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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  December 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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see that. people stranded by record breaking snowfall in the sierra. look for any break in the weather right now to start digging out hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank. they're not exactly done with the snowfall just yet. taking a live look now at interstate 80 at donner summit and you can see why traffic managers have been keeping the freeway and a stretch of highway 50 closed now for several days. they don't want people eager to get back home from their holiday destinations to start moving just yet. the newest round of storms comes with a variety of problems in the sierra people are stranded and seeing trees fall around them while we are drying out a bit right here in the bay area earlier today, rain caused some minor street flooding. in santa cruz county. we begin tonight our team coverage with ktvu meteorologist roberto gonzalez, who is tracking all of this activity, roberta and that latest cold front blasted through the bay area during the morning commute , leaving in his wake, a lot of
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ponding and up to about an inch of rain in some locations. we also had localized hail and in the sierra it's still snowing currently 23 degrees in blue canyon, south lake tahoe at 23, same in truckee, but the winds have been picking up to 25 mph snow level tomorrow in the high sierra data, 1000 ft and it's going to be blowing drifting snow as well through wednesday and then buying a chance of a little bit of sunshine and breaking the activity by thursday how much snow has fallen since december. 22nd it looks like oversexed and a half feet of snow, and that's about 7000 ft. in bear valley to nearly 10, ft of snow and boreal and again the elevation above 7000 ft, but we're still picking up lots of snow. it's piling up at lake level. these are other notable numbers you may be interested in lots of fresh powder to say the least now. meanwhile tonight through tomorrow we are anticipating all
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the way through wednesday, actually a couple more inches of snow on top of the three and four fetus. no that's gathered in the high sierra, primarily around the lake tahoe area, 6200 ft and about five more inches by thursday morning, but watch what happens now. we advanced to friday and then into saturday and sunday and you see absolutely nothing. thing. so the snow should stop. at least by thursday morning. we'll have the complete tahoe forecast still straight ahead as well as your local forecast because we have another storm coming. that will also produce near record cold temperatures. all right, we'll see in a bit, roberta. thank you. well images from forest hill give you a sense of what the weight of the snow can do. this morning, a homeowner posted images to twitter. showing a tree that fell next to the house. luckily the tree did not fall on any cars or structures, and no one was hurt . but the homeowner now has a big mess to clean up once the weather starts to clear and now many people who spent the
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holidays in lake tahoe are unable to make it home tonight. traffic managers don't know when that they will be able to reopen snow covered interstate 80 and highway 50. gateways tom vacar picks up our team coverage tonight of the white out conditions. trying to get to tahoe is a dangerous fools. errand with roads so snowed in passages virtually impossible and extremely dangerous for emergency crews working the roads. andrew schwartz, station manager of the uc berkeley central sierra snow, laboratory, says it's breaking all records as the largest december we've ever had in terms of snow lab records going all the way back to 1970 got here yesterday. just been stocked, uh, went through every possible route, but no luck so gotta gotta stick it out . according to caltrans, i 80 s r 20 and r 49 will remain closed today due to down trees, power lines and continued heavy snow.
