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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  December 20, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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fourth. welcome to the four i'm gregory. and i'm claudine, wang. alex and heather are off today. oakland police today announced that they recovered the possible getaway vehicle used in the killing of retired police officer kevin nishida. and she was fatally shot last month while working as a security guard for a local news station. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has more on the investigation, as well as a new plan to increase the number of officers in east oakland. oakland police chief laurent armstrong said monday that detectives recovered this white accurate sedan believed to be the getaway vehicle in the killing of retired police officer kevin nishida. we are making progress in this investigation. machida was fatally shot last month during an attempted robbery while working as a private security guard. for kron four news in downtown oakland. he died at a hospital three days later. community members have been very helpful in this investigation, helping us get information to actually. secure this vehicle.
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armstrong did not say whom the car belonged to or if police have identified a suspect or made any arrests in the case. nasheed is death stunned bay area law enforcement and the journalism community, which has been targeted in several recent armed robberies. nishida worked as a police officer in san jose hayward and coma before retiring and working in private security forever. of you. my nasheed, a son. his family and the community he helped protect paid their respects at a public memorial earlier this month in san jose. over the weekend, oakland saw its 133rd homicide. the chief addressed the violence while announcing a plan to add an additional policing district in east oakland, where he said 60% of calls occur. we know that the vast majority of the violent crimes happen in east oakland plan to add nearly 50 officers on the city's east side was welcomed by neighborhood city council member lauren taylor. the fact that we will have. 48
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more officers on the ground in this half of the city will go immensely to addressing the inequities in the call volumes. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. all right. moving on to our weather is a live look outside mount diablo and contra costa county chilly out there high. it's just cracking. 50 degrees ktvu meteorologists roberto gonzalez here now the look at what we can expect high roberta gregor spot on those temperatures barely cracking 50 degrees today, after barely making it out of the forties yesterday as well, this is a beautiful view. it's our live weather camera looking out over the city of san francisco. towards the transamerica building, and what we see there right now is increasing cloud cover. you see a couple of different decks of clouds in the distance there a bit of a hazy afternoon as well. your notices , temperatures are just slightly more mild than yesterday, except for livermore. finally burning off with that totally fogged 44 degrees with some clear skies, but increasing clouds, and that's what i'm showing you here
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right now. see that shield of clouds covering the state of california from the oregon border all the way into the bay area. in fact, all the way into southern california. well, those clouds are going to override the cooler air mass that has been in place when we saw lows dip anywhere between 29 32 degrees over the weekend, so with that deck and blanket of clouds overhead tonight, not as cold in the forties across the bay peninsula and well into the silicon valley, but when you're away from the bay into the interior valleys, the tri valley at 35 degrees that's still relatively on the cold side. san jose typically this time of the year, your overnight low should be 42. but this morning we woke up. to 38 degrees. that's mighty cold for people here that aren't accustomed to it. as of yet, we're going to talk about your high temperatures where they're going, and we're going to track the rain and the snow heading this way that's coming up in less than 10 minutes. okay thanks for burger. well temperatures are expected to
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drop to dangerous levels for those experiencing homelessness , and that has prompted the city of san jose to open to warming centers. both are going to be open tonight. one of them is located at the evergreen branch public library on a born road in san jose. the other is at the leading your community center, which is on center road. both centers will be open from eight pm until seven a.m. and the northern california coast was shaken today by a large earthquake, according to the usgs. the 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of humbled county at 12 10 pm people reported feeling it as far as san francisco. and as far north as medford, oregon now there were no reports of injuries. but there was some damage. take a look at this picture. you can see all those products knocked off those store shelves, making a mess at this grocery store in ferndale. at least eight earthquakes measuring less than 3.5 have struck in that area since the initial trembling. and one man is in custody. a second is recovering from injuries after police say an on housed san jose
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resident attacked a volunteer who was doing trash removal. ktvu jesse gary joins us now live from police headquarters with more on this, jesse. and police here say the suspect is charged with making criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon for gassing at his victim with a machete. right now , it seems to be a completely unprovoked attack monday morning , multiple san jose police officers investigating a crime at a homeless encampment just south of san jose's airport. around 9 30. detectives say a homeless man with a machete attack the volunteer working for goodwill industries. we don't know why it seemed like it was an unprovoked attack. of the victim received some moderate injuries to his hand. the victim was treated at the scene and then taken to valley medical center for more care of his injury. the suspect is in custody and is being held at the main santa clara county jail. representatives of goodwill industries of silicon valley say
