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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 17, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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my new tiny tacos big box with 25 of my tasty tiny tacos and three delicious dipping sauces.
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perfectly sized to share with a friend, coworker, or the ceo of your favorite restaurant. my new $6 tiny tacos big box. only at jack in the box. building in san francisco and less than 24 hours, a major hollywood blockbuster will premiere in the city, bringing celebrities and tourism dollars with it. brings so much opportunity for everyone here in terms of getting visitors to comment. san francisco will roll out a green carpet as the matrix resurrections is set to premiere at the historic castro theater tomorrow night. good evening. i'm cristina rendon and i'm jana katsuyama andre is off tonight. this premier puts a big spotlight on san francisco. but some people are saying that it also comes at a big cost to small business owners knew it. 10 tonight ktvu amberleigh joins us. live in the castro after
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speaking to some people who say that the premier's timing and the road closures are hurting their business. amber. janet there is mixed reaction to the premier being held here in the castro supporters say it's good for the city's overall economy some, but some merchants here say it's costing them much needed business. hollywood comes to the castro crews are setting up for the u. s premiere of the matrix resurrections. some say san francisco is the ideal place for this event and its global news. it's great to see the city in the headlines for that. to see the city portrayed so beautifully in portions of the movie. scenes from the movie starring keanu reeves were filmed in iconic san francisco locations. matrix is one of my favorite movies, so i'm excited about that. but this vendor says the street closure castro between market and 18. forced her to set up at a spot with
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less foot traffic having a personal impact on my business, but i would be sitting up down there tomorrow and making a lot of money. the owner of cliffs variety tells me. the setup for the premiere means all the street parking is gone and the road is closed to car traffic. this taking place on the weekend before christmas. this should be our most profitable weekend of the year, and it's hurting. terry bennett estimates the disruptions will cost her up to $50,000 in business. she says the changes came without notice from city officials and business owners had no input. the lack of outreach anywhere was absolutely appalling. we were completely blindsided by the closures. thank you at tag glad a vietnamese restaurant. the owner says delivery drivers are having trouble picking up food and customers can't find parking and it's cold. nobody is going to go out and walk like how many blacks in here. no wonder food from us, she says. friday's are normally packed with customers.
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how much do you think you're going to estimate you're going to lose because of this for today friday, 4000. the san francisco film commission issued a statement quote we realized this production is causing inconvenience and hope the additional foot traffic as a result of this event will make up for this impact. there's going to be a lot of attention on this film. that means a lot of people are going to see some beautiful images of san francisco and hopefully that's going to want them to come back here after all these years. to be going back to where it all started. back to the matrix. merchants say when like more notice. they're asking the city to do better. the premier will be held here at the castro theater tomorrow. people are expected to start arriving at 5 30. the screening is that seven and merchants tell me they expect the road closure to last until midnight saturday. christina jenna. i certainly hope that they get some help
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there, and we will have a crew there tomorrow to check on them and see how things go amberleigh in san francisco tonight. thanks so much. well the effort to reopen lafayette's historic park theater cleared a major hurdle this week, the all volunteer nonprofit park theater trust says it closed escrow and now owns that 80 year old theater, which has been shuttered since 2000 and five the group now needs to secure the $5 million that are needed to renovate the 1941 llama and a landmark, organizers say, if all goes well, the theater could reopen in 2023. the coronavirus. some macron variant is now showing up in the north bay, napa sonoma and marin county is reporting first detected cases more now from ktvu deborah villalon. she's live in san rafael tonight with more death. well, christina with the holidays here and cold weat indoors . all bay area counties are preaching vaccination and boosters and macron just adds to the urgency. i'd much rather get
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a vaccine then gets sick more than 300. people passed through this vaccine clinic tonight and san rafael almost everyone here for a covid booster. what of my clients are elderly. my parents are elderly and. the last thing i want is for anybody to get sick because i gave them sometimes the biggest wildcard really around all macron is the is the severity of illness that it might cause. marines first. oh macron patient. is quarantined with mild symptoms had traveled back east and was vaccinated but not boosted. sonoma county's case was also a traveler who had three shots, but the booster so recent it may not have taken full effect. a macron illness shows up as milder than delta variant. but once this almost con gets established, it moves very quickly. that's very likely to be our experience here in the bay area, and oh, macron so transmissible. because of the sheer numbers, hospitalizations could search even a small fraction of individuals become sick enough to come into the
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hospital. if we really see hundreds of cases each day that adds up so vaccination and boosters are urged now, with holidays looming, my grandpa is , you know, taking a turn, so i don't really know how much longer i have with him. so it's really important to see them while we can. this 20 year old is getting boosted ahead of a family christmas about a dozen people, multi generations with all the new variants coming. we don't really know. so i'm just, you know, i'd rather be protected and keep them safe. cause we're flying down there. so that's also risky and because the youngest children don't yet have a vaccine. their best protection comes from others. willis advises having a few home tests on hand to be ready. if a bug starts coming on. we've seen many times. people have. sniffles or what? they might mistake us allergies or cold symptoms. when actually it turns out to be covid. it's all part of our new long term reality living with coronavirus. one of the reasons we're not recommending that people cancel plans, you know. who knows what meth christmas is going to be. it may not be better than this.
