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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 24, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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11. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu . fox news starts now. police activity keeps a san mateo neighborhood very busy tonight. good evening. good evening. i'm greg liggins and i'm jana katsuyama. andre and christina have the night off. we are following breaking news in san mateo and san francisco tonight. first we are going to begin on the peninsula. police in san mateo are on the scene of a shooting in a residential neighborhood not far from san mateo high school. it happened at about 8 40 tonight, north claremont street right now, we don't know if there are any victims, but officers are scouring the area, looking in cars and around houses for possible suspect. police have set up a perimeter around north claremont street and are asking people to avoid that street and the surrounding area. we will, of course, bring you more
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information about this breaking news story when it becomes available. also breaking tonight . san francisco police officers are investigating a homicide police say the killing happened in the 1900 block of sunnyvale avenue. the victim is an adult male who was shot to death. there's no word yet on a suspect. investigators are asking anyone with information to contact san francisco police and you can leave an anonymous tip. well time is running out for procrastinators who are working to finalize their plans for christmas. yeah, they ran into thai ups today on roads at airports and in stores. we began this hours team coverage of the holiday rush with ktvu zach sauce live in oakland for us tonight, zach. yes certainly plenty of holiday procrastinators out there many of them trying to get that shopping done literally under the wire as stores closed for the holiday. we came down here in panic mode and for good reason. troy beecher and his
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wife, christie, racing down to broadway plaza and walnut creek friday afternoon gift for mom not ticked off the christmas shopping list. yet she's difficult to shop work, but a few hours later with president hand now i'm feeling good. we're relaxed the whole process. i thought we were so we thought the shelves would be empty, but they weren't too bad, some of those fears stoked by the nation's ongoing supply chain crisis expected to snarl deliveries to retailers, but analysts largely agree the supply chain problem wasn't as dire for holiday shoppers as expected. still not everyone finding what they came for most of the things that are to stop all this was our pact. i went to apples. i went to urban outfitters, sephora knots, tom, but this shopper taking it all in stride. i'm like that. i'm a really poor planet person. but if you wait the last moment that's going to happen. joyful cycling santa with elfin toe a constant reminder of the ticking clock. but even santa feeling the pressure a bit this christmas eve. it's a terrible night. bad traffic. you know, bad weather. this is tough.
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those still confident he'll reach every chimney and time absolutely never missed something like santa with fairly long lists. others slightly shorter, the national retail federation says, with sales growth expected to be between 8.5 to 10.5% this year's holiday shopping will likely outperform the season of 2020 re dealers thankful and all too happy to help these customers and it's the last minute as to why they do what they do. good question. but some, like reza cooper meet never change their ways because i managed to get everything i wanted, so it's all good. so until next year's sprint to the shops. the person. and one data traffic agency estimating that store traffic for retailers has been up around 20% from last year, but still down around 23% from pre pandemic levels. for now, i'm live in oakland's excess. ktvu fox two news. and
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if you are a true procrastinator , there's always 7 11. zach sauce oakland. thanks alright, well, another type of holiday rush impacted airports across the country tonight. you're taking a live look there at sfo . hundreds of flight cancelations left travelers working to come up with a plan b to make it to their destinations. ktvu amanda quintana spoke to travelers who are dealing with the challenges at san francisco international. trying to make my mom happy. patrick schuler in the bay area on business is having trouble trying to get home for the holidays. he's heading back to new jersey. but after having this like canceled, then rebooked he's hopeful he'll be home. just in time for christmas . i haven't gotten to read another rescheduled for my flight yet, so i'm hoping i don't get one. his united airlines flight was one of the more than 40 canceled out of sfo on christmas eve. i think the emails it says due to the covid and you know, ekran that they haven't and i get in a
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statement, united says, quote all macron cases this week have had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operation. delta says canceled flights are due to a combination of potential bad weather in some areas and the impact of macron. this is holiday travelers are already struggling to navigate the busy travel season. we're really stressed right now, and the different covid restrictions in each state like hawaii, which requires full vaccination, but nine year old man vicks family didn't realize that second shot has to be at least two weeks ago . without it, you need a rapid covid tests. but at the airport , it's not as rapid as you'd think that we have to go to and get this covid test and it's taking about an hour to it looks like it's an hour to an hour and a half wait to get our results. so it's just a big stress on me and my mom right now because you need to figure out if we can make it flight or not. in my mom
