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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  December 29, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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bay area you must wear a mask starting at midnight, even if you are fully backs in ated. that's the latest update today after several counties removed exceptions that allow certain people to remove their face coverings in certain settings, and it comes as a rise in coronavirus infections has led to a drop in new year's eve celebrations. we have live team coverage on all of this, starting with ktvu henry lee. we spoke with local health officials and is here now to explain the latest decision, henry julie, several counties that had allowed fully vaccinated people to go massless indoors in some workplaces, gyms and churches. that's no longer going to be the case. that was then. and this is now. on wednesday, all they area counties announced that everyone even if you're fully vaccinated , must wear masks in all indoor public settings. that means the exceptions that have been carved out and sonoma, marin, san francisco, alameda and contra costa counties will no longer apply. all thanks to the omicron variant. no, it quadrupling in cases of in, even
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in san francisco astronomical rise in cases of vertical wall in many parts of the country. the state had issued a mask mandate back on december 15th. ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter chin hong says the indoor mask mandate is key to keeping people safe amid the surge personally, now i would feel more comfortable wearing a mask anytime i'm going indoors anywhere. so again, we're kind of in a different time, he says. there's evidence that the virus might stick around. longer indoors. you can have these virus particles with omicron linger in the air for much longer, kind of like dandelions realized that john it doesn't care necessarily about vaccination status, making situations or gatherings indoors without masks. much higher risk. i recommend this new year's eve to really stay at home. if you can do not gather if you can doctor or ismaili contra costa county deputy health officer says it might be wise to ring in
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2022 in relative isolation. they're saying, if you're going to throw a party, this new year's the unexpected guests will be omicron. so this is really the time to maybe take it easier this year. so to recap. everyone must wear masks in indoor public spaces. beginning after midnight early tomorrow morning. the state's mask order last until at least january 15th whatever the newsroom henry lee ktvu, fox two news great henry. thank you. the warriors and chase center updated their requirements today to get into the arena in san francisco to include booster shots beginning february, 1st fans will have to show proof of full vaccination, including a booster if they're eligible bands under 12, who are not vaccinated will need to show a negative covid test taken within 24 hours for an antigen test and 48 hours for a pcr test . other requirements, including masking remain in place. well for a second year under roe covid has slimmed down. do you
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receive celebrations in the bay area, but they might not necessarily be a bad thing. it was tom baker continues. our team comforts and out live from san francisco's embarcadero with an explanation, tom well, consider this poor generations. west coast revelers have seen san francisco's embarcadero as ground zero for the greatest celebration around, especially when you include all those fireworks. well. maybe next year. despite having 84% of eligible san franciscans vaccinated and 55% boosted as well. the city by the bay has called off friday nights new year's eve celebration. we ran into longtime sports marketing professional pat gallagher. maybe it's overkill. but i sort of understand what the mentality is, and i think they get people are just afraid to make a mistake. and they sort of air on the on the side of maybe being too conservative. i'm bummed. to be honest, because i feel like in san francisco. we are so
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cautious and everybody is taking the proper precautions. one key factors has laurie thomas of the golden gate restaurant association is that many restaurant and bar employees are quarantining after having tested positive. for covid, but i understand the reasons given that there's a lack of workers that are going to be able to work and facilitate safely. another fear the aggressively spreading oh macron variant would potentially have tens of thousands of potential hosts in the crowd. fact is the bayside celebration draws people from all over the state and nation, some of which come from low vaccination places, or maybe unvaccinated themselves or could be carrying and unlikely but potential new variants. i look at it as a very smart move by the city. i'm really glad they did it. harry butler legendary restaurant tour from more than a half century has two restaurants in the city, another in luxembourg. and one coming to
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novato. it's one of our busiest nights of every year. but we were nervous about it in advance because for our own staff, and just everybody's well being. this thing is like wildfire and it'll it'll jump up and get you going to days time when you least expect it. hopeful for next year for sure, it's got to be better, right? like perry's restaurants that can be open restaurants that can be opened will be open, ready, willing and able to serve you so you can enjoy the city because the weather here should be great. although forget the fireworks. tom baker ktvu fox two news just another year of scaled back celebrations, tom thank you. bart says that it will operate on its normal friday service during the day on new year's eve , but we'll run trains later than usual that night to help people get home safely. for those celebrating in downtown san francisco, the last eastbound east bay east bay bound train will be at around 1
