 19 players on the covid list and listening to some of the talk sports talk radio today. a lot of the national hockey league players are upset . they're actually saying, why do we continue. testing if players are not badly affected, and they aren't able to be completely put out. well i think they're missing the point there . the fact is, they can still spread the virus to people who aren't vaccinated. and, of course, the kids even their own kids, so i don't think the league is seriously considering not testing, which some of these players have thrown up as a as a possibility, so that's it, and it is a widespread all over sports right now, and we didn't even go into the college bank. that's right. there's the college to well, a lot to keep track of, and i'm sure that must be real challenge. just getting all those schedules worked out with all of these changes. right
5:50 pm
i'm going to get my medical degree very soon here, so i'll be able to further report on dr urban stores. thank you. all right. thanks, mark. alright, guys. and stay with ktvu for your coronavirus coverage. we have special special section on our website dedicated to the latest pandemic information. you can find it at ktvu .com. well the newest matrix film is making its us premiere at san francisco's castro theater tomorrow. sky foxx flew over the theater today, where castro street is already blocked off and crews were preparing for the premiere of the matrix resurrections stars including quiano reeves, carrie anne moss and jada pinkett smith will be at the historic theater for the premiere. much of the movie was shot in the city. tickets are not available to the general public, but there will be a fan zone near the red carpet area. the film hits theaters and hbo max on wednesday. and video game makers are using the new matrix
5:51 pm
sequel to highlight a new version of the way that they build games. foxes eamon dignam has more from new york. how do you design a video game? it all starts with the engine, a series of code. the basics of the game are built on. and while there are competitors, there is a top dog. the unreal engine owned by epic games. the minds behind fortnite unreal has been in use since 1998. and since then it's developed thousands of video games as well as tv shows and feature films. now there's a new version of the engine, an epic has created a playable short game called matrix awakens to show it off. matrix actor's cano reeves and carry on mars, lending their talents to show how cleanly and quickly it can render new graphics using characters like neo and trinity and a side by side showing the original matrix films and how the newest engine could render it and it almost gets rid of what's called the uncanny valley where computer generated face still doesn't look like a real
5:52 pm
person. the playable demo is available for free on the playstation five. xbox series x and s. and that's your insiders cheat code to the unreal engine in new york. ayman dignam fox news. what is stellar day across the bay area today, i'll be the bit on the cool side. we had temperatures averaging about 10 degrees below where we should be for this time of the year. but look at this. with the cool conditions. we do have unlimited visibility looking out towards s terreri and boy, doesn't it look beautiful? this ability unlimited. we could see all the way to san francisco. currently our temperatures have been responding nicely to the clear skies. we have numbers into the forties and even low fifties tonight we're going to bottom out where we will see some patchy frost developing away from the baby. tomorrow and sunday is going to be nice, really great weather for christmas concerts and also for some shopping, so get on and do what you have to do before the rain arrives late monday night.
5:53 pm
now currently we have 50 degrees in santa rosa and 46 livermore throughout the tri valley. it was anywhere between 36 37 degrees to start this friday. 50 now in oakland again, upper forties napa and sonoma low fifties around sfo and high forties reported from willow glen through cupertino into campbell and santa say once you've been under kamaz per hour and will remain so throughout the evening hours. i like this future cast indicates we have some rain showers beginning in the northwestern quadrant at the state of california, specifically specifically into the pacific northwest. we're not going to see any rain showers here. until tuesday, maybe a sprinkle by monday afternoon. but for the most part, the storm is arriving on tuesday. that's the frontal boundary, the impulses center of the area of low pressure by wednesday another impulse by thursday. into your christmas eve. it's going to be raining on christmas eve, and we're gonna have some very healthy rainfall totals as well. which means snow and the
5:54 pm
high sierra right now we have clear skies 18 in the greater lake tahoe area after dropping to three below zero. early this morning temperatures over the weekend into the forties. it's going to be beautiful dress in layers tonight, dress in layers overnight into the freezing zone and throughout the tri valley 29 in santa rosa. tomorrow's highs in the fifties, still well below average your five day forecast with cloud up on sunday. a few drops on monday. otherwise we will get wet for your morning commute tuesday. wednesday thursday and into christmas. even that is my gift to you because you know we need the rain. gosh, that's an alarming dog attack. it was caught on camera. how a delivery driver added an unplanned rescue to her route. then at six. find out how investigators caught a group of people suspected of stealing identities in the south bay and will explain why the regions falling gas prices might not be as good as they feel.
5:55 pm
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her route led to a rescue when an aggressive dog went after someone the whole thing was captured on a ring doorbell camera reporter lauren martinez has the story from las vegas. captured on this doorbell camera . lauren rae called over a dog after she saw it on accompanied standing in the street. but when the families small dog, max came out a dogfight in soon, well, my first thought was safe. the dog you know, family. i would have let the dog bite me for all i
5:58 pm
care. i just wanted him to be safe because he's so small compared to a pitbull. he didn't hit him stand a chance. lauren ray's father is a real estate agent, and he was about to show a home. when he got a notification on his ring camera and then saw the entire thing unfold. you know, as a dad. you know, panic mode and a half an hour away from the house, literally. it's like i'm watching a football game and screaming at it. i'm like, get in the house getting the house. lauren held maxim, her arms swatting the jog away, but none of it was working until. in amazon delivery truck driver comes rushing into her rescue, literally stepping in putting herself in front of the aggressive dog. no she told lauren to get into the house. i would have been lost without any help. i had no clue what i was going to do. i didn't know if i was going to get hurt, and someone risking their life like
5:59 pm
that is a really big thing, and it means a lot to me. meanwhile lauren's dad was rooting for this neighborhood hero in real time. i was cheering like, alright. get in. get in and she got in. i was like, yes. alright, here we go slides in like wonder woman, and, uh, shoes the dog off, gives her enough of a break and yells at her to get in the house and they got in the house and everything was okay after that, and the amazon driver had some choice. words for the dog. and that was lauren martinez reporting. and what makes this even more amazing is that that same driver also helped another person that day who is being attacked by the same dog. this is ktvu fox two news at six. we recognize this moment requires us to do more. and to broaden and deepen our efforts throughout the state of california governor gavin newsom has a new planet involves fighting off people pulling off those large scale retail thefts we've seen hit the bay area over
6:00 pm
the past few weeks. good evening . thanks for joining us. i'm christina radom and i'm jana katsuyama in for andre senior. the governor's new plan would dedicate an additional $300 million to preventing and prosecuting these crimes are political reporter greg lee breaks down the numbers and the response to the plan. but we also have to recognize this moment we're in and we have to recognize people's fears and anxieties in response to a series of large scale retail thefts in the bay area and around the state. governor, newsom said the state needs to do more, flanked by attorney general rob bonta and other lawmakers at the chp headquarters in dublin, the governor rolled out a public safety budget proposal. these recent acts of retail theft and robberies and mass. mob burglaries throughout northern california can no longer be tolerated. the plan includes $255 million in grants for law enforcement to combat retail theft, 30 million for local da's to prosecute the crimes full time retail theft task


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