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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 24, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control while on dovato. do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ . i'm jana katsuyama and i'm greg liggins, andre and christina have the night off. we begin this hour with breaking news out of san francisco. just this past hour. san francisco police issued an alert about a shooting that has turned into a homicide. police say it happened in the 1900 block of sunnyvale avenue. the victim is an adult
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male. there is no word yet on a suspect. investigators say they want anyone with information to contact san francisco police and they say you can leave an anonymous tip. switching gears. people across the bay area rushing tonight finalize plans for christmas and procrastinators are running into some barriers on roads at airports and in stores. we begin tonight's team coverage of the holiday rush with ktvu zach sauce his live in oakland, zack. yes certainly plenty of holiday procrastinators out there many of them trying to get that shopping done literally under the wire as stores closed for the holiday. we came down here in panic mode and for good reason. troy beecher and his wife, christie, racing down to broadway plaza and walnut creek friday afternoon gift for mom not ticked off the christmas shopping list. yet she's difficult to shop for, but a few hours later with president hand
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now i'm feeling good. we're relaxed the whole process. i thought we were so we thought the shelves would be empty, but they weren't too bad, some of those fears stoked by the nation's ongoing supply chain crisis expected to snarl deliveries to retailers, but analysts largely agree the supply chain problem wasn't as dire for holiday shoppers as expected. still, not everyone finding what they came for most of the things that are to stop all this was our pact. i went to apples. i went to urban outfitters, sephora knots, tom, but this shopper taking it all in stride. i'm like that. i'm a really poor planet person. but if you wait the last moment that's going to happen. joyful cycling santa with elfin toe a constant reminder of the ticking clock. but even santa feeling the pressure a bit this christmas eve. it's a terrible night. bad traffic. you know, bad weather. this is tough. those still confident he'll reach every chimney in time. absolutely never missed something like santa with fairly long lists. others slightly shorter, the national retail
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federation says, with sales growth expected to be between 8.5 to 10.5% this year's holiday shopping will likely outperform the season of 2020 re dealers thankful and all too happy to help these customers and it's the last minute as to why they do what they do. good question. but some, like reza cooper meet never change their ways because i managed to get everything i wanted, so it's all good. so until next year's sprint to the shops. the person. and one data tracking agency estimating that store traffic and retailers has been up nearly 20% from last year, but it's still down nearly 23% for people. endemic levels live in oakland's access. ktvu fox two news. i'm sure so many people thankful for the boost of those small businesses, zack. thank you. fella another type of holiday rush impact at airports across the country tonight, hundreds of flight cancelations left travelers working to come
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up with a plan b to make it to their destinations. ktvu amanda king thomas spoke to travelers dealing with the challenges that san francisco international airport. trying to make my mom happy. patrick schuler in the bay area on business is having trouble trying to get home for the holidays. he's heading back to new jersey. but after having this like canceled, then rebooked he's hopeful he'll be home. just in time for christmas . i haven't gotten to read another rescheduled for my flight yet, so i'm hoping i don't get one. his united airlines flight was one of the more than 40 canceled out of sfo on christmas eve. i think the emails it says due to the covid and you know ekran haven't and i get in a statement, united says , quote all macron cases this week have had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operation. delta says canceled flights are due to a combination of potential bad weather in some areas and the impact of macron. this is holiday travelers are already
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struggling to navigate the busy travel season. we're really stressed right now, and the different covid restrictions in each state like hawaii, which requires full vaccination, but nine year old man vicks family didn't realize that second shot has to be at least two weeks ago . without it, you need a rapid covid tests. but at the airport , it's not as rapid as you'd think that we have to go and get this covid test and it's taking about an hour to it looks like it's an hour to an hour and a half wait to get our results. so it's just a big stress on me and my mom right now because we need to figure out if we can make it flight or not. in my mom and my dad and my brother are already on the flight. they got approved . it's a common point of confusion. this family from boston heading on a big family vacation in the same predicament. it was slow. they're very, very busy. and they told us that the lab was backed up. um, about a two hour
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turnaround for a rapid test. amanda king, tana ktvu, fox two news. well as people settle in for the holidays. we see a lot of movement in the country's push to limit the spread of coronavirus. charles watson shows us what is coming next in terms of trying to battle this pandemic. it couldn't come at a worse time. hundreds of christmas eve flights in the us canceled my heart goes out to the people who are working like they're serving us, so i hope they're okay. this comes a day after the food and drug administration gave emergency use authorization to merck's pill. the new drug joining fighters treatment, which was approved on wednesday. both will help fight against covid-19 infections and hopefully alleviate some of the strain on america's hospitals. but you won't have the pills before christmas. the government ordering hundreds of thousands of doses not available until next month. meanwhile president