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crews are working around the clock to get the highways reopened. chp in truck. he told me that they are so busy that even with all hands on deck they have been are and will continue to be slammed earlier, chp officer peter man told ktvu this hopefully we get a break in the weather tomorrow. and more importantly, don't hit the road until you actually hear that. it's open because otherwise you're gonna find yourself sitting at a closure point for a long, long time, despite all the record breaking snow and the range that accompany it, the state's five largest reservoirs as a midnight remain low. shasta only 49% of its normal historical levels on this date. oroville 70% of normal trinity 49% of normal new maloney's 70% of normal san luis 48% of normal , but we're in such a severe drought right now that we're really going to need as many of these upcoming months to be above average as well, though
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avalanches are a present danger, any significant warmup will present a flooding danger. another danger. we cann drought , heat, diseased and infested trees, so these trees are definitely dangerous with all this snow loading on the best advice for skiers right now, don't drive. stay alive. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. we'll rescue crews are searching for a missing skier in plaster county. the sheriff's office says that 43 year old rory and jolanda of truckee was last seen on saturday. he works at a ski shop there. north star the resort posted photos today, the blizzard conditions he has described as an experienced skier who ski pass was scanned at a lift at the resort saturday morning. he was reported missing after failing to show up for christmas dinner with friends. his car is still in the resort parking lot. all of the snow in the mountains is getting a lot of attention today, but the rain is also causing some trouble here in the bay area. heavy rain
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hit parts of santa cruz county this morning. it caused some minor street flooding and people shared video to social media. today's rain follows a stormy weekend heavy rain on christmas day, knocked down trees and caused a minor mudslide near boulder creek and the ktvu weather app can help you track rain and snow now and in the future. it has interactive radar and the forecast for the area where you live. authorities released the identities today of two people who tragically drowned thursday after their car became submerged in deep standing water and an underpass in millbrae. the victims were a married couple in their sixties who lived just a few blocks away from that flooded roadway. ktvu zach sauce has tonight's update. tragic lewis hazard still in disbelief over the death of his next door neighbors and millbrae 63 year old rolando rtgs glorioso and his wife, 62, year old susanna glorioso found out there was a truck stuck down there. but i didn't know it was
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them. the couple's pickup truck traveling along hemlock avenue and hillcrest boulevard on thursday morning when it became overcome by rising floodwaters, that this underpass that morning. it was raining, brought hard and my girlfriend was leaving and she said, it's turning me back from the from the overpass, and i said, why i think it's flooded down there. firefighters were in the process of rescuing another person standing on the roof of their car when they noticed the glorioso submerged. pickup truck crews managed to rescue the first person, but they say the water was rising so quickly. that they had to retreat or risk drowning themselves. once crews were able to pump the water from the underpass, they found the glorioso is inside neighbors starting a small but growing memorial at the site. very nice people, i mean, always with a smile their home on quarto street, now empty, still decorated for christmas. she's always working on the yard. i will see them. they always waved to me. hazard, says his
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girlfriend, who was close with the couple is still reeling from their death, and also she's shaking. it could have been her. thank god the cops came. after that happened, they turned her away, neighbors say when it does flood here, they can usually make out the standing water. but that morning, it was still dark, and the light was reflecting off of it like it was the pavement. so you can't really see the how deep it was. still, hazard says he's never seen flooding like that. they're not like it was 20 ft. deep that day, neighbors trying to figure out why the underpass became so flooded if something went wrong. it should have been draining out in millbrae. zach sauce, ktvu, fox two news. in san jose. jurors in the front trial of elizabeth holmes have now wrapped up day four their deliberations without a verdict. holmes faces nine counts of wire fraud for allegedly duping investors. about the capabilities of her blood testing company. theranos there are a men and four women
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on the panel on their last day in the jury room before the holiday last thursday, they listened, they asked rather to listen to audio of homes on a call with investors. some people in contra costa county faced new mandates tonight to get coronavirus vaccine booster shots coming up. we will break down who's impacted and calls to require vaccinations for people who want to fly game traction. plus. even in the midst of rain , even in the midst of a holiday season. you know, there are individuals that are still out there committing crime. and oakland's police chief vince frustration as a new crime wave hits the city over the holiday hits the city over the holiday weekend. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st.