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30 in the morning and the last southbound train heading towards millbrae will run through downtown san francisco at 2:10 a.m. rogers are encouraged to check the exact schedule posted to bart's website, bart dot gov . caltrain will offer free train service on new year's eve so everyone can get home safely. the free service begins after eight p.m. on friday and lasts until the evening spinal departure from san francisco at 1:30 a.m. saturday. caltrain has also added special trains for new year's eve beginning at 12:30 a.m. trains will make all regular weekday local stops between san francisco and san jose's dear it on station. caltrain requires space coverings for all writers and does not allow open alcohol containers on trains. after nine pm organizers of the annual times square in new year's eve celebration are gearing up for the big night now. back today, organizers tossed confetti down to the streets to get people excited about the new year's eve confetti drop. that's what about £3000 of confetti will be
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released at midnight there in times square. and a lot of that confetti will have written wishes from people who submitted them to the new year's eve wishing wall the celebration has been scaled back again this year due to the covid surge. only about 15,000 people, as opposed to about 60,000 will be allowed in times square, and we are more than a year into the biggest vaccination rollout in u. s history. but once again, we're finding ourselves facing a surge in covid infection. and while new cases in the us have soared to the highest level on record hospitalizations and deaths are well below where they were one year ago. so to help us compare today to one year ago as ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter tin hong really appreciate you joining us this evening, doctor. the shots really brought a lot of hope that this crisis would end. but it hasn't. are you surprised by what's happening? i am surprised. but then yet they have not surprised . i'm surprised because i think
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we had hoped that more people get immunized, not just locally or nationally, but we'll globally and that hasn't happened. so of course when that doesn't happen. you're going to get variants created over and over again. that is natural selection. after all, i'm also surprised that even though we've had enough vaccines for people we've actually had more deaths in 2021 2020. we have 300,000 deaths in us at this time last year, and now we're up to 800,000. that's really, really disappointing and i hope that we will do better and we will do better this year. dr chen hong as we watch and learn more about macron. what's the most important thing for people to know as we had into the new year? well, i think the most important thing for people to know is that it's not going to cause you to get very sick as a vaccinated person, even if you get two shots, but even if you get infected that means i mean a big deal to a lot of people. that may mean if you're taking care of kids, you can't anymore.
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even though the cdcs shortened its isolation time, it means that you, you don't have to wall yourself off. even if it's five days you don't know how long your symptoms will be. so i think all of that needs to chaos and it's something that you don't want to get. but there are silver linings as well. if you do get unlucky to get a breakthrough infection, we think that that hybrid immunity will be better even than vaccinated immunity. two nemean away out for even the future. potentially so you just outlined some of the ways that we can fight this winter surge. do you think in fact that that can be accomplished it can be accomplished. i think people are focusing sean on many people they know who have gotten breakthrough infections, but i think there are also many people who didn't get breakthrough infections. luckily myself included. so there are things that you can do to reduce your risk, and there are many things that people have been talking about. i think definitely getting a booster. definitely not too late. getting a flu shot. we haven't picked picked
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peaks in our flu winter surge. it that's probably january. february you can make it very sick from that. i think vaccinating your kids upgrading your mask. no more cloth masks alone. you have to argue either wear a double mask or really well fitted surgical masks and if you want to go extreme. you can go for care 95 or 95 miles, so i think in risky in north settings you want to do that? so i think with all of these things , you can reduce your risk, of course, using diagnostic tests when you can as a screen, but you know, it's not a 01 phenomenon, and every day you know you you think you're mindful of what do you do and hopefully i think if all goes like south africa will be in this rollercoaster, but we're going to be down. that's very quickly and we'll get back to regular life. we are now two years into almost two years into covid, and just like we see every year with the flu. there are different strains of the flu, and now we're seeing different strains and variants