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biden and first lady dr jill biden visiting the children's national hospital in washington , d. c the first couple talking to the kids about what they're thankful for gathering around the christmas tree as the first lady run a christmas story. questions. how many of you want to be a doctor visit comes after the white house reverse travel restrictions on eight southern african countries would in place last month when the omicron variant was first discovered in south africa, the administration saying the american variant is so rampant in the u. s international travelers quote will not have a significant impact. on cases here that travel ban being lifted at 12 or one next friday, new year's eve and atlanta charles watson fox news. some public health care workers are pushing back on new guidelines that allow healthcare workers infected with covid 19 to return to work after isolating for seven days instead
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of the original 10 days. now we have a testing shortage, which means once again, you'll have people trying to scramble to get tests that they may not have access to, or taking a test from someone else who might need it, who has symptoms? fox news is charles watson will have more on the new guidelines coming up later in the newscast. well do not expect the mild weather conditions we are experiencing today to last much longer. people who spent the day putting the finishing touches on christmas preparations enjoyed a bit of a dry spell, but that is about to change. roberto gonzalez is here now with more on the next round of rain headed our way. great kid actually did start off to be a beautiful morning, chris claire air quality was perfect. it was pristine. and now we have mostly cloudy skies and the winds are beginning to increase. i wanted to call on this live weather camera one more time looking out towards jack london square because you can see that the flags are on the fly right now
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temperatures into the forties and santa rosa and in livermore , otherwise, 51 degrees apiece in san francisco and in san jose , oakland, sporting 50 degrees with the wind up to 13 mph. it makes it feel a bit on the chilly side bone chilling outside 15 mile per hour winds and fairfield backing through travis. we have 10 mph winds along the coast and back through the tri valley. okay so right now the frontal boundary that affected us adversely. yesterday morning is out of here. but look upstream there that is a new frontal boundary that has a lot of cold air associated with it. so we have a few random, isolated, scattered occasional showers in throughout the north bay, but that's nothing. the rain, the effect it will have on your christmas. we're going to time it together. that's all coming up later on in this broadcast, greg, okay, we look forward to it. thanks, roberta. well, just a reminder for you. you can use our weather app to track storms over the holiday weekend. the app, which includes interactive radar is absolutely free to download. tell new at 10
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, the general manager of a restaurant in san francisco. well he's telling ktvu. tonight the business has been vandalized twice this week, and he says the vandals have been targeting a banner about the restaurants. support for police. ktvu amberleigh is live now in san francisco after speaking with that general manager amber jenna . we're on chestnut street. this family owned restaurant has been here since 2010. now the general manager tells me nothing like this has ever happened before. christmas eve at resto bar and italian restaurant in san francisco's marina district is a good night for business. but the general manager tells me it comes after two incidents of vandalism this week. the tables they are not ready. to being used. matea ballerini tells me that damage includes broken tables and chairs that were out in the park lit a torn awning
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and broken plastic panels that keep out the wind. he says. the first incident took place early monday morning. they're just pushing the death so hard that they break the this. uh you called that for him the inch, and this banner thanking police was on the ground, ballerini says after the first incident, a young woman about 25 years old dressed all in black, with her face covered, walked into the restaurant and made a threat. you better remove the banner because whatever happened last night to you is just the beginning. remove the banner and you're gonna be fine. and i have seen no. and i'm going to mirabella. i'm not scared of anybody. i am trying to do that, because i'm proud of that after that, ballerini says a second incident happened tuesday night . they tried to remove this banner or all the time. i find that on the on the on the street, probably three or four times, the general manager says this is a photo of police officers who attended a free
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holiday party the restaurant hosted for the community sunday night to thank everyone for their support. he suspects the police presence at the party has something to do with the vandalism. it's a family owned business. they're so lovely trying to help people on the holiday season and it's just not ok to threaten them. the fact that anybody was analyze a business that's probably struggling anyway, given the pandemic. it's just totally unacceptable. ballerini has filed a police report and once whoever's responsible to show remorse, i want to apology. i wanna like to see them in person and say well, we didn't like what you did and said, tell me why. the general manager tells me there's no surveillance video because the cameras are disconnected due to renovation work being done, but he refuses to be intimidated. he says he has no plans to take down that banner thanking police jenna amber lee in san francisco tonight, amber. thank you.