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today marin schoolchildren were sent home for winter break with covid test kits in their backpacks. they and staff are asked to self test the day before school starts up again, christina, they're calling it test appaloosa 96,000 test kits sent home. wow that is a huge undertaking, but probably better to be proactive than reactive. deborah villalon reporting live for us tonight, deb. thank you. fighter is testing a third dose of its covid-19 vaccine in children between the ages of six months and five years old testing so far has shown young children's immune response after two small doses was not as high as desired. for kids between the ages of two and four children younger than five are currently the only age group not eligible for vaccines. pfizer says they hope to submit an application for use in the first half of 2022. a federal appeals court has reinstated president biden's covid vaccine mandate for large companies. it was a 2 to 1
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decision, and it reverses a previous decision that had paused the mandate nationwide. the vaccine requirement applies to private companies with 100 or more employees and would cover about 84 million workers. it's set to take effect january 4th, a coalition of 27 business groups, responded with a new appeal to the u. s. supreme court. they claimed the rule will harm their businesses. and you can find the latest coronavirus developments on our website. just visit ktvu .com/ covid-19. we have an update now to a shooting. we told you about last month. police say they have arrested the man accused of shooting and killing 31 year old ahmad fawad, you sufi on november 29th. yusufiya is an afghan refugee whose wife says he was in the city to work as a rideshare driver when he was shot to death in the san francisco mission district, investigators say 38 year old clifford laverne is responsible for the shooting. they arrested him yesterday in oakland at this time, no word on a motive. laverne faces murder charges.
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governor gavin newsom today unveiled an ambitious plan to combat retail theft. it would put more than $300 million towards preventing and prosecuting those crimes. but as our political reporter greg lee tells us, there is some push back to the proposal. but we also have to recognize this moment we're in and we have to recognize people's fears and anxieties in response to a series of large scale retail thefts in the bay area and around the state. governor, newsom said the state needs to do more, flanked by attorney general rob bonta and other lawmakers at the chp headquarters in dublin, the governor rolled out a public safety budget proposal. these recent acts of retail theft and robberies and mass. mob burglaries throughout northern california can no longer be tolerated. the plan includes $255 million in grants for law enforcement to combat retail theft, 30 million for local da's to prosecute the crimes full time retail theft task force within the eggs office. 20
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million for small businesses that are victims of crime and 25 million for gun buyback programs. you break a window, you smash and grab you take other people's property. that's wrong period full stop. the california retailers association cheered the move riding. there is no simple solution for reversing this trend. but the governor's retail theft budget package is a big first step. toward eliminating organized retail crime. newsome and bonta both defended voter approved prop 47, which reduced certain theft and non violent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. some critics have pointed to it and no bail policies for recent crimes. state senate republican leader scott wilk wrote. it is no surprise criminals feel empowered here. time will tell if today's announcement. is about meaningful action or just some political grandstanding. i'm just sick and tired of this either or debate, which i think is rather lazy and unfortunate. and as long as i'm here. i'm going to try to drive to improve
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public safety. on the flip side. criminal reform advocates are concerned the tough on crime rhetoric may impede progress. we're not walking back on our commitment in the state to advance. comprehensive reforms were not walking back in this state to right the wrongs of the past. we're not walking back. as it relates to the rules and regulations established by the voters. here's something to keep in mind. this proposed budget will go to the legislature next month. if it is approved the earliest we can see any of that money dispersed. is july. gregory ktvu, fox two news. san francisco mayor london breed today declared a state of emergency in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. breed says the tenderloin is in the middle of a public health crisis . she's calling for an emergency response to drug overdoses, immediate crisis intervention and expanded treatment and detox services, she says. too many people are dying or strung out on the streets. they shouldn't have to look over their shoulders. they shouldn't be punched in the face randomly.
