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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 26, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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too. i lived here for years, but the first time coming up in the snow, so it's exciting. and with howie 18 50 close, it's nice to come see some snow close by. let's get a feel for snow as close as mount diablo today for those looking to get to the sierra, you will need to wait. good evening, everyone. i'm
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julie julie haener and i'm greg liggins and tonight for frank somerville problems blamed on stormy weather stretched from the bay area to the sierra tonight. a new round of storms started to roll into the bay area just this morning. well the biggest problem for us is wet roads. some people are in the sierra are facing blizzard conditions tonight and the storms are not over yet. ktvu meteorologist roberta gonzalez is tracking the stormy weather and has the latest for us on what to expect. next. roberta julie, we've had the rain we've had thunder and lightning. we've had local snow. and now we have a freeze watch that goes into effect monday night to tuesday morning and solano county, and that probably will spread to other additional counties across the bay area. visibility and limited right now, even though we do have the cloud cover temperatures take a good look at these in the forties. because that's going to pretty much bigger afternoon highs on monday over the weekend sporadically
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rain showers with the passage of a frontal boundary that continues to drop blobs of rain outside of petaluma entered the novato area also right there from american canyon through alejo into crockett and now heading towards venetia as well. this is a cell that has just blossomed in the past couple of minutes, producing heavy downpours, gusty winds and also the potential of claps of thunder from fairfield all the way through rio vista, and this is not over as we take a look at the morning commute on monday, we have yet another frontal boundary. and what concerns me is those pockets of yellow and even orange. that potentially is periodically heavy downpours for that morning commute. it will continue through the lunch hour . then i'll tell you what that means right there. that clearing but also when the next rainstorm is going to move this way, and how low the temperatures will go, but more importantly, how low with the snow level go. you're not going to believe this, and that's all coming up
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just later on in this newscast, alright, we'll see a bit later, roberta. thank you. chp officers hope posting video on twitter today will encourage people to avoid traveling through the sierra right now. you can't see much in this video. but this is why officers with the truckee division noted in their caption that even first responders. or having a hard time finding the road. they say this stretch of interstate 80 will remain closed overnight, and they will reassess tomorrow whether to reopen the roadway. blizzard conditions persist across i 80 tonight earlier in king vale. you can see how snowy conditions covered some of the lens of a caltrans camera a little farther east around donner summit conditions were clear enough to capture images of snow covering the interstate and trees in the background. and as you approach the california, nevada state line and floresta, you'll notice conditions are a bit clearer, but they're still not safe enough for a lot of drivers. in fact, the chp has no estimate of when this stretch of interstate 80 will reopen. well, even in
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areas where people can get around tonight, trips outside. they aren't very pleasant. these images are from south of interstate 80 in dollar point. ktvu zach sauce joins us tonight . now live in the newsroom with a look at how this new snowfall is getting in the way of some holiday plans. zack greg state highway. authorities have been saying it over and over again the last few days. avoid traveling to tahoe if you can help it, and with so many road closures now, those who still want to head up to the region. don't have much of a choice now. those or about the open until tomorrow. chp shutting down a nearly 70 miles stretch of interstate 80 from colfax through tahoe all the way to the nevada state line. whiteout conditions, making the roadway nearly impassable. too dangerous right now visibility down to zero across the bay area plans for a christmas week winter getaway in the sierra being put on hold at sports basement ski
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rental line and berkeley look on customers' faces said it all. santa delivered too much snow. it seems this is a great week. like kids are off school and generally i would like to go. skiing with the kids, but opting to postpone his plans until after the new year with more snow in the forecast and reports of widespread road closures, um more worry about other drivers. even if they have the roads soaking right now. sections of 3 95 shut down in both directions . truckee fire crews, responding to two separate pile ups want involving around 20 cards. six people were taken to the hospital. meantime on highway 50 , a nevada trooper, helping a stranded driver rear ended the trooper uninjured. but the driver taken to the hospital despite the allure of a white christmas seems like that's why . nancy lim also decided to push her family ski trip back. looks beautiful. it's actually beautiful, but for driving, probably not the best conditions . tahoe area ski expert kevin