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they're working with the victim in this case and that there was no security with the volunteers as they removed trash and debris from the encampment for a few 100 on housed people. the more you put people into, you know, crowded spaces, the more volatile than become, we all know there's a big mental health. crisis on the streets. advocate scott waitress says the city's closure at the behest of the federal government of part of this encampment is part of the problem. worsening winter conditions is another piece. many on house residents have cheap weapons, such as machetes for protection wages, says the suspect, who is charged with assault with a deadly weapon may not have realized the volunteers weren't thieves, but doing trash cleanup. you have a formula for disaster, right? a lot of people living in a small space who are losing what little bit they have who are protecting what they have, like the rest of us and then when someone comes onto their property that they don't know. they go off and of course, a lot of it's not rational. wages and other advocates plan
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to be out doing outreach tomorrow ahead of the next rainstorm. they say they will consider bringing security with them saturday. police say they do provide security when they have large numbers of people going out into the camp mints, doing outreach and doing cleanup. we're live outside san jose police headquarters here in san jose. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland. alright we certainly hope the victim recovers quickly. thank you so much for that live report. any police are investing investigating a deadly hit and run. it happened shortly after midnight on sunset. drive your help crushed avenue and highway four when police arrived, they found a man who had major injuries. he later died. preliminary investigation revealed the man appeared to be hit by a vehicle. there is no suspect description at this time , but anyone who may have witnessed the incident is asked to call police. police in san jose, or investigating a crash where a pedestrian was killed. it happened around seven o'clock this morning in the area of mckee road in interstate 6 80.
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police say the incident involved two cars. and that the victim was walking outside the crosswalk. the drivers of the two cars are cooperating with the investigation. this was the city's 58th deadly crash of the year. 23rd involving a pedestrian. house speaker nancy pelosi is in san francisco today , where she talked about improvements coming to bay area streets and highways following the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill speaker pelosi was joined by representatives barbara lee and mark desaulnier, as well as mayor london breed and members of the group. families for safe streets. speaker pelosi says the infrastructure bill is a matter of life and death. it will bring over $260 million to california this year to help make streets safer by funding projects to reduce fatalities and injuries on roads. the bay area has long had seen more. that's fair share apart breaking traffic deaths. you all are here as eloquent testimony to that this will help design complete streets, which
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provides safe and accessible transport options for people of all ages and abilities. the infrastructure bill also includes $5 billion for a safe streets initiative, which cities like san francisco can compete for funding for its vision, zero safe streets program. the state of california is now suing walmart, accusing the company of illegal disposal of hazardous waste. state attorney general rob bonta announced the lawsuit this morning in a virtual news conference. bonta says. for the past six years, walmart has illegally dumped an estimated £159,600 of hazardous waste each year, he says. that's in clear violation of california's environmental laws and regulations. the lawsuit alleges walmart disposed of hazardous waste products at landfills that are not equipped or authorized to receive hazardous waste. the waste includes alkaline and lithium batteries, pesticides, toxic cleaning supplies, latex
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paints and light bulbs. we're not talking about a few batteries and a can of insect killer here. walmarts own audits found that the company is illegally disposing of hazardous waste in california at a rate of more than one million items. each year. wal mart is not cleaning up its act, and we're all paying the price. it's time for this unacceptable behavior to end. bonta also says some of the illegally dumped toxic waste may seep into drinking water. a walmart spokesperson says they plan to fight the quote unjustified lawsuit in a written statement, walmart says. the state is demanding a level of compliance regarding waste disposal from our stores of common household products and other items that goes beyond what is required by law. well the paid up their nose founder elizabeth holmes remains in the hands of the jury. what the judge says he will do if they can't make a decision by christmas eve. and holiday travel is picking up to near pre pandemic levels coming up. i'll