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they shouldn't have to see someone sticking a needle in various parts of their bodies, laying out on the streets and wondering, what can i do to help them? breed says the declaration is designed to work like the city's emergency declaration for the coronavirus pandemic. it allows city departments to work quickly and without bureaucratic barriers. the coalition on homelessness in san francisco tweeted in response to the declaration, saying quote mayor london breed is exploiting the concerns of a vulnerable community in order to promote a law in order agenda meant to benefit political and financial interests. this unjustified and in some cases, illegal maneuver is cause for alarm. there is nothing new about the mayor's proposal is simply an expansion of strategies that have been tried and failed. my son was so happy to see you know, some magic and oakland beloved holiday event this weekend
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, but definitely some cold temperatures. you want to bundle up first thing tomorrow morning coming up, we'll talk more about those cold temperatures and let you know what our next rain chance moves back into the picture. put up first, it's now up to the jury to decide the fate of fairness founder elizabeth holmes the final day of arguments in her fraud trial. .
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the state says its population fell by 173,000 people between july 2020 and july of this year . it's the second time the state has reported an annual population loss. but it's the first time ever that los angeles county and all nine counties surrounding san francisco bay have lost populations in the same year. critics blame california's high cost of living . state officials blame the pandemic and a declining birth rate. in san jose. the defense rested its case this afternoon in the federal fraud trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes, meaning the case is now with the jury. ktvu evan sernoffsky has been following the trial since the very beginning, and he was there for the final day of arguments. the fate of elizabeth holmes now rests in the hands of the eight men and four women on the jury in the federal fraud case
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against her attorneys wrapped up two days of closing arguments friday. bringing it close to the three month trial. the case spurred widespread attention putting homes in the eye of a media hurricane she helped cultivate while ceo of her failed blood testing company theranos, the defense has brought up many areas in which the jurors couldn't conclude reasonable doubt. defense attorney kevin downey concluded his case first. he poked holes in all of the prosecution's arguments. he stressed that holmes never intended to defraud investors, and she certainly had no motive. case in point. she never sold a penny of her stock in the company. down he said. quote you know, at the first sign of trouble, crooks cash out , criminals cover up and rats flee a sinking ship. she did none of that. he said holmes went down with the ship that was her failed company. proof, he said of her innocence. legal analyst michelle hagen said too
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many explanations by the defense could risk sounding like excuses. they have a. and a wire to walk. and basically, in this case, i mean, the defense may be presenting too many excuses. prosecutor jon bostic gave the final rebuttal for the u. s attorney's office. he attacked all of the defence's claims throughout the case. pointing out evidence that there are no series analyzers were plagued with problems from the beginning , and holmes knew about it of homes, he said. quote we see a ceo of a company who was so desperate for the company to succeed and so afraid of failure. that she was willing to do anything to keep it from failing. the jury will begin its first full day of deliberation right here on monday. if necessary, they'll take a break over christmas eve. and get right back to it going into the new year. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news, california cannabis companies say the state's
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illegal pot industry is on the verge of collapse. more than two dozen industry leaders signed a letter telling governor gavin newsom. the taxes and regulations have made the industry unable to compete with the illegal pot economy. they want the governor to put an immediate end to the cultivation tax placed on growers. they're also calling for a three year reprieve from the excise tax and an expansion of retail shops throughout the state. the company's asked newsome to include those proposals and his upcoming budget proposal, which will be released early next year. stocks were in the red again today on wall street. the dow fell about 532 points. that's 1.5% the nasdaq slipped lower by 10 points in the s and p was off 48 points after hitting a new record high just last week. banks led the selling as traders continue to worry about inflation. and barry whether we get a break from the rainfall this weekend, but definitely where the cold temperatures in place, and once again the fog is doing its thing right now, so it could impact
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your visibility first thing tomorrow morning. let's jump right into your weekend forecast rias saturday starting things off with some areas of fog, becoming partly sunny notice those overnight lows, twenties thirties and some forties and then on sunday, we have that sun cloud mix and temperatures could be a little bit warmer overnight . the satellite showing you the storm track. it's not here in the bay area, so we get a break this weekend, with the rainfall focused up in the pacific northwest. but the fog is doing its thing trying to regroup your portions of the least in some of the inland valleys, and right now you can see that one visibility report up in the north bay santa rosa reporting half mile visibility right now we'll probably see some more low visibility. visibilities closer to nap up. maybe a vacaville conquer deliver more first thing tomorrow morning in the fog is going to increase overnight. as far as the current numbers. it is a cold friday night, santa rosa 37 san francisco 48 3 month 40 degrees, and here's a live camera tonight looking above san francisco, where we have partly cloudy skies but definitely some pretty cold temperatures and.