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cooper cooper, this is probably the most snow. that i've seen in a single system in quite some time. we're talking over a decade, the record for the snowiest december and the sierra set back in 1970 at nearly 15. ft we are about 24 inches short of that, as of this morning's eight am measurement, so much snow that at palisades ski resort where this video was shot on saturday, high winds and avalanche dangers forced the mountain to close down for the day. heavenly mountain, also shutting down the nevada side of its resort on sunday and warning skiers and riders about the likelihood of more operational challenges on monday. we have to just let the mountain operations teams do their due diligence. dig out bottom line coupes advice to those frustrated that they couldn't make it up. don't be jumma joy of missing out right now in that film oh, right after the new year. and again with more snow high winds in the forecast heavenly among a number
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of tahoe resorts, warning skiers and riders about the likelihood of more delays operational challenges on monday for normalizing live in the newsroom . zach sauce, ktvu fox two news people wanted it. we got it a ton of snow zach sauce. thank you. well, rain cause some problems today on highway one in big sur. the soggy conditions sent rocks in debris falling onto the roadway, forcing authorities to shut it down for a time. but it is back open tonight. 45 mile stretch of the highway has faced closures in recent days because of rock slides in multiple locations. the stretch of roadway that was affected is between ragged point in san luis obispo county and degen's big sur in in monterey county authorities want to remind travelers to be extra careful this time of year and be aware of caltrans tracks and emergency responders along the highways. and the free ktvu weather app can help you track rain and snow now and into the future. it has interactive radar and the forecast for where you
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live. we turn now to a developing story in bay point. the chp is investigating a shooting tonight on or near highway four, where at least one person was shot. officers responded to the victim's car along the highway near san marco boulevard at around 6:45 p.m. this evening, but it's unclear at this point where the shots were fired. we are working to get more information, and we'll bring it to you as soon as possible. you attend tonight? three month police are looking for the person who shot someone near a restaurant this afternoon . police say it happened shortly after three on mowry avenue, not far from black. how road, a restaurant employee called police to report someone walked into the restaurant said they had been shot nearby. the victim was taken to a trauma center with non life threatening injuries. police say the shooting was not random. but officers still have not determined what led to the violence. anyone with information about this case is asked to call fremont police.
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more than 3000 flights in the u. s including some right here in the bay area have been delayed or canceled today because of a surge of covid-19 cases driven by macron. many airlines say they don't have enough staff to fully operate because of so many sit calls. ktvu is james torres reports from oakland international airport, which, despite the cancelations so very busy travel day oakland airport says it expects its travel numbers to be in about 90% of pre pandemic levels. that's about triple the amount of passengers traveling this time. last year. oakland airport buzzed with passengers for another day of holiday travel people waiting for luggage. some returning home from christmas gatherings like i have my sanitizers and stuff, so as long as you know we're healthy and staying clean and safe, so you know, we wanted to make a family of priority, so we wanted to go visit them. people we spoke to today say recent travel news kept them on the edge of their seats. covid-19 cases linked to
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the omicron variant. continue to cancel flights across the country. now passengers are double checking their flight status. pretty often other passengers are just getting their holiday travel started. they say their trip to the bay area wasn't a problem. easy it was. it was smooth this morning for a lot better than i thought it was going to be. honestly it wasn't busy at all. it was fast checking in with super fast. there was no line when i got there. oakland airport expects about 400,000 passengers from christmas to new year's nationwide. reported more than three million people passing security checkpoints on christmas eve and christmas day, health experts say as more people travel, consider health and safety precautions apia game with, you know, looking at the crowds that you're going to see so deeds. concession areas traveled to and from sitting next to the window. if you can't put the vent on you, another above average travel day will come a few days after the new
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year. a surge in cases is expected. but these travelers hope vaccines and boosters are enough to keep loved ones safe. my family is vaccinated and everything. and so we're good reporting in oakland. i'm james torres ktvu. fox two news. a search is underway in the east bay tonight for a suspect accused of trying to run over chp officers after a chase. it happened in bay point at marianne lane near bailey road at about 3 30 this morning. the chp says the suspect collided into the two officers after they got out of their car to try to arrest him. the officers suffered minor injuries. the suspect well and drove off his car. a blue subaru outback was later found abandoned. anyone with information should call the chp. we are learning more tonight about a deadly shark bite off california's coast, coming up what investigators have uncovered about the shark and the man who died, plus.
