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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 22, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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and this trend will continue for the next several days. ktvu meteorologist roberto gonzalez takes a closer look at your forecast and tells us what to expect in the sierra. plus just being vaccinated. fully vaccinated is not enough with this new variant. omicron cases continue to serve here in california and nationwide, the steps the governor is taking to help prevent the spread than a huge demand for covid testing just ahead of the holidays. how the issues led to at home tests being sold out in stores and test sites are booked for days. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach. we have been getting some rain across the bay area today light at times heavy at times by the end of the week we could have a few inches, depending where you live and up in the sierra. some areas could see up to 10 ft of snow by christmas weekend. let's
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give me a live look outside. here in the bay area and want to show you the approach may be to the unit is richmond san rafael bridge. look, the rain definitely welcome news here, especially because of the drought that we've been in here for the last couple of years. let's check in with meteorologist roberta gonzalez 24 hours ago, you said we're going to get hit, and here we go. it's going to be a busy week. and the good news about all of this is as you said, we do need the rain, but also the bulk of the activity has been occurring during the overnight hours. so many people driving that early morning commute has not been adversely affected, and that's going to be the scenario again later on tonight. this is a look at radar and what we're looking at our storm fall totals in just the past 24 hours. mount diablo, the big winner with just about an inch and a quarter of rainfall. ken failed. i always allude to them as the wyatt lay of the north bay over an inch as well. so far with the healthy nearly inch of precipitation mountain view coming in with just over three quarters of an inch, same story. redwood city,
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san francisco. that's a nice total over 7/10 of an inch of rain. under a half inch of livermore and throughout the tri valley and san jose. under 2/10 of an inch of rain. there is more on approach. this is just the frontal boundary that swept through the area beginning with yesterday now digging and its southerly direction, but the core the center, the main rain is still coming later on tonight through your thursday right now, just a high shield of clouds we do have at sfo right now. clouds roughly about 2 29 100 ft in the north bay, a few sprinkles around the st helena area. otherwise it's a very light mist or sprinkled just enough to put your windshields on intermittent. that's about it. no heavy downpours at this particular time taking a look over at sfo. mostly cloudy skies a bit of fog, a few raindrops on the camera lens. that's about it. no reports of airport delays at sfo or oakland or mineta. international airports. san francisco not checking in at this hour, but definitely right around 50 degrees. it is a much
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more mild afternoon. than what we experience is 24 hours ago due to the cloud cover, but there's still a lot more colder air upstream now what i want you to watch is tonight. this is the overnight hours. this right here is the book of the heavy rain a threat of a thunderstorm in the overnight hours as well, then more copious amounts of precipitation in your forecast for thursday. by the time we tell you a lot of this up by later on tomorrow night, we're going to start to see over an inch and nearly an inch and a half of rain in san francisco across the bay and oakland over an introvert as well. i'll tell you what going to do. we're going to regroup. we're going to talk about the sierra forecast and when we can anticipate snow in our own local mountains that's coming up later as the news continues, roberta thank you. new at noon. healthcare workers here in california will soon be required to get a covid booster shot. governor newsom was in oakland this morning at the native american health center. he announced the mandate there amid the growing threat of the macron variant. his action will require boosters for
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workers in health care and high risk congregate settings. the governor says it will help protect the workers and patients as well. we recognize now that just being vaccinated fully vaccinated is not enough with this new variant, and we believe it's important to extend this requirement. to getting that third dose to getting boosted. and so we are formalizing that february, 1st is the deadline to get that done. governor newsom also took a self test this morning and announced the state is expanding testing for children by providing free rapid test for every k through 12 public school student, he says covid testing site hours are also being expanded at state operated centers that have reached capacity. many families still plan together for the holiday, and they're deciding to get tested ahead of time. ktvu is amanda quintana spent the morning at a test sided pleasant hill and takes a look at the demand the holiday is creating. you just want to be able to
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participate in christmas and be around the families that wish to feel safer around relatives at christmas dinner is what pushed him conroy and his family to get tested. we're fully vaccinated, so we feel pretty comfortable. but i have a brand new niece at home and she's on vaccinated, so we're going to do what we can to be safe. he says he was lucky that his wife made the appointments because all their families are trying to do the same thing. it's become difficult to find an opening, this man was turned away. i was just in new york last week's and just wanted to be safe for christmas and holidays. it's not just at testing sites at home. rapid tests are hard to come by two shelves were empty at walgreens and cvs in berkeley, and some stores are limiting how many you can buy even online at amazon or walmart because of such high demand it's been kind of overwhelming because it's just always so packed here. um you know, people are getting
