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against each other. like i say, that's pretty help me out there . no i can't because i looks like you have to be very athletic. to do that. i'm out of a bad day. i imagine music in there, you know, like you step on the squares and they lied up in your dance, so the rules alone would have taken me 15 more minutes to explain. so that's the sporting last guys. alright, mark the next at 11. we're going to travel through the winter doesn't mean more indoor gatherings. there's lots of risk built into the winter time that we can protect ourselves against with the booster. added urgency to get a booster shot three more area counties today said they have detected the omicron variant. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. napa sonoma and marin county's all say the omicron variant is now within their borders. hello again. i'm
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jana katsuyama in tonight for andre senior and i'm cristina rendon with the holidays just around the corner . the message from health officials is clear. get a booster shot as soon as possible . as ktvu deborah villalon shows us hundreds of people in the north bay did just that this very evening. had much rather get a vaccine, then gets sick. more than 300. people passed through this vaccine clinic tonight and san rafael almost everyone here for a covid booster water. my clients are elderly. my parents are elderly and. the last thing i want is for anybody to get sick because i gave them some things. the biggest wildcard really around all macron is the is the severity of illness that it might cause. marines first macron patient is quarantined with mild symptoms had traveled back east and was vaccinated but not boosted. sonoma county's case was also a traveler who had three shots, but the booster so recent it may not have taken full effect. a macron illness shows up as milder than delta variant. but once this all
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makhan gets established, it moves very quickly. that's very likely to be our experience here in the bay area, and oh, macron so transmissible. because of the sheer numbers, hospitalizations could search even a small fraction of individuals become sick enough to come into the hospital. if we really see hundreds of cases each day that adds up so vaccination and boosters are urged now, with holidays looming, my grandpa is, you know, taking a turn, so i don't really know how much longer i have with him. so it's really important to see them while we can. this 20 year old is getting boosted ahead of a family christmas about a dozen people, multi generations with all the new variants coming. we don't really know. so i'm just, you know, i'd rather be protected and keep them safe. cause we're flying down there. so that's also risky and because the youngest children don't yet have a vaccine. their best protection comes from others. willis advises having a few home tests on hand to be ready. if a bug starts coming on. we've seen many times. people have. you're sniffles or what? they might
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mistake us allergies or cold symptoms when actually it turns out to be covid. it's all part of our new long term reality living with coronavirus. one of the reasons we're not recommending that people cancel plans, you know. who knows what meth christmas is going to be. it may not be better than this in san rafael deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. from coast to coast. we are seeing mew surges of covid cases, los angeles reported more than 3300 new cases. as of today, that is the highest number in nearly four months. 772 people are hospitalized and in new york, new infections of it record levels ahead of the holidays. the state recorded more than 21,000 positive cases in a single day, the highest ever in the pandemic. the previous high was january of 2020. us health officials are endorsing a new policy designed to keep students in the classroom. the test to stay policy allows students who came in close contact with someone who tested positive for covid-19. to remain in class as
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long as the student tests negative. the cdc today decided to embrace this approach after research in the los angeles and chicago areas found the number of covid infections did not increase when schools switched to the test to stay policy. the agency's previous policy, said that when someone in the school test positive those who were in close contact were recommended to stay out of school for 10 days, boeing says it is suspending its vaccine requirement for its u. s employees going told employees today that its decision to suspend the mandate comes after our view of a district court ruling that halted the mandate for federal contractors. the company says 92% of its workforce is fully vaccinated or had received an exemption. meantime a federal appeals court today reinstated president joe biden covid-19 vaccine mandate for large companies. sfo officials say they believe today was one of the busiest travel days they will see leading up to christmas. sfo says 55,000 people pass through the airport today before the pandemic in
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2019 89,000 people pass through at that same time. sfo is warning passengers that if you're planning to park your car at the airport, make sure you have a reservation or look for an alternative plan because their garages are expected to be at or near capacity by the end of today and through the holiday period. san jose international airport also said today was their busiest day for the december holiday season and for the remainder of the year in oakland, officials there say that they expect thursday the 23rd to be the busiest christmas holiday travel day. hollywood comes to san francisco as the matrix resurrections premieres this weekend at the historic castro theater. tomorrow night's event shines a major spotlight on san francisco, but it's ktvu amberleigh explains. some small business owners say it also comes at a big cost. hollywood comes to the castro crews are setting up for the u. s premiere of the matrix resurrections. some say san francisco is the ideal place for this event and
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its global news. it's great to see the city in the headlines for that. to see the city portrayed so beautifully in portions of the movie. scenes from the movie starring keanu reeves were filmed in iconic san francisco locations. matrix is one of my favorite movies, so i'm excited about that. but some urgency the premier is hurting business, the owner of cliffs variety tells me. the setup for the premiere means all the street parking is gone and the road is closed to car traffic. this taking place on the weekend before christmas. this should be our most profitable weekend of the year, and it's hurting. terry bennett estimates the disruptions will cost her up to $50,000 in business. she says the changes came without notice from city officials and business owners had no input. the lack of outreach anywhere was absolutely appalling. we were completely blindsided by the closures.