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mark the start of kwanza holiday was created in california in the 19 sixties to celebrate african american culture. candles are
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lit for seven straight nights, ending with the kwanzaa feast on january 1st. the village project hosted a streaming event tonight featuring musical performances. the first day of the seven day holiday is known as emo jal, which emphasizes unity in the family, community nation and race. most of the kwanzaa events both in the bay area, and across the country are being held virtually this year due to the pandemic. the jury in the criminal fraud trial of former theranos founder elizabeth holmes is expected to return tomorrow. yeah the jury left to begin their holiday weekend thursday afternoon, ending their third full day of deliberations without a verdict. earlier on thursday, the jury asked to listen to audio of homes on a call with investors something they previously heard during the trial. holmes faces nine counts
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of wire fraud and two counts of conspiring with her co defendant and former boyfriend, sonny boudouani. who was the ceo of theranos during the time of the allegations. well tomorrow. the jury in the glen maxwell sex trafficking trial is scheduled to enter its third full day of deliberations. the british socialite who turned 60 behind bars yesterday. is due in court tomorrow to await word from the jury. there is concerned, however, about jury members catching covid when the judge sent them away on wednesday for the holiday weekend, she warned them to stay safe and told them the courthouse will have stricter anti covid rules. when they come back tomorrow. we have an update tonight involving a deadly shark bite along the california central coast. officials say the shark that killed 31 year old man in morro bay on christmas eve is likely a great white. the man was pulled from the bay after a surfer saw
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him face down in the water with a boogie board floating nearby. he was pronounced dead at the scene. officials closed the beach after the incident and posted signs to avoid the area. the man's name still has not been released. condolences are being sent in from around the world after south africa's president announced the death of desmond tutu. an activist once honored with the nobel peace prize, fox news trading tells us south africa's president described to today as a man of extraordinary intellect, integrity and invincibility. archbishop desmond tutu has died at 90 years old, though he leaves behind an accomplished and purposeful life. the nobel peace prize winner was one of the driving forces to ending the apartheid system in south africa to two was known for holding interfaith religious services and fighting against racism in all forms. he was described today by south african president
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cyril ramaphosa as a man of extraordinary intellect, integrity and invincibility. reactions and condolences are still pouring in from around the world. british prime minister boris johnson tweeted. he was deeply saddened by tutu's death . this, as french president emmanuel macron said to two dedicated his life to human rights and equality between people. pope francis released a statement offering his condolences to teachers family, as did the dalai lama. former president barack obama called him a friend today and described him as a universal spirit. and president joe biden released a statement saying he and first lady joe biden are heartbroken over who they call a true servant of god. it's rare to have so many world leaders agree on one thing, and that's the desmond tutu was a force for good in jerusalem. trade angst, fox news many people in the bay area may remember when desmond tutu spoke at a san francisco church 10 years ago. he described his long battle against apartheid during a sermon before hundreds of people
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who attended a sunday service at grace cathedral back in march. 2011 22 was one of the most prominent religious leaders to advocate for lgbt rights and same sex marriage, saying once in 2013 quote, i would not worship a god who is homophobic. what a weekend. it has been here in the bay area. it has been cloudy. it has been wet. it's been windy and we've had thunder rumbling and we even woke up to snow in our local mountains around the east bay also mount hamilton's and we have more coming now. over the past 24 hours. the national weather stations does suggest that we see rainfall from four p.m. yesterday to four pm today, and these are the recent totals just about 1/10 of an inch of rain in san jose to nearly a half an inch of mill valley. that's healthy, but it has certainly rained a lot more since four pm today. right now, no rain has fallen over the bay bridge. it is cloudy and it is clear. the
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visibility 10 miles because the clouds are up above 3000 ft. now temperatures they really have in fluctuated all day primarily into the forties. so this is what's been spinning off our coast and then now inland and sagging to the south. we have the green, which is the rain. we had the pink, which is the sleet and a whole lot of snow on the fly historic records. in the greater lake tahoe area right now, we do currently have live radar over the north bay, as he sells continue to shift around. we have rainfall from alejo all the way into venetia crockett void of any rain at this hour, and this is what you can anticipate. this is your setup for your morning commute. this is yet another frontal boundary. that will slide from the north through the central bay into the santa clara valley. five o'clock tomorrow morning, and when you see these areas of yellow and even orange that is really significant to take note of because that is a reflection of some heavy downpours that is forecast and also the potential