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introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. fraud trial of elizabeth holmes , the founder of theranos. holmes is charged with misleading investors and the public about the accuracy of the blood testing technology of their nose. that trial started three months ago, the judge has told the jury they will have christmas eve off if they are still deliberating. and the fate of the minnesota police officer who says she mistook her gun for her taser is now in the hands of the jury. that jury began deliberating today in the manslaughter trial of kim potter falling, closing arguments and instructions from the judge. she is facing charges for the shooting death of 20 year old dante, right about two hours into deliberations, the jury sent a question to the court asking about the timing of an interview between potter and a forensic psychologist. the defense rested friday after potter testified that she didn't
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want to hurt anybody when she shot and killed right who was not armed. in closing arguments today, the prosecutor said potter made a blunder of epic proportions. and did not have a license to kill. members of the jury. this was no little poopsie. this was not. putting the wrong wrong date on a check . this was not entering the wrong password somewhere. yes was a colossal screw up. a blunder of epic proportions. kim potter is charged with 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter and faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted. jury deliberations are also underway in the gullane maxwell sex trafficking trial. the jury received the case this afternoon after prosecutors in maxwell's defense attorneys delivered closing arguments. the british socialite is accused of helping jeffrey epstein sexually
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abused teens. a prosecutor said epstein could not have preyed on teenage girls for more than a decade without the help of maxwell. the defense attorney told jurors during closing arguments that maxwell is an innocent woman and the prosecutors had failed to prove any charges beyond a reasonable doubt. airports across the nation are reporting holiday travel numbers close to what we saw before the pandemic. here's a live look at san francisco international airport number of planes there. a lot of folks hopped on planes there this weekend and surely more to come throughout the week. across the bridge. ktvu is james torres reports oakland international is gearing up for its busiest travel day of the year this week. lines out the door as early as seven this morning from oakland international airport. san diego, um, portland travel, picking up nationwide essay reporting two million people a day crossing security checkpoints over the weekend, about double the numbers last year and inching closer to pre
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pandemic levels. united airlines now predicting eight million customers will be on their planes. throughout the holiday season. that's happening even as the number of omicron cases continue to rise. this year is different. we have technology. we have tools that can make every gathering safer, so it just depends on where the people are going to do it. some are doing it. ah been a lot of conversation conversations between travelers and their family members to make sure everyone at the holiday gatherings are safe and comfortable and. to make christmas a little bit better than last year. last year, we did not do anything. we stayed home. we didn't see anybody, but this year yes, this year. we're trying to see a few more people still not as much as we used to. i am vaccinators. it was like a requirement for holidays this year area. oakland's travel numbers have been on the rise since october, airport officials said in the past statement. based on the increase in passenger throughput seen at oakland over the thanksgiving
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holiday and continued growth in leisure travel demand. we expect a strong finish for 2021 through the rest of the holiday season. people flying this morning. seo macron is on their minds, but they think they've done enough to guarantee safe travels. we tested actually all of us tested at home last night, and my brother and his whole family tested at home to your good yeah , yeah. yeah, we can. we took everything passion. we can do it . the california department of public health now asking any out of state travelers entering california to take a covid-19 tests within five days of their arrival in any international flyer coming into the u. s. must show proof of a negative covid-19 tests within 24 hours of their flight. reporting from oakland. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. well snow is back in the sierra. recent storm brought some much needed snowfall and a return of tourists from across the state and another storm this week is
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also expected to bring more snow . a lot of snow does chp reminding anyone driving up on interstate 80 and highway 50 to be prepared if road conditions worsen? authorities are also reminding drivers make sure to check for this chain controls before you leave. let's check in now with ktvu meteorologist roberto gonzalez with a look at the forecast from broader up when people are talking about tahoe. it's all about timing to get up there safely. you nailed that one and i got to tell you it's really excited because it is going to snow. on christmas day. it's going to be a white christmas beautiful. yeah, i'm not going to hold out any longer . i'm going to go ahead and gift you with the forecast for the tahoe area right here right now . but first, let's take a look out towards that transamerica pyramid. did you see that, or no , it was actually the salesforce tower standing over 1000 ft and increasing clouds right now. there you have it. blue canyon 41 degrees. south lake tahoe. after dropping down this morning into the teens, it rebounded to 40 and is now 37 degrees in truckee. and if you do have driving plans to the high sierra