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with covid. is this just something that we are going to have to get used to living with year after year is different strains. and where do things stand with the therapeutics and treatments for covid? that's a great question, julie. i think that that is a civil lining for 2022. we have a lot more therapeutics that are going to be available. i'm most excited, of course about the oral agents packs loaded from fighter 89% reduction in hospitalization risk for people with what risk for severe disease. we have even more supervisor which will have more doses of because they have much more in stock immediately, and even though it's 30% reduction, which is a little bit lower, it still results in keeping our hospitals intact. we have long acting monoclonal antibodies that can give protection. if you can't respond to vaccines, so what it means is that we're going to have increasing options for people, different strokes for different folks in 2022 in terms of your original question. we have several possibilities. we have
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some evidence already that from south africa, then if you get humor, cron you actually develop antibodies said. we'll fight and keep delta b, which is more serious, potentially whether or not we're going to see a new variant every year. possible and likely unless we get everybody in the world immunized, so it's probably not going to go anywhere. any time soon, but at least we can keep ourselves safe and we'll have a whole lot of options in various combinations to do that. yes having options is a good thing. dr peter chin hong, thanks for your time today and happy new year. happy new year. julian heather, thank you and stay with us right here on ktvu for the latest on the new masking restrictions and other covid related news. just head to our website at ktvu .com. already if you have a commute this afternoon, it's kind of wet out there, especially in the south bay will look at that. we'll look at how cold it's going to get tonight we'll talk
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about snow in the mountains and the next round of range headed your way. please postpone your holiday travel. that is the message from caltrans tonight after days of showers, winds and icy and snowy conditions in the sierra plus from prey to play time we're taking a look at some of the coolest sites from storms across the country. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ♪
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- hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. with some rain showers. they were heavy at times. here's a look live. look right now. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see moisture there out on the camera lens and cars are moving through fairly easily at this hour. it's nice to see on this wednesday evening, right at the height of the evening commute. another cold winter
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storm is rolling through northern california. and it's not just the bay area getting moisture. so are other parts of the west coast as well as the other side of the country. we have live team coverage for you tonight, starting with our chief meteorologist, bill martin, who is tracking this latest system moving over us bill. yes this was a pretty sweet little system as it went through, not unlike the last couple ones. very cold , cold, cold core low, so low level down pretty low bay area peaks, getting a dusting winter storm warning in the mountains, and we've basically been in a position where we have seen scattered showers pretty heavy at times today, especially as we got into the mid afternoon hours . 11 12 1 o'clock. let's take a look at some of the rain totals. now you're like, okay, that was some pretty significant rain right? it felt like it because when it comes down in those rainfall rates are so high. maybe. it feels like boy. that's a lot of rain. but when you look at the totals compared to those rains, those those atmospheric rivers we saw a bit ago. when you look at those totals. that's reasonable that those are good totals. by the way that's a good
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solid winter storm. but we had gotten used to 2345 inches of rain in 24 hours, so this is more typical of extra tropical winter storm that we saw today and yesterday as well, so the showers are still lingering on the afternoon commute. of course , we know how that works. i mean, you get going outside. i mean, we're looking at the bayshore there are out towards emeryville. um and you can just see both both both ways going bad, and i'll tell you what a lot of folks said to the mountains. it's still nasty. traveling up there around lake taller that winter storm warning stays in effect and will probably be in effect, or at least some assemble. it's of a winter weather advisory in effect through the night into tomorrow. so with that said, heaviest rain right now. generally further south more towards the south bay. let's take a look there. you can see the radar. we're in for a drawing period, which is really good. i mean, we've gotten ourselves a good amount of rain are percent of average have really clicked up, which is huge . the snow right record snow in
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december. i mean, that's you know, 15 17 ft of snow early on in this thing, you know when this all started with, like, okay, maybe maybe 10. some of the models were saying 15 ft and we're like, let's hedge that back to 12 and 13, which was huge for a storm total. and here we are some places up there. 17 ft. so as you look at the rain where is it falling around half moon bay. it's fallen pretty significantly. the darker greens the rest of its that splash splash stuff, but i got to tell you when it comes down, um in spurts it can it can cause some driving issues and i don't want you to freak out when you see this. see the orange like, oh, boy, that's that's really heavy rain. no, that's just the radar, reacting to frozen precipitation at a higher level, so it's making the returns look bigger, more aggressive than they are most likely what we're seeing in this sense, sunnyvale san jose area. light showers to moderate showers. not what that depicts. like if i were to come in on this when you see rain, shadow or rain numbers like this far to come in on this, it would be