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and my dad and my brother are already on the flight. they got approved. it's a common point of confusion. this family from boston heading on a big family vacation in the same predicament. it was slow. they're very, very busy. and they told us that the lab was backed up. about a two hour turnaround for rapid test. amanda quintana, ktvu, fox two news. the government is issuing new guidelines on dealing with the coronavirus, and those includes shortening the time period that healthcare workers have to quarantine after a covid infection. but as foxes charles watson reports tonight there is pushback from some public health officials about this new requirement. priority remains prevention, a direct message from cdc director dr rochelle wolinski as the omicron variant dominates cases nationwide. the cdc is now easing quarantine requirements for health care providers to fight back against
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workers shortages. newly released guidelines now allow healthcare workers infected with covid 19 to return to work after isolating for seven days down from 10 days. they also have to test negative before returning requirements. some public health officials fear could further complicate matters right now we have a testing shortage, which means once again, you'll have people trying to scramble to get tests that they may not have access to, or taking a test from someone else who might need it who has symptoms. americans are already finding it increasingly difficult to get tested these days with that home test kits hard to come by, if not impossible. this has long lines wrap around testing clinics nationwide were running seven days a week were run from seven a.m. to about seven pm people are just exhausted. we just can't keep staff because it's just so worn out, but the food and drug administration has help on the way giving the green light for emergency use of two antiviral medications meant to treat covid-19 infections. marksman new pair of ear and
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fighters pack slovin each are authorized to treated delts at a high risk of developing severe illness. both pills can be taken at home and must be given within five ds experiencing covid related symptoms, especially the fighter pilpacks love it. is a very exciting breakthrough pill , new england journal of medicine studies showed a decreased hospitalization by 90% the federal government has placed a big order. however both drugs are expected to be in short supply into the new year. and as millions of americans get ready to ring in 2022, the omicron varying is forcing officials in new york city to scale back times square festivities. mayor bill de blasio, saying this year's new year's celebration will be much smaller and those in attendance will be required to wear mask and atlanta charles watson fox news. for those who are interested. we have an entire section of our website dedicated to pandemic updates to get there . you just have to go straight
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to ktvu .com/ covid. tonight chp officers are searching for a suspect responsible for shooting on interstate 6 80 in danville, the investigators the investigation rather shut down north, um, lanes crow canyon road last night. all lanes did reopen early this morning. investigators say someone in a vehicle started shooting at a nissan rogue on the freeway and around 10 o'clock last night. the driver of the nissan was hit several times and we're told the driver's injuries are critical. a passenger in the nissan was not injured. the shooter did leave the scene. san jose police are investigating a shooting that left two people injured. it happened at about 11 30 last night on vine street near to 80 in guadeloupe parkway. police say two men were taken to the hospital with injuries so far. no details about a suspect or motive. anyone with information should contact san jose police.
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well new tonight, a community off of california's central coast is on alert after a fatal shark encounter. it happened today near morro bay and reporter karen kruse. ordina shows us what first responders are learning about their first case of a fatal shark bike in decades. here is what we know. at this time it happened at around 10:40 a.m. north of the pit beach on state parks property, according to the morro bay harbor department, a man was brought to shore after he was found unresponsive in the water. first responders arrived on scene and declared the man dead on the beach. the man's identity has not yet been released, but he is believed to be in his twenties or thirties. some from the community are shocked that this incident happened close to home. talking about this morning in the house is just it's nice that it happened here and like i said, it's just terrible. that happened on christmas eve. it's really kind of heartbreaking beachgoers will not be allowed in the water for the next 24
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hours in morro bay. i'm news channel reporter got in sardinia. well you need to be prepared for rain on christmas day. ktvu neurologist roberta gonzalez will join us with timing for tomorrow's storms coming up. and san francisco restaurant general manager of a t
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and san francisco tells ktvu.