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frustrated because we don't have any extra appointments. and so we have to send them away. so it's pretty sad. the testing company here tells me they usually average about 150 tests a day. but this week they've been doing 250 to 300 tests today. i think we're going to be like that all this week and all next week, doctors say if you can't get a test before the holidays, don't panic if you've been fully vaccinated. and certainly if you've been boosted , you have like a close to zero chance of getting seriously ill doctor peter chin, hong says. if you can't get tested, it's best to gather with a small group where you know everyone is vaccinated. and if you want to rapid tests don't be discouraged . try other cities, community centers and public health clinics with the surgeon cases, the biden administration is promising 500 million at home tests will be mailed out and more resource is next month. testing sites are going to be ramped up slowly, uh, staffing is going to be ramped up, so
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hopefully those lines will get shorter. amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. it's another busy day at airports all across the country. here's a live look at a very wet san francisco international airport. if you have a flight today, you are being encouraged to arrive. early airports across the country have been reporting long lines today as travel ramps up just three days here before christmas as david lee miller reports despite concerns surrounding the omicron variant people still packing up to go see their loved ones this season. the holiday travel rush is in full swing unstoppable despite an increase of covid cases across the country. highways railways and runways clog is more than 109 million americans are expected to travel this christmas. plane passengers experiencing long lines stretching through check ins and tsh checkpoints, with roughly two million travelers going through security screenings every day numbers still shy of 2019 levels. this year, we've actually seen our travel demand actually spread across many days with flexible work schedules work from home. customers are
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actually leaving a little bit in advance and likely coming back a little bit after the holiday, and if you're getting behind the wheel, expect traffic most americans will head to their holiday destination by car driving traffic up 34% over last year. everybody wants to travel covid concerns on travelers minds as they make their way to see family and friends even as coronavirus cases skyrocket. fueled by the fast spreading macron variant, some health experts suggesting steps to try to mitigate the spread, including getting boosted taking pre travel covid test, especially if you'll be spending the holidays with high risk family members. and staying home if you aren't feeling well, even if you've been vaccinated or recently boosted and don't assume that it it can't be covid it very well could be covid. and the best thing to do would be to stay home until you're feeling better. experts also recommend checking local mandates and requirements for your destination. before heading out of town. in new york. david lee miller, ktvu fox two news. and back here in the bay area tomorrow, expected to be the busiest day on the roads this
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holiday season. the transportation analytics company inrix reports that 80 eased from emeryville to san pablo road. we'll see the heaviest traffic in the east bay with the worst congestion. taking place between 5 37 30 at night and over the christmas holiday, the california highway patrol will be holding another maximum enforcement period to make sure drivers are staying safe. that runs from friday night all the way through sunday evening. the fda has given emergency use authorization to the first pill to treat covid-19. the viral drug is made by pfizer. doctors will be able to prescribe it to patients who can take it at home have taken within the first 3 to 5 days after experiencing symptoms. the pill is about 90% effective in keeping people out of the hospital. the drug is also expected to be effective against macron. the pill is expected to be available at pharmacies in the next few days. the cal state university system announced today. it's requiring all students and staff to get covid booster shots for the spring semester. students and staff at all. 23 campuses will have until february 28 or six
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months after the person got their first dose to get their booster students and staff can get an exemption for medical or religious reasons. the announcement follows the university of california system yesterday, placing a similar mandate for students and staff across its campuses after winter break. today, the biden administration extended a student loan moratorium that has allowed millions of americans to put off debt payments during the pandemic. under the action payments on federal student loans will remain pause through may. 1st interest rates will remain at 0% during that time period, and debt collection efforts will be suspended. these measures have been in place since early on in the pandemic, but were set to expire january 31st still becoming new new indoor vaccine mandate in the city of oakland. we take a look at the requirement and when it's set to take effect, plus the housing market continues to be red hot nationwide up next the city just a short drive from the bay area that was one of the top search locations on zillow this year. return to the courthouse in
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santa's a for day three of deliberations, prosecutors along with homes and her attorneys briefly entered court toward the end of the day yesterday after the jury sent a note to the judge. the jury wanted to know if it could take the lengthy jury instructions home with them. the judge denied the