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best protection from the omicron variant. that requirement will take effect january 10th and applies to law enforcement officers, firefighters and medical workers who respond to emergency calls at high risk facilities. workers at homeless shelters will also be required to get boosted holiday travelers have not seen the end of flight cancelations just yet at airports across the country, while whether is partly to blame for the problem. airlines acknowledge that they're struggling to manage staffing shortages because of the spread of the coronavirus. macron variant. get views. amanda kitana shows us how this is affecting bay area flights and what could help ease the problem. i had originally a five hour layover, which turned into like a 11 hour layover. and then the flakes are canceled so back today to try and get on another one out today, david doran has been at sfo for almost two days , hoping his trip from ireland to san diego ends with him actually getting to see the family he flew all this way for what can you do? you just have
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to roll with the punches, i guess and you know, i feel sorry for somebody, air stuff people as well because they're getting getting so much grieving lines are full of passengers trying to get rebooked after being notified. there's is one of the thousands of flights canceled this holiday weekend. they said for me to watch my email and that's why we're here i am i have called alaska and i'm waiting for a call back from them. i'm in lying here. and i've already rebooked on another airline. it's bad weather in the pacific northwest and a shortage of airline staff likely a direct impact of covid that has the winter families mexico trip for their son's birthday postponed he doesn't get to have a drink on his 18th birthday. so there's that, but there's tomorrow, hopefully with the new change in cdc quarantine guidance down to five days instead of 10, the hope is that this crisis won't continue. it's not a crisis in so much as people dying, which is very different from a year ago. but it's a crisis in terms
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of not having a workforce. but dr peter chin hong at ucsf says five days of quarantine won't work for everyone. when you talk about 10 days, pretty much you know more than 90% of people will be fine, so you don't really need to do a test from the old guidance. when you're talking about five days. some people find some people are not fine. you really need to take people symptoms into consideration. you need to, you know, use a test cell guide you while the new recommendation means pilots and flight attendants can get back to work quicker. dr chen hong hopes employees won't be forced to work if they still don't feel good. and dr anthony fauci says the u. s. might want to think about mandating vaccinations for domestic flights, not just international. that is just another one of the requirements that i think is reasonable to consider. that new guidance from the cdc is for everyone, not just for airline workers, which is what those major airlines were asking for. at s f l i mean, quintana ktvu, fox two
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news. delta airlines says one of its jets returned to seattle hours after it took off due to new cleaning requirements at shanghai's international airport and emailed statement from delta says the new mandates require significantly extended ground time. and are not operationally viable for the airline turnaround cause problems from passengers whose covid tests and visas had expired. chinese consulate in san francisco has filed a complaint with the u. s government. we kick started this work week on a very rainy note. in fact, we had gusty winds and reports of hail along the peninsula. we wrap up this monday with pristine conditions. this is our live weather camera , looking out from oakland, pesa estuary and the bay towards the city of san francisco. and you can see the embarcadero all lit up with 10,000 ali delights. and then you see the self force building with that blue lighted top. it is going to be a very chilly taking. a look at the
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temperatures currently were in the low forties and much of the north bay also the tri valley. it's in the mid forties in san jose back in through willow glen. it's 46 degrees of peace in san francisco and across the bay to oakland through emeryville into el cerrito and in berkeley, where the winds have increased to 20 mph, so that makes it feel downright. rock outside nine mile per hour winds and fairfield through tracy and mountain house, 16 at sfo. oh, i checked in with sfo, manetta and oakland and so far no reports of delays as far as the weather is concerned, okay, that's this morning's storm that produced copious amounts of rainfall upstream. yet another system future cats has been nailing this storms, so let's watch the clock. here's tonight's stars in our inland areas, clear sky, so it's going to be cold, and then we filter and with the cloud cover four year tuesday, the book of the day is going to be dry. then we have that upstream again. another cold front by the evening commute. the tail end of
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it will start to see the rain drops around the bay area, some heavy precipitation around the santa cruz mountains and we do have the local snow level tomorrow night through wednesday morning. 500 ft. i know 500 ft in the north bay and in the east bay, santa cruz mountains, 1500 ft. we'll talk more about that lowering snow level and near record cold. that's straight ahead. later on in the newscast , heather and julie alright, roberta. thank you. well democrats are working to keep the president's build back. better bill alive after democratic senator joe manchin announced last week that he remains opposed. now some progressives are suggesting a workaround. fox news isha hosni is in washington with the latest on where the bill stands now. president biden didn't get his bill back. better agenda passed for christmas. but democrats aren't giving up on giving a belated gift to the white house , even if the nearly $2 trillion price tag needs to drop lower. we've got to find that sweet