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pointing out like an inch an hour and i don't believe that's what we're saying. i think what we're seeing is frozen. the freezing levels are pretty low. so what am i saying? traveled the mountains tough travel this afternoon in the south bay and on the peninsula little bit sketchy. next couple of days would be pretty nice. i'll see you back here with that in just a couple minutes. all right, bill. thank you. well from california to the midwest, millions of people are feeling these winter storms. our team coverage continues with meteorologist roberta gonzalez, who will show us some of the best snow images. a lot of them out there, roberta. we have been experiencing a whole potpourri of whether here in the bay area anywhere from brain to sleet and snow, but we are not the only ones. in fact, let's head north, now to fairbanks, alaska, the largest and coldest city and the inter portion of alaska 21 f today gusty winds that all cause for blizzard like conditions there. look at the snow on the fly. yes it is the what is december on record in fairbanks
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, alaska. now let's slide to the southeast. so does springs thanks to uc berkeley snow lab reporting eight full inches of snow the last 24 hours now, the total there since the storms began about 10 days ago. 210 inches, which is 17.5 ft of snow on the ground 70% of our seasonal total that is remarkable now sliding on over to the south like tahoe shore. 4 to 8 ft of snow does line the rim of lake tahoe. right there. you see people finally coming out of their cabins and the dig out began and now let's go ahead and head cross country to chicago, illinois, where they received their first snowfall last night. 1.5 inches of snow has fallen after 287 days. without snow. now heather and julie, would i find totally remarkable is since december 27th. we have recorded nine full inches of snow atop mount hamilton's, while chicago, illinois only has 1.5 inches of
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snow. just crazy. isn't it back to you in the studio numbers are really telling. all right, roberta, thank you, and you can find more dramatic pictures of snowfall across the bay area and northern california right there on our website. just had to ktvu .com. well now into an update on the search for missing skier in plaster county crews were out again this morning looking for 43 year old rory angela to after getting a tip about fresh tracks in the snow. unfortunately though, authorities say those tracks belong to a bear and a lotta is an expert skier who works at a north star skate shop . he never returned after skiing christmas weekend. crab fishermen began selling locally caught dungeness crab today on this first day of the commercial season. typically they're allowed to set out before thanksgiving, but it's not unusual to see delays, and it happened again this year. the start of the season was actually delayed several times because of whales off the bay area coast. the boats were finally allowed
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to go out and set crab pots the day after christmas, and the crab fishermen were allowed to return and start checking their catch early this morning. a small business in san francisco's mission district, working to amplify the voice of latino authors. we'll hear from the owner in our latest voices for change. also ahead, six and dozens of hours of verdict watch in the elizabeth holmes trial. what could happen next if the judge does not hear from the jury soon? francisco's mission d,
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want to give latino authors a place to showcase their work? holly ayatollah and her husband opened the shop and a publishing company to increase representation in the literary world. ktvu is. greg lee spoke with ayatollah about the impact of her shop in this segment of voices for change. holly. so appreciate your time. first you opened luna's press books in 2013 with your husband. tell me
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what your goals were at the time . our goals were to create a space for bilingual children's books. um especially specifically at the time. it was my husband. he's his name is hard head gets done has published over 20. bilingual children's books. so we thought with just his books alone, we can sell, you know, sell sell books from that space. um but then the time there were just so many other latino authors that we knew we thought, you know, let's just have them all live here together and promote them. so that's kind of how it started . you have certainly created that space. you just published your first bilingual book graduations and you help like you said other authors bring latino and central american culture to life in books. how rewarding is that for you? oh, it's so rewarding because i'm salvadorian american. and when i see our stories in books, i know that they're going to be there forever. so that just means the world we have a rich salvadorian
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history, people and children should be proud of, so it's just it's very fulfilling, and i mean, i've only published two other authors, but my goal is to in the future. published many more you and i both know the numbers are low when it comes to people of color being represented in literature, authors, etcetera. how do you encourage others to help change those numbers? no that's a good question. i mean, i think really , we have to support small, independent stores and also self published authors because i feel like there are a lot of great self published authors out there , but they just don't know where to market their books and the doors. you know, the big book stores aren't open to them so as latinos i feel like we should really support each other. when we're small and independent. i want to ask you specifically about children's books. because that's such a big part of this.