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of some very gusty winds and some potentially isolated thunderstorms. so this slides through the area for the morning commute than the afternoon we began to clear out. so we will have a break so the ground can just get all that saturation of that rainfall that occurred over the entire weekend. in fact, all the way back through last wednesday and then take a look at this right there. upstream it is yet another system that will be moving into this area. i'll tell you just how much more rain to expect. one is going to stop and how low those snow levels are going to drop. that's still straight ahead. looking forward to it. thanks, roberta. well many people had to step up to become caregivers during the pandemic. it can be a really stressful job, so when the stress builds who cares for the caregivers? heather sullivan of fox news has more on ways to help a university of chicago study reports that 1/5 of us adults were caregivers to an
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older family member or friend during the pandemic, and any caregiver can tell you it is a very stressful responsibility. when i became a caregiver, along with my mom caring for my grandmother. there was just the number one thing we needed. we just wanted to human to speak to get that advice. the surgeon covid cases at the holidays are sandwiching caregivers between caring for children and aging or ill loved ones, extra stretching. stressful for them is the fact that they are looking out not only for themselves, but for this older adult or someone with dementia that is at the highest risk, and caregivers rarely ask for help. they don't in fact asked for help, and this is always my number one piece of advice. most people don't know what you're going through. there are easy ways to help a caregiver saying, what can i get? can i give time ? can i give money? can i give food? you can provide a break. this could be a 10 minute phone call. it could be a trip to a
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spa or to the golf course while you arrange for someone to be with that person, either yourself or someone else to come in. or just lend an ear also just providing a listening ear. don't problem solved. just be there to say, i want to hear you and tips for caregivers have medications and supplies to last through january, 2nd remember, you can use funds in an fsa before year's end. have medical contact information if the doctor is away, and if you're going away, set up a check and schedule with other family members and friends so that the loved one that you're carrying for can can rely on somebody checking in on them throughout the holidays, heather sullivan fox 26 news. just say things, your bedroom and a counterpoint in your bed. obviously you're opening up to potentially having information captured and sent back to the manufacturer,
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potentially advertisers. cybersecurity experts want people setting up gadgets they got for christmas to understand the security risk coming up what you can do to protect your privacy. also another golden state warrior ends up on the covid protocol list. we'll tell you who later in sports and see what pittsburgh police found when they went after retail theft i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill,
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so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ diplomats early next year to discuss the growing tensions over security issues. this comes as some russian troops along the ukrainian border have pulled out. alexandria hoff, with fox news reports. a new report claims that more than 10,000 russian troops have withdrawn from the ukrainian border. that's according to reuters, citing information shared by the interfax news agency. still, tens of thousands of additional
10:26 pm
troops remain in regions near ukraine. here's what vice president kamala harris tend to say. we are having direct conversations with russia. we are very clear. that that russia should not invade. the sovereignty of ukraine that we must stand up and we are standing up for its territorial integrity for months over 150,000 russian troops have been running drills near the ukrainian border. it signaled to us intelligence officials that russia was gearing up for an attack. president vladimir putin denied this following a talk with president biden earlier this month. putin said today that he is weighing his options that the u. s does not give in to demands of security guarantees alongside a commitment to halt nato's expansion into eastern europe. representatives from russia, europe and the us are set to continue discussions sometime next month in geneva, but president biden said he will give putin no guarantees. here's former secretary of state mike pompeo, weighing in on sunday morning futures. i think the
10:27 pm
actions you see him taking the words you saw him say, just today. in russia are consistent with his belief that we have weak leadership. we have the absence of resolve, and so he's going to push us as far as he can. the vice president did add that if russia invaded ukraine, they risk sanctions unlike anything experienced before. in washington. alexandria hoff fox news. northern california has been soaking up rain and snow for days coming up how this could impact the region's drought. also ahead tonight. pittsburgh police show off what they picked up during a retail theft bust on christmas day, and cybersecurity experts have a warning for people firing up phones, tvs and other gadgets.
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. right now. this is an area where conditions are actually good enough for people to get around in cars. while roads are open and dollar point, people are being encouraged to just stay at home. a 70 mile stretch of interstate 80 north of this location remains shut down. experts say it is too early to tell how all of this wet weather will affect the california drought. the u. s drought monitor map shows the bay area and much of northern california are either in extreme drought or exceptional drought. we're told it's going to take a lot more than just one month of above average snow to ease drought conditions. so while it's a good start at two season, we need those following months to really pan out, with average or above average snowfall as well. if it's going to mean anything to, um in terms of drought relief. currently california is at 56% of its annual snowfall. the state has about four or five more months to get even more snow and we are not done with the stormy weather just yet.