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spot while president biden has remained optimistic that he can still reach a deal with democratic holdout joe manchin, progressives are plotting a path forward without him on sunday, house progressive caucus chair pramila jayapal again called on the president to take executive action. to quote make clear to those who hinder build back better that the white house and democrats will deliver. yet republicans say it's time to move on. i mean, there are real issues that we need to be dealing with, rather than you know, catering to the progressives on the on the left of the democrat party. but it's not just progressives looking for work around the past democratic priorities with fewer votes. majority leader chuck schumer told colleagues he is not only planning a vote on build back better next year but also an exception to the filibuster rule in order to pass voting rights legislation. with just 50 votes we will do and look at whatever. is necessary. tube push. for congress to take
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this issue on and we have to. we have to and when it comes to voting rights legislation, president biden says he supports an exception to the filibuster in washington. isha hosni fox news. a jury has signaled it has settled into deliberations at the sex trafficking trial of glenn maxwell, with the request for a white board and different colored sticky notes. the jury deliberated for more than an hour today before making that request. jurors also asked for some trial testimony and the definition of the word enticement. the jury resumed deliberations after a holiday weekend break following two full days of deliberations last week. the british socialite is charged with grooming teenagers as young as 14 to be sexually assaulted by financier jeffrey epstein. maxwell's lawyers say she is being scapegoated after epstein killed himself in prison back in 2019 while awaiting a sex trafficking trial. 2021 comes to a close with its fair share of
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scandals coming up a look back at some of the stories that created a lot of buzz across
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bombshell revelations after prince harry and meghan markle sat down for that interview with oprah and i'm comfortable knowing that we did everything that we could to make it work. the couple, claiming there were conversations among the royal family over how dark their son archie skin might be harry revealing in the interview he felt trapped by royal life, while megan said she had suicidal thoughts while adjusting to life as a royal sharon osborne caught up in the fallout of that interview, the talk co host facing allegations of racism after questioning the validity of megan's mental health struggles, she was ultimately let go from the show free brittany movement dominating the news in 2021, the pop star's legal and family drama. taking center stage as she fought to enter 13 year long conservatorship run by her father, jamie, judge officially terminating that conservatorship in november after mounting pressure and a potential impeachment trial, andrew cuomo stepped down as new york's governor in august, a report by
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the state attorney general found he harassed multiple employees. and that his administration created a hostile work environment. the best way i can help now. is if i step aside and let government get back to governing, and cuomo's brother faced his own repercussions. cnn anchor chris cuomo was fired from the network for helping his brother. pressing sources for information on the governor's accusers and helping his staff craft responses to the mounting accusations. bill cosby, now a free man, the 84 year old released from prison in june after pennsylvania's highest court overturned his 2018 sexual assault conviction. prosecutors now asking the supreme court to take a look at the ruling. disgraced r and b singer r. kelly found guilty on all charges in his sex trafficking trial. he now faces up to 100 years behind bars. sentencing in a second federal trial in illinois are expected in 2022. and former smallville actress allison mack, beginning her
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three year prison sentence for her role in sex trafficking crimes connected to the group nx i v. m matt pleaded guilty to charges that she manipulated women into becoming sex slaves within the cult like group we can't stop this real world spending country singer morgan wallen facing blowback after being caught on camera using a racial slur. the singer was suspended from his record company dropped by his agency and had his music pulled from most of the radio stations. but it wasn't all bad. while it's online sales and streaming numbers saw an increase after the incident. the search for a permanent replacement for late jeopardy. host alex trebek continues after executive producer mike richards was booted from the role richard stepping down as the new host and from his executive producing role on the show after past sexist remarks resurfaced as well as multiple discrimination lawsuits, which were filed during his time at the price is right. actor armie hammer, accused of rape, sexual violence and emotional abuse, sexually
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explicit and disturbing messages surfacing allegedly from hammers personal instagram. the unverified messages describing graphic fantasies like cannibalism. hammer dropping out of multiple film projects following the allegations and checking into a rehab facility for drugs, alcohol and sex issues. green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers facing heat after revealing he was not vaccinated. many previously thought the football star did get his vaccine after he said he was immunized over the summer. the news coming after rogers tested positive for covid 19 in the fall, there are sure to be plenty more scandalous stories in 2022. we'll be there to cover it all. in new york. ainsley earhardt fox news. another story that got a lot of attention this year was the search for gabby potato coming up tonight at 6 30. some people waiting to hear about missing loved ones in the bay area. worry they're not getting the attention they want because of something called missing white woman syndrome also coming up. we'll hear from