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his business has been vandalized twice this week, and ktvu s amberleigh spoke to the manager about what he suspects is the motive behind the damage. whered italian restaurant in san francisco's marina district is a good night for business. but the general manager tells me it comes after two incidents of vandalism this week. the tables they are not ready. to being used. matea ballerini tells me that damage includes broken tables and chairs that were out in the park lit a torn awning and broken plastic panels that keep out the wind. he says. the first incident took place early monday morning. they're just pushing the death so hard that they break the this. uh you called that for him the inch, and this banner thanking police was on the ground, ballerini says after the first incident, a young woman about 25 years old dressed all in black, with her
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face covered, walked into the restaurant and made a threat. you better remove the banner because whatever happened last night to you is just the beginning. remove the banner and you're gonna be fine. and i have seen nine and i'm going to mirabella. i'm not scared of anybody. i am trying to do that, because i'm proud of that after that, ballerini says a second incident happened tuesday night . they tried to remove this banner or all the time i find that on the on the on the street, probably three or four times, the general manager says this is a photo of police officers who attended a free holiday party the restaurant hosted for the community sunday night to thank everyone for their support. he suspects the police presence at the party has something to do with the vandalism. the fact that anybody would vandalize a business that's probably struggling anyway, given the pandemic. it's just totally unacceptable. ballerini has filed a police report and once whoever's responsible to show remorse, i
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want an apology. i wanna like to see them in person and say well , we didn't like what you did and said, tell me why the gm tells me there's no surveillance video because the cameras were disconnected due to renovation work being done. he tells me he has no plans to take down the sign supporting police. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. holiday display causes some controversy in one san carlos neighborhood this year coming up, let's helping calm some of the people who are upset. what is it? calm is the weather we've got rained. we've got chances of thunderstorms and we could see hail. we do have the forecast that's coming up as the forecast that's coming up as a enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test
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and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday. enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪
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over changes that were meant to improve an annual christmas tradition. displays of elaborate holiday lights attract people from all over the bay area, but money spent on safety changes. has some neighbors upset and turning their lights. out ktvu brooks jarocz has details on the road blocks they say are ruining christmas from decorating to decking the halls in trimming trees with holiday cheer. it's pretty much mandated if you live along these two blocks of eucalyptus avenue in san carlos , one of my highlights of the year for dave newman, he admits he's a little obsessed. but this year, he says, he got on the city's naughty list. they put it right in front of my walkway. large orange barricades, porta potties, handwashing stations and trash cans appeared right in front of newman's house and his lights display, you know, put a porta potty at the entrance of a football stadium, right? so you
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don't put a porta potty in the entrance of the two houses with the most light? it's just common sense. you know, the city of san carlos approved spending more than $100,000 to improve safety that includes security guards in traffic control signs. some neighbors just don't see the need a complete waste of money. for nothing has been going on that long without the city involved in it. but the city's mayor says this to block stretches, seen record visitors and record complaints. this is what the community asked us for, um, as a result of all of our public engagement to community outreach meetings. to public city council meetings. we heard the concerns time and again about traffic and safety measures and trash and restrooms being needed and this was really you know, brought to our attention by the community. this was when i turned my lights off . newman got so upset. the investment landed in front of his house. this month. he put
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the city on blast several times saying it ruined christmas. i just thought, what did i do to deserve this vowing next year to stop stringing lights and creating decked out displays. but then to his surprise christmas miracle in his eyes all of a sudden morning the barricades or get disappearing the urinals porter bodies. hand wash station garbage cans. all disappeared, so i don't know what happened. the mayor says she's unsure where it all went. but promises were certainly open to hearing from the community to keep people coming back to what has become an annual holiday tradition. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news just minutes away from christmas arriving and santa claus arriving and he would do so before copious amounts of rain moves back into the bay area. this is our live weather camera, and i'm always just so impressed by taking a look at the flag on the fly. we