10:31 pm
ktvu meteorologist, roberto gonzalez will return in just a few minutes with a look at what we can expect in the run up to the new year. most of the united states is seeing a surge in covid cases because of omicron. this is leading many major cities to begin imposing vaccine mandates, such as in new york city. where they vaccine mandate for private sector employees taking effect tomorrow. fox news is david lee miller has more from new york. when many new yorkers go to work in the city tomorrow, they must be at least partially vaccinated or they won't be allowed into the office . a new vaccine mandate goes into effect. the city says it applies to roughly 184,000 businesses. testing is not an option. those seeking a medical or religious exemption can continue to work. while the matter is pending. workers have 45 days to get their second shot . some businesses say the mandate is too burdensome requires that employers keep vaccine records. fines for violations start at $1000 latest data shows 91% of all adults in the city have had at least one shot. other cities are preparing
10:32 pm
to beef up current indoor vaccine mandates or implement new ones. they include chicago, boston washington, d, c. new orleans and newark, new jersey. each municipality has its own requirements. some are calling for full vaccination for anyone over age five. in some instances , proof of a negative test result is an option. meanwhile at least 21 states, including texas, florida and kansas, have banned so called vaccine passports. as more americans roll up, their sleeves and infectious disease expert says 1/4 shot or booster is probably not going to be necessary. are we trying to block every single infection? maybe that start go. if that's our goal, then yes. maybe we need a four shot, or are we just trying to prevent serious illness and death? which, of course, i think should be our primary goal, according to johns hopkins on christmas day, there were 132,000 new covid cases in the united states. and 97 deaths. in total more than 816,000 americans. have lost their life. to the virus. in new york. david lee
10:33 pm
miller, fox news new attend tonight. police in pittsburgh say group of people broke into a re local wireless store on christmas by breaking through a wall. the department posted a picture of the hole in the wall that the thieves used to enter the store last night. police say officers caught one woman as she was making her way out. officers were able to recover some of the stolen a chromebook. this holiday , retailers saw brisk to masters tracker spending pulse. holiday sales rose at the fastest pace in 17 years despite higher prices, supply chain issues and the threat of the macron variant. sales rose 8.5% from the year before and rose nearly 11% from the pre pandemic holiday period of 2019 clothing and jewelry were among the most popular items this holiday season. well if you opened a new
10:34 pm
gadget this christmas, be mindful of a new consumer alert . tech experts say you should be careful connecting them to the cloud as fox news andrea jackson tells us your information could be in places you didn't even think about. smartphones laptops , ipads gaming systems, the list goes on and on and have some of the tech gifts people are buying or receiving this time of year. cyber security expert joel schwartz says. there are some things you want to keep in mind the next time you purchase a tech gift, one item, he says, you should really look out for smart tvs, which, according to a study from the like mint research group 82% of u. s households have at least one internet connected tv. i think it's a given today that every smart tv you get is going to be a network connected. it's also going to likely have a mic and certainly a camera. so my suggestion to anybody speak with his number one when you buy your tv go online, go to the web website, the manufacturer look at how to find those features and disables features. you do
10:35 pm
not need a mic or a camera on your tv. we've never used it before, schwartz adds. people should watch where they put those tvs. if you're placing your bedroom with a counterpoint in your bed. obviously you're opening up to potentially having information captured and sent back to the manufacturer, potentially advertisers and today we're starting to see these. actually this data actually be used in cases and government and law enforcement cases as well. he also warned parents about internet connected toys, he says to make sure you're asking yourself these questions before allowing your children to play with them. they come with a microphone will be recording. if so, can you disable that feature? does it allow your child to share information with their social media sites? because yes, playing with a toy in the room is one thing sharing what the world is another what kind information does it collect, whereas it's stored. can you delete it? and for parents who may have children getting smartphones for the first time? here are some tips from the johns hopkins health information library about teaching children. to be smart about social media.