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the warriors as they continue to juggle their roster due to a spike in the number of coronavirus cases, and oakland's police chief opens up about a violent holiday weekend. county a
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booster dose of the covid vaccine by january 10th. that requirement will apply to law enforcement officers, firefighters and medical workers who respond to emergency calls
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at high risk facilities. workers at homeless shelters will also be required to get boosted. a skier is missing and white out conditions at the north star resort. rescue crews are searching for 43 year old rory and july of truckee. the experienced skier was lasting. on saturday morning. he was reported missing after failing to show up for christmas dinner. with friends. many people who spent the holidays in lake tahoe are now struggling to get home tonigh■t. traffic managers do nt know when it'll be safe to reopen stretches of snow covered interstate 80 and highway 50. there are white out conditions and traffic is jammed up in places for miles and more snow is on the way. ktvu meteorologist roberta gonzalez will join us in just a few minutes with the details on what to expect next. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 coming up new tonight at 6 30 police say a shooting early today in san francisco's financial district left two people injured. officers responded to the shooting at 2 15 this morning near the corner of
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battery in jackson streets. two men were sitting in their vehicle when two suspects began shooting at them. police say the suspects, then got into a vehicle and drove away. the victims were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. no arrests have been made, and no word on what led up to that shooting at least four more shootings on christmas eve one involving police in oakland. and today we heard from the oakland police chief about the violent holiday weekend. our crime reporter henry lee has the latest busy and violent christmas eve in oakland. it began with the shooting by police at about 4 30 in the afternoon, officers were investigating a report of a man waving a gun near 98 the needs in the brookfield village neighborhood in east oakland. police chief laurent armstrong says an officer opened fire on a man who had attacked him and brandished a weapon at him. officer discharged his service weapon three times, but the officer missed the individual was not shot. was not injured. as a result of the shooting. the officer was not injured, nor was
6:32 pm
the community member injured. then at about 8 20 that evening , a man died after being shot on lakeshore avenue near first avenue. it happened at the edge of lake mirror, not far from where a woman was shot and killed last month. it's a scenic area with views of the lake, but police say the beauty has been marred by the presence of people under the influence of drugs or alcohol. sometimes the results in confrontations or arguments that escalate, unfortunately into violent crime. also on christmas eve, police responded to several shootings, including one outside ucsf. benioff children's hospital, oakland at about 10 30 that night, a teenage boy who had been shot was taken to the hospital and a car and a second car pulled up. the individuals in the second vehicle fired multiple rounds into the vehicle right in front of children's hospital. and so very obviously concerning for us , and in another shooting that night, more than 30 rounds were fired near fruit villain east 18th street, peppering homes with gunfire, even in the midst of rain, even in the midst of a holiday season. you know, there
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are individuals that are still out there committing crime. oakland please tell me they've had uniform and undercover officers as well as technology around that part of lake merritt. but on christmas eve at the time of the homicide. many officers were diverted to that shooting involving police. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. president biden is promising states full support of the government as the omicron variant of coronavirus surges across the country. in a virtual meeting with governors, the president said the u. s is now mobilizing doctors and nurses to help out in places where hospitals may be overwhelmed. the governor's praised the administration for pledging to provide 500 million free rapid tests as soon as january. president biden acknowledged that with the spike in new cases , pharmacies and clinics have seen a big run on both at home and laboratory tests. i know the lines have gotten very long in some states. that's why i ordered female to set up pop up sites and places with high demand to shorten. wait we stood
6:34 pm
up six news sites in new york city. in five days and are more coming. a white house official said the new test kits will come from new manufacturing capacity and will not interfere with existing supply chains. as covid cases surge due to the omicron variants. cities now around the world are either canceling or making changes to plans for new year's festivities. foxes david spun has more now on what other changes are being proposed for americans. hoping to celebrate the start of 2022. in times square, the famous new year's eve ball getting its finishing touches the largest crystal ball in the world. but with covid cases on the rise, new york city officials this year are scaling back capping attendance at 15,000 spectators down from the normal nearly 60,000. plus organizers are requiring attendees be fully vaccinated. we will be checking vaccinations status, but new york isn't the
6:35 pm