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thank you at tag glad vietnamese restaurant. the owner says delivery drivers are having trouble picking up food. and customers can't find parking and it's cold. nobody is going to go out and walk like how many blacks are comfortable came here told their food from us. the san francisco film commission issued a statement quote we realized this production is causing inconvenience and hope the additional foot traffic as a result of this event will make up for this impact. there's gonna be a lot of attention on this film. that means a lot of people are going to see some beautiful images of san francisco and hopefully that's going to want them to come back here after all these years to be going back to where it all started. back to the matrix merchants say they expect the city to do better in the future . the premier will be held at the castro theater saturday. people are expected to start arriving at 5 30. the screening is that seven merchants tell me they expect the road to be closed until midnight saturday in san francisco. amberleigh
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ktvu, fox two news. san jose's historic burbank theater sold at auction this week for close to $2 million. the 72 year old art deco building went on auction on monday with a starting bid of $200,000, and it ended up selling wednesday for $1.6 million. the two story building on baskin avenue was built in 1949, and it's remained mostly empty for the last two decades. local preservationists and neighborhood residents are hoping that the new owner will preserve the building's original architecture and iconic sign. the final environmental impact report for the oakland a's proposed ballpark it how we're terminal has been released, and it outlines some of the issues that will need to be resolved in order to build that new ballpark. the 3500 page report details how the development will manage issues such as rail safety, parking pollution and increased traffic. oakland mayor libby schaaf says the completion of the e i r. keeps the city on track to bring the project up
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for a final vote with the city council in the year. 2022. often very hard to implement a lesson plan. students aren't feeling safe and comfortable because they're not going to be able to engage and to learn. posts on tiktok threatened violence at schools across the country. how beria campuses responded today. up first, though an indecent exposure incident in the south bay the man police are looking for and why they believe he's linked to multiple incidents.
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this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ♪
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. authorities say they were contacted by a girl earlier this week who said a man exposed himself to her in the area of lee avenue and miss it away. she said. the man was wearing a black t shirt and blue jeans and appeared to be bald or balding. police say they believe he was driving a gray colored toyota camry or nissan ultima with tinted windows. based on the description. police believe this suspect is associated with at least two other similar incidents in the area. if you have any information, you're asked to call san jose police. deputies in san mateo county arrested a teenager in connection with the threat of school violence. it comes after social media posts on tiktok threatened violence today at schools across the country. as ktvu healthcare reporter jesse gary tells us, many campuses had added security and one even canceled class. san ramon valley high school sees friday dismissal amid an air of concern
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this after a thursday tiktok post threatening violence. the following day was spread across the bay area and the nation the impact that social media has on all of us. and in particularly our students, because it adds a whole another layer. whether we're talking about threats of violence, whether we're talking about bullying, whether we're talking about inappropriate behavior, a template approach is apparently being used as the original post tailored to each school promises a shooting december 17th, adding. please don't go. gilroy unified school district officials closed the gilroy high school due to the threat, a district website message says. we understand canceling classes presents an unintended disruption for staff and students preparing for final exams. it's incredibly disruptive to students and two teachers often very hard to implement a lesson plan. a students aren't feeling safe and comfortable because they're not going to be able to engage and to learn. thursday night cemetery county sheriff's detectives arrested a 16 year old in connection with a similar
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post threatening violence at a peninsula area high school. that child has been charged with a felony for making criminal threats. doesn't really matter what what? what's current or what's training. we take all threat seriously, and they will be thoroughly investigated, experts say. students perpetuating school pranks. is akin to a right of passage. usually something will switch very quickly through tiktok or other social media, and everybody will want to participate with it really quickly and they might have a lot of different specific reasons to do so, but threatening violence during what experts say is an uptick in violence on school campuses could signal something else. it could be a significant cried for help for someone who is. reaching out in need of services to address whatever anxiety or feelings they may have school district officials around the bay area and around the country say they'll monitor social media and their campuses in the coming days. the teen arrested in san mateo county will see his case work its way through the juvenile court system. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. former san francisco
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department of public works director mohamed naru has agreed to plead guilty in connection to a corruption case that rock city hall, according to the u. s attorney's office. a plea agreement was filed today. never consented to plead guilty to wire fraud. and in these plea agreement, newer admits to public corruption. newer was accused of participating in a long running scheme involving multiple bribes and kickbacks during his tenure as dpw's director. authorities say today's announcement is significant, but it does not end the fbi's investigation into the corruption case. a prestigious recognition for an east a nonprofit how it will help blowing some students graduate from college and a generous act of kindness. just in time for christmas. how is san francisco family now has a new christmas decoration after one of theirs was stolen. end in whether your weekend forecast will be driving pretty cold. especially for tomorrow morning. coming up to areas will be sub freezing saturday morning, and then eventually the storm door
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reopened and we'll have more on that with your full forecast. coming up.