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request. san francisco mayor london breed is urging families together safely over the holidays due to the rising covid cases and the macron variant. we want people to be careful. we're still going to do fireworks. there will be certain restaurants that if they decide to remain open remain open. we want to make sure that people are fully vaccinated that if you qualify for the booster shot, you get the booster shot that you're safe with your families that you do testing. i hope you were with us in the eight o'clock hour of mornings onto we spoke with the mayor live, she said. well, covid cases are up the city's only seeing a slight increase in hospitalizations. we also talked about her plans for increased police presence in the city and efforts to end open air drug use and homelessness in the tenderloin, which have been met with some criticism. my goal is to make sure that people are not comfortable with breaking the law committing acts of violence with the stabbings and the shootings and the open air drug sales. that is what we're focused on and my hope. is that
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we will take care of this particular neighborhood, which has a lot of children and a lot of seniors. mayor breed went on to say that more people died in the city last year due to overdoses, then covid, she said her latest efforts to provide more treatment alternatives will also give police a place to bring people in need of medical attention. south lake tahoe was the most popular city in the united states for people browsing real estate on zillow this year. it. also ranked as the most popular vacation town beach down in small town in the nation. data analysis from zillow found homes for sale in south lake tahoe, where the most viewed in the country on its website this year, with more than 5400 views per listing. realtors say buyers are apparently trying to get out of major cities as they continued to work remotely lot of people thinking about maybe running up for the weekend. it's going to be a slow crawl due to the weather, roberta yes, if they're not already there, then it's going to be very slow going from here on out, you just have to monitor the weather situation. our late not even day by day,
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but hourly as his vigorous system is now traversing towards the greater lake tahoe area. good afternoon, everybody. this is it. it's our storm tracker, and you can clearly see the band of rain showers have lifted to the northeast out of the bay area, even exiting mendocino county, where boonville picked up just over 7/10 of an inch of rain. in the past 24 hours, you can see a book of the activities still offshore, the central coast. we're just left with a lot of cloud cover, and under that cloud cover. we're seeing some missed in light drizzle, but that's not going to be the case later on tonight. now again , storm tracker indicating by our radar sweeps here, mostly cloudy skies a couple of cells in the form of some very light rain showers to the north angwin having more rainfall after picking up over three quarters of an inch of rain. in the past 24 hours. we head to the peninsula right here. cloud cover sealing 2900 ft at sfo, and then we have another decade. 4500 ft. usually when you're at 600 ft is when you see the
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delays because only two runways there you see a little drizzle on the camera lens, but no reports of delays at sfo, oakland or mineta international airports. temperatures are much more on the mild side this afternoon, then 24 hours ago. we're in the forties and the fifties, anywhere from oakland back into emeryville, alameda and all the way back into sandler andro sadly, andrew and san lorenzo fifties comment around the peninsula, it is now in the high fifties. and shana's say that's almost feeling balmy , but it's so damp outside is a little bit of a cold children, the bones we will continue to see the cool to mild conditions and chance of overnight thunderstorm. because remember, we've been talking about the front blowing through the area on again off again. rain sharks and that right there slicing through and the overnight hours you're going to see some heavy rainfall in the overnight hours with that threat of a thunderstorm due to the unstable bility of the atmosphere and then heavier rain. file for your thursday as at core the center
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of the area. low pressure pushes through. so between now still and sunday. we're talking about rainfall amounts an inch and a half to three inches across the bay. higher amounts in the mountain areas. 46 inches. speaking of the mountains, it's the air forecast calls for 4 to 8 ft of snow, so we do have a winter storm warning that goes to the effect. for the tahoe area, for am now on friday to sunday for pm work spectating snow to begin down to lake level this afternoon above 7000 ft when you can step to 10 ft of snow, so these numbers are much more milder with that deck of clouds above into the fifties, outside number 61 degrees in redwood city overnight, not as cold either out of that. thirties we're talking about high forties and fifties. these are overnight low temperatures again. let me walk you through this a chance of thunderstorms and breezy conditions later tonight. overnight rain the heaviest in the morning hours friday, christmas eve, a little bit of a break with the random
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scattered very light shower looks like more rain on christmas day into your sunday monday and tuesday. we're talking about a full week of rain. very busy. alright roberta . thank you still to come in noon. new artist way in san francisco is telling unique stories. they're human with a story that is often very different than what you might think. most everybody up here has dreams and they haven't given up. our doctor is now using photography to shine a light on the city's homelessness crisis.