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first thing tomorrow morning. we're now some areas of fog out there. some patchy frost upper 20 so sub freezing in santa rosa napa fairfield 30 degrees widespread thirties across the regions of very cold start tomorrow morning with some patchy frost out there eventually we're talking about some more rain could be a lot of rain in our five day forecast, and we'll have that coming up the full update. in a little bit. thanks mark. more tahoe area ski resorts are opening up their slopes for the holiday season. donner ski ranch near soda springs celebrated their opening day today. the owner says she was concerned that there wouldn't be any snow. but today as you can see, there was a parking lot full of cars and snow for as far as the eye could see. at least six ft of new snow for the skiers. and the borders. this storm just was the perfect storm at the perfect time. the showed up for the last three days. all we've been doing is digging, digging, digging groom and groom and grumman and here we have it. people skiing,
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skiing and boarding and boarding . the resorts count on the christmas and new year's holidays for a big chunk of their revenue, along with all the other businesses on the mountain donner ski ranch says that they have plenty of tickets still available. it's so good to see all that snow is coming. relieved er how oakland schools are celebrating kwanza and why the beloved rockets christmas spectacular show has been canceled for the rest of the year, plus. a much loved holiday event in the east bay is back after it was canceled last year because of covid. i'll tell you what it is and how you can join the fun and then later in sports , stephen curry and the warriors hit the floor following curry to historic night. sports director mark ibanez will
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this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go.
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available in stores and online. ♪ ♪ ♪ extra sparkle and glow as it kicked off its annual winterland event. ktvu is elissa harrington was there for opening night and
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tells us that visitors were excited to see the decorations after covid canceled the event last year. very winterland has returned to children's fairy land in oakland, the tree lighting ceremony, a special moment for families feeling the holiday spirit was really beautiful. so much magic the lights. i think it's amazing. for the next two weeks, the theme park will stay open late and will be decked out in thousands of twinkly lights. this event was canceled last year because of the pandemic. i heard that it was going to be open for this year. i had to make sure my son had to come to celebrate some christmas, executive director kimberly miller said. the event includes cultural celebrations of different face, scavenger hunts and diverse holiday displays, elevating and lifting up as many traditions as we can. through this winter celebration so that kids have an opportunity to learn about it. whether on break
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kids can meet black santa and drop off letters, although there's no lap sitting this year because of covid. guests can also join santa every night for a festival of lights parade. that's really cool because it has a minority. it's nice to see representation of santa that reflects more me and my family. kids were thrilled to find snow falling outside the bank and old west junction. this is the 17th year of the winter fairy land event. it was canceled last year because of the pandemic. i want to show you the topper of this christmas tree. it is the iconic fairy land whale. the park is taking additional measures to keep people safe. we saw them wiping down the merry go round between rides. guests must wear masks and are encouraged to stay physically distanced. the event runs from 4 to 7 every night except christmas eve and christmas day. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. well, the start of kwanza
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is just over a week away, but some oakland unified students give us a preview of the holiday spirit tonight. students saying about the seven principles of quanta as part of the virtual celebration. this event was organized by the african american female excellence program. while they say covid has been a huge challenge, they want to express gratitude to the community as we look toward 2022 to live. coming up some sobering new numbers in san francisco how many overdose deaths the city saw last month. and heartbreak right before the holidays. we hear from a family in mourning after a wife and mother is killed in a suspected case of carbon monoxide poisoning in the east bank. she was a great mother. she she? her kids was with her all the time. um she devoted he
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in san francisco's drug overdose crisis, according to the chronicle, 55 people have died from accidental overdoses in november. officials say many of those deaths involved the drug fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is 100 times more powerful than morphine. so far this year . 592 people have died of opioid overdoses. that's compared to 421 deaths so far this year from covid. a family in the east bay is in mourning tonight after a beloved wife and mother died suspected of carbon monoxide poisoning. her husband and their three children were taken to the hospital late last night after family members asked authorities to check on them at their home
10:31 pm