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tonight chp officers are searching for a suspect responsible for a shooting on interstate 6 80 in danville. the investigation shut down north bong lanes near crow canaan road last night. all lanes did reopen early this morning. investigators say someone in a vehicle started shooting at a nissan rogue on the freeway and around 10 o'clock last night, the driver of the nissan was hit several times. we're told the victim's injuries are critical. a passenger in the nissan was not injured. the shooter got away. here and like i said, it's just terrible and have congress with you. people on california's central coast face orders to stay out of the water coming up. nearby shark encounter cost one, sir for his life. and drivers headed to the sierra face snow and traffic backups coming up the challenges
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and liver problems. if you have a rash and other symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control while on dovato. do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ . a lot of it has come down and more on the way, and it may seem like it would be ideal to spend the holiday surrounded by a wintry scene like this, but many people heading up to do just that today. wish they never
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started their trip. traffic was backed up along interstate 80 for nearly three hours today because of multiple spinouts. in fact, it was so bad, many people decided to call it quits and head back home. yes others, though it decided that they were going to try and make the most of it having an impromptu tailgate on the side of the road reporter maricela dela cruz is that king veil with more on how drivers were handling the congestion. it's a white christmas eve. frustrating. very frustrating. and hungry, but it's not what all these drivers had in mind and a half hours, so it's getting a little crazy right now will probably turn around because it's already like noon. and we're going to head back to whom? maybe in an hour or two. the christmas getaway to the sierra has now become a two day trip for some families. we tried yesterday while the results closed, so we ah we found our hotel in sacramento,
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and we tried again today. luckily and still not not work out yet. our family left yesterday and they're just making right now. in like 20 minutes. still make it now, but not everyone is upset. it took too long, so we just stopped over here to play in the snow for a little bit. traffic was backed up along interstate 80 for nearly three hours due to multiple spinouts. some families had a chance for an impromptu tailgate on the side of the road. we're making a good time together with kids. i have one of my kids in the car because she told me that she is called now i know it's gonna be busy even if there was no jam or spin out that they had today. it would have been very busy because of the holiday, so we just wanted to get to the first. no 5000 elevation. test some stone go back with 17 hand and enough snow break couple of hours of fun. we've been snowboarding, moving to know birding so far with the kids to read and his family are happy to head back home for christmas and for people still making their way up to the sierra. please be
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patient to be careful while driving out here and make sure that you have the correct size chains. four year tires to avoid or minimize accidents on the highway at kingsville, maricela dela cruz. no just stay cozy at home. don't go. it's going to snow and then snow, some more there and the gritty lake tahoe area right now, let's get to it. it's our live weather camera looking out towards jack london square. it is cloudy it is brisk and it is a bit on the chilly side. temperatures right now. 50 degrees in oakland with the wind up to 30 mph. we have other notable numbers in the forties and fifties as well. 51 degrees in san jose and 46 napa. that's it right there. the yellow and the orange. that's what we have to watch out for. we could possibly see embedded thunderstorms all associated with this frontal boundary that's going to begin to slice through the bay area at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning earlier than that, across the northern
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portion of the bay area that it's sag slowly to the south will still find heavy rain over the morgan hill and gilroy area. as well as the santa cruz mountains all the way until about two pm and then behind it here, a lot of occasional scattered showers on again off again periodically throughout saturday and sunday, so the bottom line is we will see heavy early morning rain and the potential of thunderstorms. and then on sunday periods of rain, cloudy and much cooler. in fact, it's going to get cooler each day monday, all the way through wednesday, right now, with the cloud cover in a scattered shower here, and their temperatures are into the forties. we're going to talk about the extended forecast how much rain you should expect on christmas day. and snow in the local mountains that's still coming up later on in this broadcast. looking forward to it. thanks, roberta. well people in the small town of waverly, tennessee, are working this holiday season to rebuild an entire community, the national