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reinstated. always hear group says maria chappelle was disciplined for trying to stop shoplifters. organizers say. after 20 years on the job, she was suspended and will likely be fired. say if we have not commented on the situation, most stores don't allow their employees to stop shoplifters and amazon delivery driver helped save a young woman from an aggressive dog in her neighborhood. okay. lauren rae was outside with her own dog. this is in las vegas, and that's when she says a stray pit bull when, after her dog, the video shows amazon driver stephanie launch running over to help use her body to block the dog. now the family was able to track down launch to thank her for
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stepping in to help. it's actually your packages coming to delivery right now. thank you. thank you so much. thank you so much. thank you. i appreciate it so glad i was here. the screens made me think of my own child. um i would only hope that somebody would jump in and help her. if she was in a similar situation, i wouldn't even think it's motherly. just it's the human thing to do. the woman's family and fellow amazon workers also surprised the driver was some gifts as a thank you, a physician in san francisco took action after seeing homeless people in his neighborhood day after day. as ktvu severly reports he got to know was on housing neighbors and took their photos. his project is now on public display. you're looking at the combination of two years' worth of work, interviewing and photographing my homeless neighbors. dr eduardo pena. dolan is a family physician in san francisco. on as many walks to and from work he'd see and
12:24 pm
talk to homeless individuals. there are human with a story that is often very different than what you might think. most everybody up here. has dreams, and they haven't given up. the first homeless person he photographed was reginal, a u. s. air force veteran such a kind individual, very eloquent. um not on drugs. ah not a criminal . just a good person. now one of 31 portraits displayed on two sides of a san francisco unified school district building on franklin street fell men and women from all walks of life from across the country and beyond third from the left. he was one semester away from getting his law degree. his name is yoda. the exhibit is in partnership with jazz. dolan tells me as a doctor. he's treated many homeless patients and that this project is an extension of that work, and i think medicine begins with getting the right story. and
12:25 pm
that means listening their stories in their own words captured on cellphone by dolan. what's the hardest thing about being a homeless man? my grandmother. she's all right. unfortunately, guy mixed up with the wrong people. i never thought i would be homeless. i've always had a job they want to be seen and heard. a collection of these interviews has evolved into a 15 minute documentary to be premiered at sf jazz on january 21st. i made a promise to them and i wanted to keep my promise. if their photographs and the stories and bring it to the world. this photo exhibit will be up through january. 22nd dolan hopes to take it across the country after that, fulfilling his promise to the homeless people he interviewed to tell their story. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. the national hockey league will not allow its players to play in the upcoming winter olympics. just this
12:26 pm
morning, the nhl made an official announcement about the game. the league has postponed. at least 50 regular season games just this week because of covid outbreaks in the season has been paused through christmas. now the league says this current disruption in the schedule makes it nearly impossible to let players leave their teams for two weeks to compete during the olympics. the nhl hopes to resume its play on monday, taking steps to prevent the spread of covid what more bay area cities will soon be requiring for people who work and attend in certain indoor settings. plus a formal safety investigation underway surrounding hundreds of thousands of tesla vehicles. the answer is, federal officials are hoping to find surrounding an entertainment feature that allows people in the car to play video games while the car is
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outside. mike mibach is this the golden gate bridge? the golden gate bridge. very yes. 7 46 top to bottom. there. people living and working in the sierra, also bracing for several feet of snow to fall through. early next week , we caught up with one woman whose family's been in this region for 150 years, she says she knows all about preparing and living through a big winter storm. i should have the top of the driveway more room so you can put two cars. what i do,
12:30 pm
though, is always park real close to the road. or i'll park all the way back. don't want to get snowed in caltrans brought in more heavy equipment to its maintenance yard at echo summit to prepare for all the snow, caltrans crews clearing roads and highways around the clock, and the message today refer to gonzalez. i assume it's if you're not there yet. don't think about going now you're going to have to really monitor the weather situation heading into the mountains. hourly not even daily, but hourly in the same thing with a great body. if you're heading to southern california, i think the diocese travel will be saturday and monday for southern california right now, this is our storm tracker and what we're looking at as the precipitation really exiting the bay area, leading in its missed just a lot of instability, a lot of sprinkles and drizzle and areas of fog. we're zooming in and towards the bay area and we have mostly cloudy skies. the winds have been under 10 mph for the most part of sprinkles right now over in the north bay, primarily run angwin where now we've seen up
12:31 pm
to a full inch of rain in the last 24 hours. st alina with a few sprinkles as well, and that's just going to be the scenario throughout the day sfo . no reports of local airport delays there even though the ceiling is about 2400 ft once it drops out of 600 ft that becomes problematic. few light rain drops on the camera lens looking out at sfo and no airport delays at oakland international or mineta international airport as well right now temperatures into the forties and fifties living more sporting 50 degrees. that's been one of the most mild afternoon temperatures all week . yesterday's high was only 48 degrees. so we have the cloud cover. we have the hit and miss scattered showers all day with the passage of that frontal band that is now sagging over the central coast. but look at that that's very impressive with this is a line. of very heavy rain showers, even the potential of a thunderstorm and that's going to happen in the overnight hours. so that's some good news there.