10:36 pm
it says social media can be a place where children can face cyberbullying encounter online predators or inappropriate content. so health officials say it's important to be aware of what your children are doing online. other tips include reminding them to think twice before hitting. send don't friends, strangers online, use privacy settings and make sure they understand each one and teach them not to post anything . they wouldn't want teachers, college admission officers or future employers to see. and again that was andrea jackson reporting. the national institute of science and technology is working on new labeling for cybersecurity. it's intended to work like those nutrition labels you see on food , helping consumers understand what to expect from their devices. still ahead tonight. rose parade organizers are rushing to get ready for a new year's day tradition coming up, see some of the work that goes into getting those holiday floats ready for the big day. plus the pandemic takes a
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available in stores and online. pasadena and the rose parade. teams of volunteers are decorating floats to be showcased for thousands of people along colorado boulevard and millions more around the world. decorators are working around the clock to get the floats ready. in time to roll out saturday morning. during decorators, we have teams of volunteers that come from all over the place. we have girl scouts, groups and church groups and bands groups becoming decorate. we have floral directors and floral specialists that come from all over the world to work here in the rose parade. it really is a spectacular time. the rose parade travels 5.5 miles down colorado boulevard in pasadena and features floral decorated
10:40 pm
floats, equestrian units, bands as well as classic cars. the parade kicks off at eight am on new year's day and a lot of work goes into making all of those notes. alright from celebrity wedding crashers, two naked intruders, cellphones and security cameras captured this year's can't miss moment. jonathan hunt is in los angeles with more on the cot on camera highlights. even in these turbulent times, there's one thing we can count on your after europe. people get caught on camera doing good things bad things, but just funny things and 2021 was no exception. take this nine year old boy, for instance, who hitched a ride on an airport conveyor belt surveillance footage capturing the moment he hopped on board and calmly made his way through the baggage system. florida woman coming face to face with an alligator while paddleboarding, the gator
10:41 pm
getting close enough to bite the board before swimming away my stock joe six, and no one likes an unexpected party guest unless it's a celebrity. back to tom hanks crash this california couple's wedding ceremony and even stayed till offer the pair marriage advice. cameras love crime, and they captured a lot of it to from high speed car chases to the persistent porch pirate. this naked intruder trying on clothes in a southern california home doing here? hopefully right now things taking a turn when he killed the family's pet birds before being taken into custody by police. got a gun to someone's head. frightening bystander video capturing a tense hostage situation at a los angeles apartment complex. a man can be seen holding a gun to the back
10:42 pm
of a woman's head. a swat team later entering the apartment, taking down the suspect. and while we saw some of the worst of humanity this year, we also witnessed the best of it, too, from heartwarming reunions, too dramatic rescues. like this scene in new york of police officers teaming up to save an infant trapped underneath the car television today because palm happy enough. and a kick get it hooked up. this michigan officer pulling over a speeding driver who confessed to having a bad day instead of handing out a ticket. the officer followed the man home and helped him hook up his tv. my boy having my back. about. and a homeless vietnam veteran, reunited with his lost service dog rerun the family who
10:43 pm
helped find the pup, sending a dog tag and food to the grateful owner. no matter what the new year brings. one thing is, for sure with more surveillance technology expected in 2022 even more buzz worthy moments will be captured. in los angeles. jonathan hunt, fox news. conservationists worried the pandemic is creating an environment that encourages poaching of wildlife in africa coming up how trained dogs are helping combat that problem and you need to get ready for more storms. ktvu meteorologist roberto gonzalez. joins us with timing
10:44 pm
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10:46 pm
are learning that the lack of tourists during the pandemic is unwittingly helping poachers. that's because there are not enough trained safari guides to report suspicious activity to rangers ktvu tom baker tells us conservationists are now turning to a familiar technique to root out poachers. dogs are more than a human's best friend, meticulously trained contraband and detecting dogs have saved countless exotic and endangered animals from wholesale slaughter. by poachers. poachers sell animal body parts for everything from collectibles to perceived aphrodisiacs. in the first two weeks of december alone, poachers killed 24 rhinos in south africa and 394 in 2022 3rd were killed in national parks. poachers have seized on the absence of tourists who safari guides are critical extra eyes and ears for wildlife rangers in 2015. we were approached by african wildlife foundation to train dogs instead
10:47 pm
of finding landmines looking for illegal wildlife products and tracking approaches, will powell , head of the african wildlife foundation's canines for conservation program, learned his detector dog training skills in the humanitarian removal of landmines. after the war in rwanda and later in other countries, they can large amounts of luggage or cargo or vehicles very, very quickly. that's because the dog's nose is 100,000 times more sensitive than a human's quickly discerning targeted smells, even in the presence of many other odors. they can be trained to detect any illegal wildlife contraband, so that makes rhino horns lion's teeth. elephant ivory and pangolin tails easy to find and confiscate without slowing down legal commerce. in just six years, the african wildlife foundation has fielded more than 130 dogs working in five african nations with two more nations into the program.