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this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ♪
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♪ recognition for helping students get into college and get a higher degree. the group richmond promised was one of 11 groups selected from thousands of applicants nationwide. to receive a crusty foundation grant of $300,000 since 2016 richmond promises partnered with contra costa college and the beyond 12 nonprofit to help more than 400 low income or first generation college students in richmond, get their college degrees. the director told me. the prestigious grant sends an important message to richmond's youth. very clear message to the richmond community and young people here in our city, um,
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that they're not being looked over and that there are people here in richmond and throughout the country that believe in the power that they have and believe in their futures. we were thrilled. we were thrilled to find out and very thrilled to be a part of a national community of organizations that are going to be partnering and learning from each other and sharing some of the lessons that we're learning in our respective work. richmond promises the grant will help them expand, mentoring and support services for more low income students. gerald children's fairy land in oakland kicked off its annual winterland event this evening. this year, there's added meeting after covid canceled the festivities last year. ktvu elissa harrington was there and as she shows us visitors were very excited to see the declaration. ferry winterland has returned to children's fairy land in oakland, the tree lighting ceremony, a special moment for families feeling the holiday spirit. it was really
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beautiful. so much magic the lights. i think it's amazing. for the next two weeks, the theme park will stay open late and will be decked out in thousands of twinkly lights. this event was canceled last year because of the pandemic. as i heard that it was going to be open for this year, i had to make sure my son had to come to celebrate some christmas, executive director kimberly miller said. the event includes cultural celebrations of different face, scavenger hunts and diverse holiday displays, elevating and lifting up as many traditions as we can. through this winter celebration so that kids have an opportunity to learn about it. whether on break kids can meet black santa and drop off letters, although there's no lap sitting this year because of covid. guests can also join santa every night for a festival of lights parade. that's really cool because it has a minority. it's nice to see representation of santa that
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reflects more me and my family. kids were thrilled to find snow falling outside the bank and old west junction. this is the 17th year of the winter fairy land event. it was canceled last year because of the pandemic. i want to show you the topper of this christmas tree. it is the iconic fairy land whale. the park is taking additional measures to keep people safe. we saw them wiping down the merry go round between rides. guests must wear masks and are encouraged to stay physically distanced. the event runs from 4 to 7 every night except christmas eve and christmas day. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. an update now to a story about a stolen christmas decoration. earlier this week, we told you about a family who discovered a beloved inflatable olaf was stolen from their front yard in san francisco. well someone reached out to us and offered to replace it. and now the family has a brand new lit up a lot in their yard. the family also told us their
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neighbors shared their parachuting reindeer and giant snow globe with them. they say it feels like a good ending. after all. and a barrier whether you get outside for a hike, bike ride anything we want to do this weekend. the rain will not get in the way but definitely want about bundle up first thing tomorrow morning, probably one of the coldest mornings of the week, and that means temperatures could be in the upper twenties for the cold locations. saturday morning and then on sunday sun cloud mixed but the rain clouds are absent from this forecast for saturday and sunday. there is a slight chance of a sprinkle or light shower on monday, but the main. event to the next one is coming in on tuesday, as you can see these forecast amount since the next week. in terms of rainfall , we're talking about significant rainfall once again into at least as we do approach christmas. satellite right now, the main storm track is focused up to our north. but whenever you get a pattern like this a stable pattern, you have the fog that's typically forms and that's happening right now. so it could impact visibilities first thing tomorrow morning, but it's the visibility's down about a half mile. up in santa
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rosa tonight. already right now, it's cold in santa rosa 35 degrees fairfield right now, 36 . so we're starting to see some more thirties for this 11 0 clock hour and san jose. 42 degrees. here's a live camera above san francisco where we have clear to partly cloudy skies. we're gonna definitely bring in some more cloud cover overnight. you can see some areas of fog and some patchy frost out there. as well. sub freezing in santa rosa 29 degrees fairfield 30, widespread thirties and once again, some areas of fog could impact visibilities first thing saturday morning. this cool air mass has really been settling in over the past couple days and really, no big change for your saturday areas of dense fog and that cold start tomorrow morning . what about the rainfall well into next week, we'll see the pattern change that will send more rain toward the bay area. as i mentioned a slight chance of a shower or sprinkle on monday, but definitely on tuesday, rainfall rates going up and looks like a fairly good chance of some more rainfall could be heavy at times, wednesday and thursday, and this could all add up next week with