12:32 pm
it won't be going on during the morning commute, but it certainly will leave in its wake . a lot of ponding, perhaps some downed power lines and also the potential down trees as the winds do increase up to 20 with gusts up to 35 mph a lot of instability in the atmosphere on thursday with potentially heavy downpours at times and then we are going to continue to see on again off again. periodic showers all the way through the weekend, and by the time we tally it up to three inches of rain right here around the central bay and more copious amounts in the mountainous areas, forties and fifties. that's what we will realize today when our average highs are right around 60 61 degrees and very mild evening, albeit on the very wet side tonight, we're going to talk more about this forecast in the sierra outlet that's coming up still later on in this broadcast, alright. see you soon, roberta. thank you. state health officials predict new covid cases will continue to increase through christmas and the new year, but the number of hospitalizations and deaths are not expected despite because so many californians are vaccinated
12:33 pm
in recent weeks, the number of new infections has been rising in galle, if oranje, but the number of hospitalizations jumped 9% in the past two weeks. how much smaller percent compared to the summertime peak. and compared to this time last year, governor newsom says the state's positivity rate is the lowest in the nation. as of today, we have the lowest positivity rate in america 3.3% as of today, you look at the seven day case rate we have the sixth lowest seven day case rate in america. we continue to lead the nation in terms of administer doses of vaccine right now, more than 70% of californians are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. early data from south africa show people contracting covid during this current macron wave, or 80, less likely to be hospitalized. this 80% drop in hospitalizations is comparing the omicron strain to all previous strains when it specifically compared to the delta wave. oh macron has a 70% lower risk of severe disease. the omicron varying his fueled
12:34 pm
record case numbers in south africa. the number of daily cases has already peaked and is coming down. just 44% of south africa's population is fully vaccinated. many families are looking forward to spending christmas together this year. they're also looking for at home test to make sure that spending time with those they love is safe for everyone. ktvu jana katsuyama reports. there are some concerns about self testing, including the availability of test kits. it looks like a food truck but stepping up to this window in downtown berkeley, got you a swab for your nose and a free covid pcr test? yeah they just give you the little swamp and then you just do it yourself and then you can't attend. how was it? it was fine. i mean, it doesn't really hurt. i just wanted to get tested in advance of the holidays and getting together with family with the holidays and the macron fueled surge in covid cases converging president biden's plan to send out 500 million at home covid tests to americans nationwide. got nods of approval. i think that we should be prioritizing
12:35 pm
testing and not just relying on vaccines. that's the only strategy. i think it's great use of taxpayer dollars because you can't really get them at the store. we tried yesterday. they're sold out down the street . the walgreens pharmacy was sold out of at home. covid tests the shelves empty and assigned at the pharmacy window, saying they were out of stock. shoppers face the same shortage at the cbs pharmacy nearby, where the shelf was bare demand has been high as people prepare for trips or gathering. my wife just bought like a ton of those, like two or three weeks ago. so we've got the most october i feel like that would be really useful and helpful, because it would be always nice to just the state of mind of being sure that you're not going to endanger anybody else. the at home. rapid antigen tests detect small antigens or proteins from the coronavirus in your nose and take about 15 minutes to get results. but dr michael stacey of lifelong medical care says timing is important. you know the timing of that test matters. so if you were exposed today and you get a
12:36 pm
negative test today, that's not likely to be meaningful. it's going to be more accurate. if you test you know, maybe 3 to 5 . days after that exposure, some studies found antigen tests can catch about 89% of covid infections, but they are less sensitive than the pcr lab tests and only one tool of many to help fight the pandemic. testing not perfect. they're not the only answer to use all of the tools at our disposal testing vaccination. wearing masks. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. the oakland city council unanimously passed an emergency ordinance requiring proof of vaccination. as ktvu brooks jarocz reports. this will affect almost all indoor settings. as bay area cases of covid continued to rise. oakland city council grappled for hours with an effective action plan to prevent a serious surge just voted and approved an emergency ordinance requiring proof of vaccination in almost all indoor
12:37 pm
public settings. the purpose of this ordinance is to encourage more people to get vaccinated. to increase our vaccination rate in oakland and to reduce the risk to some extent of covid spread by reducing the number of unbanked unvaccinated people in certain indoor locations. proof of vaccines will be mandatory in nearly every place. the public goes restaurants to theaters, museums to gyms and senior centers. public libraries and dentists. offices were also originally part of the ordinance but were cut and are now exempt . all of this was met with some community opposition. this proposed ordinance will bring about a new kind of segregation. you are basically excommunicating people from society in our home. we are a pro choice. we are against discrimination of all kinds, but doctors saying doing nothing could put the city hospitals and healthcare workers in a bad spot . other cities across the country are already seeing cases
12:38 pm