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you send us some wonderful photos of children enjoying those books when you see their faces because they're seeing characters. that looked like them. what is that mean to you? it means the world because it really does make a difference. um children when they see something that is related to them will just automatically get a big smile on their face. laugh show their parents. it's just it's so important, and i know that's an al salvador with we still have to switch that around . where just in all of the commercials and television, it's still not they're not representing the people who actually are from osama door and what we looked like. so i feel like we need to work there a little bit more. and for more voices for change content. just go to our website ktvu .com and search for voices for change. coming up mother nature wreaking havoc on holiday travel plans
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what caltrans once drivers to know before they hit the roads. also ahead. tonight they were called floating petri dishes at the start of the pandemic. nearly two years later, dozens are under investigation or observation. the sierra are openh
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directions tonight, but it is very slow going and with more heavy snow on the way, the chp is strongly urging people to avoid driving those rats. unless they absolutely have to do is
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christian captain has more now on what caltrans is advising us. drivers try to navigate those cold, rainy and snowy conditions. as video after video shows winter is here, and it is wreaking havoc on travel plans. caltrans director tokes almost shocking is encouraging drivers to postpone their trips and says if travel is a must budget more time for that travel the usual trips that we make which a, you know budget another 20% amount of time. to add on to that to that trip if it's an essential trip because conditions out there are tough for those driving around the bay area. rain is a concern. it might have been a contributing factor to this big rig accident. the major concern locally is wet roadways and cold conditions just in the bay area alone with the amount of wet conditions that were seeing rainfall that we're seeing, be safe and make sure that it's an essential trip for those heading up to this year with the 200 inches of snow that descended upon the mountains. it
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can mean a trip that would ordinarily takes several hours can now take days with impassable roads and slow going if traffic is on the move, highway, 50 and 80 were closed for several hours over the past several days. in total, we had 45 ropes closed across the state since friday, and one final note . caltrans is reminding those drivers who do have to be out there on the road to go slow in areas where crews are working to clear roads. or help people put on chains. they say it could be a matter of life and death. christian captain ktvu fox two news. another day of delays and cancelations for air travelers across the country here in the bay area, more than 60 scheduled flights were canceled. 39 at sfo 15 at san jose international and seven at oakland international. across the country. there were hundreds of cancelations as the coronavirus wreaks havoc for the airlines. fox news david lee miller reports from laguardia airport in new york city on the
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12 punch of the pandemic and the winter weather. i like i have a job that i want to get back to. and so i'm really scared. the cdc reduced quarantine time for covid exposures from 10 to 5 days, but air travelers aren't feeling a significant impact yet. for the sixth straight day. there are hundreds of cancelations and thousands of delays across the country. airlines blaming the mess on staffing shortages due to the cranberry in vaccine mandates and major winter storms in the west. it's also frustrating for the airlines because they've taken a lot of steps. to get through the pandemic. they thought they were through the worst of it. long lines are now the norman major airports, especially hugs the staffing shortages leading to logistical issues with everything from connecting flights to luggage. and frustrated passengers say they're running out of patience , disaster. a lot of families, people inconvenience i've been literally here at the airport is nine pm and just ready to get home especially hard hit by the weather. alaska airlines, which canceled more than 10% of its flights earlier on wednesday. saying they need more time to de
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ice. their planes united, jetblue and delta also racking up early cancelations, and things could be getting even worse in the coming days, with millions more expected to travel after the new year. covid got us twice and we couldn't come. but this we just said we're coming. it's winter break from school, and we're coming. the t s a says it's green about two million passengers a day every day this week. about twice as many as during the same period last year. in new york. david lee miller, fox news we'll cruise ships are once again under scrutiny because of covid outbreaks onboard, the cdc says 88 ships are under investigation or observation is still unclear how many cases are on the ships. but the cdc says they are not overwhelming medical resources on board at the time, cruise ships started sailing again just six months ago, but some lawmakers are calling for another pause. well, starting today, zuni cafe in san francisco is asking diners for proof of covid booster if they