only city scaling back or canceling this year's festivities heading into the new year. across the world. other major cities are doing the same, including london, paris and rome. meantime white house chief medical advisor dr anthony fauci suggested the biden administration consider vaccine requirements for all domestic flights. while urging americans to steer clear of new year's eve parties due to the omicron covid variant. there will be other years to do that, but not this year, but critics question whether canceling celebrations slated for outdoors. goes too far, even as u. s officials announced they are cutting the recommended quarantine time from 10 days to five for close contacts. all it really does is decrease morale. it hurts the industry. it's workers cancels plans, and it's not really going to do much to lessen the spread of this virus. president biden told a group of governors on
6:36 pm
monday. the next steps in fighting the pandemic have to be taken at the state level and that there is no federal solution. in washington. david spun fox news. female of gabby petito. we know of natalee holloway, chandra levy lacy peterson, but you can't name one black or brown person that have actually received mainstream media. somebody area residents searching for missing loved ones are calling attention to disparities among cases of missing people across the country coming up, they suspect the difference all boils down to race plus in more of a mess. still pretty cool. people in the sierra c. help pulling into their neighborhoods coming up how much longer they can expect to see all of that snow piling up
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or live chat at today. call 833-317-4673 but one case dominated national headlines for weeks. gasia mikaelian explode explorers how many people consider the coverage of gabby potatoes disappearance? a case of missing white woman syndrome. we don't eat. we don't sleep. we're just actively looking for her. the search for 22 year old gabby petito of florida captured the nation's attention with what seemed like unprecedented news coverage. we just wanted to come home. call us. okay? we just come home, please. we miss you,
6:40 pm
the head of the black and missing foundation says the police and media focus on white women in particular has long been a trend in this country. we know of gabby petito we know of natalee holloway, chandra levy lacy peterson, but you can't name one black and brown person that have actually received mainstream media. the term missing white woman syndrome was coined almost 20 years ago. to describe the public fascination with cases involving white women to the exclusion of cases involving missing people of color. people such as arianna fits. she was just two years old when she went missing after her mother was found dead in san francisco in april of 2016. ariana would be eight years old now, but no one knows if she's alive. i can't think of her any other way contest if it's has spent more than five years mourning the loss of her sister , nikki, ariana's mother, and waiting for word on her niece. i
6:41 pm
still think of her as that same energetic, bubbly kid that that curious kid who would grab people's attention because she would smile and wave at people when we were out. you know, out in the street doing stuff performer partner claire bonner considers ariana family she watched the gabby petito coverage with deep sadness on a number of levels. unfortunately it wasn't surprising to me. i think it was the missing white woman syndrome. i think that if ariana's case and nicky's case had received more media attention. we would. we would be further in the case than we are now. the head of the black and missing foundation, who served as a police officer from more than two decades says police are key in how missing persons cases are handled. oftentimes on enforcement label our black and brown young, you know, children asked right aways. runaways do not receive the amber alert. there's no sense of urgency when it comes to looking for those
6:42 pm
children. and when it comes to missing men and women, their disappearances oftentimes associated with some sort of criminal activity. and so it really just sensitize is the fact that they're missing and it's really dehumanizing as well . the black and missing foundation sites numbers that show nearly 40% of missing persons are people of color, even though african americans make up about 13% of the total population. the foundation's mission is to help families of color. get the word out about their missing loved ones. we have families that have had their loved ones to go missing for years, you know, for months , and they can't even simply get a flyer. you know, they can't simply get their loved one on the five or 10 o'clock news station last year alone, we had over 1600 cases coming to office for missing persons. the head of the oakland police department's special victims unit says a missing person's race has no effect on who gets a tweet press release news conference or no
6:43 pm
public notice at all. we can't control what the media covers as far as story wise, other than hey, please release this information about this mr person and have people that have information. contact us. after that, we're not asking for additional coverage unless it helps the case. but you're not putting out a media notice for every single one of those 1600 people whose reported missing a year. no not again only if it is just the case. again. more generally, the video alerts will go out for the people that we believe they are at risk, and it can actually help the case. the media are under scrutiny as well. many questions if newsrooms are giving equal coverage to people who are not reflected in the faces of the editorial staff. the head of the black and missing foundation says inherent biases and implicit racism in policing and news coverage are to blame. we need more diversity in the newsroom. we need law enforcement to take these cases seriously, and we need the community to come forward and say something. if they see something there are a lot of us
6:44 pm
out there in pain and meeting resolutions as she prepares to mark six years since her disappearance, ariana fits and says she still has hope arianna will be found. god mariana, we love you. and we miss you, and we want nothing more than to have you home. uh, you know, uh , hope you're okay and trust that you are, but, um, um, we're not stopping until we get you home. gasia mikaelian ktvu fox two news. we've had rain. we've had snow, and we even had hailed this morning and now mayor. record cold temperatures full forecast they'll straight ahead. and kwanza celebrations underway all across the country coming up how bay area residents are getting involved.