skyrocketing. i think this is one of those times that we have to be thinking about our communities. vulnerable people in our communities and really making a choice that helps all of us stay safe, medical experts say, requiring proof of vaccination in nearly all public settings. it's definitely a good thing because doctors say it can improve comfort levels, boost the number of vaccinated people and reduce fears. this is a proactive step. that can really try to keep all life as normal as possible by keeping these businesses as open and keeping these workers as healthy as possible. children, 12 and older must show their proof of vaccination card or a picture of one adults will also be required to show an i d. the oakland emergency ordinance officially goes into effect. february 1st in the newsroom. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news, san jose mayor sam liccardo wants to require all city employees to
12:39 pm
get the booster shot and anyone going into a city on officer building would also need to show proof. of having that booster. the mayor says san jose already has a 95% vaccination rate among city employees that is the highest in the country. but he says the omicron variant is spreading fast, and he wants to keep all the city workers healthy. and one of the best ways to do that, he says, is the booster shot. it is urgent for us that we keep our workforce safe because it's obviously important for their health, and it's important for their ability to provide services for community. the mayor's proposal will be debated by the city council on january 11th. or it could be fast tracked, possibly by the city manager, the asap center, the convention center and the center for performing arts are just a few of the city owned buildings where a booster shot would be needed to enter. detectives are working to figure out if genetic dna testing could help them solve a decades long mystery. of who killed jonbenet ramsey this weekend will mark 25 years since the death of the boulder, colorado, six year old
12:40 pm
in 1996 police found jonbenet ramsey bludgeoned and strangled in the basement of her family's home. several hours after her mother reported her missing. no one has ever been arrested. boulder police are now working with new dna technology. they say they're reviewing genetic dna testing processes to see if they can be applied to this case. car safety investigators are checking whether an entertainment feature in tesla vehicles may be dangerous. the national highway traffic safety administration is opening a formal investigation of 580,000 tesla vehicles sold in the past five years. the feature is known as passenger play. it allows occupants to play video games inside the car regulators want to know whether the touch screens near the dashboard, distract the driver and increase the chance of a crash. no response yet from tesla still to come here at noon two years ago, she was shot and left paralyzed while leaving a high school football game in the bay area, and even with so many challenges she still has a very positive outlook on life. i promised
12:41 pm
myself a long time ago that i would not i would try to live my life. happy and that so sad and angry because that's just gonna get nowhere. the new struggle, though her family is facing and how the community is now rallying behind her to help. wase
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
left the high school football game in richmond. she survived
12:44 pm
but was paralyzed from the waist down. ashley has faced the last two years with optimism and determination, but just recently, her family faced another health crisis. ktvu claudine wang, with the latest challenge and the new community effort to help keep the parkers in a home that has been built to meet ashley's needs. home for ashley parker is a place surrounded by flowers and filled with love. it is a home that has literally been built for her and once she says, holds her future . i think that some people like this is to most people who are in wheelchairs who are paralyzed . they think that walking is the end goal, and i've learned to see that like that is not the angle of the angles to be healthy. and um, to live life, just healthy optimism and strength to things we have seen from ashley since we met her almost two years ago. just weeks after she had been hit by a stray bullet at a high school
12:45 pm
football game. the bullet almost took her life. i wasn't able to talk for a week. i would like bang my arm that's the only or like, squeeze the hands because that's the only communication i had. were you confused. i was so confused and i was frustrated because no one would tell me what happened to me. she recovered, but she is paralyzed from the waist down. and yet even then, she found light in the dark. looks like a big difference. i'm like well, it's different, you know, but i'm fine with it because there's still a lot of stuff i can do since our first interview with ashley, we've checked in from time to time on ashley and her family back. as she returned to school and on the one year anniversary of the shooting. two years later, ashley tells us the memories are still fresh. no i'm literally feels like yesterday. like i look back and like, sometimes i think like you know,
12:46 pm
you always want to like focus on what you can't do the fact that she has stayed optimistic even more remarkable in the face of what the last year has brought their family. ashley's mother teresa has been there through it all. her faith getting her through the shooting. she quit her job to care for ashley, and then this year she suffered her own health crisis. what doctors told her was an a v m, a brain condition that can lead to headaches and seizures. the condition, she says, lead to weight loss and depression as she tried to come to terms with the fact that she was a caregiver who needed care herself. she doesn't know how long she had the condition, but she says she is grateful the problems didn't start earlier. because that's when her daughter needed her the most. i mean, god is good because when the doctor said when ashley was on the emergency that night, i'm screaming at the top of my lungs. i could have a stroke,
12:47 pm