5:35 pm
want to eat indoors. guests are also required to wear a mask while interacting with staff members. people who are not eligible for a booster can still eat indoors with proof of vaccination. diners without proof of a booster can still dine outdoors, the restaurant says. with cases soaring, it makes sense to make sure people are protected. back to the numbers being really high. it's really important that we do what we can to keep those numbers low because there are people that are less protected in our community for various reasons, and you know those of us who are maximally protected, really need to do our best to keep keep from spreading the virus and protect perhaps you know, giving to somebody who's not protected. children who are not yet eligible for vaccination are allowed to dine indoors with their party. concord police are asking for help tonight locating a missing woman with dementia. 73 year old priscilla brown was last seen in the area of
5:36 pm
downtown concord of the downtown concord, bart station. she stands three ft. 5 ft. excuse me three inches tall, weighs about £130 and has gray hair. she was wearing a red and black puffy coat of pink striped shirt, black leggings, slippers and a pink hat. you have any information? please call police. the san francisco medical examiner today identified the victim of a deadly shooting on christmas eve. this is video from the scene from the citizen app, authorities say. 43 year old alexander marquette of san francisco was gunned down last friday afternoon on sunday. dale avenue, new mclaren park. police have not made any arrest and did not release any information on potential suspects. the san mateo county coroner today identified the motorcyclist killed on highway 11 in menlo park 36 year old adam christopher wolf of san jose, was killed early yesterday morning. authorities say he hit a disabled vehicle in lane one while traveling south on highway one. oh, one just north of willow road. that disabled vehicle was in the lane because
5:37 pm
the driver had earlier lost control, spun out and hit the center divider. driver was outside the vehicle when the motorcyclist hit the vehicle and sustained minor injuries. pleasant hill police say they arrested a man after an explosion at a gas station officers say the blast happened last night at about 11:15 p.m. at the arco on pleasant hill road. they found someone had set off fireworks. there. take a look. you can see the damage to the back of the vehicle. one man was arrested. his name has not been released. fortunately officials say no one was hurt, and there was no other damage. the jury in the elizabeth holmes case deliberated for 1/6 day today without reaching a verdict will head back into court on monday as they decide the fate of that there are nose founder ktvu evan sernoffsky has been staking out the courtroom there in san jose, awaiting this much anticipated verdict. it's been six full days in nearly 50 hours of deliberations, but still no verdict in the elizabeth holmes case. in the case of this
5:38 pm
magnitude, it's not unusual at all that they're out this length of time. there's been no signal from the jury over the past three days as reporters from around the nation eagerly await the decision. last week, the jury sent two notes to the judge one asking to replay recordings of homes talking with investors , the other requesting to take the jury instructions home, which the judge denied. holmes faces nine counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy for allegedly deceiving patients and investors in her former company theranos. the jury will ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza said at some point the judge may check on the jury status to see how far along they are. keep in mind. judges want verdicts, especially in the case of this magnitude. they don't want to be retrying this case, the prosecution argued holmes knew her blood analyzers never worked. but still convinced
5:39 pm
investors to give her over $900 million homes, took the stand herself over the nearly four month long trial, saying the company was her life's work. and was a disappointing failure, not criminal fraud. they're not going to give a quick verdict here because of the holidays, or covid, or media coverage. former prosecutor stephen clark has been following the case. he said he's not surprised the jury is taking its time the government had a very strong and compelling case. but miss holmes and her team had an answer and a response. for everything. the jury just wrapped up its deliberations here for the entire week. they won't be back until next monday. january 3rd 2022. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. vita has about two dozen new bus operators following a graduation ceremony today beat officials, including the ceo, handed out certificates today at the headquarters in san jose. the
5:40 pm