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tomorrow may be your best getaway day or early wednesday. i would really count on tuesday cloudy skies snow beginning overnight tuesday into wednesday , and we certainly do have a winter storm watch that goes into effect by wednesday afternoon and to sunday we're going to be measuring the snow and the high sierra in feet. up to eight ft. down to 5000 ft. okay, here you go. looking out towards mount diablo burger boy . i've noticed that the winds have been picking up 20 to 30 mph above 4000 ft. elevation and below that we're still trying to scrub out that deep tooley fog that has been invading to try value for the past. 48 to 72 hours or 44. livermore that is cool. otherwise we're in fifties around the north bay to the santa clara valley. oakland winds are out of the east and those each of the winds have pushed into the conquer clayton , one creek, danville and also
4:20 pm
pleasant an area with the hazy conditions once we're scrubbing out that tooley fog. seven miles per hours out of the southeast in san jose, and those winds will increase as the evening progresses. this is gorgeous when you look at a meteorology book, this is textbook perfect. this is the core of an area of low pressure right here. this is the frontal boundary that's just been going so slowly towards the state of california, and once it does finally begin to squeeze out, some precipitation will see the heavier rain when the core passes through on thursday. now these numbers may be riding a little high because the computer models have been way dream bets back and forth and which one is correct. right now we're going to see anywhere between about four and six inches of rain in the coastal mountains. i may end up dropping this 2 to 5 inches across the northern half of the bay area, easily 1 to 3 inches of rain across the central bay, including san francisco. let's are amounts across the santa clara valley. so with the blanket of clouds increasing as the night progresses, temperatures will dip down to the thirties and forties. not as
4:21 pm
cold as we begin the morning at 33, degrees and livermore. it'll be 35 overnight and throughout that tri valley, tomorrow's daytime temperatures mild with the clouds slightly warmer if you want to say that, by maybe a degree or two that's about it. 54 degrees from redwood city, backing all the way into the belmont area, also 54 degrees in fremont union city and in new work. i tell you what we're going to do. we're going to re gather information come up with when the rain is exactly going to arrive right here, and that's coming up later on in this newscast. look forward to it, roberta. thank you. the biden administration announced today it is raising vehicle mileage standards to significantly reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses. the rule would raise mileage standards starting in the 2023 model year, reaching a projected industrywide target. of 40 mpg by 2026. the mileage rules are the most ambitious standards ever set for passenger cars and light trucks. they
4:22 pm
raised knowledge goals set by the trump administration that would have achieved 32 mpg in 2026. new reaction from the white house and democrats to senator joe manchin is opposition to the bill back better bill and mala rivera in washington with how mansion is responding to the criticism coming up. but first, let's take a look at ktvu is prime time lineup from 8 to 10. it's the secrets of christmas revealed, followed by the 10 and 11 o'clock news.
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general, asking for federal court to halt or limit her office is ongoing investigations . attorney general leticia james is seeking to depose trump. as part of a new york civil fraud investigation into the former president's company, the trump organization. the suit filed in federal court today accuses james of misconduct. claiming she has abused her investigatory powers to target her political
4:25 pm
adversaries and advance her career. in response to the suit, james says the trump organization has repeatedly attempted to delay her office's investigation into its business dealings. the white house says president biden and west virginia senator joe manchin have spoken after mansion declared he will vote no on the president's social spending package as foxes. madeline rivera tells us mansion is reacting to the criticism he is now receiving from fellow democrats after voicing his opposition. high drama gripping democrats in washington following senator joe manchin announcement that he's a no on the president's build back better legislation. the moderate democrat from west virginia expressed deep concerns about the bill's impact on inflation and the national debt. i think i still represent the centers, moderate. wing of the democratic party that has compassion but also has reasonability. he's also responding to criticism from the white house and his fellow democrats, some of whom called his opposition and betrayal. i'm not blaming
4:26 pm
anybody. i knew where they were, and i knew what they could and could not do. they just never realized it because they figure shortly that god, we can move one person. well, guess what? i'm from west virginia. i'm not from where they're from the white house, frustrated with the senators decision if we do not act to get this legislation done , and the components in it not only will cost and prices go up for the american people. but also we will see a trajectory and economic growth that is not where we wanted to be. despite mansions. opposition senate majority leader chuck schumer is considering holding a vote on the nearly $2 trillion bill early next year. some moderates are still hopeful they can make adjustments to bring mansion back on board, and they opposed the heavy criticism he is receiving from progressives in their party. let's not give up. we have 10 months until the next election. leader schumer also announced the senate will consider voting rights legislation when congress resumes in january. and washington. mala rivera ktvu fox two news taking a look at wall
4:27 pm