but i'm glad i did it and then good prepared me for another year and health. that actually will be able to help herself before it happened to me. and so now comes the latest challenge. the family rents the home that has been built for ashley, the owner of the house has been supportive. but he's elderly and now needs to get his affairs in order. so uh, the owner has been a client of ours for a number of years. very phegley phegley realty, says the owners hope is that ashley and her family stay in this home. it's a situation more complicated because ashley's mom can't work anymore . so the owner slash the price of the home to try to find a way oh, yeah, it's probably as much as a 30% discount. really its substantive it is. yeah so everything seemed right about it. jerry phegley in realtor cindy wilson say they are volunteering their time working with the banks and have started
12:48 pm
a go fund me to raise money for the down payment. they're just good. ah what i call salt of the earth people that deserve an opportunity to, uh own their own home. and i know they'll they'll make us all proud. if in fact that we can make this happen. um the other thing is, of course, ashleigh is such an inspiration to me personally because of her her will to continuing and go and grow. it is the hope that they can continue to stay here in this place that has grown with them. doorways have been widened for ashley's wheelchair ramps built and a pool added for therapy. it has been a place of shelter, they say, do their darkest times it for them. is home. it's been hard for our whole family. um just to let go through one thing after the other very, very difficult. um yeah, i just difficult but like
12:49 pm
we know at the end of the day that this is what god's plan for us and i promised myself a long time ago that i would not i would try to live my life happy and not so sad and angry because that's just going to get you nowhere. claudine wong ktvu fox two news. all right, turning now to bay area whether we've had some rain here in the bay area up in the sierras, we give you life. look at a lake tahoe has actually been kind of raining up there. but it is about to dump not only later tonight but also tomorrow, the next day the next day. i don't know, roberta. i don't know about you, but i'd like to hunker down for like 10 days up there and just enjoy the snow that they're about to get that sounds romantic, right? why not? doesn't it sound cozy? yes. now. what do you think? azia absolutely. mr and mrs mike mibach up there in a cabin? sure you know you're right. though, mike, it is starting off at brain. it's just to warm still, but by later on tonight, the numbers will tally up right now in the greater lake tahoe area we've seen about an inch of
12:50 pm
precipitation that's about it, and that is in the form of snow and tahoe city and also in kirkwood and the cells show, however, watch these numbers climb as the days tick by by monday easily at 6200 ft on the greater league top. oh ho, south shore. we will have over five ft of fresh powder there and then we still have more storms on monday and on tuesday, but because of these totals, the national weather service has issued a winter storm advisor in effect for today, until tomorrow morning. bright at four am we have a winter storm warning that goes into effect, as well as an avalanche warning. because the snow is going to dump we are anticipating again over five inches of snow at lake level above 7000 ft. we could easily accumulate anywhere between eight and 10 ft. of snow, so the frontal boundary that began here yesterday is now traversing down into a southerly direction in its wake. we have a lot of instability. that's why we have the cloudy skies, some drizzle and occasionally some very light
12:51 pm
precipitation. for the most part. all this has lifted out of the northeast. from the bay area to the north mendocino county and then due east. we do have some light rain showers right now around monterey and carmel valley. and if you're heading south along highway one oh one sfo. mostly cloudy skies are selling 2900 ft. so therefore, even though we have a few rain drugs, we have no airport delays at this hour temperature in san francisco is 47 degrees. 51 oakland 59 degrees that's balmy and santos a rainfall totals over the past 24 hours have accumulated up to about an inch and a quarter at mount diablo san jose, just shy of 2/10 of an inch of rain. these are some nice totals for just 24 hours. the weather headlines that you need to know is we will see a spotty shower today. the south winds 10 to 20 overnight tonight the bulk of the precipitation, the winds increase and with this instability with the passage of that front and that cord, the center of the air, low pressure digging in, that's it right there. heavy rainfall overnight
12:52 pm
34 o'clock in the morning before the morning commute, but this will leave some ponding on the roadways certainly, and also the potential of downed power lines and also down tree or two accumulation between now and sunday. today right after christmas, up to three inches of rain pretty much throughout the bay area. today one of the most mild days until the shot of cold air works its way in with the passage of this cold front, we're talking fifties to right around 61 degrees for one of the warmest buds near belmont and redwood city overnight, mild forties and fifties, but we do have that potential of a thunderstorm. here's your extended forecast if we see any kind of local snow it's going to be when the temperatures finally dipped overnight lows back into the thirties, we could see a dustin isno in the mount diablo area, and certainly mount hamilton's not a white christmas locally, but certainly a white christmas in tahoe. roberta thank you still to come at noon holiday wish come true for a young boy in sacramento how long force mint teamed up to bring force mint teamed up to bring him
12:53 pm
want more from your vitamins? at nature's bounty, we give you more. more immune support. with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep. with the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. we put more of our brains into helping your heart. we give you more wellness solutions backed by rigorous science than we ever have before. nature's bounty gives you more, so you can live bountifully.