in pittsburgh, ktvu is rob roth spoke to a loved one about their heartbreaking loss. grief and relief here at this home on vincent street in pittsburgh. relatives had not heard from the family here in about a week and decided to check on them thursday night when we got there and i got out the car. went to scuse me went to the bedroom window. at this speed the tv ont somebody was in the bed, but no one would come to the door. randall williams called police who broke in there they found the body of 52 year old crystal stafford, who lived here with her husband and three children, ages 15 13 and six she was a great mother. she she? her kids was with her all the time. she devoted her life to her kids. stafford had retired from bard after 30 years and was studying psychology online it loose madonna's college, the family says authorities were able to bring out the husband and three
10:32 pm
children safely. but they all seem disoriented, particularly the 13 year old girl. she was really out of it. she was really out of it. she. she didn't know her name. um she was really dizzy. she had a migraine headache. police believe the family was overcome by carbon monoxide, most likely from a heater, but that is still under investigation. the cdc reports that more than 400 people a year are killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in the u. s it's called the silent killer is it is. really undetectable. you can't smell it. you can't see it. you can't taste it. san francisco fire department spokesman jonathan baxter says the best defense against this silent killer is to have a carbon monoxide alarm. every room not having alarm is going to be one of the biggest issues that leads to injuries and fatalities for the family. they are grieving and also are grateful for the lives spared. as a family. we're going to get together. and it's like what we're going to do. but right now
10:33 pm
is important that the kids to get well. and so far they coming around. it is not yet clear if there was a working carbon monoxide detector in the house, relatives say if they hadn't gotten there when they did, the entire family could have been killed. rob rock, ktvu, fox, two news and 71 year old woman is facing felony hit and run and vehicular manslaughter charges in a deadly crash in san jose. investigators say lin win was responsible for two hit and runs in a matter of minutes yesterday afternoon, police say when was fleeing the scene of the first accident. wonder bmw rear ended a toyota on center road near wolf creek drive. the driver. a 35 year old hillary lopez, a fremont was killed, police say when also fled from the second accident. things just get so much worse if people leave the scene of the crash, and this instant it causes fatality of an innocent person who was just traveling on our roadways. this
10:34 pm
was the 58th traffic fatality in san jose this year that's nearing the city's record of 60 fatality set in 2015. the same year, its vision zero program was created. former minneapolis police officer kim potter testified today in the trial over the shooting death of dante, right. people you're struggling, and we're trying to keep them from driving away. it just it just went. chaotic. timoney kim potter took the stand in her own defense going into detail about what led to the deadly shooting of 20 year old right, potter says she must took her gun for a taser during a traffic stop in april. remember yelling taser taser! and nothing happens. man shot. the state rested its case
10:35 pm
earlier this week after calling more than 24 witnesses to the stand. potter is facing manslaughter charges. if convicted of the most serious charge, she could face up to 15 years in prison. closing arguments begin on monday. the radio city rockettes have canceled the rest of their 2021 scheduled to the spike in coronavirus cases in new york city. the rockets made the announcement on twitter, saying the four remaining christmas spectacular shows of the season. have been canceled, including today's performances. the show is the latest to be put on pause because of the coronavirus. many broadway shows have been canceled, including last night's performances of tina move on rouge and mrs doubtfire. coming up at 11 threats of violence against schools nationwide, including right here in the bay area, coming up how it is all spread through tiktok and how local campuses reacted. at a barrier weather another cold night out there because of some frost first thing tomorrow
10:36 pm
morning, but what about rainfall ? eventually? we're talking about some more rain and could be talking about a lot of rain. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. and the nutcracker returns to san francisco details on the and congratulate our own
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deborah villalon. this is her last night with us as she's retiring after a long and distinguished career in tv news and debits joining us alive now it's just so hard to believe deborah. it's been such a joy and an honor and inspiration to work with you every night on the 10 o'clock news for i think it's been more than a decade now. just hear it. ktvu but we know your career has been been long and very distinguished. oh distinguished, that makes me
10:39 pm