6:45 pm
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he's consider all that snow. another glimpse now of what life is like in the sierra tonight, scott gaffney posted this video to instagram when snowplows started working in his tahoe city neighborhood. just an amazing amount of snow up there , roberta and they're going to expect at least another couple inches to four inches of snow at lake level by wednesday night, and could see another foot or two ft of snow above 7000 ft. before all this is said and done, we have a lot to talk about. so let's get to it right now are live weather cameras featuring the ports of oakland. which is the fifth busiest ports in the us, and it's just sparkling tonight under mostly
6:48 pm
cloudy sky we do have at this particular time temperatures into the forties, and we only saw highs today in the high forties throughout most of the area, up to about 50 degrees in redwood city. the winds have been increasing oakland now at 20 mph, it adds a chill to the air. 16 mph sfo half moon bay has been picking up gusts as up to about 30 mph. so tomorrow look at ahead. these are your weather headlines. we have a dry morning slated. it's going to turn breezy with rain developing by the evening hours into the overnight hours, and we're also going to see some localized snow in our mountains a dry day in the forecast for thursday. let's get to it. here. we do have this frontal boundary that dumped up to about an inch of rain in throughout some locations in the bay area, just in time for the morning commute. we do have the clearing of the skies behind it, and we also have another storm on approach. some of those totals earlier today over three quarters of an inch of rain in dublin, almost an ancient castro valley and in mill valley. san
6:49 pm
jose before 10th of an inch of rain. that's healthy, so our future cast has been just spot on tracking the systems ever since december 22nd, so i have to believe it when it has the clear skies tonight by nine o'clock in our inland areas, and without that deco clouds acting like a blanket to those temperatures are going to be colder tonight and then tomorrow morning's commute will be precipitation free. the book of the day on tuesday will be rain free until this comes in. are at last cold front of the week, and it has a lot of cold air associated with it, so we will see our local snow levels drop down to 500 ft. north bay and east bay foothills. 500 ft. no accumulation will see that above 1500 ft. now by wednesday, let's say mid afternoon we'll start to see all this taper off. we do have a winter storm advisor in effect for humble legman casino trinity counties. all because on approaching this system here,
6:50 pm
the snow level and uk a data 500 ft, expecting one inch of snow. winter storm warning still, in effect for the high sierra. we are anticipating steal a total of 4 to 8 ft. of snow at lake level 9 to 12 ft of snow above 7000 ft. the record overnight low tonight for san francisco is 39 degrees. that was set back in 2017 tonight, forecasts low 40 so it's going to get awfully close mid thirties overnight to the north and 34 degrees try value from livermore through pleasant in into danville and in dublin, san ramon to 49 in san mateo, and it looks like after we get rid of this cold front. not a lot of precipitation associated with it, but a lot of cold air. we're going to stage chile. look at those overnight lows all the way through new year's day, which will be sunny and bright, heather and julie. okay sounds good. thanks so much , berta. well for the second night in a row, san francisco is
6:51 pm
celebrating kwanza celebrations by lighting up city hall and the colors that you see here, red, green and black. quansah which started yesterday, was created in california in the 19 sixties to celebrate african american culture. candles are lit for seven straight nights, ending with the kwanzaa feast on january 1st. coming up next in sports. 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo has been diagnosed with a significant thumb injury . sports director mark trainees . sports director mark trainees will be here with (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday.