street financial markets ended the day down amid worries about how badly the omicron variant inflation and other factors will hit the economy. the dow fell four had 33 points. the nasdaq was down 1 88. and the s and p finished the day down 52 points. well software giant oracle is spending close to $30 billion to acquire an electronic medical records company, oracle's chairman and chief technology officer, larry ellison, announced the company is buying cerner. that company is based in kansas city, missouri. ellison says the acquisition will quote transform healthcare by delivery by providing medical professionals with better information, enabling them to make better treatment decisions resulting in better patient outcomes. the fcc has reached settlements with several phone companies over investigations into failed 911 calls 18 t, verizon and toronto and lumet technologies. will pay a total of $6 million due to failed calls, which happened during
4:28 pm
network outages in 2020. the companies have also agreed to ensure compliance with the fcc's 911 availability rules moving forward. t mobile agreed to paint $19.5 million last month. cities and states are asking for more help from the feds ahead of president biden's major address on the covid pandemic arm rich edson in washington. i've got the details coming up. plus more pro sports making changes due to covid concerns coming up, we'll tell you why the sharks will have to wait to take on the ca
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travel to the u. s canada and other countries due to the rapidly spreading omicron variant. israel's prime minister says he's taking this action with the hopes of preventing another wave of covid infections in his country. the ban is set to begin on wednesday morning, just three days before christmas. and this afternoon, the cdc announced the omicron variant has become the most common covid strain in the united states. it accounts for nearly three quarters of covid-19 cases. meantime local governments are calling for federal help. amid this latest surge as foxes rich edson reports tomorrow, president biden is planning to deliver a major speech to address the new strain. and outlined how his administration is responding. we're going to see a really fast upsurge in cases were doctors and health officials warn a new covid surges on avoidable as the omicron variants spreads quickly. there are confirmed
4:32 pm
cases in almost every us state and more than 85 countries. some local health officials say they're overwhelmed with new cases and running short on supplies, prompting calls for more help from the federal government. new york city mayor bill de blasio is asking the white house to invoke the defense production act to help provide vaccines, antiviral pills and, most importantly, test kits. getting tested is absolutely crucial and making sure we have enough site enough resources. enough test kits. we're working on all these fronts. health officials say vaccines offer the best protection against omicron, a federal judge has reinstated a nationwide vaccine mandate. the supreme court monday received consolidated appeals from groups trying to block that mandate. a response from the white house is expected by december. 30th unvaccinated individuals will continue to drive hospitalizations and deaths. that is not trying to scare people. or maybe it is trying to make clear to people in the country what the risks are here
4:33 pm
of not being vaccinated. meanwhile president biden is planning a major nationwide address tuesday. with experts looking for details on how the administration will try to contain this new strain. what might the president offer? how about if he offers monoclonal antibodies against macron? the nationwide vaccine mandate is set to go into effect. january 10th. in washington rich edson fox news, moderna today announced a booster shot of its vaccine appears to be effective in protecting against macron. the company said lab tests found those who received a third shot of its vaccine. had 37 times the number of neutralizing antibodies against the variant compared to people who only got two shots. the company also said that it is moving forward with developing a booster specifically targeting the delta omicron variance. the announcement comes as federal and local officials plead with americans to just roll up their sleeves amid that rapid surge in covid cases. we've come a long
4:34 pm
way we have defenses. we are not defenseless against this virus or even the variant. sing by fighter also found that a booster of its vaccine triggered a big jump in antibodies targeting the omicron variant. willie's 48 people on board. royal caribbean's symphony of the seas have tested positive for the coronavirus. the cruise ship recently completed a seven day cruise in miami. it also had at least one passenger test positive for the omicron variant earlier this month. officials say the two incidents are not believed to be related 98% of those who tested positive in this case, we're also fully vaccinated. the cdc says it's aware of the situation on the cruise liner and is investigating. the san jose sharks won't get a chance this week to avenge thursdays. 5 30 lost to vancouver. the nhl and its players association have stopped all team travel between canada and the united states at least through christmas because of covid concerns. chicken hawks
4:35 pm
were scheduled to come to the shark tank tomorrow night for the edmonton oilers were scheduled to play on thursday. as of early this morning, the ducks and oilers have a combined 13 players and coaches. in the nhl's covid protocol, the nhl announced all 12 games affected by the border crossing ban will be rescheduled concern overall, macron is also leading to the cancelation of the world economic forum's annual summit set to be held in the swiss mountain resort of davos next month. it's the second straight year the annual event has been shelved due to the pandemic. for decades, the davos summit has attracted some of the world's most powerful business and political leaders. bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars of events. income organizers are now hoping to reschedule the in person conference to next summer. this latest covid surge may cause new york city to scale back its plans for new year's eve last month, the mayor announced that times square would welcome people back to watch the ball. drop it midnight. great tradition. they