10:48 pm
coming in 2022 poachers fear them with many arrests and convictions. for the dogs, credit and their handlers. risk is too high. because i know these guys get the dogs are going to find me. one example a dog track to poachers 17 miles back to his village and house where he and five others were arrested. snares and animal parts were confiscated. the punches. they can't believe that this dog, you know they can be found. at larger airports were. some dogs are stationed. nothing has been found in baggage or containers in the last 2.5 years , but with poaching on the rise again, the bad guys continue to devise new ways to move their merchandise of massacre and misery, making the dogs even more important when those new ways are discovered. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. the active weather pattern will continue right here in the bay area, at
10:49 pm
least for two more days. lots to talk about. let's get to it right now. live weather camera looking out towards the golden gate bridge. a little fuzzy out there. we have a little hint of some fog. but right now, temperatures take a good look at these numbers into the mid and high forties. and i want you to really soak that up because that's about as high as it gets tomorrow. as far as afternoon. temperatures are concerned, it's breezy. we have a stiff wind right now. bonds per hour interact conquered. clayton backing through walnut creek 13 mile per hour winds and throughout the tri valley all the way back to the coast as well. half moon bay has sported 13 mile per hour winds. we have been inundated in and out of the rain showers all weekend long and it doesn't stop here. what's happening now? we do have some rain showers anywhere from petaluma all the way across to american canyon, and that's some pretty moderate rainfall now recently picking up from palo alto through milpitas. dropping out of fremont and union city into newark. plenty of rain
10:50 pm
showers. santa clara, cupertino , campbell and san jose and we've also seen rain showers increased across the santa cruz mountains over the past 24 hours , anywhere from barely 1/10 of an inch of rain in san jose to nearly a full half inch in mill valley castro valley with a quarter inch of precipitation, and that was a total up to about four o'clock this afternoon. more rain on again off again throughout the evening hours, and here we are for your monday morning commute. this is yet another cold front behind it. a lot of cold air associated with this a lot of instability, so we will be in and out of the scattered showers all morning and then your afternoon begins to dry out so the ground is able to soak up all that precipitation. but look what's happening upstream that is going to be the last system of this week, and we may see more of those showers all the way to wednesday, but that's it. so it's going to turn colder and
10:51 pm
without approaching system on tuesday, the national weather service says, anticipate snow levels locally between 500. and 1500 ft. no accumulation at 505 100 ft. above sea level. we certainly should see up to a couple inches of snow in throughout localized mountain areas like mount tomah pious, perhaps. mount tam milton and also mount diablo. okay we're talking snow. so we've got to talk tahoe another nearly two ft of snow expected. this is hat lake level by monday night. as we go ahead to about thursday, maybe a half for the snow expected. by then, and then there's no cuts off by thursday night into saturday, but until tomorrow and through tuesday morning, we still have that winter storm warning in effect for elevations above 7000 ft. easily eight ft as snow above 7000 ft. we're talking 10 to 12 ft of snow about five ft at 6200
10:52 pm
, which is lake level alright tonight overnight. get out that extra blanket santa rosa 38 degrees same and throughout livermore pleasant in danville, blackhawk in alamo, low forties and throughout the silicon valley. we're talking peninsula temperatures too. belmont into burlingame into the mid forties . san rafael and throughout marin city into the high forties . temperatures tomorrow again, predominantly into the forties. low fifties comment around the central bait back into pacifica and the extended forecast as call again by wednesday, cloud cover only a chance of rain showers. partly cloudy thursday and we bring in the new year under clear skies. have a good evening. getting pretty chilly out there. thanks for burdock coming up in sports. the nfl playoff picture continues to shape up. we'll take a look at games in week 16. then on the 11 o'clock news, we will take you
10:53 pm
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happening tonight in sports, while the 49ers still have to be smarting from thursday night's loss, two teams ahead of them in the nfc west today, we're assured of playoff spots. beckham with some fans in minneapolis, were the rams were trying to nail things down. it's just the second punt return for a touchdown all season. ella's braden powell takes the ball in his 39. that will be a 61 yard returns. that's also the first punt return for his score for the rams in six years. ellie in front. 20 to 10, the vikings hanging around at 22 13 early in the fourth quarter. it's matthew stafford beckham for seven yards in the score eloquence 30 to 23 the rams fourth straight at 11 before they move in front of the cardinals, who are 10 and five. both those teams are now assured. of his spot in the playoffs. a bust win game for