feel really all janet. nobody but thank you so much, guys. i'm going to miss everyone at ktvu so much, but it has been 40 years on bay area news over four different stations, and i'm so glad i saved the best for last. and. ktvu has been such a great family and it's this station. i grew up watching the 10 o'clock news, always the gold standard. so it's just been a privilege to be able to be on the air kicking butt with you guys every night and i am going to miss. i'm going to miss you so much, but. yeah it's just it's going to be strange, but i just thought it's a good time. my kids are grown. my husband just retired from an air traffic controller career. we want to spend more time bothering our children, and you know other things, so just seems like a good time to i don't know , unhooked from the news cycle and see what life is like without deadlines for a change. i just have to say i know you did not want to be in studio tonight. i really wish you were
10:40 pm
sitting here with us on this desk, but you will get your way and be live in the field. you know, you are an amazing storyteller. ice tell you that every time i see you, you're writing. is second to none. every single person in the newsroom has such respect for you. and we admire you. thank you so much for every single story you've told especially being a voice for the north bank. we love that about you. we know you are santa rosa born and raised, so thank you. we are so going to miss that. i'm going to miss it, too. and, you know, i think about the stories over the years and we all tend to remember the real catastrophes. the loma prieta quake or the big wildfires and, of course, those who are so important, but it's it was just really an honor to be able to tell our community stories around the bay area and just hear people's voices give them. that opportunity to raise awareness or right a wrong shine a light on something that's what
10:41 pm
local news does best. that's what ktvu does best. and i just feel like i was surrounded by so much talent. over the years, people i learned from and leaned on, and i'm just really grateful and grateful to people for watching and supporting me. and sharing news stories with me. it's a two way street. so yes, there is. if i could take just a little more time. keep it, you know. i always want extra time on here. you know, we all know we know. tv news is a team sport and i gotta i gotta introduce everybody to my teammate here in the north bay because for the last 10 years, the man who's made it possible bill ericsson, photographer editor extraordinaire. he can also drive a newsman after windiest of roads during a wildfire. it's been great, fabulous. me worked harder. yes no one has worked harder and cared more and we
10:42 pm
just really enjoyed working together as a team, so just had to give him a shout out and rachel and darren producer executive producer. thank you so much for showing me so much love. deborah we love you so much and best of luck to you. as you go on these new adventures we hope to hear about them, and you will always have a very special place here with us. okay, so when you change your mind about returning in touch. please. please call it we will stay in touch and the next time we have a big rainstorm and you're out there standing in it. i'll be watching and rooting for you. okay deb. thank you. congratulations we love you. and we are going to miss you. thanks. okay, mark you back? that doesn't want to stick around for the next atmospheric river, right? no live shot out there, but, yeah, we always talk about how in this business you see, you see, good work. you see exceptional work, and we feel so fortunate to see that consistently. over all these years, so we're really gonna miss deb and maybe she's going to head to title. maybe she is. here's the forecast because
10:43 pm
we're expecting some nice conditions out there. it's very cold, though. right now in south lake tahoe 12 degrees right now in south lake, but you can see the plan this weekend. lots of sunshine into a saturday sunday , maybe a few extra clouds by monday after the cold temperatures, those temperatures will actually be rebounding into the afternoon hours showing you this the forecast model and we get a break in the rainfall this weekend, but that will be a different story next week. these numbers blossom into next week we could be talking about another round of heavy rain, another atmospheric river that could move into the region. right now we have partly cloudy skies. some fog is trying to regroup in some of the valley locations that will probably become a bit more widespread. you can see current visibilities out there down about a half mile in santa rosa, and that was a visibility probably come down quite a bit overnight. current number as it is called santa rosa 36 degrees fairfield, 37. san francisco 48 san jose in the mid forties. here's a live camera looking above san francisco, where we have partly cloudy skies. we will send in
10:44 pm
some patchy fog overnight, so. definitely want to bundle up first thing tomorrow morning temperatures widespread thirties but the coolest occasions will be in the upper twenties. so here's the setup for tomorrow. no big changes out. there are cold start areas of dense fog more probably more widespread than this morning. and then here is the pattern change into next week. there is a slight chance of a sprinkle on monday, but a better bet into tuesday, possibly more rain into wednesday and thursday and potentially around 1 to 5 inches of rainfall so significant rainfall. tomorrow from stubborn fog could linger into the afternoon hours. then on sunday , partly cloudy skies monday there is a slight chance of a sprinkle, but the main action is set to move in monday night and into tuesday. temperatures for tomorrow will be in the fifties upper forties to the fifties and a quick look ahead. your five day it's dry through the weekend . a lot more rain a lot more wind by tuesday and wednesday of next week. mark. thank you. coming up on the 11 o'clock use holiday act of kindness in san
10:45 pm
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