4:36 pm
would have to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test ahead of time, but with daily covid cases surging in new york state right now, officials say the plants are being evaluated. decision is expected by the end of the week. on our website. we have an entire section we have dedicated to updates on the coronavirus hit the latest on pandemic developments by going to ktvu .com slash coping well, no s a t or a no problem coming up. we'll tell you about the latest college to drop standardized scores from its application process. our radar is fired up. it's ready to go with that rain tracking towards the bay area, and we will talk about those raindrops and when to expect them put snow in the local mountains. the weather continues
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bay is being redistricted today on mornings on to mary lou carter said. san jose is one of the 30 largest cities in the us yet does not have one member of congress who represents just that city in the new maps. right now. under the current lines, santa's a threatened to be the only major city united states without such a district. they're dividing us in four pieces, which means you tend to have members of congress from suburban towns. who do not necessarily take san jose's interests as their primary concern, and that is a concern to all of us here in san jose. carolyn carter says the city is appealing to the redistricting commission to provide san jose with its own district, like the other big cities have it may be too late. the commission is set to vote on final maps today. we are learning new details about the christian missionaries kidnapped in haiti who eventually escaped last week. you cost her hostages and their families a lot of suffering. during a news conference today, officials with the ohio based
4:40 pm
christian aid ministries say that group of 12 made a daring overnight escape. they walked for several miles miles over difficult terrain. with two infants and other children. none suffered any injuries. a total of 17 people were abducted on october 16th shortly after visiting an orphanage. well harvard is dropping the s a t and act standardized testing from its application process. the move extends policies that began last year because students face limited access to has seen sites do the pandemic. now harvard says test won't be required through 2026 school officials say students can now submit materials that best convey their academic accomplishments. and gas prices continue to drop nationwide, the average us price of a regular grade of gas dropped by six cents over the past two weeks to 3 41 a gallons and industry analysts as prices have been falling for a month. as the cost of crude oil continues to drop nationwide, the highest average price for regular grade gas is
4:41 pm
here in the bay area at 4 77 a gallon the lowest average price is in houston. at 2 83 a gallon. yeah those gas prices are dropping. i surely haven't seen them yet. no have you guys always only thing i've seen dropping his the temperatures and that's about it. but they're going to be rebounding ever so slightly with the clouds that are now rolling into the bay area. let's take a look at our lives whether camera sherlock's murky outside we have the haze, and we also have the clouds. roughly about 3100 ft. you could look at the transamerica building there, which stands about 853 ft. tall and you could see the very top of it this afternoon because that cloud deck is so much higher, but we will continue to see those clouds thicken and sweep across the entire bay area from the north and the west and dig to the south. tonight, we still will see some areas of fog that's primarily well in our inland areas away from the bay. we're talking about tracy and mountain house and throughout
4:42 pm
the livermore and pleasant in area as well. on tuesday through friday. we've got clouds and we have rain showers developing so right now with increasing cloud cover is sure it's cool in the forties and in the fifties, but these temperatures are at least 3 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. at this hour. now the winds have been out of the east and southeast. they've been fluctuating during the afternoon hours. right now they're straight on out of the east is 16 mph in oakland, 10? at concord. meanwhile that's a buchanan field and conquered. meanwhile, the winds are blowing out of the southeast in san jose at mineta international airport at seven mph, and by the way, there's no reports of any local airport delays at this hour. this is our storm tracker and you could see the rain showers. they are in full development along that front told boundary that is now hanging tied to the state of california back there. that's where we see that core. that center of the area low pressure and that's when the heaviest rain will move in. not
4:43 pm
tomorrow, not wednesday, but by thursday until then, here's your tuesday afternoon, we start to see a little bit of light precipitation north of the golden gate bridge that it begins to slide gently in a southerly fashion as it does, so. we start to see the numbers talia by wednesday. heavier rainfall on thursday, and once that core passes. we have a lot of unsettled air mass associated with the passage of this front so in and out of the rain showers on friday and on christmas day, but we could even see with the temperatures dropping a little bit of light snowfall at the higher elevations of our mountains like mount hambleton and mount diablo, so perhaps even a white christmas locally as well as the greater lake tahoe area, because when it does rain here generally does snow in the high sierra. and we will be talking about those feet of snow coming up here. but first things first. how much rain? can you expect 3 to 5 inches around the north bay , easily an inch to an inch and a half across the san francisco
4:44 pm