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potentially 1 to 5 inches of rainfall. that's a lot to expect. the upcoming week. here's the forecast models showing you some of the fog. this is saturday. throughout the afternoon hours, partly cloudy skies sunday same deal with the sun cloud mix you'll see on monday. lots of cloud cover in the slight chance of a sprinkle , but the main activity is still focused up to our north, but that will slide to the south by tuesday and into wednesday highs for tomorrow's cool out there for your saturday upper forties to the fifties, we could still have some stubborn fog. into tomorrow afternoon and the look ahead. your five day forecast a cold start tomorrow morning, but it is dry all weekend long. lots of clouds headed our way or break from the rainfall will be coming to an end. in fact, we're talking about a lot of rain as we head toward tuesday and also as we approach christmas. all right. thanks so much. mark well , u. c. berkeley is holding its winter commencement on campus tomorrow morning. the in person ceremony is being held at hospital billions at 8:30 a.m. this is some video of a previous
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graduation that was held there. cal is requiring attendees to show proof of vaccination and to wear a mask. people who are not vaccinated will have to show proof of a negative covid-19 test. the ceremony will also be streamed online. up next in sports. stephen curry and the warriors hit the floor following curries historic night sports director mark ibanez will have their high friday night. you knoe
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narrative has been that as soon as step sets that record, everything is going to mellow out. the team can focus on basketball. steph can relax and go with the flow. that was pretty true for the first half of this game in boston. the minute really tightened up, of course, the warriors were a man
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down jordan's pool on the covid list and taking his place tonight with his first nba start. it was a first round draft choice. moses moody, so little action and stuff. yeah he did come out firing. it's this one. plus he's fouled. he had 16 in the first half before cooling up, but he did wind up with 35 of 14 shooting from 300 iguodala . beautiful inbounds. do gary payton the second with the no look dunk right there, and the warriors build as much as a 20 point lead going into the half. but steph. well, dr. here draw the defense. kick it out for andrew wiggins and pops the three he had 18 in the second quarter, wanted with 27 as the celtics began to whittle away, though, in the second half dreaming or the block, keep hustling, steph rewards and beautiful path and a bucket there to keep the celtics at bay jaded tatum with a miss here, christiane rosa seeing some action tonight. that's a nice leave it back past for andre.
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iguodala who goes to the bucket . nicely need not bothering him tonight. he'll rest tomorrow and toronto now, here's just a great play by damien lee. that maybe goes unnoticed. a little bit can teach it. he saves it. pure hustle, andre iguodala and max it down. he had 12 off the bench . where is winter 1, 11 1! oh, 7 24 and five as they had to toronto tomorrow night, draymond and curry won't play and andrew wiggins either and andre you dealt with so they'll have the jv squad out there. see how that works on the back to back, man. did you ever really doubt that tiger woods would come back? tell you what. when i knew it, his injuries were i go. he's definitely gonna make it back, says he won't ever play regularly on the tour, but remember the injury sustained in that car accident was february today play that the pnc championship with his 12 year old son, charlie, the pro ab by the way, charlie looks like it
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up and camera. that's a beautiful shot right there. and of course, tiger, severely injured that right leg, underwent several surgeries and admitted today as you'd expect. the nerves got the way a little bit at times, and he was asked if he was surprised. to be back on the course. so soon game that yes and no. you know if you would ask me after those three months in the bed. but i'll be here that would have given you a different answer. but there are no days off. we worked every day. even they days where i didn't feel very good. we still worked on something. so every day there was never a day off the entire time, so. other than those three months in bed haven't taken day off. well here, work hard. it pays off and you got to play hard to friday night at the videos. check this out, mark tamayo told us about the rain we can expect. here's an idea to for you, you know, set up your own car wash
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situation right there. the car doesn't get washed. you get washed as these gentlemen found can be a whole lot of fun. let that guy go. one more splash. that guy go. one more splash. that's the sporting life now, who's ready to watch some basketball? why am i looking at you? i don't know. unlike you, i don't need a reason to watch a bunch of guys run around in shorts. don't ruin this for me like you did with olympic diving. cam? recording it. mitch and i are taking alex and manny to an art exhibit. but, of course, everybody is welcome to join. it's a retrospective on postwar abstract expressionism. wait. for school? no, for life. oh, thank god. i don't even know who we fought in the postwar. told you one car was enough. looks like it's just the two amigos. haley? oh, sorry to brunch and bail, grandpa, but i've got a date. uh, with whom? a gorgeous guy i met at school. ooh, goes there or cleans there? mom. answer the question. so everyone's leaving? no, i'm -- i'm not. i wish i had known this before i served the good bacon. you did not serve the good bacon. shh! don't you have a tiny dress to buy?


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