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weather service confirmed this week that flooding that hit the region in august came from rainfall that beat state records . will nunley with fox weather talk to people in the town to see how they're coping with so much loss? it's been four months this week since the unimaginable happened here in waverly, tennessee. there are empty lots where homes once stood there still sheet metal littering the landscape. and even though some progress is being made neighbors say they still have a long road ahead. we're standing in front of 3 29 east main street. this is a 30 year family home in mind. we've had this place since the nineties. um the water came down through here. you've got about five ft. up in the street. i had four generations of my family's things in this house. when my father passed from my grandfather passed. those were things that they didn't take with them like tools. um my great great grandmother's sewing machine. my grandmother's wedding dress. everything we've got been tainted. we can't keep
10:21 pm
it at on the bad side of it. i guess it made everything easier. we just had to throw all of it away. the only thing they're laughter, the things that were too heavy to float off like my grandfather's toolboxes. we need the hands. better going to come and rebuild this community. um. we're still in the fight. we're not out of it yet, but we've got a long ways to go haven't been. i haven't been working for months, but i haven't had a day off. um office survived solely on the charity of friends and community and family. um to continue putting gas in my truck. the trailer that i have here is loaded down with tools. these are the tools that are doing to clean up here in the community. these are the tools that are going from home to home. um, better trying to trying to get back some of what we lost. for most people here in waverly, this christmas won't look and feel like christmases past. in fact, for many of their
10:22 pm
lives have been changed forever. but we look forward to returning and continuing to tell the stories of triumph and growth even after such tragedy. in waverly, tennessee. will nunley fox leather. christmas day celebrations already getting started hours ago and some countries coming up, we'll show you how people are marking the holiday across the globe. and a community of california's central coast suffers from its first fatal well, it is already s
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and many places around the world , including in bethlehem, the bible called birthplace of jesus. thousands of people gathered in bethlehem's manger square to celebrate and just enjoy the beautiful christmas
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light display and the large tree. i think it's more about the significance of personal meaning instead of before christmas for me, was about spending time with family and, um, like being around friends. but this is really close to think about like i'm here because i believe in jesus christ and i get to celebrate that more. and at the vatican, pope francis celebrated midnight mass with a mission to focus on what he is calling the little witness of jesus and to call attention to the work to help the poor. pope francis appeared without a mask throughout the service despite italy hitting another record high for covid cases, attendees were required to wear masks. today in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood glide memorial church held its annual prime rib luncheon sounds pretty good. hundreds of people lined up for the special holiday meal. ktvu s
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evan sernoffsky talked with some of the guests about what the annual tradition means to them. it's an enormous gift. the smell of prime rib fills the air in san francisco's tenderloin guests for this christmas eve special get the holiday helpings choice cuts of meat. along with broccoli, mashed potatoes and then declare for dessert, the generosity and the kindness out here is just almost brought me to tears. remember of taxes overwhelming. it's an annual tradition here at glide memorial church. with the food provided by san francisco's famous house of prime rib. just incredible. be a part of it. joe betz donated the mouthwatering morsels just like he's done for going on 30 years now, it makes me feel good of being able to do something for our country. for our society for our city and for our community. it makes you feel good. this is now the 28th year glide memorial church in the house of prime rib have put on
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this event. today. they're serving £3000 of meat, and as you can see, everybody is enjoying their food. the food is really great. great it's really good for guests like margarita hernandez. the meal is a welcome way to celebrate the holidays when tough times abound on christmas time i get sad and because i'm not with my family and my kids and my grandkids. i really miss him. while holiday meals like today's our special gliders used to taking care of the city's poor and hungry the church serves 2000 meals a day. 364 days a year being able to have a really nice meal for our guests in the neighborhood is like actually a big. it's a really big deal on saturday, they'll do it all again. this time, turkey and ham will be on the menu. but the christmas eve event is still there. most popular they're happy. i'm happy. we all happy. merry christmas to everybody. in san francisco. evan sernoffsky ktvu,