area back into the central bay. okay, right now we do have. temperatures in the thirties and forties. if you're traveling to the high sierra, and i really believe that tomorrow is your best bet to get there without any problems as far as needing the chains on highway 50 year, interstate 80. we do have temperatures going down into the twenties. tomorrow with the snow beginning in earnest by wednesday. we do have a winter storm advisor in effect right now for the high sierra, but that does translate on over to winter storm watch by wednesday afternoon and all the way to your sunday up to eight ft of snow expected above 5000 ft. what's like level about 6200 ft. alright temperatures tonight overnight not as cold as it has been. 35 degrees tri valley 44 in oakland. we're talking about 40 degrees and throughout cupertino, campbell and san jose as well as and now these oh gilroy and morgan hill, both in
4:45 pm
the mid thirties. tomorrow, some leftover fog in the morning hours, but mostly cloudy skies with the rain. developing. during the afternoon hours. first things first in the north bay, then gradually citing to the south bay towards the evening commute. so here's your extended forecast. we do call for temperatures in the mid fifties. typically we should be around 60 to 62 throughout most of our areas, and it looks like once it does start to rain on tuesday, we are in and out of the rain turned even colder by friday. it looks like it will be a wet christmas but hopefully white one here certainly will be in the high sierra. alright looking forward to it. alright. thanks roberta well, buckingham palace announced today that queen elizabeth will be opting out of christmas celebrations this year. the 95 year old monarch will not host the annual christmas gathering at the royal standard hammock state this as the fast spreading omicron variant continues to spread across the uk. the queen is expected to remain at windsor castle for christmas, where she has been for most of the pandemic. it looks like systemic
4:46 pm
racism to us because the differences between the two hospitals. yes huge still ahead the claims of disparities and care between ucsf benioff children's hospitals in oakland and san francisco, a proactive approach to package thefts coming up at five how one bay area police department is working to prevent porch pirates. plus we'll let you know the california new york's eve celebration that is getting scaled d
4:47 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ hi honey! hi mommy!
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oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. lifeline for east bay families, but after becoming affiliated with ucsf, the hospital is facing growing criticism. some providers and patients claim there's a lack of care for those who are mostly from disadvantaged and communities of color. ktvu investigative reporter. brooks jarocz joins us from the newsroom and brooks you looked into their complaints. that's right, greg. it has been seven years since salesforce ceo
4:49 pm
marc benioff donated $200 million to form an affiliation between ucsf and children's hospital oakland, saving it from financial ruin, but now dozens of doctors, nurses and patients say that partnership. as often failed families in the east bay. having her was amazing. and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. a mother's life forever changed her daughter diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, a blood disease requiring regular attention, medication and causing it times immense pain without warning. it's like an aching feeling. are stabbing feeling. my witness stamps has visited children's hospital, oakland her entire life nationally recognized as one of the best for sickle cell patients. but in recent years, mother low wanna noticed changes in care? i have this thing that it's going to #### in a #### basket. in an emergency. she says the hospital used to have a bed ready for her daughter. they just call as they rushed in for
4:50 pm
help, but now they wait in the er for an hour, and it's not just patients who think priorities have changed. not about patient care, but it's about money and power. this high ranking doctor who wants to remain anonymous, fearing job security claims in oakland programs have been cut staff is leaving, and patients are put in a tough spot. talk about equity . but when you see on the ground , just the exact opposite that you see patients with less resources after underrepresented minorities. been treated worse. he and another prominent doctor estimated about three dozen physicians have left in frustration. the doctor who spoke to us even filed three whistleblower complaints with the state. claiming the hospital went from six pulmonologist down to two and he says the mission bay campus treats 40 pediatric sickle cell patients, but oakland treats 800 kids and adults. others inside the hospital save vital services
4:51 pm
have been stripped down or moved across the bay. for some, it means that they have to go over to ucsf for care that they used to get at children because i care has been transferred. and that's really difficult if you're a kid. uh from a poor community in the central valley for your even east oakland. this nurse has spent four decades of children's who says the burden of time transportation and parking falls on the poor and communities of color. despite the high need in oakland, records compiled by healthcare workers show treatments moving to san francisco, for instance, surgeries in oakland dropped by 24% since the affiliation while san francisco's increased by 5% they deny it, but it looks like systemic racism to us because the differences between the two hospitals. is huge. ucsf did not grant us an interview but says it has saved the oakland hospital from financial collapse
4:52 pm
is modernizing. what are outdated facilities and rebuilding care programs. now that's not to say there are not speed bumps that have occurred. president matthew cook defended the affiliation at an oakland virtual town hall last year along with the ceo. we've made significant progress in bringing fiscal stability to the hospital where strengthening the programs you csf says it has contributed $181 million for underinsured pediatric patients, added a new intensive care unit in september was awarded as $17 million grant to study sickle cell disease and wants to invest a billion dollars over the next 10 years. to expand the oakland campus. we are committed to this community. and to make sure that the patient's families get what they need, regardless of their ability to pay. but the doctor who spoke to us says it's not the first time you csf has heard