graduate successfully completed nine weeks of intense training, learning where they learn to expect the unexpected. paying attention to traffic signals. pedestrians cars, um, being able to read the road is a vital key for success for vt operator vita says the newly certified bus operators will fill a critical shortage of more than 70 drivers for the transit agency. full steam ahead. that's how the big easy is planning to bring in the new year despite a spike in covid. and that recognizable sizzle made soon be taking a back seat at the breakfast table . we're taking a look at some new laws taking effect in just a y
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area as well as cities across
5:43 pm
the us are once again scaling back their celebrations due to covid, and this is leaving many businesses hurting for that end of the year. tourism boost fox news rebecca castor live now in new orleans, where parties will be broadcasted across the country's rebecca. how is the city preparing for this weekend while keeping safety in mind? good evening. julian heather new orleans' is actually one of the few cities that is still full steam ahead for new year's eve. they're not limiting the number of people in the four delete drop is still on as well. city officials say they feel comfortable moving forward because of the city's vaccine card and negative test requirement that's in place at all bars and restaurants. new york city has this requirement in place as well. but this did not stop the city's mayor from scaling back the celebration in times square. usually more than 50,000. people will gather to watch the ball drop there. but this year only about 15,000 will be allowed. it's just another
5:44 pm
hit to new york city businesses trying to bounce back after yet another year of covid restrictions. in louisiana, even though covid cases are high hotels in new orleans are booked to capacity, the general manager of the iconic restaurant, brennan's in the french quarter , says a lack of visitors is not the issue here. it's the lack of staff. we saw a couple of cancelations. we saw some parties go from 12 to 6 or 12 to 8 or 8 to 4. but we saw very few just straight cancelations. i still need staff to come back to work. brennan is very fortunate that we have a lot of guests that want to join us. i just need more staff in order to be able to care for them. major cities across the globe, such as london, paris and rome are slashing new year's events completely in the u. s san francisco and atlanta have canceled overall, the u. n estimates the world's tourism industry has lost over $1.6 trillion in 2021. now, locals here tell us that they hope that
5:45 pm
moving forward with new year's eve won't threaten mardi gras. this is of course, another big money making season for the area that starts in january. julie heather back to you, rebecca. while many cities as you mentioned are scaling back, it is like you said full steam ahead in new orleans. are you starting to notice? crowds show up just yet. yes it's you know, we're still early. it's wednesday, but this is the most crowded. i've seen the french quarter in quite a while. the parking lots down here are almost filled to capacity, and we haven't seen that here in several months since hurricane ida. all right. rebecca castor reporting live for us tonight in new orleans, where there is going to be a party this weekend, rebecca. thank you. a chaotic commute is caught on camera when a man starts shooting flames in southern california. also ahead. we're getting a look at places still digging out from a major winter storm to the west coast. and we're looking at to rain falling in parts of the bay area, some
5:46 pm
heavy rain in the south bay right now there's a
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saturday, the minimum wage will increase to $15 an hour at places with 26 or more employees will be $14 in places where there are 25 or fewer employees . several bay area cities have even higher minimum wage, including emeryville at $17.13 an hour sunnyvale and mountain view are $17.10 an hour also voter approved proposition, 12. also it will go into effect january 1st. it focuses on improving living conditions and increasing the amount of space in pens for millions of pigs, egg laying hands and other livestock. the new lie is expected to impact pork producers the most and could cause a spike in pork prices. new recycling laws also go into effect on january 1st. the most prominent law will require local governments to provide organics
5:49 pm
recycling collection to all residents and businesses. and for a list of many of these new laws and changes happening in the new year, just head to our website, ktvu dot com metro transit riders in southern california a bit on edge after continued threats of one of the latest, including a ban shooting fire from an aerosol can this is the latest video that commuter sean shinier took while riding the metro of last thursday. a man who he says was on drugs was shooting flames out of an aerosol can it passengers at one point during the trip, the suspect even told the train conductor. he had a flamethrower but got rid of it. the train conductor came after we told him and he was just unaware of what was going on. but everybody was physically afraid that this guy who knows we had a gun or a
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