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have the winds. they have been increasing and will continue to do so in the overnight hours out of the southeast 10 to 20 right now. temperature wise 48 degrees in livermore, 47 inch sent to rosa. we're in the fifties and san francisco, oakland and in san jose, winds up to 15 and the fairfield area, 10 and oakland. slight winds now in nevada, and again, the winds have been blowing up to 70 mph on the seashore. inland and throughout the tri valley 12 mile per hour winds. we have yet another system not as bad as yesterday morning, but it has the potential producing some thunderstorms. also some hail some gusty winds, and that's it right there. it is the frontal boundary. it'll pass through the north bay before eight o'clock in the morning and then slide into the central bay. by 10 o'clock in the morning, and when you see these shades of yellow and red, that is heavy rainfall and again the potential of a thunderstorm because there's a lot of instability associated
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with the passage of this front, and then it just sags over the morgan hill, santa cruz and gilroy area about two o'clock in the afternoon behind it periodically, we will see scattered showers. there's your break on sunday. short lead before we have more rank come in late sunday night into your monday. so what? we have the rain here? this is a real mountain event. we now have the winter storm warning extended until tuesday above 7000 ft were anticipating easily. eight ft. of snow 4 to 5 ft of snow at lake level at 6200 ft. tonight mostly cloudy, increasing winds temperatures in the forties, you'll wake up to those raindrops on the rooftops. temperatures tomorrow in the upper forties and napa. through sonoma to the low fifties and hayward. we'll walk you through the forecast again in and out of the rain saturday and sunday monday, rain likely again with the chance of mountain snow locally down to 2500 ft through tuesday morning. have a very christmas merry christmas to you
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, roberta. and here's a little look at some of the work from our ktvu used talented photojournalists. they put together a holiday lights special, and we want to give you a little preview. and you can
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watch the full special sunday night light special at 6 30 on ktvu. coming up. after this
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to learn more about cost, bonnie is with you tonight in the vinyl room. it is the life of an nfl quarterback. when things go great, you get all the glory conversely, man, you take the blame and a half and that's the life jimmy garoppolo is living right here on christmas eve. he threw a couple of let's admit it really bad interceptions last night. in tennessee against the titans in the red zone gets picked in the end zone here and later on, he got picked again had a third pass that could have been an interception. that was deflected mistake. are you right here on a big fourth down play? just not
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is night. 49ers wind up losing on a last second field goal. jimmy garoppolo. however he knows the drill, man. you've got to take the heat and try and ignore all the outside noise and get on to houston next week. frustrated, i would say, i think just it's a game with an opportunity to go and go into. you know their place, and we got off to a good start. got the lead like we wanted to, and we just we had along the middle there, and if we don't have that loss, i think it's a totally different game. but you know, that's football stuff happens. yeah well, it's like that in the nfl quarterback takes the blame and in basketball, it's become a tradition. you play on christmas day, particularly if you're a good team, and that's been the case for the curves for the warriors. they played the last seven christmas days, and in fact meeting the sun's tomorrow it'll be their second consecutive game out on the road. and they're not digging it . they're away from home, and
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steve kerr talked about it, as did draymond green people. i do think there should be a rule in the nba that you can't be on the road two years in a row. his last year we were in milwaukee, and this year will be in phoenix. and that doesn't seem right. but i'm confident that next year we will be at home for christmas. or we will all protest and not sure. have a seven year old, a five year old and one year old like i want to spend some time at home. my kids, too. so now i missed my daughter's first christmas and i'll miss her second one. i can't explain that to her, um so it sucks. all right. like i said, before. nobody wants to work on christmas man, but at least he gets to play basketball . hey let's check this out. some of the things people are doing over the holiday weekend. you want to see the pyramids? maybe not like this. this is friedrich. amazingly creative skydiver wingsuit pilot base jumper closer to the pyramids than probably any wingsuit pilot
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in the history just about close enough to reach out adrenaline rush. yeah adrenaline junkie. i can see you doing that next year , danna. alright merry christmas . thanks for joining us christmas merry christmas.aters? it's just until grandma can see them. my neck hole is too small. mine's itchy. i'd rather be itchy than choky. come on, phil. hurry up. okay, here we go. connecting. [ muffled ] come in, florida! over! mom? dad? hello, phillip. [ chuckles ] all: merry christmas eve! merry christmas eve! a little -- little lower, dad. [ deeper voice ] merry christmas eve. [ chuckles ] thank you -- thanks for the sweaters! [ normal voice ] oh, you're welcome. you look beautiful in them, darling. hey, pops, here's the tree. and, uh, there -- there's the, uh -- there's the ornament you sent us. right here. right here.


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