4:53 pm
these complaints hopeless. you feel the same way focus instead. you don't have any power to make change. just weeks ago, another town hall had healthcare workers . community members in lawmakers concerned about accessibility and accountability. ucsf has a responsibility. to be accountable to the east bay community. it is not what we. expected of this merger and quite frankly, it makes me. that makes me mad you csf denies the allegations, calling them inaccurate, misleading or false . but for families like the stamps, it has been a never ending struggle. i don't like to go in there. where? um i'm scared when you have a chick, sick child. it's hard. it's hard . it's very hard in the comfort in knowing that you have these doctors and nurses that's along the side of you, regardless of what's going on. it matters a lot. and when you don't have
4:54 pm
that type of support, it's difficult. it's very, very difficult. and i just want them to be back to how they were. u c . s f launched a website tangled setting the record straight. it says the role of ucsf was to stabilize the oakland hospital's finances. efforts suffered major losses struggling for years to fund programs. ucsf also says it hopes to start construction in 2023 for that $1 billion expansion, but first it needs approval of the city council in the newsroom. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news. alright, important reporting. brooks. thank you. thanks. all right. listen up procrastinators for more shopping days left until christmas coming up. we're going to talk to shoppers during the holiday season that despite the ongoing pandemic think inflationh
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
to hold back shoppers from breaking records this holiday season. ktvu is greg liggins caught up with some last minute shoppers over the weekend in walnut creek. crowds were sparse at walnut creek's broadway plaza sunday, though there were a few shoppers picking up last minute gifts. it was ken tasha's chance to buy for his wife. it was the only day that i had. without her . she's at dance class right now, so i'm getting the things i need to for her. lots of people were empty handed, possibly because their holiday shopping is mostly done. i was like, get ahead early, like two months, so i don't have to deal with it. outside i haven't done usually within last month and a half reports indicate many shoppers began buying earlier than normal because of concerns about product availability and shipping delays. the shopper from southern california says the supply chain crunch is evident where she lives. the wrecks are few and far between. there's just not a lot of merchandise, and a lot of the sizes are picked over already. and they were even a couple
4:58 pm
weeks ago, the national retail federation expects a record breaking holiday season, anticipating november and december sales to hit an all time high of between 834 and $859. billion despite concerns over coronavirus and high inflation. i was looking at certain things i didn't realize like how much it has gone up, and i was like, oh, i can't get that anymore. i am surprised just because of covid and everything going on like i feel like people are just still spending money, which is like a surprising to me. whether still spending or already spent many were out and about enjoying the final weekend before christmas in advance of the gift of rain. all of the bay area will soon receive. i'm enjoying the fresh air. it's beautiful out, i actually expected to be much more busy. greg legans ktvu fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. the more you put people into, you know, crowded spaces, the more volatile they become. now at
4:59 pm
five, a volunteer helping to clean up a south bay homeless encampments suddenly attacked by a man wielding a machete. now homeless advocates are blaming the federal government. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank somerville. one man is in custody and a second is recovering from injuries after an un house san jose resident attacked a volunteer who was doing trash removal. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary joins us now live from police headquarters with the details on what happened, jessie. and just minutes ago, san jose police released the identity of that suspect, 43 year old charles hightower. he is charged with making criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon for flashing his victim with a machete. right now, it seems to be a completely unprovoked attack monday morning, multiple san jose police officers investigating a crime at a homeless encampment just south of san jose's airport. around 9
5:00 pm
30. detectives say a homeless man with a machete attack the volunteer working for goodwill industries. we don't know why it seemed like it was an unprovoked attack. of the victim received some moderate injuries to his hand. the victim was treated at the scene and then taken to valley medical center for more care of his injury. the suspect is in custody and is being held at the main santa clara county jail. representatives of goodwill industries of silicon valley say they're working with the victim in this case and that there was no security with the volunteers as they removed trash and debris from the encampment for a few 100 on housed people. the more you put people into, you know, crowded faces, the more volatile than become, we all know there's a big mental health crisis on the streets. advocate scott wagers, says the city's closure at the behest of the federal government of part of this encampment is part of the problem. worsening winter conditions is another piece. many on house residents have cheap weapons, such as machetes


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