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is with you tonight in the vinyl room. if you follow an nfl team closely in your big fan seems like there's always drama and this time of year for the 49ers anyway, this is not the kind of drama you want to get their starting quarterback. whether you like it or not. jimmy garoppolo has sustained a substantial thumb injury, and it's described as a bone chip in a torn ligament on his thumb on his right hand, which, of course , is throwing the hand and didn't practice today couldn't in a lot of pain, and he's got to be listed as extremely questionable. the injury happened actually on a sack. in
6:55 pm
the second quarter versus tennessee this past thursday. now, he told coach shanahan about it fairly close to when it happened during the game. shanahan did not mention it to the media at all after the game. but had this to say about things today? i think it affected his throne. just talking to him and n the, um first play the third quarter. um i would say that was one plate affected him on the most. it's a dump sprain. so i think you guys know how those are. i mean, they didn't feel great today, um, wasn't able to throw today and be out as on wednesday, hopefully will get better. all right. that would be a semi miracle can't help but believe there's a great chance that rookie trey lance is going to get his second nfl starts sunday at lever is against the texans. lance also sustained if you remember a bone chip in his throwing hand versus arizona in his first ever started. haven't seen hide nor
6:56 pm
hair of him. basically since then, here's shanahan's assessment of lance development behind the scenes and his thoughts on whether or not he'll play. if your starting quarterback can't throw it as good as he normally does that always factor, you know, i mean, it's i feel like if that was the case at any time this year, um, jimmy, he was struggling to, um , throw it as best. i think we would have gone with this last month of trade has been his best consecutive four weeks of practice, since we've had him as far as this consistency and stuff until this last month, has been as best alright if there is such a thing, i guess the golden state warriors have received some good covid news but hit quite hard, particularly in the last week or so. so as they ready up to play denver tomorrow night in san francisco closer to full strength. andrew wagons is off the covid protocol left and will play tomorrow night against the nuggets. jordan's pool also cleared but needs a little more
6:57 pm
recovery time. so he will not play. of course, the big name draymond green just went in yesterday. he's going to be out for a while, just a little while ago inside an hour, steve kurt talked about drama. he's doing fine, he said. very mild symptoms and in good spirits. he's just disappointed, obviously, um, way things are going the way he's playing. you know, the good news is, um, dreamin and really, everybody who's gone through this in our organization seems to be one pretty mild symptoms and all that. all right. all in all pretty encouraging. now back to some football. this is the time of year man where if your team's not living up to expectations, or you kind of realize you're out frustrations, you missed it. last night, cowboys laid it on the washington 56 14 tempers flare on the washington bench teammates tearing pain jonathan
6:58 pm
allen, exchanging words pain, not put his finger in allen's face, and then i punched in sued and all kinds of chaos on the bench. not what a coach or anyone else with the organization wanted to see. but here's jonathan ally like his reaction after the game happens, brothers fight i mean, the next step is moving on the thing about when something happens on the field. you never let it carry into the locker room. you know what i mean? so things get heated. we fix them. we sit down has grown man. we move on. like that. very to the point. hey, you got to check this out a little more fun in halftime with the vikings rams game 15 cordis race to the end zone and little guy by the name of fin on his back deserves extra credit. because he's carrying santa's. that's cute. that's so cute. great and you know who says you need long legs to be a great run, right? that's sporty liner
6:59 pm
guys. alright mark. thank you. guys. alright mark. thank you. thanks for joining us, all right, professor proton fans, get ready to meet dr. sheldon cooper and dr. amy farrah fowler, a pair of real-life scientists who may win the nobel prize. that's like the kids' choice award, but with more science and less slime. hi, thanks for having us. kids' choice award? why would they let kids choose anything? they're basically human larvae. well, they are kind of our target audience. greetings, children. toys, am i right? he is. he has hundreds of them. so you two have discovered something that a lot of people are really excited about. (chuckles) we have. now, before you explain it, keep in mind that our average viewer is this many. okay, imagine you're looking in a mirror. the image you see looks just like you. that's called symmetrical.
7:00 pm
now imagine you have a billion mirrors, and each of them reflects one thing about you correctly and a billion things about you incorrectly. and imagine the set of incorrect things are floating in an abstract n-dimensional hyperspace. now imagine there was never a mirror to begin with. oh, was that a doorbell? i didn't hear anything. (doorbell rings) huh, there it is again. sheldon, why don't you answer it? but i don't know who it is. maybe it's a special guest who i invited just to surprise you. why don't you open it up and find out. this is a terrible message to send to children. children, you never open the door if you don't know who's on the other side. you always make your mommy or daddy do it while you hide under the bed and try to imagine what your superhero name will be when you avenge their deaths. i'll get it. but it can't be the silver shadow-- that's mine.


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