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nature's bounty gives you more, that a short time ago. two arrests have been made in the killing of kevin machida. machida was a long time police officer who was working as a security guard when he was shot during the attempted robbery of the news crew he was protecting in downtown oakland, november 24th. machida died just a few days later. police are still looking for third suspect with just days remaining until christmas. president biden wants people to exercise caution with covid-19 madeline rivera reports from washington. on how the white house is trying to encourage people to stay safe. as holiday travel picks up people are once again facing the possibility of delays, except this time. it's because of covid testing a couple of hours, but the queue so long, which is hoping that it is negative. if it's not, we don't know what we're going to do. so it doesn't
12:57 pm
doesn't make his anxious. the country is struggling with a shortage of covid tests as case has driven by the omicron variant surge. the white house is continuing to promote the president's strategy, which includes deploying troops to hospitals, setting up more vaccination sites and distributing 500 million at home. covid tests for free by the by the administration admits there is room for improvement. we're not where we're not. we need to be, and that's why he made the significant announcement so we can build rapidly to get hopefully to where we need to be. still the cdc says it was preparing for the potential of the virus to quickly spread. this is exactly what we anticipated, and it is why the president has been moving forward. however some are criticizing the president for not taking action earlier, unfortunately, that as we enter the third year of this pandemic our nation still hasn't developed the private public partnerships required to give our nation the testing that we need and with christmas just three days away, president biden said. americans can still go ahead with their holiday plans
12:58 pm
if they've been vaccinated. particularly if they've gotten their booster shot in washington mall. vera vera ktvu, fox two news the increase in the number of omicron cases affecting bay area restaurants nail bar in oakland posted on social media that it's starting a winter break earlier than originally scheduled because of covid exposure. the golden gate restaurant association is urging restaurant workers to get those booster shots. restaurant owners say there are two ways to public can help keep their favorite restaurants open. first get vaccinated and boost it. and if it's been more than six months since your second dose, a 10 year old sacramento boys wish came true just in time for the christmas holiday about this. okay yeah, that's devin wade. he recently received the gift. he's always wanted enforcement along with the make a wish foundation worked together to give him this state of the art custom made. police scooter, all decked out with real flashing lights and a siren. i couldn't have asked for
12:59 pm
anything more like it was incredible. he had he was so happy. i've never seen him as happy. he's just absolutely in love with it. he looks amazing. i don't i don't know how to explain it. like i said, i'm overwhelmed with emotions right now, but i mean, amazing people . we've seen a lot, but it's really neat to see smiles on faces like devin's today when his wish comes true. make a wish says this is one of the most unique wishes they've ever granted. well, if you're trying to get something shipped out in time for christmas, your time is running out. ups and fedex say today is the last day to ship using two day shipping. and have your item arrive in time for christmas. amazon's two day shipping deadline is tomorrow. walmart and target are among stores that offer same day shipping on christmas eve, but people can expect to pay a premium. the postal service says it expects to process 2.3 billion pieces of mail just this week. credible 2.3 okay, i'll signed sealed and delivered, but make sure you if you can't tip your absolutely care. they worked so hard. absolutely thank
1:00 pm
you so much for joining us. hunker down because the rate is here. you can always find news that the ktvu app and of course, ktvu .com and meet you back here for our next newscast. that's for our next newscast. that's >> next "oz," who doesn't love a big juicy steak, but -- dr. oz: is it ok to eat red meat again? >> we're coming to steak's defense and giving our tips for buying the best cuts without dropping a lot of cash. dr. oz: i don't think you can beat this. >> then the dish at home. >> skillet suppers that are so easy and oh, so delicious. dr. oz: is there no limit to what your skillet can do? ♪ dr. oz: is it ok to eat red meat again? you've heard the arguments against it but some experts say red meat should be part of our diet


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