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fox two news. shark bite kills a surfer off california's central coast coming up emergency managers in the area warned the community to stay out of the water on christmas and we'll hear from the warriors. her weren't too happy about playing on christmas eve. we'll hear from the team later in sports. we're running seven days a week were run from seven am to seven pm people are just exhausted. we just can't keep staff because it's just so worn out, and we're also going to run through the new guidelines. us doctors hope will help healthcare workers managed the country's
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siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. but it will help you and your family stay safe a fatal shark encounter. it happened today near morro bay
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reporter karen cruise or dona shows us what first responders are learning about their first case of a fatal shark bite in decades. here is what we know. at this time it happened at around 10:40 a.m. north of the pit beach on state parks property, according to the morro bay harbor department, a man was brought to shore after he was found unresponsive in the water. first responders arrived on scene and declared the man dead on the beach. the man's identity has not yet been released, but he is believed to be in his twenties or thirties. some from the community are shot that this incident happened close to home. think about this morning in the house. it's nice that it happened here and like i said, it's just terrible. that happened on christmas eve. it's really kind of heartbreaking beachgoers will not be allowed in the water for the next 24 hours in morro bay. i'm news channel reporter got in sardinia. all lanes are back. open on i 6 80 fremont tonight after the rollover of a fuel
10:32 pm
tanker crews worked most of the day to try and clear the road. the crash, then fuel into a nearby storm drain and retention pond. hazmat teams arrived around 4 50 this morning at the crash site just south of auto mall parkway. the chp says the crash involved a big rig and another vehicle. the big rig actually landed on its side. and that is what forced the closure of all north bong lanes. gasoline also spilled, forcing the evacuation of about 100 homes in the neighborhood. people started to return home earlier this evening. and the government has issuing new guidelines on dealing with the coronavirus, including shortening the time period that healthcare workers have to quarantine after infection, but as foxes, charles watson reports there is some pushback from some public health officials about this new requirement. priority remains prevention, a direct message from cdc director dr rochelle wolinski as the omicron variant dominates cases
10:33 pm
nationwide. the cdc is now easing quarantine requirements for health care providers to fight back against workers shortages. newly released guidelines now allow healthcare workers infected with covid 19 to return to work after isolating for seven days down from 10 days. they also have to test negative before returning requirements. some public health officials fear could further complicate matters right now we have a testing shortage, which means once again, you'll have people trying to scramble to get tests that they may not have access to or taking a test from someone else who might need it. who has symptoms? americans are already finding it increasingly difficult to get tested these days with that home test kits. hard to come by, if not impossible. this is long lines wrap around testing clinics nationwide. we're running seven days a week were run from seven a.m. to about seven pm people are just exhausted. we just can't keep staff because they're just so worn out. but the food and drug administration has help on the way giving the green
10:34 pm
light for emergency use of two antiviral medications meant to treat covid-19 infections, marksman new pair of ear and pfizer's pack slovin each are authorized to treated delts at a high risk of developing severe illness. both pills can be taken at home and must be given within five ds. of experiencing covid related symptoms, especially the fighter pilpacks love. it is a very exciting breakthrough pill , new england journal of medicine studies showed a decreased hospitalization by 90% the federal government has placed a big order. however, both drugs are expected to be in short supply into the new year. and as millions of americans get ready to ring in 2022, the omicron varying is forcing officials in new york city to scale back times square festivities. mayor bill de blasio, saying this year's new year's celebration will be much smaller and those in attendance will be required to wear masks. in atlanta. charles watson fox news. some people in town.