10:56 pm
the raiders to stay in the playoffs chases they hosted denver pretty throat by derek carr and a pretty catch by 100 renfro for the first score of the game at halftime, though the raiders trailed 13 7. some oakland traditions carry on to las vegas. still a 13 7 game in the third quarter chill. peyton barber tumbled into the end zone from five yards out and put the raiders back in front. 14 13. and it was still a one possession game here late. the broncos need to stop to get the ball back. but car lobster foster moreau behind the denver secondary that goes for 28 yards in the game, clinching first down. the raiders win 17 13 8 and seven the broncos seven and eight with two games to play. both are in the playoff conversation, but need help to nail down a spot. gymnast simone biles taking in the chargers texans game in houston. her boyfriend is the texas jonathan owens, former stanford quarterback davis mills hitting chris conley and strive for 41 yards in the score that got the
10:57 pm
charges attention. they were down. 17 12 charges look like a team. that was a cinch for the playoffs. not long ago, justin herbert was picked up twice today. this one by pierre thomas , who takes it all the way back 48 yards to the end zone. the texans win 41 29 just their fourth win of the year. they have long ago been out of the playoffs, but at eight and seven, the chargers are now on the outside looking in. on a site only seen twice previously since the seahawks moved out of the kingdom snow on the field they opened in 2000 and two the seahawks leading the bears by a touchdown. as you see the time left in regulation, it's nick foles and jimmy graham for 15 yards in the score. graham has proven through the years that he can go up and get the ball with the best out. the bears say we are not playing for type pulls to the back of the end zone where damiere byrd goes up and gets the ball between three defenders. the question is, did he get two ft down? he did. plus the knee. the bears come from 10 points down two different times . and when 25 24, neither of
10:58 pm
these teams will be playing after the regular season ends, and they are pretty ugly for the washington football team tonight and dallas. those are fellow offensive lineman jonathan allen and deron pain. it's alan throwing the punch after pain puts the finger. in his face, maybe a little history there as they were also teammates in college in alabama. it wasn't just ugly for washington on the bench, dak prescott to his running back. ezekiel elliott press got to his tight end dalton schultz. prescott two offensive linemen terrence steele and press got to wide receiver amari cooper. he is just the second quarterback in nfl history to throw td passes to a back. tight end and offensive lineman and a wide receiver in the same game. kurt warner also did it. the cowboys rule 56 to 14. dallas clinches the nfc east right now is the number two seed. well. the warriors made an impressive statement last night going on the road and beating the phoenix suns with two of their starters on the covid health and safety protocol list. add one more
10:59 pm
started to that list. draymond green, who had eight points, eight rebounds and 10 assists last night, has reportedly been put on that list today. current rules require a player to be isolated for 10 days or until he has two separate negative test 24 hours apart. jordan's pool andrew wiggins, damien lee and moses moodier all also in covid protocol for the warriors. no paul george for the clippers tonight, who hosted denver. the nuggets down one with inside four minutes to play nikola jokic with the three just like that. denver's in front 26 points. 21 rebounds, eight assists for yokich laid down four with 20 seconds to go. luke kennard hits a tough three and the clippers are within one after free throws, the clippers have one more shot. they need a three here, but brandon boston shot will be way off the mark. the nuggets blow a 17 point lead , then come back from nine down in the fourth and win one of 3 to 100. lots more coming up at
11:00 pm
11, 30 jason appelbaum, and i will see you on sport track where you look forward to it. thanks so much for coming up next at 11. i've lived here for years, but the first time coming up in the snow, so it's exciting. and with how 18 50 close, it's nice to come see some snow close by light snow we see here in the bay area does not compare to what's happening in the sierra tonight. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello once again. i'm greg liggins. and i'm julie julie haener. frank has the night off. we are not done with the snow and rain just yet, while the biggest weather problem for most people around the bay area is wet roadways this weekend storms in the sierra are creating blizzard like conditions tonight. yes. in fact, conditions are bad enough to keep a stretch of interstate 80 shut down for a second straight day. ktvu meteorologists roberto gonzalez is tracking all of this stormy weather. she


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