10:35 pm
carlos think that changes to a show of holiday spirit for the damper on this year's season coming up at 11 with the city says it will do next time in this run up to christmas. rain the wind and thunderstorms will track the inc financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. raiders, he led the team to win at super bowl 11. later he stepped into the broadcast booth , becoming one of the most famous commentators of all time now his name john madden is synonymous with the most popular sports video game in history. and tomorrow we will air a very special fox sports original documentary called all madden earlier this week are mike mibach spoke to fox sports reporter and executive producer
10:38 pm
of the documentary tom rinaldi on mornings onto john madden. um you know, no stranger to us right here in the bay area to me as someone who grew up here and absolute legend. and you know, day in and day out. i always try to get better at my job, right? and so when i look at a guy like john madden as a broadcaster, or even as a coach, since i do, coach my own children and youth sports, i try to take something away from him. and when i was reviewing this in the word. honest you just came to mind that that that word to me. is there a character trade tom, that you think defines john madden. i think that is so well , said mike, and this is kin to honesty, right its authenticity. you can't make john madden up. you can't make him into anything other than who he is. he's an american original, and that authenticity just landed and cut through to everyone listening to men to women to children. and
10:39 pm
john, that heart was a teacher. you wanted people to know. understand and appreciate as much as they could about the game that he lost and that he doesn't apologize for loving that shaped his life and that authenticity with whether it's the telestrator in his hands, whether it's all the innovation he brought to the booth in all those ways might powerful. you know, i'm always curious when you put something like this together, tom, like how many people did you invite? and how many people rsvp'd? maybe someone respectfully declined and didn't want to participate in this because i think that tells a story too, about someone when you're doing a documentary about almost how many people actually wanted to be a part of it. well, that's a prose question right there. somebody who would know 38 interview requests went out from everybody from parcels to lawrence taylor, who never speaks. to patrick mahomes and tom brady. 38 yeses mike, every single person made
10:40 pm
the time found a way for the schedule to work to pay tribute to john to share a memory. tell a story. and express their gratitude. whether it's somebody like bill belichick that the quick story, i tell. we asked for half an hour with bill belichick at the 29 minute, mark. we thanked him. he didn't move a muscle to get out of the chair. he stayed for 20 more minutes to talk about john madden and what john means to him. just remarkable as a tribute. i don't think he had a losing season as head coach of the raiders here in oakland. i mean, what if you had to put your finger on? why did he leave coaching? you know, i think that's a great question still has still the highest winning percentage of any coach to win 100 more games, which is astounding. but the absolute overwhelming nature of that job and its pursuit mike, as you know, covering it, it's exhausting, and it can be overwhelming as well as the fact
10:41 pm
that for john, i mean you'll see a single shot in the documentary have been sitting alone in an empty locker room at the coliseum after a loss. and we showed john his own retirement presser, which he hadn't seen in decades. how he sounded. how we look getting john's reaction to that film. it's really remarkable. you see the drain and the cost, and when he said he was done, he lived up to that never returned. did he change the way gains were broadcast when he finally transitioned into the booth? don't if there's an example you can give of how things that we do today, or we see today is something we owe to john madden. um not giving you a list. how about the fact that production meetings mike didn't exist before john madden. nobody with the coaches and the players. he was the first one. the telestrator had never been used before. john was the pioneer the first down line. he was instrumental and having the
10:42 pm
first down line getting come to your screen. he had countless innovations of the way that he wanted. because at heart he was a teacher. he wanted to explain the game. you know, right after he left, my he wouldn't be taught a course that berkeley in football because he saw himself as a teacher at heart. remarkable that is remarkable. and i get before we let you go ask you about the bus. you know somebody people associate john madden and not flying and getting in that bus and criss crossing the country from game to game. did you get a chance to talk to him about the bus and what that kind of meant and just the stories that must be inside that bus? after all those years. the but absolutely mike. the bus is one of the through lines through the entire documentary and comes it comes in each segment. as you learn about it, we hopefully get to the bottom of john claustrophobia versus his fear of flying versus the event that led him to the bus, which by the way, the first bus was dolly parton's tour busts,
10:43 pm
so you have to talk about some stories. i guarantee there are plenty there the bus, i'll give you this one quick thing like the bus that was an encyclopedia flowers in the bus. why because john madden literally was that guy who had willie yardbirds driver pull over when he saw the field of wildflowers. so that he could walk out and identify them . the guy that literally stop to smell the flowers john madden i'm fired up for it, tom. and as soon as i heard your name was attached to this, i knew that it would be great. so it's a venue. it's been a pleasure having you i love your reporting and your storytelling, tom and thanks for taking the time to be with john madden. happy holidays and merry christmas. we hope people in the bay area well, like this. and so many of those insider stories, you can see them all all madden airs tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. right here on ktvu. it will lead into coverage
10:44 pm
of the cleveland browns game against the green bay packers. well a lot of parents or probably fielding questions tonight about how sad it pulls off his christmas eve task every year, well, coming up professionals tracking him lay out the best answer to give your kids and ktvu meteorologist roberta gonzalez back here with we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673,
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